‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Night Highlights

This week’s nomination ceremony didn’t really heat up the Big Brother 18 house as much as last week’s, but it did lead to some plotting and scheming that has left half the house clueless as to what could lie ahead.


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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 26, 2016:

3:40 PM BBT – Corey is excited to discover he can use his BB Bribe up through the next HoH competition to get someone to take a fall for him.

4:20 PM BBT – Corey thinks America gave him the care package to help him win HOH next week.

4:33 PM BBT – Victor tells Natalie that the guys alliance was called the Executives.

4:43 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the nomination ceremony.

5:46 PM BBT – Feeds are back.

5:50 PM BBT – Feeds cut to the kitchen and we can see Michelle and Paul are the nominees. Nicole says Victor looked terrified during the nomination ceremony.

5:52 PM BBT – Michelle alone in the have-not room counting items in the house, practicing for the veto competition it seems.

5:53 PM BBT – Corey tells Victor he needs to study for the veto so he can win and take Paul off the block.

5:55 PM BBT – James reassures Michelle that Paul is the target and that he thinks Corey will bribe Victor into leaving nominations the same if he wins veto. He says that if Michelle comes down then Nicole will put Victor up.

6:00 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she caught James and Michelle scheming.

6:05 PM BBT – Natalie catches the range on fire while trying to make Jell-O.

6:12 PM BBT – Natalie is still freaking out over the fire. Everyone is implying she’s overreacting and that it wasn’t that big a deal. She thinks she put everyone in danger and is brought to tears.

6:28 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey that Michelle is mad. He says who cares.

6:43 PM BBT – Corey says he kind of wants Natalie to go this week. Nicole says he’s just thinking emotionally because he’s irritated by Natalie. Corey says but with Natalie gone they could keep James closer to them. Nicole says that can still happen.

6:45 PM BBT – Now Nicole is telling Paul that Michelle and James were scheming so they need to study for the veto competition. They tell Paul to use the veto on himself, but the best case scenario is Victor wins and pulls him down. Paul says he can try to freak Michelle out before the competition to trip her up.

7:05 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole talking about their final four options. Nicole says her gut says Paul and Victor but her brain says she can beat James and Natalie easier. Corey says he wants to go with Paul and Victor. They talk about how angry they would be if Natalie won BB18. Corey says he just doesn’t like Natalie. He and Nicole agree they’d rather lose to someone they like. Nicole says James has made her so uneasy the entire game and he almost voted Corey out Thursday.

7:59 PM BBT – Natalie complaining about gaining weight and says she could lose weight in the jury house.

8:22 PM BBT – Natalie still talking about there almost killing the entire house with that 4-alarm fire.

8:30 PM BBT – James and Natalie say they need to win the Veto so they can send Paul home. James says that Nicole and Corey won’t send Michelle home over Paul or Victor even.

8:54 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey are drinking the wine she got in her HOH basket.

9:01 PM BBT – Michelle thinks she is the target. Natalie says she isn’t the target and that if Nicole voted for her to leave this week it would be the dumbest move in history. Natalie tells Michelle not to blow up this week and make a target of herself. She tells her to just chill and have fun because she’s not going anywhere.

9:35 PM BBT – Victor worries about being used as a pawn again since both times he’s gone up he’s been evicted.

9:52 PM BBT – Victor has been drinking and Paul reminds him that they have Veto tomorrow. Victor heads downstairs to return the wine to Michelle.

11:00 PM BBT – Paul, Victor, Nicole, and Corey hanging out talking about Nicole’s family having a party back home and she’s inviting them to attend.

12:00 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey are alone and doing their thing.

12:05 AM BBT – James is enjoying some real food now that his Have-Nots week is over.

12:45 AM BBT – Natalie tried to prank James by stealing his clothes while he was in the shower stall. James reaches over and takes clothes hanging right by the shower and is okay.

