Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 6 with Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Feeds as we’ve discovered confirmation for who the new Head of Household has sent to the Block this week.

Nominations on Big Brother

There was a lot of planning going in to this week’s nominations after the new HoH was trying to find a way to keep his target in the center light while allies tried to push a new plan for the week. Noms are just the start to this week’s power struggle, but you’ve got to start somewhere so let’s see how it went.

Big Brother 18 Week 6 Nominations:

  • Paul nominated: Bridgette & Paulie

Paulie is a pawn, so don’t get too excited. He volunteered after James said no to Natalie then Nicole was hesitant and Corey wasn’t too excited about that. Victor flat out said no as well. Paul didn’t have many choices so Paulie said he’d do it.

Paul wants Bridgette gone, gone, gone, but Paulie wants Day up and out. Overnight Paulie, Corey, Nicole, and others worked on ways to make it all about Day, but Paul only agreed to the idea of going after Da’Vonne this week if Bridgette isn’t on the Block though he admitted it’ll be up to the voting HGs.

Eventually they agreed on a plan that involved Paulie going up on the Block so he could play for the Veto and help control the week. Of course he’s just willingly sent himself in to the danger zone and that’s generally never a good idea.

After the ceremony Paul pulled Bridgette in to the HoH room and apologized for having a harsh nomination speech but said he had to cover their plan to target Day because she’s all over him. Paul promises Bridgette they’ve got lots of votes against Da’Vonne.

Veto is coming up on Saturday and this could be big if Day gets picked to play and wins or if Bridgette pulls off the upset and forces another target to take center stage. We could always end up with a Paulie and Da’Vonne match up on Thursday night!

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  1. Oh, so confident and arrogant he is to volunteer! I hope he goes home!!

  2. If Day wins VETO, take Bridgette off the block, they both are safe. That will FORCE the house to turn on each other. PICK A SIDE AND PLAY YOUR OWN GAME!!
    She doesn’t have to win anything else. She can go home after that.

    • If that happens they’ll put up James/Nat I think which would suck for me. I think even if the audience gives the safety care package to James then Nat goes to jury

    • If Day uses the Veto to pull down Bridgette then Paul will put Zakiyah up to weaken both Paulie and Day.

      • That would be the best thing to do but I don’t know if Paul has enough brains to come up with that. I think the only reason he’d put up Zakiyah is because of Paulie but I still doubt he’d do that. He’s too close to her.

      • Zakiyah actually should’ve been the pawn to go up with Bridgette. She’s never been on the block and hasn’t really been mentioned as a target within his circle of people. Only Frank and Paulie have mentioned her I believe.

    • If your scenario could play out, let’s keep Day a little longer to see what more damage she can do in that house. ?

    • Paul reminds me of Syndrome from The Incredibles. Same hair, same personality but instead of wanting to be super, Paul wants friendship. I hope Bridgette turns into a Jack-Jack baby demon and rips his hair out and then he gets pulled into a jet and gets a one way ticket back to wherever this wannabe came from.

  3. Who would you all rather see go?? I think They should target Nicole and/or Michelle

  4. It’s going to get interesting no matter how you look at it. I would love to see Paulie walking out the door to talk to talk to Julie.

  5. Ok so… Let’s backdoor Day and let her have the winning ticket and come back in… The drama that Day would reign down on the house would be live feed gold! LoL

  6. And I can’t believe they are ALL being so mean about Little Nat Nat getting the thing from America… Jealousy isn’t pretty!

    • Are they? I don’t feel like fiddling with the feeds lol…all those egos are probably all butthurt thinking that they’re the best and most deserving lol

    • Yes they are all being so catty especially 2 of my former favorites in Nicole and M! The past 2 weeks I have had enough and they can go after Day and Vic! Their jealousy towards Nat for no reason other than they think she is Victoria from season 16 which she is not! She proved it with that endurance comp finishing 4th beating every guy except her man James! I want her to win HOH so bad! She can go after Nicole and M and put them up and James found out that N is targeting her so his friendship with Nicole is over! She had no right asking Nat to be pawn again but atleast finally agreed when she knew the real plan and had the votes to stay. Paulie saved Nicole last minute as I was stunned to hear he volunteered but the plan is to BD DAY so him playing veto is good move! The house with Paul as HOH will not blindside Paulie! It will start getting more interesting each week when sides are drawn and it is obvious! Nicole’s jealousy whiny voice partial lack of social game has made me want her gone. She was my co favorite player with Donny in her season! Sadly she has become like most of the girls catty whiny bitchy jealous etc I hope James and Nat are final 2!

