‘Big Brother 18’ Final Two: What Is James’s Plan?

James Huling is in a bit of a pickle on Big Brother 18 having come this far but managing to win next to nothing save for an HoH thrown to him by two HGs. Losing could be a tough streak to break at this point.

James Huling talks to the camera on BB18

We’re through the first two rounds of the Final HoH competitions and we know how things are set up for Round 3 on finale night this Wednesday. So what is James planning to do to get to the F2? He has shared his game plan so let’s take a look.

Flashback to 8:36 PM BBT 9/17 Cams 1/2 as James is alone in the backyard.

James tells the cameras, “I think I’m in a really good position right now,” as he believes both Paul and Nicole are going to take him on to the F2. His big worry though at this point is letting Nicole and Paul get a moment alone so they can make a F2 deal. Well, he’s days too late on that one.

Paul has been telling James for near a week that they’re together on this one and he’s taking James. This was a lie to get James to let his guard down. Now that the first two rounds are over Paul has cooled that talk since there’s no need, but he hasn’t told James that the deal was fake just yet. No reason to either since James would be a Jury vote in Paul’s own F2 plan.

As for Nicole, she had also been telling James “1000%” she’d take him to the F2 but once the second round was over and she secured her own spot in R3 those talks cooled as well. When he asked her Saturday night about what she might have told DR for her F2 plans she completely dodged the question and instead told him both she and Paul had told James they would take him.

James tells the camera that he thinks he has the Jury votes to win if he gets there but I don’t see it. He says if he gets to F2 against Paul then he’ll definitely have the 5 votes to win, but James isn’t so certain if he’s up against Nicole. Paul and Nicole would both likely beat James if either are standing next to him which makes it funny that neither might be opting for that situation.

Since this camtalk session by James took place I don’t believe Paul has hinted to James about his own F2 plans to take Nicole, but last night Nicole started to let James know she was questioning the idea.

Watch at 8:21 PM BBT 9/18 as Nicole lets James know she’s worried he’s already stacking up the votes if she takes him to F2. She counts off Natalie, Michelle, and Da’Vonne as votes for James over her and says he has nearly no blood on her hands while she’s covered in it.

The talk continues for a half hour between the two as she counts off Jury vote concerns before Nicole leaves. At 8:52PM BBT James whispers to himself, “I knew I had the Jury votes, but I didn’t want her knowing that. S**t.”

With that conversation in mind James should be pretty worried about Nicole winning R3 but she has been somewhat wavering the past few days though all he has right now is her detailing to him why she shouldn’t take him. I don’t believe Paul has had that same talk, but his decision seems more personal than strategic against James. He doesn’t like how James has played and won’t consider taking him to F2.

Either way, James might be up the creek at this point. Paul definitely won’t take James and now Nicole appears to be leaning strongly against taking him. James could be shaping up to become the 9th Juror for Big Brother 18.

What do you think of James’s chances of getting to the end? Will anyone take him at this point or is his Big Brother 18 game dead in the water?


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  1. If James is taken to F2 and wins this game..I, as a viewer, will be livid! A “floater” is not a player, IMO. He has floated all the way through. Does not deserve 500K…or even 50K. Just think how mad Nicole would be if she did take him and he won…that would haunt her for the rest of her life!

    • I don’t consider James a floater. Just because you win a few competitions but you’re a jerk and people don’t like you you might not get the votes. James is a nice person and relationships are just as valuable. He might not be the brightest bulb but he’s likeable. Unlike the other two.
      My humble opinion!

      • How is James not a floater this season? Some people are saying Paul was a floater..not at all..sure he played both sides..but once he was there..he did some actual work…James did not. He threw comps all season..chased Nat the entire time..worked more at being a nice person as you say..he was doing that only for AFP. He will not win that wither..that will go to Victor. James grabbed his life vest and floated all the way to F3.

      • I understand what you are saying. James didn’t do much this season. But, that’s not the definition of a floater. Paul is a floater because he floated from group of power to group of power. James played a social game only.

      • James was at summer camp. He let everyone carry him through the game. “Floating” and he contributed nothing. James is a nice guy but should of been gone weeks ago.

