Big Brother 18’s Paul Abrahamian Answers Our BBOTT Questions And More [Interview]

Your boy Paul Abrahamian stopped by the Big Brother Over the Top house to host Wednesday night’s HOH competition, and we got the chance to talk to the BB18 runner-up while he was at the CBS studio waiting to enter the house.


Paul filled us in on his thoughts on BBOTT, life after Big Brother and that jury vote that landed him in second place at the end of Big Brother 18.

Big Brother Network: What do you think of BBOTT? Are you able to watch much?

Paul Abrahamian: Between travels and going around and doing all this crazy madness, I have been watching a little bit. I’m still putting my foot in the water with the season, though. I’m not sure if I like certain things or dislike certain things. America has a lot of say in the game and I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. I’m definitely on the fence about that. I’m still warming up to it.

BBN: Do you think you would you team up with the Jamboree or the Ball Smashers?

Paul: (Laughs) I don’t know. Because they’re all so adamantly stoked on their alliance, but they all oddly make these weird decisions where they’re like ‘OK one of you guys will go this week and one of us will go this week’ … it’s just a little strange for me. They both have their positives and negatives but the Ball Smashers is a funny name so you know your boy has to go with the funny name.

BBN: What do you think about them letting a returning player stay in the game?

Paul: There’s only one returning player. It’s a little bit different than four. The fact that he’s not gone yet is pretty impressive. He seems to be doing better this season than he did his last season. I don’t necessarily mind it.

BBN: Have you talked to the Big Brother 18 HGs who voted for you and against you at the finale? What are those relationships like?

Paul: I actually haven’t asked anybody why they voted for me or why not … I don’t care to know. It is what it is. We were playing a game. There’s no need to explain yourself or apologize. I think I’ve let them all know that. I’ve kept it pretty civil. I try to keep in touch with whoever I can, but some reciprocate that better than others. I concentrate on really keeping in touch with the people who want to keep in touch with me.

BBN: A lot of people were surprised that you didn’t win. Have you heard that a lot?

Paul: I’ve been hearing that at least a thousand times a day. It’s funny because people seem to be more passionate about my loss that I am. I thought I wasn’t even going to get past week two. I just find it funny. It’s awesome.

BBN: At one point, you were convinced America hated you. Were you surprised that you and Victor were so popular?

Paul: I legitimately thought everyone hated me. That was one of the first questions I asked my family when I got out of the house. I was like ‘OK I lost but how bad does America hate me?’ It was definitely super overwhelming to find out how much people supported me inside the house. It’s nice. It’s nice to see all that positivity. I’m glad Victor [won America’s Favorite Player] because he did work his ass off. I’m glad that all of our hard work at least got us something.

BBN: How is Victor? You guys have been meeting with fans I’ve seen on social media.

Paul: Yeah, man. We’ve been trying to set up these free and convenient meet and greets with the fans. For some reason people want to hang out with me. I’ll make it happen. I might not understand it but let’s do it.

BBN: Would you do BB again?

Paul: Absolutely. Why not? I had fun the first time so I can see not having fun the second time. I would definitely do it again,

BBN: What’s next for you?

Paul: I don’t know, man. I don’t really make plans. I go with the flow. I let life take me where it wants to take me. I am focusing on my artwork and my music. I’ve got my clothing line.

BBN: So how is the band (Strange Faces)?

Paul: It’s going really good. I like reading the comments because people check out the music because they’re like ‘Oh it’s Paul from Big Brother’ and then they’re like ‘oh, it’s actually really good.’ That’s really humbling and sweet to hear as a musician.

BBN: Anything else you’d like for your fans to know?

Paul: Everybody who was following along and supporting me: Thank you for watching. Thank you for all the positivity and kindness you’re sending now. It means a lot to me. I like answering fan mail. I like meeting you guys. I like hearing what you have to say. It’s just a really cool experience.

BBN: Thanks, Paul.

Paul also let me know that he was not going to tell the BBOTT Houseguests who won BB18 and he stuck to his word. When he entered the house, wearing Pablo the Pelican, one of the first questions asked was who won. He told them Pablo won and the tie Pablo was sporting cost $500,000.

Check out what Paul has been up to in photographs below. (Photos from Paul’s Twitter and Instagram)

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  1. 1. Good to see Paul again. I actually grew to like the guy.
    2. How did he get Pablo back?
    3. Well at least he tries not to care what people think about him.

    • RE: question #2, Big Brother sent it to him along with one of the Presidential seals and his BB Comic Poster. They all got souvenir packages after the season was over.

