‘Big Brother 18’ Jury Round Table Sneak Peek Details From Dr. Will Kirby

Dr. Will Kirby has made his return for Big Brother 18 as the host of this season’s Round Table debate which was filmed this week after Corey Brooks was evicted and joined the nearly complete Jury.

Dr. Will Kirby, winner of Big Brother 2

Now with the latest Jury discussion out of the way Kirby had the chance to talk about his experience and read on the Houseguests. If our last encounter with the Jury told us anything then I think it’s safe to expect a heated talk when the round table session is revealed.

Each season the Jurors gather for a group discussion, which often becomes more of a debate, over who deserves or at least who should win the season finale vote. While long ago this used to involve direct Q&A with the Final 2 that’s been shifted off to finale night in favor of this isolated, pre-taped event. It’s usually a fun segment and from what we’re hearing on this year’s discussion it shouldn’t disappoint.

Speaking with Zap2It, Kirby reviewed this group as the “best, most opinionated, most entertaining jury that I have seen in my four years of participating in the jury debate.” I like it!

As for emotions running high, Dr. Will says it might not be coming from the Houseguests we expect to see it the most. Kirby explains, “some that I expected to be bitter aren’t and others that I anticipated would be totally objective are very emotionally volatile.” Could that be Da’Vonne and Paulie, after their emotional outburst that required production to step in?

If it was anything between those HGs then Kirby wasn’t going to be revealing that due to the contract he signed with CBS, as he explained. “I am allowed to state that all precautions were made to ensure the safety of all jury members and everyone ultimately was allowed and encouraged to air their grievances.”

Either way, this is going to be a fun Jury. “In my four years of participating in the jury debate, I can unequivocally state that this is the most kinetic group we have had,” says Dr. Will.

The Big Brother 18 Jury Round Table segment will air during Wednesday’s finale show (90 mins, starting at 9:30PM ET/PT) and will include all the Jurors but whoever goes out in 3rd place. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all went down!

Read the rest of Zap2It’s interview with Dr. Will Kirby.

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  1. Da’vonne not bitter that James knew about her eviction or Michelle not bitter about Nicole or Paul’s insulting her.
    I think they should just vote for whomever they believe played the best game and it wasn’t James or Nicole. We saw their minimal game play but the jurors didn’t.

    • That’s exactly right. I have never understood how these people are suppose to make an informed decision with so little info to go by. All they know is who won the comps and what the result is and whatever else production decides to include in the mix. Imo, the round table discussion with Dr. Will is just another DR session with Dr. Will moderating, using DR manipulation tactics to try and sway the jurors to vote Productions desired outcome; Production’s last chance to influence.

      • Aren’t they allowed to see all of the episodes we see? True, Production pulls some pretty shady tricks with certain edits, but at least the Jury gets to see what we see.

      • No. The Jury sees those little clips that the evicted person walks in with on a dvd.

        They basically just see who won what competitions and the nomination/veto ceremonies. They see no diary room sessions whatsoever.

      • Of course that makes perfect sense – duh – it must be this vicious cold I’ve been fighting off messing with my higher cognitive abilities:)

      • It certainly didn’t always used to be this way. Back in season 3 it’s generally accepted that runner-up Danielle Reyes would have won the game had the jury not seen her more “tv-friendly” diary room sessions as they watched the game from home once they were evicted. Ever since then they’ve done the sequester.

        Hope you feel better!

      • That’s right I forgot about that in bb3!!! Yes Danielle basically got robbed cuz everyone on jury saw the nadty things she said about them in DR even tho she was the best player! That was a great season – thanks for reminding me:)

      • I remember season 3. Yeah, Danielle definitely deserved the win over Lisa. This is one reason why I don’t think DR sessions should be seen by Jury members, but I DO think they should be able to watch live feeds…that would allow them to know what is happening in the house since they (each JH member) has left.

      • I totally agree with that. If they watched the live feeds, they would have a much better idea of what really went on after they left.

      • Exactly! If someone is out of the house for an extended period, with the limited info BB gives the jury… How are these jury members supposed to make informed decisions??

      • They give the jury clips of what they want you to see, leaning towards who they want them to vote for.. its all rigged

      • IMO, JH should have live feeds, that way they would have all the information they need to make an informed decision!

      • Boogie and James Rhine (BB6 & BB7) were on Dick@Nite the other day and said how the jury pretty much sees nothing. Boogie and ED even went into how Dr. Will’s jury round table is scripted and how Will only does it for a paycheck from BB!!!!

        I think that says something about BB as a game. These players from the past find this season utterly boring and complained the entire show about being forced to watch it just to be on ED’s show!

      • Blame the casting crew. This is my last Big Brother season. The last 3 seasons was boring and lame because you have to practically force the house guests to even play! Like no one seriously wants to win $500,000? Atleast, Frank played the game and Paulie. Victor, Paul, Corey and Nicole played it too but, James was horrific most times as well as Natalie! What about Michelle who did nothing? Most of the game play happened because nobody else was left! Sad but, Big Brother has gone to the dogs!
        Like DWTS which I used to watch in the beginning seasons, I ended being disgusted with the fan vote ruining it for everyone voting the bad dancers who are their favorites when they should have been eliminated! Good dancers got booted out early! Horrific casting ruined Big Brother but, you will have the rabid fans of James still manipulating votes to get him what he needs! No, thanks.

