‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Monday Highlights

The Big Brother 18 veto ceremony came and went today, changing nothing in the house. Nicole and Corey bickered most of the day while the others slept and/or continued to not really question whether Paul or Michelle are going home this week.

James Huling hanging out on BB18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 29, 2016:

9:45 AM BBT – Nicole is the first up and getting started for the day.

10:05 AM BBT – Victor and Nicole wonder why James, Natalie, and Michelle haven’t even approached them about the plan this week.

10:15 AM BBT – James joins Nicole outside to chat about life after Big Brother.

11:05 AM BBT – Feeds are back from the Veto meeting. Nicole didn’t use it. Paul & Michelle still on the Block.

11:10 AM BBT – James tells Michelle he’s ready to go to work and keep her safe. He says Nicole will be honest with him about her plans this week.

11:15 AM BBT – Nicole and Victor check in post-meeting. Nicole asks if Victor was worried she was going to renom him. He says no and she’s glad because she wants him to trust her.

12:00 PM BBT – Few HGs outside enjoying the pool. General chatter.

1:00 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey don’t think they need to use the BB Bribe on Victor because he seems set to vote out Michelle. They think they’ll do better with Victor and Paul than James.

1:05 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey they are the most strategic players in the house.

1:35 PM BBT – Paul has made a new batch of Friendship Muffins. He’s sharing them around the house.

2:25 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole discussing chance of getting James to accept the BB Bribe in exchange for dropping in the next HoH comp. Nicole doesn’t think James would ever take that.

2:45 PM BBT – HGs lounging and napping. Quiet afternoon.

3:45 PM BBT – Victor anxious to get to another competition and feels frustrated that he hasn’t won anything in several comps.

4:30 PM BBT – Victor has cooked up some slop concoctions.

5:30 PM BBT – Corey talking with Victor and James about his BB Bribe and what to do with it. James says he’d take the $5K to drop out of the next HoH comp.

5:55 PM BBT – Corey goes back upstairs to let Nicole know James might take the $5K to throw the HoH comp. This kicks off another round of worrying and uncertainty for Nicole and Corey. They decide they’d rather Natalie drop out of the HOH than James. They think if James won HOH they’d still be safe.

6:20 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey to please win HOH but he says he’d be shocked if they end up nominated. They talk about how it’s crazy he’d be allowed to use that bribe during a double eviction so maybe it’s not a DE.

7:08 PM BBT – Michelle tells James she wants Nicole gone next or she’s going to slide to final two. James asks if she wants Nicole out this week then. She says yes and he acts OK with it. She thinks it should be Paul, Nicole, Victor then Corey.

7:20 PM BBT – Michelle says she still feels like she’s going home. James tells her he’s certain that she isn’t

7:46 PM BBT – Nicole thinks Corey is mad so she asks him what’s wrong. He says he isn’t mad. This goes back and forth a bit until Victor shows up.

7:58 PM BBT – It’s just Corey and Victor now in the hot tub. Corey goes into how he’s not looking for a relationship and that he won’t be leaving the BB house in one. He says he and Nicole are both just out of relationships and it’s not a good idea for them to get into another so fast.

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  1. So last night Doofus told Victor that he didn’t see anything long-term with Dingus and that he didn’t want to leave the BB house in a relationship. Meanwhile Dingus is looking more and more like a floozy willing to do “whatever” to a man she really does not know because she is wanting a relationship and obviously thinks she can make that happen with her bedroom wiles. How sad for her. Doofus is using Dingus for her prior experience on BB to further his game and the fact that he is getting a LOT of easy sex play is a bonus. I get the impression that he is growing weary of Dingus while she states she is under so much stress and can’t get her stress relief because she can’t cuddle with Doofus at night because he is a HN. Good golly Miss Molly!

    • James doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in the house they same way Dingus doesn’t have a clue about Doofus. This should have been called “The Clueless Bachelorette” or “Clueless BB”. Ready for it to be done.

      • Even tho’ Gnat hasn’t outright said(to my knowledge) that she has no interest in a relationship with James outside of the BB house, I think he has about as much of a chance of that happening as Dingus does.

      • Maybe less— she will have distance between her and James so it will be so over unless James winsBB then I see her staying to get ” her share for helping him win lol”

      • Looks to me that if Natalie is a true gold digger living in New Jersey, she will have her hands full with good looking wealthy men in the “Tri-State” area willing to entertain her for years. Of course she will have to weed through all of the $30k Millionaires and Creeps to get to the good lookin’ decent ones.

      • I remember Nicole saying that her and Corey promised each other they would text every day once they’re out. Who knows maybe Nicole isn’t looking for relationship either. When Corey was talking to Victor he mentioned that they both just got out of long-term relationships and weren’t ready for another one. Maybe Nicole and Corey already talked about this.

      • “A promise is a comfort to a fool”. Of course he is going to promise her the moon until the end. Didn’t they also talk about marriage and kids and he let her know he doesn’t want that (for a long time)?