      • David was going out regardless of who put him out. He was a goner the minute he opened his mouth.

      • James did the exact same thing, only worse.

        Let’s check the tale of the tape, shall we?

        He was with Paulie’s group for the first half of the game, then jumped ship and went with the other side on double eviction night, then he went right back to Nicole & Corey’s group for the second eviction, then went with Paul & Vic to get Paulie out, then he went BACK to Nicole & Corey to get Victor out and then he FINALLY floated back to Paul for the last time this week. How is that not being a floater??

        If you look up the word floater in the dictionary, James’ picture should be front & center. He is the EPITOME of a floater this season & besides walking around with his head firmly planted up Natalie’s ass or his constant pandering to “Merica” for AFP votes, he did absolutely nada this summer.

        He couldn’t even be bothered to memorize the days & THAT’S the bare basic minimum that every houseguest is expected to do. He stalked Natalie, did his interviews with America and slept… a lot!

        If James wins this season would be a total travesty & it would make a mockery of the entire season (although, that wouldn’t be too hard without him winning ?).

      • James wanted Nat but was not willing to be an equal partner in their relationship. He completely disregarded her opinions. He was weak as a friend or potential boyfriend, letting her fend for herself when she was under attack, and he was weak as an ally, ignoring pleas from his alliances because he knew better on everything. James does not deserve to win, and does not deserve AFP.

      • Mic drop!

        You’re absolutely right, Natalie definitely got the short end of that stick (pun definitely intended).
        Now she’s gonna have to deal with him stalking her Twitter feed, Instagram, Facebook & her text messages when she gets out of the house.

        I feel like even if Natalie had told James outright that there’s no confusion, she has no romantic feelings towards him, nor any interest in being with him outside the house, he’d still be persistent as f@ck & wouldn’t stop with the pathetic attempts to get out of the friend zone.

      • In addition to stalking Natalie that week, he also reported every argument to the rest of the house. And of course he never mentioned that he was stalking and harrassing her and that’s why she kept going off on him. He just made himself the victim.

      • James is the exact definition of a floater. He tagged onto alliances without contributing any comp wins (except 1 that must have been by accident), strategy, or information. He was just the kid in the back of the line trying not to be noticed. He used Natalie just as much as she used him. Matter of fact, more than her.
        Paul never had an alliance and was able to fit in visibly with the power group. He was OTB 6 times, won HOH’s and vetoes, relayed information back and forth, did other hg dirty work. He contributed to every group he tried to get with and was boned by every group and now he’s F3. That’s not a floater, that’s a real player.

      • Natalie is going to win America’s vote for favorite player….That is why she got the first care package America likes Natalie

      • James was just a big ole ball of NOTHING. He didn’t do anything the whole season but run after Nat. His HOH he said his noms were based on what the house wanted, not strong game play nor would I consider it as strategy, more like just existing and getting by on the least amount of effort as possible.

      • But by getting out who the house wanted works when it keeps the target off of you. That is not floating, that is both game play and in case you didn’t know, STRATEGY. He also started the downhill fall of Paulie by getting Z out of the house.

      • IMO, It was more Bridget and Gnat who started the ball rolling to get Z out, James went along when he saw that there was enough support for it.

      • They started it but he DIDN’T have to do it. His vote was the one that broke that tie and sent her packing just as his vote was the one that sent, Victor packing the second time and Corey out the door as well.

      • No, he didn’t have to do it but it just goes along with his pattern of doing what the house wanted.

      • I never said it was floating. James was just going from A to B, nothing more. Strategy never came into play, guaranteed.

      • I am glad you said that. You see, Paul’s strategy was to float from power to power until he could figure the game out. as well. I hate it when people call HG’s floater’s without understanding the term. Paul floated from Paulie to James to Nicole back to James there at the end. Now he is back to floating to Nicole for a seat in F2 if he can’t win the final HOH.

      • While I don’t agree with you (like at all), I’m up arrowing you because you wrote “my humble opinion”.

        In my humble opinion (see what I did there?? ?) I don’t think enough people write considerately or politely towards each other on the internet, rather they’re so quick to judge, get personal, call names & troll each other when they disagree.

