‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 13: Saturday Highlights

Our last Saturday of the season and no Veto competition in sight for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests. Instead it was a lazy day of sleeping in and game talk mixed throughout as Nicole, James, and Paul were counting their potential votes.

BB18 Final 3 HGs together

Only a few days left for the group to go as Paul continues to work on shoring up his F2 deal with Nicole and James hopes that won’t happen.

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 17, 2016:

1:30 PM BBT – James and Nicole are the first ones up. Nicole is taking a shower and James sits nearby to talk. He tells Nicole it’ll be crazy if 2 Vets make it to the F2 this season. James says everyone will think they had a F2 deal.

3:15 PM BBT – Paul is up and comes across James. Everyone had gone back to sleep. They discuss just a few more days left in the season.

4:10 PM BBT – Backyard lockdown is over and HGs go outside to get some sun.

4:58 PM BBT – Nicole is alone and counting Jury votes. She gets to five when she’s considering taking James, but doesn’t get the same ones with Paul by her side in F2.

5:00 PM BBT – Nicole says to herself that she doesn’t want to take James to F2 because he doesn’t deserve $50K for his game and she’d be very upset if he ended up beating her.

5:03 PM BBT – Nicole complains that all James did this summer was stay in bed, chase his showmance partner, and make moves for her benefit. (Um.) Then he backstabbed everyone. (Double um.)

5:05 PM BBT – Nicole worries if she cuts Paul then he and Victor will be bitter and vote for James over her.

5:10 PM BBT – Paul has joined Nicole. They complain about James’s cocky attitude. Nicole says James has changed since Natalie left. Paul says both James and Natalie were being fake to try and get AFP votes.

5:45 PM BBT – Houseguests are playing cards together.

6:15 PM BBT – Game time shifts over to billiards.

7:00 PM BBT – Dinnertime.

7:55 PM BBT – Paul and Nicole discussing James’s game play again. Paul says James is trying to make himself out to be the new Victoria and an easy choice to take to the F2. Paul says Victor and Corey deserve to still be here a lot more than James does.

8:37 PM BBT – James is alone in the hot tub and starts camtalking. He thinks he’s in a great position with both Paul and Nicole wanting to take him to the F2. James doesn’t want to go to bed in case they start making F2 deals. James thinks if he can get to the F2 against Paul then he’ll have Nicole, Corey, Michelle, Natalie, and Da’Vonne’s votes. He’s not so sure about going up against Nicole though.

8:50 PM BBT – Paul tells James he doesn’t want to watch BB18 episodes until next year. James says he only ever watched a few from BB17.

10:05 PM BBT – HGs received a cookie kit from BBAD. Off to the kitchen they go.

10:40 PM BBT – Owl cookies are done baking and it’s time to decorate.

10:50 PM BBT – Paul asks DR if they can have the HoH iPod back. DR says no chance.

11:40 PM BBT – Paul wakes up Nicole to talk about James. Paul says he’ll just tell James if he asks that he’s not taking him to F2. Nicole says she hasn’t even started on her speech yet.

11:50 PM BBT – Paul tells Nicole he thinks she has a good shot at beating him (Paul) but Nicole disagrees. They wonder if James thinks he could beat either of them.

11:55 PM BBT – Nicole wonders if the Jury likes James. Paul points out Natalie will have had weeks to work on them.

12:00 AM BBT – Nicole is worried the Jury is bitter and she’ll lose either way. She worries that she won’t have any of the girl votes. Paul says she’ll get a lot of support for being a Vet who made it to the end despite the odds.

12:05 AM BBT – Nicole says the idea of Michelle asking her a Jury Q&A is really stressing her out.

12:15 AM BBT – Paul can’t believe James would expect either of them to take him to F2. Nicole suggests James is getting nervous and doesn’t expect that to happen.

12:30 AM BBT – Nicole says guys always like her but girls never do and she doesn’t know why.

1:00 AM BBT – Houseguests are off to bed for the night.

Nicole sounds more concerned about taking Paul and losing but her fear of taking James and still losing may influence her final decision. Paul still sounds set to take Nicole if he wins R3.

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  1. It seems like the drawn out wait between comps is effecting Nic more than Paul or James. She seems to be getting more anxious as the days go by. Will be interesting to see how this effects her performance in the final comp and her speech and answers to the jury in the finale if she makes it.

    • the season could have ended this week.. I don’t know the purpose of what appears to be an extra week…Gonna be long 4 days..

      • Agree with you there. Feel so sorry for them being in that prison. We are bored to tears watching them eat,sleep & rehash the same crap over & over.Imagine how bored they are-stuck with people they’ve just had enough of!

      • I know…especially Paul…Victor was the only person in the house that Paul actually liked…Paul comes across as a snob…Instead of taking his comp outfits and game props with him he is gonna leave em to be tossed…Paul could sell those things on E Bay and donate the money to a charity.. Paul is a very rude and disrespectful person ..I don’t think I would care to meet Paul in person..

      • I missed that news. He said he’s leaving all his personal collectibles? Wow, what a dumbass. I would like to meet him,just to slap him a few times. But out of the 3 left,he’s the one I want to win. Mostly because if the other 2 win it will piss off Victor. And I am crazy about that guy!