      • What did he promise her other than texting? I’m sure they will keep in touch after the show in some form or another. Heck, she is still friends with Hayden. A bunch of former Big Brother houseguests from various seasons get together and do the things.

      • It is just a saying. She could be thinking his staying with her as a sign that he may be interested in a relationship.

        I can see her still dreaming about a future with him and him being annoyed. Outside the house they do not have to remain friends, he can ignore her.

      • I think she said it was Hayden that didn’t want a marriage and kids and that’s why they broke up. I could be wrong though

      • You might be more perceptive than me, but “Maybe Nicole isn’t looking for a relationship”? I think she is soooooooooooooo looking and thinks she found it. Geeez – she has talked about having Dumbo’s babies! When Z was there, all they talked about were their potential marriages to these “Prince Charmings”. Delusional, wishful thinking keeps Nicole from seeing all the red flags. Not to mention that I have always thought Corey might be a little more adventurous regarding gender preferences than he might announce on TV.

      • Nicole finally admitted that she and Hayden parted ways because he did “not” want marriage and kids.. Corey wants marriage and kids after 30..Nicole wants both now..

      • Nicole said (in the kitchen in front of Corey) that she thought by now she would be married with a kid or two. She definitely wants to be married by 27/28 and have a kid or two by 30. Then she was saying if she isn’t married by then, she may look at just getting pregnant on her own.

        Corey was like, “You’d get pregnant by some random guy??” with his eyes bulged out.
        She said no, that she meant using a donor.

      • LOL…. Guess I missed that. The only thing I remember is her saying she wanted marriage and babies and Hayden did not. Cory told her he didn’t want to settle down until he was like 32 years old. So I just assumed she already knows is just a summer fling.

      • I think she believes that immature notion that she can “change” him … if she even heard that. I also remember Hayden as being really bold about being really unconventional, almost hippie-ish in his regard to his lifestyle. Nicole didn’t pay attention and I believe she keeps the things a guy doesn’t want to hear secret until she thinks she has a hold on them. Just really immature.

      • A sane woman would have “heard” him, but Nicole thinks he didn’t really mean it since he met her. She is in for a very rude awakening, and she will be crushed, and feel foolish and used. And she will be right to feel that way.

      • You would have thought that she would have learned something from her showmance with Hayden.

      • I agree. It kind of reminds me of some friends in my early 20s who would pretend to be less interested in a guy than they actually were hoping that he would change his mind on wanting a serious relationship. She thought if she didn’t push it and they just spent time together, he would fall in love. Needless to say, it didn’t exactly end up like that.

      • I really think the “RumpRider” of this season is Paulie and his soaked Tight, Skimpy Shorts that featured “Wee Paulie” in the wall comp.

      • Hey as long as she stays out of TN or the Ohio Valley then I don’t care where she goes as long as she goes.

      • Although we have our share of Dingus’s and Doofus’s, I had a wonderful reminder yesterday of just how beautiful Tn. is while hiking part of the Appalachian Trail up to Charlie’s Bunyon. It was a nice refrain from Dingus and Doofus since I can’t seem to just say no to the season.

      • Nicole is only with guys she thinks she can marry. She has said that several times. She thinks Corey will marry her. Poor deluded girl.

      • A snowballs chance in hell, that’s how much of a chance either relationship has outside the house

      • Funny you should say “snowball” – reminds me of Christmas and Corey’s real love – his dog.

      • Actually, Natalie HAS told James that she WOULD be interested in him out side the BB House.

      • I wish Victor would tell Nicole that Corey just isn’t that into her and sweep her up in his arms as they ride off into the sunset after BB :D

      • If I were Victor, I’d use that as strategy to get Nicole to turn against Corey at the final 5. Paul might as well hop on board and claim he heard it too for some credibility lol.

      • It would serve Corey right since I’m of the opinion that he may be taking advantage of Nicole a bit if he’s really not interested in a relationship, but I’m just old fashioned I guess and don’t think he should be making out with her if he’s not really into her.
        That’s why I’m hoping she will soon turn against Corey and trust her F2 agreement with Victor. I would love to see the look on Corey’s face as he goes bye-bye. I’d even prefer to see her with Paul over Corey.

      • Please. Nicole pursued Corey from the very beginning, saying she’s never seen a cuter boy, picking him for her team first, etc. She offered herself up on a silver platter. What guy turns that down? Seriously. I do not feel bad for Nicole at all nor do I blame Corey for taking advantage of what she’s offering.

      • Why waste all that time hating somebody – life is way too short for that. Watching the reality shows I think sometimes people forget that the contestants are human and have faults. Some have a whole lot of faults – such as Amanda and Aaryn – that are sometimes horrifying to watch – but I don’t think Nicole is any where near that bad of a person.
        Even aggravating Michelle is not that bad.
        You were mentioning other sites where the Nicole hate wasn’t so bad, could you tell me the names of them? Thanks so much :D

      • I tried before but my comment was deleted. I don’t think they want people to mention other sites. It happened to me before a couple years ago also when I mentioned Jokers but I think it’s ok to mention that now. Don’t know why though.

