‘Big Brother 18’ Veto Comp Plans In Week 10 – Update: Players Picked

The Power of Veto competition is coming up today for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests and we’ve got an idea of how they’re hoping to see this turn out. On one side of the house we’ve got the new HoH plotting with a surprise pair and on the other side we’ve got blind faith that nothing bad could happen. Someone is going home disappointed.

Update: Veto comp is underway as of 2:10 PM BBT. Spoilers soon.

Nicole and Corey plan their moves on BB18

There are seven Houseguests left this week which means all but one will be playing and the odd HG out will be left as the host. Here are the latest plans and expectations for today’s Veto comp.

Nicole sent Michelle and Paul to the Block last night so they’ll both be playing. Michelle is the real target and Paul is the decoy to lull James and Natalie in to complacency which is a good plan since we know James loves to throw comps especially when he doesn’t think he needs to win.

Nicole’s ideal scenario for the Veto comp is to see Victor drawn to play then have him win the comp. That way he could save Paul then neither would be eligible for the Block and “oops, look at that” Nicole would have to renom either James or Natalie for the week’s final noms.

Nicole has her target in mind with Michelle but overnight Corey began to push for Natalie as a strong possibility. Looks like these two Houseguests have the most to lose with today’s upcoming Veto competition but they don’t seem to sense that just yet.

Yesterday after the Noms Michelle was worrying about Nicole possibly working with Paul since he didn’t seem too upset about going to the Block, certainly not as upset as he was the week before. James dismissed her concerns saying Paul likely expected it. Reasonable. James even suggested that if Michelle came down from the Block then Victor would go up. Not so, according to Nicole’s latest plans.

With Paul and Victor now working alongside Nicole and Corey they actually appear to be pretty safe this week, for the moment, with Nicole holding the tie-breaker control this round. If Michelle does come down then Victor won’t go up. Instead it’ll either be James or Natalie. James shouldn’t be in too much trouble just yet either since Nicole appears to still want to keep this close ally around, but how much of an ally would he want to be if she ends up sending Natalie out the Big Brother door?

We’ll keep watching for the Veto players to be picked later this morning then typically the Veto competition will come in the afternoon or evening. If Michelle wins then she’s safe for the week. If Victor or Paul wins then Paul will be safe and Nicole may finally have to show her cards by renom’ing Natalie though just as she fell back from original nom plans for James she may do it again to Victor with the promise that she’d break the tie in his favor. Should James or Natalie win then we could expect a threat of the other being nominated should he or she use it to rescue Michelle.

What do you want to happen today in the Big Brother Veto comp? Are you hoping to see either Paul or Michelle win their way off the Block or would the drama be better for one of the side players to pick up the win this week? Share your thoughts below.

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Update: Players were picked. Natalie is hosting while the rest of the HGs are playing. James, Corey, and Victor will be joining Nicole, Paul, and Michelle in the comp.

Considering Nicole’s back up plan is to put Natalie on the Block this worked out well for her.


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  1. Personally I’m rooting for Victor to be chosen and win veto so Paul and Victor are assured safety this week. It’s also best case scenario for Nicole and Corey so they don’t tip off James or Natalie if that happens.

    • The scariest thing that could happen (for Paul and Vic fans) is for Michelle to win the Veto and for Natalie to be the renom. That gives P & V fans several days to worry about whether Nicole will flip flop back to James. I don’t think she will, but I for one don’t want James having that much time to work on Nicole.

      • I agree. Vic needs to play in the POV and win it. That is the only way he and Paul are completely safe.

    • I keep forgetting that Veto winner is safe from renom.

      I remember it being diff in the past seasons somehow.

      • The veto winner is always safe from being on the block. The only time this isn’t the case is if the veto winner was already a nominee and used the veto to save the other nominee…then they would stay on the block…dumb move but it has been done before

      • I like me some Vic too. He’s already made BB history by coming back 2 times…I say he goes for a hat trick and wins this thing!! :)

      • No, Marcellas opted out of using the veto even though he was on the block. He believed he was safe and didn’t want the HOH (Jason) to have to name a replacement. Needless to say, he walked out the door

      • The only time a veto winner who was on the block used it on another nominee on the block is when a BD of a hg was going to be executed. Otherwise, it’s not ever been done. Too risky, depending on who the hgs were.