      • …Oops joethehobo already answered… the JH sees nothing of the episode, just the comp winners and evictions basically. My question is this…HOW are they supposed to make an informed decision with NO information about what has actually happened in the house??

      • Good question. Apart from the little clip DVD, I suppose Production expects them to learn about ongoing developments from each successive new Jury member. However, each new Jury member is hardly an objective source, obviously. They each bring their own particular biases about what went on in the house since the previous eviction. And they will likely choose to colour their recollections to favour a preferred remaining HG.

      • Actually Boogie and James Rhine (BB 6 & BB 7) both said on Evel Dick’s Dick@Nite show that jury members are NOT allowed to tell other jury members about developments in the house…

        I was like WTF?? Really?

        Then how (I mean seriously HOW) are jury members supposed yo make an informed decision about who wins and who doesn’t. I swear I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, but WTF?? This smells all kinds of rotten people!

      • I think the jury members do it anyway since they’re not being watched by a camera at all times anymore.

      • Yeah, but India…Da’ has been out of the house for weeks…she seriously has NO IDEA what has happened in that time. How can she honestly make an evaluation on who deserved to win. When she left, Nicole was sleeping away the season…There have been so many moved since Da’ left… the JH should be better informed don’t you think?

      • They can put it all together.. Each juror can relate some info as to why they gonna vote for Mr. Jones but another juror is gonna say why he ain’t gonna vote for Mr. Jones.. So they can get enough info to make their decision.. plus their own personal contact with the final 2.. I hope that makes sense

      • The Jury house should be able to see the final show and make their decisions based on that and of the past of the HG’s to best their knowledge..

      • But if the jury had more information they wouldn’t vote for the winner production thinks should win. just kidding of course.
        At least Day’s had plenty of time to cool down and look at the situation objectively.

      • Does Day ever cool down???? Two seasons have not shown me a cool Day at any point. She would have gone further if she had stayed with the original power group and not tried to shake things up.

      • I couldn’t agree more about Day. It’s either love or hate with Day and no in between.
        She started hating Jozea because he said something that she thought was offensive. Suddenly she’s in hyper-drive, turning on her own team mate adamant about evicting him.
        So Jozea’s gone and suddenly Day detests Tiffany for whatever reason. Even though Tiff is part of her alliance Day doesn’t care.
        Day doesn’t like Tiff and so Tiff has gotta go. Day then sets Tiff up by telling Frank Tiff wants him out – even though Frank is part of her alliance.
        She finds out Nicole is helping Frank with info. Nicole doesn’t trust Day at all by this point and has caught her in several lies so she tries to work with Frank.
        Frank is so grateful for Nicole’s help that he spews forth any and all information she gives him because he can’t control his mouth.
        Day is livid at Nicole now and after she’s gotten rid of Tiff and Frank she’s now detests Nicole.
        Nicole is on to her and Nicole has a showmance so good-bye Nicole.
        Except by this time Day’s is looking pretty shady. A few of the shallow female houseguests believe everything Day has to say (Day is nothing short of persuasive I have to admit) and Nicole is now a snake.
        Nicole is really a snake after she outlasts Day and doesn’t even blab to them that Day is a goner so that they could go tattle to Day what was going on.
        It’s been a crazy season is all I gotta say.
        That jury house blow up was something else again. Day thinks she can intimidate Paulie because they’re being filmed and starts arguing over nothing basically. Instead of Paulie being afraid of her he gives it right back to her.
        Seeing that she’s losing face badly she now tries to intimidate Paulie by standing up and covering up his body (strange stuff) and thankfully Production had to intervene to before Day started physically attacking Paulie for not letting her intimidate him.
        Julie Chen opines that Paulie should’ve just backed away from Day and let Day have her way per usual. Paulie is no longer a gentleman according to Julie.
        Day was fun to watch for awhile but I don’t want to see anymore of her theatrics and Diva attitude EVER again.

      • I know. But that is how BB plays it. The jury is only given very limited information, so their vote is not based on EVERYTHING that has transpired within the house.

    • You’re Right. I also think that with both Nicole and James being in shomances will actually dim their chances of winning. I think the jury will see a shomance as an unfair advantages in the game. It’s two votes all the time automatically. I know Day believes this. Paul is considered a solo player and managed to brake up the strongest showmance of the season in the f4! That’s incredible! I’m sure the jury will agree.

  2. I am a little bored tonight, call it the end of a season jitters or whatever you want. So sitting here thinking about this season and past seasons I wonder but can’t remember if any of the female players ever passed gas on the feeds or if production ever edited when they did. I told you I was bored darn it. We seem to have gotten a few of the male players this kind of break the tension if you catch that subtle take.

    • OK, I’ll play with you, WW. I do remember that Gnat pooted because James was grossed out by it. But that was on BBAD, I think, or maybe even on a TV episode.

    • Yep the show is kinda boring right now.. time to get back into my regular routine…housework that ain’t been done since June … laundry piled in the chairs….yard work needs catching up on.. I will actually able to sleep through the nite again when my feeds are gone… need to contact relatives neighbors and friends that I ain’t seen or talk to since June and let them know I am still alive…I do love BB but it can be time consuming…
      oh well
      just know that next season is not that far away…and in between I have Survivor and The Amazing Race…

      • I hear on that. The car needs work done, the mower is currently out of commission and I work nights. The wife is and stays mad at me (I just don’t understand why) and now the season will soon be over. Hopefully things will get back to normal for us until next Summer and we get to hash this out again with new players.