      • Maybe just the initials for the site then? Thanks so much for your help. I want to check out the other polls.

    • And then u got Natalie trying to tell James in a round about way that she needs her space.. its been obvious that she has been trying to distance herself from him for the last couple of weeks ..Speaking of James ..He needs to go get a MRI of his stomach (gut) cause its not in agreement with his brain.. James as of late has been wrong 98% of the time not right.. I am ready for a twist to break up the boredom…”Come up with something that will affect the 3 duos in the house Production”…Just do it..

      • I laughed when I read about the “98%” and Gnat agreeing with him. Does he not remember his absolute certainty that there would be no juror returning? smh

      • I don’t think asking for space is a bad thing. I ask my fiance for space all the time (we lived in a cramped NYC studio), and our relationship is great. Space is healthy, and I can imagine you get very little in the BB house.

      • Its not just Natalies words that indicate she is distancing herself.. Her actions are very telling…I am a female and if its one thing I know its how to keep a man at arms length and then reel him in when necessary…Natalie ain’t no slouch when it comes to keeping a man on a short leash … shes a player..

      • I think Gnat is “saving herself” for Vic and that’s why it is so easy for her to “override” her not so apparent romantic interest in James. She may legitimately need space, but she is using every technique to keep romantic gestures out of it. James is a convenient everything. I think you are totally right, “she’s a player” although not a BB game player!

      • Makes sense cause if James gets evicted shes gonna ‘float” toward Victor and if Victor don’t bite then I see her going for Paul…Natalie has been keeping her options open with both guys as to flirting and staying on their good side (so she thinks) Paul and Victor (Corey too)have discussed how she treats James.. I don’t think either guy will fall for her schemes..

      • For some reason, something I read earlier in the season left me with the impression that she and Vic were a little more amorous than she and James have been. But they also weren’t on camera that first week. I don’t know if that is just a convenient excuse for Gnat to use, but either way, I agree that there is no romance in that shomance.

      • I know Vic expressed a little bit of interest in her appearance very early on in the DR but maybe her personality turned him off? Not sure exactly but he doesn’t seem too interested in her now. I want James evicted mainly because he’s P&V’s biggest threat but seeing how Natalie acts around those boys without James there would certainly be an added bonus

      • Victor made a few comments about Natalie’s food intake and her sweat pants dragging the floor and (of course) Nat freaked out on him, and that made her turn on him after the first week. It was funny b/c Nicole told Vic Natalie probably took that (the watch what you eat comment) the wrong way and (a confused) Vic was like…”But…I wasn’t trying to insult her…?” ;) He just didn’t understand to a high-maintenance drama queen like Natalie, any comment that is not worshipful will send her into a tizzy!! LOL!

      • Well I’m glad personality is clearly important to Vic and that he wouldn’t chase a girl just cus she’s pretty, unlike other guys in the house *cough*James.

      • What also came across is Vic was NOT trying to hurt her (fragile) feelings either. He was only trying to give her some advice and she just blew it up into something that it was never intended as. Just like she does with a lot of things! I am not a Paulie fan at all… I think he is a misogynistic jerk, but Natalie did flirt with him… and for her to (at first) say she didn’t was wrong. She later admitted she did, but at first she made it seem as if Paulie was coming on to her and it made her “uncomfortable”. I think she was mad that she was not every guys’ fave and punished each of them accordingly!

      • I highly doubt Victor was trying to hur her feelings, especially if he was attracted to her. Vic seems like a genuinely nice person.

        I agree with you on the whole Paulie thing. She was a tad hypocritical in the whole flirting thing. If he made her uncomfortable she should’ve told him then and there instead of flirting back. I think that was mainly a game move to turn Z against him. However Paulie was out of line with the whole FT comments. Derrick from s16 had a similar opinion regarding that situation.

        It’s like Natalie is insecure but has a huge ego at the same time. When it comes to flirting with her it’s damned if you do damned if you don’t.

      • I agree and if I intimated that in my comment, that was not my intent. My comment was Vic was NOT trying to hurt her feelings, but Natalie took it as an attack, not that Vic was ACTUALLY attacking her. Trust me, in the live feeds, Vic was totally nonplussed when Nicole told him she probably took that the wrong way because that was never his intention.
        On the other hand, Natalie makes every comment, good or bad as an attack on her personally. She is so narcissistic that she thinks the entire game revolves around her! For example, on BBAD a couple nights ago, Paul was saying how Bridgett’s strategy was baking and Natalie jumped in with “So, Bridgett’s strategy was to make me fat?” and Paul was like “Um…” (totally confused here) “No, I don’t think so.” And to show how fake Natalie is, she then made the comment that she knew Bridgett’s strategy was to bake so she could hang out in the kitchen and observe people and listen in on their conversations.
        So, my question is this…If she (Nat) already knew that, why did she try and make it look like Bridgett was targeting her personally? This girl has some serious low self-esteem issues with a borderline Narcissistic Personality Disorder! Her and Meech are a good combo…both of them need some serious therapy!