      • Yes, Evel Dick did it in season 8 to save Danielle and Brenden did it is season 13 to save Rachel…Dick (as we all know) survived, Brenden was evicted. But married Rachel, so he might still consider it worth it! :)

    • Even if noms stay the same, Nicole will have to show her cards because there will likely be a tiebreaker. still one less number for J/N but I still I really really hope Victor pulls out the win here

  2. For all we know, Dingus and DR could be playing us all. What type of veto comp would less likely benefit Victor? Oops! There goes that skeptical, cynical side of me. I need to be more serious and stop playing around.
    Seriously, GO Victor! Win that comp! Win that comp!(High kick)

    • I think the faces comp would least benefit Vic and it hasn’t come up yet.. Hoping it doesn’t.

      • I don’t know Vic is pretty good at puzzles. He won the Battle Back comp against Tiff and that involved puzzles, plus he won that Roadkill comp that involved sorting the dollar amounts to add up to add up to a specific amount. I think he might do well in that comp where Nat is terrible at mental comps and James isn’t that good at them either.

      • Yes, but you have to remember Victor and Tiffany made the same mistake in the Battle Back, had they not made a mistake…Tiffany would have been in the house instead

      • Exactly…but it doesn’t matter…Nicole won POV so hopefully she will keep the noms the same and send Big Meech packing–which would be her *best* move because next week she can’t play for HOH next week and if Vic or Paul win, they will target James and Natalie for their part in sending Vic (almost) home…and vice-versa for James and Nat because they KNOW Vic and Paul are THE BIGGEST threat to their game. Therefore, if Dingus (as KSJB likes to call her! lol) is smart, she will send Meech packing so that Paul and Vic focus on James and Nat and vice-versa while she and Corey fade into the background until the dust settlers and the “Victor” emerges! :) Then they can take their Mexican Vay-Cay after Vic wins BB!!

      • What is it with Nicole and Corey where they don’t win jack all season but then pull out an hoh and veto back to back?? I just really hope she sticks with the plan and sends meech packing. Paul being on the block makes me so nervous.

      • Well, good news is that if it’s the faces comp, it most likely means Paul wins considering he’s more intelligent and has a better memory than the 2 showmances and Michelle combined.

      • Thanks! I’m sure some people think I am being malicious, but I’m not. I come up with nicknames every season. Those two names, Dingus and Doofus, just kind of fit together and Nicole will always be a “fruit loop dingus”. :D

  3. Get the fire starter out of the house!!! Only kidding. Kind of. I’m tired of her drama and her complaining about everyone else’s drama!

    I’m with Victor for the win. I know many people don’t agree, but this guy fought his way back in TWICE! He has shown more heart than anyone else in the game, IMO.

    • Heart, good competitor, classy, and cool under pressure. He is the only HG in that house that could have kept Paulie in check, not allowing Paulie to intimidate him, while managing to get him evicted at the same time…the Puerto Rican Romeo. What’s no to love? :D

    • I’m a James fan all the way but I will not be mad if Victor wins it all, just not Paul, he needs to go. I would like to see James and Vic in the final 2

      • I am curious to know why do you still like James? I think he is playing worse than last season.

      • Here is why I like James, he might not be according to some the best player but he try’s to keep it low key and I think he is a decent guy at least he doesn’t walk around with his hands on his “junk” all the time which I find disgusting and disrespectful around other people. He pretty much minds his manners and I respect him for that and one more thing he doesn’t say the “F” word in every sentence. Victor is a comp beast but that is the only reason he is still in this game. He may deserve to win if only for that reason. It might be just me and it’s ok if it is but Vic/Paul/Corey along with Paulie are pretty disgusting individuals. BB scraped the bottom of the barrel with this cast.

      • I do agree about James. He seems like a decent man, but as a player he is such an a.. kisser and is constantly flipping from one alliance to the next. I don’t care for his jealousy though. If Natalie really likes him, he shouldn’t worry about other guys around her. She needs to play the game as well.

      • The a** kissing doesn’t bother me as much because all the HG’s do it at some point. Paul is the king of a** kissing.

      • He use to be my fav. I admit, he had me fooled. It is very disappointing knowing what he and Dingus did and deliberately while being fully aware they were breaking rules even contemplating it and then voicing it aloud. Stupidity!

