‘Big Brother 18’ Final Two: What Is Paul’s Plan?

Paul Abrahamian has worked his way through the Big Brother 18 season to the Final 3, an amazing feat when you consider he was a Week 1 nominee followed by five more nominations along the way while only collecting two votes against him near the end of the season. Now just steps from the Final 2 Paul may be faced with a big choice that could decide whether or not he will win Big Brother.

Paul studies champagne on BB18

Paul has two options to pull along to the F2 if he’s the one calling that shot on Wednesday night. Either Nicole Franzel or James Huling could end up catching a ride with Paul and from what we’ve been watching on the Feeds, unlike Nicole’s wavering plans, there’s no doubt in Paul’s mind over who he’ll take.

Since last Tuesday Paul has been telling Nicole he wants her at the F2 over James or even Corey back when he was still in the game. That hasn’t changed. Paul doesn’t like James’s style or play and doesn’t think he deserves the chance at any prize money.

With Paul having won the first round of the Final HoH competition series he’ll need just one more win to secure his spot in the F2. Should that happen then he will pick Nicole to come with him. I have no doubt about that.

Over the past few days Paul has affirmed over and over to Nicole his desire to get to the end with her. Words are one thing, but actions are another and here they match up.

Paul spent time “helping” James study for Round 2 by feeding him wrong information like the wrong spelling of Zakiyah’s name and distracting James with ideas of preparing for name spelling questions instead of game events or things around the house. Paul was also busy trying to keep James awake later at night to wear him out ahead of R2. I’d say Paul is true to his word here with Nicole.

We did see talks between Paul and James where Paul was acting like he was with James, but I think that was just acting on his part. He was probably wisely keeping the options open until they got through the second comp. That’s now over and Nicole pulled the win there. At this point we can watch to see if he gives any direct details to James on his plans to take Nicole.

If Paul takes Nicole to the end I think he does have the votes though I’m not convinced it’d be a landslide by any means. Should Paul surprise me and take James then I’d expect his path to the win be easier to secure, but Paul, like many other past HGs, is making his F2 pick for personal reasons rather than best-chance reasons.

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

Paul promises Nicole she is without a doubt his F2. Nicole says he is hers too. They hug. #BB18 pic.twitter.com/JEItnbhqaQ

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 18, 2016

What do you think Paul will do? Share your thoughts below on what Paul might do on finale night for picking a F2 partner and anything in the recent weeks that supports your expectation. You can also vote in our poll below and see what the rest of our readers think might happen.


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  1. I think its a toss up with both Nicole and Paul…still got almost 4 days and things can change…

    • I seriously think Paul just might win, but not by a landslide…more like 5-4 votes! Wednesday can’t get here fast enough to see Nic’s face when the jury doesn’t vote for her over Paul! hahahaha That’s good t.v. She did say earlier in the season that she’d like to win at least 50k, but nothing lower than that! LOLOL Well, she just might get her wish!

      • I don’t think she be surprised if Paul beats here. It is why why she is thinking of taking James. She knows she is likely 2nd if she takes Paul.

      • I hope she’s not that stupid. R3 is basically random nonsense that HGs say. L0L Even James could win it and he’s not even playing it. That’s how random it is. :p

      • I hope she wins third place. Its her worst nightmare. She has said it a million times. Paul will beat her the more I think about. Her showmance will hurt her because the girls in jury hate showmances, they feel they are an unfair advantage. Plus Paul, alone, split up the strongest one of the summer in f4! Thats amazing and the jury may feel that way too.

      • Nicole is certain she’ll lose either way so she won’t be shocked. She’d win against James and has a 50/50 chance against Paul, but I think shed take Paul because that’s who’d shed rather lose to if she loses.

  2. This is a tough call for Paul before neither James nor especially Nicole deserve it.

    Just hope that Paul pulls it through and wins the $500k!

  3. Paul is a constant offender of what I’ve been known to call the “cheating” strategy. I can’t stand it when any of the HGs do that. It basically says they have no faith in their own or their ally’s ability to pull off the win. Despicable.

      • It’s any time he (or any other HG) feeds other HGs the wrong information before a comp or tries to rattle them so they’ll be to on edge to perform properly.

      • Unfortunately, that house all ready plays with the HGs’ heads. So you can’t just say “oh, it’s their own fault because they never should have trusted them.” And it’s especially worse for people who are picked for the show because they’re dynamic, which is what we look for in casting, but they’re too naive and trusting to play this game properly.

      • I feel that way about Vic. I’m surprised to see it from James, hes pretty street smart. Especially since he betrayed Paul and Nicole betrayed them both. I’d pretend to take study tips from them but wouldn’t. Once your ride or die is gone you have to know you’re on you’re own. Its the way Nicole and Paul are playing now.

      • You’re projecting ,mg. So you obviously subscribe to paul’s Machiavellian game theory. Which makes you just as much of a sneak , liar and cheat as he is…

      • That’s through your eyes. In the game of Big Brother, TRUST NO ONE. I don’t know what you’ve been watching all summer, but to bring you up to date, Paul is in the mist of his enemies ( Nicole James) both backstabbed him MACHIAVELLIANLY. He’s been loyal to ALL of his allies the game thus far. They are his enemies in this game! Do you think he is supposed to spoon feed them?? They deserve it! Their snakes! Its better for him to make shoes out of snakes than snakes making dinner out of him! So don’t give me that sanctimonious BS! BIG BROTHER HAVE LITTLE TO DO WITH ETHICS! Find another tv show!

      • …and it was ethics, Big Brother wouldn’t allow it. Go watch The Brady Bunch reruns! Im only interested in discussing the game with people that understand the concept and able to share astute theories and valid points.

      • I’m not too fond of Paul’s methods either, especially when he uses it on the girls; like he did Bridgette.
        Not a classy strategy at all and another reason I’m not all that crazy about Paul.
        He’ll make me laugh during his DR sessions and I’ll be thinking ‘Go Paul’ and then he starts using devious, underhand methods against the weaker women and I just can’t root for him.

      • So who do think deserves to win? Your salt is to the roof in regards to Paul obviously because you launched a vicious attack on me for supporting him, thats fine however, I can handle it.

  4. I just tuned into the feeds as Paul and Nicole were discussing James’ habit of throwing comps. James was in DR at the time, but came out looking like he saw a ghost. He sat down with P/N and appears to be closely watching them without saying anything at all.

      • I dont like because her social game is horrible, she never got to know anyone… And she’s back stabbed EVERYONE she’s worked with except Cory. I just cant respect that. I know lying is inevitable in Big Brother but I tend to lean away the ones that lies to everyone all the time. Even though I hated the finalist of last summer, they had each others back and kept each other safe until they were the last ones standing. I didnt like them, but I respected them. I don’t like or respect Nicole. She’s playing a good game, I just dont respect it. Too spoiled and selfish.

