‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Monday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 18 houseguests are already getting to that point of the game where trust is wearing thin and you can’t really tell who is with whom anymore. Throughout the night, allies showed doubt in allies and upcoming targets flip-flopped. It sounds like this week’s target is a sealed deal, however. But read on to find out what the Big Brother HGs are thinking as of last night.


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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 8, 2016:

5:00 PM BBT – Victor and Paul are still upset over the group decision that Michelle needs to go. Victor says he trusts Paulie completely, but is worried about what Zakiyah might do if she won HoH.

5:05 PM BBT – Victor says it’s dangerous for their games that it’ll be the two of them and Bridgette as the only non-paired Houseguests left in the game. Paul says they can work together against the showmances.

5:10 PM BBT – Paul says Victor has him worried so he’ll go talk to someone and see what to do about the pairs. He goes downstairs and talks to… Paulie, of course. Paul lets Paulie everything Victor was just saying about the couples and being worried that he’s on the outs from that. Paulie says they can go after Zakiyah and Nicole then in the Double Eviction with Bridgette as the back up plan.

5:30 PM BBT – Natalie, Bridgette, and Zakiyah relaxing in the backyard with general chatter.

6:10 PM BBT – Nicole asks Corey if it’s true that Paul has thrown their names out there. Corey says they’ve already talked about that and changes the subject.

6:35 PM BBT – Paulie tells Zakiyah that Michelle sealed her fate today. Z asks Paulie if Victor still wants her out and Paulie says because he wants to break up the couples.

7:03 PM BBT – Bridgette and Natalie are whispering. It’s hard to hear but Bridgette mentions karma, I think referencing Michelle.

7:06 PM BBT – Natalie tells Bridgette when James put Bridgette up, that was Paulie’s idea. Bridgette says but James still did it but explains she’s not going after James.

7:15 PM BBT – Bridgette laying out the boys’ side of the house. She has who trusts whom the most down perfectly. Natalie says they all trust Paulie but not Nicole so much. Natalie tells Bridgette Paulie thinks Bridgette is a threat.

7:20 PM BBT – Natalie and Bridgette talk about how everyone has their list on who they want out. They talk about needing to win HOH. Bridgette tells Natalie that Paulie said he doesn’t want to win HOH because he doesn’t want to be the one to get Zakiyah out.

7:52 PM BBT – Corey tells Paulie he’s annoyed with Paul for telling people he wants Michelle out.

7:55 PM BBT – Paulie is worried about Paul and Victor, so he says they need to get Victor out next week so Paul’s loyalty is with them.

8:17 PM BBT – Nicole asks James why he would want Paul out and he said because the others do (everyone wants everyone out now). James said Paul threw Nicole and Corey under the bus.

8:20 PM BBT – James, Corey and Nicole have decided not to save Michelle this week. Talk goes back to Paul. Nicole says they will have to get him out during a double eviction because he will be the type to bang pots and pans together all week while on the block.

8:45 PM BBT – Nicole warns Zakiyah that Paul wanted her out this week but the rest of them fought against it to save her. She says Paul was mad at them for wanting Zakiyah to say.

8:56 PM BBT – Paulie pees in the hot tub. Intentionally. Not sure why.

9:25 PM BBT – James tell Zakiyah she is safe this week and he will cancel any votes against her. Z says she’s less paranoid today and assures James if they keep her she won’t be afraid to take certain people out.

9:55 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey that Michelle plans to blow up Paulie’s game before she goes. Nicole and Corey make their rounds, trashing everyone in the house.

10:08 PM BBT – Victor threatens Paulie with some shower drain hair and he almost throws up. We get a nice shot of how disgusting the shower is.

10:37 PM BBT – Nicole telling Paulie about her talk with Zakiyah. Nicole says she told Z that she’s fine and she tells Paulie that now Zakiyah can target Victor and trust those people who keep her this week. Nicole tells her that Paul wanted Zakiyah out this week, too. Z says if she wins HOH she’ll put Paul and Victor up.

