‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Monday Daytime Highlights

Veto Day arrived for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests with Michelle and Zakiyah on the Block but should either of them expect to be saved? Not long after the meeting was over Michelle put her survival plan in to action. Unfortunately she chose to start that off with Paul who ran in to the ground, poured on the gas, and lit it. Then he was left wondering what went wrong.

Zakiyah enjoys relaxing on Big Brother 18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 8, 2016:

9:00 AM BBT – Michelle is awake and alone wandering the house after Bridgette went back to bed.

10:15 AM BBT – Few more HGs getting up slowly. Michelle is getting dressed up for what she expects to be her last Veto meeting.

10:30 AM BBT – Natalie and Michelle discussing their breasts. Natalie is glad she did it. Michelle thinks hers are too big, but Natalie compliments her on them.

11:40 AM BBT – Feeds are back from the Veto meeting. Paulie didn’t use it. Michelle is frustrated and apparently gave a nice little speech warning the other HGs about the danger of keeping Paulie.

11:45 AM BBT – Paul joins Michelle in the backyard. He liked her speech. He asks her for her campaign pitch. Michelle promises Paul she won’t come after him or Victor and she has a big target in mind that will benefit everyone. Paul warns her that Victor is close to Paulie and to keep that in mind if she tells this to Victor. Michelle asks Paul not to tell Paulie. He promises.

11:59 AM BBT – Paul is telling Paulie everything Michelle just told him. Sigh. He then proceeds to try and once again convince Paulie to keep Michelle after he just let Paulie know that she was coming right after him! Good grief. Read the full story for all the details.

12:15 PM BBT – Paul tells Paulie that James wouldn’t cancel out his (Paulie’s) vote. Well James had been planning on it, but maybe not anymore.

12:25 PM BBT- Paulie will only want Natalie at F4 if any of the women at all. He tells Paul they should take Corey to F3 because Corey has won as much as the women and would be easy to beat.

12:35 PM BBT – Zakiyah asks Bridgette for her vote, but Bridgette laughs and won’t commit though she says Zakiyah was the first to ask.

1:45 PM BBT – HGs lounging in the backyard while on an outdoor lockdown.

2:10 PM BBT – Zakiyah tells Nicole she’d put up Victor and Bridgette if she were to win HoH. Nicole agrees, but says not to repeat that.

2:20 PM BBT – Corey and Bridgette talking game. She asks what Nicole and Paulie might be planning. Corey doesn’t think Paulie is trying to win the next HoH.

2:25 PM BBT – Lockdown is over. HGs don’t see anything that changed. The HoH shower was repaired as they discover later.

2:30 PM BBT – Michelle talks game with Natalie and suspects Zakiyah is the target. Michelle asks if Bridgette would vote to keep her, but Natalie wouldn’t answer. Michelle says she wouldn’t put up Victor so Bridgette wouldn’t have to worry about that. She tells Natalie that she knows Nicole has been lying and other HGs have warned her not to trust Nicole.

3:15 PM BBT – James talks about the good life of being a HN. He enjoys the outdoor showers and reliable pooping from the Slop.

3:40 PM BBT – Nicole, Corey, James, and Victor talk about the vote and what to do. They know Paulie wants Zakiyah to stay. No one is willing to have an opinion and just agree to do whatever.

3:45 PM BBT – Paulie joins the talk and lets them know Michelle told Paul that she was going to go after a big target if she stayed (that would be Paulie and probably Nicole) though he suggests it could mean any of them. Victor suggests they just get her out then and all agree.

4:05 PM BBT – James tells Nicole he’ll cancel her’s and Corey’s votes since they’re a couple. He could just be joking again.

4:30 PM BBT – James and Corey are worried that Paul could take a swing at them next week. Corey thinks Bridgette could try and make a sneaky move then suggests she might go after Zakiyah.

4:35 PM BBT – Paulie talking with Bridgette about Michelle’s comment that she was going to go after someone big. He is rethinking his plans to avoid winning HoH.

4:35 PM BBT – Corey tells Nicole and James that he lied to Bridgette and said Paul was trying to go after her. They are worried about Paul.

4:40 PM BBT – Bridgette lets Paulie know that Natalie wants her to trust James, but she isn’t ready to do that. Paulie is a little worried that Zakiyah might not be too forgiving about him not saving her with the Veto.

