‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 10 with Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Feeds after the overnight plans were made that could leave some fans surprised but instead a safer, likely smarter move was crafted and put in to action.

Nominations on Big Brother

This afternoon we heard a new plan from the HoH that involved a little more sneakiness than what the original plan called for which was more of full on deal breaking.

Read on to find out which two Houseguests better get ready to play for that Veto comp on Saturday!

Big Brother 18 Week 10 Nominations:

  • Nicole nominated: Paul & Michelle

So Nicole’s target is Michelle and Paul is in on this plan to get her out. Actually both Victor and Paul are in on this plan and that means Nicole & Corey are working with them to take out the other side. How long do you think this one will last?

Overnight the plan had been for Nicole to nominate James and Michelle but Nicole got worried that was too direct and if something went wrong she’d have fewer options to work with. That spawned the Paul/Michelle noms plan instead.

Nicole hopes Victor will win Veto tomorrow, if he gets to play and then if he saves Paul Nicole has a free path to renom James or Natalie. She wants to renom Natalie though which is no big surprise. So get ready for that potential drama on Saturday.

After the meeting Michelle retreated to the Have-Not room. James checked in on her and Michelle worried why Paul didn’t act angry or surprised. James says that’s probably because Paul was expecting it. They have no idea that Victor and Paul are now working with Nicole and Corey. We could have some real drama ahead this week!

What do you think of these noms? Turn on your Feeds right now to watch the fallout on the in-house cams!

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  1. I pray it works, but that would depend on what Paul and Vic do as they could change the outcome Nic is shooting for.

    • I don’t see victor and Paul having any other choice but to align with Nicorey now. I think it’ll work out too.

      • I hope so…but I wish it were Paul, Vic and Michelle going to Final 3. Oh well. I guess I’m not too sad seeing Nic, Vic and Paul or Nic, Corey and Vic! LOL

      • Natalie deserve to be in the game she is the one who know paulie playing both sides on the live feeds but on the CBS show it was James, michelle and bridgette where in reality it was natalie

      • Exactly !!! People who don’t watch the feeds don’t know what is REALLY going on !!! Paulie was one of the worst human being I’ve ever seen… Talking about ”respect” one second, and telling everyone where he had sex with Z in the next !!!! Adding very proudly that he didn’t wear a condom…..He’s the worst !!! Nathalie got him out… not Brigette, certainly not James… oh my God.. James as done NOTHING this season but play pranks for AFP…… when he should be playing for half a million dollar !!!!! ,,Then you have Nicole and Corey… lying in bed allllll day and alllllll night sucking on each other …. this is BIG BROTHER NOT THE BACHELOR !!!!!!! …………….Paul for the win !!!! Him and Victor are the only one playing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree with you on everything except remember what Paul said on the late night feed in one of “All Alone” commentary about the thought of Michelle as a partner: “She is never loyal, She has loose lips, She can’t win Comps. In other words she is worthless”.

      • keep the worthless people around to the end and get out the higher risk more competitive people. It is easier to win going against the worthless people in the end then it is to win against the competitive ones. If I had my choice to vote between paul or victor, I would vote victor to win, he is the only one that played really hard in this game.

      • Marie -Josee dussault so natalie is the one who got paulie evited I was actually victor natalie lad the ground work for victor 2 week later natalie could be evited this week since nicole is working with paul,victor, corey and her noms are paul as a pawn and Michelle as nicole target if Michelle wins veto natalie is the replacement nomination and natalie gets evicted over paul if it’s natalie and Michelle, toss up on who gets evicted

      • I can’t stand James. According to him, he’s thrown all comps, like he could win everything. Give me a break – he can’t win a girl if it’s not pretend for TV

      • Totally agree with everything you just said and it blows my mind how people don’t see it. Well said!!

      • I wish it didn’t come to Michelle being a target because I love her, but lets be honest, she brought it on herself, with that stupid stunt she did last week, listening to air headed Natalie, ruining her HOH. Both Paul and Victor wanted that final 3 with Michelle. She is a complete basketcase in this game. Im not routing for Nichole, but i have to give her credit for this move. Fooling James takes skills, and she finally has proven she deserves to still be there.