10:45 PM BBT – Corey relays to Paulie and Paul that he spoke with Bridgette and she wants to win the DE HoH to stay safe but she isn’t sure who her targets would be though she’s worried about Zakiyah. He expresses concern over Michelle wanting to get a big target but with Zakiyah Paulie would keep her under control if she won HoH.

11:00 PM BBT – Nicole suspects Michelle is thinking she has Paul’s vote and maybe even Bridgette’s, but that she hasn’t asked her for her vote. Paulie doesn’t expect Michelle to bother asking him.

11:05 PM BBT – Nicole worries that Michelle could reveal the Fatal Five alliance. Zakiyah says she’ll slap her if she does.

11:20 PM BBT – Victor and Paulie plan to send Michelle right back out the door if she has the Round Trip ticket this week. Paulie tells Victor they could convince Nicole to put up Zakiyah and Bridgette.

1:40 AM BBT – Paulie is worked up about Michelle as he talks to Zakiyah. He plans on giving her a harsh speech on Thursday. (He’s not in a position to deliver a speech, so…)

1:45 AM BBT – Paulie again denies to Zakiyah that he knew she was going up even though he most certainly knew she was going up. He guilt trips her on the accusation.

1:50 AM BBT – Zakiyah asks if they can trust Paul, but Paulie isn’t too supportive of Paul in his response and suggests she could go after Paul. Paulie says he’ll try to win HoH so they can get Bridgette out. Zakiyah tells him that after Michelle’s speech about Paulie’s wins that Bridgette commented she had a point.

Michelle’s fate appears locked for eviction after she had a glimmer of hope the night before. Plans are shifting to preparing for a possible DE with Bridgette and possibly even Paul being set up as the targets. It’ll be a big night.

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      • After the mess that happened yesterday..I feel the same…but there few complaints about the ants as of late.. Maybe the ants are embarrassed to be in the house with all the ignorants and decided to evict themselves..

    • Nat Nat seems to be catching on, and she might be taking Bridgette with her. Now here’s to hoping she can win something.

  1. Why the h@#l would Paulie pee in the hot tub?
    Mon 9:09 PM BBTPaulie heads to the hot tub to go pee. (yes he peed in the hot tub) – navywife09
    Paulie pees in the hot tub. 856PM Cam 3

  2. Victor trusts Paulie ‘completely’??!!! Hahaha. What a total WASTE of a 2nd chance.

    • I think Paul tried to let Victor know yesterday that Paulie is becoming untrustworthy to feel him out on possibly putting Paulie OTB.. but Victor did not pick up on it.. Paul uses conversations to feel people out ..He skirts around a subject so the person hes talking too will take the ball and roll with it…In doing that ‘he” can say that “he was approached” with info..He tried that with Paulie yesterday but it kinda backfired..

  3. Paulie should’ve been evicted from the house.How digusting to pee in the hot tub.What is wrong with this guy?He is a big bully.Was he “marking”like a Dog? ugh-gross guy!!!

    • My dog is trained, she knows where to go and where not to go! That being said I want to know what apes raised this guy!? No offense to apes of course!

  4. Paulie will talk about wanting to target a HG solely because of self-serving, vindictive reasons and no one has once told him that the target might be what is best for him, but not best for others. Why do they feel intimidated?

  5. Ugh! Why am I even surprised in the turn of events keeping Z. King Paulie is getting his way….again.. and they are all falling for his garbage. And what’s up with him peeing in the hot tub?!?! Gross!

  6. I’m curious to see how this DE is going to go. Wonder if someone will finally make a big move in this game?!?! But I’m not holding my breath lol

  7. Today I hope that Michelle gets wind of Paulie throwing Paul UTB and she tells Paul who confronts Paulie..Or somebody tells Paul whats being said…not likely to happen but one can wish…I have seen some real jerks on BB over the years but Paulie is one I rank with Andy Herren who I considered to be the lowest of the low.. I have nothing good to say about Paulie..

