‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 13: Sunday Highlights

The Big Brother 18 Final 3 continue to count down the days and Nicole and James had the Final 2 talk that proves Paul is having an influence on Nicole’s decision that once seemed set in stone.

Paul and James play cards in the backyard

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 18, 2016:

12:00 PM BBT – The day has begun for these final three Houseguests.

12:10 PM BBT – Nicole is working on her F2 speech. She says she wants to have one prepared for going up against James and against Paul. Nicole begins stating her case starting at day one and how she lost comps but stayed in the game then made an alliance with Corey.

12:15 PM BBT – Nicole continues her monologue explaining her game and how she hid from everyone to hang out with Corey to avoid betraying HGs. She says she and Corey helped each other and that she didn’t just hide behind him. Nicole says James made a mistake by taking out Corey because he wanted to take him to F2, but she didn’t want to take him.

2:30 PM BBT – HGs get the backyard again after it was closed down. They head outside.

3:07 PM BBT – Paul practices his speech. He says he knows he was a target as soon as he walked in to the house for being the loud obnoxious guy. He escaped the block six times thanks to his strategy and efforts along with winning comps to stay safe. Paul says he had Victor with him for help but other than that he played on his own without even a Care Package. He then went on to win his way to the end. Paul closes with friendship.

3:15 PM BBT – HGs are relaxing outside.

3:30 PM BBT – Nicole, Paul, and James discussing partners in the game and how their moves impacted them. Nicole says she would have always used the Veto to save herself and asks if James would have really saved Natalie with it if he won. James is uncertain and still blames himself for her being on the Block.

4:15 PM BBT – HGs playing cards. Nicole laughs about when she was fighting with Paul then Corey came over to change out of his costume and was oblivious to their fighting.

4:20 PM BBT – Nicole admits neither she nor Corey bothered to study for the weather themed Veto competition.

5:05 PM BBT – Final 3 talking about secrets from the game. Most of the talk is about Paulie, Frank and Da’Vonne. Nicole tells them that Tiffany wasn’t lying about the Da’Vonne stuff. James and Paul say they didn’t know any of the secrets Nicole revealed to them.

6:13 PM BBT – James isn’t too happy with all of Nicole’s secrets. He feels like she was blowing up his game.

8:01 PM BBT – The HGs are doing nothing. Paul says there’s nothing for them left to talk about. They’ve literally talked about everything.

8:15 PM BBT – Paul and Nicole both practice their speeches unbeknownst to the other.

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  1. After watch Nichole in BBAD, with a little booze in her, her true personality came out. Nic and Paul talked so much smack about James every time he turned his back like he was a dog, then when he came back in the room it’s all “friendship “, it really was disgusting. I expected that from Paul but never out of Nichole, I thought they were friends outside the house. Two-faced for sure, I hope Paul wins cause I know neither of them will take James to F2. I never liked Paul because of his potty mouth and he was such an a**hole to the women in the house and I didn’t respect him to start with, now I’ve lost any respect I had for Nichole, hope she looses big time.

    • Snacole is dumb as the day is long! Now she’ll be out 450k she actually thinks her bs will fly with the jury against Paul…No 500k no Cooorey i see epic meltdown coming

    • I was surprised by Nicole too. It’s hard to watch or read on Jokers. I know it’s a game, but Nicole has been really, really been venomous about James. I must have missed something. I don’t have a problem if that’s what she feels, but it sounds horrible. Anyway, Paul just got called out for not washing his hands again. Reply: I just pulled out my wiener, not wipe my a$$.

      • Ewww!
        I still think that James and Nicole planned to make the HGs believe that they are against each other to make it to the end together. If that is the case, then it is a great game play on both parts.

      • Alyce, I know that Paul can be mouthy at times and annoys me in some instances, but…. a man is not going to wash his hands every time he pulls his tallywhacker out to peepee. It just is not going to happen. And I have to hand it to Paul for being honest. I lmbo when I read that. I do hope he is also being honest when he inferred that if he wiped his a$$, he would have washed his hands. Sometimes, you just gotta look at the positives. :D

      • I do realize that, if your preparing food, you should wash your hands if if you didn’t just touch your wiener.