      • Fooling James isn’t that hard. He’s been a gullible fool as far as Nicole and Corey go. And, it was James leaning on Natalie that influenced her nominations and got Michelle to go along with what James wanted…BIG mistake.

    • Much better than two showmances going to Final 4 of which none have done as much as Paul and Vic have this season!

      • Oh…I upvoted too soon. I think Meech should be there instead of Nic. I’d rather see Nat (no chance), Meech (deserves F3) Paul (he’s a rat, but deserves F2) and Victor deserves the win.

      • Sorta…daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby were full of drama, but after they left, then we ended the last of it with lots of fun! hahaha

      • It does, just not as expediently as we’d like at times. LOL. Love my new car I got after the vacay….so that was a good addition! :-)

      • I think Paul deserves the win because he has been the driving force to what Vic has done.

      • My vote goes to either. I prefer Victor, because he went thru 3 comps to get back in first time, and the jury members this time. He deserves it – won’t get it, but deserves it

      • It’s like you are in my head I finally found someone who see’s the game through my eyes LOL! I voted for Vic to bride James cause I like James but he has not done anything to win! He skated the whole season throwing comps and only wants the Americas Choice Fav player money. Even Nat won an HOH.

      • James is an embarrassment – throws comps, picks a girl for the season, does nothing all season but hang with said girl, spoil the blindsides, and he’s certain America will give him $25,000 again this year. I’m certain he’s right. It’s ludicrous, but people will give it to him

      • Michelle? What has she done? She is disgusting. Kicking people when they are down all season long. Real big super fan? lol. Then when things don’t go her way…cry, cry, eat, cry, eat, eat, cry and eat. Other than the OTEV comp, if u said she has not played any other comps I would believe it. Going behind Paulie and mimicking a bomb going off? Let’s see how she likes it when she is told to get to stepping this week by Nicole!! By the way Michelle is as catty and jealous as a female can be. Disgusting.

      • She is disgusting. I can’t stand her. But she’s gotten where she is by herself. She hasn’t had anyone to rely on but herself.

      • Ahahaha! Doesn’t mean it will happen…they still have to get out James and Natalie after Michelle first.

      • Can you help me out? There are two thing people keep talking about but I am unclear on. Christmas Corey and Paul lying about french fries. Can you please enlighten me?

    • Have been a fan of Nicole’s since BB16. Like Corey. Strongly dislike Paul as a person, but I can respect his game. Victor’s… okay. He’s learned how to be good at this game, but he’s been handed too many chances.

      • Well, he was given a chance to compete against other evictees and he won both times. I’d say he earned his keep in the house.

      • And this time outlasted Corey who basically is still in the house because of who he has aligned with Paulie who saved him earlier in the game and with Nicole which saved him this latest round. Without those alliances he would have been gone earlier because lousy at comps and social game

      • Well said! People act like he just strolled thru the door, and had to do nothing to get back in. That, my friend, is how you play Big Brother

      • Hey, he gets to the end of this game, then I agree – Victor deserves to win it all. I respect that. I just don’t get how some people have all the luck while others get nothing, even when they’re just as deserving.

      • He wasn’t handed anything he competed and won those two re-entries. You have to give credit for his game play he is a competition beast!

      • Yes, he’s a great competitor, and if he gets to the end, he deserves it. But I’m saying that it’s not fair that he got so many chances when Frank got no chances to come back at all this year.

      • You could say that Nicole has now had 2 chances to come back into the house, James Frank and Day had 1 chance to come back in to the house. At least Vic earned his two chances to return. James and Frank just walked back into the house this season.

      • Frank got one chance. He just did not have the round trip ticket. Victor did not have a chance on his first eviction to even play much. The vetsvwere evicting all the newbies that Day did not chose in the 8 man alliance

      • Exactly! I will never understand people acting like he just walked back in both times. Just sat outside filing his nails, I guess

      • ….a fan of Nicole…. WHY ??? What as she done ??? Nothing !!! She’s there to play with Corey’s penis… thats it !!!! She as NO GAME… just a profoundly annoying voice !!!!!