1:00 AM BBT – James decides he could have held on longer on the Wall comp.

1:35 AM BBT – Michelle is revealing all she knows about the Fatal Five alliance. She tells James they weren’t targeting him.

1:40 AM BBT – Natalie is anxious to find out who emptied her underwear bag on the floor during that hide and seek comp.

2:10 AM BBT – Michelle predicts Nicole and Corey will end up feeling bad about working with Paul and Victor if that’s what’s going on.

2:45 AM BBT – Natalie says she will no longer only vote for a woman to win.

3:30 AM BBT – Houseguests have gone to bed.

Calm, quiet evening of drinking wine. Great choice the night before your Veto competition. They’ll probably be just fine though. Now we’ll settle in and wait to see who can pull off the PoV win to figure out which way this week will go for Nicole’s plan to target Michelle while working with Victor and Paul.

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  1. Not much to say right now other than this is going to be one of the most pivotal veto competitions of the entire season, to be sure. The winner is going to have a massive influence and I don’t think Corey’s care package is going to make that much of a difference because he’s more interested in making sure that Nicole gets the money than in actually using it for a strategic game move. After all, that would assume that Corey actually has some game. That would be a very large assumption indeed. =P

    • Production changed the rules of the care package.Read the original rules. It said must be used within the week of the next EVICTION. Not the next HOH?

      • well look at who is holding the CP…Corey has a issue with finding his way to the BR..I think he got instructions wrong…DR probably said the bribe is valid till next eviction and must be used before the next HOH.. Corey is not literate per say..

      • That’s because he knows neither of them are getting $500K. They’re even talking about who they’d rather lose to

      • Good I hope he does. Just like everyone else would do instead of nobody getting it.

      • Well, if Corey had a brain cell and he wanted to give it to Nicole then he could perhaps “bribe” her to not, ummm, renom… hmmm.. ummm… himself? ;)

        Just throwing the CP away as a game move because she would never renom him anyway would still at least give her the $5,000.

        To be honest, I think it’s a very dumb care package to begin with.

        Something like this only works if people actually had game. ;)

      • Actually it would of worked better if it was earlier in the game or if Nicole wasn’t HOH.

      • Yes I had it taped and I went back and watched. It states it could only be use this week. NOT FAIR!

      • The eviction is the same night as HOH. And it did not say it must be used before the HOH. So they really didn’t change the rules. It’s how you interpret it.

    • I agree, he is saying Natalie has no game well wake up big boy, you don’t either. You have slid by with Nicole and have won one comp but so has Natalie. You need to get out of the bed and get some exercise because your body is not as strong as the other guys that move around!!

      • Corey has actually won 3 comps so far, more than Nat and James combined and he almost won another HOH, if Nat wouldn’t of beaten him by mere seconds! Just because he’s so much leaner than Vic, Paul etc…doesn’t mean he’s weak-
        they just have different body types is all. Apples & Oranges!
        Also, he does work out-whenever the back yard is open!!!!

      • He may be leaner but it doesn’t mean he is stronger. Didn’t mean to offend you, just stating the facts. It seems to be me if you add it up how many hours in bed and how many he is up moving around. I believe you would find 75% is in the bed or laying outside on chaise lounge with Nicole!

      • They all lay around in bed. And your facts aren’t correct because Corey has won 3 comps.

  2. Shameless hussy Dingus(10K) has made it this far with a little help from DR/production, her pre-game promises of protection from Paulie and James(10K), and by frequently keeping the tallywhacker of her future heartbreak Doofus(10K), happy to see her. Give her credit for choosing (or was it assigned) the spot on the wall comp that had less contact with streams of water, a better handhold, and a rougher surface to enable better grip.( Gotcha’, just kidding, or am I, hehe). Seriously, we all know that the game has been played with the utmost of integrity by DR, production, and Dingus. Great season!

