Big Brother 18 Week 1: Alliances & Teams

Big Brother is all about the alliances. The more the better and the more the earlier is even better! Wait, that’s not right. No matter. The Big Brother 18 Houseguests are busily making deals and alliances so you’ll want to keep track of who is working with who.

Big Brother 18 Houseguests Jozea, Paul, & Paulie

There’s been a lot of activity with the Houseguests and while nothing has built up to the size of the Bomb Squad (BB16) there’s still a large group that’s currently running the board this week. But Big Brother is a classic tale of doghouse to the penthouse, so no one should get too comfy with where they are now.

Thanks again to the amazing efforts of @89razorskate20 we can keep track of the latest alliances for BB18 and there plenty to keep us busy. Here we go.

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#BB18 After The 1st Night Of Feeds, Here's The Next Alliances & Deals Update!

— Big Brother Junkie (@89razorskate20) June 24, 2016

Eight Pack:
– James, Nicole, Frank, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah, Tiffany, and Corey.
– Sub-deal: James & Nicole

Fatal Five:
– Da’Vonne, Nicole, Michelle, Tiffany, and Zakiyah

– Victor, Paul, Jozea, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette

– Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette

Paulie’s deals:
– Paulie working with Corey and Frank

Eight Pack is obviously running things this week. Frank did some camtalking this morning and expressed regret that Paulie wasn’t part of this alliance but says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time on that one. However, since Paulie is on Team Frank you know he’ll keep an eye out for him.

Fatal Five is a subset of the Eight Pack and a strong one at that. The male Vets would be worried if they know about this one so let’s see if they can keep it quiet.

Rookies are about to take a hit this week, most likely, when Jozea gets sent out. If they scatter then the Vets could scoop them up for side deals. Or maybe they’ll just close ranks and fight to secure power to change up the game.

Powerpuff may hold on, but I’m expecting them to splinter before too long.

As for the Teams, geez, do we have to name them? No? Okay, great. Let’s refresh on them too.

  • Team James: James, Natalie, Victor, & Bronte
  • Team Nicole: Nicole, Corey, & Tiffany
  • Team Frank: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, & Bridgette
  • Team Da’Vonne: Day, Paul, Zakiyah, & Jozea

Only Team Nicole is down a player at the moment after Glenn’s eviction. Team Day could be next. Overall I think Team Frank is probably the strongest, but it’s early.

What do you think of the alliances out there so far? Any of them bad moves? Did Eight Pack go with too many HGs for their deal? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Each member of the 8 Pack has 3 alliances they are in, except for James, who has 2. The Powerpuffs are goners unless they win and retain power for a couple of weeks. Although Paulie isn’t part of the 8 Pack, I think he will be protected for a few weeks at least. Of course, this is all contingent on how these new twists/games/team concept plays out. I haven’t hardly got my head wrapped around it all just yet.

    • Tiffany is already on Day and Zakiyah’s radar for hanging around Paulie..since they have that connection with past players…We all know that Day will cut you like a knife if she has to..I really like Tiffany so far and would like her to have Paulie as a side alliance within the girls’ alliance..maybe even a F2. She needs to be careful, though, with Day and Zakiyah watching her. It cracks me up that every season on BB.. if someone is talking to someone else who is not in their alliance..they freak out.

      • I think paranoia sets in before they enter the house. Then it blossoms to the freak-out mode quickly. I’m so iffy about Tiffy. I’m keeping an open mind, but it’s like I’m expecting to see more Van personality and it makes me Ieary. Van was OK at times, and could have won if she hadn’t let the paranoia control her.

      • I’m sure that Vanessa gave Tiffany game advice and told her not to make the mistakes that she did. Vanessa was a great player but her paranoia and her over-emotional outbursts got her into so much not evicting Steve when she should have way earlier in the game.

      • Vanessa was NOT a great player. Sure, she won a couple of comps, but what got her to the end was her ability to twist facts and baffle with bullsh**.

        She talked out of her rear so often she started putting rouge on all 4 cheeks.

        Had any of a half dozen HoHs kept their wits about them, she would’ve been gone long before the end.

      • Vanessa was a great strategic player. And she won quite a few comps..I know she was HOH at least 3 times and she won 2 or 3 POV’s..that’s a good player. Twisting facts and baffling with BS is what BB is all about!

      • What do you mean Vanessa “could have won if she hadn’t let the paranoia control her”?

        She got all the way to final 3 and lost the game basically from a coin toss on some stupid A/B houseguest personality trivia.

      • Paranoia ruled her gameplay, especially the last few weeks. It affected her thinking logically and her physical reaction which eventually altered the outcome of the entire game. JMO

      • I mean, she and Steve were tied for HoH until the very last question. If she had answered A instead of B, she would have won the game. It has nothing to do with her being paranoid. She was just on the wrong end of the coin toss. Happens all the time with this final HoH.

        I get it, she was paranoid throughout the whole season. I wasn’t a fan of hers. But to say she lost the game simply because of paranoia is objectively untrue. That’s just not the way it happened.

