Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 10 [POLL]

Big Brother 18 could get its first tiebreaker of the season this week with four votes in the plan and two sides seeing two different eviction results in their future. One of those groups is in for a surprise.

Victor talks votes with Nicole and Corey

We’ve got the final noms set on the Block after Monday’s meeting and Nicole has her target in mind so are things set or could they change this week under the pressure of the game?

Nicole still wants Michelle out. That has not changed yet and I don’t think it will this week. There’s plenty of talk out here about Nicole needing to split up Victor and Paul but right now Michelle spends her days talking about targeting Nicole while Paul and Victor want to go after James. This move may give Nicole trouble down the short road ahead, but at the very least she is going after someone who doesn’t hide the fact that she’d target Nicole and wants her out.

There are four votes and things are lining up to split between Paul and Michelle. Victor will definitely vote to keep his ally Paul while James and Natalie will vote to keep Michelle. Corey’s decision would either make this a tie or settle the vote. Right now he’s sticking to the plan to make it a tie and send the eviction vote to Nicole for a tiebreaker as the HoH.

Paul and Victor have been working closely with Nicole and Corey since the last eviction and Paul’s nomination was part of Nicole’s plan to get Michelle out. He agreed to be a pawn and took a leap of faith between their two duos. I don’t think Nicole is going to let him down.

Nicole spoke with Corey yesterday evening and reaffirmed her desire to get Michelle out. Corey agreed with her plans and said if they got Paul out then Victor would be mad at them and could become an opponent instead of an ally. They feel that by getting Michelle out they won’t have lied to either the Paul-Victor duo or the James-Natalie team because both pairs would remain together in the game. The next-step strategy there being both of those pairs would go after each other instead of Nicole & Corey which might actually work, at least for one week.

As for James, Natalie, and Michelle well they appear clueless. James has assured Michelle that Paul will be voted out and he’ll work to keep her safe. Meanwhile Nicole has been wondering why no one on that side of the game is approaching her to discuss the vote.

Eventually someone will break the news to them because Nicole doesn’t want to blindside and upset James anymore than the eviction already will. Victor reported to Corey last night that Michelle has no idea and they should wait until Wednesday to let her know. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens when that side has their eyes opened for them and maybe we’ll get some good drama out of it. Fingers crossed.

When the votes are revealed on Thursday night I’m currently expecting it to go 2-2 with Nicole casting the tiebreaker against Michelle. It’s possible that James and Natalie could change their votes when they learn the plan and are unable to sway Nicole’s tiebreaker. Nicole would definitely prefer not to do the tiebreaker, as she’s preferred all week to do nothing at all (she hoped for ACP to be a HoH Takeover so someone else would do even the noms for her…). But if a tiebreaker is what it takes to get Michelle out the door then that’s what Nicole is ready to do.

How do you think the votes will go? Is Michelle set to go or will Victor flip on his ally Paul? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Make it fun for the feeders…don’t tell James, Nat or Michelle! I want a good blindside..just once! I remember when no one told the target that they were, it seems like HG’s feel it necessary to tell the person everytime. Also..C’mon Nicole..suck it up…you are HOH..if you have to break a tie..then break it!

      • Make it a rule, nobody can tell anyone if they are safe or if they are going home or they will replace the person that is being told. Everyone just sits there with a stone face. Sucks for us.

    • Love the blindsides too. Then there’s more drama on the feeds. The feeds this season have been pretty boring.

  2. I don’t think Gnat would vote to evict Michelle even if she and James did find out Michelle is the target. James might, but not Gnat.

  3. nicole sucks this season, I hope she doesnt win a god damn thing!

    Sorry not sorry , your lame nicole and have no loyalty . Your game is pretty dissapointing this season,

    • “nicole sucks this season,..”
      I honestly am not sure exactly what she is doing under those covers, but I’m almost certain that she is sucking up to win Doofus’s heart. If she was given the option right now of the chance of a relationship with Doofus or the $500K, I swear I think the girl is foolish/desperate/delusional enough to choose the guy. JMO

      • Swing over to Reddit’s BB NSFW. You won’t question whether they’ve done the deed.

        ETA: I agree, she would take Corey over the money. She already said she wouldn’t campaign against him.

      • I admit that I haven’t went looking for any proof, just what I have read on Jokers and what has been posted here. It is hard to believe that there are still people saying they don’t think she has. :(

      • Thanks for the info and I might get a yen to check it out, but reading about it has been quite enough for now.

      • And it shows nothing. And if you read the comments on that site most of them are saying social media is the one blowing this up and making it more than what it is. Like everyone says sure he’s rubbing her leg and butt and that’s about it. It’s comments on sites like this that feed into it. Just like several of the comments I read people are saying Nicole knows her parents watch the feeds and she’s not going to be doing something like that in front of cameras. Which I totally agree. Guess haters just like to hate. And I’m not calling you out. I mean all the comments in general.

      • Hey, if I’m wrong, call me out. I viewed a short clip and it sure looks like sex to me. Maybe he was just humping her leg. Let’s be honest, is it so hard to believe hormones took over? I’m not judging them, I was their age a looong time ago. I’m glad social media wasnt around then.

      • I’m not saying you’re wrong. That’s why I said I’m not calling you out its just my observation and opinion. And from all the 100’s of comments I read stating that social media is the one blowing it up. Only they know not us. ;-)

      • Lav, I know you weren’t calling me out. What I meant, but said poorly, I don’t mind being called out when I’m wrong.