  8. Around 11PM last night during Paulie and Nicole convo, Paulie is talking about always having to talk Z down after her DR because DR puts doubt in people’s head. He said Derrick and Cody warned him that DR does that, and that DR tried to put doubt between them(Derrick/Cody), too, because production wanted Frankie to get further than them. He finally gets scolded by production.
    I bet DR does get interesting. It would be nice to be privy to those sessions, huh?

    • Okay, I am still wondering why these folks haven’t used the same line against Paulie he used against Tiffany…. As Cody’s brother you are dangerous and for that you need to go. Not only is he bred for this, his brother and uncle (Derrick) coached him on the game. Like the vets, he has an advantage, he needs to go.

      Darn Zakiyah, she could have been really good at this game, play Paulie, let him think he is controlling her and then surprise him, up on the block buddy (during DE), granted she wins HOH.

      • I do understand why people were leery of Tiff and considered her being a larger threat than Paulie. Although Cody made it to F2, Vanessa got close and was a much more emotionally intimidating person than Cody. Having a possible Vanessa in the house would terrify me because it’s hard to deal with emotionally unstable people that also strategize(their way, scarily). If Paulie’s season had been the first, people might have treated Cody more similar to how Tiff was treated. Water under the bridge, but I do wish they had given Tiff a chance.
        The only block that Z is planning to put Paulie on is one with a white picket fence. lol

      • Paulie is a bigger bully than Vanessa EVER was. He is a total abuser and as a male knows exactly how to use his words to beat down women. I don’t care how stupid Z is. Paulie is an ass.

      • Yes, Ma’am, he is. Truthfully though, being in a game with someone like V would be more scary for me.

      • K, did you see the little scene between Z and Paulie? Did you see his body language? The tenseness in his shirtless upper body? Did you hear his words? Vanessa would have been a breath of fresh air compared to that. There’s a HUGE difference between being bullied by a crazy power-hungry WOMAN and a crazy power hungry, intimidating MAN, who knows exactly how to use his words to beat down a woman.

      • I’ve been around men like Paulie. Lesson learned and that’s why I wouldn’t be intimidated by him. It would bother me greatly seeing others allow him to rule the roost and not be able to do a blessed thing about it. But Vanessa, I have no experience of dealing with her type and hope I never do. She’s bat $hit crazy imo.

      • To be clear i dont think that either V or Paulie is an abuser. But Vs head games were so much more manipulative and conniving. I could deal with Paulie more easily than Van. With Paulie you call a bully a bully and tell him you arent agraid of him. Standing up to Van results hysteria, accusations, and victim pity. That is all too maddening any difficult to defend against.

      • I always pay attention to his eyes and body language and agree, scary. Vanessa would annoy me but not scary.

      • Oh relax…. He’s playing the game! I don’t like his behaviour sometimes (most times) but it’s a game.

        He wants to win at all costs!

      • He isn’t going to win. He will go to the F2, but by that time the jury will have figured out a lot, and they’re going to realize his mistakes by comparing notes, etc. Whoever he takes with him to the F2 will win, imo.

      • Yes, he’s getting them out but he forgets he still have to have a social game and still be somewhat human. The jury will have the last laugh and I hope whomever he takes the jury will not give it to Paulie.

      • May sound corny…. I would much rather have my self respect and the respect of others for a lifetime than $500,000 for a short time… Would hope that any “respect” afforded me would last a lifetime..The money will eventually be gone

      • I agree! I don’t like his behaviour but that’s his game play I suspect! Maybe guys think differently or perhaps he can walk away knowing it was ALL gameplay?
        I couldn’t do what he’s doing….. He’s acting like an ASS!

        And $500k isn’t going to keep anyone happy for a life-time! You are correct there!