      • Since you’re in a cleaning mood if you got some extra time…it looks like a bomb went off over here!

      • I have never watched TAR. I am kind of afraid to get sucked in…..lol
        When I first watched BB I just wanted to see what all the hype was about. I have been addicted ever since.

      • I started watching BIg Brother about midway through the season when Dan won. I was in the hospital for about 2 weeks

      • Well if he doesn’t point that out to them, I’m not completely convinced that they see it. They all think he played a great social game. Most of them probably like him better than the other two. It would really be crazy if either Paul or Nic choose to take him and then he actually won based on that.

      • Dr. Will is usually there to convince the jury to vote for the more strategic player. He’s basically there to tell the jury to stop being so emotional and give credit where credit is due.

        I’m pretty sure James won’t come off looking good after this, nor should he.

      • James said last year when Dr. Will talked with the jury that before it was over the Dr. had convinced J. to vote for Vanessa, when he couldn’t stand her before the talk.

      • I’ll say! I have a feeling he’ll be the 3rd place runner up because he didn’t play the game nearly as much as Nic and Paul did! Just you wait and see! :-) Paul will win Round 3, take Nic to F2 and jury will vote 5-4 in Paul’s favor …I saw it in my dream! :-)

      • I was all ok with Nicole taking James to the finale but his recent actions have proven to me that he doesn’t deserve to go and Paul does.
        Aha! I didn’t know you were psychic :D Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream to me lol j/k.
        Once James revealed he only wanted to get to the finale so Nicole would go out at 3; just to impress Nat I was over James period.
        His reasoning here is so wrong and I don’t admire such a deep rooted desire for revenge either. Even though James has been back stabbing people all season he never forgets what he perceives as a slight.
        Even though Nicole promised James and Nat safety and kept her promise by going after Michelle he still see’s this as being stabbed in the back.
        So just to save face with Natalie he wants to hurt Nicole. I now rank him down in the bottom with Day.

      • I stopped listening to whatever James said after he voted Vic out that last time instead of Corey! :-)

    • The jurors do talk to each about what happened in the house. The dvd shows the comps. But the jurors can influence each other when it comes to the voting. I’m interested in hearing Corey defend Nicole backstabbing all the women in the house to make sure she was the only girl at the end.

      • Makes you wonder if anyone ever told Z all the things that Paulie said about her after she left. Seems like if she knew she wouldn’t still be with him. But that’s going to end soon anyway and she will soon find out how important she really is to that creep.

      • Several people have told Zak things that Paulie said and did. Zak either doesn’t believe them or doesn’t care. She’ll stay with Paulie as long as he’ll have her.

      • Z is has such low self-esteem it would not matter to her what anyone about Paulie. It’s a shame she doesn’t know she can do better. If you recall Natalie did tell her before Z was evicted and she went right to Pauline. That’s what caused the Paulie-Natalie blowup.

      • I thought what started the blow up was the comments about how Natalie said she would have used the veto on James and then Bridgette or Da said something about Paulie not using it on Z and it blew up from there. I watched it several times.

      • Also I remember that Nat told Z a bunch of stuff when Z was still in the house, but once she left is when Paulie really starting running his mouth and saying all the rotten things about Z. That’s the stuff I’m really wondering if she knows yet.

      • When women backstab other women for backstabbing other women…

        I love how you guys are pretending like Michelle didn’t specifically try to blow up Nicole’s game at least twice in front of the whole house. Yet Nicole still gave her more chances. I love how you’re pretending like Natalie and James hadn’t gone back on deals CONSTANTLY during the season. The hoops you guys make Nicole jump through in order to pass your scrutiny… it’s ridiculous.

        Look, it’s fine to not be a fan of Nicole’s. I’m not a fan either. But stop trying to make this into something it’s not. She played the game she needed to in order to get to the end- and guess what? It worked.

        Male houseguests would NEVER get called out by people like you if they evicted other males. Never.

        Whatever agenda you’re trying to push, you’re not helping. Stop being part of the problem.

      • Frank tried to blow up Nicole’s game several times and she still gave him another chance as well.
        Nicole’s problem with the other females in the house was that she couldn’t relate to them at all. She wasn’t happy to sit around and talk crap about Bridgette all day; until they started liking Bridgette after all and then decided Nicole was a snake.
        It’s uncomfortable watching someone being dehumanized in this manner.

      • Yes, she was friends with Zak, I remember them together on BBAD talking about their showmances.
        Nicole told Corey how much she liked Zak and Zak felt the same way about her.
        Then Zak started getting jealous about Nat flirting with her man and the rest is history.

      • She said she was more upset with Paulie and NIcole did apologize but I don’t think that helped.
        This was during the time that Day was trying to get rid of Nicole – Day turned most of the women against Nicole by telling a lot of lies about her in her efforts to get her voted out. That backfired and Day was evicted instead leaving all of Day’s minions angry at Nicole.

      • I understand that but Nicole made no effort to be friends with any of em..(females) It was to the point of shunning em ..like they were not worth her time ….I have always related better to men and have more men friends than women.. Maybe that is how Nicole feels…not because of romantic interest she just “relates” better to men..