      • That’s what I thought, but yesterday someone posted that Vic was ahead in the polling for AFP. Maybe they were referring to a different poll. idk

      • I think they were talking about the popularity poll on Jokers which means absolutely nothing. The vast majority of voters only watch the CBS show, although I still think Vic could win.

      • Maybe so. There must be a huge difference in popularity polls from site to site. Dingus has come from behind again in the latest BBN poll as she has in the past few weeks. I’ve never checked Jokers polls, or any other site for that matter, but posters say Vic it always leading there.

      • Yes! Go Victor. Everyone who forgot to vote or haven’t done it yet-Jeez! Pleasse help us bring Vic the AFP check!!

      • Unless he changed his mind in the last couple of days…Paul and James were packing when the conversation happened and he told James he didn’t want any of it..

      • Vic had said awhile ago that if James made it to F2 he would vote for him because he has a kid. But of course not if Paul is sitting with him.

      • but why would he want the? Can you picture Paul ever wearing any of them again? Too funny a picture for me

      • What did I say?? Paul could sell those things and give the money to charity…I didn’t expect him to ever want to wear them again..

      • You get up on the wrong side of the bed, littlefly? There’s a lot of day left. Have you had your coffee, yet? lol

      • I don’t drink tea very often mostly when I go out to eat…Now when I was younger a meal without tea was unheard of.. I guess I just lost my taste for it?? not sure that makes sense lol

      • Not to me, obviously. lol…I have a coffee pot that is used only for tea. I don’t like those tea making machines. I never could get tea to taste as good, and I love a warm cup of it as it is brewing anyway. :)

      • OMG noooooo never use one of those machines ewwwww tea taste terrible made in one of those…I can go out to eat and if they made the tea in one of those crappy things I know it….ewwww awful…lol..

      • Paul appears to be a little self centered and thinking ahead to the benefit others probably does not occur to him.

      • Paul can definitely be a jerk at times, that is for sure. I do not enjoy his bad language habit. But he has my vote to win, considering the very poor choice of alternatives….and Vic would want him to win. :D

      • Well to him he would rather give it to fans instead of making them pay I think that’s humble and nice not everyone has money to donate to charity

      • He wants them trashed…He don’t wanna give the stuff away.. He simply does not want any reminders of the house..

      • I get were you are coming from, but how much would he get for a costume? And they only have so much space in their bags. Some people take souvenirs but I’m sure they get tossed eventually. How many HGs actually do that?

      • Well I don’t know lol what the going auction amount would be.. and I said give the money to a charity.. To my understanding people buy up the outfits and props like they were shopping at Macys during Christmas.. I get the “packing” issue.. But Paul is a very rude and unappreciative person who wants no reminders of being in the house..

      • I can’t believe people buy that stuff! Weird.

        Did he say that? That is really bad, but I don’t blame him for not wanting to take certain stuff over others.

      • I’m pretty sure Paul was joking. He is one of the most sarcastic people I’ve ever seen on the show. He’ll end up taking the clothes and doing something with them, and even if he doesn’t BB sends the stuff to him after the show is over. Dan Gheesling and Frankie Grande both have YouTube videos of them unboxing their BB boxes. Also did anyone else not know Frankie was on Celebrity Big Brother this year?? He got sixth on UK Celebrity Big Brother. I had no clue he was on that show

      • No Paul has said that he wants to forget he was ever in the house and I could have went all day without hearing the name Frankie Grande…”NEVER CARED” as Paul would say..

      • Lol I agree about Frankie – although I might try to watch that show, just to enjoy watching him get evicted again…he was so increasingly obnoxious in his 1st season

      • Well, Paul also called this the best summer of his life. Like I said, Paul is extremely sarcastic and he likes to say things he doesn’t mean. Idk what he really thinks but I wouldn’t put it beyond him to joke about something like that

      • I watched that season from start to end, and probably the only celebrity season I’ve tortured myself into finishing (as I’ve only tolerated the regular editions more).

        Good season, bad winner. That’s all I can say.

      • Honestly I tried to watch reruns of old BBUK but the show is almost meaninglessly boring. BBUK and Celebrity BB are only good when you watch them live. Unfortunately this was my first time watching Celebrity BB live and I agree, bad winner. BBUK 17 was great though. I’m still upset that Hughie didn’t win because I liked him but Jason was a true player. One of the better strategists in recent years.

      • He is taking them with him, I watched him pack them up in his suitcase the other night. I don’t get snob vibes from Paul, maybe over confidence, but snob, not at all.

      • as I said There was a conversation between him and James while Paul was packing.. He was putting aside stuff he did not want to take/pack… that included the outfits and props from the comps.. James was surprised that Paul did not want the items…I also said that Paul could have changed his mind at some point cause I believe the talk with James happened Friday…Paul has voiced several times that he just wants to leave the house and put the experience behind him…

      • The Jury. That little detail takes a hot minute to complete. The last person evicted had to be processed out of the house and the jury roundtable has to occur and jurors given time to ponder what gets said.