      • When my kids were born the nurses called my kids twinkle-toes & tinky for daughter.
        This name has stuck with the 4 of us but it’s ok! I so used to it. It’s part of our last name.

      • I love it! I can’t help but think of Tinkerbell when I see a post from you and it always brightens my day. You are one person that I know if we disagreed, we’d make it fun. :D

      • Glad to put a smile on your face! ?????

        I think a good debate is healthy.
        Name calling…. Not so much…but I’m sure I’ve been guilty of that in my past… Heh heh! ????

    • I don’t know. Dingus and doofus seem pretty solid in taking Vic and Paul to F4 over James and Nat, although it is kind of odd that dingus won’t even consider putting up James. She insists it’s cus of her promise to keep him safe but she also promised Natalie safety which she might go back on and come on…..it’s James. No one should ever feel the need to keep a deal with him.

      • If Dingus did renom James(which I don’t think would happen, but it would be sweet) if Vic wins and uses veto on Paul, one irony I see in that is, knowing their close connections pre-game, I’d say most of James’ fans have been cheering for Dingus all along. Wouldn’t they all feel bamboozled? Doubly delightful!!

      • Seeing James go home on a broken deal would be satisfaction enough. On dingus’s hoh? Even better. The fact that James and Natalie’s fans probably voted for Corey to get the CP? Icing on the cake! But unfortunately I don’t see it happening. It’s probably gonna be one of the girls this week.

      • As much as I was all for a gal winning again, none of these females deserve to, so one of them going home works for me. :)

      • I second that. I was rooting for Da and Bridgette but Paulie and doofus can’t deal with girls who actually play the game

      • Momma Braid is one of the worst players in BB History. Having a big mouth, rolling your eyes and giving the producers good DR, and maybe a good BJ doesn’t get ya to far in BB.

      • She admits her big mouth was her downfall. I thought she was playing a fairly decent game until she decided to turn against Frank and Tiffany. She was the one that initially started and recruited the 8 pack which was running the house until her frank tiff all turned on each other.

        I think she was recast because myself and others like her sass and enjoy watching her and her DRs, and she went out second last season. I’m definitely glad I got to see more momma da. She cracks me up!

      • I love your comments and couldn’t agree more. I wanted to see a woman win this season, but the thought of whiny Nat, cry-baby Meech or shift Dingus winning is annoying beyond belief.

      • I’m sure you’ll find something you disagree with me about. I love a fun argument. It’s the ones who have no sense of humor about it that I avoid, sometimes though, it’s after giving them a little piece of my mind But people who can’t disagree without getting that arrogant lecturing tone really get on my last nerve. Love the block feature for those.

      • I could not agree more. James has repeatedly quoted Mike Boogey and how it is okay to “bounce checks in the Big Brother house”, well, I think it would be perfect if he went home via a bounced check!! :)

      • I have been pulling for James and I can’t stand Dingus! At least James had the balls to go after some huge targets this year and of course it has come back to bite him because of Victor’s second chance(Shame on BB) to rise from the dead.

      • Hey, I think coming back from the dead is a fairly big fete and at least he didn’t cheat, huh? ;)

    • Great Commentary about Dingus & Doofus and I have one question for Daffy Doofus. Why are you irritated at “Cheerleader” Natalie with her gorgeously firm, medically approved ta tas, upbeat spirit and engaging smile? Instead you’re not playing the game, and you are spending all day dry humping next to the most whiny, self absorbed bottle blonde. You sir are a Doofus Extraordinaire.

      • I love James but he needs to get some food in his belly a good nights sleep so he can start thinking right and set this game on fire. Come on James!!!

      • yes he does but James needs to get his head out of Natalies ass and play the game for himself…Again it would be best if Natalie is evicted for the sake of any game that James may have left..

      • Wait, James actually still has a fan left? I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. ;)

      • Lol! If James hadn’t come back this season I’d still be a fan. Loved him in 17, can’t stand him this year

      • That is how I feel about Nicole. Loved in 16 but can’t stand her this season. Her head is too far about Corey’s A…..