      • There is more than one way to look at it. It definitely is not worth arguing over. I think it played a part in her loss. You don’t. You are looking at it objectively. I am looking at the overall picture.

    • I think that the 8 Pack will still kind of include Paulie in there alliance meetings and stuff, and once one of the 8 is sent out they’ll probably replace them with Paulie

    • I agree. if someone in the 8 cracks up, gets cocky, or does something “unforgivable”, then paulie will b replacement.

    • Yeah it’s too early for me to keep up with twists. Josea is a nuisance, and so is Paul

  2. I have to say. I’ve been reading up and catching up on BB through Big Brother Network for the last 3 years. By far the most accurate entertaining and all around fun site for BB. Proud that dang near 100% of the comments are all in good fun. You hardly ever see a commenter make fun of or poke fun at another commenter. I applaud all of you. You all make this site what it is. Thanks to you all.

    • I totally agree…this site is the best! It’s the only one I check regularly for the most accurate and updated news. Thank you! :)

  3. I have an early feeling that Da’Vonne will win, with Nicole, Frank, Day and a newbie being final 4. It appears Day is keeping her emotions in check this time. It would also be a nice story as she could use the money. Just a feeling and things can change.

    • I hope you’re right but, I still see her as a loose cannon. She knows what she needs to do but, it goes against every fiber of her being. She comes across as bossy. I like her but she is her own worst enemy..

    • Still too early to tell, in my opinion. I dont see a clear winner this season yet (unlike the two previous seasons, when derrick and vanessa were the only brains in the house (i know vanessa didnt win, but she lost on a bad luck, she was the only one actually playing))

    • I love Mama Day, but I don’t think she will win. Her game is slightly better than last year. But her main issue that she didn’t fix from last year is her social game. She doesn’t know how to act fake with people. She still distances herself from people and people could target her for not talking to her. She does have social relations with a few people but when she is comfortable with her group of people, she doesn’t talk with the other group. Also she is a bit too paranoid about Tiffany, which could be a problem.
      But Da’Vonne is in a good position and I think she could go further than she did before. I expect her to make it to jury but we will see..

      • Da’Vonne plays a personal game. If she even thinks you are going to cross her, she will come undone

  4. I like what I’m reading. TOTALLY off bb subject, is anyone watching Olympic trials? oh my word. lovin it. can’t wait for the olympics. USA!!!!

  5. I’m not seeing many newbies to connect with. Corey seems ok so far, but kind of like Clay, just there for the eye candy, not very strategic, fun, and I see a glimpse of a Corey/Nicole hookup.
    I still like James, if MamaDay can hold her emotions and reactions, she seems to be much better this year. It’s still early, but it’s pretty obvious already who needs to go. They seem to be on track for now.
    I just don’t think Nicole has it in her to go very far, but we will see. She seems even more withdrawn so far this year than last, and I thought that was because of Hayden, but apparently not.
    Just hoping for a good, fun, intense year without crazies running amuck!

  6. I’m so happy Frank is back!
    Now, off the subject: every time I see the ‘Live Feeds’ ad, that EYE creeps me out!

  7. I only started watching BB last season so I didn’t know how Frank played the first time but I am really digging the way he plays this time, smart and not too on ya face. If he keeps on playing smart and winning comps he could win this.
    I am surprised that Paulie is not in any alliances yet, however he’s charming and he’s seen as harmless I guess it could work as an advantage.
    At this moment If I have to call for F2, these two guys are my F2 with Mama Day and Tiffany make it Top 4.
    PS. I dunno why, perhaps because I love/hate Van Van last year, I am really liking Tiffany hehehe.

    • After watching BBAD from last night, I have to say that Tiffany is a lot more likeable than her sister. Unless the other 3 vets carry her further, I don’t think Day wil make it very far.

  8. Is this the most Alliances to occur at once on Big Brother? Feels like it.

    • I’m pretty sure we’ve seen as many if not more. I can’t remember how many, but there were a lot of alliances during BB16.

  9. Any idea who Michelle, Tiff and Corey would nominate if they win HOH? They are aligned with the vets; but do the Rookies know about this? If not then they will be exposed if Michelle nominates Victor & Paul.
    Sounds like Paulie is the only floater this season; he only working with two people and not part of any alliance

  10. I have high hopes for Zakiyah, which usually means she will go up in flames soon (look who called, it’s Loveita from last season, who I also had high hopes for..), but so far, I like Zakiyah’s game. She’s not on anybody’s radar and she’s put herself in a very good position as far as I can judge.

    Another person I’m rooting for is Michelle. I think she’s playing a smart game and I really like her personality.

    Corey’s “obsession” with Jozea being gay and stuff just rubs me the wrong way, especially considering his past tweets.. I really hope my Bae Nicole stays away from him :P

    All in all, I’m really excited for the girls this season. Most of the guys are dumb or unlikable and I really hope that the girls manage to keep their Fatal Five alliance strong!

  11. There are some really unlikable d-bags this year. Jozea and Paul are obvious but Corey comes off as super arrogant and stupid. Not an attractive combination, Sure, there is some entertainment value, but ultimately can’t wait til they all feel the cold hard blindside.

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