    • James is a loser, and Nic is annoyed with how far he’s gotten in the game. He was carried the whole game, first by Paulie and then by Nicole/Corey. He didn’t earn his spot, and that’s the reason for Nicole’s vitriol. Btw, calling someone an asshole and then criticizing their “potty mouth” is hypocritical.

      • She told Paul he is a nice person but he has been acting arrogant this past week, like he just knows both will take him to F2. Paul agrees, says they did a good job convincing him they are both taking him. Really though, Nic has evaded committing to James. She gave him chances to sell it but he acquiesced when she was counting votes and agreed, saying, “Yeah, I probably have those.”. Lol.
        #NotThePathToF2 James lol

      • Gosh, what a dope! And to think he still doesn’t know that his admission of Natalie’s betrayal to Corey is the reason she was sent home. Why admit that Nat was thinking of turning on her own alliance member? There is just no hope for this guy.

      • He thought he was throwing himself under the bus to Paul but really he threw Natalie under the bus to Nicole.

    • I feel the same way about how Nicole & Paul talk so poorly behind James back but then are so FAKE friendly when he is around. You know Nicole said in feeds last night she wishes she knew what Corey wanted her to do with James & Paul. She still can’t play her own game and secondly Corey told her to 100% take James to the end if she wins. She is a straight up dumb a**. I don’t like Paul much but if it comes down to it he played a much better game than her as vile as he may be. I pray Nicole doesn’t win the 500K. If James does get voted out, I really hope he votes for Paul to win but you know James is a good guy, and values friendships outside the house, so he would probably vote for Nicole for that reason. We need to keep voting for James for AFP!!!!!

      • Yeah sure, you and the rest of your psychic conspiracy theorists. You really should just take the rest of the season off.

    • I don’t think they are friends outside the house. I think they just are acquaintances because they are both vets.

    • People who have a a little too much alcohol tend to lose their inhibitions and become unaware of their own actions or speech.

    • Disagree with you 100% I love Paul’s potty mouth, I think it’s hilarious and entertaining. Everyone talks smack on everyone in big brother, that’s the game. I’d be frustrated with James too. He floated his way to final three when all he did all season was chase tail, throw comps, and let Natalie and the rest of the house control the few hoh’s he got. He sucked this year point blank.

      Nicole is playing big brother. Her being sneaky and playing both sides of the house is how she made it this far and how she might actually stand a chance against Paul. I want those two in the finals with Paul for the win because they actually played the game.

      I never understood why people think paul was only an a-hole to women. Paul is a confrontational person. He was an a-hole to everyone who was an a-hole to him. He wasn’t any worse to Michelle or Natalie than he was to Paulie or Frank.

      • Meech and Paulie were the worst imo. Paulie surpassed Paul on the asshole meter by miles. Meech is just a thief, she stole from every single one of the HG’s and then when she was confronted by someone she just laughed it off. Made her look institutional.

      • Agreed and that’s why I fully defend Paul for being an a-hole to both of them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a woman and I probably would’ve also called meech the C word.

        Paulie is the one who was actually disrespectful to women. Making inappropriate comments about Natalie’s body, bringing up Da’s daughter in a fight, getting offended that Bridgette is a feminist, and straight up taking advantage of Zakiyah. A misogynist by the very definition. Paul didn’t do any of those things. In fact he was very respectful to Bronte who he had a mild showmance with.

        Hell, Michelle disrespected women more than Paul by hating on Nicole, Bridgette, and Natalie for no reason other than jealousy.

        Paul is just a loudmouth who loves to swear. People can take it or leave it but I personally love it!

      • I don’t care for the swearing, but I think a lot of that is for show. I doubt he talks like this in his daily work life or around his family. But I can understand, he is very young, When I was his age I was the exact same way, loved to swear and I know I over did it, but I did grow out of it and knew when it was inappropriate to use such language. It really isn’t something that should be considered when judging whether he is a winner or not. Paul for the win!!

      • True, maybe I don’t mind it as much because I’m the same age as him. I think it does make him entertaining which is good for CBS. Definitely want him to win.

      • I think Paul deserves to win, I agree with 50% of what you wrote but I don’t like Paul as a person he is not someone I would want my children to pick as a role model. Lots of young people and I mean children watch BB, sad to see CBS set someone up to win as disgusting as he is to be only 23 yrs old. He played a good game but he could have won with out calling Michelle a C***.