      • I totally agree with you about Nicole — I don’t remember her being such a mean, whiney, catty girl in bb16! I don’t know if being in a house with Michelle and other mean girls has brought out Nicole’s mean side BUT whatever it is I don’t like it and it’s NOT a pretty change for Nicole!

        James was one of my fav’s last season and he and Nat are the only two in the house that haven’t resorted to saying terrible things about the other house guests.

      • James is a follower haven’t done anything outstanding this year only being creepy again.

      • Yes I still like Nicole in real life but the past 2 weeks she has changed! She and Donny were the best in season 16 and Cody even Caleb except his feelings for Amber were too much! Yes being with M and Z and others have made her whiny and jealous. I let her whiny voice go but her cattiness and jealousy over Nat was too far in my mind! Nat has been a have not what 3-4 times already! They are upset because she won a dumb little prize no more have not and socks and toothpaste and a few other tiny gifts. Big deal. M wanted the whole house to make Nat be pawn! What right does she have! She was going to call house meeting for this! I hope Nat wins HOH next week and puts both Nicole and M on the block especially since they have not yet! Let them see how it feels like! Nat and James are the 2 nicest people in the house and should be CO Americas favorite house guests! Corey is 3rd the rest of the house can go!

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. Instead of bashing Nat maybe they should ask themselves what Nat is doing or not doing that America likes so much to vote to gift her with something! It SHOULD be a wake up call to N and M that they should figure out what Nat is doing right (which is being nice to people!) but instead they just use it as something else to bash her about.

      • I would love to be in that house and playing this summer! I definitely try out for next season! I would love to give it real and honest to certain jealous catty annoying house guests! Yes I totally agree with you about the wake up call. Natalie has her issues too like everyone in the house but she is a sweetheart! Nicole is not this year. While she has become jealous and petty she still has decent shot to go far this season as she has lots of allies. Finally found out truth about M hating B. Should have figured it was because she was romantically interested in Frank big time! She wanted to have final 2 with him. B ruined that! M has no F2 but has allies but her attitude needs to change. People in the house and BB fans all need to look in the mirror and take responsibility for their own actions. I am sick of certain BB fans hating and complaining too much. Some is justified and some are just hating and jealous because they can’t play or would suck playing the BB game! Or taking the feeds to personally when you do not really know what the deal is? People are hating Paulie but certain fans do not get he is trying to keep the fact he really likes Z hidden so he would not be target. He is just trying to cover it up so he is not as big a target for either of them. on 7/30 for the haters Paulie talked with Z in safari room saying he has her back and cares about her but he is playing the game pretty well. Also he does not want to say personal things on camera which every fan should get! Also he is not as cocky as he appears. He has earned his good spot by social game winning comps building allies and using decent strategy. Confidence is a good thing and just because he put himself on the block does not mean he is arrogant. He has wanted to increase chances to get Day BD! My biggest thing with him is he swears too much with the F words! Z is way too jealous and this is not healthy since they are just good friends for now! There is chemistry but after BB they can work on their relationship or in jury house!

      • think Nicole has ran her course in the house this year but doesn’t quite know how to keep quiet either. Time for her to go.

      • Yes Nicole has been caught in lies plus her recent jealousy and cattiness with M about Nat is unfair! They both need to go now after Day!

      • James is a puppy follows Natalie around all the time, she can’t be sitting with another guy then he pops up making sure she’s not giving attention to anyone else. His HOH he let the house tell him what to do and the two girls gave him the comp, he didn’t win out right.

      • Thank you! Think you are the first person who hasn’t picked on Nat. I agree with everything you said.

      • Natalie has her issues like everyone in the house and world but she is a sweetheart! She cooks and always does nice things for James! They help each other and have each others backs! I am so sick of all the jealousy cattiness and hatred from certain players and even lots of fans are this way and it is really annoying and tiring! Some fans not knowing enough of what is going on in that house and making wrong judgements. Some players play too hard and some are called floaters for what not playing hard enough or having not enough allies? There is a fine line how to play the game right! I hope to get the chance next summer! Go Natalie and James for final 2! Zaulie if they get out or Corey.