  2. I just voted to give Alex the ACP. It’ll be fun if she gets it and has to spend the majority of her time with Kryssie, even if she ends up on the block! :-)

    • Hey Jonigirl, just dropped by to say hello. I got to write off my bucket list, “Go through a Hurricane and Live to tell about it!” Lol. The city I first looked at upon moving to NC was hit pretty hard and I felt truly blessed to have not lived on that side of town. My heart goes out to people who lost everything — some for the third time no less.

      Trust your well.

      • WOW…good to hear you escaped that big one. It sure was a harsh one. Hubby and I are looking to moving to NC in a few years…Charlotte is our destination. No way would I feel comfortable living on the ocean side. We live on the bay side here in MD and can get some pretty harsh winds from hurricane weather that’s on the ocean side 3 hrs drive from us. I’ve pretty much slid through several tornadoes in Indiana and a few hurricanes here in Maryland…I just cannot imagine losing everything. I’m a simple girl and don’t have much, but what I do have I would hate to lose in a heartbeat…and that’s my photographs, music and a few heirlooms handed to me from my grandmother and mother. Did you hear I got me a new car? 2017 Ford Fusion. I’m lovin it. Gave my old 11 yr old Bessie to my son. He better take good care of it. It still runs great and hadn’t had that first major problem with it. But my son is hard on cars. This will make his 3rd in a two-year time period. Next car, though, he’s buying! Hope you’re faring well! Miss chattin with ya. :-)

      • Hahaha, you’ll laugh years from now about your son and the number of cars in two years!

        Yes, the one thing I neglected to check is the distance from the coast. BBD mistake.

        Yes, losing everything — when when I downsized I got rid of a great deal if things, so starting over, might be a good thing if you have a boat load of possessions. I think when you’re younger it’s harder versus having lived through most of your life, some things just not matter anymore.

      • I’ve never had a lot of possessions…just clutter which I’m never against losing! Ha. For the past 20 years my wardrobe has consisted of nothing but t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts and tennis shoes. It about kills me to have to wear a dress and heels from time to time…LOL As far as possessions go, before I married 32 years ago, my wallet got stolen at work from my desk. It had all the pictures of my baby brother in it from the time he was a baby until 10 years old. It didn’t have any credit cards or money in it, so why couldn’t they have just placed it back in my desk? No one else in my family could replace those since I was the only one that had taken them or had them taken. It was a real eye opener for me then learning to not carry even photos in my wallet again. I always carried my cash in my pants pockets…never carried a purse. Enough about that. I’m just glad you let me know you’re okay. Once I get to NC, we’ll definitely have to meet. That is if you don’t move from there! hahaha

      • Ha! You know me too well! Lol, how’d you know I was thinking of moving inland, where I started to in the beginning? ?? Actually, Winterville is the 4th safest city, and is up and coming. Real estate is reasonable. We are no flood plane, peaceful, motto “Good Living.” If u come to Charlotte, we’d be 4 hrs apart, and yes, would love a visit.

        I bout died at the ffestival they have here, Watermelon, Collard, etc. BIG college town, ECU.

      • I didn’t know you were thinking of moving, but what I do know about you is you’re all about correcting mistakes! :-) That’s what we have in common! LOL I love living here in MD, but it’s getting way too expensive. Hubby wanted to retire in PA, but I finally put my foot down (menopause has been helping with that) just like I did with the car, when hubby was going to get our son another vehicle. I told him, “you most certainly will not.” Getting him a third new (used) vehicle in two years time to my one in 11 years was unthinkable. I told him what was going to happen. I’m getting a new car, son’s getting my 11 yr old one. As for moving to PA? I also told him, “I’ve been sharing your family at the expense of my own for 20 years. It’s my turn now and I say we’re moving to NC.” Then he’ll be 6 hours from his mother who lives in PA, I’ll be 6 hours from my father and we’ll be 7 hours from our daughter (and maybe son too, depending on what he does in the next couple months). I think that’s more than fair. Plus I have a few friends who’ve retired already that live near or a couple hours away from Charlotte. My siblings and their families no longer come to visit anyway, so I’m moving on to greener pastures you might say. My home now is where I hang my coat or hat! :-) Being 4 hrs away is nothing like 8 hours. I could do that with no problem whatsoever! :-) It would be fun to meet up! Just gotta wait a few more years rather than ten..LOL We just refinanced the mortgage so we don’t have to be house poor anymore and when we move, we won’t need much from the sale of the house anyway since we’ll be downsizing! :-) Gotta hit the hay now…take care! Nice conversing with you as usual! :-)

      • The other post I sent came back as undeliverable! LOLOL Thanks for providing the correct one…I hope! :-)

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