      • In my personal opinion, I don’t think BB is a show children should be watching and if they are, the responsibility shouldn’t be placed on a the houseguests to be any kind if role model. That’s not what they’re there for. I’m 23 years old as well. I view the c word as no different than any other swear word, and considering how Michelle has acted not only in that moment but also throughout the season I probably would’ve called her the same thing. She of all people in that house deserved it. I don’t think CBS set Paul up to win at all. I think he was a massive underdog from week 1. I personally don’t believe CBS rigged anything but if they did, my bets would’ve been that they were trying to give Nicole the win.

      • I don’t think the show is rigged for one particular person, but I do believe production interferes and manipulates the HGs to favor some over others. I know children that watch BB and they don’t see what is on the feeds or BBAD, so they are getting a cleaned up version from CBS, that can be considered a manipulation of the fans when it comes to deciding who you like and don’t like, you only get to see there true colors if you watch the feeds and BBAD or read the spoiler sites. Anytime you set yourself up to be on prime time television you should know kids might be watching and you should act accordingly. This is 2016 and morals and values and manners have become a thing of the past and it’s kind of sad to think that young people have put decency in a box and buried it. IMO…..

    • They’ve all talked crap about each other. Natalie and James used to always talk crap about Nicole everyday.

    • The only reason James want’s to go to the F2 with Paul is so Natalie won’t get mad at him for teaming up with Nicole.
      Bad move imo since Paul can’t stand the guy and James hasn’t even noticed.
      Nicole would’ve been more trustworthy than Paul but James doesn’t want to upset his future wife by helping Nic to the end apparently.
      The reason I don’t respect his gameplan here is because it’s pure emotion and based on nat nat, not strategy.
      James should know he can’t beat Paul but had a better chance with Nicole.

  2. Morning all!
    I really do hope Nicole takes Paul instead of James if she wins the part 3. I’d rather see the 2 that played the best battle it out instead of one of them dragging James to the end hoping for an easy win.

  3. Paul is like that annoying bee that keeps buzzing around your head, he never lets up. He has been in Nic’s ear since Corey left. Looks like he has persuaded her that he is the better option to take to F2 if it’s her choice. Although I do want to see those two in the final, don’t feel that that is in her best interests. Lookout Nic, looks like you have been stung. Paul FTW!

    • Lol..hope she isn’t allergic! You know, it’s a good thing Doofus isn’t there, because according to Dingus, he would beat everyone and she would take him to F2 knowing he would win. Bless her heart.

    • And that’s the very reason I want Paul to win. The guy has an impressive way with words. He could murder someone and convince someone else to confess to it.

      • I’d hire him in a heartbeat, if he was a lawyer and I needed one. Although I could imagine him spending an afternoon in the pokey for contempt of court every now and then. lol

      • Oh and I have no doubt that she would do it over and over and over. :)
        I think he has Mama wrapped around his little finger. But at least he seems to be one that deserves the admiration because he does seem to be a go getter and not just lazying around at Mom & Dad’s.

      • He’d certainly have to learn to control his temper and his swearing and maybe give that beard a trim lol. I’d hire him too though.

    • Paul being in someones ear is what makes a good BB player, James should have been doing the exact same thing. Do we see James even trying to strategize with Nic or Paul, NADA. It really annoys me that he doesn’t even give it a chance.

  4. Supposedly, the goal of spending the summer in the BB house with a bunch of strangers is to win the big money, right? You play a game of strategy, back stabbing, lying, and deceit, then you win the final part of HoH comp. Why would you then make a decision based on who DESERVES to be in the F2? Did you come lose, like Cody did by taking Derrick? The decision should be based SOLELY upon who you feel you have the highest odds to beat and nothing else. Great if that person is also the most deserving.

    • There is always a lot of factors to consider, epecialy in her case when she only has two people to choose from if she wins Part 3.

      But in Cody’s case, it’s a little different. He was Derrick’s puppet the whole time so it wasn’t surprising that he chose him over 500k. That is how firm Derrick’s leash had on the boy without balls.

      • That was definitely all attributable to Derrick, without a doubt. Love or hate the guy, he was a pro at the game.

    • Some come for fame and a possible career in the entertainment business which never happens anyway.
      I think James went for that plus a few thousand dollars to put in his bank. He is satisfied with what he can get. James knows BB will pay him to be on the show and is counting on the extra $25,000 for AFP. Some people are comfortable being mediocre.