      • I don’t feel sorry for them that’s what they signed up 2 of them are getting 50gs and the winner 500,000 so it’s worth these days in so called prison lol whoever wins wins they all got there and deserve it no matter what we think I want Paul to win but at the end of the day even though I don’t care for the others game play it worked and got them to final 3 AND YES 20 VOTES A DAY FOR VIC TO BE AFP PLEASE PPL VOTE AND HAVE ANYKNE U KNOW VOTE TOO HE MEEDS ALL THE VOTES HE CAN GET IF HE IS GNA WIN IT!!

      • This dumb phone of mine didn’t check to see it changed my words I said TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO PLEASE VOTE VIC FOR AFP HE NEEDS OUR VOTES EVERYDAY N THOSE VOTES OF ANYONE WE CAN GET TO VOTE EVEN IF THEY DONT WATCH SHOW LETS GET HIM THAT AFP GUYS please don’t let James get it again

      • You said two will get 50k but only one will. The third place gets their stipend for being in the show but no additional money. AFP gets $25,000, Runner up gets $50,000, and Winner gets $500,000. All jury members get paid the same amount, INCLUDING the third place player (I believe the stipend is like $9,000 or something in that range. If you don’t make jury you make money for however long you were in the house)

      • I thought it was $750 per week…And I remember that cause Brittany was talking about it during one of her seasons..

      • I know thought it may have increased but not sure.. Might be somewhere on line as to what the stipend is…

      • I’d have to work at digging a hole through a wall where a tunnel is every night to escape through like in Shaw Shank Redemption! LOLOL

      • I agree. They’re aren’t doing anything and they could of pushed the show up to Sunday. Unless because of network schedule they had to wait until Wednesday.

  2. Watching James cam talking was so cringe worthy. I can believe he actually he will convince the jury to give him the money over paul. If final round hoh is jury questions i think paul has it as he knows the jurors better than nicole. Paul will take nicole and most likely win 5-4 or 6-3 imo but jury roundtable can change everything.

    • Paul has to be careful if he is against James F2 that he doesn’t come across too heavy with his disdain for James’ lack of game play That could garner sympathy for James which I believe is a big part of why he won AFP last year — the poor orphaned guy with the young kid

      • I think paul is smart enough to realize he needs to tone it down ten notches when talking to them lol. He just bringing the heat with nicole bc he can tell shes getting more and more annoyed with james. I think it will be a paul/nicole final 2 though if paul wins. Nicole wins its still 50/50.

      • ahhhh that remark about being an orphaned guy was a low blow and uncalled for and then u bring his kid in it…To the best of my knowledge James has never played on the fact that he was an orphan.. He has talked about it but not to the point of wanting people to feel sorry for him ..He mentions it when ask about his back round information but does not dwell on it… James raises money for a boys home in his area so he does have at least one redeeming quality due to being an orphan. (Natalie and Michelle made a big deal about it but James didn’t) And HGs children should never be an issue as to how they played the game…I only recall a couple of times that James said his daughters name in the same sentence with the word win…James has not used his child to gain sympathy…to my knowledge

      • actually I was only repeating what people have said were their reasons for voting for James AFP last year because both of those were played on the broadcast and James has addressed so I’m not bringing anything into it that hasn’t already been in play

      • I didn’t vote for James last year because he was an orphan guy with a kid.. And I never heard that said till now.. I voted for James cause I thought as player he deserved it…This year I’m not gonna vote James cause he don’t deserve it.. even tho he probably needs money for his kid..

      • The comment had nothing to do with James as a player. It was the mention of something that happened to him in his personal life that he had no control over that I did not agree with…And no I don’t think James is worthy of AFP this season.. I can’t see him in a final 2 chair but I have no vote in that lol and it could happen..

    • I thought the same thing: “How about you, Ms Snake?!?” Jatalie did more gameplay both IN and OUT of their bed!

    • At there will be no videos out there of James in bed sexing it up, although he probably would have not minded. At least Gnat had enough integrity and respect for her family to not allow that to happen. Good for her. No doubt Dingus will have many regrets about that.

      • I can almost guarantee you that had her and Vic lasted..there would have been plenty of live footage of them *under the covers* Speaking of Nat and Vic. Lots of footage of them at the beginning.

      • Haha, I was just going to post the same thing. Not sure if Gnat had integrity or just wasn’t into James. Think it would have been different if Vic had been interested in her.

      • She was not into James. You could see the spark Nat had with Vic…but Vic just wasn’t into her. How Nat was with James was not the same at all. She didn’t want him to touch her the same way. Anyone watching feeds could see it. Nat would have been under the covers with Vic all the time had he not dumped her! lol

      • I totally agree! He seen right through her. He also felt sorry for James that he ended up with her. All the guys except for James seen her for what she was!

      • Ha! You could be right, but we’ll never know. I’m definitely not a fan and she might have been using her family as an excuse to keep James at arms length, but it’s for there will be no video for her to regret as far as from aspect anyway. Now I do think when she sees some of her other behavior she might have regrets. That exit interview was hard to watch, too.

