‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Ziggy Marley Backyard Concert For HGs

Big Brother gave the Houseguests a fun surprise this afternoon on the Live Feeds when Victor emerged from the Diary Room and shouted “I got an announcement from Big Brother!” Feeds cut and were out for several minutes before returning to very excited Houseguests.

Victor makes an announcement on BB18

When things returned the HGs were talking excitedly about a special visitor and performance coming up just for them in the backyard along with more fun to go with the concert.

Yes, it’s Ziggy Marley paying a visit to the Houseguests with a country fair setting that will apparently have prizes which must be competitions of some sort but maybe it’s just carnival games for them without any versus challenges. No, I haven’t a clue as to why this is happening.

However it’s playing out this explains why the backyard was on lockdown all day but we don’t know what if anything this has to do with Friday’s mysterious special BB18 episode. I’m really not convinced they could do a whole hour of a concert as it’d feel really out of place for a Big Brother show, but maybe they could balance it out with those carnival games mentioned earlier.

It’s entirely possible this has nothing to do with the Friday show. Someone will most likely be gone and it’d be entirely out of sequence to show the evicted HGs there. Of course Big Brother has digitally (and impressively) completely removed someone from a segment before so it’s possible, but it’d be weird.

This wouldn’t be the first time a singer has dropped by the backyard for a private performance. Sheryl Crow came to the old Big Brother house on BB3 way back in 2002 and gave the HGs quite the show. I’m scratching my head on if any other singers have been there though other celebrities have visited.

Feeds cut around 4:55 PM BBT for the concert and we don’t know how long it’ll be going on but I’d expect the downtime to last a few hours. We’ll watch for HGs’ reactions when things are back.

Update: Feeds returned just before 8PM BBT. The HGs picked numbers in a carnival game and Have-Nots for next week were decided. Doesn’t sound like it’ll impact the game other than foodwise. Have-Nots were allowed to eat during the party.



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  1. Oooooh, who did they remove from a scene? That seems like pretty big budget post for BB.

    • A 40-minute episode for a concert? I don’t think so… And a concert just for nothing? I don’t think so… Big Brother has something up his sleeve.

      • That would be one boring show. This is the last week for the round trip ticket and there are not enough people for the time left. Someone is coming back. That’s what Friday’s show is about! We just don’t know how yet! It will have something to do with those tickets or zingbot, probably. I don’t think it will he a competition. I think it will he whomever BB wants to come back in, or whomever BB thanks will make America happy or totally pissed! To really shake up the game! I’d say it maybe Da! I’d love it to be Bridgette. That would make it a very non clear divide in the house, but it would he right back to where we were, boys against girls, probably. To really piss off America and to make the game crazy, they could throw Paulie back in there and say that was the plan all along.

    • They can’t do a whole show on that. And Paulie will be evicted but he will be at the concert?

      • Someone has to bring the pies. Oh, right Paulie had opted out, and doesn’t make pies, shows he doesn’t complie with punishment or rules. He shouldn’t get to go or win anything. He should get a huge time out and sit in a corner.

      • Little Paulie Horner
        Sat in a corner
        For refusing to bake some pies
        He sucked on his thumb
        While being a bum
        And said what a sore loser am I…

      • Love love love it
        Sing a song of sixpence,
        A pocket full of rye.
        Four and twenty blackbirds,
        Baked in a pie.
        When the pie was opened,
        The birds began to sing;
        Wasn’t that a dainty dish,
        To set before the king?
        The king was in his counting house,
        Counting out his money;
        The queen was in the parlour,
        Eating bread and honey.
        The maid was in the garden,
        Hanging out the clothes,
        When down came a blackbird
        And pecked off her nose.

      • No, not the whole show about the concert, but the concert will be an important part of the show.

    • Idk. I smell round trip ticket, if Paulie doesn’t get booted. I can hope that a twist of jury fighting back after he self edicts himself. Guessing?

      • I hope he gets evicted and he says he’s leaving on a jet plane. He’s claustrophobic – huh? You are sequestered in BB house and don’t seem claustrophobic. In fact, he’s never mentioned it

  2. I clearly remember that Country singer Brett Eldredge came in to sing for Jordan during BB16 after Jeff proposed. The HGs were allowed outside after the proposal to see Brett perform.

    • Maybe the Carnival Clowns need a new sidekick and they gonna offer Paulie the job…..He would be perfect for that job.