      • People like James are exactly the reason I went back before posting my comment and added “Supposedly” to the beginning of it. After voting for him for AFP last year, he has been a complete disappointment all the way around this season. He needs to go get a real, steady job. No more BB for James, and I would not find it entertaining for him to show up with Gnat on TAR.

      • OMG. The both could pretend to be seeing each other just to get a spot on TAR. I wouldn’t even want to see Corey and Nicole there. A lot of times the girlfriends on that show get on my nerves. The whining and temper tantrums. That will be Nicole.
        I think Natalie will do great in the challenges, but James will not.

      • I could not imagine listening to “Jamesie” or “Corrrrreeey” on TAR. That is a definite NO, but I want to see Vic & Paul. The dude with the bleepout button would be workin’ hard for the money. lol

      • I would love to see Victor, but with a family member or someone not from the show. I hope Caleb from BB16 gets an opportunity on TAR since he became ill on Survivor and had to leave early.

      • I was hoping he would be on Survivor again but not so this time anyway. He’s getting married, so maybe he and his wife could be on TAR next season. I’d like to see that!

      • James thinks he is a shoe in for AFP, not sure how he comes up with this scenario. This is a completely different season, he should have at least put forth a little effort and THEN maybe he would have deserved AFP, Done with James and his stupid antics and talking about his no-mance.

    • It does show how easily influenced she is. Doofus told her to take James not Paul and here she is a few days later listening to Paul. And then she says that she wishes Doofus was there to tell her what to do when he already told her. Somehow she believes that James would have more support on the jury yet she knows that he hasn’t played a good game this season. It just goes to show how effective Paul can be with his words and the effect of being locked up in that place

      • I’m also wondering about Paul. What would he base his F2 decision on, if he wins HoH? Does he really think Dingus would be easier to beat? With this jury, it probably is a tossup. I stopped trying to figure it out. I’m in Survivor mode!

      • think Paul is very competitive and has such disdain for James’ lack of play, that it wouldn’t be a victory if he beat him. I don’t get the sense that Paul is playing as much for the $$ as for winning. Having said that, Paul has enough ego to believe that he can talk his way into a win here and as far as I’m concerned he has the resume this season to do so

      • Definitely, if this was a public speaking contest, Paul would win hands down. He can tone down the bad language when he wants or needs to. Dingus gets very nervous and squirmy, and she knows she has plenty to be nervous about with this jury. I want Paul to win and just hope if he wins HoH he makes the right decision. I’m just not sure it would be Dingus. Hard to know what this jury will do in any scenario.

      • I did, too, and my power blinked. For some reason when that happens, it takes forever for the schedule to come back. Cable is possessed! lol

      • Ha! It’s about that time of the year. I think we all need to find out where Paul’s Halloween party is and crash it!

    • James is liked by most of the jury, and that’s important to consider. Nic made the point that if she took Paul then she’d have a fighting chance, but if she took James then she’d lose to a bitter jury. It was surprising to hear that and she’s more aware than I thought.

      • ohhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooo. Under no circumstances would I want James to win $500k. That would probably bring about the end of the world, lol

      • no. I’d rather James wins over Nicole. I don’t want either, but one has to get it. unfortunately.

      • I have to say if James and Nic were the f2 I would rather see James win. Really didn’t care for James this season and he was not a player, but I would love for him to win over Nic. Reading that she admitted to hiding in her room to avoid HG’s and possible confrontations is cowards play imo.

      • It’s not about who deserves squat, because I don’t think either of them should have been brought back to begin with. So from a personal aspect, to choose from the best of the worst, I’d have to give James the edge.

      • I was very disappointed to see these 2 come back along with Frank. But to see both of them in the f2 is doubly disappointing. Really didn’t like Nic in her last season and can’t stand her even more this season with her supposed gameplay held from her boudair and her admitting she hid there to avoid the other HG’s really pisses me off. As you said, I would love to see her face if Jamesy won against her. Kind of like seeing Frankie’s face when he realized he didn’t win AFP.

      • You read it didn’t watch it and the entire conversation was not posted. She also said when she would get too close to someone she would take a step back so she could play strategic and not personal like she did on her last season. She said she didn’t want to get emotional about nominating someone or evicting someone. That she had Corey as her ride or die and would go talk game moves out with just him. That’s why she was alone a lot with him. She also said the only other person she let get close to her was Michelle and then Michelle became nasty and bitter over the Day vote and wouldn’t get over it. So there was a lot more to her conversation.

