‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up Week 9

Paulie hit the road to Jury house on Thursday and the game hasn’t slowed since. Soon after his departure a new HoH was crowned, but who says it has to be lonely at the top? Now a Co-HoH is sharing duties this week as we’re speeding up for the season finale in just one month.

Corey is shocked to learn this is BB18

The past few days of Big Brother have brought a couple of fun comps for the HGs as one of the show’s producers mentioned they had some fun games ahead including what sounds like an all-new Veto competition. We’ve got all the results and spoilers so far but will have to watch and see how these challenges went down.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 9 Round-Up:

Head of Household: Just six HGs competed in this week’s HoH comp, the Black Box, as Victor waited on the outside. Michelle’s bonus 30 second advantage didn’t end up giving her the edge and Natalie walked away with the win, but her victory was about to be halved. Read More >>

America’s Care Package: Co-HoH was up for grabs and viewers awarded that power to Michelle. As part of the deal she received safety for the week and the choice of one of this week’s noms. However she also lost her right to vote and to compete in the next HoH comp. Ouch. Read More >>

Nominations: Before ACP was revealed Natalie had decided against the F5’s plans to go after Nicole and Corey. Instead she decided it was time for Paul and Victor to be in trouble. Then when Michelle took that option away from Natalie she decided to give it right back. Michelle said she wanted Nicole up but after just a few minutes of persuading by Natalie we saw Michelle fold to Nat’s will. Michelle later said she realized she’d be going against the majority otherwise and didn’t want to further damage her position by resisting this shift. So instead Michelle rolled over and effectively voided her power. Read More >>

Power of Veto: After noms were revealed Paul went wild and soon had the HoHs apologizing for his nomination and planning with him to get Corey out. Guess who didn’t like that? James. He got back in Natalie’s ear and convinced her that Paul needed to go. Only thing that could stop them would be Paul winning the Veto. Guess what? Paul won the Veto. Time for a new plan. Read More >>

The Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday and there’s no reason not to expect Paul to save himself. Once he does it’ll be Michelle’s choice on who goes up since Paul was her nominee. That looks to be Corey although she really wants Nicole gone this week. Doesn’t really matter either way since Victor now looks to be the target as James plans to betray his promise to Michelle, Paul, and Victor in favor of working with Nicole and Corey.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!



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  1. Found out Paul won the Veto, and instantly deleted my recording of BBAD, I had already cancelled my live feeds, because I couldn’t stand listening to that moron!

      • This is my last season for the feeds. Jokers and updates on here are great sources of information. I’m going to use that $5.99 for other sources of entertainment.

      • But it is a part of the game for those with the tendency to bully and with enough backstabbing info. to do damage. I don’t like it but it’s part of the deal.

  2. James must definitely not believe anyone is returning to the game. That’s the only way I can see him justifying keeping Corey. If Paulie comes back in the game James will be the first one OTB and Nicole and Corey will be supporting Paulie not James.

    • I see your point but I will add that should James continue and vote out Victor, then he might have a chance if both NiCorey, James, Natalie and Michelle tell Paulie that evicting Paulie was all Paul’s idea.

      • That’s definitely a possibility. At this point I’m hoping if Vic gets voted out that he wins the battle back. If he does then that’s not good for James either as Vic will know that James was the swing vote that sent him out of the house.

      • No..I have had enough of Victor.. and Paul.. I hate it when the rest of the house CAN’T SEE THE FLOWER BECAUSE OF THE TREES(VICTOR AND PAUL)

      • I think that’s can’t see the forest for the trees but anyway I don’t care for Paul and would be happy to see him go. I still think Victor has played a good game and I hope he goes further. Nat and James made a mistake teaming up with Nicole and Corey who until this moment have never shown any desire to work with Nat and James. I do believe James doesn’t like Victor because Victor called him out on his stupid pranks and was upset when James trashed the house during a competition (which was completely stupid and juvenile).