4:45 PM BBT – Corey again pushing his worry that Paul and Victor are trying to build an army using Michelle and Bridgette.

4:55 PM BBT – Victor lets Paul know it looks like Michelle is going after the talk with Paulie, James, Corey, and Nicole. Paul is upset and says he got Da’Vonne out, his own ally, instead of Bridgette for them and now they won’t do this for him. Victor says it’s dumb to get rid of Michelle because she isn’t coming after them. They hope Michelle has the Round Trip ticket.

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So Paul and Victor watch as this week’s eviction slips through their hands and yet again Paulie gets what they want. Maybe Paul shouldn’t have put a whole in the bottom of Michelle’s plan to stick around this week. These guys keep playing for Paulie and then are shocked when Paulie gets what he wants and they don’t. Go figure.

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  1. Ugh!!! Paulie will get what he wants again. Are these house guests not seeing what is going on? I doubt James will use his ACP to save Michelle anymore. So dissapointed!

  2. Calling out Paulie…. Good for Michelle. Does anyone have the courage to manuever Paulie’s eviction?

    • I doubt any one of them will put Paulie up. In fact, I think Paulie will go for the HOH and probably win (yes, I know he has said he doesn’t want it). But he realizes he himself MAY be OTB, therefore he is planting seeds and paranoia in every HG’s ear to throw them off their game and doubling his chances of taking the win.
      I say this because P/ie told P last week he could mentally get to someone (I don’t remember who) to throw them off their game so that person would have a difficult time winning HOH. And since he has noticed some discontent among the ranks the past few days, he is implementing fear and paranoia into each one of the HG’s.

  3. Who to vote for week 3 ACP?!? I really don’t won’t any of them safe… I think Bridgette not because I like her but granting her safety means the other HG can’t use her as a Pawn and forced to make a semi-big move in nominating one of their own… If she even survive’s DE

    • Yup. I voted for Brigette just so Paulie’s side of the house doesn’t think they’re popular w/ America.

      • But if Bridgette goes Thursday on DE then the only ones left to vote for will be Corey, Nicole, Victor, Paul, Paulie and Z if she stays. So it’s who’s left after DE. I sure don’t want Paulie, Z, Victor or Paul to get it. Doesn’t leave many more to pick from.

      • As much as it pains me to say this if Bridgette doesn’t get it because she was voted out then I’ll say Victor. Think about it..he’s their, as in king Paulie’s, next big target. That will throw a wrench in his game big time.. For me that’s the only logical thing for america to basically give him the finger. We know who he’s gunning for and we dont Want him to continue getting his way. That’s just my thoughts.

      • I’ll vote for whoever is Paulie’s next target, or who is commited to take his head off.

      • I would vote for whoever getting the power would most help Paulie, but you’re all just going to outnumber me anyway.

      • I will never vote for Victor. I’m tired of the guys controlling the house. I want a guy to go so I’m probably voting for Nicole since Paulie has already thrown her name out there saying out of the girls she’s a strong competitor and is a gamer and needs to go. I just wish it would get back to Nicole so she can target him.

      • I get what you’re sayin . But I guess just like you can’t get passed the dislike of victor, I just can’t bring myself to like Nicole this season. To me she’s worse than the boys because she’s been their little rat. I.e. when Z vented to her about Paulie and their fight, she immediately went to tell Paulie. I get they all go back and forth but I just can’t take her this time around. This season’s cast is driving me crazy lol.

      • I agree, I find Nicole more unlikeable than Victor. Sadly though I find most of the houseguests this season unlikeable.

      • Not during DE. After the first eviction then they play for HOH and Victor can’t play. He was just HOH. But after the 2nd eviction he can play. But that comp probably won’t start until after the show is over. I don’t even know if it will be shown on the feeds.

  4. Paul and Vic are playing like scared little girls. James too if he hands over his vote cancellations to Paulie Walnuts.

  5. This is one of those seasons that’s starting to feel like it’s been rigged from the beginning for a specific houseguest to win. Now I know, I’ll probably immediately get a bunch of comments arguing there’s no way the game is rigged, but a number of the last several seasons have all started to feel this way, one player takes control and everyone in the house isn’t merely outplayed, but they seem to be actively playing, even bending over backwards, to ensure that person wins the game, often doing things that aren’t in their own interest as if they actually would prefer someone else to win instead of themselves, and also frequently discussing their stipends and how they just want to make it to jury, etc.