      • Oh no, I was completely agreeing with you that Vic definitely meant no harm. Meech and Nat get along so well because they both suffer from the same issue of loving themselves and hating themselves at the same time

      • I think both Natalie and Michelle try to rationalize the reason why Nicole has been more successful with the guys than they have been as because they’re fat (in their own minds at least, I don’t think they are.)
        If only they were thinner then the guys would like them better than Nicole.

      • If that’s true and they actually think that they’re idiots. If anything Natalie is thinner than Nicole by a tiny bit. I mean i can’t say Nicole’s not whiny and high maintenance because she is but nowhere near nat and meech’s level and that’s why the guys would rather be around her.

      • None of them look fat to me and I hate to see them believing that they are. So much pressure for women to be skinny I suppose at that age.

      • Vic and Corey were actually talking about this in the live feeds…Natalie really liked Vic the first week, but he said something about what she was eating and how she needed to watch her calories or she’d gain weight…and he also said something about her sweat pants dragging on the floor and told her how filthy the floor of the Bb house was and she shouldn’t let her cuffs drag like that… Nat (of course) blew that up into Vic was calling her fat and a filthy person!! After that, she hated him for a bit. Seriously, Corey and Vic were talking about this not too long ago.

      • I never knew exactly what happened between them but something I read made me think that he broke it off with her and she was really hurt over it. Guess I was wrong about that. I could see Vic being a little overbearing maybe but not to the point of being controlling. He definitely didn’t find Paulie clapping and laughing when Gnat and James walked out of the HOH room, in the least bit funny, like Doofus did.

      • Well you weren’t exactly wrong because I think Vic realized how high-maintenance she was and backed off real quick…and then started talking to her in a friend type role, you know what I mean? And Natalie took that as rejection. So, in a way you are right.
        And yeah, he definitely wasn’t into how Paulie clapped after Nat left that night b/c Vic shot him a look that was like… “Dude, c’mon!” He was, in no way, shape or form, on board with that kind of behavior!
        Which is why I am totally Team Vic to win!!!! :)

      • Natalie seemed to take the Victor rejection pretty hard AIC at the beginning of the season and talked about it on a daily basis for awhile. He definitely rejected her first. By her reactions I even wondered how far their relationship had gone.
        There is probably a good reason why Victor needs Paul for his social game :D

      • okay I take it that u have something u wanna say.. Please feel free…I do post on a daily basis and mention events /happenings that could occur in the future.. ss if u have isues in my doing that..

      • oh my gosh so sorry! It’s part of a Shia Labeouf quote. “Yesterday you said tomorrow..Just do it….” My daughter says it alot and I had no idea you would take offense. I promise you I meant no harm and couldn’t resist when you said just do it. I would never take issue with anyone on here.

      • okay lmao…the way u wrote it I was not sure how u meant it.. I was confused. .ty for clarifying and may we have more post to “agree & disagree” on the future..

      • I didn’t disagree at all. In fact, I upvoted it. So sorry I ever posted, please just disregard. I should know better than to post an inside joke because I find it funny when others may not get it. Sorry again.

      • I love how James thinks his gut has been right every time. James your gut feeling hasn’t been right yet. Maybe we should start calling him doofus. Yeesh!

      • LOL maybe his gut feeling is from being a hn, and i mean that from previously

      • Someone on Twitter showed the love triangle that is Vic/Corey/Nat. It was DRs of their first impressions of each other.

        Vic was raving about Nat looking nice & having nice body.
        Nat was raving about Corey being so tall and built and good looking and blue eyes.
        Corey was going on and on about how Vic was a good looking man and really built and he could definitely see a major bromance between the two of them.


      • Lol Xactly. It is so painfully obvious. If Paul is smart (and we know he is) he will be looking to get Doofus out soon.

      • Little does Corey know that Nicole has a F2 with Victor. Can’t wait till he finds out either.

      • I think it was after Nicole didn’t nominate Victor he told her she is his female ride or die and paul is his male ride or die. So if Paul leaves then Victor wants to work with Nicole – not Corey.

    • I remember when Doofus was talking to Paulie about Zakiyah. Paulie was tired of Zakiyah and wanted to distance himself from her, Doofus convinced him to just use her and stick it out. He advised him that she would further him in the game and he wouldn’t have to worry about her after the game. He is doing the same with Dingus. That conversation was happening the same time Zakiyah and Nicole were discussing why the boys didn’t kiss them yet. SMH!