      • James and Natalie made a big move with the Victor eviction! That was a big move after the Paulie eviction. That said, it looks like Victor and Paul got into Nicole’s weak mind and will probably steamroll these group after this week’s eviction. If Natalie or James gets evicted, it will be smooth sailing for Victor and Paul. Nicole cannot play for next weeks HOH leaving, Corey, Michelle, James vs Paul, Victor and both of them are comp beasts! You might as well write the check now! Nicole will be on the block with Corey or James and it will be all over but, the shouting!

      • I would love to see James and Victor in the final. Love that all of the ladies love cool Vic because we both are from Louisiana. Vic just needs to borrow a beard trimmer and wash his hair.

    • I’m with you. I’m sooooo tired of Natalie’s whiny voice and her “girl power” rah-rah. What girl power?? The first thing she did was attach herself to James! And then she betrayed Vic…she has to go!!

  4. Thank God for Doofus being a HN. Dingus has already complained that she has to sleep by herself. Here is one gal not complaining in the least. Oh, happy day!!

  5. I hope Victor wins the Veto, and yes, I do agree that James will be more than annoyed if Natalie goes up, but is either him or her. If Victor doesn’t win veto and Natalie goes up, then James will know something’s up.
    I do think that James will beg Nicole to put him up instead of Natalie if Victor wins and removes Paul.

  6. Doofus is wanting to see if he can use the bribe to get someone to take his place as HN.The food choice is disgusting to Doofus and Vic. Paul says he gets 1st dibs. Kinda’ funny, but I feel bad for Vic.

    • I am really hoping that this package will be a total waste. I hope no one accepts the bribe and Corey is left being the idiot that he is.

      • A lot of time left and there are different scenarios where the CP bribe could come in handy. I only hope Dingus isn’t the recipient of it.

      • That is so true. I didn’t think of that, but he could give it to Nicole, just because he wants to, and not for game play. It is money.

      • It’s meant to be used as a BB sanctioned bribe. Whoever wins pays taxes on it and all HG are aware it is avail. That is the only thing I can come up with as to why production didnt intervene.

      • On BBAD it seems like he wanted to give to Vic or Paul and they were talking about recipient booking flights to Mexico this winter. Production did not block it???

      • Although I haven’t watched it in many moons, I keep DVRing BBAD and just deleting it the next day. I might have to check that one out. Thx.

      • Corey/Nic in HOH bed with Victor/Paul while they were drinking wine. I deleted it already but it was about 1/2 way through I think.

      • I’m in kitchen cooking in between doing laundry. Hoping I’ll get time this afternoon to look. Thanks for the approx time frame, MO. Very helpful!

      • Corey can use it for the next HOH so, I read. Not that it matters! If Victor and Paul are HOH next, they can very well put Nicole and Corey on the block or maybe, that $5,000 will get him Nicole and James on the block. In any case, one of them is gone for good to the jury house!

      • Or the HGs with the exception of Nicole could refuse it and do whatever they want. I’m hoping Nicole goes home next week.

      • There is a very good chance Nicole would be on the block after this week’s eviction since, only Corey can play for HOH. If Natalie is evicted, James will be pissed as hell in addition to Victor and Paul gunning for Nicole and Corey as well! Michelle will go along with the majority! Only Corey winning HOH next will save their duo!

      • I wouldn’t be so sure. His best COMP was running and he false started and got DQ’ed before the first race.

      • Paul and Victor are working with Nicole and Corey so whoever stays out of J/N/M those two will go on the block if they don’t win HOH. And Paul and Victor are not BSing them. I watched them talking privately on the feeds and they want a F4 with them. So if Victor, Paul or Corey win HOH then Nicole and Corey will be safe.

      • I wonder if Corey winning the acp instead of them influenced their decision? Maybe they don’t want to tick off the audience.

    • It seems the bribe was meant to further your game, but that can be interpreted in a thousand ways. Food could help him further his game if that was what he wanted to do with it.

      • I’m anxious to see if Doofus is really ignorant enough to do it if DR allows him to. He’s already low in the IQ ranking as far as playing the game. That would drop him below Lawon, Marsellas, and Devon, which were some of the dumbest to play, imo.

      • I think it would be smart if he’s allowed to use it. Better odds for the next HOH if he’s able to eat. And what else would he use it for? He’s working with Paul and Victor. Only other thing would be to bribe Michelle not to use POV which would be stupid if she took it. It expires at the next HOH.

    • Victor had to do that last endurance comp as a HN. He seems to eat really healthy. The limited food choices as a HN must be hard for him. He eats better than the nutritionist.