      • “Stupid and juvenile” describe BB perfectly. HGs’ each use their own childish tendencies in the course of the game ,some work better than others. Some are just more_in your face_ than others. James likes to push people to see where their weaknesses lie.Victor continues to be an egomaniac, pain-in- the ass who should have been kicked out the door immediately after he returned.

      • Interesting. Your take on James and Victor are different than mine but I always like to know what others think about the HGs sometimes it changes my mind. I don’t get the feeds so my knowledge of players is limited to the CBS broadcast and what I read here. I don’t see James pushing anyone, he seems to sit back and then take the majority position. I also haven’t seen Vic being an egomaniac or pain in the ass but these are JMO.

      • Victor has had more than enough chances to make good on his plans. His ego is so huge he believes he is almost unbeatable and the weak players believe him, too.
        Adios, Victor !

      • IF Paulie comes back he is going after James too. James was instrumental in Z going home which was the first attack on Paulie’s dictatorship. Paul and James in whatever order and Nicorey will not be standing behind James

      • Of course he doesn’t. Paulie only loves Paulie. But tr8ppng isn’t wrong. Paulie did want Z to stay and James was a big part of the reason she went home, so he’ll see James as rebelling against his leadership in the house and James will be one of his primary targets.

      • Didn’t suggest Paulie loved Z. I said tht Z going home was the first attack on Paulie’s dictatorship. That’s what Paulie cared about not Z. Also, get rid of the caps.

      • There is always that chance but it was Michelle that blew up Paulie’s game. Well her and Natalie.

      • Don’t really agree with that. It was James that Paulie told Nicorey and Paul to go after. I didn’t hear him mention Michelle. Michelle didn’t blow up Paulie’s game until she knew that James was using his ACP to get Z out. And from what I saw Bridget and Natalie started that ball rolling with James, then went to Michelle

      • Yeah I forgot about Bridgette. Also didn’t it have something to do with the way that Paulie wanted Michelle out even though he didn’t care if Z went too? Wasn’t it Paulie’s idea to put Z on the block to begin with? Wasn’t it Paulie that got all up in Natalie’s space making lewd comment’s about her to her face? But your right, it is all James fault that both Z and Paulie are in jury this week

      • Not saying its was solely James, but James appears to be Paulie’s target. Quite frankly I don’t fault anyone I say thanks to all of them including Paulie for getting Paulie out :-)

      • I have a hard time understanding why no one likes Paul. At least he is entertaining. The rest all lie too, so stop calling him out. Nicole, Corey and Natalie are the pot calling the kettle black! Cmon people!

      • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If we don’t agree it is nothing personal . I like Paul but he has already said he doesn’t “need the prize money” so he should be booted out asap.

  3. I wish production would hint about the buyback if they were doing what they did to sway Natalie to keep Nicole/Corey. Would be more fair. I hope Victor has some conversations with Natalie in Spanish – that might form a bond and he needs to focus on Natalie right now.

  4. Paul won the Veto. I am so upset. That douche needs to be sent home. They should have back doored him.

      • No it is the same game. Many times unexpected. Like when they evicted Bronte instead of Tiffany. Did you watch that episode?

      • Might be tough but not unheard of. Hard to say if he would have played in the VETO comp if he wasn’t on the block this week.

    • Yep, hope he wins. He has been most improved HG this year for me and I hope to see him go to the end!

      • No I do not. Paul is also a douche. I cannot believe people do not see how bad Paul is. I really do not understand why people keep supporting him. He is disgusting and such a bully. He tries to micromanage all the players so that they do what he wants. He also constantly bashes and talks bad about the houseguest in the diary room. A person like this really does not deserve to win and should really be sent home.

      • AND I AGREE. paul is not a good person and he is a bully.. and his friendship.. line is so STUPID.

      • Paul was nasty just before Frank got evicted. Although, on the block, he called out Frank for campaigning which is allowed by the way! He called Frank out for campaigning and trying to save himself because if he succeed, Paul might end up the replacement nominee! Frank said, what am I supposed to do? I am already on the block. Paul is a huge douchebag and I do not really like him!