      • Why should I hate her because of her voice? That’s like saying I hate Paul because he has a beard. That’s not the reason I don’t like Paul. I don’t like him because of the kind of person he is. It’s the same with Nicole. I like her because of who she is, not what her gameplay is and not what she sounds like. Deal with it. People LIKE Nicole.

      • I loved Nicole in BB16, she started out great here too but she went downhill rapidly for me when she confused BB with the Bachelorette

      • Yes, I totally agree. And lately I’ve been noticing her voice resembles that of a parrot sometimes when she talks loudly and in that higher pitch. It’s like nails on a chalk board

      • Yes her voice is annoying, but that is the voice she was born with. What the heck is she supposed to do, never speak? When she doesn’t speak to others and just fools around with Corey she gets crap too.
        The girl can’t catch a break from some people. She must be doing something right. She still in the house and has never been nominated.

      • With DR/production helping her along and pre-game protection promised from Paulie and James, then shamelessly hussying in bed with Doofus all summer, Dingus shouldn’t be catching any breaks.

      • How do you know they had a pre game arrangement? Isn’t that actually more of an assumption?

      • I wouldn’t have been surprised about a pre-game arrangement, especially since they all got advice from Derrick and knew they were going in, but with what’s happening now, I’m starting to doubt it.

      • I’m sorry for offending you. I didn’t realize you were so sensitive about Nicole. I was just venting. I do think she can change the way she talks, she doesn’t have to be all high pitched and winey. She doesn’t always talk like that so obviously she can do something about it. Just for the record, she is in the house to play BB, not to “fool around” with a guy she hardly knows. So no wonder she catches a lot of crap for it.
        By the way, I’ve noticed that many of the people that post here get WAY to sensitive about comments and very defensive.

      • Not offended at all. I am the type of person who can see things from many perspevtives. I think it is funny that people take this game so personally. They resort to calling people names and making derogetory comments made on assumptions. I also don’t understand why call the houseguests
        names. I just think it is rather immature. There are plenty of people I don’t really care for, but I don’t call them nast names.

      • Well that’s nice of you. ? if you note in my original comment I never called anyone any names. Hope you have a great week and continue to enjoy the rest of this BB season.

      • I didn’t mean to imply you were calling anyone names. Sorry if you thought that. Hope you have a great weekend as well.

    • I find myself warming up to it. I’m not a big fan of Nicorey, but Victpr and Paul cannot trust James/Natalie. He thinks he knows everything

      • I would rather James go up and get eliminated. That will make me like Nicole a tiny bit. I still wish that she goes home next time and the guys are just using her this week.

      • He may offer to go up himself to save Natalie from the block if Victor plays in the Veto and wins.

      • James never keeps his promises. Remember last year when he and Meg swore to Becky they would back her up to evict Vanessa? Then they flipped to save Vanessa and get out Shelli? James and Meg blew up their own alliances all years long. They trusted no one but themselves and eventually they paid for it.

        I see the same thing happening this year with James and Natalie. James has done what he wanted again regardless of what he said he would do.

      • Same game, different season – it wouldn’t matter how many times he played this game, he thinks he’s a master

      • James has been a lousy player in his season and this season until he voted to evict Victor! That is his best and big move so far! Atleast, he and Natalie are now playing to win that $500,000. I cannot say the same for Nicole. She is not using her head and will be on the chopping block this coming week. Just watch for it! Corey is the only one playing vs James, Natalie, Victor and Paul! Think they will be safe with Paul and Victor’s empty promises? Nicole and Corey will be on the block or Nicole and James. I think Nicole and James being put on the block would be the best and a huge, big move by Victor and Paul when they win the next HOH! Then, they can pick the rest off, one by one till Final 3.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s more than one a season; nonetheless, he’s a lousy BB player. Maybe The Dating Game or Bachelor is more his speed

      • James broke his promise to Becky and his other allies in his season and blew his game and their games! He did it again this season, targeting Frank and Bridgette when they are not the big threats! He made his first big move in evicting Victor which was still a good move! Atleast, he and Natalie is playing now to win that $500,000. Nicole just wasted her HOH trying to take out Michelle! She will be on the chopping block next week!