      • You mean the Juror return/HOH comp? I wonder if he had time to eat anything after he was evicted and before that comp, or if they even would allow him to?

      • It makes him beating Paulie even better since he was on the HN diet. Paulie is shorter so the comp should have been easier for him. Paulie was beaten mentally by then.

      • Between the vibe of the juror house and the response from the HGs, you’d think a normal person would get a clue. Paulie is not a normal person and I really hope that someone out in the real world with similar ideas realizes what a moron they are. Paulie will never realize it or admit his behavior is ignorant and cruel.

      • Hopefully his family will give him a reality check when he’s out. Cannot believe that his parents could have watched what we saw and not be embarassed and want to slap some sense into him

      • I hope that happens. It would be hard to believe that they haven’t seen this side of him before, though. Maybe they have been trying to slap some sense into him all of his life and they slapped a few too many times, because he is whack!

      • I’m trying to understand how Paulie and Cody could be so different or was Cody positively influenced by Derrick? It’s interesting how people adapt a style based on the pervading influences in the house.

      • There are always followers. When the leader is a douche like Paulie, you get people like Doofus clapping and laughing along with him when he does the stupid stuff he does. Who knows what Cody would have done if Derrick had been the type of fool that Paulie is. Cody wasn’t a fav of mine because of the Christine thing.

      • I doubt that his behavior was new. The parents must not have punished it or admonished him, so he continues.

      • It is KARMA he’s with only women that dont like him in the jury house and now he’s about to get one more- Meech. TeeHee

      • I can’t believe there are people saying those gals in the jury house were bullying Paulie. Production has probably had to provide him with a body guard and triple locks on his doors. They each said their peace and got up and left him alone. He had that arrogant a-hole attitude about him, too. It’s good for a woman to have re-enforcement when in the presence of a lying scumbag POS, verbal abuser like Paulie. Good for them for making him aware of how they felt about his behavior.

      • Agree completely, but he still didn’t get it. The only way he will get it is if his father tells him he was a douchebag. But I don’t imagine that happening because he’s probably following in his father’s footsteps. A truly disgusting person. Makes me wonder how Cody would have behaved without Derrick to reel him in.

      • He will get it when he gets a Jersey DJ job and the crowd spends their time throwing things at the Skunk Monkey.

    • I just read that James told Natalie he doesn’t want her calling Paul “babe” anymore. They are not dating, so she is allowed to say and do as she pleases. He wants Paul out because of his jealousy. I liked them together, but now I hope she is using him.

      • if he really thinks he has a chance with that girl he is sooo delusional…she is using him to win this game…and i think he would THROW it to her…he is an idiot…on BOTH counts…he lost allof my respect when he went back on promise to Bridgette…and Victor and Paul….i hope Nic backdoors him…but i dont thinl she will go thru with it…so next best thing is Natalie….can NOT stand her….she is sooo annoying…

      • I like Natalie, Michelle and Victor. I would like those three to make it to the end. I don’t like Paul, but for now he could help Victor.

      • It seems like she is using him. Didn’t want to believe it at first, but its becoming more apparent imo

      • Wait a minute, Natalie is now flirting with both Paul and Victor? James needs to get a clue…

  7. Why put Natalie on the block if there’s a renomination? The votes are there to nominate and evict James, who is the bigger obstacle. He is more of a threat to Nicole’s new alliance than either Michelle or Natalie, if Nicole’s plans with Paul and Victor are genuine.

      • That’s why I think if Victor doesn’t win Veto, she will have to put him up or James won’t trust her and think she has betrayed him.

      • That’s why I hope Victor wins. Then the only choice Nicole has is Nat or James because she’s not putting up Corey and they wouldn’t expect her to. Then James would still trust her.

      • Nic and James may have a pre house deal and she promised not to put him up when he dropped. I would see her putting up Nat if Vic/Paul use a veto. I dont see Nic oe Corey making any changes to noms if they win veto.

    • I have no idea if Dingus is using the deal she made with James as a convenient excuse to protect him or if she really feels obligated to keep the deal. Was the deal specifically stated to include renom? If so, then she would also be breaking the deal by renoming Gnat if Paul comes down, and in that case would have no choice but renom Vic.