      • that voice was awful, it even hurt my eyes to hear it, lol. Just think what a video would have done to them. And thinking about it, I definitely prefer Victor in his bromance than I would have in a romance

      • GNat held herself out better and wanting more than than james. James isn’t considered handsome, but not bad to look at. Whereas plPaul, Paulie Corey and Vic are all good looking men, who all knew how to read Gnat and walked away. Remember, she was wearing pearls in the heginning, which in my mind pearls represent purity.

      • I once rode in the back of a cop car wearing pearls. The cop said that that was a first for him, someone in the backseat wearing pearls. Quite a distinction right?

      • yup and a nurse in her uniform sitting in the front seat and believe me you get a lot of dirty looks from people when you are riding in the back of a cop car

      • I’m lmbo at the thought. Thank goodness I’ve never had the occasion to experience that, but it sounds like it has the potential to be a very amusing story for future telling. lol

      • and the cop thought it was funny that I was surprised that there were no door handles inside the back seat. He explained rather dryly to me “ma’am that’s cos we don’t want the bad guys to let themselves out” Laughter all round at that point ;-)

      • You keep giving me bits and pieces of this story. If we keep this up, by the end of the day, I might find out what really happened. Just lie to me and tell me you weren’t handcuffed and we can say “the end”. lol

      • Will tell you the whole story when you come up here for your hip replacement…. until then my lips are sealed, lol

      • Crap, tr8ppng, you couldn’t put an end to my curiosity by telling me you weren’t handcuffed? What a mindfruk!! I guess I’ll have to do more hiking to speed up that hip job. lolol

      • Is that why you were in the back seat of the cop car. Were you flashing those babies? I’ll keep guessing. Lol

      • It would have been a whole different game if Vic had hooked up with Nat. And Paul probably wouldn’t have made it to F3, either.

      • As much as I wanted Vic to win, if I would have had to watch a Vic/Gnat romance…just no. Paul winning will be just fine.

      • K, you just made me gag a bit! Never make me imagine Vic & Gnat-Nat together again… PLEASE! I luv ya bunches, but never do that again. KK?


    • Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

      What the hell does she think she did for two months?

  3. I knew as soon as Corey got evicted, Nicole would crumble and that’s what’s happening. She doesn’t have that crutch anymore and she knows she’s in trouble if she goes to F2. LET’S GO PAUL! BRING THAT MONEY HOME!!

    • Yes! Looking to Paul for the win. Hey, interesting fact…Did you know Paul is a chess instructor, a camp counselor @ Tarzana Summer Camp for kids with speech impediments and he speaks four languages fluently? I was like Whaaaat?
      Who knew??

  4. Why is everyone so concerned about James winning this year? He won’t win at all and I like the guy. His game play was horrible, he chased skirts instead of comps. Yeah he won the one comp and put OTB what the house wanted instead of doing what he wanted but that was because he played a different game than most. Why put a target on your back that early, point in case, look at Paulie. James could go to final 2 with either Nicole or Paul and still come in second. So instead of those two trying to decide if James is worth the 50 thousand or not, why don’t they decide if they want 50 thousand or 500 thousand because that is what it boils down too.

    • I agree. It is utter nonsense at this point of the game to even think about detesting the thought of James getting $50K. All they need to worry about is who will they beat in F2. What would be absofrickinglutely utterly hilarious is if either Paul or Dingus took James to F2 and he beat them. I would probably pull a Dingus and wet my pants laughing.

      • Good morning, TGJ. And thanks much for the ED info; very interesting. I can’t help it, I just like that guy, even when I didn’t, I still did. lolol

      • LOL!! I know, I spent half of season 8 loving him and hating him simultaneously! Kind of like I did with Paul this season! ;)

      • Want to know something REALLY funny?? Paul is a camp couselor here in Tarzana California for children with…wait for it… speech impediments!! OMG! And furthermore, K, he is fluent in four languages! I swear I laughed so hard coz I thought of you and your distaste for his potty mouth and thought… Now Paul, why can’t you just cuss in French? At least that sounds pretty! ;) Hahaha!

      • I’m not even thinking about the cussing right now. You had me at camp counselor for children with speech impediments, as I have had a vocal dystonia for many years. But it is kind of funny to think about how he has to constantly use self restraint to keep from using bad language in front of them. But you know, children seem to bring out the best in all of us. I bet he is a natural. :)

      • He’s also a chess instructor as well. I was like whaaat? I have a seriously new perspective (and respect) for Paul after reading this. He works with kids… aww.

      • Have you seen Paul’s photoshoot. OMG he’s gorgeous. Beautiful body. Someone posted on Twitter but I think they’re from his Web site

      • I went to some site earlier in the season and saw pics of Paul with and without his beard. He is definitely a nice looking man, but I prefer the no beard version. And I like beards, I like the bearded version of my husband.

      • ok, TGJ here’s a couple tamer ones for you — merde, sacre bleu However I’m pretty sure Paul would know the less tame ones, haha

      • LOL!! Like I said, now that just sounds prettier hon that Dammit, F-U or J-Christ! ;) hahahahahahahahaha!