      • Not if Paul, Victor or Corey win HOH. James n Natalie are on the chopping block if they can’t win HOH.

  2. All right. Tomorrow should make or break this week’s plan. And tomorrow morning is the first opportunity for the plan to go awry with the Veto Draw.

    • That’s what I’d like, but I see Nic keeping her promise to James and will renom Natalie instead.

      • Unless James throws himself on the mercy of the court to go up OTB in Natalie’s place.

      • He might not have won it. According to Vic and Paul James was wearing out. Nicole did well. It seems like people want to take that away from her. Heck she outlasted both Paulie and Victor. Victor even said he didn’t throw it.

      • used to love James but he’s been a bleephead recently.hope she gives him what he’s given others,breaks her promise & puts his little butt up!

      • I would be worried Vic would go up as replacement nom. Its not like they havent lied to him over and over again.

  3. Paul’s doing his best Paulie impersonation, lol. Claims he won’t campaign against Michelle while asking for sympathy votes.

      • Ha ha. As long as you can stand him. Fortunately, I haven’t reached the limit with him yet today.

      • Did you watch last season? James is a clueless player. He spends more time in bed than in the game.

      • I don’t have the feeds but I well remember James being stubborn as a mule once he’d made a decision, even if it was a very bad decision which happened to be most of the time.

    • loved this! Also bright little gnat almost started a fire while trying to make jello. OMG,really?

      • the poor little dummy measured then boiled the water for the jello in a large pan. Then while still boiling & turned on poured an institutional size red jello pouch into it. Guess the microwave was busy?!!

      • The directions on the jello box call for the jello to be poured into boiling water. That calls for either the stove or the microwave.

  4. Considering how this season has gone up to this point, Nicole is a fool if she listens to Victor and Paul. Victor is the HG that won’t go away and if he gets the opportunity he’ll win this whole thing. That’s something her and Corey need to give serious thought considering both of their track records in comps. lol

    • Nicole and Corey do not have the numbers once Paul and Victor are gone since it will be 3 against 2 at that point. There is no one else to align with at this point but Paul and Victor.

      • I don’t blame Nic for doing this at all. She seen how James and Nat have kept flipping back and forth. I wouldn’t want to be with someone that constantly doubts me either!

      • Nicole has finally woken up. If she continues actually playing the game, she’ll have regained some respect which should do well for her with the jury if she gets to F2

      • I agree. James is not trustworthy no matter what he thinks about himself. James has burned a lot of players with his promises that he didn’t keep. He always has an excuse but in the end he plays his own game and cannot be trusted to go along with a plan.

      • You’re absolutely right and I don’t understand why more fans aren’t realizing this. Yes, Nic Corey James and Nat had a final 4 HOWEVER James and Nat have a numbers advantage over Nic and Corey because they also have Mich… Therefore Paul and Vic are better for them because it’s even among them…

      • Thanks Nicole, I think Nicole is disliked so much here that some are having difficulty appreciating her rationale for going with Victor and Paul.
        Once they’ve had time to think it over it should be clear why she had to make this move.
        It’s all about numbers in the end and now there are 3 big meat shields protecting Nicole to the finale – if she’s lucky.

      • Paul and Victor are not an option. They may tell her they are but we all know if VicPaul stays in the game they’ll pick them all off one by one. The two of them are too powerful to keep around no matter what the reason.

      • I do see your point and think that after Michelle is gone Nicorey should strongly consider working with Jatalie to take out Paul and Victor.
        I don’t think Nicole would’ve been able to get rid of Michelle without their help.
        Before Nicorey can work with the James gang she needed to cut his numbers down to 2 so James would no longer have superior numbers going into the end game.
        Plus, as I’ve said before if Michelle wins HOH next week Nic or Corey would be evicted – so Nicole was right to take her out as her first order of business.
        Also, what if paul or Victor win HOH next week? Nicorey have just secured their safety next week if that happens.
        They all think there will be a DE again next week so this also influenced her decision since the odds are that either Corey, Paul or Victor will win the next HOH contest.
        It’s really complicated isn’t it, but Nicole knows what’s best for her game and that’s getting rid of Michelle first.