    • If Dingus does end up putting GNat OTB as a renom and she goes, James will probably want to follow her to Jury. How could he be separated from his new “love’? OTOH GNat would have no problem staying in the house without James. That would give her another shot at Victor. James already figures he has AFP locked up (forget that dummy) so would be getting $$ from that. I hope Paul comes down and Gnat goes up

      • Yep, I think if Natalie ends up being evicted this week (as a renom), then we will James just give up. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have it in him to win anything on his own this season. I imagine he is going to be an emotional wreck after this season. After all, he’s been put into the friend zone by Meg and now Natalie on live television. That’s got to be demoralizing for his self esteem, let alone his game play.

      • Too bad he didn’t fall in love with Bridgette instead, that gal could’ve gotten both of them to the finale.

  8. Nicole really wants Michelle gone. I really hope there is a replacement if Vic wins of course and that person goes home instead.

      • How is she mean. She spends most times in bed or agreeing with whomever is talking to her. Other than Paulie who I think deserved it, I don’t recall Michelle being mean to anyone.

      • All her and Natalie do is sit around and talk about people. Michelle is definitely a mean girl.

      • LMAO!!!! I doubt she was going to do it. lol
        Michelle does have a mean side to her, but I have seen her being nice to everyone.

      • Now that everyone she was antagonistic to is gone. The only one she’s been bashing is Nicole, and even that’s calmed down considerably (and even if it hadn’t, she’s Christine’s cousin, so it’s expected that she wouldn’t like Nicole). Even Michelle recognizes that she’s probably being portrayed as a “mean girl” and yet she did nothing to stop it right up until Bridgette wanted to work with her to get rid of Paulie.

      • Are you serious? Maybe you need to rewind the feeds. For weeks all she did along with Day and Z was trash talk Nat and Bridgette. When Bridgette tried to talk to her in the bathroom (which was shown on one of the episodes) she was so nasty to her. Then everytime Bridgette made cookies she would throw them away. She even told Natalie she feels so bad about all the mean things she said about her. Yep she’s clearly a “mean girl”.

  9. Victor should stop with the “I can forgive but not forget ” sentiment…Nicole and Corey were in on voting him out.. get real Victor…

  10. So glad Victor is back!!!! I wish he would have won HOH though. Hopefully he can win the POV, pull Paul down and then whiny Nat might go up. It would be fitting to have her and Meech on the block together since they were responsible for sending him home.

    • The only problem with Natalie being on the block against Michelle is that I won’t be able to decide which one I want gone more, lol.

    • Michelle did not want him up on the block, so Natalie put him there. Michelle nominated Paul instead of Nicole, but vic would have left anyway.

  11. so if u really want to know how a “reality show” works check out tv series Unreal its an eye opener of what goes on

  12. Ugh. I am just so frustrated right now. All I want is for Natalie to win. I really hope things turn out okay for her.

    • I was rooting for Natalie until last week. Nominating Victor and Paul was a horrible decision for Natalie and Michelle’s game. They should have evicted NIcole or Corey then they wouldn’t be in such danger. Most of the guys will take Nat and Mich to finale 3 but Nicole will take 2 guys.

      • I still like Natalie, but I hate that she listened to James and nominated Victor instead of playing her own game. James taught her, but she took what she learned and knows to play a lot better than he does. I hope He asks to go up instead of Natalie.

      • Haha that scenario seems entirely plausible, I wouldn’t mind seeing that either. James has really disappointed me, since he was my favorite in 17.

      • If you want to stand a chance at winning you have to take out the person winning all the comps if you happen to get to final 4 you will need a weak player that doesn’t deserve to be there up against you to have a chance at winning otherwise the competition beast will beat you every time

      • Victor is good at the physical comps, but there’s not much evidence that he’s good at the mental comps, and that’s what’s left for the most part.

      • I have to disagree. He won at least 3 that I can think off the top of my head. One with the photos, the puzzle one against Tiff to get back in the first time, and the HOH with the squirrel. I think Vic is a true competition beast, both mental and physical. That’s JMO and anyone can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

      • It wasn’t a bad decision to nominate Paul and Victor. They are the biggest threats in the game. That’s how you play BB. She had no idea Victor would be coming back in.

      • Uh, that’s how you play BB when Production is controlling what you do. She never would have aligned with Nicole and Corey without Production prodding her to do so. That’s unfair interference IMO.

        She and Michelle are very weak minded; no backbone.

