‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Monday Highlights

It was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother 18 house as houseguests slept late and then were treated to a concert in the back yard. But Paulie, who claims to be out of his funk now, continued to work on his pitch to stay this week.

Hey Girl, It's Your Boy, Paul

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 15, 2016:

9:13 AM BBT – Paulie gets the pie call. He immediately jumps up and goes to work. Clearly his attitude has improved on these pies.

9:40 AM BBT – Paulie goes back to bed semi-waving his flag. He appears to doze off and isn’t waving it. Big Brother doesn’t bother him with reminders.

9:43 AM BBT – Paul got his Red Alert! and is checking the house for safety.

10:25 AM BBT – Paul is holding another Friendship chat with the camera.

10:35 AM BBT – Feeds have cut for Veto Ceremony.

11:35 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Veto Ceremony is over. Nothing changed. Paul got a Red Alert! during the ceremony.

11:40 AM BBT – Paul telling James and Victor how Paulie’s new campaigning is to keep him just one more week so he can help their game.

11:57 AM BBT – Paulie retelling Nicole about his pitch to Victor and how Paulie is playing for his relative who is dying from cancer. He then renews his threat that the won’t stay in Jury house for five weeks. Nicole tries to convince him it’s actually really nice there.

12:35 PM BBT – Victor is doing some much needed cleaning out of the refrigerator.

12:45 PM BBT – Paul and Paulie talking in the bathroom. Paul is encouraging Paulie to not give up completely.

1:10 PM BBT – Paulie talking with Corey and Nicole. He thinks HGs are trying to get him to campaign against Corey so they can use that against him.

1:20 PM BBT – Paulie says he’ll “crack” one of the other guys in the face and they’re not safe just because there are cameras around.

2:40 PM BBT – Nicole is upset about Michelle and she doesn’t like her very much. Nicole will be upset if Michelle gets a Care Package.

3:30 PM BBT – Paulie campaigns to Natalie that he’ll do whatever the majority wants if they keep him.

4:04 PM BBT – Victor emerges from the DR and says he has an announcement. Feeds cut.

4:11 PM BBT – Feeds are back. HGs excitedly discussing Ziggy Marley coming to perform tonight in the backyard. They have an hour to get ready.

4:15 PM BBT – Discussions mention there will be games and prizes like a fair.

4:30 PM BBT – Paulie again claims he threw the HoH competition but now wishes he hadn’t.

4:40 PM BBT – Paul and Victor debate whether or not either them may have the magic ticket.

4:55 PM BBT – Jeff Loops signal the backyard concert for the HGs.

8:00 PM BBT – Feeds have returned.

8:20 PM BBT – Feeds cutting in and out.

8:30 PM BBT – Feeds are back again. Paulie is talking to James about staying. James suggests Paulie campaign nicely instead of the way he’s been going about things. He is again saying that he can’t be in jury that long and the the HGs can use him as a pawn for a couple weeks then send him out.

8:36 PM BBT – James tells Paulie that as soon as you leave the house and head to jury all the weight that was on you in the house is gone.

8:43 PM BBT – Paulie is bringing up his sick aunt again to James and Natalie in his pitch to stay.  James tells Paulie that whatever Natalie wants, he wants.

8:52 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey talking about Paulie’s methods. Corey says he’s losing respect for Paulie because he keeps playing the sympathy card over his aunt.

9:06 PM BBT -Paulie tells Michelle about his pitch to Victor and says he’s out of his funk now.

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  1. Paulie is THE best Player in BB history! Oh, how I wish he would stay. Watching him this week has affirmed my faith in him and in how good sportsmanship and leaving the house with dignity, proves that his is a true officer and a gentleman.
    Oh sorry…that was a nightmare I had last night. Nicole isn’t the only one who had one. ;)

    • He is so good everyone is on to him and getting him out…How can you say he is the best player ever?

      • Maybe we can get Paulie out of the jury house long enough to deliver them personally to you.

      • But he could bring you a homemade pie, too! Have you noticed – does he wash his hands before making those pies? I bet not. ;-P

      • *shudder* Listen…if I ever got my hands on him, I’d be sent up the river for a long time. Just kidding. I’d have my cousins beat him up.

      • You would win that bet … I’ve been watching him. He touches a lot of things and rarely washes his hands. I believe it was yesterday he was flossing his teeth, threw the floss on the floor when he was finished and went about his merry way. I’ve seen him eating, lick his fingers, get up, go to the fridge, touch whatever, etc., repeat and don’t rinse.