      • I agree with most of your post but I don’t think she’s looking ahead to the final 3. She should have enough sense knowing how that scenario always works out. If it’s her, Corey and Paul or Victor, she will lose. I do see her having to play out that final HOH against Victor because I seriously doubt Corey has enough sense to win anything. lol

      • Well true, this isn’t the ideal position for Nicorey to be in but they have to play the cards they were dealt since nobody can be trusted at this point.
        Remember that Corey is a meat shield for Nicole so this new alliance will probably hurt him more than her. Paul and Victor are also larger targets than she is.
        She can probably manage to slide to the end with them but it won’t be easy and she will need a lot of luck.
        Doesn’t a lot of this hinge on luck anyway? Who will be lucky enough to win that last comp.

    • Nicole had to do some thinking about the evicted houseguest reaction to her before the buy back and HOH contest. They did not care for her and told her she would not get some votes from them if she continued to just float around and not make a significant move by getting James.

  5. Victor will not win. He was evicted twice no one will reward him with the win.

      • Doing a quick count for that scenario. Jurors not listed in any particular order (least for those who have yet to be evicted).

        Female Jurors: Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Michelle, Natalie

        Male Jurors: Paulie, James, Paul, Corey

        Yeah, I can see those women wanting to ensure a girl wins this season.

      • I hope the women won’t let emotions cloud their judgement when voting for the winner.
        If Nicole outlasts them all she deserves to win. Even Day should appreciate that.

      • I thought Da said she wanted Victor to win on the jury clip. We still have a lot of weeks left to be played so who knows

      • I just said I can see that group of women voting for Nicole because most of them have been saying they want a girl to win this season. I honestly don’t know how the votes would fall, especially with how much Victor has had to do to stay in this game.

      • She has a good chance, but I think Victor fighting his way back twice and surviving to the end will give him the win.

      • No way in hell LOL. Big brother will see the biggest backlash since Danielle R got robbed. Plus I don’t think the contestants would went to seem bitter by voting for him

  6. And now it’s the Natalie show. She just spent several minutes freaking out over how she almost “burned the house down” and that she could have “burned her eyebrows off.” (One of the pots caught fire for maybe an entire second.)

    Cue the eye roll.

    EDIT: I just realized what she was making. Jello.

    Seriously, Nat? Why was the stove even on if you were making jello?

    • I can’t help it, I’ve tried REALLY hard to like her but that girl annoys the fire out of me!! Lol

      • Since Nat began gaining weight (I couldn’t even tell but if she says so I’ll believe her) her personality has changed and it’s to the point that this is all she talks about.
        I never did understand the Natalie popularity either.

      • I can’t tell she’s gained it either but she doesn’t do anything to exercise so it’s her fault if she has and all she has to do is start working out in the house… Others in the past have done it and she can too. I can’t bedside she said she won’t see her family for a whole week after the show so she can lose some weight first. Seriously!

      • It’s really sad isn’t it? First off, when she starts getting depressed about being fat (in her own mind) she could always run up and down the steps to the 2nd floor. That would keep her in shape and burn lots of calories. So much pressure on women to be skeletal these days.

    • End result: “I’m never cooking again!” How convenient. Natalie Show is right – wow, what a rant ‘n rave event. She’s a tad loony.

  7. Anyone else tired of the HG’s talking to the cameras? Natalie having a ‘heartfelt’ talk with James last night about being poor and wanting to buy things (Gucci) and then looking to see if the camera is on her. Pretty blatant play for sympathy. Enough will all of them asking for sympathy, votes etc.

    • yep she playing the sympathy card in hopes that James will be voted out over her if they get OTB together.. She don’t want James to campaign against her only for her ….. Smart girl selfish and self serving Good match for Paulie

    • I kinda look at it as their ONLY entertainment. They’ve also all been raised with social media and posting videos so talking to cameras is more natural and might being filling that social media gap for theem.