    I just don’t get. Maybe it’s because it seems like every year more of the houseguests have been recruited, often at the last minute, based on their looks and “personality” instead of any knowledge or interest in the game, often at the same time that the person that seems to be having the game handed to them seems to always be a returnee, or a relative of a former houseguest, or the relative of a D-list celebrity, or a friend of one of the producers, etc.

    • Its not rigged its just that the show is recruiting and not casting real fans. Recruits don’t care about the game they just want money. Fans care about winning but when outnumbered by recruits the fans that try to over throw the person in power the dumb recruits stick with the power player

      • Kind of my point – there’s ways to rig a game without explicitly rigging it – and casting is definitely one of the ways to do it.

        Just like in the season with Rachel’s sister, which just happened to have the “America’s Favorite Player” twist, which of course would favor the only player that season who just happened to have a built-in fan base thanks to her sister and her hundreds of thousands of twitter followers all voting for her…true, she didn’t win, but is there any doubt she lasted way longer than she otherwise would/should have without that combination of fan base & voting twist?

        Or the season with Frankie Grande – there seemed to be an awful lot of last minute competition changes, etc that seemed designed to keep him in the game as long as possible, too.

        Now this year we have Cody’s brother, after receiving detailed coaching from Derrick, dominating a game that turns out to be made up mostly of last-minute recruits who know nothing about the game, and returnees like James (who has never expressed any interest in actually playing the game for himself and has now treated two seasons in a row like some kind of adult summer camp) and Nicole (who thinks she’s on the bachelorette, not Big Brother) etc.

      • Frankie didn’t win. Rache’s sister Elissa didn’t win.

        Amanda, Vanessa, Jeff, Danielle (Donato), Dan (second time) — didn’t win.

        So the issue is that they last too long in the game for your liking? Due to alleged help from production?

    • If anything, they want a memorable season, full of excitement. That’s how you draw viewership. It’s not happening here. They tried to reinvent BB by throwing all kinds of twists,, and so far it’s falling flat.

    • It frequently does seem to be rigged for one person, BUT how many seasons has that person actually won? It seemed to be rigged for Amanda Zuckerman, nope. It seemed to be rigged for Vanessa, nope. And it definitely seems to be rigged for Paulie this season. Hopefully, that will mean he won’t win!

      • It didn’t work for Amanda
        It didn’t work for Frankie
        It didn’t work for Vanessa
        It’s not gonna work for Paulie.

      • I unfortunately agree. I say unfortunately because I’m in the vast minority in that I want Paulie to win. I don’t think he’s going to.

    • Just because the season isn’t going your way it doesn’t mean it’s rigged. If anything, wouldn’t they rig it in favor of who the viewing public likes instead of who they despise?

      • Why is that always everyone’s retort “Just because the season isn’t going your way…” (Seriously, every other comment I post on here, at least one person always says that exact same thing)

        Have I expressed some other specific way I hope the season is going? No. I’m just making an observation that season after season, it seems like the same pattern keeps repeating itself enough so that it makes me suspicious…

        But I guess you’re right if you mean by “the season isn’t going your way” that it’s full of people who seemingly just want to roll over and literally hand the game to one player, than yes, I guess it isn’t going my way, because if the season were “going my way”, the people in the house would actually all be playing to win for themselves and not just handing the game over to Paulie, or anyone, for that matter…

      • Whoa. Dude, why are you getting upset with me about the way the players are playing? I’m not in the house! Honest!

        First you deny the fact you are complaining about the way the season is going and then you proceed to do exactly that.

        Sorry, but accusing the show of rigging the competition is a serious accusation and I’m tired of people throwing it around so easily like it’s nothing. If you seriously think the show has been rigged for years, why in the world are you still watching? Not only that, but you’re invested enough to go the extra mile and read live feed coverage about it.

        Lastly, I haven’t seen any other comment saying something to the effect of “just because the season isn’t going your way”as you have insinuated, but if it’s really true that people keep telling you that, have you stopped and thought about who the common denominator in this scenario is?