      • Very interesting, Georgia, I didn’t know any of that. I know that Dingus is seeing exactly what Doofus wants her to see, his good looks and physique and he has used both to the utmost. I’ve known many fools like Dingus in my life that see a handsome man and they go deaf and dumb. Great example for other women to NOT follow for sure.

      • I didn’t see the feeds last night but it looks like Doofus is saying he doesn’t want to leave the BB house in a relationship. This makes me think maybe he’s planning to break it off soon, or was trying to let Vic know he’d be on board with voting getting Nic out. I almost feel sorry for her, except I really don’t. There may be a little bit of drama left this season though.

      • oh yeah Nicole does not know that Corey told the guys that Nicole could be “clipped” anytime and he had no problem with it..Paulie was in charge but Victor and Paul were privy to the info..

      • But since that hasn’t happened yet, I wonder if he will more actively try to get her out now since we’re winding down. He wants more ‘bro’ time without her attached at the waste.

      • I see that, too. Doofus does seem to be enjoying spending time with Victor. He’s doing what it takes to pacify Nicole. Although I think he is finding that harder and harder to do, he knows he needs to keep her on his good side.

      • All that time he spends with Victor and with Paul to some extent should be bold enough for Meech, Gnat and Dingus to see that he is only interested in taking the guys to the end. In order for Dingus to have some shot at the big money, she will have to let Doofus go. She would also have a better shot if she could keep James there as well but both Victor and Paul will do their best to not let James stay.

      • It’s possible, I guess that Doofus might have a conscience and is feeling a little bad about leading her on, but I don’t see him telling her there is no future in their relationship until after the show is over. He might need her fans to vote for him if he is F2 and she isn’t.;)

      • He did say that he will be friends with her forever but they both just came out of relationships before the show so…

        Of course, I *think* this was after James & Vic were discussing post-show women. James was warning to watch out after the show because women will be coming out of the woodwork and some not for the “right” reasons.

        I’m sure Clay already filled in Corey before he came on (maybe); at least he prolly saw/heard about Clay’s post show perks.

      • Doofus is not ready for anything serious. I think the he has told Dingus that, in a “guy” way, which means he doesn’t want to be so blunt that she stops giving him what he needs. She hears what she wants to hear. Doofus will be scouting for some good looking available females as soon as he is out the BB door.

      • Maybe, but I’m just not convinced that he even cares about F2. I think he just wants away from her now, whether that’s in jury with Polly or in the house with Vic.

      • That is a definite possibility. He showed me what kind of a male he is when he laughed along with Paulie and supported his behavior. I just don’t like the guy. As much as I dislike and am disgusted by Dingus, I’d rather see her in the F2 than Doofus.

      • I agree 100% about his character. He actually creeps me out more than any of the rest of them, though Meech is a close second. JMO. Fortunately, I don’t think those will be the F2 choices.

      • Not to mention he thought it hilarious that some of his frat buddies wanted to light a goat on fire!! I mean really, who does this?? WOW!

      • Some people said it wasn’t him that did it, he was just telling the story and it didn’t work anyway. The whole point is that he obviously found it entertaining as he laughed about it.

      • Exactly KSJB! It doesn’t matter if he did it or not. Fact is, he was sharing the story and laughing about it! BTW, did you notice how LONG it took him to notice the horror on the other HG faces?? And try and downplay the story, but it was too late. I can only imagine BB production going OMG…we have another possible Aaryn situation on our hands here!! What kind of person does something like that and thinks it’s a funny story to share??

      • That is where my dislike of him began and for many reasons it has only increased. I actually felt a little bad for him about the HN situation the first time, but not in the least anymore.

      • He is also ranked in the most hated BB players of all time…though not as spectacularly high as Paulie has gone in just a few short weeks, but I am pretty sure his goat story had a huge influence on putting him on that list at all, because honestly, I would have voted him one of the snooziest players of all time, not the hated! But, I think the fact that he was a party to such animal abuse offended most of America.
        Which reminds me…Do you think he got ACP because it was useless or do you think Nicole fans voted for him or what? How the heck did he get that?

      • And why did the rules change after he got it? It’s just one of those things that have some fans questioning the integrity of the season.

      • It’s starting to look more and more like doofus, Paul and Vic in the final three. I think doofus is more interested in a bromance with those two than a relationship with Nicole. I feel a little bad for her just like I do with Z but at the same time, it is partially their own fault.

        On a side note, I find it ironic that Nicole was complaining about not getting kissed. She made poor Hayden work so hard to get a kiss from her in 16.

    • He’s just not that into you, Nicole. I wonder when he’s going to tell her? Before or after vacation? My guess, before. He doesn’t need a paid vacation. SMH.

      • I have no idea if his family is what would be considered as rich, but I have the impression that they live a very comfortable life. I don’t remember the exact amount they were talking about the other day, but Dingus thought it was a lot of money and Doofus kind of laughed and said it wasn’t. Maybe Dingus will find her a handsome ER doctor to make babies with, that is if she really is an ER nurse. When I was studying nursing, I took very detailed anatomy classes. Dingus told Victor that the bicep was a larger muscle than the tricep. My 12 yr old grandson knows better. She just doesn’t seem too bright at times.