    • I actually voted for Corey. Not because I like his game or anything but more to the point that his height was what made me vote him.

  7. Paulie could easily win that veto if he wants to, so Da’vonne needs to give it her all or she will be gone. If Paul decides to keep the noms the same and crawl out of Paulie’s behind, then D has to convince people to vote him out now.

    • Paul made the statement last night that he didn’t care what anyone thought with the exception of Paulie so I doubt Paul will grow a backbone and do his own thing. He will cave to whatever Paulie wants.

      • Paul won’t do that. He’ll put Day or Z up (hopefully Day). Or Nicole. He won’t risk the wrath of James.

      • James is powerless in this game. He is on the outside looking in. Never fringe players thinking that going along with those in power guarantees safety. They have started targeting the stragglers. Rooting for Bridgette
        To win Veto so that, one of the other stragglers go home! Maybe, Natalie or Michelle ends up going home! Good riddance!

      • The remaining HGs are horrible at comps with the exception of Paulie, and he has a better chance of winning than everybody else. I hope someone that won’t use it or Da win.

      • If Bridgette wins Veto, Paul puts up Natalie or Michelle! Would be laughing my head off when it happens! These stragglers all need to be evicted. Remove all the stragglers then, those playing the game can target each other! Floaters do not deserve that $500,000.00!

  8. I know it’s a game and maybe they all kiss after it’s over, but the TV audience and feedsters surely must see that they’re needlessly going way over the top with meanness towards Bridgette. I’m starting to root for her. Wouldn’t it be funny if she won POV, took herself down, then regardless of who replaced her, Paulie got shown the door? I don’t dislike him but I hate this level of mean play from a group towards one person.

  9. hy are Paul and Paulie telling Bridgette so much? Because they don’t think anyone will believe Bridge if she tells them or they don’t think they will use it against them? Maybe to get her trust? It’s so weird to be telling a potential target so much.

  10. With Paul in charge…OMG. This is going to be a long week.
    And he gets mad that Day and Nicole tried to win HOH. I can’t!!

    • He let Paulie take over his HOH nom once again. To save face he comes with that weak line that Da was trying to win HOH, but before that he adamant not putting Da up. Paulie strikes again

  11. Why do I get the feeling that Paulie is going to go home this week? How dumb is he for volunteering to go up on the block when he KNOWS Da wants to break up the couples. Before this week is over the HGs will be telling each other they will never get another chance like this to get rid of Paulie and out he will go. If I am right paulie will go down as making one of the dumbest BB moves in BB history – right next to his brother who basically gave away first prize.

    • That will be great and yes, Cody made a dumb move and I hope his brother did as well.

    • I feel the same way. Some way or another, word is going to get back to Day that Paulie has been plotting her eviction. And when Paulie ends up still on the block come Thursday, he’s going to be screwed.

      Why ANYONE would volunteer to go on the block is crazy. If the plan is to backdoor Day, why did he feel the need to be on the block? Just make sure one of the nominees win the veto and you’re good to go. Awful strategy.

    • I so hope you are right, but man, there are some dumb ones in there, don’t know if they will do the right thing. Instead of supporting Da, they would want to impress Paulie and support him! And for what? So that he can vote them out later when he feels like it because they are all just waiting around to be F2 with him.

    • Nope! They all too dumb to put the pieces together and to scared to make a move. He was on the block and it wasn’t even thought of or mentioned.

  12. If Da’Vonne goes up as a replacement nominee and gets evicted I hope that she has the golden ticket. Paulie is a powerful player, probably one of the strongest in the house if not the strongest so it would be smart for the houseguests to vote him out now while they have the chance.

      • that’s only for today because they are all bitter and jealous of her, but tonight on BBAD they will be talking about Da’vonne again and the next few days as well.

      • this like bri anf frank getting to close each other so they need break off big piece right?

      • Really? I keep hearing everyone talking about going after either Bridgette or Da’Vonne but mostly Da. I don’t know about everyone else but I’d be okay with either Paulie or Nicole going home.

      • thiswill ;like season 3 if bri wins pov watchout thing will fly off the quickly that all

  13. Is MIchelle telling Da’vonne that the guys want her out? She has told her things before and I do hope she is still on her side.