      • Since Nicole had a lot of info coming to her from Corey she knew everything that was going on most of the time.
        The other women did not. To hang out a lot with them they might have wheedled private info from her.
        So if she knew who was going home it was in her best interest to stay away from that person. It’s very obvious when Nicole is trying to lie so why should she put herself in a bad situation to begin with.
        Nicole’s showmance partner Corey was besties with Paulie and while Paulie was in power they were safe.
        Once in trouble Corey was able to win comps to keep Nicole safe and vice versa.
        Nicole’s decision to ride or die with Corey was an excellent choice as he was always the bigger target.
        After the Christine friendship last time I can see why Nicole didn’t want to repeat her mistakes this time around..

      • Also, if she takes James, she def loses Paul’s & Vic’s votes.
        If she takes Paul, she may lose James’ vote but thinks she may have a shot at Nat’s since Nat wants a girl to win.

      • Do you really think she’d lose Pauls vote? He doesn’t respect James game play and they don’t like each other.

      • No, I don’t think so. But I do think it is a good excuse to soften the blow to James that she “can’t” take him, rather than she just doesn’t want to take him. ;)

  5. It really make me physically ill to know Nicole will go to the final 2! She had nerve to same James did nothing but lay in bed the whole game. When the heck does she think she did? At least James did not do anything inappropriate on TV like Nicole and Cory did (like doing “THINGS” under the blankets. She is disgusting and does not deserve first or second. Karma would be for HER to get voted out in third place! James is such a sweet guy, I do wish James played a little smarter game (like not telling Nicole that he would have the votes to win the 500K if he goes to the end.) I love James, and no matter what, he is a good guy and has kept that through out the entire game! I’m still rooting for him to go to final two by some miracle.

    • Paul winning the final HOH is probably the only way that James may not got to F2. I still think that James and Nicole are pretending and they promised each other to go all the way together. If Nicole wins HOH she may take James despite what’s being said.

      • This is what I also think. I don’t believe a word Ratcole says. After all, this is a person who says things just for the sake of getting footage. There’s not a chance that she’ll turn on her friend James. Paul needs to win the final round.

      • I agree – and JUST PRIOR TO Nic starting to be “swayed” to Paul F2 James said to Nic – “They’re going to think we had an F2” and then it seemed to coincide with when Nic started being negative about James.

      • I’m not so sure about that. Even when she’s going over jury votes when she’s alone she talks about not taking James. So it’s a toss up I think.

    • James let everyone carry him through out the game and contributed nothing. Nicole played the game from day one. She had a target on her back from the minute she went into the house and is now in F3. And guess what there have been plenty of showmances before her and will be plenty more after her. She isn’t married is she? Is she hurting you by being in a showmance?

      • Lavendargirl I could careless that Nicole was in a showmance. I never said that her being in one was a problem for me. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching but Nicole has not played the game from day one. Nicole was laying in bed with Corey and more focused on how cute she thinks he is most of the game and he carride her thru the game. She even admitted that herself!!!. She didn’t start doing anything until James gave her the HOH . For those who say James hasn’t been playing the game he has. If you remember he chose to vote Victor out over Corey which was a great move. It just so happened that was the week of the jury battle back but it was still a big move on James part. He also played a part in major moves like getting Frank and Tiffany out of the house. James also had a target on his back from day one so you can’t use that excuse for Nicole. All the vets had a target on their back. Yes Nicole made it to the final three but so did James. Like it or not.

      • Hahaha I’m watching Big Brother and have been since season one. What are you watching Fantasy Island? NOBODY carried Nicole. She played from the minute she got in the house by convincing her team that she didn’t want HOH when she really did. She targeted Jozea that was after her and guess who went home? Jozea. She was in a very strong alliance and flipped at the exact right time. She convinced Natalie and Michelle to turn on Victor and Paul and target them instead of her and Corey. (Brilliant move). Then she won the next HOH and targeted Michelle who was after her for weeks. And guess who went home? Michelle. She won critical POVs and earned the wall HOH comp. James was ready to fall and that is the ONLY reason he made a deal. She would of lasted for hours. She went the entire season without being nominated (when she was a target from day one) until this very last nomination when she lost by a tie breaker question. She stayed out of all the catty jealous girl drama and won another comp that will take her to part 3 of the final HOH. Even Derrick one of the great players and winners said she deserved to win and was playing a great game. And James had nothing to do with getting Tiffany or Frank out. Talk about laying in bed all season. That’s all he did. Oh and chase after a girl that was just using him. James maybe a nice guy but he didn’t do crap on the show except let everyone carry him and didn’t contribute anything.