    • If I recall Frankie was crying and Caleb was there. Too many country singers for me to know. I knew it was a guy country singer. Glad Jordan was happy! She is the best then Britney Haynes! To me the game is obvious at this point especially if you watch the after dark feeds. I hope B comes back. Paulie is talking on deaf ears now! Vic upset he did not win the 5K or the trip. Only the round trip can save him and I doubt he has it. I think James has it or one of the girls.

  3. Why and in what world would Ziggy Marley perform at a county fair? Strange genre for a county fair!

    • If they made it a Marin County Calif. fair to judge the Sensimilla Marijuana Bud in a contest with Ziggy Marley as special judge; then it would make perfect sense.

  4. CBS is probably going to use the “Special Friday” edition for promoting it’s just announced fall season. I hope the fall season is a D List Celebrity one like in the UK.

  5. Maybe they decided they needed to do something to keep them all occupied so Paulie would STFU!

  6. I figured out why Paulie doesn’t want to go to jury, Z. I mean could you imagine, awkward. Him getting all head strong and degrading. Uh no. Bridgette could have a show, pop some popcorn, girls could have some fun at Paulie expense.

  7. From the very limited time feeds were up just recently I heard people mention have-nots for next week were just played I believe along with other prizes. I think CBS has told them not to talk about it for now to keep it secret because everyone was very vague. James was talking about one prize in particular asking if everyone will know who won it and we got fish.

  8. The fact we keep getting fish every single time something related to that concert and the prizes makes me really think this is tied to the Friday episode. I don’t see the reason to keep this so hush-hush if it’s just a segment on Wednesday. Friday’s episode was already a mystery so this feels like it’s related. Hopefully this means no RT or returning jurors.

    • I think Friday the Jury members will compete so one could come back in. Unfortunately if he doesn’t get that golden ticket, I think Paulie will win it.

  9. Paulie is campaigning to James/Nat to stay. All I hear from him is…”like..’basically”, and ‘you know what I mean’ in every sentence..He’s horrible.

    • Pft. This guy, I tell yeah. If he stays, and this works. What a joke this season is. The guy should have a pentialty nom already. Thought he wouldn’t do jury. James the thing he said to Nat and in front of the whole house. Nat better remind him, and she better remember.

    • He truly is horrible. I’m not going to watch the feeds if this guy is droning on and on in circles for the next three days. Why oh why did they give him false hope of staying!

      • You can take it, I can’t. He’s talking in circles. I turn the feeds off. It’s better for him to throw the towel…and for us.

      • True, Cyrilovitch. Poor sportsmanship is so not fun, nor amusing, to watch. I, as a viewer, feel like he’s giving us the middle finger by his half-a** participation— yet wholeheartedly whiny gamesmanship. I’d almost rather see the old ‘Paulie The House’ before Victor bulldozed him. Well, I take that back…but I would appreciate watching him handle him face his fate the way other HG’s have. He’s not the only one to act this way, but his reaction is based, IMO, solely on the fact that he’s no longer the Alpha male.

      • I can respect that, but I’d rather not see him just give up. It was annoying when Audrey did it last year, and I hope to never see that again from any HG, whether I like them or not.

    • I think they should say yes! I think they should tell Corey and Nicole. Make Paulie think he’s staying and let him throw Corey and Nicole under the bus so when and if he comes back, they won’t be up his butt!! Plus, we get to see the best face, since Dustin’s when he’s evicted, 5-0! Or whatever it will be! Hehe

  10. So, 19% of the people that read that actually want to see more Paulie. I wonder if they’re just gluttons for punishment or if he actually has real fans?!?!?!

    • He brings entertainment to the feeds. The last thing we want is to spend money only to be bored stiff watching the HGs not fight.

      • I see next week as the one to watch with three duos vying for control. Hopefully these houseguests can keep the momentum up until the final week.

      • I get that, I think, but do you want that behavior to be rewarded with any money at all? Like even second place? He can and does win competitions! That’s why I wanna see his ass gone!!!

      • BB has rewarded just as bad, if not worse, behavior in the past. And, in a perfect world for the feeds, Paulie would be gone at F3.

  11. I think this Friday special show is a good sign, guys. I think it means BB knows neither of those 2 have the round trip ticket so that have to proceed with the plan B for the jury buy back! I sure hope it’s not Paulie and I would love to see Bridgette come back and second choice would he Da, IF she would go after Nicole and Corey!