      • All due respect Tink, words can hurt more than fists. Z may take it—that’s her low self esteem. Words stay with you longer than broken bones. I KNOW it’s a GAME…but I can’t stand to see a MAN bully a woman. I’ll relax when you volunteer at a woman’s shelter….deal?

      • Sharona,

        First, cut the crap about, ‘with all due respect.’
        I think this site speaks for itself that we all need to respect each other’s opinions. That’s a given….

        Second, where do you get off stating that Z has ‘low self esteem?’ Are you a doctor? Do you know her personally? If not STOP making diagnoses!!
        …. for gods sake, Z keeps knocking on Paulie’s door & he doesn’t want to be home ALL THE TIME….even when he tried to sleep up in the HOH room to get away from her. She kept running up,& down the stairs. Playing games!!!!
        People hook up & things don’t always work out to a T! Then they hook up again. Sometimes things are just physical. He doesn’t owe her anything & she doesn’t owe him. They are both grown ass people & should be able to think for themselves!!

        Third, yes words can often hurt more but I do not see him berating her or calling her names! She, on the other hand, wants to be Mrs Paulie & have several babies with him. She talks weird stuff like that to Nicole behind Paulies back.
        Say she is preggo…..now what? She knows her cycle, she didn’t ask ‘Paulie, do you want to make a baby?’ And he replied, ‘well of course I do, but let me verbally abuse you first!’
        Jeeez…. She’s just as much to blame with all that ‘house stalking.’
        Does that make her behaviour right? Not in my opinion. She’s said some pretty shitty things too…. Please remember this has 2 sides to it. Always does.

        And do not preach to me about Woman’s shelters…. How dare you?
        You don’t know what my life is about!!! Maybe I work at one? Maybe I do volunteer, maybe I’ve fund-raised for one, maybe I financially support one, maybe I’ve had to use one….etc…. You don’t know…. So that’s a pretty ‘bully’ statement telling me I should go volunteer at one for you to back off.

        PLEASE…don’t EVER assume what I do & what I don’t do!

        I get super pissed when anyone on this site starts to diagnos these players! You can ‘think’ whatever you want. If you didn’t mean to diagnose then at least be smart enuff to change your wording! Please!

        Rant over!
        Peace out!

      • That wasn’t my intent to do that but I do get all riled up when someone on this site starts to diagnos a player & what they are about.

        I said I agreed that Paulie seems like an ass. Imo…. But again it could be game play. It appears to me that Z is using her looks & body to try to work Paulie too.

        Yes it is a game.

        I hope we are all good!

        Peace, for real!

      • Are you Canadian!? Lol cuz we always say sorry! Lol

        I may come off harsh at times but I work with children with special needs & I’m so tired of every teacher, principal or educational assistant thinking they know the kid just because of their own ‘diagnosis!’

        People need to work with these kids before they know anything about them.
        Text book diagnosis means nothing to me either. Big shots come in & say ‘well this child displays blah blah blah so they have blah blah!’
        ‘ Thinking they know them from observing them for 5minutes. Putting labels on these kids without spending any time with them frustrates me to no end!!

        Ok another rant over…. Again lol
        But I hope that gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.
        I will go to THE END to protect any of these kids against stupid diagnosis’ that these so called ‘specialists’ give out like candy at Halloween!!
        I’m a strong advocate for these kids! They want to fit in like everyone else does…. No labels! Please?!

      • Lol…nope, American! But I was brought up to say, ‘I’m sorry’ when I’ve hurt someone.

        I understand the labeling. I worked with abused children. I’ve also worked with abused and mentally ill women who have been labeled…and I HATE it. Just because you’re depressed DOES NOT mean you also have Borderline Personality Disorder—and I’ve fought to end the stigma. I was an advocate for many years, until I became disabled. I still advocate online, through NAMI. Unfortunately, my days of working with abused children are over. That was my greatest joy.

        I guess I didn’t see saying how Z had low self esteem was labeling her; but I see now, and your point is well taken.