    • It would be a good thing if she did since I think Da is probably the only one in the house who will start the conversation to evict Paulie … and we know how she’s a steam-roller when somebody wants to put her up!!!!!!

  14. If Bridgette wins the POV, Natalie is getting evicted then and there unfortunately. Next season, pick a better cast who can actually play the game correctly.

  15. If I was the HOH, I would’ve nominated Da’Vonne and Paulie. If one of them won the POV, backdoor Paul, send home a threat. That’s how you play Big Brother, who cares what the house wants, Big Brother is not meant to play so dainty.

      • doesdnt paint huge taget if you 1st package of the season?plus add michele been going after nalie for holong now?look another victor back in look what natalie said bout victor goodbyer piece sure does paint a target now

      • are you sayn that michele isdnt really targeting natalie for a while? yes or no?

      • Michelle is, but the thing is Natalie hasn’t won anything yet except the package, so why would she be a huge target?

      • On a previous episode, Victor was seen criticizing her makeup, clothing, and even what she ate. A.k.a., it was not cool. Twitter took notice, too, that his comments weren’t OK. Natalie increasingly became upset about Victor’s attitude toward her, saying that the now evicted houseguest has an opinion on everything. Well, now was Natalie’s time to give her opinion on Victor, and hopefully he takes some tips from it. While it was brief, the words that Natalie spoke were poignant and powerful, and certainly things that Victor will be reminded of as he exits the house (even if he potentially returns). As a reminder, here is that epic goodbye message.

      • How is this relevance to you asking me about Michelle’s thoughts on Natalie?

      • if bridgette win pov michele will paul and bri ask to put up natalie meangirl way

      • Is it me or are there similarities to BB3 in this current season? Case in point, Season 3 it was Amy versus KiKi (aka Kira ?SP) for one of the guys. KiKi was around him alot and Amy would say how KiKi would sweep him a way to the hammock. This pinned the girls against each other. Now with the current season, we have Bridgette and Michelle in a similar situation with Frank. Just minus sweeping him away into the hammock. Hmmmmm, makes me wonder if Bridgette will pull a Lisa (also from season 3 who won in the end after riding Eric’s coat tailes). Something to ponder.

      • mean girls
        1) Girls who are bullies and use “girl agression” (nasty comments, trickery, deceit, excluding people from events, spreading rumors, stealing boyfriends,etc.) to manipulate other girls. They will use text messaging, AIM, email, three-way-calling, and any other weapon at their disposal to acheieve these goals.
        (coined by Rosalind Wiseman in her book “Queen Bees and Wannabees”)
        These girls are often popular because everyone is either afraid of them or wants to be like them. They tend to have armies of followers (“friends”/wannabees) comprising their clique. However, few people actually like them for who they are.
        2) A movie based on Rosalind Wiseman’s book “Queen Bees and Wannabees” which takes an intimate look at the inner workings of a high school and the all-powerful girl clique who seem to run it. Starred Lindsey Lohan before she went blonde and possibly anorexic, and therefore was still “hot” (see some other definitions). Very highly watched among the high school population as many girls could actually relate to the story.
        1) “Those popular girls are always fighting with each other and manipulating everyone else. They’re real Mean Girls.”

      • Don’t try to conversate with him hon- you’ll just end up confused and annoyed lol

      • This Mickey dude is out there! He’s basically ruining this site because he doesn’t stfu. He rambles on about the same stuff constantly on every post.

      • Victor is back and he says that he wants to take Natalie out himself. He says that in her goodbye message she really took him out. She was saying that he was disrespectful of women. His mom knew it was not true and was pi*. She slandered his name and there is no coming back from that. Paulie says that in the contract you sign that away. Victor says she slammed his name in the dirt and if you watch the show it can’t come up, never, because it doesn’t exist. Hopefully America knows that. Some people only hear it and just believe it. He says that he could not have handled this situation with her any better. He says that he just told her that they should not have taken that any farther. He says that she sh* on me, and he wants to call her out. He says that he has to get back to his normal not think about it self. Paulie says that he will walk around and let Victor vent. Vic says he is going to listen to music. He puts on the spy screen and the headphones.

      • Hi MIckey, I was wondering why you can write such excellent comments as this one and then about 5 minutes later you resort to pidgin English???
        What’s going on? Is this a joke or something?