        Did I get any of those right?? I was totally guessing. ;)

      • Where I really lose respect for James, K, is in the fact that whenever he DOES hold any kind of power in the house, he bows down to someone else…His HOH’s have never been his own. His votes are never his own.So basically, his game is not his own imo!

      • I completely understand. This entire bunch of HGs was mostly unlikeable for one reason or another. Vic even had a couple of moments. Sad casting results.

      • It’s not that they were unlikeable as much as productions prior interference has set them up this way.

      • Production needs to step off the plate imo. I mean seriously! Go back to old skool BB and let us have a season that we don’t sleep through half of it!!

      • They must read these comments obviously or Julie Chen would not have mentioned some of the things she did in her interview with THR. Think about it…

      • EXACTLY!!!!

        Julie Chen’s interview was responding directly to most of what has been posted here.

        Very proud that we were able to make a difference and create a paradigm shift that
        would make BB even better BB.

        A round of applause go out to everyone who contributed their heartfelt posts here.


      • ????

        Just glad that we were able to make a change and tell production to stop interfering.

        Julie Chen’s interview confirmed it.


      • Hahaha I’m sure Julie Chen has more important things to do then read these comments on all the BB sites. And if you think you’re going to make a difference in how they produce the show then I want what you’re drinking. Lol

      • On the contrary, they do read these boards to get a feeling of what the public is thinking/feeling.

        Julie Chen’s answers were directly as a result of all of us here. So kudos to everyone!

        Remember, don’t be afraid to speak up because sharing is caring. ?

      • Yeah he did…in the beginning, but you know what I really respected about Vic’s game was he adapted. He changed his game to better himself and to get farther. That takes skill. :) And charm of course!! ;)

      • Think that the best thing for Victor was getting evicted the first time. It seems to have given him some time to reflect and he came back with an improved attitude. Most improved player and definitely my AFP

      • Second that and can I get a hell yeah as well!! ;) LOL! Vic’s game improved drastically in that time. IMO, he is the MOST improved player of the season.

      • He was the ONLY one who could handle Paulie like that. Everyone (even Paul) was intimidated by Paulie and would have caved to his constant badgering while he was OTB, but not Vic. He was calm and cool as a cucumber. He never wavered or gave Paulie any wishy-washy stories about “possibly” saving him…He was just Victor, a straight shooter. LOVE that!

      • Vic deserves a bunch of attaboys for that! He’s the kind of guy a gal would feel safe walking down the street with.:)

      • Definitely lots of charm. lol The things that I like most about Vic are the things that hurt him in the game; his loyalty, being trustworthy and trusting, and a little naivety. He’s still my fav by far.

      • Oh yeah, K…charm by the truck loads!! ;) Plus, he had to make major adjustments to his game several times and still managed to make it to F5! Gotta love the guy for his all around heart and willingness to actually play the game of BB!

      • you’re right and that is something I liked about both Vic and Paul. They both expressed love and respect for their families. That is very attractive to me

      • Victor definitely comes from a very loyal and respectful family. Very proud of him and hope he wins America’s

      • Already voted today. Don’t pay attention to the haters, Met, you keep reminding everyone to vote for Vic. I might forget if I wasn’t reminded.

      • Thanks @KSJB:disqus

        Appreciate your support and your awesome comments here.

        We have to let BB know that the viewers are watching and want production to stop their interference.

        And Vic definitely deserves something and if it’s America’s Favorite Player then let it be.

      • Now Met it would be different if you were campaigning for someone else but as long as its Vic, keep on keepin on!

      • Thanks!!

        The people are speaking!

        Our voices must be heard

        you hear that, Big Brother?

        VOTE Victor for America’s Favorite Player! ?

      • Met you keep up the good work for Vic. Ignore people who want to bully here… Told ya, you’re hired girlfriend!!

      • Yes, and a little OT, what cracked me up in the Friday night episode was that they did a few minute montage on how annoying Victor’s laugh was. But I find it hard to believe that his laugh is anymore annoying than Nicole’s nasally voice and Natalie’s whining.

      • I LOVE Vic’s laugh. He (like Julia Roberts) laughs with his heart and soul. He doesn’t hold back and I think that is a great gift.

      • I didn’t watch the episode. I can’t even imagine what the footage could have been.What’s weird about Vic’s laugh? What have I missed????

      • Nothing K. Vic’s laugh is a full belly laugh, much like Julia Roberts’. I think it comes from his soul…love it myself.


        See tr8ppng I just learned french today! ;) haha

      • That means good good right?? ;) Look at you teaching me French.

        Now, when can I learn the “fun” words?? ;) haha

      • But I live in L.A. We don’t know the meaning of the word classy, after all the Kardashian’s live like 30 minutes from my house!! Hahaha!!

      • OMFG! I think I need to go and get one of those Poise pads K was talking about earlier!! That was too freaking funny, woman!