      • Is he worse than Austin last year? Austin I don’t think he ever washed his hands the whole season? He turned on faucet and got his fingers wet a few times but touching public food not washing hands and fingering LIZ not washing hands and then you eat some chips or crackers after someone did this is one of my biggest fears to playing BB19 and there are many other non strategy concerns like this fans do not think of! The house was a mess last I saw on feeds and only Vic and Nat seem to clean up the place? The rest of the HG’s so lazy they can’t clean up house? This week is a no brainer! Paulie is 100% leaving and only 2 way ticket which I doubt he has saves him! He does not deserve Jury buyback either with his sucky attitude! Friday’s episode shall be interesting? If I get to play next season I will have to pray people was their hands before eating public stuff as you can get sick from that. I do not think production helps you if you get sick either. Production called Austin out on his not washing hands!

      • I guess it is kind of weird that we never see anyone get really sick when they are in the house, since the sanitation is so bad

      • Yes Lenore it is gross in there unless they recently cleaned up? Vic was cleaning out the fridge. Nat has been the only one cleaning bathroom! There are so many questions I have as if I got headache can I use advil? Dumb questions like these need answers. If you are watching from home so much easier. No concerns about taking showers shaving using bathroom etc Cutting my hair on camera etc The dumb pranks too! Some are fine but other pranks may go to far. It helps also seeing the after dark feeds as the people in the house do not have this advantage.

      • Yes, I think he is as bad as Austin and I would be washing everything off in there … I don’t understand such inconsiderate behavior.

      • Going nicely just can’t get wi-fi in our cottage so have to go 10 miles to nearest town for that and poor cell service too. Other than that it’s nice to be away from the daily grind and having the kids and grandchild under one roof for a week. Miss posting here, though. Leaving Sunday be back Monday late. Thanks for asking!!

  2. From Jokers, Paulie, during sex with Z: “Shut-up, shut the ***** up, stop making noises, cameras, turn around, turn a-round, she tried to kiss me and I was like no, no, no, can’t kiss me” What. An. Asshole.

  3. I will scream if I have to hear /watch Paulie in the house next week. Nic, Paul, James, Nat should vote him out. Meech will vote for Corey as sympathy wand to hedge the bets if Paulie has RT.

  4. So apparently Paulie and Z didn’t use protection…. BB baby could be on the way! Z’s dreams could come true after all. Barf!!!

  5. James told Paulie that Nat is the shot caller in the relationship and that whatever Nat wanted is what he wants. It grates on Paulie that a male would let a female call the shots and especially Nat. James is well aware of Paulie’s mentality and I think he was poking the bear a wee bit.

  6. Okay we have two BB marriages (right?), any BB babies? Did Paulie think about the possibility of getting Zakiyah pregnant? Disease? Heck, did she think about any that?

    Though I don’t wish a baby in this situation, while he is talking about having unprotected sex is he thinking about the possibilities?

      • I surely hope so. They obliviously don’t check for mental health, with Paulie’s psychotic issues and claustrophobia.

      • Just because they’re tested isn’t 100% either. Some diseases have windows where you can still test negative even though you’re infected. I’m not in my early/mid 20s anymore but even when I was I never could have been so uncaring or unconcerned as he seems to be.

    • Paulie think about something other than his own pleasure?? I think not – no surprise – you already knew that – it’s just so hard to believe someone is that immature, conceited and irresponsible.

    • I almost bet that she did think about that and she was perfectly fine with it. This chick was already talking about what her and Paulie’s babies would look like. What the freak?!?!!! So yeah, I am now positive she was secretly hoping he got her pregnant. I’ve been saying it this whole time, there is something seriously wrong with her.

  7. I had a good laugh last night watching Paulie on AD (from Sunday night). He was talking to Meech and Nicole about his possible scenarios of staying and they just sat there eating sunflower seeds staring blankly at him. Hilarious! He’s so narcissistic he’s got no clue when people are just not into what he’s saying or doing. He’s probably one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Showed how desperate he was – talking game and running ideas by those two. Also shows he just can’t do anything by himself – has to have an audience.

      • Like when he was making a pie by himself last night and wanted C & N to keep him company. It’s like if he has to do it, someone needs to be paying attention to him and giving him kudos.

  8. I wonder if they would ever have a BB villains season with all the HGs we all love to hate (or just outright dislike immensely). How would all those personalities interact with each other?

  9. I have taken Paulie out of my thought process…I have bashed him enough…and now I have moved on to Paul and his “Red Alerts!” If you guys have not watched him..it is so funny!