        I don’t mean to pick on you. Really. I just get tired of seeing people throw their hands up and cry ‘rigged!’, when it makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever. If the season was rigged then do you honestly think the producers would have let Davonne get voted out last week over someone like Bridgette? Or even Frank and Tiffany for that matter? Viewers don’t like alliances. Do you really think the producers would have let this side of the house completely steamroll the other players as they have been doing? Come on…

      • I’ve gotta give both joethehobo and Rick Wrinklebottom credit for well-written posts, and I respect when people properly back up their opinions, as you both have.

        That being said, I’m on the side of joethehobo. It happens every season, the call of ‘rig’, and people are really loose with the term. At this point, yes, it does little other than cause head shaking. True that Rick never expressed how he wishes the season would go, but by stating he’s unhappy with how it’s going, that implies not being a fan of Paulie. I don’t usually deal in such a black-and-white way, but you can understand how that conclusion is drawn.

        You don’t like how the contestants don’t seem like average everyday Americans, but this is a show that has ratings to worry about, so yes, they’re going to be wanting attractive younger people for the majority of the cast. Sadly, some people do tune in for eye candy, even if that makes many fans of the show shake their heads, it’s reality (no pun intended). You don’t like that players seem dumb and like they want to hand the game over to one player, so I guess S17 with Vanessa and S16 with Derrick was a problem for you as well, but honestly, I can’t remember the last season there weren’t complaints from SOMEbody out there. From “rigged” to “worst season ever” to “this show is worse year after year”. And guess what? These comments happen when said commenter’s most disliked player is on a roll, and these commenters disappear when their favourite turns the tide their way.

        Lastly, and arguably most importantly, everytime there’s a foul cry of ‘rig’, that player never seems to win (other than Derrick). Vanessa didn’t win in S17. Amanda didn’t win in S15. Dan didn’t win in S14. Jeff didn’t win in either of his seasons. I’ll go ahead and make you a bet right now that Paulie won’t win this year, even though I personally want him to.

        The obvious/easy choice’s odds of winning are low, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Pretty much agree 100%. I remember during season 16 how everyone HATED Derrick on this site and wanted even Victoria to win over him. They don’t like someone who dominates the game.

        I agree with you that I don’t see Paulie winning this season. He’s simply too much of a threat, and as the weeks go on his target gets larger and larger. He definitely has an uphill battle.

        As for rigging, you’re right on the money. Big Brother would have LOVED Dan having the distinction of winning the game twice. Just like Survivor would have loved Parvati winning over Sandra in HvV because of Parvati’s fanbase.

        The premise of the show can only exist if production refrains of interfering. It’s a serious accusation that people throw around all the time and I don’t think it’s called for.

      • That’s arguably what I can’t stand the most — wanting players like Victoria to win over players like Derrick. In other words, non-playing wide-eyed nobodies to win over studious, intelligent, competitive players who are actually playing. Like you said, year after year, people just hate to see one person doing so well, and so much better than others.

      • Totally. I understand the frustration of wanting houseguests to shake things up, but these commenters will give absolutely no credit where credit is due to the players who maintain such a stronghold on the house all season long.

        You can never win with these people. They’ll hate on you for sitting back and doing nothing and they’ll REALLY hate on you if you actively play the game and try and win. And that’s, sadly, why you see people like Natalie and James getting the prizes these past two weeks.

    • Look I’m not happy with the season either, Rick. But saying that the season is rigged sounds too much like a conspiracy theory. Plus wouldn’t they rig it for somebody who’s well liked, rather than someone who is hated?

    • At least James is of some use — helping Paulie (for now anyway). Because other than that he’s done nothing I care for. Returners this season were awful other than Frank, and sure enough he was the first one gone. Sad.

  6. Poor James! At 4:54pm Natalie told Bridge her boyfriend’s name *Josh* She is so using James and entirely for game. James is only Nat’s BB boyfriend! SAD!

    • That’s her ex she’s talking about. But she did jokingly say to Bridgette Paulie is her future husband. So who knows how she really feels.

      • I totally think she is using James! I don’t like his game play this year, but he doesn’t deserve to be hurt.

      • I think she’s not using James. They had a bond since Team Unicorn and it cultivated into a relationship.