    • I really don’t want anyone else coming back. There’s already been a ‘Battle Back.’ Let the people left battle it out.

      • I think it’s inevitable, too many weeks, not enough people unless they’re ending it early and showing first week of new season on tv to get people to want to see the new season online. I don’t see how that could happen unless they have a new BB house for the streaming show.

  12. If I hear “this suuuuucccccks,” one more time from Nicole one more time I’ll screaaaaaaaaammmmmmah.

    I hope she’s next to go.

  13. The way things are going, we hope that Paulie wins the jury battleback. He’s the brightest houseguest and they have been downright cruel to him.

  14. Hasn’t anyone else noticed that the description for the Friday Episode has changed?
    After it was initially announced, and when it did appear on our Comcast/Xfinity “Guide” , it had said, “a special episode”, period.
    However, that has changed. On the ” Guide” it NOW says it’s a “New” episode, and the description reads, “The Veto Competition is Held”.
    I am not sure what, if anything, one can read into that, but I found it VERY odd…
    My own “theory”; Those remaining Plane Tickets. Is it possible that BB has some other ” tricks up their sleeves”? Something PRIOR to the Eviction that each remaining ticket number holds some sort of either “Pro” or “Con” , including even the possibility of a return of the “Coup” (I won’t even try and type out the name of that twist, LOL) But, it’s the one Jeff Schroeder won that caused the HOH to end up getting so pissed, She DID leave Big Brother? I, of course, cannot remember her name, but she went total “Madia goes Diva” (Tyler Perry’s Madia)… She broke EVERY rule possible, flipped out at what a waste it was to even have an HOH, blah blah… ring any bells?

    Onto Paulie; I liked him from day #1. His whole attitude at that time seemed to be very similar to Cody, who was just a very cool, genuine guy.
    Yes, Paulie has since destroyed that image in a lot of ways, but I do think it is a bit unfair to cast blame on only Paulie, for “running the House” , when, in fact, Paul was just AS involved, but played more of “Derrick’s role” in that duo.

    I DO think he was totally blind-sided, and wrongfully so within his “Executive Alliance”, prior to the double eviction. The Five guys had a solid pact, until Paul decided to jump a BIG Shark, leaving Victor wide open to take the heat.

    I’m not excusing any of Paulie’s behavior toward the Women in the House.

    Finally, I, personally, think that if Paulie does go to Jury, or Home, it will make for a VERY boring couple of weeks…. And for that reason alone, I hope He does have the Round Trip Ticket. As someone said earlier, “I can’t imagine that twist not being used”, after all the hype it received…

    Just MY Opinions! Don’t bash me for them…
    -Joey Lee*

    • No bashing Joey…but you have to realize that Alliances don’t really mean anything in the BB house, right? And I agree…if no one evicted has the RT ticket, it was kind of a waste—but at least it was a NEW twist. Cheers!

      • Alliances change all the time. It’s whomever can outsmart the “other” or be courageous enough to go against the “HOUSE”.

    • The Diva you’re thinking of was Chima. She flipped her shizz when Jeff got the coup d’etat (pronounced “coo day-tah”) and wound up getting removed from the game after deliberately destroying CBS property – threw her mic pack into the pool.

      Re: Paulie…His biggest downfall, IMO, was hubris. He broke Rule #1 in BB/Survivor 101: Never, EVER get comfortable!!! Alliances were made to be broken, everyone lies and backstabs on the way to winning the $$$, and you CANNOT play BB/Survivor like you live your normal life.

      As for who betrayed Paulie the most out of “The Executives,” I blame JAMES more than Paul. Paulie HAD to know that Paul was floating over to his side after Jozea & Victor’s evictions left him without bros. I think Paulie trusted James to play his own game and not Natalie’s and that’s where P got burned. I think James is playing a cowardly game at this point – he doesn’t want to make Natalie mad because then he’ll have to listen to her whine & cry about how he hurt her feelings. UGH!!!

    • Derricks advised to him was, to not to make it appear you’re in charge. He also said on RHAP, he will take him out asap, if he was playing….so blindsiding him was an excellent decision.. imo

  15. A country singer visited when Jeff proposed to Jordan and the house guests were present. Drawing a blank on his name right now.

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