        Thank you for helping me to understand. Again, I apologize. I’m going through a lot right now—no excuse, though. It seems as if I’m letting these BOYS get to me waaaay too much!
        Have a great day Tink, and keep up the great work with the very lucky children you work with. Keep fighting for ’em!

      • id love to however I’m on long term disability at this time….. (And have been for almost 5 years.
        I’ve had a screwed up Knee surgery almost 5 years ago… When I went back to work on a gradual return I tripped on a carpet & that landed me with 2 spine surgeries! Year after year…. Plus I had a cage put in my C-spine (neck) before all this stared!!
        4 major surgeries in 5 years…. I feel I’m just waking up now… Still get depressed cuz my life has to change & im not accepting it very good! I used to do so much & I can’t anymore at this time. Things like water sports are off the list forever…. Possibly any winter downhill, Xcountry, boarding etc.
        I think I can try to understand where you’re coming from as chronic pain is exhausting – I get it!
        Right now I’m having a reasonably bad flare up with my back & knee down to my ankle (which feels like I have road rash on the top of my ankle) to my toes sometimes. And numbness… Omg! I hate it!!! Grrrr….
        But I’m up at the lake with my puppy-boy (who happens to have cancer & it’s one day at a time) and we are both enjoying the sunshine, hot weather, beach, cocktails & red wine (chocolate) lol.
        He’s 13 & has become a huge part of my life. I didn’t want him to begin with but, maaannn, he’s like a part of me & my family.
        My hubby flys up Tuesday & I have a few girlfriends coming up,tmr. So that helps keep my mind off the inevitable. (Kodi loves to swim & fetch balls in the water so he’s still having a good time with that I hope, plus I’m not sure how much, if any, pain he’s in?! Doesn’t act like he is….? Hmmm
        Anyway… You are not alone! Talking to support groups has been a benefit to me…. Maybe that’ll help you too? Lmk if u need to vent… I get it… Lol
        Stay strong, sista! ????

      • OMG!!! We sound A LOT alike. It’s spooky. I have RA and Lupus and am looking at spinal surgeries. It SUCKS! I’m divorced though and friends don’t like to stick around when chronic illnesses take the fun friend away from them. I’m not complaining though. I DO miss working with the kids.
        I have a GREAT therapist and I used to go to support groups…it’s just too painful to get out these days to keep going to those. I do, however, see my therapist. Did I mention she’s wonderful?
        I have a cat (15 yrs old) who I thought I was going to have to put down—but THANK GOD, she’s OK. Don’t know what I’d do without her. I’m so, so sorry about your puppy. If he’s still enjoying playing, that’s a great sign that he’s not suffering.
        Tink, I’m so sorry about the way this convo got started, but I’m glad we cleared the air and learned about each other. You stay strong too, mah sistah! Take care, my friend. :)

      • Overstating your case doesnt make your case. Paulie is an ass but he didnt beat anybody down. Words and acts of violence are not the same thing.

      • All due respect, Jason—I don’t believe I’m ‘overstating my case.’ Words are sometimes worse (and the after effects longer lasting) than punches. Don’t believe me? Go to your nearest woman’s shelter.

      • Both men and women inflict emotional abuse on their victims. Emotional anuse knows no gender. Still, there is a vast chasm of difference between verbal and physical abuse that recentlt seems to be forgotten.

        Sticks and stones …

      • You’re absolutely right, Jason. Both men and women are capable of emotional abuse.
        The ‘sticks and stones’ quote…I know you believe it. I respect your opinion. I really do, even though it seems I don’t.
        I’ve been on the receiving end of words and fists. In my particular case and mine only, it took years to get over the damage done by the words. I have gotten over that trauma and am a very happy survivor who has worked with other survivors. Again, I respect your opinion.
        Let’s enjoy the game! OK? OK! I hope we’re cool.

      • Paulie is an ass and been playing head games with Z. Thats the game. It doesnt make him an abuser. Not every guy who is a jerk is an abuser.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me if Z was trying to conceive one of those “pretty babies” in the BB house.