      • We already know that Nicole is a snake and a liar so we don’t expect her to take James to the final two. But doesn’t change the fact that he’s a good guy. No matter what happens James will walk out of the house with his integrity and a positive attitude can’t say the same for Nicole

      • And so will Nicole. See we all know that everyone that played the game was a snake and a liar. Including James. Maybe you didn’t watch the feeds because if you did you would of seen how all James and Natalie did was lie in bed and talk crap about Nicole, Paul and Corey all season.

      • Actually Natalie was the one with majority of the comments James for the most part stayed quiet. Everyone in the house talk crap about everyone. it’s the nature of the game. some people just have less integrity than others though. If you’re gonna go that route this past week all Paul and Nicole have done was talk crap about James every opportunity they’ve gotten. Frankly this back-and-forth between us is getting nowhere so I say agree to disagree and move on. Win or lose im a James fan and always will be. Enjoy supporting your girl Nicole.

      • I’ve said that many times that they all talk crap. And you’re going to support your favorite just like I will do. That’s what makes these sites interesting. If we all felt the same it would be awful boring. Like I said so many times I think James is a nice guy but didn’t play the game this season. Paul I don’t care for I think he has a filthy mouth and don’t like when he would attack people. And in all fairness these last couple of days at least when I was watching the feeds Paul and Nicole have been talking about James but they pretty much kept it to game play. Paul said James doesn’t deserve to be in F2 and Nicole said the same. They’ve been talking mostly about that. They’ve also said they don’t want him using his kid as an excuse. Which in his defense he has only brought that up a few times. He hasn’t used that as his strategy. I’ve always liked James but I want Nicole to win.

      • Well I agree with you for the most part LOL . I think I’ve only heard James bring up his daughter a couple times as well. I don’t think he would ever use her as a reason for the money. He just doesn’t come across to be that kind of a person. I agree Paul is very foul mouth and I really haven’t liked him from the beginning either. However when he was doing the security detail I thought he was hilarious. I don’t think anyone else who would have won that punishment could have done as good of job at entertaining us as he did. That’s pretty much the only thing I liked about him. Back to James , even if by singe miracle he did go to final two with Nicole, I would be happy if he at least won 50 K. We’ll see soon.

      • I wanted it to be a James and Nicole F2 but now I’m not sure she would win. Whoever does win we’ll forget about it by the next day and wait for next season to root for someone else. Lol And you’re right Paul did have some funny moments.

      • Same here, I want James and Nicole in the end but like you said in a couple days I’ll forget about it too. Next is checking out this Big Brother Over-The-Top. Not so sure about how that will work out. And Survivor starts on Wednesday so that’s something to look forward to.

      • Right as usual LG. Nicole played a great game but gets no credit for it. They ALL layed around all season; there’s not much else to do. And I could care less what she may or may not have done under the covers unlike some of the Moral Police on this site. Yeesh.

  6. Paul not letting up on nicole the last few days payed off. I stiil think in the back of my mind nicole might take james but if paul pulls this off and gets nicole to turn on one of her closest allies from day one he hands down deserves to win this game.

  7. It is an old clip but Jason from BB 17 ranting about James being a fame hole and walks around with BB 17 shirt telling people he was AFP. Has applied to a bunch of reality shows.
    James was acting like a brat and talking bad about Meg when he found out she was dating a survivor cast member.

    • I would consider the source and actually I try to judge on how I interpret what I can from the show and Matthew’s comments and then the input here. The internet is full of crap and one can find anything you want to find to suit one’s need – it’s time consuming, it’s mind-boggling and to no avail IMO when concerned with perspective, opinion, gossip, talk-show stuff. JMO

      • If you think that there’s smack out there then why would you consider the input on this site?
        We’re just a bunch of viewers with opinions that shouldn’t matter to what you believe yourself…. Just wondering?