      • The girl has a 1 page year book and doesent know how many seconds make a minute. Jordan didnt know whiich was her elbow and which was her shoulder. YES two real winners there

      • Smh. I welcome and respects everyone’s opinions, but I declare idk how some of these people come up theirs. Lol

      • Cyber bullies are hilarious on this site. I’m new here and it is very entertaining to see how rude people get because thier favorite is losing or evicted. Lol D. Gibson is one of them. He sent me the nastiest comment attaking my character because I said it serves James right, Paul sabotaging James’s studying. It’s very unwise for James him to trust either of them especially since he backstabbed Paul so viciously that it nearly costed him his spot in the game! He BLINDSIDED Paul for goodness sakes. That’s the most malicious form of the game. It means they want you out BAD! He owes James NOTHING! I Wish people learn how to watch Big brother so we can have more astute debating. Lol

      • Vic is one of my favorites, but I didn’t come to the site and launch rude attacks on NiCory fans because they put him up. It was a result of his negligence. He should have threw a few of those comps this season. He’s trying to break a stupid comp record over winning a half mil. This aint the summer Olympics! It’s his own fault! He put a huge target on his back. Ppl LOVED Vic after he came back. It wasn’t necessary to win everything at that point. Lay low. Lol sorry but I had to vent to a mature, intelligent, ractional ADULT. I cant believe some of these posters! Lol

      • I think people just dont like the WAY, she’s playing, not so much that she’s not a decent to good game. Sort of like the villian in a movie is how a lot of us view her.

      • Yes, apparently the entire season 18. She is awful. Her whiny, screeching voice is just the start of her bad personality traits.

      • I don’t like Nicole, and bringing her back just solidified it. She played same game – showmance in both, won a few comps, and that whiny voice. She really does have similar game to James

  5. I’m hoping that Paul wins the last round and looks at Nicole and says, “I’ve been telling you all week that I’d take you to the Final 2 but I was lying just like you have all summer.”

  6. So Paul is going to pull a Cody and take Nicole? He’s a smart guy, I can’t believe he’d do this. And I’m not so sure he wins against Nicole. I believe James, Natalie, Bridgette (she hates Paul because of a certain comment to Michelle) Corey, Paulie, Day, Z and even Michelle could vote for her. She only needs five votes. The only sure vote for Paul is Vic. Paul really needs to take James if he wins.

    • No offense to you but I see it differently. I like what you wrote but I can’t see James, Natalie and Michelle voting for Nicole if she picks Paul over him. If Paul and Nicole are in the final two, I will say it could be a toss up between Bridgette and DAY about who they will vote for. However, I agree that Corey, Paulie and Z will vote for Nicole.

      • I said if Paul takes Nicole the above scenario could happen. If Nicole takes Paul, different story. Day will vote for Nicole, she actually said it last show, and I believe James and Natalie would vote for her. Michelle and Bridgette, I don’t know. If it weren’t for Paul’s certain comment, then they may vote for Paul. But Bridgette was horrified about that comment, so I can’t see her voting for him.

      • Only three more days left to see how they vote. I think your analogy could very well be correct though.

      • I don’t know. They’re pretty close, and Michelle, no matter what she did or said, didn’t deserve that.

      • Corey B word was very offensive to. And he didn’t say it out of anger. Big difference.

        Paul has more class > Corey & Michelle

      • Don’t know what Corey said, and class is subjective. Would never use that word for Paul, and probably not Michelle or Corey. But they’re all young, I think class is something you grow in to.

      • One might consider Paul a person with class if u consider his looks…But then … he opens his mouth and the foul words come out….there is nothing classy about the constant use of dirty smutty language..

      • When they showed that clip on Pauls family and where he lived I went oh man he lives in a fricken mansion.

      • Considering how Armenian communities are closely family-knit in nature, I doubt Paul’s parents would spoil him growing up.

        The guy still has to start from scratch in starting his own business and see it succeed. The work ethic is definitely there, but you just can’t expect people to be prim and proper all the time.

      • I didn’t take it as Day’s vote is for sure for Nicole, just that she is open to the idea. She basically said she wasn’t going to be a bitter juror.

      • Think you’re right. Her recent game play impressed her but not so sure she’d vote for Nic over Paul.

      • Willie I agree with most of what you said. Not so sure that Paulie will vote for a female to win however. Although Da’ expressed some admiration for Nic’s recent game play I think she’ll vote for Paul’s stronger performance overall. Bridget was rooting for Paul whether one comment will change her mind remains to be seen. She certainly never had any strong interaction with Nic in the house.

      • If it wouldn’t for the fact that it could happen, that comment would be unreal and outlandishly funny. I love the way you think, this is the first time anyone even mentioned that since they went to final three. I forgot about that deal and now that you reminded me of it, James very well could vote for NIcole.

      • I was thinking that too. Nicole didn’t do any jury damage control. Thats not good. Her prints are all over the evictees.

      • Exactly, James was doing Jury damage control the entire time and neither of the other two were. I really think Paul is gonna be the winner this year but none of us really know how they will vote when it comes down to it.

      • That’s very true and it’s horrible of production to let them break the rules so blatantly on the feeds not once, not twice but three times.

        After all the stories other HG have expressed online putting James’ character into question, really hope he doesn’t get invited.

      • You didn’t watch last season, I now know, but in BB17, Vanessa kept bribing HGs and trying to get them to invest their earnings from BB into things (that would ultimately benefit her poker career). The most that the DR did was call her in to scold her.

        In short, there’s no precedent beyond being yelled at in the DR for bribery.

    • Paul calling meech a c*nt in front of the whole house is something most females would remember and act upon given the chance. The stupid part was it was just a strategic move but paul acted it all up as if meech had done something wrong and of course it made her weep uncontrollably. Paul is the c*nt as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Personally, I think Paul taking James would secure his win but I am holding out that it would mean a better chance for James to win. I don’t think he is thinking logically on this spot to well. I am not in there and I do not see know what is it hey see in there but rather what we see on the outside. Here is hoping that the won who wins round 3 can make the right choice for their best chance to win the big money.

  8. Paul’s foul mouth has turned me off.

    Nicole has a chance, James does not. Paul should chose James for a sure win. If he doesn’t, it could up to their final speeches.y

  9. I think there is no way in hell James can make an argument for winning to the jury. I really think in the end, they will vote for who played the best, unless there was some great relationship or showmance going on. Nicole is correct to be thinking it over. I know it’s noble for Paul not wanting to take James to stop him from getting any money, but if they truly cared about changing their lives and the lives of their families, they take James, hands down. Isn’t that what they came there for, the money? Cody’s sense of bro loyalty cost him $450,000.