        Good on you, John Hazlett. ?

    • Normally I would agree with you but his time I think you got it wrong on James being a floater. I think James would have a legit shot at winning if taken to the F2 but that won’t happen so I wouldn’t sweat it if I was you.

  2. The only check James is getting is a reality check –
    And he can cash it after the show on Finale night
    at the Bank of Natalie

    • He was talking on the feeds last night about all of the sex he has after he leaves the bars. Nat will only be friends with James, that is it. She only clung onto him because he was a vet and she thought he would know what he was doing and Vic and Corey turned her down!

      • If he had a chance with her after the show, he threw it away the many times that he 1) would not come to her defense when she was being verbally attacked. He just sat there, 2) believed everything that Paul & Vic said about her rather than checking with her before starting a fight about it, and 3) worked with her as an ally on who they should side with. These three things would have shown Nat all she needed to know about what life with James would be like. Basically, he is so passive that she would be on her own.

  3. Think #JamesGut may be starting to work now.
    #TipsyNicole fangirling all over #TipsyPaul had some funny moments.
    Her explaining how popular Paul will be – how much support his family is probably getting right now. Paul enjoyed it.

    She mentioned how people will dress up like him on Halloween * –
    Paul was like whaaa???
    James chimed in: “Oh yeah, people dressed like me last time!”
    Nic said on Finale night – Pablos EVerywhere –
    Shirts with “P!SSED” printed on them –
    Everyone saying “Friendship!” & “Fool” –
    Paul says “I did say “Your Boy” a lot.
    Lol – James chimed in: “Vic said that a lot., too.” Rofl.

    Think James’ gut may be right this time (trumpets blare)
    if it senses that NiPaul are bonding/taking each other to F2. Lol.

    * Hopefully Paulie doesn’t try that look again tho. J/S.

    BB – Let’s keep them boozed up til Wednesday, ok? Lol

  4. #TipsyNicole told James he should invite Corey to his wedding in 5 yrs.
    She wants to come to see him & say, “What’s up, mother freaker!?!”

    Lol. She got called to DR while tipsy. Hopefully #TipsyDRs are awesome!
    #TipsyNic, #TipsyPaul & #TipsyJames in DR. Maybe all 3 together?
    Trying to recreate Chilltown only nobody answers the phone….
    Everyone doing the Friendship dance….

  5. Totally agree with this statement you made.
    “Paul and Nicole would both likely beat James if either are standing next to him which makes it funny that neither are opting for that situation.”
    Yes, it’s usually difficult to read a jury and that is why I’m still hoping that these two are considering the option although from all obvious indications, it is disturbingly and ignorantly funny that they seem not to be. Especially, if one loses to the other because they didn’t think James deserved $50K.

    • I think for her, it comes down to the female votes, and she’s betting she will get more of them against Paul. (Personally, I hope she makes that bet lol) She probably aasumes that she’s got all the ‘boy’ votes locked up except Vic if she takes Paul. This is probably true, because James will just ask Corey how he should vote. Paul’s reasoning is a little less clear and more emotional. The only thing James could say in F2 against Paul us that he deserves it because of being a game vet.

  6. I love that James is miffed thinking Nic’s jabber is blowing up his game.
    That’s cute James.

    Like you said, it’s out of your hands now (anyway).

    I am glad that Nic is spilling some secrets/making confessions, like about Tiff got railroaded and all that. Paul said so we basically screwed her for nothing?

  7. I totally get that its easier for the jury to vote for James over Nicole and that she should be worried about that. But I don’t see how she wins over Paul. Paul is too good of a talker and he visibly fought for his position whereas Nicole made moves under the radar. I feel like she has a better chance to win against James.

    • If she feels like both guys would beat her she is doing the right thing by taking Paul if she gets to choose. She knows that Paul deserves the win and James does not.

    • I also think that Corey would vote Paul over Nic. I think their relationship is pretty much over now that Corey doesn’t need her anymore.