        I cracked up at Glenn and Bronte’s comments under the video. Glenn is funny. I’m sorry we didn’t see more of him.

      • No you didn’t say it poorly. I knew what you meant. And I also would of liked to see more of Glenn. It would of been a completely different game.

      • About a week or so ago..they were in the London room in bed…messing around..and Corey had an orgasm…it was obvious to me. Maybe there was no penetration..but he had a good time! Sorry, so blunt..but, that’s what happened!

      • I would love to see a Screen Shot of Dofus’ face when that happened to see if he looked any dumber.

      • So on one certain video (I’m sure the people who saw it, know exactly the one I’m going to talk about) that is all over the internet the one where you can see right when Corey pulls out REALLY FAST, almost to late, he must have been humping her leg.. Ohhh. Okayyyyy. Lol!!

      • Lighten up Lavendargirl and quit taking things so serious. These people chose to be on BB, live in a gilded cage, micro-phoned, and shot on camera so fans can watch. Having fun at these people’s expense is not what I would consider “HATE”. Though I can throw out some HATE when predisposed.

      • I guess James his still having to win things for even a kiss and a friendly nuzzle?

      • Corey pretty well told Victor last night that he isn’t looking to become serious with Nicole. He said that he’d “hang out with her at the after party and stuff,” but that he and she have both just come out of relationships. He predicted that Nicole would be jealous because he likes meeting people and mingling. He said that they will always be friends, blah blah.

        If she really wants his babies, she’s going to have to campaign hard. He comes from a completely different economic background than she, plus he lives in a world that she just doesn’t grok – and is Southern to the core. Lol. He might even still be fighting the Civil War, planning his plantation, remembering the Alamo. Just wait til he gets back on his Adderal. She won’t even recognize him.

      • It wouldn’t matter how much she campaigns. It ain’t gonna happen, probably for a number of reasons. The pathetic part is that she is in such complete denial.

      • I just think he is using her, but he doesn’t seem to be in the game that much, just thinks she will ride him all the way to the end. Every time I see Corey I know I’m right about my speculations of him. He is a young guy and being around Victor, Paulie and Frank has made him realize it. NicHole will regret it after the show. I don’t remember that she did these things with Haydden, other than a kiss.

      • She thinks she’s riding hm to the end and beyond. (Erase visual.) So delusional that she’s hearing wedding bells, despite his clear lack of interest.

      • I know Nicole is only 24, but who pays that girl’s bills.? Does she just flirt from man to man, hand to hand to a man?

    • I think she’s playing one of the best games. She got a target out her first HOH and now is getting her target out. She’s played laid back and stays out of the drama. She hasn’t even been nominated. That sure says something for her game play. And she’s one of the most loyal people if you give her loyalty in return. Look how her loyalty with Frank almost cost her. She gave Frank several chances and then Frank would blow up her game. I’d say that’s loyalty. She was loyal to Day until she found out Day lied and turned Frank and Tiffany against each other. Who by the way we’re all part of an alliance. Hope she wins!

  4. Why tell James on Wednesday that Michelle is going? Because Nicole thinks that will prevent James from acting screwed or mad and not give him much time to urge her to get rid of Paul. It will make it easier for Nicole to work with James if it becomes necessary next week for her to flip sides again, she thinks. Frankly, she could just tell him Thursday right before the eviction and save herself a weird Wednesday!

    She doesn’t give a damn about Michelle, so Nicole thinks that telling James is the politically advantageous thing to do. This thinking does reflect her personality. She can use today to mindf**k and flip-flop, be wishy-washy, milk her drama and even change her mind.

    • It probably would be best not to tell James until a few hours before the vote on Thursday, why open up the drama that Michelle will inevitably bring when she finds outs she’s going? Tears and hysterics and insulting the others will surely follow. Why subject yourselves to that any longer than you have to?

  5. SMDH here. Dingus is paranoid over having to break a tie (even though that would be her job) and constantly questioning Victor about being worried over a renom that she had no plans on doing. Paul not trying to campaign on staying and no one on the James gang seeing it. Big Meech has a idea that she is going home but believes James that she isn’t. Gnat still trying to figure that one myself. Doofus trying to distance himself from Dingus and yet ever so slightly still thinking he is in an all guys alliance minus James.

    This my fellow BB people fans and fanatics is the best of the best this season. Who really deserves this win this year is not only a question but a quest to us to try and figure out. The Jury house is full of people that either want a Female to win or a delusional peckerhead at this point in time and it will be growing starting this week with the worst of the best left in the house. Paul who had a hand in getting some of them evicted will lose any votes if he is in the F2. Victor who made the biggest and the lamest moves may be the one to get the most votes if he makes it to F2. James did the best at Jury control, when they left the house. He could be sitting pretty in F2. Gnat, Meech and Nicole could find themselves fighting for second best if they make it to F2. That brings us to Doofus. His plans and thought’s are so way off base here that it is hard to say how he will fair in any scenario at all.

    • Although I’m uncertain just how satisfying it was, he did fair well in the undercover action. Who knows, he could have been doing some mighty fine acting all season. Some people can pretend to enjoy something if there is a means to an end. His boys might think that is worth a few votes.

  6. If Nicole tells James I think he’ll vote out Michelle just so he doesn’t piss Paul off.

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