    • I’m pulling for Paul but have to agree. He and Nicole both greatly enhance their chances if they take Victoria/James.

    • Yup, but Cody drank the bro kool-aid. He didn’t care about winning. His partner inc rime. I mean those two ‘betrayed’ people left and right. L0L He should have finished the cutthroat job. There is no mercy in this game. The only question that should be asked when making a decision in BB is ‘what gives me a better chance to win?’. PERIOD.

  10. i have had a hard time building a case for any of the remaining hg’s, i wanted to see vic/paul winning f2 and vic winning the 500k paul 50k, with vic gone one would think i would just shift to paul for the 500k but my head doesn’t work that way…i can only imagine how hard it must be for the jurors..

  11. I think Nicole will get more votes than Paul. That’s why Paul needs to take James to win. Who cares if James gets $50k if it means winning $500k? Paul needs to use his head.

  12. James is more of a threat in final 2 than people think. He may have not done anything, but his social game has gotten a majority of the jury to like him

  13. Paul would be dumb to take Nicole. With the jury mostly female and the huge push for a female winner, he would lose badly. Doubt it would matter how well he played the game.

    • I don’t think any of the female jury members want Nicole to be the “chosen female” to break the streak

  14. Looks like by the poll question its already been decided that Paul and Nichole will be F2. Paul has been lucky he made it this far cause he didn’t do the work until after Victor left. But I have to say he stuck to his word which is more than I can say about Nichole she stabbed every alliance she was in in the back even Paul. James helped get rid of Victor 3 times and he deserves 50k just for that. If not for James neither would be where they are, that took advantage of James and Paul and Nichole have treated him dirty. Alas poor James he sunk his own ship, imo: this seasons HGs are the worst players ever. Boring and I might say some have been pretty disgusting. As much as I don’t like Paul I dislike Nichole even more, my vote goes to Paul.

    • So much misinformation, the only “Alliance” that Nicole stabbed in the back was Paul/Victor, but that was her only move at that point in the game to have a chance to win. Paul said this mutliple times on the Live Feeds, and vitor himself said it during his interview with the chen bot. Putting her and corey’s game in the hands of 2 of the strongest players, competition wise and jury wise, is absolutely retarded, neither of those two were going to take her to the final 2. Also, on the live feeds, Paul talked about betraying Nicorey if he had won F5 HOH, again would have been HIS only move, so yeah. With Jatalie, Nicorey “betrayed” them because they BLATANTLY said they wanted to keep Vic over Corey, hence they no longer could be trusted. This cause Nicole to break their F4 deal with them. Some argue she betrayed Day, but Day has openly said she wanted to go after Nicole, and again its not like Nicole single-handely voted her out or was a deciding vote or the driving fore behind it. She betrayed NO ON else in the house. Paul has played an awesome game as well, but he made moves that were not really smart moves. Turning on Paulie was great for EVERYONE except Paul and Corey. Paul was Paulies left hand (Corey was his right), People complain about Nicorey betraying alliances, but Paul did too: Betrayed Vic during 2nd eviction (was his right move), betrayed Paulie (arguably not his right move). Not only that, but Paul was VERY lucky with Vic winning his buy backs, with out them he’d be gone. Nicole straight up maneuvered her way to F3, even if it didn’t start until after Paulie’s eviction.

      Lastly: “James helped get rid of Victor 3 times” Ummmmmm so did nicole? and in a way so did paul. If that alone means he deserves 50k, why doesnt that alone mean SHE deserves the 50k?

  15. I sure hope Paul wins the last comp. because I think by the sounds of it she will take James. On jokers just a min. ago she said she didnt want to take him and then fish. Paul is going to be so crushed.

  16. This was just posted on the net:

    Paul honestly has 0 shot of winning this thing. It’s not because of the jury, but because of GRODNER.

    This final 3 would be like if Jeff and Jordan made the final 3 with like Lawon. We know Grodner would do everything in her power to give her favorites from the start the victory over the crazy noobie outsider. Even if Paul somehow made the final 2 prepare for the jury stipend to raise so Nicole would get the win.

    Truly hope this doesn’t come to pass. Paul deserves to win. Production has already impacted the game in many ways to help James and Paul. Many on the internet plan to stop watching BB if James or Nicole win the $500k

  17. Does anyone remember why Paul detests James so much?
    Every time James leaves the room Paul puts his finger down his throat as if to gag. He’s done it so many other things towards James that I am convinced he detests James for one reason or another
    So much has happened that I can’t remember exactly what the problem is between those 2.

      • I agree but I can’t remember specifically what James did to Paul that caused him to feel such antipathy towards James.

      • James’ character or lack there of.

        Paul is a classy, ethical and hard working person. James is not.

        Paul sees that.

      • I’m gonna have to disagree with you there.
        The way Paul has talked to many women in the house does not make him classy or a gentleman. :D

      • Not fair for you to surmise his work ethic. And by all accounts James seems like a stand up guy.

      • Please read how he stalked Meg and how other former HG can’t stand him.

        Sorry to say this but it’s true.

    • I cant think of anything either that James has done but Paul has never liked him. Called him a little man to Vic once and thought that was uncalled for.

      • Maybe Paul’s mad that Jatalie voted out Victor; even though Vic came right back to the house.
        I’m sure Paul felt the same way after Corey evicted Victor but Corey did give Vic $5,000 so that might’ve sweetened the blow .

    • Paul blamed James for Nat and Michelle nominating Victor and Paul—the 4 of them ( minus Michele) were in a final 4 alliance– then James was the deciding vote that sent Victor out the door ( to just come right back in )… before that they seemed cool with each other BUT I may be wrong…

      • Paul > James

        Look up the stories about James on the net. He’s not a nice person and he stalks the people he likes and tweets personal stuff about them. That’s not ethical at all.


      • Look up this You Tube video

        (Just copy and paste it in the search bar and it should pop up)

        Sorry to burst your bubble or disappoint you. But James is not a nice person.

        Jason drags and exposes famewhore James Huling

      • Never watched Jason’s season. But did Jason go out and stalk Meg after the show and show up on her doorstep and then go on a negative Tweeting spree after like James did?

      • James obsessed over Meg and showed up at her doorstep and then berated her on Twitter.