    • I finally watched it from two nights ago. Paul deserve’s an Emmy for that. He needs to be hired to work on a comedy. I’d watch. But let him write his own lines. None of this crap written anymore is nearly as funny as Paul is when being himself.

      • He has been such a good sport about it..last night he was asleep and his Alert went off..he got up and made the rounds with no whining..unlike that other guy…when he did the little flip over the couches and slid across the table…I have really grown to like Paul…he drove me nuts when the season just started..all of the ratting people out and going back and forth like Andy Herren. And when he was eating the Cheetos in the HOH bed when Paulie was making an ass of himself was just as funny! I like the guy!

      • I remember posting how my thoughts changed frequently about my take on Paul. He’s kind of a hate to love type at times with his loud, ever-running mouth, but I really am enjoying him now. The house will always be interesting with him in it.

  10. Paulie asked Nicole to open her ticket but she wouldn’t. I was beginning to wonder if any of the Hgs had even thought about it. Now, at least I know they have. Production must have put the nix on that.

    • I don’t know why they don’t open them. They cannot be used after this week so they would all know if Paulie had a shot of coming back or not if they opened them up. It’s kind of dumb for them not to open them at this point I think except of course for Paulie and Corey

      • There could be some kind of twist on them. Like who ever is still in the house get a prize that was assigned to the number envelope. That would be nice.

      • But if Paulie actually knew he had a shot, he’d be shoving it down their throats and back to “The Intimidator” (my total and heartfelt apologies go out to the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and his whole family and the whole racing community for using the scared name .. in fact, I take it back!) replace with “The Asshole”!!!

      • I do think production has nipped all talk and possibility of opening those envelopes in the bud.
        Carl E, #19, to take it all this year. :)

      • Our great minds have just separated! GO DALE !
        I am a total diehard Dale fan, you can’t talk to me about it.

      • LMBO. My husband and I don’t agree either, but we still sleep together so I think you and I will be alright. hehe

      • That’s one test I’ve never taken and not inclined to at my age, but if I did, you’d rank high on my list of candidates. Lol

      • You never cease to amaze me .. the things you come up with! “You’re a pistol!” I don’t know WTH that means, but my mom used to say it to the funniest and brightest!

      • When my family said it, it usually meant mischievous, so I’ll wear it with pride. Thanks. lol

  11. The group doesn’t understand why James went for the $5K instead of the Veto. (They don’t seem to understand everyone is working together against them.)

    Really, could it be he didn’t want to have to deal with their crazy assessment begging.

  12. Jessie Godderz makes his 20th appearance. Jeez, I know last seasons winner was a dud when it comes to personality, and I’m sure there’s no one calling for him this year, but can we just let the Mr. Pec-tacular character die already? Enough is enough.

  13. I remember Paul was learning BB on a fly. He’s not only good on the game now, but he’s very aware that it’s a TV show, and he’s playing his character well, and knows how to put on a show. He’s actually funny, and I’m sure Production appreciates that…..Paulie is giving them headaches.

  14. 1:20 am Paulie says he will crack one of the guys in the face and they are not safe just because there are cameras around

    • He’s full of idle threats, BS and lies. Likes to hear himself talk .. he was probably alone when he said it.

  15. I had to turn off BBAD last night. Paulie telling Michelle he picked his friends like him: moral’s, family and stuff most important. This is the same guy having unprotected sex and then telling the house about it. Really good person…. NOT.

    • That’s the same time turned off BBAD too. I couldn’t stand listening to Paulie’s nonstop soliloquy about himself any longer. Felt sorry for Michelle being trapped with him that long.

      • They’re like flies on a wall. You just want to smack them. But blame Paulie for letting them ride his coattails. People should not complain about floaters as the dominant one keeps them for sole purpose of making it to the end, they are votes.!

    • It will be like watching paint to dry, especially when Nicole starts talking about what a good person Corey is. This is all self serving for her to try and get to the end.

  16. Paul and his Secret Service duties is absolutely hilarious! I think everyone cheers when the alarm goes off! He does real good w/this role. LOL

  17. So I know the conversations have been really Paulie-centric lately. But can we just talk about much I freaking love Paul right now.
    He was my favourite player from the start,and my love for him is just growing each day. Like. He has single handedly saved this season of me. ♡

    • I couldn’t stand paul in the beginning but he has turned into my fav. The MIB costume is genius!!

  18. Oh Paulie…is that what you thought that was? A “funk”? Honey no. A funk is feeling down about something and having a hard time shaking it. What YOU experienced …no, what you SUBJECTED everyone to- was a full blown psychotic break.

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