  8. James is really an idiot. He has done nothing at all and I mean nothing to try and convince Paul or Nic to take him to the jury. Who does that, I mean really. How does one in his position not see he should be rolling his sleeves up and working on Paul and Nic. And then he addresses the feedsters and is sure that each of them are taking him to the finale. Clearly all he is thinking about is how many more days and hours it will be until he gets to see his Nat Nat, what a total DOPE!! James you really are a moron.

      • James should not have come back. He went out a fan favorite (though I didn’t like him then either) and now his 2nd time he’s just a lazy, greedy, no ambition or motivated looser. Not just in Big Brother.

    • He was talking to Nicole last night about it. That’s when she told him she didn’t know if she was taking him. He didn’t work very hard though. He told her I needed to talk to you because I didn’t want you saying that I didn’t even try to talk to you. He also said I’m not going to be mad at you. Then after she left he was talking to the cameras saying I’m in trouble. He was so sure of himself before. Almost cocky. Thought he’d be carried all the way to F2 without doing anything.

      • Bad move for James to tell her that no matter what she does they’ll still be friends. He should have somehow let her know he would not vote for her if she sent him to the jury.

  9. What is James plan? To walk out of the BB house with his arms out zombie style saying Nat Nat, Nat Nat

  10. Interesting that you all should say James is a floater and does NOT deserve to win because he is a floater– Dr Will was a FLOATER–in fact he was the 1st to do it–Dr Will never won any HOHs or POV ( only available in his 2nd season ) and there are many who came after Dr Will who have used the same strategy
    All 3 of the current house guest ( Paul, Sncole and James ) are FLOATERS– both in the laying low sense of the games ( a Victoria style floater) and in the moving from side to side / following the power sense of the game,,,
    James has played the more honest version of the FLOATER with the least lying BUT HE HAS LIED!!! when he needed to ( more of a Derrick style of game) and has a much better social game—unfortunately James needed to win a few of the last Hoh/ Pov’s to really help his game play..

    • And before you all jumped on me and say NO PAUL WAS NOT A FLOATER– think abt it —near the end when Vic could NOT play for the HOH, Paul should have won that competition to keep Vic safe—nobody BUT Nic had ever played that competition before ( as James was previous HOH in his season and therefore didn’t play in his season) and there were other times near the end when Paul should have won– he was only this competiton beast when everybody else was throwing competitions and Vic couldn’t play???

  11. Nic and Paul have played a much dirtier game–like Dr Will’s– they were both manipulative and both lying to everyone–so everyone was calling Nic a snake and I totally agree with that as she
    wasn’t loyal to anyone BUT Corey even though James had her back from the beginning and saved their b*tts many times–she also did NOT start playing the game until near the end– just laying around in bed with Corey is NOT playing the game strategically — in fact it was Corey who was the more strategic player early on…

    Paul– have no respect for his game–he has lied and manipulated everyone–no loyalty to anyone BUT Vic and once he figured he didn’t need Vic–that was gone also– he has been planning to take Nic to Final 2 for a long time…THAT”S NOT BEING LOYAL TO VIC !!!!

  12. The thing is I hated Dr Will’s game play and therefore hate Nic and Paul’s as they are playing the same way…I loved Derrick’s game play ( as he played a much cleaner / honest version of the same strategy BUT had to lie also)– TOTALLY LOVED when Evel Dick used the same strategy as Dr Will– I know that doesn’t make sense BUT I finally figured out why I loved Evel Dick doing it and hate Dr Will, Paul and Nic doing the same thing ( and NO it has nothing to do with Nic being a girl)–It is because Evel Dick OWNED UP TO HIS GAME (play)–and said YEAH I did that whereas all the rest have NOT OWNED THEIR GAME!!!! Paul said the other day that he had not lied, had not manipulated and had NOT changed

    • Oops–got cut off there–Paul said the other day that he had not lied, had not manipulated and he’s proud that he made it to that point without changing anything about himself. DEFINITELY NOT OWNING YOUR GAME !!!!

  13. I watched all season and I think James does not deserve a final two spot based on his game play this season. He also definitely does not deserve AFP because his pranks just made him look foolish this summer after a couple of weeks in the house.

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