      • I just started watching 16. She seems to be playing the exact same game….although I’ll admit I’m mildly jealous because I’ve totally got a crush on Hayden HA

      • Yes I’m a James fan, he is the only guy in the house that doesn’t walk around playing with his dick all day and he doesn’t call women bad names. Yes, I’ll take James over all the other guys any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

      • It’s sad. I loved James last season, but this one…not so much. I really would not care if he went home this week. In fact, after the way he breaks deals…it would almost be apropos to see him evicted on a broken deal.

  3. While I like that Nicole is finally playing it after weeks hiding behind Corey, I still think she just made things a little too complicated handing out promises she likely won’t be able to keep (so much for that pre-game alliance).

    If Paul wins the veto, Nicole will be in a difficult situation if the boys suddenly give their votes to evict James (as I doubt she’ll put up Natalie) and Nat and Corey vote to evict Michelle. She will have to break a tie and get him out as Michelle is too good of an asset to bring in to final 3, and, of course, a waste of an HOH.

    Surely, the thought of keeping Michelle to the end is very tempting for NIcole to focus her energy in getting her out.

    • At this point in the game if you have to get any blood on your hands at all then you might as well make the biggest move possible. Anything else is an almost guaranteed exclaim from F2.

      The only sure way to win Big Brother at less than F8 is to make absolutely sure that it’s raining everyone’s blood but yours.

    • If Paul wins veto she’ll put Victor up as a pawn therefore not making James suspicious. Then she’ll just say Michelle has been gunning for her for weeks and she wants her gone. No blood on her hands. Still good with V/P, still good with Nat and James and her target is gone. Nicole plays very strategically and not personally. She thinks of every angle. But that’s just what I think she will do. She could do something totally different. And as an added bonus V/P are after Nat and James and vice versa. Which puts Nicole in an excellent position.

  4. #1 Why would Natalie and Micelle believe James as to their being safe when he was wrong about the jury returnee? #2 Michelle sees and senses that something with the Paul nom is ‘sketchy’ but James and Natalie do not take her serious. #3 Victor and especially Paul spend a good deal of time in the HOH and its been noticed by the 3 blind Amigos but they have not questioned the visits. I can understand one out of 3 being dense and deny anything shady is happening but when all 3 just sit/lay back and ignor what is in their face its unreal.. James is having his moments of reflection and deep thought but too little too late.. He gave up that HOH and if bad befalls him its his fault.. I will say that if Natalie gets evicted it would be the best thing that could happen for James cause he could play the game for himself and not for her..

    • Exactly. Nobody seems to even remember how wrong James has been this week about a lot of things.

  5. Branden – Please, please could you clear up my confusion about the CP — voting info said use within the week leading up to the next eviction. Why does Corey say he can use it for the next HOH comp? Is he wrong?

  6. “The bribe can only be given to one HG for one action within the week leading up to the next eviction”. Copied from CBS site…

    • I know, but when Branden’s post said that Corey was excited that he could use bribe through the next week’s HOH comp, it makes me wonder if Corey is wrong or if it’s use was extended, thus my questions to Branden below.

      • Sometimes when things like that are written, the ED will make a little side note to acknowledge that the HG is wrong in his assumption. Since there wasn’t one. It made me wonder about it, also.

    • Maybe it has something to do with the fact that normally (without the DE and juror return) the CP would have been delivered before an HOH comp. In this case the recipient did not get the CP until after the HOH comp during which the first juror in was revealed by the comp results, so you could say technically, even though Corey had the bribe gift for yesterday’s noms, he did not get the normal full use of a whole week’s activities with the bribe being available for an HOH comp. D

  7. This veto will determne whether James and Nat keep there game intact. I believe one of them will get blindsided.

      • I hate to say it, but so is Corey in that he has made it clear to Nicole that he wants to go forward with Paul and Victor. Corey seems to be quite convicted for once. I think Nicole is keeping both options open at the moment.