      • Doesn’t Corey own a few bars or is that a family thing? I remember the conversation you’re talking about, I think it was $15K and Nicole said Victor could have a nice vacation for $20K.

      • I’m not sure if it is family owned. I remember discussions about some kind of app that Doofus supposedly started and I remember him mentioning how he was making good money, but I’m not sure exactly what venture it is coming from.

      • On Twitter updates, they said he mentioned his family belonging to a country club where the dues were either $2K/month and Natalie said, “Reeeeaalllly???” lol

      • He said he will be ready to mingle at the finale party. He doesn’t want her up his behind, he said.

      • he wasted his bb game experience sleeping 20 hrs. a day with someone who already played…he is a moron and she is pathetic, but if he is finally gonna wake up and play and enjoy the experience of the game good for him..i guess

  2. Michelle needs to let go of “blowing up” someone’s game or calling others out. They have plenty of calling out to do on her.

    • She doesn’t only talk bad about the HGs, but also her sisters. Michelle is going to have a lot of problems with life in general if something doesn’t change. She is a very unhappy person.

      • Her sister blew her up on Twitter. Said her parents are going to ask Meech to move out when she gets home.

      • Someone on Reddit posted her sister’s tweets. The sister blew up about being accused of taking her room and clothes. Not a happy sisterhood in that house. I hope they make up too, sisters are awesome.

      • Sisters are awesome – totally agree. Of course they can have blowups about rooms, clothes, the bathroom, the dishes …. but usually that takes place when you are about 10 and once you get into high school and above, you have matured a little.

      • And you definitely don’t speak like that about them on national TV. That is totally uncalled for. She is VERY immature, but she has other issues, too.

      • Agreed. My daughter told me she saw messages of her sisters being upset with her (talking about them on the show). She will have a rude awakening when she is back in the world. I hope this show helps her for the better, make some positive changes in her life.

      • Check out her Reddit account. She’s a huge bully there as well! I just think she is simply a mean and unhappy person.

    • She only starts blowing up games when she is in trouble the rest of the time she is eating.

      • Everything I’ve read said she eats loudly with her mouth open. I would have to call her out for that. One of my pet peeves.

      • LOL. I always tell my kids to own what comes out of their mouth if I did otherwise, it would make me #2 on the list, a hypocrite.

      • I couldn’t help it. I thought of their silly back and forths when I was reading yours and Linda’s comments. It was fun. I told my husband when I stopped having fun on here, I’d stop posting…so bear with me. :)

      • Great advice! Hey maybe you could send a message to the Calafiore family and tell them to not blame CBS for the filth coming out of their boy’s mouth!! LOL!

      • I would love to. I think it would be a waste of time though. Lol. Nah, I don’t give parenting advice.

      • Too bad, cause the Calafiore’s need it! Did you see where they blasted CBS for “making their boy look bad”! I mean really…?? Mr. & Mrs. Calafiore…no disrespect, but “your boy” did that to himself. And the fact that they would rather blame CBS than admit Paulie’s behavior and comments were wrong, just shows where Paulie might get his attitude from!
        Funny thing is, Cody, while he did not throw his brother under the bus, did not defend his brother’s comments and said he would have to answer for them later… How did these parents raise tow boys so VERY different??

      • I liked Cody saying Paulie had to answer for his behavior. No excuses from him. The parents are in a tough spot. I get wanting to defend your child, but I think they could have handled it better. Maybe like Cody did or not respond at all. I don’t know.

      • I agree, Cody handled himself with class.
        As for the parents… I just think, as a parent myself, if my kids do or say something that is wrong, I’m not going to make excuses for them. I would want them to admit they are wrong and take responsibility for their actions/words…that is the only way people become better human beings is by owning up to their mistakes and apologizing and making it right. You know what I mean?

      • I saw humor in it and had some fun with it, but not until you wrote your comment did I see the real joke in it (“hypocrite” citing hypocrites!) … duh on me!

      • Ok, Ok, 4 hrs later and with some help, I get it! I still thought it was a fun comment even before I totally got the joke! LOL

      • And I’ve read at least twice on Jokers where a poster said that she puts her fingers all the way in her mouth when she stuffs food in it. Just reading about the lack of manners is bad enough. I’d have to turn my TV if I was watching and hearing it.

      • Michelle has disgusting eating habits…she loves dry cereal..so she gets a handful of her Fruit Loops..which she got in her HOH box..the one that America gave to her..still trying to figure that one out…stuffs the whole handful in her mouth,,goes in again..and repeats the process over and over. Alot of the HOH’s share their food…hope they all knew not to get into that box. But, downstairs with everyone’s food..she does the same thing..nasty! Corey puts his hands under his armpits..rubs them,,then puts his hand in a loaf of bread..they lick knives and put them back in the jar..whatever may be in them…Not all HG’s..most have manners…Michelle and Corey certainly do not when it comes to eating.