        And yeah, I do coz they live up on the mountain don’tcha know! ;) haha

      • That’s exactly what I thought I didn’t find it weird or annoying but maybe if I spent 24/7 with him I would change my mind. But I’m pretty sure if I spent 24/7 with any of those people I’d find something annoying about all of them. Lol

      • Who couldn’t find something annoying about anyone if spending 24/7 with them, right? No one can hide all of their idiosyncrasies for days on end.:)

      • I was one of the first one to be annoyed with his laugh Day1, but after knowing the kind of person he is, and his character. His laugh just make sense to me and no longer find it annoying.

      • Second that. Love his laugh. It comes from deep inside and it’s REAL!

        Jeez, not much else is in that house!! haha

      • He seemed to be. Physically competitive, but lack the skill of scheming. A disadvantage in this game. That’s why he needed Paul. You need a criminal mind. lol. He acknowledged that in his exit interview.

      • Hahaha! A criminal mind..?! Oh my, then lets nominate Mickey as the next BB HG what do ya think?? hahahahahhahahahahaha…

        *Ducking before Cy throws something at me*! ;)

      • Vic? Yeah, I think he is easily swayed. Deep down he wants to liked, so he can be talked into things more easily than someone like Paul who simply doesn’t care if people like him, b/c he likes himself just fine. :)

      • Yay. you gotta laugh when Nicole was calling James out for not deserving any money bc he was in bed all season, chased a showmance, and backstabbed his alliances. Hmmmmmmm
        Really, Nicole??
        She tells them that she mostly hangs out with guys bc girls dont like her and she doesnt know why??? You cant be trusted Nicole and take responsibility for none of your actions. You go along with anything they do and laugh. This isnt game strategy when you admit yourself this is how you act outside the house. She will have a problem with the votes from the women bc she never bothered to reach out to any of them except to talk boys with Zak.

      • Let’s hope she doesn’t get the chance to find out if the girls would vote for her. I agree, though, she wanted ALL of the girls gone and not because they were catty(which they were at times, but she can be also), but because she wanted no FEMALE competition in the house.

      • Actually her and Michelle were very close until Michelle flipped out when Nicole didn’t tell her she was voting Day out. And she held onto a grudge the rest of the game. Bitter.

      • Your right about all of what you wrote but by doing what he did, it kept the target off his back and look where it got him.

      • Should we offer you some Kleenex K or perhaps some new panties?? Just PLEASE wash your hands BEFORE reaching for the chips, ok??

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… oh crap…I’m out of breath!!

      • Are you making fun of me because I could possibly(not admitting to) have a little leakage problem? Huh? Poise works fine. I haven’t graduated to Depends yet. lol(Kimberly Clark products) Odd you mentioned Kleenex. I worked for Kimberly Clark for over 20 years.
        Hey, what kind of chips do you have? I like Lays Honey Barbecue…addictive!! :)

      • Hahahahahahahaha!! I am a firm member of the Poise club my friend! You have my support. ;)

        Oh and btw, I’m a Doritos or Cheetos girl, so wash them mitts before you dip into my chips girlfriend!! ;) Z would NOT be allowed to MY Cheetos party!! hehehehe

      • How can you eat Cheetos with out licking your fingers? What, you expect me to sanitize my hands after each handful and subsequent lick? Pfffft!! lol

      • Which one, WW, James beating Paul or Dingus or me with wet britches? Let me guess. Both.haha It would be worth some wet drawers to see Dingus’s face if James beat her. I will DVR that episode just in case. lol

    • He’ll be an easy man to beat at F2 but the thought of him winning 50 thousand dollars as a runner-up’s consolation is a scary thought for the two of them just as much as him winning it all.

      • I think he was brought along kind of as a weak link, Sky, much like Victoria was brought to F3 with Derrick and Cody.

      • Good morning Cy!

        That would be a silly case imo, and if the jury were to actually vote him the winner…well, I might just have to slice off my BB jugular coz that would be THE WORST injustice since season 3 when Danielle lost to Lisa!~!

        Actually, James would be worse b/c at least Lisa played the game a bit.

      • Think Lisa’s best move was not voting for Eric, her showmance, to return to the game so she could focus on the game and not be distracted. That move earned my respect although I do think Danielle deserved the win

      • Agreed tr8ppng. That was probably Lisa’s best move of the season, but Danielle R. played a WAY better game all season long imo.

      • I liked Lisa, but I have a feeling if I watched the show again now, I would probably want Danielle to win, maybe….LOL

      • To be fair, I was trying to compose his speech in my mind and couldn’t come up with a compelling argument to present the Jury…nada!..yup..yup

      • Well!, TGJ..Looks like you’ve been studying Rosetta Stone Ewokian..getting good at it..ok blodjk. Is this the right spelling? How do you even pronounce djKd? Ha!

      • I know right?? I don’t know what is scarier tr8ppng, the fact that I can speak Ewokian or the fact that I can read it?? LOL!!

      • I know!. I was reading one of the threads, and you guys were cracking me up. ..a language was born in BBN.

      • Just imagine Paul being multilingual happening upon one of the threads with BBwokian speech dotting the landscape. “Wtf, wth, pissed…….

      • Yes, but can you honestly respect a game that has done nothing. Made no moves and even when he did hold power, asked everyone else what he should do with it?? JS. IMO, that is not playing BB.