      I do see how it can irritate fans too :)

  8. I know is was against these sub par returnees but I kind of want James and Nicole to both make final 3 unnominated so we can have a repeat of season 3 maybe this time it will end with someone winning the final hoh and going totally unnominated

    • Yeah, even Derrick from BB16 didn’t win the final one (though let’s face it, he didn’t want to because that would’ve alienated Victoria).

  9. I recall there was a Michelle posting here last season. It is possible that it’s the same one on BB. Michelle said that she is always online joining BB groups and discussing the game.

  10. James is an idiot. He’s a funny guy but man is he stupid. Giving up the HOH to someone that has been pointed out as being a snake by almost half the cast. Then he’s always making excuses for people when they point out odd behaviors that show signs of betrayal.

    • They are close outside the house and had a pre game alliance. Neither will nominate the other.

    • James thinks that he is an expert on the game and knows the outcomes. This man is very slow and I really don’t know how he was accepted in the arms forces. Even in regular conversations he has with Natalie not relating to the game makes him sound not very smart.

      • Ego can play such a big part in this game. It has screwed up many players when they think they have it all figured out and get ahead of themselves in the game

      • The armed forces are not exactly seeking out PHDs. You only have to be willing to put your life on the line. You don’t need to be smart.

  11. Michelle beginning to realize she doesn’t know how to play this game.

    James may find out too before the week is over if Victor wins the POV.

    • I think some of us think we would play a better game, but it is so much different when you don’t know everything that is going on in the house as we do.
      She probably was a viewer commenting how she would do such a great job if she was on, but she is aligning with everyone and is not working for her.

      • I would literally make a 4 person alliance with the 3 strongest guys in the house. Then have the current hoh spend the whole night before hoh banging pots and pans to keep the others awake while the other 3 sleep in the HOH room. Then I would ride this alliance to final 4 while throwing all the HOHs/Povs then try for final 4 veto and final 3 HOH.

      • Over on Redditt they talk about how mean and obnoxious she was when posting over there. They’ve got her account posted

    • Michelle needs to keep her mouth shut. She attacks whoever is her enemy of the hour and then regrets it which then involves tears. She needs to just stop eating and pay attention.

      • She calls Nicole a snake on national television. Makes it known throughout the house that Nicole is her target. Then she is sad because she did not get invited up to the HOH room . Really??????

  12. That showmance 4 some is still in tack, don’t buy into Nicole’s manipulation. She is playing Vic and Paul to get Michele out without telling Nat cause Nat wouldn’t want Michele out this week. Nicole and Corey cant win against Paul and Vic so their next guaranteeing the James/Nat sleeper cell will be final 4 and Corey will win. Nicole is stupid this is her second time in and she is giving the game to Corey. She is so desperate for her happily ever after, it ain’t happening on BB18 Nicole, snap out of it. You are just a booty call until your no longer an “a$$et” to Corey’s game.

  13. Just watching the PVR of last night’s episode – hoo gurl Paulie’s arrival at the JH is pure gold I tellz ya, PURE GOLD!!!
    Z and the girls calling out Paulie is the best sequence of the season – hahaha!!!

    • Lets see. The girls moaned and griped about Paulie being a BULLY. So what do these enlightened girls then do to Paulie — That’s right, they bully him! Pricelessly hypocritical.

      • hmmmmm old saying.. ” What u get back in life is as good as what u give”…seems to fit Paulies situation..

      • Yes, but then don’t complain that bullying is bad, like these girls did. They just are mad that the lot and got bullied first.

      • Well, then I guess it is good that Paulie bullied first — and beat them first! This seems to be your rationale. “Do unto other as you shall have done to you” — ever hear that one?

      • No, if he hadn’t bullied them then they wouldn’t be bullying him! You know if you don’t like to be bullied maybe you should think before you bully others.