      • A lot of people have the live feeds or watch BBAD so they see how the players act outside of TV edits. Paulie/Corey/Nic are at the bottom of Jokers feeds every week due to their actions

      • Apparently they are not reading the polls. In the polls the majority wanted Paul to go home and the majority would like Corey to win the next America’s Care Package. Also Nicole was picked for one of the care packages. Paul and Victor have not won any Care packages which shows nobody is voting for them.

      • Nic only got it bc Bridgette was evicted. People tend to not poll vote for people who are on the block. They will refresh the vote after the eviction and numbers will be more realistic.

      • Are you crazy? Nobody would have voted for Bridgette. She is so fake and annoying. She was just attached to Frank.

      • What show are you watching?? Lol. You cant hide how horrible Paulie acted this season. He got a good edit for TV and still came across as horrible

        Corey/Nicole lay in bed allm day or make out under the covers at ight and are so annoying any live feed people move to another camera. They certainly dont do any cleaning or bother to play the game.

        They followed Paulie and since he is gone they have zero direction. They didnt even bother to study for last POV. That was too much work when “Nicole thought this would be a summer vacation” Using her own words

    • and I want Michelle out to.. whiney cry-baby.. the acts like the queen of the house.. and she has won NOTHING.. OH! ONE POV

    • I am so disappointed in Corey and what he said about animal cruelty and a goat. Now I hope Paul wins because he’s the smartest player.

  5. If James votes out Victor, there goes our live feed subscription. James and Natalie have already dropped to the bottom of the polls and it’s getting ridiculous. Why keep the two most boring players in Nicole and Corey?

    Victor should win America’s Favorite Player this year.

  6. Big Brother should have a care package that would allow a HG family to fly a banner with a message in the backyard.

    This would allow Victor’s family to warn him about James trying to get rid of him this week.

    • Yes a message from their family would be nice but I doubt production would let them fly a message that warns the HG. That right would be reserved for production only JS.

    • Paul and Vic were talking about the possibilty while Vic was cleaning downstairs bathroom.

  7. From recent Jokers sounds to me like James is getting too full of himself. He wants a F4 of the two showmances and talking how Corey will win the next ACP which will prove that America thinks Paul and Vic are villains. In your dreams James. Real reality is going to hit you in the a**. You’re not as popular as you think you are. You will find that America has caught on to you this year.

    • After I saw that I will go vote for Paul for ACP. Even though I don’t think there is a chance Corey will get it. Him saying it was possible for Paul to get it made me think that is at least a little bit of the reason he wants him gone.

    • Why wouldn’t he want the two showmance sin the F4? Do you think he’d do better with Victor and Paul? He’s just doing what’s best for his game. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Not a thing wrong with James plans and ideas hes got n place….Except he does not seem to be planning ahead.. James seems to be counting on tooo much to go his way… And I’m not sure that James is doing whats best for his BB game or his Natalie game…I wonder if Natalies comradery with Paul and Victor over the last few days has not been a factor in his sudden push to get them out..I would hope James would not let emotion/jealousy interfere with his gameplay but I honestly believe that hes got his priorities mixed up…We will see in the next 10 days…

      • That crossed my mind too. I think her sobbing over Vic got to him. Although he’ll never admit it. Jealousy might have played a role to fuel his fire. Just a thought.

      • No, not in his best interest if Paulie is allowed to reenter and create havoc. He’s not thinking it through

    • Well, you could argue Paul and Vic are in a showmance. They are just as much a couple.

      • I disagree. Having an ally and a final 2 deal is much different than a showmance. Paul and Victor are not entranced by each other and sacrificing their own games for the sake of liking one another.

      • And they’re not spending most of their time lying in bed. That is so boring. Why doesn’t BB have it in their contract that they have to be up the majority of the time? They are getting paid

      • Especially on BBAD. They are mostly in bed sleeping. Why would they allow that ? People pay to watch. Not watch them sleep

      • I think they have been playing pretty smart considering they’ve been alone most of the game.

      • They have flipped flopped a million times everyone has had their backs and they have done nothing….Are we watching the same show.