      • Because I do respect Matthew’s evaluations and I am interested in getting the updates from Matthew .. and I am interested in different perspectives – this is at least a somewhat limited source that I can pick and choose when I want.

      • I do agree. If Jason or McCrae who was also there is interested in returning to the show or being on any other, I don’t get why he is bad mouthing anyone at this point. It is possible that they are bitter about something, but from watching this season and James game play, I do think they may be telling the truth. I think past BB players are the best to get info from because they hang out and observe each other’s behavior after the show is over.

      • Always two sides in those situations and neither is usually very accurate and then when third parties get into it .. or should I say gazillion internet parties.

      • no, I just heard that she was dating a guy named Mike from Survivor and James was upset. This was Jason and McCrae who mentioned it. All this time I thought they were close friends.

    • Actually Jason was kind of vague abt the whole issue abt Meg and I agree with another poster abt listening to Jason why? ( I actually liked Jason on BB) and that he has his own agenda– now that said I am going to make my original comment—You CAN”T believe everything you see on the internet ( and half the times the news)— there are two sides to every story

      1st off– ( in another post on a previous page James was also accused of stalking people — Meg in particular ) it is hard for James to be stalking Meg when Meg was the one COMING to TX to see him ( I am sure he also went to see her ) and in fact it was on one of those trips to Texas that James introduced his friend Meg to his friend Mike Holloway– Yes James did post that Meg was dating Mike ( well I wouldn’t have known that but?? ) his post said
      James Huling
      May 1
      No everyone @megmaley isn’t coming to Texas to see me. She went to see @ucantdothat121 wish them all the luck.
      BUT here is the deal according to other info out there— Meg and Mike had been dating for 7 weeks and they did NOT tell James–someone else tweeted him ( with a picture ? ) and asked how he felt abt them dating????

      Now who the heck does that? — If you know your buddy likes a girl, would you start dating her and not tell him???? Even if they are just friends— in my neck of the woods a buddy doesn’t do that !!!

      it took me abt 2 hours to find these tidbits–SO NO — there is NOT a lot out there on James being a brat and talking bad abt Meg— wishing them luck is NOT talking bad IMO

      • It’s an old video on Youtube that I came across when looking for Paul. I was just sharing the info I heard. Whether is true or not, I do not know.
        James is a bit of a leech so I wouldn’t put it pass him to be a stalker either even if it is innocently done. Natalie should get herself a bodyguard, just in case. He is obsessed with her and somewhat delusional.

      • As I said I spent at least 2 hours yesterday trying to figure this out and found nothing on the internet to indicate that James was a stalker– Meg came to see him in TX) and I really don’t think James is a leech— I think he truly cares for Nat– if she was using him.. she just needs to tell him that they will ONLY BE FRIENDS and that will be that

        And YES– I am going to agree with another poster that there are a LOT of people on here who actually HATE James ( as opposed to hating his game play)–
        Find it interesting that you all LOVE the Snake and the A$$h@le ( Paul’s EXACT WORDS– NOT MINE )
        I HATE their game play BUT think outside the house that they are probably GREAT people… BUT if Paul was being sincere abt him being the same ioutside the house as inside— I wouldn’t want to know him!!!!

      • Yeah!
        What ‘just me thinking’ said!!

        ‘Just me thinking,’ I appreciate your valuable time spent on this update. Thank you!

        See everyone in Disqus-land……
        He might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but he’s nice!

        That’s why he should be AFH! Americas Favorite Houseguest!
        Even if it is AFP Americas Favorite Player! Same thing!

        He was like a ninja…..
        No one saw him play the game but he made it to the end!
        That doesn’t happen if you’re not playing the game.
        You can only hid for so long….
        Even Nicole had to come up for air!

  8. IMO James played an ok game. He aligned himself with people that were in power & sure he didn’t win comps but he could have. He was never a threat to anyone & I personally think this was just a different type of strategy to get him to the end.
    And yes, I think James & Nicole have been working together from the minute before they entered the house! I do think they have a final 2 deal to split the cashola!
    Go James!
    Hate me but he played a low key strategy & all you haters just don’t like this new fangeled game play!
    That’s all I have to say!

    • I really don’t like when people use this term hater. People aren’t hating on James. They don’t like the way he has played his game or lack thereof. Two completely different things.