      • How about if it was your sister or your daughter who was infatuated with Paulie and who was then taken advantage of and trashed and laughed at behind her back and all the while that sister or daughter had no idea and was truly and honestly thinking this was a nice guy and she was doing everything she thought was nice for him …. now, how would YOU treat him? That’s not bullying … that’s letting him have it straight up and in his face like he deserves.

      • They are both adults, and both screwed on national TV. Unless she is truly a slow adult, I’m not giving her any pass. She pursued Paulie — as written on the site — like crazy, to the point Paulie thought it was bad for his game (this is a game, you know). Quit treating her like a victim. She was not raped.

      • None of them came off looking good in that segment. I don’t like Paulie but they stooped to his level and he furthered by calling them catty, etc. Not very classy for any of them

      • Not very classy at all but the death stare by Z was pretty priceless. Still, she’s the idiot that opened her legs to him. She can only blame herself for that!

      • The girls did stoop to his level, which definitely is not the way to handle any situation like this.

      • Exactly, and his arrogance in the face of people who were clearly upset with his behavior made it that much more obnoxious. He is one of those people who is just never going to recognize what a dick he is.

      • If you think that was bullying, you have no idea what bullying is. They called him out on his sh!t. That’s a very different thing.

    • It really is. He was very cocky/comfortable in the house for a long while but the minute he entered the JH I kind of felt bad for him for a second because it was like they bathed a baby seal in barbecue sauce and let in into a cave with three female lions. I’m hoping he brought a sweater because I assume it’s going to be awfully cold in that house this week.

    • Paulie already has “Short Man’s Syndrome” and him going to the Jury House was the best sequence in BB history. What a Shithead!!!

    • Absolutely. 100%. His plan last week was on the caliber of the famous “Dan’s Funeral”; actually it was strategically more intricate, though not as flashy or creative. It didn’t keep Victor but it got Nicole and Corey sketched out about James and took Paul from being public enemy # 1 to being in a pretty good spot for at least the next week. Now Nicole and Corey are both saying they’d rather work with someone they might not be able to beat long term than someone who almost voted Corey out last week and that’s all Paul really needs, so you can’t even knock it for failing to save Victor.
      Fans have been fetishizing Dan so long that they’ll never make the comparison, but from a pure gameplay standpoint I’d say the last few weeks have proven that Paul is on about the same level as the Dans of the game.

      • The comparison all ready fails. Dan’s Funeral was a major success. Paul and Victor’s Hail Mary failed because they didn’t convince the one HG who’s vote mattered – James. He knew they were faking it practically the whole time.

      • Paul didn’t really need to convince James to save Victor in order to set him up with Corey and Nicole though. Getting James to almost vote Corey out was enough to drive the wedge between the showmances and position Paul for the following week whether Victor survived or not. That’s why I say it was a more intricate plan, because even as a failure it was still a success. Dan’s Funeral was a failure even as it succeeded because it turned a bunch of eventual jury members against him.

    • No. No one will ever compare to Dan. Dan’s Funeral continues to remain the best move in BB History.

  14. So the original pairing, Vic and Paul, from DAY ONE (who acted like mucho-jerks, worse than Paulie) are being allowed to stay, and win, the game. Nicole and Corey — Dumb and Dumber.

  15. BB is getting to be joke with letting HG get voted out and then let back in the game not once, but twice like Victor.

    • Luckily Victor is so lovable and a comp beast. How can anyone be mad about him returning?

      • He’s being a complete idiot right now by drinking an entire bottle of wine in the HOH room the night before the veto competition. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

      • He is my Louisiana Homeboy so if he wins I will be happy because he earned it the hard way. I just don’t think in future BB’s it should be allowed. Victor was takin’ out early for a reason because he was a threat, but he got back in early and then late.

  16. How did Nicole and Corey go from being on the bottom to now having both sides wanting to work with them? Lol. Something tells me production made sure to set it up this way

  17. Michele going home this week wouldn’t be a problem, that is if Paul and Victurd actually hold there end of the bargain up.

    • Paul and Victor are actually pretty loyal guys… until they learn they’re being played.