      • Shes going to find that not developing close ties with some of these women are going to bite her in the butt as far as votes are concerned.

      • That could very well be true that Nic relates better to men and I can’t say that I blame her at all.
        As for Nicole making no effort; Nic and Nat both liked Corey in the beginning but Corey chose Nic so Nat didn’t like Nicole after that so no chance of a friendship.
        At the very beginning of the season Nicole befriended both Day and Zak and they seemed set for the game – I had high hopes for them.
        Then Day used Nicole in one of her many lies with Nicole standing right there as she did it. She didn’t ask Nicole’s permission beforehand or anything. Day felt entirely comfortable using Nicole in this manner.
        Nicole was never comfortable with Day after that and often said she couldn’t trust Day.
        Remember Nat, Bronte and Bridgette forming the Spy Girls alliance? Bridgette was sent to collect info when Nicole was HOH and Nicole became suspicious of her. Do you blame Nic?
        Day was a very dominating person and when she saw she couldn’t dominate Nicole because she was in a showmance Nicole had to go.

      • It’s not all Nicole’s fault is what I’m saying and I was trying to show both sides of the story.
        She was very wise to go with the men considering some of the women this season. Nicole did have her ups and downs I agree and she didn’t play a perfect game. But since it got her to the end she had to be doing a lot of things right.
        Since women rarely win BB I don’t expect her to win this season.

      • Women are jealous of other women all the time especially, if they feel someone is dressed better and looks better than them! Worked in a huge office with lots of women and I hear the snide comments about other women trying to bring that woman down! That is for real! Hell, if one guy pays another woman more attention and they like that guy, even he gets shafted as well! And if some woman they do not like is under dressed compared to them, they bash that woman too! Sometimes, I wonder how women survive other women. They are their own worst enemies!

      • At that age, yes, but when you get to be over 50, women become each others’ best friends and men become relatively unimportant as a group, not that we don’t have good friendships with a few men too, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

      • She was also in the Fatal Five with Tiff, Da’, Zakiyah and Michelle. All girls who she ended up alienating before they went home…

      • 100% agreed. Posts like the one above frustrate me so much. We would never single out any of the men for evicting other men. Not only are women held to higher scrutiny in this game, but Nicole is held under higher scrutiny than the other women.

        And again, this is coming from someone who has been rooting for Paul to win for the past few weeks, and not Nicole.

      • :)

        It’s not that hard to root for someone else and still feel like people deserve to be treated fairly and decently.

      • I’m not being mean about Nicole.. just expressing thoughts on her behavior toward the other females in the house.. its a discussion/debate..I guess..

      • I wasn’t talking about you. There are people around here who are legit mean about Nicole. As far as I know, you’re not one of them. They know who they are.

        That’s the thing, it’s perfectly fine to disagree with someone’s game and point out why you feel that way. It’s the unnecessary personal comments about how her should be ashamed to have her as their daughter/trying to get her fired from her nursing job that is so over the line. And yes, those kinds of comments are rampant around here.

      • Agreed. Some people on these boards are so judgmental. The comment about her family being embarrassed about her was so over the top.

      • I don’t blame Nicole at all. Why would she want to be friends with them? She didn’t feel the need to play the catty girl games. She knew the girls were talking crap on her because she refused to stoop to that level and just let them say what they were going to say. She always tried to stay out of the drama even when they tried to drag her in. Smart move if you ask me. She is in the F3 and they are all in the JH.

      • I couldn’t relate to them either, except for Bronte, the adorable math genius. She left too soon. Nicole was by far my favorite female all along and I hope she wins.

      • #Friendship :D
        Where have you been all season ? I would’ve loved talking to you about the game.

      • I’ve been watching but didn’t discover the online discussion until recently — glad I didn’t find it when all the Nicole bashing was happening or I would have left.

      • OMG, no one is trying to make her the ogre here!! She played a CRAPPY game. She backstabbed people, stayed in bed 80% of the time mooning over Corey and coasted through the game until now. Everyone’s criticism of her, I feel, is well founded. Every one of the HG’s has been dragged over the coals here, so let’s not try to make Nicole clean as a whistle!!

      • Liz, the things people have said about Nicole are way over the line. Nowhere near the degree the other houseguests have gotten. People saying her parents should be ashamed to have her as their daughter, people literally referring to her as just a “hole” for Corey to use, and then making it sound like she is unqualified to continue working as a nurse and wanting her to get fired.

        These are all things that have been said about Nicole within the past two weeks here. I did not embellish or exaggerate at all.

        If you disagree and think this is okay, that’s on you, but you cannot accuse me of lying and act like no one said it.

      • I haven’t read these things and I think they are DISGUSTING. Women SHOULD NOT be judged for choosing to sleep with whomever she chooses. Just like a man does. To say terrible things about a female is horrendous. We are NOT in the dark ages anymore. Women now have the same choices as men. They can have relationships with whoever they like and it DOES NOT mean they are in any way cheap or sluts. Let’s turn the tables here for a minute, if men were judged on how many sexual partners they’d had, I wonder how they would feel if people called them bad names and said awful things about them. Just think on that for a while guys and how it would affect your self esteem and your life.

      • You should’ve been around more, then, liz, because the slut-shaming’s been going on for WEEKS.