      • True, I actually think James is more likeable than Nicole. But I still feel James played the worst game. The only comp he seemed good at was the wall comp. Seemed not to be throwing Part 2 final HoH, and he lost. He also seemed to be a floater in the way others always controlled everything.

      • Ok ok I take ‘hater’ back & replace it with…. ‘Don’t like the way he has played the game…….’
        I don’t like the …’or lack thereof,’ so ignore that part ok readers of this kind (the haters)

  9. I know it’s a long shot but maybe Paul can convince Nicole to throw the hoh to him that way James/Natalie can’t be mad at her for back stabbing him and she’ll have more votes.

  10. Watching them hang out and drink, I think it’s really funny that CBS makes them do a fake “looking back on the summer” thing and then they do the real version of it naturally later on.

    Pretty psyched that Paul’s work has been effective in convincing Nicole. I feel like we don’t often get the two best players as the final two, and I think Nic and Paul are absolutely the best two players this year if you evaluate the game based on strategy. (Victor’s better if comps and general likability count for a lot, but he was too naive to be a really good BB player this season. Hopefully we’ll see him again and he’ll be more cutthroat)

  11. Really hope Nicole takes Paul to F2. Nicole was right when she told James that a super fan would not vote
    for someone who has done nothing in the game. James did nothing.

    The jury should vote Paul over Nicole for the $500k and Vic for America’s Favorite Player.

  12. Here is something to think about. Those of you that had been saying for weeks that Nicole and James had a pre game deal to take each other to the F2 may be completely wrong on that one. They made a deal early on in the game and then even made a deal to give each of the two showmances money or gift’s if one of them made F2.

    Here in lies that big problem, although they both made F3, Nicole would still have to win the Final HOH and then pick James over Paul. I don’t see that happening and I never saw that happening. I don’t see her giving James and Natalie any money as well but I do see her doing something for Corey because she Loooooves him.

    HG’s has been during the Summer how much of a snake Nicole was and yet no one paid attention to them. She wished Corey was there to tell her what to do but he already did and now Paul being Paul, messed her up on that. I really think even if Corey was there, he would take Paul over James as well.

    Unless Nicole wins the Final HOH and unless she takes James to Final 2, Paul will win the 500 thousand dollars this year.

    • Nicole is smarter than Corey so Paul probably would’ve had an even easier time convincing him than Nicole. I do agree though. The farther we get in the game the less I think that deal existed or if it did it’s dwindling. Things change, and if I were Nicole I’d be frustrated with James being complacent and waiting for people to drag him to the end then give him cash (which it seems she is). That would be enough for me to not want to give him anything.

    • Completely agree that HG had been saying to dump Nicole and nobody listened just like they didn’t listen to Da’vonne about the showmances. I hope from now on seasons will go back to cutting showmances but I think everyone will now jump into one as strategy. If Nicole is in F2 I hope Z heard about her saying she didn’t like talking to Z.

    • It also depends on how much production either magnifies or annihilates Paul’s influences! Hope they annihilates all that annoying chatter from Paul!
      Nicole don’t look into the light…… Ahhhh!

  13. James is so lazy. I think he and Nicole did have a F2 plan, now that they’re almost there the plan is off the table. Now they have to think about winning the money. I believe James is just trying to win $50k plus AFP for $25$.

  14. Why can’t James ever just answer a question?? It’s always “it’s up to you”, “I don’t know”, “whatever he/she/they want”. Jeez this guy is too lazy to think of an answer that should only take like a split second. Next to Mike Boogie, he is my 2nd most hated hg. I only hate Boogie because of how awful he talked about Erica? during their showmance.

    • Boogie really was a sleazebag, Didn’t care for him in any of his seasons, saw right through his bs from day 1.

    • They never should’ve brought James back. I loved him last season. He was funny and actually made power moves like splitting up clelli. This year he was a lump on a log who chased Natalie around all season, followed the house, and complained.

    • Becuz he’s a nice guy & unless he disagrees he just makes you think it was ‘your idea!’
      So he finds out how someone thinks before he voices his opinion if he has to. He did that all season….. Didn’t he?? Or am I blinded by what a nice guy he is…? Lol

  15. Nicole is just filling in air time! Getting lots of conversation so editing can choose wisely….. So she’s taking James!
    Paul…. Maybe not so much!

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