      • LOL! He flew so far under the radar Banitap, he pretty much disappeared. It’s like James..huh? Was he even in BB 18??


      • he laid low and did what the house wanted. Got Frank out like the house wanted and finally got Z out which caused Paulie’s downfall.

    • For whatever reason James thinks he has Nicole, Corey, Davonne, Natalie, and Michelle’s votes in the bag..

    • James hasn’t done anything to merit a $50k let alone a $500k win. He already made his veterans pays + HG Stipend + $5k comp. Hes hoping to add AFP (which Victor surely deserves) and one of the F2 prizes.

      Hopefully Paul wins $500k
      Nicole wins $50k
      and Vic wins America’s Favorite

      • He gets his Veterans pay plus a little more by reaching the the jury house phase of the game. He will NOT get a house stipend like the rest of the house. Plus he got the 5 grand from the one comp. He won’t get AFP prize money either, although I will still throw him those sympathy votes LOL.

      • And oh by the wy, It was James that got Frank out during his HOH and he started the ball rolling on Paulies downfall by getting Z out as well.

    • James to me seems cowardly. He didn’t win because he is afraid of confrontation. Whenever he had to make a decision, his response was always, voting however house votes, never owning any decision.

      • Sometimes you have to do that in order to stay off the radar in the that house. Nicole was laying low but she made mistakes just as James did along the way. The difference is Nicole got called out on them and James didn’t. Don’t hate the way he played if he was able to get to Final 3 and BTW he was not a floater either. James was the one to start Paulies downfall by as James would say “Clip your girl”.

    • I don’t hate James but I have to say he’s played poorly this time. Not to mention he’s grown rather egotistical as of lately. Especially with his Victoria like gameplay.

      The thing here though is the fact that the jury would vote for him over Paul (loudmouth) or Nicole (backstabber)

    • I agree, I don’t see James winning in any capacity. The one thing that I don’t like in the voting process is the jury really doesn’t have all the information to make an informed decision. The dvd they let them watch is very limited. I think they should be able to watch the feeds when they get in the Jury House so they can see what really happens in the BB house.

  5. Again James easilly wins if Nic wins final hoh and betrays/evicts Paul.

    Paul will be bitter if she betrays him AGAIN.

    Paul and Victor will 100% vote for James to win if Nicole betrays Paul again. You can bet anything that Paul will be livid on stage and will be tainting the jury against snakecole.

    • Hope Paul wins, but if not, this would be very entertaining to watch. I don’t think it is hardly what Production had in mind, though, at the onset of the season.

      • Doubt production had either Paul or Vic in mind for anything. They were too busy trying to push the vets and their showmances.

        Now that America has spoken, let’s hope we will start seeing a better Big Brother.

  6. Don’t forget to place your twenty votes for Victor for America’s Favorite Player over on CBS.

    Let’s give credit where credit is due…


  7. I’m trying to understand the poll results posted as to who you want evicted. James has the best result at 24%, he’s the person that people least want evicted. Is that because they want him in the F2 so the other can win or is that because they want him to win overall or there are stronger feelings about getting Paul or Nic out? Anybody help me understand?

    • At this stage of the game and with the choices we have left, Paul deserves to win the $500k.

      We cannot disagree with either Paul or Nicole about their reluctance to take James. Neither of them think that he even deserves the $50k prize.

    • I think Nic would be a fool to take Paul to final 2. That wall comp is no joke and Paul is young and strong. I’m sure he would do just as well in an under water comp like Rachael he’d just do it. James seems a little tired this year compared to his last time gameplay. If Nic doesnt realize this it will be the end of it for her. I think

  8. I think Paul deserves to win. What amuses me is all this talk that went on the last few weeks how everyone is coming to Paul’s house and his Halloween party and how they are all going to go to Vegas and party and do all these “meet and greets”, etc… Paul doesn’t intend to see any of these people again. He could care less about them. The only exception probably being Victor.

    • Yeah, he and Vic will definitely see each other again. Paul was totally bugging Vic about coming out here to Cali and spending all of October with him (Paul). ;)

    • Out in the real world, Paul and Vic’s lives might not mesh, but they were a great pair as far as BB. If Vic had been a wee bit more distrustful of people, they might have a perfect pair.

      • Yes, but I think Paul will have his back FAR more in RL than he did in BB…and that is saying something coz Paul totally campaigned got Vic when he first came back in the house. I think those two will be buds. Plau K,…you already had Paul’s mom serving Vic breakfast in bed yesterday!! No take backsies!

      • It would be cool to see them remain friends for years to come. And as many have said before, who wouldn’t want to see them compete on TAR!!!! I bet they would win the world over!

      • True, but keep in mind Paul was loyal to Vic and Vic only and vice versa. Both boys were ride and die since week 1 and have been really good friends. Vic is like the Yin to Paul’s Yang.

      • I just watched TAR/Canada’s finale, and I was thinking,TAR/US should really consider casting Paul/VIc.They would be fun to watch. for sure. Imagine the bickering and the laughter. Loud Paul will steal the show, coz he’ll be scheming. I think they’re perfect cast for TAR.