      • Wouldn’t that beat all if she does end up pregnant? Then what would Paulie say, “it’s all your fault?”

      • I have a feeling she’s not preggers but wants to manipulate Paulie into thinking she could be, with all the comments about her stomach, not feeling well, bla bla. Unfortunately living up to a stereotype of women that Paulie doesn’t need help with.

      • They really would make nice looking kids!
        I’m going to end up with bi-racial grand-kids & I can hardly wait!
        Filipino & white! Gorgeous mix!
        Might be 5 years but eventually. Maybe I need to mess with my daughters birth control pills to make it happen sooner?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Never!

    • Well we know production tries to get in their heads. They don’t tell them what to do but they mess with their minds and question them. And I think they do it by watching the ratings and comments about the people in the house. Maybe they’ll get in everyone’s head to get Paulie out. I’m sure they see how much America can’t stand him.

      • DR is like having another HG living with them and playing the game with motives and intentions of their own; maybe a tad more influence since they are required to listen.

      • Totally agree! And they are already paranoid about who’s talking to who etc!
        Production has a huge hand in manipulating things imo.

  9. Michelle so publicly going after Paulie was her downfall. If she would of kept it neutral James could of possibly saved her as they planned, but now saving her is taking a shot a Paulie and I don’t see anyone taking that shot unless its backdooring him so he goes home. I’ve been holding out hope that things could turn around but for the first time I’m starting to feel this season is over. If Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, James, or Natalie win DE HOH either Paul, Victor, or Bridgette is going home. The worst part is if Paul wins HOH Bridgette probably still goes home and if Nicole and company keep poisoning Bridgette saying Paul is after her she may very well send him home. My only hope is once it becomes obvious Michelle is going to everyone in the house that Bridgette, Paul, and Victor will have a discussion saying its going to be us 3 vs the 6 people in showmances. If they all agree to protect each other than maybe Paul or Bridgette can win HOH and split up one of those 3 couples so we have a fighting chance. If Paul, Victor, or Bridgette do go home I think this season is over. Most likely all 3 of them would be picked off followed by James and Natalie. Then Paulie and Corey cut their girls and Paulie wins over Corey. Best case scenario for Thursday to me is either Nicole, Corey, or Paulie goes home.

    • Bridgette is not a smart player.. Per conversation with Natalie …She claims she don’t trust any of the guys (but tells them she does) Yet she relays info and tells the guys what the other HGs are saying… it don’t make no dam sense.. These people including the vets are the dumbest bunch that production could find..

    • I like your comments. They make sense & are possible outcomes!
      Good job….unfortunately it will lead to the boring end as you’ve predicted.
      James really dropped the ball…….what a suck!

      • James did not drop the ball Michelle did by blabbing to Paul.. dam idiot couldn’t keep her mouth shut

      • She was in a good place a week ago. If she would of continued to have a good time with everyone. But then she started her crying and talking to the wrong people. And actually it was Day that put thoughts into her head. Then Michelle started questioning everyone.

      • She’s absolutely “still part of the game”. Critical part I might add since she’s a jury member.

      • Paulie is so adverse to women feeling the least bit empowered. In this scenario, and if Paulie won the last HOH, it would utterly be hilarious if he picked Z and the jury was so bitter that they gave her the win. I’d have to puke, but it’d be worth it. Then again, if he picked Corey and lost to Corey, he’d be Cody II forever and a day. Still dreamin’, WW!!

      • Paulie doesn’t want to sit next to a girl at the end. He said the girls in jury are voting for a girl. So it would probably be Corey and Paulie.

      • I don’t think Paulie would take a chance of being beaten by a female. That would probably be harder for him to live with than losing the money.

      • That is a tough call to make. Yeah he says that but how they actually vote is really up to them. They will have at least three guys in Jury who could say a vote or two to Paulie.