        It’s sad that they’re the only pair I like

      • They definitely have a bond, but I’m starting to feel that Nat is pulling away from James as she’s began to figure out the power dynamic in the house.

        It’s become a daily thing for her to kindly push and push James for info about the all guy alliance she believes is running the house (ding) and who exactly he’s working with (she really wants to know if James is somehow aligned with Nicole). James deny’s all this the best he can but Nat is onto the realities and it’s slowly driving a wedge between them b/c she knows she’s likely on the loosing end of it all and feels that she can no longer trust James 100%.

        It’s kinda sad to see:(

      • Not to sound mean, but I’m not sad about it at all. I really don’t like James, I think he’s a terrible player and I have no respect for so much of what he does in the house. Natalie is extremely lacking in general intelligence (then again so is James) and I don’t like the way she’s playing either, for the most part. I’m pretty skeptical that their relationship is anything real, also. I won’t feel too bad at all if it falls apart. I have no vested interest in seeing it succeed.

        To add, James for a second straight season made unnecessary lies to win endurance competitions (says he can go all night, then shut the hell up and go all night, stop making phony deals just to end it sooner) and then Natalie, in her own way, crying and moaning and trying to get Victor to feel sympathy and throw her a win… both of you, shut up, tough it out, stay up there, and win the right way. Stop asking for things to be handed to you. Earn it.

        I hope they both get nothing. It’s bad enough James got AFP last year and $25,000 with it and it’s bad enough they’ve both gotten the ACP votes this year, and that they’ll get stipend money for making jury. I’m happy they can’t win another ACP and that both of their powers were fairly useless.

      • Get out. Is this why he put up Zak so he can go after Nat with Zak outta the picture? He couldn’t do it in front of her face? ??? That snake

      • Nope. Paulie said on feeds early in the season that he knows Nat’s type and we found out through Twitter (I think) that he used to date one of her close friends. Paulie wants NOTHING to do with dating Natalie.

      • now i read somewhere that Josh is a guy from the DR and she was just joking. Who knows

      • Exactly, it was a joke. She said this immediately after Bridge said her BF’s name was Ben.

      • I really don’t think so. Nat has really went to bat for James and done a lot to try and fix Bridge’s relationship with James. Nat knows that she has an ally in Bridge, but if James and Bridge are at odds then she’ll be stuck in the middle.

        Unfortunately for all of them, Bridge will likely never trust James b/c he went back on his safety promise in the Dub Step comp. It’s too bad b/c the three of them could really pull info from all sides of the house and help each other along. But I can see Bridge’s point of view as well, James did break her trust.

      • EXACTLY…they all know he is a user and hes running the house.. But why do they let him do it??

    • I wanna say Paulie is like Derrick, but the difference is Derrick actually knows how to stay off the block and be able to gain the respect of most of the house. He’s intelligent and uses common knowledge to get to the end. Paulie is just with a house of idiots and is an obvious douchebag, yet nobody seems to see much. Paulie pretty much screams “I’M RUNNING THIS HOUSE”

  7. I don’t get it…James Nicole and Corey say they are subject to being OTB anytime.. They know Paulies running the house but yet they want to vote out “Paul” during the DE. Why not vote Paulie out? WHO IS GONNA COME AFTER THEM if Paulie is gone??? They don’t make no sense..

    • I guess they’re worried of being next in line. But yeah that’s still stupid.

    • Yeah that would make sense, but they won’t do it. Paulie is untouchable for the moment in their eyes.

      The second best option for the three of them is to get on the same page and target Victor in the DE. It weakens both Paulie AND Paul in the process and takes out someone who is not only good in comps but one that is targeting all three of them.

      Leave Bridge and Z/Meech alone in the DE and make the move that needed to be done a few weeks ago.

  8. CBS needs to stop recruiting contestants. They don’t need to be superfans but they need to have submitted an application. I would rather have 16 Ugly applicants than 16 goodlooking recruits.

    Why is some random model more valuable than the people watching and trying out for the shows. They gets 10,000+ each season yet they “can’t find a good cast” Uhg -_-

    They don’t even bring anything to the table they are just dumb attractive people who want to make a few thousand bucks

    • I don’t mind recruits. It’s not like superfans will be great at the game. Look at Ronnie for an example. Also some recruits are good players, like Keesha, Paul this season, and Jon Pardy (if you watch BBCAN).