        This guy doesn’t deserve to be in F2

      • I was talking game play—

        Sorry took me a while to check this out as Jason was kind of vague abt the whole issue and I agree with another poster abt listening to Jason why? ( I actually liked Jason on BB) and that he has his own agenda– now that said I am going to make my original comment—You CAN”T believe everything you see on the internet ( and half the times the news)— there are two sides to every story

        1st off–it is hard for James to be stalking Meg when Meg was the one COMING to TX to see him ( I am sure he also went to see her ) and in fact it was on one of those trips to Texas that James introduced his friend Meg to his friend Mike Holloway– Yes James did post that Meg was dating Mike ( well I wouldn’t have known that but?? ) his post said
        James Huling
        May 1
        No everyone @megmaley isn’t coming to Texas to see me. She went to see @ucantdothat121 wish them all the luck.
        BUT here is the deal according to other info out there— Meg and Mike had been dating for 7 weeks and they did NOT tell James–someone else tweeted him ( with a picture ? ) and asked how he felt abt them dating????

        Now who the heck does that? And you said James has no ethics — If you know your buddy likes a girl, would you start dating her and not tell him???? Even if they are just friends— in my neck of the woods a buddy doesn’t do that !!!

        As you can see it took me abt 2 hours to find these tidbits–SO NO — there is NOT a lot out there on James having no ethics

      • Thanks for posting these. Was really wondering what really happened with James. But still, James needs to stop obsessing over people.

        Some people are just too nice and kind to tell them they are not into him. He should get the hint. But instead he just pushes them.

        Maybe that’s why they sent him a picture to let him know.

        Game wise, James hasn’t played a good game and turned America off to his antics.

        Regardless thanks for posting the tweets. At least we see another side to the story.

    • Paul has disliked James from the beginning the season…and I have never heard him (Paul) express why ..It may just be James personality that rubs Paul the wrong way or maybe cause hes a Vetran….but then again since being one of the final 3 he has expressed distain and dislike for all past HGs using his colorful 4 letter words and saying he “never cared”.. accept for Victor..

      • Thanks and I’m beginning to recall at the first of the season Paul disliked James and called him the ‘little Korean man’.
        Wait a minute, didn’t James pretend to be in Jozea’s alliance but was instead just spying on them?
        I can see why paul would be mad about that and not trust him.

      • I don’t think its because James isn’t a good person and I don’t think its because James has no ethics…I think maybe their personalities just clashed at some point ….The spy scenario was done by both of em….At one point both were rats..

      • Well thanks for chiming in; Paul will probably expand on his decision after the game is over.
        Can’t wait to hear the lowdown from the HG’s.

      • Pst hey just letting you and everyone know, it’s not a pm so your free to reply to whoever you want. ;P just an fyi lel.

      • Maybe it has something to do with Paul seeing him as an authority figure. James was a vet, a prison guard and maybe this is what rubs him the wrong way.

    • I think it’s because Paul is a vomit of a human being and hated him from the beginning for playing the game before. Salt in Paul’s water probably didn’t help.

  18. Sat Sept 17 @ 2:32 am BBT
    Paul talking to Nicole said:
    Paul says we’re good people and being good pays off in the end.

    Paul says he can say he’s proud that he made it to that point without
    changing anything about himself. He didn’t have to hurt people’s
    feelings, he didn’t have to manipulate, none of that to get here. That’s
    what he’s proud of. Paul says you and I were hands down the smartest
    people in this game……
    While I know that this
    is a GAME and they are probably great people outside the house–I
    definitely am NOT a fan of their game play– I think PAUL can be proud of
    how he played if he is willing to own his game and admit he did
    manipulate, he did lie and he did hurt people’s feeling and I hope he
    did change a lot abt himself because if the Paul inside the house is the
    same as the one outside– I wouldn’t want to know him — IMO
    Victor however was the one who stuck to his guns and changed nothing–his parents should be very proud of him

  19. Who’s watching live feeds…

    Did Nicole tell James she’s not taking him??

    Someone reply ASAP

  20. I would like to see Paul and Nicole in the final 2 for a couple of reasons. First, I would like to see a tight vote to make it exciting and second, I don’t want to see James win anything. Although I liked Nicole’s game first time around I was disappointed this season that she was in another showmance and laid around until the last couple of weeks. I know some say this was her strategy but I don’t believe that for a minute. But she still played a better game than James (not hard to do). James was given a second chance and did the same thing, chase the unattainable girl. And after spending all this time in the house he’s still clueless on how to play this game. I realize Paul would probably win easily if he took James but for my own selfish reasons I hope he doesn’t.

    • 1st place: Paul

      America’s LEAST Favorite Player: James

      America’s Favorite Player: Vic

      • Yes, I think they should add that category, LFP. But it would be a tight race for me between James and Paulie. I wish CBS would publish the results of the AFP voting, are they afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?

      • Or are they afraid of letting America know who really won. There have been rumors that production is heavily involved in selecting the winner.

        That was probably the reason why Julie
        Chen went public with her choice for AFP.

      • Or maybe when you divided the total number of votes by 20 it comes out to 1000 people who give a sh*t. Americas favorite player may be a bit of a stretch. IMO mwa ha ha

      • Actually you will be surprised. Millions of people vote! Production does have a final say because it’s a game show and it’s stipulated in the contract they sign.

      • On the contrary, 9/25/2014 Hollywood Reporter they referenced more than 3 million votes were cast for AFP. Thanks.

      • 3 more million divided by 20 is 150k hardly millions of people. So Thanks to you proving my point

      • Correction by more than 3 mill votes.

        Besides its not that serious. It’s a game. ?

      • Smh if it makes you happy???

        We shouldn’t take away from Victor and Paul!

        Hope everyone remembers to vote for Victor for America’s Favorite Player!

      • ALFP will be so many too choose from.
        Brigitte, Zakhya, Paulie, Paul, Nicole. and James.
        It will be a toss-up between Paulie and Zakya to get it from my list.

      • Zakiyah is way down on the list along with James.

        At least Paulie played a good game while it lasted.

    • James needs to get a real job and start acting his age.
      The behavior of Dingus is not commendable or respectable and definitely should not be rewarded.
      Paul can’t speak a sentence without using bad language; not attractive at all, imo. He says things that really bother me sometimes. Like around 10:30 last night when James and Dingus mentioned missing country music and Paul said “F**k country music”. Seriously, I have a great and admittedly sarcastic sense of humor, but I find so many of his comments very unnecessary, disrespectful, over the top and rude at times.
      I’m all for Paul taking home the money. I’m simply expressing my reservations about each one.

      • I agree, none of them would be my first choice but working with what we have I would still rather see Paul walk away with the prize. In the beginning I really disliked him and if I had to live with him I’d want to punch him in the nose with all that friendship crap. I missed a lot of his foul mouth because I don’t have the feeds. But overall considering the final 3 he would get my vote.