      • So you didn’t write the comment yourself, someone else was the author of the comment?

      • I think Mickey was saying that he ‘borrows’ other people’s comments and uses the copy and paste method to print them here.
        Correct me if I’m wrong Mickey.

    • Yeah agree. But then if you go against the house, the following week after the HoH you will be in a vulnerable situation especially if you missed the target, like Frank and Bridge missing the target on Tiff.
      Not every week needs a big move as long as a big target is evicted.
      So far only Bronte was kinda a bust, but Jozea, Victor, Tiff and Frank those were big dangerous players, so effective evictions.

  16. Is it me or are there similarities to BB3 in this current season? Case in point, Season 3 it was Amy versus KiKi (aka Kira ?SP) for one of the guys. KiKi was around him alot and Amy would say how KiKi would sweep him a way to the hammock. This pinned the girls against each other. Now with the current season, we have Bridgette and Michelle in a similar situation with Frank. Just minus sweeping him away into the hammock. Hmmmmm, makes me wonder if Bridgette will pull a Lisa (also from season 3 who won in the end after riding Eric’s coat tailes). Something to ponder.

    • Good point Mickey! I think it does put a target on Nat’s back by making the others jealous and resentful that she got a care package and they didn’t.

  17. I would love to see Day gone I’m so sick of her and her paranoid act, her black ass needs to go plus back stabber James can go, it really sucks Frank is gone, I hope James gets out of the house and dies in a horrible death, and for the rest oh wow how simple to go after Bridget bunch of cowardly jerks.

      • Yes, and he would just be pissed and not do anything about it. LOL! He’s keeping Natalie in the dark about alot of things going on. Once Natalie find out how he’s keeping her in the dark and not telling her the truth, she probably will be done. She already told him she hate a person that outright lies to her face.

  18. They fall into this same trap every year. Now is the perfect time to get out Paulie, but they won’t. And he will end up winning it for his brother Cody. Then we will have more siblings.

    • Paulie can already taste the money and can’t wait to rub little bro Cody’s face in it.

  19. Can’t stand this cast. Now I guess I want Victor to win it all. I would want Paulie, but I guess he is GOD’s gift for BB.

  20. Da could be a target, but she’s a pot stirrer, and we’ve seen her game. Da would see this the most clearly. to take a shot at Paulie. She probably has the most courage to do something about it. Victor too, As I recall, his goal is to get Paulie out of the house….too bad he became Paul’s minion.

      • Hi Mickey – could you please re-word that – I honestly don’t know what you mean – thanks

      • I know what ‘meangirl’ means thank you – it’s the rest of the sentence that is incomprehensible – no grammar or syntax – complete pidgin English.

      • Ok you got ‘mean girl’? look season 3 bb..then look ‘mean girl’ again lol

      • Is it me or are there similarities to BB3 in this current season? Case in point, Season 3 it was Amy versus KiKi (aka Kira ?SP) for one of the guys. KiKi was around him alot and Amy would say how KiKi would sweep him a way to the hammock. This pinned the girls against each other. Now with the current season, we have Bridgette and Michelle in a similar situation with Frank. Just minus sweeping him away into the hammock. Hmmmmm, makes me wonder if Bridgette will pull a Lisa (also from season 3 who won in the end after riding Eric’s coat tailes). Something to ponder.

      • HEY, wow, you can actually write in intelligible English!!! Now, why not do that on all of your many posts so we all can understand what you’re saying?

  21. LOL Paul hit the nail on the head when he said what America would give him. He said America would give him a dildo and tell him to go f#?k himself.

  22. I swear, none of this cast can think for themselves. If any of them had a brain Paulie would be going home.
    Paul’s voice grates on my last nerve. I am sick of listening to him , I could only imagine having to live with him.

  23. I am not going to lose sleep listening to these foul mouthed sexually repressed idiots. Why do they think these are topics of discussion foe America to listen to???? These people have the characters of less than freaking ants!!!!!! So much for semi-edumakated, people.

  24. People hated on Cody during his season for having a great social game but always being too scared to make big moves… Here his brother is with an even better social game AND willing to make big moves and the same people are STILL finding things to whine about.

    You people will never be happy, will you?

    • I wouldn’t say he has a great social game. I would say he has Paul running around being a bully for him.

      • What? Paulie objectively has a great social game. Just because you may not care for him doesn’t change that.