      • Guess I’m a slut then because I’ve had more than one partner. But then that will make my husband a super slut because he’s had twice as many as me LOL

      • LOL

        You know, it’s interesting. I didn’t start using the term “slut-shaming” until Julie Chen did in that THR article.

      • The old saying about sticks & stones etc., is not true!! Words can hurt you far worse than any sticks or stones. The wounds caused by them rarely heal.

      • You’re lucky you missed all the slut-shaming because it was rampant and ridiculous.
        I just skip over their posts now because it’s the same thing over and over again.

      • kinda like the pre seasoned conspiracy theories ??? I try to pass em by…but it don’t always work,,

      • I’m still waiting on answers to my questions about “pre-seasoned” alliances… Seems everybody knows that the alliances exist but don’t know what they entail…Feeling kinda shunned cause nobody seems to wanna answer my questions…

      • Me too. I can never get an answer that makes any sense. I was told because they were friends outside the house and already knew each other. The others have to start fresh and get to know each other.

      • Right on! I think there’s PLENTY of stuff about Nicole’s game to make fun of without getting ugly or misogynistic about it.

        The sad thing is that not only have people actually said the deplorable comments I’ve listed above, but people actually agree and upvote away, encouraging it.

        I have mad respect for you for being able to look at it with an open mind.

      • Yeah…and shes talking to herself about James staying in bed all summer and playing Natalies game.. that’s the pot calling the kettle black…

      • The difference is, when she needed to protect herself, she did. James just laid around and let his allies get evicted without, happy to be dragged along to the end.

        Nicole didn’t have to work nearly as hard as Paul, but she did have to put in some work, so she’s within her rights to criticize James’ game, I think.

      • I didn’t consider laying/staying in the bed “game play” on either of their parts.. I didn’t consider a “showmance” or a “nomance” game play.. Nicole should not be criticizing James cause she done the same thing.. That is why I said that’s the pot calling the kettle black….

      • Just wait until she sees the footage and realizes just what a bloody fool she’s made of herself in front of America. She couldn’t have tried harder to throw herself at Corey. Too bad he’s not interested in her.

      • Even 500k won’t change his mind on that it’s chump change to his family. Mommy and Daddy are rich rich rich

      • The game is not a GoFundMe account and based on who needs the money the most. It is based on who played the game the best.

      • Well, she was right about James playing Natalie’s game, and Corey was playing hers. The thing is though that Nicole didn’t even play a good game until a few weeks ago. I really think her going to the end with Paul is a very bad idea for her, but oh well!

      • Actually, she did a lot of the decision making for the two of them. She leads like a Southern woman, subtly, from behind.

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like production played a big part in the MacGyver veto comp, baseball themed veto comp, and the comic book veto comp. 1. MacGyver comp: Corey knew exactly what to do as soon as he opened the door. 2. Baseball-themed comp: Corey was definitely going faster than Paul and could have won but he randomly stops on 38 and blames it on the fact that he “wasn’t paying attention” which is hard to believe because it is the last veto comp. 3. Comic veto comp: when the houseguests were looking at the comics everyone was going at the same pace, but Nicole was going significantly slower allowing her more time to memorize the comics.

    • Call me crazy, but I think Paul won the Question/Answer HoH because he was better at answering the questions than everyone else. Corey had a faster time in the MacGyver veto because he navigate his way to the end faster than everyone else. Paul won the baseball veto because he was able to enter the numbers faster than everyone else. Nicole won the Comic Book veto because she was able to memorize them faster than everyone else.

      But that’s just me.

    • For sure these comps were rigged by production!! We’ve been saying this for weeks now!! Sure takes the fun out of watching when you realize CBS is selling us a lie!!

      • You think that is bad…I saw two respected vets of BB admit there IS a pre-game alliance between Nicole and James tonight!! On Dick@Nite, both Boogie and James Rhine said they know Nicole & James had a pregame alliance. How is that for admitting the X-Files really do exist!!

      • And just how does a pre seasoned alliance work?? What does it mean exactly?? What are the benefits if any?? What does a person have to agree to in order to get in on a pre seasoned alliance?? Its never been explained..

      • That’s always been my question. We see time and time again where people make alliances the second they enter the house that mean absolutely nothing and never pan out. What makes us think deals made before the season even STARTS would suddenly become an unbreakable oath?

      • Yep, pretty sure she did just that right after she called certain commenters on this site to personally tell them that her main mission was to be the last female standing at all costs.

      • The big question is “‘HOW DO THEY KNOW”??? Did James and Nicole call Boogie and Rhine to tell them??? Get real…Boogie and James Rhine don’t know any more than anybody else.. They don’t know any more than we do…Its all speculation ..and who cares anymore??? The game is over next week and the conspiracy theories will end…

      • I’m saying the listeners are delusional. Dick@Nite is WIDELY regarded as just a cashgrab from Dick where he will say literally anything to get people to give him their credit card info. His preseason rumors are always 100% wrong.

      • Yes. My son actually bought itr for me coz he knows how entertaining I find him…Jason never realized how controversial he is as well!! ;) Tonight mny son was like…Mom, seriously, that guy is going to get you in an argument!! LOL! Looks like Jason was right. :)

        At least not with you India…your still my #friendship!