      • I’m sure Paul’s language doesn’t bother some people. I think a little of that goes a long way. Just like I’m sure Dingdoo’s bedroom behavior had no effect on some. Different standards for different people. I think if people don’t want to be publicly scrutinized keep it private. I could care less what they do in the privacy of a room without cameras that they are very aware are watching them. James being a prankster really aggravated a lot of people.That didn’t me. His little nomance with Gnat did aggravate me for many reasons. We’re all different, but our opinions should be valued the same.
        If Paul doesn’t win, I won’t be happy about that either. lol

      • “James needs to get a real job and start acting his age. I think he might be a little on the lazy side. Time to get a steady job.”

        And yet, in the same post, even:

        “I find so many of [Paul’s] comments very unnecessary, disrespectful, over the top and rude at times.”

        Uhhh, hi pot. Have you met kettle?

        How is it possible to be this self-unaware? Gotta love it when the bully judges and critiques everyone else but themselves.

        I mean seriously. You went on this misogynistic tirade last night about how ashamed Nicole’s family should be of her for being a person who has sex (gasp) and yet you’re being triggered by Paul saying “F**k country music.”? That’s too edgy for you? You’ve got to be kidding me. You go out of your way to make people feel bad about themselves, but not liking country music is just over the line.

        The word “hypocrisy” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  21. What if James proposed to Natalie on finale night for the TV audience to see.
    Do you think Natalie would say yes? LOL.

      • I can just see Natalie stuttering and stumbling over her words if that happened. Poor James just doesn’t get it.

  22. Before anyone votes for James for AFP

    Check out this You Tube video by former HG
    (Find it on YouTube by just googling it)

    Jason drags and exposes famewhore James Huling

    Vote Victor Arroyo for America’s Favorite Player

    Send the right message to production!!

  23. Nicole is so antisocial. She barely wants to hang out with Paul and James. God I hope Paul doesn’t pick her if he wins. If she could get away with it, without judgement, she wouldn’t hangout with them at all. She does not deserve to win.

  24. Paul and Nicole are playing cards and they notice James being mopey and sad.

    Paul tells her ‘he knows. Watch him start being all sad and mopey and come to you and say you (Nicole) have a better chance of winning if you choose me (James).’

    Hope Nicole keeps her word and takes Paul

      • Not yet. They are saying its live on Wednesday. New to BB so still learning about the show ?

      • Then it is possible that Paul will be making the choice if he wins it. Nicole back stabbed him and so did James, so I think he should pick the one who played the worst game. I still believe that whomever goes to the end with Paul will win it. I don’t remember when a horrible BB player ever won the final prize.

      • It will be a total tragedy if James or Nicole win the $500k prize.

        It was sad to watch Vic go because he ultimately deserved it. But now, Paul should win it.

      • The 3rd part of the HOH comp is always live during the finale. Or at least, it has been for a long time now.

      • Hey..metgala…the live show is Wednesday and it will be how well the F2 know the jury members. They will have to finish a sentence of what they think the HG said while in the jury house. So, they would have to have paid close attention all season to what people were saying and doing. Enjoy the show! I have been watching BB since season one.

      • Thanks Lynn!! That’s going to be interesting and exciting!! Paul certainly has an edge here! ?

    • I was checking the feeds this afternoon and James was just sitting and staring at them. He actually seemed pizzzed, like he does know something, but how?

      • They are at the kitchen table now, too, and James is just sitting there watching Paul and Nicole speak.

        But in all seriousness, where does James come off thinking he will get a free ride to F2?

      • I suspect it was production interference, during, Natalie and Michelle’s HOH. It was awkard and came out of nowhere the decision to not put her up. That’s why she’s still there.

      • Production has helped Nicole and James all season. That’s why probably Julie Chen went on record to say that she hopes Paul wins the $500k and Vic, AFP!

      • Yea I know they have all season, but that time stuck out to me the most because Nicole was WIDE open and vulnerable, then out of nowhere James becomes glued to them. One night right before Natalie/Michelle put up Paul and Victor,(blindside) production let James and Nicory talk over an hour with the lights off. A couple times James hid under the covers between Nicory as Paul and Victor walked by. They had no clue. I was livid!

      • That’s why Julie Chen did the right thing by throwing her support behind Paul and Vic this past week.

        Production was really unfair by helping Nicole and James.

  25. I hope Nicole wins the $500,000. I am surprised that everyone calls her a snake when Paul was terrible with people. He lied, back-stabbed, called people names, yet many people see him differently than they see Nicole. This is why no girls win this game, cause everyone talks bad about the girls when they play. I am hoping Nicole wins the third part and takes Paul with her and beats him for the money…

    • I think Paul and Nicole payed similar games. They both snitched a lot, especially to Pulie, butter kissed whomever was HOH and kept going back and forth to different alliances.
      The only exception and the reason why I do not even want Nicole to go to the final is because she spent most of her time lollipopping in bed with a boy she had just met and Paul didn’t do that.

      • That’s because Paul didn’t have a chance. He would have “lollipopped” with Bridgette if he could have lol

      • No, I meant Bridgette. Go on you tube and you’ll see clip after clip of Paul crushing on Bridgette. ?

      • lol. I saw it.
        I don’t know how I ever missed that. The only girl I saw Paul with was Bronte and he seemed to insult the others in the house.
        I never knew he had a crush on Brigitte. Even recently I found out he was saying some stuff about James being Asian and I thought he had some prejudice against them.
        Maybe if he would have been more respectful about his feelings for her and not constantly repeat how he wanted to do inappropriate stuff, he may have gotten the chance.

    • What about the sweetest girl to ever play BB Jordan. Maybe people don’t like Snacoles whinney backstabbing personality. Just a hunch.

    • Always puzzles me that people call Nicole a snake then turn around and say she did nothing until the end. They called her a snake early on. Which means she was playing the game early on. Can’t have it both ways. She was playing, they just don’t like how she did it.

    • If you want Nicole to win that’s fine. But while there are double standards with women in BB watch the Canadian version and learn of Jillian McLaughlin and Sarah Hanlon.

      Also what you’re missing is that Nicole made no social connections outside of Corey and Paulie. She didn’t bond with the girls in the jury so that’s minus 7 points for poor social game. Paul may have been a jackass, but atleast he bothered with social game and interacted with people.

      Not saying Nicole did nothing at the end, I’m saying that she should’ve bonded with the jury

  26. 1h1 hour ago
    Big Brother Updates ‏@BB_Updates
    Nicole to Paul- You and Vic were strong. You were a strong duo. I could see you on The Amazing Race. You guys would be entertaining #BB18

  27. I’ve read a lot of people think Day’s vote will go to Nicole if she is f2 /Paul. I think Day’s vote will go to Paul. She said she wanted Victor in f2, Paul is the next best thing. He triumphed through alone. Day hates shomances. So its like Nicole had help, a BEAST of help. I think Cory is 2nd to Vic in comps.