        He’s got Zakiyah choosing him over DaVonne, he’s got Paul in his pocket (and therefore Victor), he has Nicole and Corey keeping him safe, and he has James and Natalie keeping him safe, not to mention a great working relationship with Michelle.

        Could the houseguests wise up? Sure. But they sure haven’t yet.

        It’s fine to hate the guy. That’s your choice. But don’t stick your head in the sand to do so. The guy has a fantastic social game. I’m sure you can find plenty of other reasons to hate him.

      • Sorry, I do not call being arrogant and having housemates afraid to make a move a social game.
        The ones with their heads in the sand are in the house with him.

      • Agreed, and that is why he will hopefully lose in 3rd place – less time on vacation in jury and no money. He behaves can like a spoiled little d-bag baby.

      • He’s playing a good game, but why do you think BB fans view him negatively? I’m not sure about TV viewers. BBN, his ranking is way at the bottom on Jokers, chat rooms don’t like him. I’ll be surprised if voters give him one of the ‘good packages’..Why do you think that is?

      • Maybe you didn’t hear him on the feeds telling Corey he basically was just using Z for the game, and saying that James needed to get Nat to humble herself.

      • My opinions on his personality have nothing to do with the game he is playing. He’s playing a great game. I wish people were able to acknowledge that despite their feelings about his personality.

      • Is Paulie playing a good game or are the other houseguests just stupid? I am disappointed that Da, James and Nic aren’t playing a better game since they have been on the show before.

      • I’m never one of those people who complains for complaining’s sake, but NO ONE is playing a good game this season. It’s unreal.

      • He’s too arrogant. He’s already starting to make mistakes having trouble keeping all his lies going. He keeps slipping up.

    • He does have a great social game, can win comps and isn’t afraid to make big moves BUT I don’t like the size of his ego. He was my FAV houseguest until his prideful side took over.

      • That’s fine! People are perfectly okay to form their own opinions about his behavior, I was just talking about his position in the game and the fact that he’s playing well. Some people don’t seem to understand that you can dislike a player while admitting they are playing a good game.

      • only reason why nicole is pissed because natalie that fake cryn meangirl way now

      • yup i do think so this all what shesaid to victor in goodbye speec hto him now he back in told paul bout it to!~

      • Victor was a wuss the first time he was in and a wuss this time. What happened to the Victor that was coming for Paulie and wanted revenge? Victor is Paulie’s lapdog and clueless. He talks about Natalie goodbye message but he forgot who evicted him out the house and that goodbye message.

    • I heard James say the other day that he was at the bottom of the pecking order.
      I am hoping he will wise up and realize what is going on. Unless he thinks he is one of the guys.

    • That was a bit much. She was a Have Not and then to go back on the block. She has already been on the block before which can be stressful then add HN with it. I would have cried to. I agree when they were talking some have not even seen the block and why weren’t they put up?

  25. Michelle Meyer
    Michelle is a nutritionist from Michigan and she’s 23 years old. This girl may have some drama in the house because she tells CBS that talking about other people behind their backs in the past has gotten her into trouble. She’s hoping she doesn’t make the same mistakes on the show. She reveals her sneaky strategy as this: I plan on passively manipulating people and giving them reasons to follow my suggestions. I will also potentially be in a showmance, if I think it helps in the game. I want to take on all the punishments I can and appear weak while still winning competitions. I want a solid alliance to take to the end, but, secretly, have a better relationship with a few of the people.

  26. The fans voted Natalie the care package because she has been a have not so much and stuck in that bed, why did the house have to be so jealous and nasty about it. Most immature selfish cast ever on BB. I hope Paulie goes home.

    • I can’t wait to see how the other houseuests are treated after we vote for them to get their care packages.

  27. So couple comments since I just binge watched the entire season. If 1 more person calls themselves “your boy” I will scream. Why are they saying that? And 2. I like Day a lot more than last year. I also love the harder comps and the extra challenges and new things.

  28. Big surprise there! Bridgette!!!! didn’t see that coming! Paul is weak! Although Bridget is good at comps but still, there are bigger threats and I don’t think Bridget would have went after Paul if she wins HOH next week!
    Ugh he is so arrogant and fake! The drives me crazy listening to him!
    when and why did he get so cocky! Just because he managed to stay off the block for an entire week?! Does he not realize or remember that all these people he’s listening to put him on the block! Every week! Does he not understand that he is low on the totem pole?! of course unless I’m wrong and he’s in a strong alliance now?