      • OK, gross!! If I was in that house, after seeing some of that type behavior, it’s the things I don’t know that would mess with my mind.

      • this made me have a flashback of charlotte from sex and the city only eating pudding cups while in mexico..i would only eat things that were still sealed in that house….

    • If I was them (you can’t interrupt them giving their “final plea”) – I think I’d sit on the couch, half smile, give her a half hearted wave and sweetly say, “Bye, Michelle.”

    • I’m tired of Michelle’s eviction speeches. I get secondhand embarrassment every time she “calls someone out.” The only game she’s blowing up by doing that is her own. Seeing her cry that Bridgette left and then try to be buddy buddy with Nicole after calling her a snake was hysterical. She’s an extremely childish human being.

  3. 1. Nicole needs to take meds, seriously, she is WAY to anxious about a scenario that have zero chance of happening. 2. Why are these people incapable of doing a blindside?!

    • This is so lame that they tell the evictee before the eviction … I don’t even know why you would do that … I guess they think it will help them get a jury vote. They act like it is a courageous and honorable thing to do .. they are such dingbats. Michelle says “Oh, I just wanna know if I should get dressed.” Get dressed anyway! So lazy. Unbelievable.

      • I think James does it for jury mgmt. Didn’t stop Da & Paulie from telling them to “get James out next” though. js

      • I can’t see Davonne telling Victor to get James out..Paulie maybe.. For some reason Victors so called received message about James don’t ring true.. I don’t think all the jurors told him that..

      • Oh, absolutely, and I hope they all see that and it backfires on him big time and also hurts him in the AFP vote. That’s just one of the many reasons that he will not be getting my vote this season.

      • I agree! It’s so boring and yeah get dressed anyway! I don’t mind as muuuuuch if they tell them minutes before eviction but an entire day?! That’s not good for Paul’s game at all! It gives James and Natalie 24 hours to get into Nicole’s head and change her mind. When things are going good don’t mess with it!

      • I really would prefer that a blindside be true to the name and previous BB standards and they don’t know until the live vote and not a second before! It would be nice to have one or two authentic reactions on the live show.

      • I have a hard time believing there is much authenticity regarding this show any more. I hate that, too.

  4. So, I was listening to my local “classic rock” station while cutting the grass yesterday and Phil Collins’ “I Don’t Care Anymore” came on.

    Does anyone else think this should be Paul’s BB theme song? I can’t count how many times I’ve heard him say that he doesn’t care and that he’s over it during these last couple of weeks.

    Here’s the part of the song that really caught my attention with regards to Paul…

    “And as for me I can sit here and bide my time
    I got nothing to lose if I speak my mind.
    I don’t care anymore I don’t care no more
    I don’t care what you say
    We never played by the same rules anyway.”

    Between all the people saying Paul is playing dirty (He’s not… He’s playing BB the way its supposed to be played), and his own willingness to blow up other people… Well, I just thought this song was very appropriate! Maybe he can request the CD during his next HOH, lol.

  5. I do not believe that “any” HG in season BB # 18 escaped being slammed or ridiculed in some form or fashion.. Even Glenn who was 1st out gotta taste of BB slamming… There has been soooo much slamming of the entire group by viewers and it seems nobody has a favorite as of yet…Paulies crazy antics were stupid and high on my list as the #1 discussion topic. I think Brontes “secret” that she was a mathematician was the dumbest thing I heard ..What difference did it make if she could count??? I never understood her reasoning.. The dumbest thing I “saw” was Josea in a dog suit trying to have a house meeting to let everyone know he was in charge.. There have been way tooo many stupid moves arguments backstabbing and lies by all ..As I said “its been the season of stupid” Well lets hope for a better season in the summer of 2017..

    • The dumbest thing about Josea was the thing he said. As soon as he called himself the Messiah of the newbies, his fate was sealed. You can’t go into a house of 16 strangers and assume that none of them will be offended by a comment like that. Dumbest single statement I can remember in recent BB history.

      And he said it to at least three different people! Its not bad enough that saying it once might have gotten around to other HGs… He had to make sure everyone that would listen to him knew. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  6. Can we please have just one blindside this season…Just one? So tired of everyone being told what is going to happen on eviction night. When did that become part of the game?

      • I agree and while we’re mentioning the jury votes… Remember when blind sides were actually appreciated by the jury members?

      • Yes…the blindside Helen put together to get Nick out in season 15 was a classic! I want to see more of those..New Rule for next season..if you tell the target they are leaving before eviction..you get a penalty!

      • I would definitely be in favor of that! Anyone that blabs should be a have not automatically for the next 2 weeks. Or better yet, make them wear a sign that says, “I tell secrets!”