    • Nah, Paulie would be second. He had like 5 wins before he was evicted. He also let Corey win the POV when he was on the block because of Tiffany.

      • Cory is still a beast. That’s a lot of protection for Nicole. Thats the point I was making. I thought I heard Cory say he beat Paulie and was 2nd to Vic. I’ll check someday. Idc

      • actually Paulie had 2 HoH and 3 Veto. Paul has 2 HoH, 3 Veto and 1st round of final HoH. Victor 3 HoH, 1 Veto, 1 Roadkill. Vic did win the battle back but those don’t count officially. Paul has won more than some realize.

  28. I think Paul should win. He’s the only one that has been playing the game from the beginning. He faced all sorts of odds and whenever that odds didn’t look to good for him he was always coming up with a plan. We might as well call him Roach Man.

    As for Nicole, she spent most of the game laying around with Corey and let Paulie play the game for them. However, she did start to make smart moves once Paulie got evicted. She sided with Jatalie had them to do the dirty work. Then she sat back and let Victor take Natalie out. Not to mention Corey got rid of Victor. The last 4 evictions were because of her but she only nominated one of them. A lot of people may say she deserves to win because of that.

    Now James hasn’t done anything the whole season. He threw comps and let Paulie & Da’vonne control his only HOH which caused him to break his word and look like a total doofus. He seemed to worry about his showmance more than winning. The only good thing he did was used his ACP to allow Z to be evicted, but that was more of Bridge and Natalie’s doing.

    With that said either will win against James. However it could go either way between Paulie and Nicole.

    • You are right about James. He shouldn’t be invited back.

      Paul played the best game and deserves to win the $500k!

  29. F2 Nicole vs Paul jury votes: Day=Paul. Bridgett=Paul, Zakiyah=Paul, Pauli=Nicole, Michelle=Paul, Natalie=Paul, Victor=Paul, Cory=Nicole, James=Nicole (only because he wants his $10,000)lol

    • Don’t know about Z giving Paul her vote. I think she’ll vote the way Paulie votes. That being said I don’t think Nic is guaranteed to get Paulie’s vote. Maybe he’ll vote for his “bro” to win.

      • Although it is obvious that Pimp Paulie has major issues with women, I think he was part of Dingus’s arsenal pre-season and he became a liability to the show. I think he was shocked that BB allowed him to be evicted when he was. I think he is a definite vote for Dingus. jmo

      • At the moment I’m assuming that Nic has his vote I just don’t think it’s that clear cut. I’ve always felt that he was protecting her all season though so he may not give her the credit for getting this far.

      • The reason I predicted Zakiya voting different from Paulie, is perpetuate the illusion that she has her own mind and not under Paulie’s spell as much as we think. In lamer turms that she not as weak, control, as we think. He may even suggest her to vote opposite him.

      • I kept hoping for that all season long but I’ve given up. I think she’s like water.. she takes the shape of her container. She was upset with Paulie when she was spending time with Da but that all changed when Paulie got to jury.

      • All true…VERY! I was giving her the benifit of the doubt. To salvage what’s left of her dignity post Big Brother thats certainly what she SHOULD do.

      • Even if she takes Paul, she has a shot. She definitely has Corey & Paulie. Because she has Paulie, she likely has Z. The way Day’s Jury diaries have sounded lately, she could have Day’s vote. That’s 4, people. All that’s needed is one more and if she’s against Paul, she’ll have James AND the $500k!

  30. Still don’t understand why people say that Nicole later around in bed the whole summer? I guess people have selective memory. She was a part of almost every eviction. Why do you think she was called out by so many. Frank, day, Michelle, Paul, they all called her out. Why is so many of the jury bitter at her if she wasn’t doing anything? And yet she overcame all of that, was alone with only Corey on her side when Paulie got voted out, was targeted as a vet and targeted because she was in a showmance. Yet she’s not given credit for her gameplay. Boggles my mind. In my mind she had to overcome as much as Paul, if not more.

    • I dont agree with people saying she layed low either, but I keep reading that. Im not a fan at all but do think she was present all summer.

      • Now that I can respect. You don’t have to like the style of her game play but don’t dismiss that she was playing the game.

    • She obviously has somethin’ goin’ on to make it this far, but I just don’t like her style.
      And Nicorey sickened me on several different levels.
      Paul for the win!!!

    • Well the thing with Nicole is she played too passive. Yeah she pretty much had a hand in people’s evictions but calling her a mastermind is kind of a stretch. She played the game yes but not as good as 16.

  31. Nicole hasn’t done any jury damage control her prints are all over several evictions. If they vote her to win, this is my last rodeo with show.

    • Really? you just said it yourself “Nicole’s prints are all over several evictions.” That means she deserves the win.

      • No but not in good way. It needs to be more subtle. It looks as if she got rid of all the girls because they are girls. Not a good impression.

      • Stop. You would never call out any of the guys in the house for getting other guys out. Just stop.

      • mg, you are entitled to your opinion and no one can tell you not to voice it. We don’t always agree with each other but we need to respect each other’s viewpoint

      • Absolutely! I like a good debate, i usually learn something from seeing another persons view of things. I mean no disrespect to anyone

      • Pretty sure they were referring to me, though no one was every challenging anyone’s right to an opinion.

      • By telling him to “stop”, I was in no way challenging their right to an opinion. Just because we have the right to our opinions, it doesn’t mean they’re right. mg is perpetuating a very problematic concept we see time and time again with how women are judged in this game.

        No one was challenging anyone’s right to their opinion. Let’s try and be accountable for our actions.

      • I didn’t say he had to? It was just a suggestion. No one was challenging their right to an opinion.

      • didn’t sound like a suggestion to me. ‘Stop’. ‘Just stop’. sounds like an order, maybe next time add the word please.

      • You took that as me opposing mg’s right to have an opinion?

        The right to have an opinion is pretty much the foundation of a healthy society. I can’t help but feel you’re minimizing the real threats to that by making a mountain out of a molehill. There are actual people in this world who try and take away the voices of others. My post was clearly not one of them.

        Just because mg and I may disagree on something silly, it doesn’t mean I’m challenging his right to have an opinion. And me using the word ‘stop’ is pretty casual, and I’m sure you are aware of that. You’re trying to make this something it’s clearly not. I hope mg and I can feel free to discuss things without the fear of being branded in such a flippant manner.

      • excuse me, I’m flippant? doubtful
        So we disagree, since you are such an advocate of free speech why can’t you just leave it at that?

      • Got it. So now that I’m defending myself after you went out of your way to make a serious allegation about me, you want me to keep quiet.