      • Paul and Victor is a Bro alliance which is technically a couple too! So, that argument about showmances is pure hokum!
        Even more dangerous as Paul and Victor have dominated the HOH and VETO and would easily rollover and James, Natalie and Michelle if Corey and Nicole was evicted first!
        If they evict Victor this week, they can go after Paul next and you have Nicole, Corey, James, Natalie and Michelle all gunning for Paul! The best scenario for James and Natalie!

  8. Now the blonde rat is saying that she trusts James. I can’t take her anymore and I have to turn off the feeds before I lose my mind. I think Cory is tired of her too. He just won’t admit it.

    • Dingus just told Doofus that if she was sitting beside him in F2 she would tell everyone to vote for him. Now isn’t that sweet?

      • I didn’t see some of it since I had to block one person involved a few days ago. I don’t enjoy trying to discuss with people who continually put words in your mouth that you didn’t say. I imagine them putting medicine in my mouth that wasn’t ordered. Scary!!

      • Hang in there. Your posts havent been personal attacks just commentary from the show.

      • I was having a little fun with it, but it is probably best that my husband was getting up to get ready for work so I had to go get his lunch together and visit with him for a while. :)

      • Don’t let those people get to you. I had to block someone on here on Friday because they felt like they were the know it all of this show and this blog and I couldn’t say get two words in.

      • There are a lot of people on BBN who know a lot of facts about BB, past and present, much more than I ever will. But their opinions bear no more weight than mine and I don’t enjoy the arrogant attitude when someone disagrees with their opinion. Facts are one thing. Opinions, well, you know the old saying about opinions. And, that’s just my opinion.

      • Lol. Sure is! Isn’t it sweet that the cameras keep going out when something good is happening?

      • Not sure what you are referring to. I’m not in the real know like others. I only have Jokers for info.

      • I just meant that it seems that they cut the good stuff out on the live feeds and try to edit it for the CBS show. Jokers is a great site for updates.

      • That is just beyond idiotic and in my opinion, shows that she does not deserve a final 2 spot. This is not a freaking dating game. Go on a different show if you don’t want to play Big Brother

      • I’ve been hard on Dingus lately, but she has disgusted me to the core this season with her laziness, bedroom antics, and obvious favoritism from DR. That was the last straw for me. No more miss nice gal.

      • Since you dont have live feeds you cant see they went from laying in bed to outside in sun and then back to bed.

      • I read that on Jokers. At least Doofus got up early this AM and got a workout in. Did he go get back in bed with Dingus without showering after that workout? Maybe she likes his natural body odor. They say that’s when you know for sure you’ve met your match when you like a person’s body odor . :(

      • I didnt see if he showered or not. From convo just now, I would guess no. I was cleaning the house and had the camera on James/vic. I cant listen to Corey & Nic for very long :(.

      • Personally, I am getting tired of her and Corey being in bed in the Tokyo room 95% of the time under the covers fondling each other. I would be so embarrassed. If I am watching feeds, and they come on, I switch to another room. Nicole has been super annoying for me this season.

      • I wouldnt give up$450 K diff to someone I met a few months ago!
        They are already planning her trip win to Hawaii or Miami. We dont need to give Corey $5k spending money with ACP 5 too.

      • Good heavens I hope enough people vote to make sure he doesn’t get that CP. Doofus and Dingus might think they have been annointed BB Prom Queen and Queen.

      • The ACP does not get the money!!!!!!! The money is to be used to “bribe” another HG…EXAMPLE>> Corey is OTB and he offers Michelle the $5000 for her vote….Its bribe money not for the personal use of the ACP holder.. GO READ THE RULES

      • Wow relax! It said they get $5 k to bribe someone else.

        I still dont want Corey/Nic to have it…..

      • Ok now stop with all the exclamation points !!!!! Haha

        Just messing with you in case that didnt come across.

      • In the past with bribes, i thought the person got it if they were able to get the other HG to accomplishe the task. They were silly bribes that prod had them choose from or guided. That was seasons ago and the ACP might be a different approach.