    • I agree. CBS is more worried about replacing stereotype’s rather than having actual competitors on their show..

      What they should do is take & narrow it down to 30-40 Video Applicants of people that “Qualify” for the show and let the fans vote on who their champions should be… We all win!

      • Right, then if we don’t like the cast, it is our fault and we can hardly accuse production of rigging anything

  9. At this point the only hope left is if Natalie pushes James to keep Michelle. The first thing that needs to happen is Paul, Victor, and Bridgette need to talk to one another and realize they are 3 people looking on the outside of 3 couples and agree to work together. Paul going after Bridgette is so stupid. Next Michelle needs to tell people about the Nic/Corey/Paulie/Zak alliance that first had Da’Vonne as its 5th wheel, now her, and soon to be James when she gets booted. If Michelle, James, Natalie, Bridgette, Paul, and Victor would just talk they could take out Zakiyah this week and all 6 of them could then target Nicole, Corey, and Paulie. This is so frustrating to watch.

  10. I’m sooo lost wasn’t paul just totally sh**ing on meech like 3 days ago? Saying he hates her and wants her gone. Also y would they want z out? She literally does nothing except what paulie wants no matter what he does to her she still is obsessed , way less of a threat then meech who’s been mad at everyone and starting to catch on

    • I think you answered your own question about Z. She will do whatever Paulie wants.

      • Ya but she’s not gonna win anything and he has no plans of going after guys yet I think other than victor

  11. I don’t follow ‘Jokers’ much, but I do pull it up once in a while to see other interpretations of what HG’s are up to. According to the site, Paulie went and peed in the hot tub. Why the f*** would someone do that? He is definitely NOT a classy guy (although most of us already knew that)

  12. Paulie- Good Player, Executive Douchebag
    Paul- Executive Dumbass
    Vic- Executive Jackass
    Corey-Vice- Executive Dumbass
    James- Peer pressured way too much. Can he think for himself?
    Natalie- Only person I’m cheering for. Is that sad?
    Michelle- Mean girl
    Zakiyah- Stockholm Syndrome or Natalie Cunial 2.0 you be the judge
    Nicole- Is she there to play or to make love?
    Bridgette- Nice girl, but won’t last long

    I think Natalie and Bridgette should make a final 2 and ditch the house. Hey atleast they’re doing something and to be honest I’d like to see the Spy Girls go far.

  13. I record BBAD, and I started fast forwarding past Paul, because I can’t stand that Douche Bag he is so full of $#!+

  14. I voting for Bridgette to get the care package, because i can’t stand the rest of them!

    • I would like to see Bridgette get the next care pkg. the shared HOH, if still there. Voted Victor for this care pkg. as it might send a message.

  15. Michelle has been taking one of her 17 hour naps after bagging her own eviction. Such skill. Observing Paulie planting and weeding the next possible eviction seedlings while spraying the hottub in a most unmannerly way. He floats different targets during his conversations with the others and watches who bites at whom. He gave Paul the word today about evicting Nicole, with Natalie and Bridgette put up as pawns first. Later tonight, he listened to Nicole talking about how it’s about time Paul gets gone. She’s sick and tired of the singular people wanting to go after all of the cute little couples and wants Victor, Bridgette and Paul evicted, in that order. Later, Paulie told Victor that the only girl he would consider having in the final four is Natalie. Paulie is good at meaning less than half of what he says, as he figures out who the best 3 stooges are to keep around. Is it too late for somebody to get hip and blast his ass, or do we have a shut-out?!

  16. ACP package this week…. won’t count for the double eviction? So won’t go into effect till next wek… Bridget will be gone by then if she doesn’t win DE hoh or veto. I threw all my votes her way this morning after reading they were going after her. Yesterday all went to Nicole, I think I’ll just go back and forth between those 2 each day. I’d hate to waste all my votes on someone leaving during the DE.

  17. At this point I’d like to see one of the ladies win HOH… However, if Paulie or Paul are not nominated then it’s pointless & I’ll gladly watch these two on finale night bc honestly they’re the only one’s playing. This is the turning point. Something needs to be done ASAP. Double Eviction is the perfect opportunity.

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