        I totally agree with your sentiment- free speech is important. Pretty sure no one here disagrees with that and no one challenged it to begin with.

      • Same to you! We tend to get heated around here, but we’re all just Big Brother fans at heart. I honestly hope you have a lovely evening. :)

      • See what happens when they dont play the game? We have nothing to discuss but what we think of each other. I dont like it. Hope we all just see that we think differant thats all. Be happy please.:)

      • I’m so lost. I don’t know what’s happening here. If anyone feels, disprespted by anyone that posts comments, don’t converse with them or me.

      • mg, you’re totally fine! tr8ppn doesn’t want me to use the word ‘stop’, apparently. You’re in the clear.

      • Ooh I see lol. You’re find too. I enjoy your conversation. You can say whatever you want. I never get offended. Btw

      • Totally agree! I had a feeling you’d be a great sport and knew I was just being casual with it. I think it’s really important people feel safe to disagree and have discussions around here without the fear of being branded as being against free speech.

        Regardless, let’s hope Paul comes through on finale night and takes that crown!

      • yup mg, I didn’t like the way he spoke to you and I voiced my concern. Sorry if it confused you, you had every right to voice your opinion

      • I’m not trying to be argumentative, I would really like to know your perspective on this. Because this is how I viewed things… She wanted Tiffany out because Tiffany had aligned with Frank and Cole and Franks relationship had already started to splinter. She wanted day out because day lost trust in her once Frank called Nicole out. She wanted Bridget out because Bridget was out to avenge Frank. She wanted Michelle out because Michelle always let everyone know that Nicole was her target. And wanted Natalie out for basically the same reason because Natalie was on Vic and Paul side and not Nicorey. So in my opinion those are all very strategic reasons and has nothing to do with petty, catty girl stuff.

      • I get it was strategy. I understand that. But if you look back, the girls started to get suspicious of Nicole early on because she never talked game with them or hungout. So as they figured her out, they didnt trust her and she became a target. She got them before they got her..lol. That’s the way I see it. If I were her I’d get them out too. I just think it was her fault they didn’t trust her and to me, that’s a flaw in her gameplay.

      • I’m not saying she didn’t play the game, I just dont think she should win. She has too many bitter people in jury in addition to she never even tried go friends, or get to know any of them. They collectively she didn’t talk them on a non game level. Her social game sucked. She earned the position she has now, but in my opinion she doesn’t deserve the win. Paul has no blood but Cory, and he had no choice there. Plus, he orchestrated Paulie’s eviction. Hes going to be tough to beat and probably cant be beaten.

  32. I think Paul will take Nicole. In fact I’m positive about it!
    Either way, Paul wins if he is in the final two and he should! I really like James and Nicole for that matter but Paul deserves the win! Plus he is super good at speeches and just convincing people to go with him and what not so especially against Nicole he will walk all over her in his speech!
    However, if Nicole wins and takes James I really don’t know who would win! Her best chance at winning is taking James for sure! But I think they both have played a pretty equal game.

  33. I unfortunately haven’t been following the feeds at all this season or watching Big Brother after Dark and I haven’t been on here much. But I am curious……..
    I am 99% sure Paul will win against Nicole Or James! I know Nicole and James will get a couple votes ( Natalie / Corey & Michelle will not vote for Nicole to win! And I’m sure there’s someone who won’t vote for James to win but just can’t think of anybody right now LOL again aside from Corey!)
    So who would win if it’s Nicole and James in the end? I truly have no idea! Would it be a landslide for one or the other? Would love to know your thoughts! Because I’m just super curious who the jury would favor if in fact it is James and Nicole in the end.

    • Best guess if Nic is up against James is Nic to win. Think she would have Da’, Z, Paulie, Vic, Corey, Paul and possibly Bridget since James nominated her at one point for eviction. Gnat and Meech would vote for James. Just a guess but I think most will have been less impressed with James play

  34. Okay…. WTF!! As I stated in a previous comment, I haven’t been watching the live feeds or Big Brother after Dark and hardly been on here all season so I’m pretty much in the dark but I just read that the game was rigged for Nicole to Win It since the very beginning!? And that all the other house guest were paid for that to happen and would receive bonuses for making that happen!? For real!? I don’t believe it! That would mean every HGS in there had/have to be actors! ( or if big brother decided later on in the game that they wanted Nicole to win then those house guests are excellent actors!) Especially Paul I guess! Because he is still playing very hard to win!

    Why would big brother want Nicole to win and why would they want Nicole to win since the very beginning? What difference does it make to Big Brother on who wins? Plus I don’t think Nicole is that good of an actress LOL

    It just seems too far-fetched! Don’t get me wrong, I know reality TV is not the “Reality TV” it once was and there is manipulation from production but on a reality show like this I don’t see why BB would care who wins! Especially with these last 3!? I would think BB would want but the obvious person who should win to win so their show doesn’t seem as fake as others!

    It just doesn’t make sense! And if Paul and Nicole are in the final two and Nicole wins then that is BS! In my opinion there’s no way she would win against Paul or should win against Paul!

    So if this is in fact true and BB has had it set up since the beginning for Nicole to win then the only way they can make that look as real as possible is if Nicole wins the third round and takes James to the final two. That’s it, that’s all! Paul would have to be a very good actor because he doesn’t appear to be someone who is playing for a second or someone who knows they’re playing for a second! IMO……

    So for those of you that took the time to read this LOL WTF???

    • Production has rigged the game since the very beginning for Nicole and James.

      Julie Chen recently spoke out and said she wants Paul to win. She even went as far as
      to admit that Vic should win AFP.

      Paul has played a great game and the majority of the US thinks Paul deserves to win the $500k prize.

      Julie also mentioned how she didn’t like Nicole’s nor James game play. She was right on point!

    • I took time to read, tinalee. I’m not sure where you read this info, but that is all speculation. Speculation is fine, just don’t take it as fact.

    • People have claimed the game has been rigged since its inception. They claim the game is rigged for a particular houseguest and then when that houseguest is evicted they’re suddenly quiet and then move on to someone else. Throughout this season alone, people have been 100% convinced the game was rigged for Frank, Paulie, Victor, Tiffany, and Da’Vonne, Corey, Nicole, James, and Paul alone.

      Pay these people no mind.

    • Hi tinalee I have not been watching the feeds or bbad either. I also have about 10 episodes dvred cuz of the boring season. The only thing we differ on is I don’t like Paul. Haven’t since night one. I do like Nicole and disagree with the people who say she hasn’t been playing the game. I feel she has because she started off from the very first comp fighting to stay in. If people look at her as a floater, how many floaters have made it to the final 3? Many.