        If it doesnt award who America votes for Its a kinda crappy ACP. Plus if the cash actually went to Nic if Corey bribed her, then it seems like Nic got benefit of two ACP. Hmmmmmmmm. Not a great ACP IMO.

      • I did not read the promo as to the receiver getting money.. just the person who accepts the bribe.. Good point u made that if Cory gets it he can make sure Nicole accepts it.. Another goo reason for Paul or Victor (if available) to get it..

      • Well that is to be seen….I said earlier that my #1 pick of who will accept the bribe is James if he is not OTB.. unless it will help him save himself

    • Remember when Paulie talked to Cory about switching girls? Jeez the two of them together dont have ONE brain.

  9. Nicole’s family should be ashamed of her actions. She’s trying to manipulate others to get the HOH so her family can reach out to her. We don’t need anymore fruit loops.

    • Alright, we get it already. You don’t care for Nicole. First you get mad at her simply for standing in the kitchen. Now you’re mad at her for wanting to win HoH next week.

      You’re obsessed with her. Every single article there are 20+ different comments from you honing in on Nicole.

      You’ve prided yourself before in these comments talking about how you’re always nice and respectful, but I’ve noticed a turn. Saying Nicole’s family should be ashamed of her just because she wants to win HoH is so completely over the line and is what frustrates me so much about some Big Brother fans. Where they go outside of the game and make things personal. Where they call these people’s jobs to get them fired. Where they send actual death threats to their families.

      Am I rooting for Nicole? Hell no. But the personal attacks are just getting old. It’s fine to have opinions on the game and root for the people you want to root for. But come on, man… At this point it’s just getting kind of weird to watch you obsess over her day in and day out.

      This is just a game show. Why is it so important for you that her family feels ashamed of her?

      • Joethehobo- werent you posting about death threats a couple days ago. I have not seen that on this board so let’s all get along .

        I see comments about all the other players all the time too so NO HG is being singled out or excluded.

      • “werent you posting about death threats a couple days ago.”

        Death threats against the houseguests and their families is a real thing that the houseguests have to deal with and it’s even been covered on the show before, not to mention national news. It really shows the BB fan community in a bad light. These things DO happen. It’s not my fault you’re not aware of it. That’s on you.

        You say no one is being singled out but on the other page this commenter has made about 12 comments since the episode started singling out Nicole and calling her names. Sure, once or twice is fine. But this has been going on for a while now. And hey, another commenter just called him out on the same thing, so it’s not just me who feels this way.

        This is the second time you’ve been inconvenienced by me sticking up for someone. No one is forcing you to read my comments. You may think all of the targeted name calling is fun. That’s on you. But I’m not going to apologize to you for sticking up for someone. This commenter saying “her family should be ashamed of her” isn’t right. So I said something about it.

        Cool Chad and I get along great, by the way. Just because we disagree one some things doesn’t mean we can’t be respectful of each other.

      • Which BB players have gotten death threats? I never heard about this before. Where did you see that.

      • Shelly Moore received so many death threats/threats of rape on such a large scale that the FBI had to get involved. Lots of bad press for the show. It was national news. On the celebrity big brother season currently on the air two houseguests had to be provided with security because of death threats.

        Aaryn (sigh), Amanda Zuckerman, Christine Brecht, the list goes on and on. It’s very easy to google. I never once accused anyone here personally of making death threats, but they happen and they start from somewhere, especially in an environment that is as mob-like and shame-oriented as this. I don’t think the majority of commenters here are bad people. By any means. And Matt and crew do their best to keep things in check. But these death threats do happen, and given some of the events that have transpired in the entertainment industry so far this year, I get kind of creeped out and uncomfortable at some of the constant targeted name-calling and shaming going on around here.

        I am NOT saying you can’t root for your favorites to win and throw a little shade here and there. But the amount of hostility and name-calling on these boards is unreal. And it’s so commonplace now that it seems normal. That’s why I speak up. People can choose to ignore it or not. I’m not forcing anything on anyone.