      • Yeah, but they still got at least 12 more hours to go, so anything can still happen. PLEASE SEND Z HOME.

  10. Per Jokers Paulie is having issues with keeping Zakiyah (again)..sooo the tables may turn…per Paulies command..

    • jokers:

      Tue 4:46 AM BBT3:42
      Victor to Paulie re: Zakiyah: Fool (Paulie) has a girlfriend (Zakiyah)
      and didn’t want one. Paulie: I don’t even know why she – Harper_Lee

      thinks it’s like that (boyfriend/girlfriend).

      Victor: That’s a problem I’m happy I don’t have when I get out…

      I don’t need that (problem)… Trust me, I’m not trying to have a
      girlfriend when I get out… I just got out of something serious…
      (Back to game) Then, we line them all up, (girls of showmances) and go
      boom, boom, boom (Zakiyah/Nicole/Natalie) and get them out. Mine
      (Zakiyah) should be the first one out, I’d prefer it. Like as much as I
      feel like strategically, Corey’s needs to go (Nicole), I feel like I
      want her (Zakiyah) to go first, I just really want her gone.
      Tue 4:36 AM BBT3:50 Paulie to Victor: Personally, I will feel better when Zakiyah is gone, I am like so happy when she’s asleep, I’m like Yes! – Harper_Lee

      Victor: That’s why I wanted Zakiyah gone, for your sake.

      Paulie: Me too. I wish Michelle just kept her mouth shut.

      And earlier @ 3:42 Paulie and Victor talking about how Zakiyah tries to stay up late with Paulie.

      Zakiyah, thinks she’s f**king slick. She’s lucky. It may have not been
      her time this week, but, soon… Like I’m playing pool and she’s laying
      there, sleeping. If Nicole Is tired, she’ll just go to sleep (and leave
      Corey alone)… Whatever Zakiyah Is doing, I don’t like It. I’ve got to
      have a talk with her and tell her If she wants alone time with me, just
      to just tell me, but don’t sit down and do what you (Zakiyah) did (just
      sit there, basically talk-block). She asked me If I Wanted her to go
      Inside, and what am I going to say, No? And be a dick? No.
      Get this guy out of there…he’s nuts!!

      • He is becoming more obnoxious each day ..I already said that he has been inconsistent as of late to his eviction preferences.. He is making deals with everybody and his lies are catching up to him…Corey (believe it or not) knows that Paulie is a user and a liar and plans to pick them off one by one using another HOH to do the deed..

      • Nope Corey has voiced his opnions to Nicole and finally to James ( who has yet to share what he was told) Corey is a listener not a talker…

      • Well this is certainly great news to hear if Corey will stick with Nicole instead of taking the guys to the end.

      • Crossing everything right now that I can in hopes that he forgets where he’s at and who he’s talking to!

  11. Um, maybe this is a stupid question, but why the eff didn’t anyone hold these jackasses accountable for pissing in the hot tub? This is such a filthy act, I CANNOT for the life of me understand why production didn’t step in…or did they, but just wanted their golden (shower) boys not to have to be the ones to drain and scrub? Wtf is going on in that house?!

    • Is CBS afraid of Paulie Walnuts? By letting him get away with it, others will go in the same water without a clue. Wtf is right.

    • I’m just hearing about this, it’s sickening, absolutely disgusting. You did give me a chuckle though Sharona “golden (shower) boys”? LOL

  12. Paulie doth protest too much. If he really wanted Z gone now, as he tried way too hard to convince V of the fact, Z would be gone. Instead, all of these lemmings agree to take Michele out because she made Paulie mad by telling the truth. He’s pretending to Vic that Michele is going home because she didn’t keep her mouth shut. In the long run that’s true, but it also happens to be very convenient because Gottifiore hasn’t put the hit out for Z just yet.

  13. King Paulie should be banned from the hot tub for the rest of the time that he is there..which I am sure will be F2..the way these dummies are playing…I went back and watched at around 8:55pmBBT..he is in the tub..standing…then when he moves..you can see the yellow in the water. Gross! DR should have scolded their golden boy for that.