      Paul turned on Paulie because he learned Paulie was making deals with everybody and was trying to run the house. Paul turned on Jatalie and Michelle because they stabbed him and Victor in the back first. You could argue that he turned on the newbies at the beginning of the game, but thanks to Jozea and Vic, that ship sank astoundingly fast, so it’s hard to blame him for grabbing a life vest so he could float to safety.

      As for Victor, everyone but Paul voted him out. Twice. So he has no real reason to have anyone’s back but Paul’s.

  18. Looks like the perfect opportunity to get rid of Paul. Sure, Nicole and Michelle kind of hate each other, but let’s be realistic. Who is the bigger threat in this game? I don’t know how N did it? Did Paul offer to go up as a pawn? Do she coerce him? Seems like a pretty nice set up to send him packing. And if the house is smart, they will. I will be sad if they do, and it won’t be much worth watching anymore, but it is the best move for everyone in the house if they want a shot at the grand prize.

  19. I think for Nicorey’s benefit to team up with Paul and Victor since if either of them are F2 with Nat or James, Nicorey won’t have the jury votes to win

  20. If Nicole was crafty she’d hope Michelle or Corey win POV and
    pull Michelle off and then backdoor Vic. That was the plan
    last week,why not do it again.Nobody is going to beat Vic or
    Paul in comps, then they would have a choice of either of them.

    • That is the smart thing to do, but hopefully Nic is as dumb as she looks. I do hope wins Veto and takes Paul off so she can replace him with James. Next week I doubt Corey will be so lucky as to win and they both go up while Nicole is sent packing.

  21. I’ve wanted epic beard man Paul out of the house since I realized he’s just Dallas from BBCAN4…. Mr. Know-it-All and Always-Wins-Comps gets annoying fast.

  22. I don’t even know anymore. I would like to say that this is all because its easy for us all to see whats going on since we watch it unfold and James and Natalie aren’t this naive. I am sure that enter into it but at what point will people suspect Nicole and Corey? Suspect them enough that they get 1 of them out? I think getting out Michelle is a waste of an HOH. Paul or Victor yes. Victor can easily win comps. Paul might win in the end, I dunno. Either of them are a better plan imo. Time to pick a side before you get found out, oh who am I kidding.

  23. Nicole is dumber than I thought. James & Natalie helped them last week when Vic & paul wanted Corey & Nicole out. Paul & Vic are the real Danger. Nicole & Corey should win the DumbAss award. Don’t get me wrong, Ive been wishing for Meech Departure Really Bad, but Leave James & Natalie Alone for Now.

    • James and Natalie worked with Victor and Paul to get rid of Paulie, but still ended up betraying them. Now is their turn to get into NIcole’s head to betray James and Natalie.

    • I think Nicole wants to get rid of Michelle since she is James and Natalie’s number three. Right now she has deals with both sides so depending on next weeks outcome she can drift to either side. I think getting rid of Michelle is a good move. Besides, Victor and Paul have both said their plan was to take Michelle to F3.

  24. I really loved (not) when the drunken idiots were in the kitchen (11pm BBT) and Nicole mixes Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks together, gross. But then Corey scratches his smelly dirty armpits and then sticks his hand into the bread loaf!

    These people live like animals.

    …and to think very soon now she’ll be playing with his tallywacker and he’ll be playing with her– I don’t want to think about it. So, I wont. Wait, I just did. Ouch. My brain hurts.

  25. I would like to see a rule that the hg has to have been up for eviction at least once to qualify to be in the final 2. Watching as they try to strategize when to try to be put up with the best chance of escaping eviction would add an interesting element to this stale game.

  26. Michelle should have done what she wanted last week and nominated Nicole. Bet she regrets listening to Nat and James but too late.

  27. Nicole is delusional! James knows there’s a DE coming up and didn’t want to be unable to compete. He chose to drop silly girl. Victor and Paul are playing Nicole like a fiddle. Michelle is no threat and the wiser choice to take to final three. She’s an idiot!

  28. I hate nicole she is by far 1 of the worst players to play big brother why would you be in a alliance with 2 strong players and get rig of the weak stupid please bb fans respond to this post

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