    • It’s her fault she chose to align herself with such a complacent player and notorious comp thrower. I hope she gets booted

    • I liked Natalie for awhile but shes been showing her true colors lately and it’s not cute

  13. Squid and seaweed. That has got to be the worst HN food this summer. Eeewww.

  14. why all the hate on paul?….he was suppose to get evicted week 3 but fought to stay in the house……people want victor to win because hes sweet?…so what?he was evicted twice…..i like him and wish him f2 but paul deserves the win

    • I like Paul but his mouth is going to do him in, I’m afraid. He talks too much and constantly wants to blow people up. That is getting old. He is smart and can be quite engaging. He just needs to talk less.

      • your right…but dont you think if both he and victor were to make f2 he should be voted to win?

      • I could make an argument either way but would vote for Victor. He’s battled his way throughout, treated people for the most part decently, wasn’t a slob. Paul has been too extreme at times for me to vote him over Vic. Vic and Paul for F2 for sure though

      • I agree with you on this; unless there are rules for voting on the show, I’d bet that Victor would win over Paul. But I’m hoping they both make it

      • I have two young boys in our home who are the same zodiac sign as Paul. They both talk a bluestreak, too – and are very analytical and colorful. Their constant, ongoing narration of the CBS broadcasts of BB make it hard to hear a word! But they are very funny and perceptive.

    • Paul is a disgusting individual, he called Michelle the “c” word and that’s not acceptable every other word out of his mouth is f#**. It might be acceptable for the feeds or BBAD but I get sick of it and besides that he is a liar about his own life.

      • It’s 2016. Paul is a well-off young man from L.A. with a degree in philosophy and a ribald sense of humor. This is not some Charles Dickens novel that we’re watching. Go, Paul! ( U b u.)

      • Are you saying cursing and disrespecting women has nothing to do with morals???? You can still play the game dirty if you want but the words that come out of your mouth says everything about your character.

    • The way Paul has been hollering and cursing at the women in the BB house is appalling – I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.
      Paul is not a gentleman I’m afraid while Victor, Corey and James do conduct themselves as gentlemen when around women.

      • I disagree about Corey. He was laughing and clapping for Paulie when he disrespected Natalie. Definitely agree about James and Vic, though. They seem to have respect for women

      • I never mentioned Paulie being a gentleman did I? There’s a good reason for that :D

    • I don’t know why everyone hates Paul. Yes he’s loud, but that’s his personality. I feel like people pick and choose things to hold against certain houseguests and not others. There’s very few “nice” people left in the game.

      • Agree, there’s very few actually likable HGs (and that’s objective, depending on each of our opinions anyway), but for me, Paul said a lot of unforgivable things in those initial days. He’s turned it around (mainly because I think production told him and Bronte to knock it off to avoid the negative publicity that plagued BB15). I do admit that he’s playing a good game, though, and that he’s one of the better players this season.

    • Paul is a disgusting human being. His mouth is fowl especially when he used the “c” word.

    • I think Paul and Victor in Final 2 is the right ending. People say Paul is disgusting, but I don’t see that. He is certainly no more disgusting than any of the others left in the house. He’s smart; he deserves to win.

      • Hey Deb, I know we all have our own opinion. Myself, I believe he has been riding Victor’s game the whole game. I think he is way too much with needing to be the center of attention. Look at the way he runs around with the foolish duck around his waist. What grown man would do that for any other reason then to be attention seeking? Once U see that U start noticing all the other stuff. He even keeps telling Victor how “I keep doing everything I can to keep you safe” It’s a lie! Last wk when Victor was on the block everybody in the house told Vic “Paul never once, asked us to keep you.” For one reason, Vic stands in the way of Paul winning the $$$!

  15. Corey wants Natalie out more than Michelle, as he mentioned to Nicole. Her response was that she thinks Michelle is just the worse person for her own game, considerably more so than Natalie. Nicole also said that if James wins the veto comp, she’ll be able to convince him to leave the noms the same. He will still believe that Paul is going to be evicted, she said. However, if Nicole does end up using Natalie as her renom rather than Victor, James is going to be smelling more than just squid all over the house! If Michelle wins veto, Nicole will have to show her cards, one way or another simply by announcing the renom. The potential for dramatics is getting higher.

  16. This is one time I hope Victor wins. Then he can take Paul off and finally Big Leech goes home. Other then that I don’t want him to win. The only reason he’s this far in the game is because he’s had 3 chances. So if he got evicted again I’ll bet they would think of something to give him a 4th chance. To me that’s not winning that’s giving someone the game. Could of just wrote him the check the first week.