      • Haha. Right?? I have to confess…ED is a guilty pleasure, BUT he does have A LOT of former HG on his show and I’m just saying…I think they know how the show works better than we (the fans) do.

      • Yeah it is. He bought me my Dick@Nite subscription right after he bought me the car from his signing bonus…and??

        My son is a terrific kid. I raised a nice boy and a good man.

      • Thank you. It is and was. My son is amazing. Love my new BMW and my Dick@Nite scripi! ;) He also bought me a new Frigidaire Fridge and a new Keurig… “Yay Jason!!”

      • He has all former HG on his show. Um…just thinking here. I would say they probably know the game better than we do. Would you agree or not agree here?

      • Can I ask the question, why does it even matter? What’s the difference of saying you’re going to work with a person before the show or first day you’re in there? You’re going to work with people throughout the game. Why does when you make the alliance matter? I just don’t understand why it’s such a controversial subject.

      • Honestly it doesn’t. That is what is SO funny. Will & Boogie had an OBVIOUS pregame alliance, but Will still got voted out by Janelle. So, it really does not…except in a circumstance like now, when Paul has NO IDEA that James and Nicole were ever aligned. THEN it ban make a HUGE difference… That is why James Rhine was saying production told him he had to make any alliances he had pre-game clear in his DR sessions…

      • Still doesn’t make it matter. Because Paul doesn’t trust either of them anyway. He said himself he’s only pitching f2 to them in case he doesn’t win the final hoh. Most f3 hg always pitch f2 with each player. The goal is always to win the 3 round so you can make the decision, no matter who is in f3 and what alliances gave been previously made.

      • Welllllll As it stands Paul and Nicole have a final 2..(an alliance) James has a final 2 with both Paul and Nicole..(Both alliances) Soooo why don’t all 3 just admit it??? Its not fair to James cause he is putting his hopes on 2 people…While Paul and Nicole are putting their hopes on each other…And if James and Nicole did have a pre seasoned alliance and admitted it in their DRs they couldn’t tell Paul cause “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT UR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS” The whole thing just don’t make no dam sense…

      • So alliances made on day 1 are acceptable? If I remember correctly all the vets agreed to stick together on day 1.

      • Being able to trust what someone tells you is a key advantage IMO – the longer you know someone the better to judge that – add a little $$ sharing incentive and you have a pregame alliance that guarantees nothing, but could really be an advantage – emphasis on could. With a truly trusted partner, you could manage to gain much more information about others vs. by yourself – and think about it – you both could be in different alliances in the game and report back to each other with the supposed comfort which comes from a proven (pregame experience) trust in each other. Again, emphasis on could.

      • Because when we the viewers think that this is all off the cuff, impromptu, and a legitimate show, in actuality, it is not the case. No one likes having the wall pulled over their eyes.

      • It can have a dramatic affect on the game when Production is the 3rd person in that preseason alliance.

      • Agreed, but a preseason alliance sans Production interference would be no different than one made on day 1. Obviously any kind of Production interference would have an effect on the game no matter when it happened.

      • Oh it definitely could make a difference!! Being able to plan ahead would be a huge benefit for Production, and therefore the preseason alliance. No doubt about that!!!

      • Do you think that by mixing in unsuspecting people that production thinks that they can get away with being a part of the game?

      • Oh definitely. I said before that imo, some people are probably cast specifically because Production knows from interviews that they could be easily manipulated.

      • First of James Rhine gives credence to the fact that there ARE pre-game alliances between Vets and returnees! Boogie admits to a pre-game alliance with Will…and he says how production told him he’d have to factor that into his DR sessions, SO…the fact that they are talking about them, says they happen. And…ED knew who was going to be in this season before we all did and he said it live… So yeah, it happens! Watch the show. There are a ton of BB HG on it. Johnny Mac was great!

      • And just how does a pre-seasoned alliance work?? What are the benefits?? What do u agree to when u wanna be in a pre-seasoned alliance?? Did Rhine and Boogie explain any of that ?? Did Evel Dick admit that he and Daniell faked the “we have not talked to each other in 10 years” scenario ??? OMG a pre-seasoned alliance ..imagine that..

      • Whaaaat? Are you trippin? Boogie and Will most definitely had a pre-season alliance before season 7 and they FREELY admitted it…even during the season!! Watch it. They talk about in their sassy little telephone DRs!

        Look, not trying to argue with you. I am just repeating what these people WHO HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME have said. Okay? If you want to continue to argue…email Evel Dick or Mike Boogie–theyre the ones who said it!

      • It works like this apparently..the two people (Mike & Will) talk before the show and form an alliance…

        Fade in…
        “Hey Boogie?”
        “Yeah, Will?”
        “Are we going to work together and form Chill Townagain?”
        “Hell yeah, Will definitely! And we’re going to play all these HG’s for fools!!”
        Dr. Will smirking… “Okay. Just checking”.
        And then you cut to a DR session with Mike and Boogie on hand phones laughing their butts off!

        I mean seriously WTH do you want me to say here?? Boogie ADMITTED him and Will has a pre-game alliance!! I was not sitting in his living room with him at the time…so unfortunately, I was not able to grill him on the what’s and wherefores! All I can tell you is HE admitted it! K? End of freaking story!