      • Nicole ask Corey if Paul & Victor were the right choice to go with.. He said yes and then says “I don’t know’…Corey is not helping Nicole nor himself..

      • Doofus is hoping to use Paul and V to relieve him of Dingus. She has been of great use to him but I don’t think she really “satisfies” his needs any longer, probably never has, but better than nothing, especially when you get protection as an added bonus.

      • It’s in Nicole’s best interest to align with Paul and Vic over James and Natalie. Between the four of them (Nic, Vic, Paul & Corey), they have 13 competition wins compared to 2 for James and Natalie . Why in the world would you continue to be on Paul and Vic’s radar for being against them?

        This is the smartest thing Nicole and Corey can do right now.

      • Plus they just enjoy Paul and Victor’s company more at this point and if they lose want it to be to good players. If they evict Michelle this week it’ll be Victor, Paul, and Corey against James and Natalie for HOH. If its a mental/puzzle comp I see V/P winning hands down over those 2. Honestly James and Natalie only appear to be good at endurance comps which we just had. This move makes plenty of sense.

      • No, I gather you didn’t watch last eviction.. Paul and Vic are scheming together. They ar playing the game as they aren’t together. They are still playing as to the end together. They won’t take someone else, they will always work together and one of them have to go

      • No, I know they are together to the end. I’m just saying that if Nicole and Corey had stayed with James and Natalie… One of them could have easily gone home next. By allying with Paul & Vic, they can make sure (if all goes according to plan) that 3 other HGs will go before one of them.

        Plus, as I mentioned elsewhere, Nicole and Corey have managed to pull off a comp win each over Paul and Vic, so its not impossible that they could eventually get one of them out. I hope not, as I’m a fan of Paul & Vic. Anyway, I was just saying that this allows them to possibly get 3 spots closer to the end.

      • They already told Nicole and Corey they were faking. They have a F4 deal with them and they are serious. They even showed those two talking on the feeds privately saying they want to go with Nicole and Corey to F4.

      • Last week when james asked nicole and corey what would she do if she got HOH, Nicole said “definitely Paul and Vic.. why is it she put up michelle and Paul? I hope she changes her mind and backdoors vic . I hope Michelle wins POV and takes herself off and they put vic up next to paul… I doubt Nicole will do it because she is getting her ears full from corey , paul and vic .. WHY would she keep them and team with them.. DUMBEST MOVE EVER

      • Michelle has been gunning for Nicole for weeks. That’s why she’s nominated. Nicole wants her gone before she has a chance to come after Nicole. Which is a very smart move. If you have a chance to get someone out that’s after you then you go for it. You don’t leave them in the house.

  8. So, I’ve really been a fan of the game that Paul is playing, and I’m totally rooting for him to win the whole thing as I’m sure most know (Victor would be my 2nd choice). So, I’m really just curious to see what people think with this question.

    Just going by the game he has played (from being on the block 3 times to start to being Public Enemy #1 last week)… Where do you think Paul ranks on the list of All Time Greatest Big Brother Players?

    We have all talked about Dan, Will, Derrick and all the other greats in the past. So where does Paul fit into the list (and lets try to base this just on game play… no personalities)? I’m going out on a limb and say that he’s deserving of a top 10 spot regardless, but if he does go on to pull out a win… Isn’t he deserving of at least #3 on that list?

      • Sorry, but this is Big Brother. Telling the truth only gets you so far in any game. Don’t believe me? Unfortunately, all you have to do is look at the presidential race, lol.

      • Oh no, I totally realize you pretty much have to lie, bend the truth, connive etc while playing this game. That’s a given. But that pretty much is his whole game. He’s not much of a comp beast. Not everyone’s favourite yet they keep him around….. He’s doing something right. Can’t figure him out but he’s still there. Gotta give credit where credit is due .
        But I don’t like his game… He’s too desperate to win.
        I’ll fill my mouth with hot sauce should he win!
        Everybody see this?
        Remind me if he does win please.
        Thanks kidz!