        And hey, let’s enjoy the season!

      • I do get your point, but these people sign up to do a reality show, knowing that there are cameras 24/7 on them. Some, not all choose to behave inappropriately and in my opinion trashy so the viewers will judge them as more than players. I do get that it is a game and there are many I don’t like as players, but threatening them in their real life is ridiculous. Once the show is over, then they are back to their normal lives and it has nothing to do with us, unless they choose to show us on the next season.

      • Agreed. But to bring up death threats, which no one said or joked about on the boards is inaccurate and irresponsible.

      • lol. I can’t stand her either, but as a player since I don’t know her in person. She is 23 and lying in bed all day with a boy she barely knows, so that I will say is shameful.

      • Sorry, I just think that’s a completely unfair judgment and a nasty thing to say.

        I can dislike Nicole’s game without resorting to shaming her.

      • Shaming herself for $500K, hmmmm — she does that well herself. We don’t have to say anything.

  10. 4:50 pm Victor is Cleaning that downstairs bath. He took load after load of clothes that were laying around out to the washing machine to be washed. Then started cleaning the rest and getting the trash out—–while everyone else sat outside in the sun. WTF!!!

    Victor’s Mom – you raised your children well. Kudos!

    • Seriously! I just tweeted about him cleaning! Love him even more. So strange of me, but whatever. Haha

      • Me too. I like a self-sufficient man that cleans and cooks.
        Pet-Peeve when others sit in a messy house while someone else cleans. I am NOT your maid. Haha.

      • I wouldn’t want to clean for other people, but he has to use that bathroom and I’m sure is disgusting. He was HOH so didn’t need to, but now it is best to clean it if he wants to use it and call out anyone who doesn’t clean after themselves.

      • Victor cleaned shower a couple days ago bc it was so gross he couldnt shower in it and is cleaninf it again today.

      • Maybe he needs to speak up and tell everyone to clean up after they use it. The only way for the kitchen and bathroom to be kept clean is if each person cleans their own dishes and their filth after showering.

      • He should pour sugar or flour on the floor and sprinkle it all over so they have no choice but to clean!

      • They would all walk over it! Haha. Do you see all the crap on the floor in Tokyo room etc. EEEK.

      • Yeah, Dirty Nicole who spills nail polish, polish remover, drinks, she’s such a pig. I can only imagine what she was like in college.

      • And don’t forget that she pulls all the loose hairs out of her mane and throws them on the floor. :(

      • I haven’t seen it, but I read a post on Jokers that said she pulled out a bunch of hairs and just threw them on the floor. She is obviously very lazy on top of a whole lot of other adjectives that I could use but I’m too nice. Lolol

      • The ants would be happier. They are probably as unimpressed as a lot of us are with the goings on in the house. Who could blame Vic if he did something like that. He seems to be much more mature than most of these HG, though.

  11. I can’t stand James. He’s a lil backstabbing weasel. I hope he is the next one evicted. Then nic and corey

    • Nicole, James, Corey for me. I really hope Michelle makes it far.
      I do think that with Victor gone, Paul, Corey and James will be the only ones winning comps.

  12. I am glad that Paul won the POV. James has bitten off more than he can chew. Whomever wins their way back into the House; James will end up on the block often. You only play both ends to the middle for so long until your game is exposed. Production needs to keep their nose out of the games results.

  13. One more angle to pursue regarding who to put on the block and why it makes sense. It should be Paul and Victor and James, Natalie and Michelle made the right decision. Next HOH, Michelle and Natalie cannot play being co-HOH this week. If Corey was evicted, it will be Paul and Victor vs James and Nicole and you do not have to be a genius to see that Paul or Victor is likely to be the next HOH. Now, with the other scenario, Victor gets evicted this week and then, for the next HOH, you have Paul vs Corey, Nicole, James. Which match up is better? Obviously, Paul trying to win HOH against James, Corey and Nicole. Paul might still win HOH because he is awesome in competitions however, atleast, it gives James, Natalie and Nicole a better chance of winning HOH!

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