        Jeez! Don’t kill the freaking messenger people! LOL!! ;)

      • But how do u know that Nicole and James had a pre seasoned deal??? How does Boogie and Rhine know??? We all know that a pre seasoned alliance can exist (ask Evel Dick and Daniell) But where is ur proof concerning James & Nicole?? It don’t hold water if u ain’t got proof…

      • I never said they did and neither did any of the other HG…What I originally said was the fact that THEY (former HG) are admitting it says it actually DOES happen. End of story. WOW! What a freakin drama this has turned into.

        Look, I am entitled to my opinion. I do not disrespect anyone for their opinion…I might argue or debate here freely, but I don’t get personal, so please don’t get personal with me. I heard what I heard on ED’s show…If you don’t agree with me, that is fine. We can agree to disagree, but don’t be rude please… Good night. I am off to bed.

      • “Before u post”
        u need proof before accusing Nicole and James of having a pre – seasoned deal ..U insisted that they did because of whatever Rhine and Boogie said.. They don’t know and u don’t know.. but u kept insisting that it was true.. nobody ever said that the deals weren’t possible.. u put urself in a position to be questioned and criticized when u posted 3rd party gossip …U took what somebody else said and tried to make it the gospel truth.. but a lot of posters weren’t buying it not just me…So noo it was nothing personal against u.. and I was not rude in letting u know that I was laughing and enjoying the banter along with the other posters who were laughing as well..u have a good nite and rest well…

      • Actually ED and Dani did NOT fake their reunion, coz guess what?? They still aren’t talking to each other. And before you put all that blame on ED…HE tried with Dani, but she cut him out of her wedding and let’s face it…watch season 8…HE was the one trying hard to make it work. SHE was a brat! He has finally just given up. It’s sad, but not every family reunion has a happy ending. Dani started liking her father when she realized he might actually win BB…after the money was gone, so was Dani.

      • Believe what u will….U the one paying $20.99 to help Evel Dick pay his bills…Guess that trip he and Daniell took to Europe after his win was more costly than he imagined it would be…

      • Pretty crappy. We should get a petition or something going & send it to CBS asking them to STOP selling us lies. Telling the GP that it’s an unknown outcome is bullshit if they’re stacking the deck towards who they want to win. To me that is false advertising. Surely that’s against the law!!!

      • This was NOT on regular programmed TV. It was aired on Dick@NIte, a web show hosted by Evel Dick that discusses BB.

      • You should India, it actually is quite hilarious!! ;) Johnny Mac and Ed together had me laughing so hard I was holding my stomach!

      • A kinda regular. Boogie is a semi regular. ED also has grade B celebs like Shannon Elizabeth (the hottie from American Pie) and several former HG of BB. It’s actually a pretty entertaining analogy of BB.

      • After having to listen to Vanessa nonstop it was a much needed break to watch his DR’s.
        One of the funniest guys ever.

      • I think all of us should go on BB. We probably know more about the game than anyone!! At least we’d all pretty much know each other from here LOL.

      • Are you trying to be rude right now? B/c if you are, seriously you can back right the hell off. I have in no way shape or form ever disrespected you or your opinions. I think we all have a right to post here freely and with our own views, so if you are trying to make fun of me with your sarcastic posts…you aren’t that funny. You are simply rude and you can just stop replying to me if that is how you want to conduct yourself.

      • Ugh! Okay and the guests were Mike Boogie and James Rhine, both of which have played BB on more than one season…/so what?? They are BOTH making this crap up?? Jeez!

      • Consider the source and what was said. Mike Boogie claims to have had a pre-game alliance with Dr. Will for BB All Stars… the same person he was in an alliance with on BB2… the same guy he went into business with… the same guy who he’s practically BFFs with.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if said “pre-game alliance” was “if we ever go back on BB together, let’s reunite as Chill Town and see if we can make it all the way. GENIUS!”

      • Not saying it’s a stacked deck, but these guys definitely admit to a house in charge of all the players. You should hear what they say about Dr. Will and the jury round table!!

  4. Okay, now I know for sure there ARE pre-game alliances in BB! James Rhine (BB6&B7) said on Dick@Nite that in season 7 (All-Stars) production told him if he had “pre-game” alliances, he would have to work it into his DR sessions… Boogie was in on the same conversation and he said they told him and Will they would have to admit from the get-go they has a pre-game alliance. Funny thing…both Boogie and James mention a “Pre-game” alliance between Nicole and James that production have not made them admit!! This is crazy b/c this has been such a hot topic debate all season, but now on Dick@Nite, two Vet players of BB have admitted they KNOW about it! Evel Dick concurred, so obviously, he ALSO KNEW about the alliance between Nicole and James!

    OMG! The conspiracy theorists are right!! BB is really twisting the game to suit these TWO players!

    Wow! I am disgusted right now!

      • LMAO! India, you’re funny!! But seriously…that is pretty bad and if it was ANYONE but Nicole on the positive END of that alliance, you know you would be having a fit! ;)

      • I thought we were all joking around here – I’m up way past my bedtime and I’m starting to get punch drunk so don’t take anything I say seriously ok :D

      • If only people were this passionate about the Presidential election an orange moron wouldn’t be so close to the White House. For my next trick let’s talk religion!

      • Wow. I guess I did not realize how cray-cray people can get on this site!! ;) I swear, I think I’m off to hide my personal info now… lol!!