    • Who do you think they “think of something” to give him a 4th chance? He earned his way back fair and square, it’s not like they gave it to him personally. If you’re annoyed about the extra chances, blame the game, not him.

      • Where did I say I blame him? I clearly stated I blame production. They’re the ones giving him all these chances. If he wins he can thank production.

      • All the other evicted house guest had a chance too. They didn’t win, of course. I don’t mind second (or third, for that matter) chances. Especially since some people get taken out in unfortunate situations. Idk I just respect Vic for his wins.

        The one second chance I don’t care too much for is returning house guests mixed with new ones.

      • Wrong Frank didn’t get a second chance. And Victor is the only one that got 3 chances. I don’t dislike Victor but I just don’t think it’s fair gameplay. He was voted out twice.

      • They did! He would be gone if he didn’t have 3 chances to play. And I don’t want him to win. Where in my comment says I’m blaming him?

    • He earned his way back in. Nobody gave it to him, and this late in the game nobody’s coming back.

      • I just realized that this jury buy back is the only way to help the big, strong, powerful guys make it to the end since they’re always the first voted out.
        I’m starting to like this jury buy back now.

      • He was voted out twice. That’s bad game play. A good player doesn’t get voted out. He may have won the comp to get back in but there wouldn’t of been a comp if production didn’t give him a 2nd and 3rd chance. Production is responsible for him still being in the game.

      • I agree. Victor played 3 other evicted players the first time and won. The second time around he held on longer, it could have been Paulie but Victor won and earned his way back in. I didn’t see any of those competitions directly in his favor. If anything, the last competition they may have been hoping for Paulie to win. Paulie would have been a pain in the neck re-entering the house, his ego would have been inflated, viewers would’ve complained that Production “gave it to him”, and viewership may have increased.

      • BB never had a jury house battle back until now. They are not even planning a DE, just a FF. It’s a manipulation by production to help certain players. Certainly all Vic had to do was hold on longer than Paulie, he didn’t have to win HOH to come back. I like Vic he has a good personality and he actually deserves to win.

    • “The only reason he’s this far in the game is because he’s had 3 chances.”
      And the only reasons he almost got out twice is because he’s buddies with Jozea and he could win. And they couldn’t keep him out. I’m proud of him.

  17. Okay, I haven’t jumped on the feeds yet, and despite saying that this article has been updated to include the Veto Players, it clearly hasn’t. Who’s playing? Jumping on the feeds right now to see if I can figure it out by what they say.

  18. If Nicole does have to renom Natalie and Nat is evicted I’m pretty sure James will hate Nicole with a white hot passion for the rest of his life.
    Nicole shouldn’t be counting on his jury vote either if this happens.

    • We’ll see how the Veto plays out.

      If James wins today, I don’t think he’ll change the nominations for risk of Natalie being one of the few renom options. Plus, he probably wouldn’t see the reason to change the nominations, as their target is on the block.

      If Victor wins, then I think James will offer to be the renom to spare Natalie, as he knows Nicole’ll never put up Corey.

      Anyone else winning today could result in the scenario you described (unless she feels pressured into putting up Victor). Either way, chances are Corey will try to throw this one.

      • I would hate to see James throw away his game for Natalie since I don’t see a scenario where Nat would do the same for James.
        If worse comes to worse Nicole will just have to tell James that Michelle is too dangerous for her game since she’s said numerous times she wanted Nicole gone and that if anyone takes Michelle down Nic will be forced to nominate Michelle’s closest ally Natalie as much as she would hate to do that.
        I don’t think James is going to be reasonable about losing Michelle for some reason either.
        Should be a fun weekend though :D

      • Yeah, I think she can easily explain why she wants Natalie out over Paul/Vic. James and Natalie have heard Michelle say she wants Nicole out enough times that they won’t find it hard to believe that Nic saw her as more of a threat in the moment, especially since they can both play in the next HOH, along with Corey.

      • For some reason I can see James being horribly unreasonable about losing his numbers advantage so it’s probably best that Nicole be straight up honest with him after the VETO instead of behaving in a sneaky manner. James would probably appreciate that more than being made to look like a fool on national TV.

      • He is a fool. I hope if he goes up that Vic and Paul evict him. It’ll be a tie and Nicole could evict him if Michelle is not up there.