      • Lol, I like it… Just don’t go with anything amazingly hot… I’d hate for you to hurt yourself over Paul winning.

        Seriously though, I knew where you were coming from. You’re right, he’s not the comp beast that Vic is, but he definitely pulls it out when it seems that his life is on the line.

    • I felt Paul’s plan last week was up there to Dan’s funeral standards. I loved it. Brilliant plan. I am a fan.

      • Dan will probably always remain #1 on the list for me just because of his funeral. Paul’s plan is right up there though, and if things come together this week… That makes his game play almost as epic.

      • He didn’t get the immediate results that he had planned like Dan but he got long term results. Nicole said she heard Natalie and James throwing their names out with that spat in the Kitchen around 3pm BBT on Thursday and realized that Jatalie was not the two to go with. He got results by getting Natalie so angry that she spilled all her cards. He left Michelle playing emotionally which is par for her game. And left James befuddled because Paul could out reason him.

      • Yep, and he knows that he can have that effect on Michelle and Natalie. I love his cam talk sessions, lol. Very smart move to keep pushing their buttons because they will only continue to self-destruct.

        I can only imagine if Paul goes on to win (or even just outlasts Natalie and Michelle), what the gals’ reactions would be sitting at home later watching the season… Only to see Paul talking about how he’s about to push their buttons and then they realize they played right into his hands.

    • If he goes on to win the game I think he’s for sure top 5 all time especially when you consider he knew almost nothing of the game coming in and certainly didn’t know anyone’s play styles so this is all him and his strategy this season.

    • He, Paul hasn’t done anything new or different than what Paulie was doing. He is now calling the shots instead of Paulie.. I don’t like his game. Vic is a fool for trusting him

      • Not true… He’s not acting like a woman hating moron for one thing. He’s smarter than Paulie by a long shot. He was playing Paulie from the beginning (remember it was Paulie who forced Paul to be the pawn against Vic the first time he was evicted). He was out for some revenge against Paulie. He’s truly friends with Vic, and would take him to the finale even if it meant that Vic would win (just like Corey took Derrick).

    • He is one of those guys who is such an oddball that no one knows what has hit them when he does his bumrush bully routine. That is his play and to latch onto the competition beast (victor) who will take him down to the final. He is creepy and still lives in his parent’s house and he is how old? I don’t like the dude and he only rates in great players if he is crowned the winner.

  9. Nic Nic Nic…… You’re game has been lolly-gagging in bed this whole summer…… WTH?! Putting up Paul so that Vic can win veto $ remove him? Why are you working with those two guys? Get out of bed & WAKE UP!!
    Or continue with these NOMS & lose the game!
    Vic wins veto takes off Paul, renos James & now you’ve just LOST THE GAME OF BIG BRO DUDE!

    Faaaaaacccccckkkkkk! ???

    • Three of the remaining HGs have been heard saying that Paul deserves to win this game (or at least he’s one of the ones that deserves it). Granted two of them are now acting like they never said it (Michelle and Natalie), but unfortunately the other one is in power this week and working with Paul. It would be nice to have another player that deserves a win take it all the way. Plus, you can’t count out Nicole as she showed in that endurance comp. Sure, James claims to have thrown it to her, but she still beat out everyone else fair and square.

    • She would renom Natalie not James and even without Paul/Vic voting how she wants James and Corey would vote out Michelle and Nicole would be tiebreaker. In my opinion Michelle is 100% going home this week unless she personally wins veto today. If she does win veto I see Natalie going up in her place and going home from the talks I’ve heard so far.

      • Yeah, the only other way Michelle doesn’t go home this week (other than her winning veto like Fayt said) is if James or Natalie realize Nicole is working with the other side and blow up on her.