      • Hahaha! Yep…too sad, but true. ;) Oh well, maybe I asked for it by introducing such a “HOT” topic!! ;) Ugh…never again. I swear, keep opinions to myself for now on. *sigh*

        Okay. Maybe not. Haha!

      • Not at all hon! Love ya bunches! In addition, you know Im not trying to hurt your girl, just trying to figure out if Denmark is rotten!!

      • Of course I understand and I often wonder the same thing myself.
        I thought you were saying in your above comment that Mike Boogie and James said that Nicole and James had a preseason alliance.
        I’m aware that there has been preseason alliances in the past and I don’t like it either.

      • Oh no, they did. Although, I cannot confirm whether it is true b/c James (BB 6&7) Boogie (Season 2&7) and Dick (Season 8 & 13) are all just speculating based on their own BB experiences, but the point that I am making is the fact that they admit it happens, tells me it DOES happen! And James even says he can’t believe production is not making James and Nicole admit their alliance b/c it’s really unfair that Paul doesn’t know it exists! JS…

      • There’s been a lot of speculation about this but no proof yet presented.
        James does not want to go to the finale with NIcole, he said he was doing that for Natalie.
        We’ll have to wait till after the season is over to find out more about this so called alliance :D

      • Maybe because it does not exist??? Maybe its something a bored poster wrote or speculated about and it was blown out of proportation…What difference does it make??? What importance does such an alliance have??? Explain all these questions I am asking and then we will talk..

      • Okay so YOU (littlefly) know more information and people in the CBS industry and the BB community than Mike Boogie (a 2 time BB player and 1 time winner) and Evel Dick (another two time BB player and one time winner) and James Rhine (a two time BB player).

        Is that what you are saying here?

        ALL I am saying is…THEY (ED, Boggie & JR) admitted that pregame alliances have existed in past BB seasons. AND, they are specualating (based on what THEY have heard) iif Nicole and James have one. Okay?? That is it. If you know more info than they do, then have at it and correct me. I will concede to your points…

      • Ohhhh I am still here and seeing all ur posting…And u seem to be the one that knows all since Evel Dick James Rhine and Boogie said it was sooo..I ain’t the the one paying $20.99 to listen to 3 has been winners who ain’t got pots to piss in…cause they blowed the money…

      • Actually I have never paid a dime. My son purchased the link for me right after he bought me a new car with the signing bonus he got from the Baltimore Orioles…Okay? That is why I think Paul wanting to buy his own mom a car is sweet…

        And as far as you go littlefly…I guess you know more than all the former HG who have appeared on ED’s show, so I will bow out of this argument right now. You’re right. There has never been ANY pregame alliances. They do not exist and never have. Boogie is lying, as is James Rhine and ED. These former players do not have your inside scoop and superior knowledge of the game, therefore, I will sign off and let you win this argument…


      • Since James wants to go to the F2 with Paul, I don’t see it as unfair to Paul at all if the alliance even existed. We still have no proof of such an alliance though is all I’m saying. We will learn more after the show I think. Nicole is only considering James because she thinks she can beat him, not because they have an alliance.
        If they had an alliance an any time I’m not seeing any evidence of it at this point.
        James is bitter than he was outplayed by Nicorey and wants to redeem himself in Nat’s eyes by hunting Nicole and keeping her from winning.
        James does not belong in the finale with this type of warped reasoning and only a Nicole/Paul F2 would be fair.

    • It could be that they are looking for some attention. Anything to be in the spotlight.
      I think Nicole and James may have made a pact before they entered the game and have kept it a secret from everyone.
      The other possibility is that production have made that alliance and they are not dumb enough to reveal it. According to rumors and speculations, it seems that they want Nicole and James at F2.

      • It is still speculative Samsara, but Boogie, James Rhine (season 6&7) and Evel Dick all admitted there have been pregame alliances in BB seasons past. So… that says is DOES happen. Whether it has happened this season?? IDK. But it is bothersome, considering how freaking BORING this season has been. If there was a pregame alliance, it just seems shady. Just saying…….

      • I prefer original premise of all strangers, but if BB opens the game up to vets, I guess all’s fair that goes with it. It would be almost impossible to keep vets from talking pregame and WTH they are going to start planning if they can. I agree it feels shady and unfair.

    • Ted B reminded me that BB is, after all, based on the book “1984” where the world was controlled by elitists with the help of 24/7 surveillance. Maybe we just are not considering production’s role as the elite group who has control and uses it however and whenever they choose!!

  5. Man the more I think about it… Nicole and Paul would be a really strong final two, almost to the point to where I’m not sure who would win. I know most girls won’t vote for Nicole but if it’s Paul who evicts James then could Nicole get Natalie’s vote?

    I want Paul to win this game of course. But I’m excited nonetheless, as long as James doesn’t win I’m happy

  6. Goodnight my fellow bloggers. My bed is calling and the toothpicks holding my eyes open just fell out. This BB fan signing off. Have a great night everyone. Peace.

  7. I got a feeling Z and Paulie had a huge blowout and Cory and Victor. Dr. Will gave us a hint that the drama came from laid back players.;-)

  8. If Nicole is in the Final 2 she will likely win. She will likely get votes from Corey, Paulie, James (unless he is F2 with her which seems unliklely), DaVonne, Zackiah, and Bridgette. That’s 6, more than enough to win.

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