      • I’m not a James fan at all, but he could be useful for Nicole’s game so it’s best she coddle his ego and not make an unnecessary enemy of him.

      • Is him against the rest of the house. He can’t do anything if Natalie goes, and if he gets evicted I don’t think he will be bitter.

      • Say Michelle goes home this week and either Nat or James wins HOH; that’s a very good reason NOT to make an enemy of James just yet.
        Also jury management, it Nicole does make it to the finale she’s going to need all the votes she can get.
        2 reasons to keep on James’s good side if at all possible.

      • It would be Nicole best option to put James up and get him evicted to get the jury to change their feelings for her. She notice when they came back for buy back that none of them would give her a vote unless she got James out now.

    • If Victor doesn’t win he’ll get mad, but there will only be two options if Vic wins, him and Nat. I think James may ask Nic to put him up instead.

  19. Well, although I am rooting for Victor on a smart game move point, Nicole should have gone after the stronger targets. She is so stupid, she is not going to win this game. James and Natalie are not threats to her game because they dont win nothing, so she and Corey could easily get rid of them, but Im glad she is doing it this way because Vic deserves to win the whole thing. Great job Nicole! :p

    • I am in full 100% agreement. Nicole with these dumb nominations guaranteed she will not win! Her best move still would be to target the strongest competitors! Do these guys watch Survivor? They probably should! In Survivor, the strong competitors are targeted because it makes it easier for those left to win! I give credit to Paul and Victor for being able to manipulate Nicole to keep them safe!
      Now, they are in the driver’s seat! James will know the jig is up if Michelle gets evicted or Natalie placed as the replacement nominee if Paul gets off. Too late for Nicole to save her game now.

      • Nicole would not win against James or Natalie either.
        Her only hope would be Michelle or Corey.
        As she wants Michelle gone…

  20. Nicole and Corey agreed they’d rather be in a F4 with people they like opposed to people they can beat. I don’t think any of us can handle Natalie or Michelle winning the game.

  21. I think Corey is still with the all boys alliance; he would rather a male win over a female. That’s the reason I see him wanting to work with Victor and Paul over Natalie and James, not because Victor and Paul are strong players. Now is not the time for strong players, now is the time to play with those you can beat.

    • Corey could wind up being more of a hindrance than a help to Nicole in this case. I can very well see this happening too.
      Another reason for Nicole to form a secret alliance with Nat and James once Michelle is gone.
      It should be clear to Nicole by now that Corey has no difficulty losing her so he can work with the guys. He seemed to be ok with Paulie getting rid of Nicole as I recall.
      Once Michelle is gone I’m hoping Nat and Nicole will become closer as they navigate the end game – they will probably need each other by then.

      • Right, Nicole will be the bottom (first to be evicted) of that 4 person alliance and one of The Executives will surely win.

      • Usually the guys view the remaining males as their biggest threat – not the women.
        The guys would probably want to be sitting beside Nicole at the end since they would be able to beat her so I don’t see Nicole leaving soon, unless she’s extremely unlucky. So far her luck has held out.

  22. Personally, I want James out this week. I know that isn’t a popular decision, but all he has done this season is been a sheep for people and done their biddings. I like Paul, Vic, and even Meech. As far as the showmances I don’t care for them at all but the fact they are still in the game is baffling. Vic, Paul, and Michelle need to make final 3 and hope James goes up as a replacement and goes, then it’ll be 3 and 3 and if Natalie wins she’d go after Nicole and Corey due to the fact they would be the reason James got evicted.
    I usually don’t care for showmances and this season I am so annoyed by them. At least Michelle, Vic, and Paul are playing the game like them or not, the other four in the house are so set on gaining a companion. Like this is Big Brother, if you’re going to be in a showmance AT LEAST play the game and make big game moves; and NOT moves on each other. Ugh. The sooner these showmances are broken up the better the gaming will go.

    I posted this on another blog site titling it “This week is” So messy. Like the showmances aren’t really together anymore and the outcasts who aren’t in showmances don’t want to work with the third person (Meech) which would easily be a final 3 deal and they could just take Nicole because if she makes final 2 she only has two votes to win and that’s from Paulie and Corey. I’m just baffled by the gaming in recent weeks (like since Jury started). Oh well, it’s interesting to see how this plays out.

    • I think wanting James out is a very popular opinion, I think everyone is sick of him.

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