  35. I think if Paul takes Nicole to the end he would have to do some swaying by the jury. He already has Vic’s vote but I think if he plays his cards right he can sway some of the girls and even Paulie over to his side.

    It also helped that Paul got along with people in the jury so he might have a better chance.

    • I think he has a great shot with the female jury simply because Nicole ditched all of the girls for a showmance. She road under protection by a beast (Cory). I think this cast of females despise showmances. They view them as an unfair advantage in the game. The women promised each other they would avoid it (Day, Nicole, Zakiya). Paul ALONE triumphed and broke up the strongest shomance of the summer in THE FINAL 4! That’s incredible! Plus he has no bitter jury members, practically no blood on his hands. Nicole would have won if she solitude. Nicole is in trouble taking Paul.

  36. I’ve checked votes and I believe Paul will win 6-3 or 5-4, depending on how “swing votes” go. Nicole will have Corey, Day and James. Those are guarantees IMO Paul DEFINITELY has Victor. I think Meech hates Nicole more than Paul. Nattie feels bad about betraying Paul. Here’s where the “swing votes” come in. Bridgette is neutral AF but I think she’d pick Paul cause loyalty was important to her and Corey put her up so why give his GF your vote? Paulie liked Paul for majority of the game (PP) and Zakiyah will vote how Paulie votes. I see a 6-3 vote, tho a 5-4 wouldn’t surprise me either.

    • Not so sure Nic has Da’ if she’s up against Paul. One thing that Paul has going for him with the majority of the jury is that Nic is a vet while Paul is a newbie. 7 of the jury members would be newbies and I’m not so sure that they would want a vet to win. Not the deciding factor for sure but certainly a point that Paul can put forward.

      • It’s midnight, just gave Vic my last twenty votes, voting stops at 10 am tomorrow morning. Not a morning person.

      • Thanks:) Too many people been beatin’ everybody up that Vic was voted out second and should have stayed out. But BB didnt play it that way folks, he played one hell of a game. I think he deserves at least 25 grand:)

      • Yup, wish he was still in with Paul but AFP would be good. He has a lot of support, so fingers crossed.

      • Spot on! I don’t think Nicole has Day’s vote. A lot of people think she does. I keep seeing it. You’re one of a few.

      • Telling him people are gonna be buying pissed and friendship t shirts big time he’s getting sooo much juice and for Halloween they’ll be dressing as him. Delusion has set in. I see anyone dressed as any of them I’ll run them over for just being stupid

      • LOL! She’s working hard! Funny how we just now hearing this. Paul’s been there all summer, and talked about Halloween the whole time, never heard a word from her. She told Cory she doesn’t want to be friends with any of the cast after the show.

  37. James showed his sneaky side when Nicole and him discussed the jury vote if she was to take him. She ‘realizes’ that he may beat her and when she leaves the room he says to himself something to the effect of ‘she wasn’t suppose to know that.’

    Off topic: who else thinks that Paul and Nicole would make a cute couple outside the house. They have been so sweet to each other these past few days.

      • Nicole will have to get over Corey as soon as she reads all his interviews. ?? sorry but ??

        Was that a recent tweet (Paul) or old picture?

      • @dancroxas:disqus
        On the web re: Paul …
        But that was over six months ago. In December 2015, Gregory tweeted a cryptic message that sound as close to a breakup tweet as any that I’ve ever read. In it she says, “Good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” Since then there have been no pictures of the other on each other’s social media accounts, nor have there been any tags to suggest that they are still together.

        good things fall apart, so better things can fall together..♠️ pic.twitter com/ZhOBA2weHl

        — Oana Gregory (@oanagregory) December 10, 2015
        But social media only tells one side of a very complicated story, so there’s no telling what exactly is going on here. Fans of the show will have to wait until Big Brother 18 airs to find out for sure if Abrahamian is single or not.

        Source: Bustle

  38. Live feed updates:

    Nicole is trying to tell James she is probably voting him out and at the same time trying to get his vote

    It sounded pretty clear. Nicole telling James he didn’t reach out to her since the F3, only after she won a competition. She mentioned he had no blood on his hands (because he didn’t play) and she was disappointed in his game. They have gone through the whole memory wall, and Nicole has pretty much convinced James she would lose if she took him. James is not putting up much of a fight. He has no ammo.

    Nicole leaves to go to the bathroom after the convo. James: ” Oh, sh!t. This is not good.”

  39. Nicole said it! She’s taking Paul.

    She said that she wouldn’t be able to bear to take James because she doesn’t even believe he deserves $50k.

    She said that if she loses to Paul she will be okay because as a super fan she thinks Paul played the best game.

    James in the kitchen saying 3rd place sucks

    • Good, she is also taking the more deserving. I want Paul to win, but am a little worried about jury votes. Paul will have Victor for sure, and a decent chance of Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie. That means he would need one of Da’Vonne, Paulie, Zakiyah, and James. I think Da’Vonne is the best chance. Even though she talked about Nicole fondly in the jury house, I think Paul can sway her,

  40. I’ve been neglecting feeds because of boredom. I checked in to find Nicole acting strangely. Shes basically telling James she’s not taking him subliminally..but why is this?? All of a sudden!? something strange has taken place. I think production told her take Paul to F2 and vice versa with Paul taking her. If she’s telling James this, then she’s not taking him

  41. Paul would be stupid to take Nicole but I wouldn’t want James to get another dime as well.

    What to do? What to do?

  42. Toughest position has always been the winner of the final HOH comp … in most cases, the one that the winner does not choose, usually takes it personally and will likely not give them their vote for the $$$ ??

    If the rumours are true with Nicole and James having a pre-game arrangement, and/or not to vote / nominate against one another, then, if Nicole evicts James .. then she’d likely lose both James and Natalie’s vote ??

    While, if she votes out Paul, to take James to F2 … Paul already indicated that he does not want James to win any $$, from what I recall from previous posts ….
    Not sure who, other than Natalie, respect the way James played, or did not play this season ??? While, Nicole had played most facets and including actually winning competitions, in her argument to the Jury ??
    A Paul / James F2 would be interesting, again with Nicole’s vote … thinking that she would still likely vote for James if Paul is playing her now? Like him or not, Paul has played a strong game, but may have lost a bit of respect on his social aspects, however ???

  43. A few questions…

    1. If Paul wins wouldn’t it be crazy to take Nicole? That feels like a Victoria/Derrick scenario. James has done nothing this Season. Nothing. He seems to be the perfect choice to take due to that.

    2. I know there’s a lot of animosity in the jury (from the females) against Nicole but with Paulie, Corey, Victor being such strong males might it not cause the females to change their minds in order to show “Girl Power” and have a female win?


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