      • Agree! It just takes the fun out of the game. Michelle says she wants to know so she can know what to wear…Good Grief..just put on a pair of pants and shirt..I don’t think it is going to be another endurance..so she would not have to look like she is going to the prom.

      • I just realized my above statement did not make alot of sense! Michelle keeps wanting to know if she is leaving so she will know what to wear on stage. Even if she doesn’t know ahead of time..we know she is leaving..but if she doesn’t..and happens to be dressed up..she can always change pretty quick. It’s early here!

      • She changed pretty quickly when she was nominated in the DE. I don’t understand her and Gnat’s obsession with clothes and makeup. Surely they realize that they are on the feeds and people see them without makeup and not dressed up all the time. They seem to live in a fog.

      • Okay, I have to be mean for a second. I can understand why she would want to know if she needs to dress up. After all, it would mean she would have to stop eating for a few minutes before the live eviction so she could get ready.

        Okay, I got that out of my system. I agree with you entirely. Just show up with a decent outfit on and quit trying to make America love you. You seriously lost out on Favorite Player a long time ago, so it doesn’t matter at this point. Although, she could be in the running for the Player Most in Need of Psychiatric Care award. I think she could edge Paulie out in that one!

        Yeah, sorry… I had to be mean again, lol.

        *** I knew what you meant, Lynn :)

      • Personally, I think BB should just eliminate AFP altogether. Reason being is that it causes people playing the game to alter their “real” personalities in order to make America love them. Moreover, some players, (e.g., James) actually play to become AFP, rather than focusing on winning BB! IMO, that is ridiculous! Play the game as who you are and play to win! Forget AFP…that’s a consolation prize for the losers. If it was not there as a dangling carrot and consolation prize, perhaps the HG would not be so complacent at times.

      • But that is the reason AFP exists … it makes for another complication in your strategy … I kind of like it and until this season, perhaps it put a damper on some bad behavior ?? I also like it because I thought it was something I actually had a legitimate vote in .. this season, I am not so sure, tho.

      • Okay, I can understand feeling as if I have some control in the game, because that is fun. :) However, when players stop competing for the 500 K win and aspire *ONLY* for the 25K AFP prize…then that makes for some *snooze* boring BB playing… at least imho…

      • Those kind of players really disgust me, like the ones that only want to make it to jury so they can do nothing all summer. I think Da and Z liked it so much, they had NO desire to come back in the house.

      • KSJB I swear I could not agree with you more!! Da’Vonne and Z’s holding hands and jumping off the wall comp made me (figuratively) sick! Here’s Vic, fighting his bum off to come back, and those two just jump off. And don’t get me started on Frank being the only HG without the opportunity to come back. I guarantee he would not have held hands with another HG and jumped off that wall! Day disgraced herself and her game…and Victor called her out for it later on in the live feeds. :) I was not a big Da’Vonne fan before that comp because of how she lied and stirred up unnecessary drama, but after that, I actually lost all respect for her game!

      • Yep, I do agree with you … you are right … really takes away from the game when the AFP is their goal.

      • Bridgette went out in the outfit she played the veto in. Why is Michelle so concerned about being dressed up for eviction?

      • Because she is fat and ugly. That is not what I think. I actually think she would be a very pretty girl if she wasn’t so ugly on the inside. She hates herself and in my opinion sees on the outside what most of us see on the inside. She thinks clothes and make up help hide it, but it doesn’t.

      • Agreed. Physically speaking, Michelle is not an unattractive woman. It’s her personality that makes her ugly.

      • hahaha! I second that! :) Have a sign around the neck with a huge open mouth and have the sign read “My loose lips will sink your BB ships!” LOL!

      • Classic! And of course we can’t forget Shane’s eviction at the hands of Dan. Danielle’s mouth told that story!

      • Another awesome eviction! Now that was an expertly played season of BB on Dan’s part.

      • While it was not a blindside it was an eviction that should be in the hall of “classic eviction memories”… When Jessee got evicted ..Chima Natalie and Libra got drunk and had a “wake” for him…That was unreal but it happened..

      • Remember it? I keep hoping somebody will reuse it or at least paraphrase it. James’ dumb butt keeps spoiling all the blindsides though… The stupid Cock-a-roach!

    • Paulie’s nomination was a blindside, so that’s something, but once he was up he knew he was going

    • It’s hard to have a successful blindside when James keeps telling everyone! I think the only chance we have for a true BB blindside is if it is James being blindsided!!

  7. So there was an earlier thread about suggested improvements. If I had ONE thing to ask, I’d say no more ruining blindsides!! Find another way to manage the jury but stop ruining it for the rest of us!!!

  8. This constant ‘are you mad?’ crap is never-ending and beyond annoying. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Corey is NOT interested in the long term b/c he says that ALL the time. As my husband always says: ”
    In the police world, we call that a clue” LOL

  9. Why can’t people stick to the game talk about Big Brother and not all this personal crap?

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