      • Even then I think they see Michelle as the most well rounded competitor among those 3. James and Nat are only good at endurance comps whereas Paul and Victor are well rounded competitors.

      • I don’t understand if Nic thinks Paul deserves to win the game where is her strategy to take him out? The thinking part of her brain has been stifled under the covers! Stupid girl!
        Really? Why keep a guy you think will take it all?
        Should have been a replay from last week but Paul should be the one to go….
        Go Paul go! And I mean GO! Lol
        Like GET OUT! Now….
        ?????????? up down or side to side…. Just GO! Scat!

      • Her plan is more about ensuring Corey and her get as far as possible together and if they do happen to lose let it be to players they respect. From their talks they don’t want Natalie or Michelle to get that far and Nicole’s trust in James is at an all time low. Working with V/P almost locks N/C in F4 as those 4 are the best competitors in the house. Then they just have to win 1 veto to get F3 together and 1 of them win last part of HOH to get F2. Working with V/P gives them the highest chance of actually getting to the end together and if it fails they at least lost to a player they respect.

      • Even the fans have little to no respect for James and Natalie now. Nicole actually gains some of my respect (that I had from her first season) back for not wanting James or Natalie to win this season.

        Plus, Nicole and Corey still have a shot to possibly win a comp over Paul and Victor. Its happened before after all. So we can’t assume she’s just throwing away her game. I’m sure she knows it might be a long shot to beat the two of them, but I give her a lot of credit for wanting to try and beat the best (and for not letting 2 crappy players have a shot to win).

      • I stillhave respect for James & Nat’s game & there are others that appreciate the game of from James & Natalie….
        Nicole & Cory would be a brick short if they backdoor. Nicole…??

  10. If James, Natalie or Michele wins the veto, saves Michelle, and Paul or Victor is evicted, I’m gonna be so angry. I could never have predicted I would feel this way at the beginning of this season, but the only HGs I want to see win are Victor and Paul (in that order, for now). If one of them walks out the door on Thursday, I’m afraid of what I might do to my TV.

    Just an afterthought, since I didn’t comment on it before: How great would it have been if we got to see the jurors watching Paulie ugly-crying over being on the block, and begging for his life? It was so disappointing that they only showed him with a poker face after the events that followed being nominated, and his arm pumped up when Julie announced his name. He came into the jury house with so much arrogance and bravado, I would have LOVED to see the jury react to his sniveling while waving that little flag, with his lip quivering. Of all the things that have happened so far this season, the best thing yet is that Paulie is finally out of the house for good. I hope Zakiyah doesn’t soften her stance towards him over time in the jury house. If she does, she’ll regret it later when she sees the way things really went down this summer.

    • Nicole and Corey appear to be on board with Paul and Victor. If James or Natalie wins veto Nicole already told Corey she’d tell them you better not use it on Michelle or I’ll put up your partner and send them home.

      • Lol. She can’t send anyone home. The only thing she could do is nominate. Corey is her only faithful vote.

  11. Man I really hope Vic pulls through on this veto. All he has to do is beat James, Meech, and Nat, and the other three will probably throw it to him. Paul knows Vic will pull him down and ensure them both safety, and Nicole and Corey don’t want blood on their hands.

    • Vic winning is the absolute best scenario. However, if Nicole is 100% committed to her new alliance (seems that way, but we have a while to go until Eviction Day), than she is the tie breaker and it wouldn’t matter anyway.

      That being said, it would save Paul and Victor fans (myself included) a lot of anxiety this week if Victor wins it!

      • Yes I just want to relax this week for once. Please let Victor win this so he can get his overall wins to 9 and then follow up with HOH this Thursday for his goal of 10 wins.