  14. The house is disgusting and now Paulie peed in tub!! I know he was raised up better than that. Cody is the best brother so quit trying to live up to his reputation because you just lost!!

  15. Sunday night started to be promising this week but then Monday, Michelle and Paul happened. I only hope that Zingbot can open the rest of the HG’s eyes but I doubt it.

  16. This is theeeeee most pathetic bunch I have ever witnessed live in this house. Crazy how the one with the biggest “cojones” (balls) in the house is Michelle at the moment. If she did indeed call Paulie out she got some Bacon from me lol. Finally someone did/does/hopefully did.

  17. I’m finding this hard to believe, but Jokers reported that Paulie went from the house straight to the hottub and peed in it, avoiding going to the bathroom where Z was located. I saw the feeds when that might have occurred and shortly after it was pointed out on Jokers, feeds had gone to fish, so who knows. I watched closely for the hottub water to turn colors and didn’t see that, but Paulie did have his legs spread apart all the while talking to Paul standing close by. Just something to mull about on….if it did happen, there’s an app for that, right?

    • Paulie for sure peed in the hot tub..go back to around 8:54..around that time..BBT…he is standing up.very still..then when he moves..you can actually see the urine in the water..I could see the yellow color very clearly. He should have been called into the DR for that.

      • I wasn’t able to enter full screen to see it up that close when I was watching the feeds. Glad someone pointed it out. I bet his whole family is home laughing about it too…some family! :-)

  18. Why are Z and Nicole worried about fatal 5 being revealed. After this week, it only will have 2 members remaining.

      • Day was the worst thing that could happen to the female HG’s this season by pitting them against each other. Most of them still believe her lies.

      • And now man-hungry Nicole has picked up where Day left off. Helping the guys pick off the girls one by one.

    • The guys already know. Day told James before she went to the chair for live eviction. He told the other guys.

  19. No mention of Natalie commenting to Bridgette last night, Paulie is her future husband. The real Natalie has started to emerge.

    • It’s all according to who he is talking to and what he thinks that person wants to hear him say.

      • I’m so far behind at Jokers – about 15 pages and still haven’t had the time to catch up but it’s good to hear Nicole was able to put the target on somebody else for now.
        By tomorrow Paulie might change his mind though.

      • That’s what I’m counting on! LOL But it’s really up to James and Vic as to what should be done! James needs to grow some balls quick, because everything is rapidly going to hell in a hand basket! I’d say that would be the perfect time to strike, get Paulie upset to where he won’t be able to focus on what to tell others during the next HoH! LOL

      • Not really confusing as much as a waste of the viewer’s time and patience. “If you’re not able to do it yourself, then you cannot complain about the outcome!” My motto still is “Get to steppin, or get out.” Not one of these players deserve the $500k…maybe $200k for some but not the rest. They don’t need it anyway…Paul just wants to travel…must be nice to those of us who have responsibilities that don’t give us that luxury. All Z wants is to go to baby showers, make herself pretty for Paulie and have his cute little babies, so she don’t need the money because Paulie will make enough for both of them. Paulie won’t make enough money at doing everything on his own because he feels others should do his dirty work for him for free. Bridgette just needs to sit down and giggle some more. Nat needs to throw herself in between Paulie and Z while giggling so she can make even more pretty babies with him. James don’t have to do nothing, he’s already gotten his check, same as for Nicole. Michelle is just going to be bitter her whole life because she’s miserable anyway. Corey will go on and just exist…Vic…well Vic…I got nothing still. Am I right? Did I miss anyone? There’s my summary and I’m stickin to it. :-)

      • Thanks for the summary Joni and I can’t argue with that. They do need to get rid of Paulie during the DE but I doubt this would happen.

  20. Paulie is disgusting ! Peeing in the Hot Tub was the last straw for me. Can he be canned now ?

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