  29. can someone please help me? LOL in more ways than one ha ha Ha anyway, I’m just so out of touch with this season. I just haven’t found the time to keep up on all the gossip & and what not the season. I have no idea who’s with who and who wants who out and who is strongly aligned? And who is not?

    but my question is, and we’re going back to the beginning here but most of these houseguests have never watched big brother? There’s only one or two super fans? And then the rest of them got to see one or two seasons while in sequester???
    so who knows the game? Aside from obviously the vets and who doesn’t? At all? for some strange reason I missed that conversation at the very beginning of the game I guess? TIA

    • You’re right! Michelle knows the game…Super Fan. Obviously, Paulie knows the game (Cody’s brother). Unless I’m forgetting someone, no one else besides the returning vets know the game.

      • Aside from Michelle. So why Michelle? Why is she the only player aside from the vets Paulie that knows the game? I assume when casting they did this on purpose?

  30. Oh how I hope Da has that golden ticket if she gets evicted!!!!! At least she doesn’t attack and isolate like the other girls! She saved tiff and it backfired that’s why the attitude with her but those other mean bitches omg I would be disqualified cause I don’t think I could deal with middle school again

    • I know Da’s personality and I do think that she wants to punch Nicole in her mouth, but has been a big girl controlling her temper.

  31. You know what’s interesting? The whole time hgs have been in the house, Day has kept almost everyone informed as to what is or was happening in da hawse. If it were not for Day, half of these dim-witted folks would be out da door.

    They smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place, BACKSTABBERS!

    Anyone else recognize the lyrics from the old hit song “Backstabbers”? Couldn’t help myself here.


    • James is playing Da to the left! I can’t believe he is keeping info from her that they are about to backdoor him! Little do he know him and Natalie is next on that list. He even heard the convo of getting rid of them and he still play like an amateur and does nothing.

      • I honestly think that James is making the exact same mistake as last season. He went straight to Austin and told him everything, even though the twins wanted him out. He is a nice person, and fun to be around, but he is a horrible BB player. He got America’s best player because of his jokes in the house, nothing else. I still like him, but hope he makes the right move this week or he will be gone.

      • James is a nice guy but I don’t know why he was brought back. He only cares about AFP and jury. AFP should be someone who actually comes to play.

      • Not really. Paulie has definitely come to play but I don’t think there are many who would vote him for AFP.

      • Wiw! I’m sure he is stupified and cannot think. Because he cannot go to Day and risk her telling everyone what he’s thinking and blowing up his game.

      • I see, but I guess it doesn’t matter they already plotting on James and Gnat. I can’t believe how horrible he plays and he’s like oblivious to a lot of things going on

      • I don’t think that it’s because he’s oblivious, but more that he does not carry any real weight because he has not lobbied anyone but Natalie for the showmance, and not $500,000. She came first.

      • James sleeps all day and play w/Natalie. Natalie tried to tell James what’s going on many times but he just does not listen to her for ex: Don’t nom Bridgette, Paulie is running the show, who’s in an alliance… Now that he has heard talk about they are coming for Natalie and him it clicks that he is on the bottom of the totem pole and everything today is starting to click which Natalie been telling him all along. He ran back and told Paulie everything that Da told him. I think once he made that move on Frank everything is about to fall downhill for James.

  32. Well, looks like Da’vone is going out the door! I can’t believe these players are just giving away 500k to Paulie! Possibly that crazy Paul. What a bunch of airheads. Ridiculous..

    • I’m vote this week care package (Eliminate Two Evictions) to Da. I hope she can use it before she get voted out.

      • It won’t help this week because the voting doesn’t close until the Friday!

      • Damage Control: Bridgette has teamed up w/Paulie and Paul and getting the girls out for them, The are controlling all her moves, she is their puppet. I will NOT vote for Bridgett, I am now giving my votes to MICHELLE!!

      • I know! Why can’t these girls stay together? So frustrating!! ?she should be tired of being a puppet.

      • I know, she knows they will get rid of her soon as she is finished doing what they need. I would just make a big move and go to jury than to be their puppet. Does not matter bcz tthey are going to evict her anyway.

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