      • Agreed, completely. Nicole and Corey seem pretty solid with their alliance to Paul and Vic but I’m very nervous they might flip flop. If Michelle stays up I think she’d vote her out because she called her a snake on live television and has made no secret of the fact that she’s targeting her, but if Nat goes up I’m worried James will persuade her, so worst case scenario is Meech winning or James because he might pull her down to ensure Vic goes up.

        It would definitely put my mind at ease if Vic could pull out the win and keep both my boys safe for the week.

      • I think ultimately she’ll stay loyal to V/P because at this point she can’t afford to take that shot a Michelle and miss and leave the 2 people she’s aligned with together too. Not to mention that’s saying you voted Vic or Paul out breaking their trust. At that point only Corey would have her back 100% in HOH. I’m almost certain she’ll stick it out this week regardless. The only way I see them flipping is if Michelle goes this week and Corey wins next HOH then they’ll truly have to decide which pair to target at that time. IMO if Michelle wins veto that probably locks in the V/P/N/C alliance because she’ll have to take out either J/N.

      • That’s a good point. They also can’t afford to take a shot at Paul with Vic still in the house. He’s got a good shot at winning hoh next week. I think Nicole and Corey know they won’t win BB so they’re going to align with the pair that will get them farthest and that would be P/V. I watched the feeds last night from about 1:30-2am (10:30-11pm BB time) P/V/C were all in the hoh room talking about how 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers all get something, and how the four of them are gonna party together at Paul’s house after the show. It seems like they’re pretty set in taking each other to F4, at least I hope so. Corey seems to genuinely like Paul and Vic as people.

      • I agree. I want Vic to win and Natalie or James could go up. I hope Michelle doesn’t go so she can play with the boys to get rid of Nicole and Corey.
        If the Veto is something simple that James, Natalie, and Corey can win, then the nominations may stay the same.
        Nicole seemed solid with Natalie and James as well, so who knows what she’ll do when the power is on someone’s else’s hands.

      • It really would be funny if James or Gnat won the veto and they were so sure that Vic would be the renom that they took Michelle off the block, then the one who didn’t win the veto(James or Gnat)becomes the renom and is evicted.

      • If Victor wins, it won’t matter who Nicole is committed to. She can’t do anything after he removes Paul off the block. I just hope Vic and Paul Play Nic and Corey to the fullest and get rid of her next week.

      • They have to be very careful next week if Michelle goes this week. There will be basically 3 couples left and according to how Vic and Paul play, they could be finding themselves back out on a limb with the 2 showmances gunning for them again. Tricky situation.

      • I don’t know… I think James and Natalie may truly be on the outside looking in right now. I know Corey likes Vic and Paul better, and I’m starting to think Nicole may just like them better too. She at least seems to find them more deserving to have a chance at winning than James & the Arsonist… Um, I mean Natalie, of course.

      • Gnat definitely isn’t cut out to be a mother. She’d be freaking out constantly. “Don’t feed that child. He could get choked.” :(
        I hope it plays out that James and Gnat are on the outside next week. I think if Corey, Vic, or Paul win HOH, James might be in trouble. If James or Gnat win HOH, I’m not sure which way they would go, but I’m inclined to think they would take a shot at Paul and Vic.

      • Yeah, I just mentioned that in the case of Michelle pulling herself off the block. Then it would only matter if Nicole changed her mind. After all, Natalie would most likely be the renom (if Michelle pulled herself off), and James would have several days to try and work on Nicole as the tie breaker.

        I don’t think Paul and Vic will go after Nic or Corey next week. I think they are more loyal than that (definitely more loyal than James… going back on HOH comp promises in his first season and this season).

      • If Michelle pulls herself off, then for her benefit she should put up Victor because James will know she played him and try to win HOH. I’m hoping she sticks with this week’s plan, but either way her scheme will be revealed if Michelle or Paul win.

  12. Nicole is not voting and once the Veto is played she will no longer be in charge of what happens.
    James was a target last season, since the twins wanted him out. The only one that kept him safe for that long was Austin. He should go and watch the show.

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