      • They are, Cy. They would be the most entertaining pair probably ever on TAR. And I’ve seen many posters say they would definitely watch. Heck, I enjoyed Brenchel on TAR. I would even like to see Dingdoo on, but I don’t think they could rig a bed up that could get them to their destinations.:D I would not enjoy watching James and Gnat, tho. That is over my limit. lol

      • Yess! I would watch that season in a heartbeat if they can manage to get Paul and Vic on the show

      • So true. If Vic had evicted Nicole when he had the chance to, both would’ve dominated to final two

    • after watching them all season i have to say i wouldn’t want to see any of them outside of the house either…vic is the exception…i do think paul’s halloween party is probably off the chain though and that would probably be too fun

    • Honestly considering how everyone is either stupid, catty or just plain disgusting, I wouldn’t blame him. It’s sad that the youngest of the Houseguests this season has more common sense than most of the older people.

      Vic is his only friend so I can see why they’d meet up. Only issue is the geographical distance (Paul is from California and Vic is from Louisiana)

    • I think “people” talking about coming to Paul’s house is just that, talking……Paul said himself last night on the feeds that most of the HG’s had to quit their jobs when they came to BB, but he had a full fledged business going when he left and that he will have his hands full when he gets home trying to catch up with all of the work he has missed. Paul seems to be the most motivated and well rounded HG.

  9. You know I just realized something. And call me crazy. But based what I’ve seen in this game Paul is somewhat emulating Dan Gheesling’s Season 10 game.

    – Both had an ally who was a complete jerk (Brian and Joeza)
    – Both were alone after their first alliance collapsed
    – Both eventually found a ride or die (Memphis and Vic)
    – Both improved on social game after their friends left (Dan bonded with Keesha and Paul made muffins for everyone)
    – They were the brains to their partner’s brawn
    – They went from low to high as far as popularity and gameplay
    – They kept their mouths shut in order not to be common (Though Paul WON’T STOP YELLING IN THE DIARY ROOM)

    Not saying Paul is the next Dan because he has to win, but I did notice some similarities. And Paul claims he doesn’t have any clue about this game.

    • I believe Paul when he says he didn’t know anything about BB except for the few episodes he watched before going into the house. He has adapted and played the best game this year imo.

      • Agreed. He has adapted very well. Maybe those few episodes he watched of the two previous seasons showed him what not to do.

      • I think he is just a smart guy. He can catch on quick and pick up the subtleties of the game, which he did. My one beef with Paul is the constant swearing and the outside voice at all times, it gets weary.

  10. Nicole is mad at James for laying in bed all season, chasing his showmance partner blah blah yet she did the exact same thing. Girl looks like a fool the way she carries on about Coreeeeeyyyyy.

    • This is sooooooooooooooooo absolutely laughable and hypocritical for Nic to say. I’m sure if they really analyzed who stayed in bed the majority of the season it would be Corey and Nicole by a long shot, no questions asked!

      • I do not want her to win! Victor would have been my 1st choice, Paul my 2nd. I don’t feel like we had much to chose from this year.

  11. So Yeah— the snake sncole is the pot calling the kettle black
    BUT my question is Sncole actually just trying to give production something to talk abt on the show ( as she said just a couple of days ago when talking with Corey abt nominations) or is she really buying into Paul’s bull??? or is she just that wishy-washy???
    Giving ‘production’ something for the show ( and therefore playing the feedsters also) MIGHT explain why we can’t get a handle on what she is actually thinking

    • I think this wait has Nic Franzel frazzled. She has too much time to think and she’s getting anxious about the choice she may have to make. And having Paul in your ear wouldn’t help calm you down. The slitherin snake is ditherin right now. I don’t think she is clear on what she would do if its her choice

      • I thought abt that and definitely having Paul in your ear and constantly at your side would drive you batty BUT I keep thinking abt her wanting to keep James safe and Corey telling her to TAKE James if she had a choice-seems like today she is more willing to talk to James and find out things–
        BTW– I don’t get the feeds BUT I do read 3 different blog sites and a 4th site that basically transcribes most everything said— I am NOT seeing on any of these sights were James is saying any of these things that Paul and Nic say or that he is cocky–so are we NOT getting the whole picture thru these sights or is it all bull???

    • I would agree that she and James have an F2 deal and they promised each other to keep it a secret until the end of the game. Whether production is involved in their deal it’s possible and she needs to keep having the viewers guess what she’ll do. So all her back and forth is probably for footage as she had previously said.

  12. I must be one of the only people here who loves Paul. Granted I liked Victor more but I think Paul is hilarious, and I don’t mind his swearing at all. I swear a lot too so I’d be a hypocrite if it bothered me lol. I disagree with that double um regarding Nicole. She didn’t play Corey’s game, he played hers. Nicole stepped up her game when it came down to the wire, James did the opposite. Yes Nicole backstabbed people, that’s how you play big brother.

    • I want Paul to win, and his cursing doesn’t bother me either. His personality and obnoxious behavior this whole season is what I don’t like.

      • I’ll admit he’s mildly obnoxious but I personally find it entertaining. Makes for good TV, I can definitely see why they cast him

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