‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final Big Brother 18 noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 10 Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Once we saw who won the Veto this week there wasn’t much of mystery on which way things would go. A target has been set and here’s the chance to lock that in. Read on to find out what happened today at the Veto meeting.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 10:

  • Nicole decided to not use the Veto
  • Paul & Michelle are this week’s final noms

What do you think of Nicole’s choice here? She wants Michelle out but is nervous Victor could flip back to work with James and Natalie. If she put one of those two up then she’d risk the target changing. This may have been her best option to pursue Michelle’s eviction, Nicole’s goal for the week.

Corey had tossed around the idea of going after Natalie, but Nicole did not want that. When Paul suggested putting Natalie up it would have given Nicole three votes against Michelle with Paul free to vote, but again Nicole wasn’t going for anything that could end up sending Natalie out and revealing her alternate plans to James.

After the meeting Nicole asked Victor if he was nervous she was about to renom him. He says he wasn’t which Nicole said is good because he should trust her and their alliance. Looks like everyone is ready to keep moving forward together.

Meanwhile James told Michelle that he’s ready to execute his plan to keep her safe. He’s sure that Nicole will tell him the truth about her target if he asks her. She hasn’t so far but we’ll see what happens!

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      • Believe me, I want Natalie gone next but I just think Michelle’s hatred of Nicole is so unreasonable than she’s much more dangerous. At least James can halfway control Nat’s decisions.

      • I’ve never understood why Michelle had it out for Nicole, did she do something to her or did she not pay Meech enough attention, which she seems to need.

      • I’m just as confused as you with the Michelle hatred of Nicole. The only thing I can come up with is that Meech blames Day’s surprise eviction all on Nicole and is mad Nicole didn’t tell her about it.
        Didn’t Meech notice all the lies Day was telling everyone about Nicole? If not she had to be aware than Day was trying to get Nicole evicted at the least. Day has only herself to blame for her eviction anyway.

      • It’s hard to keep a vegetarian diet in that place, when there’s mostly fruits and snacks in abundance! :-)

      • Yes That is the main reason why as she was upset Nicole did not tell her about Day’s surprise eviction because Nic knew M was close with Day and did not want it getting back to Day! Also Nic stopped talking with her shortly after that about game talk and made her choice who she would talk to at that point about game play. Other than that I have no after dark knowledge of anything M would be mad at Nic fofr other than sour grapes.

      • I heard someone say that Michelle was jealous that Victor talked to Nic all week instead of her.
        I think Michelle has a big problem with jealousy.

      • Yes she is as if people are not talking with her she gets upset. She definitely wants plenty of attention. Z was the same way. They both have have serious jealousy issues!

      • I guess Michelle didn’t understand that Victor was upset about her trying to get rid of P/V when she was co HOH.

      • I’m wondering if Michelle didn’t have a little pre-game chat with her cousin, CHRISTINE, which influenced her and made her hate Nicole before they’d even met!! Yes, Christine admitted on her Twitter that she & Michelle are cousins.

      • That could be. I wonder if they will talk about it on the finale, would love to see Nick’s expression of horror.

      • Something tells me that Nicole wouldn’t be all that shocked to know that fact. She keeps mentioning on feeds how Michelle reminds her of Christine for some reason!! It’s like she has a sixth sense there.

      • I don’t recall Nicole ever doing anything to Christine while it was Christine that betrayed Nicole so I’m not sure why Christine considers Nic such a dangerous player.

      • I don’t recall any such thing, either, but Christine certainly BELIEVED that Nicole had done her wrong, as evidenced by her nomination speech. Michelle BELIEVES what Day was spewing about Nicole, so maybe believing the wrong information runs in the family? Haha

      • Christine must have a guilty conscience and is going to pathetic lengths to blame Nicole for her own bad game play.

      • Probably LOL. Day told a lot of people a lot of crap while she was in the house. I couldn’t keep up with all her lies half the time!!

      • But Nicole was playing both sides of the house by telling Frank and the guys everything the girls were talking about. I don’t get how anyone missed that. She’s doing the same thing now. She needs to hope that Corey makes the right decision with the bribe because if she doesn’t and he doesn’t win HOH she gone next week.

      • I see it as Nicole positioning herself in the middle for strategic advantage. When a player is liked by fans, that’s called “brilliant gameplay.” When they’re disliked or hated, it’s called “being a snake.” Paul has done the EXACT same thing since he realized Jozea’s ship was sinking. I truly think that Paul & Vic want to honor their F4 deal w/Nic & Corey, so we shall see. :0)

      • Lol! Right. Well, think about it, Michelle did just base her last nomination speech on information Paulie had given her so… yeah, that’s a real possibility!! ;)

      • To me she is annoying with her whining but Her lying to Da is what turn me against her this time!

      • Day lied about Nicole first which made Nicole no longer trust Day and their alliance. Remember how Day included Nicole in one of her lies while Nicole was standing right there by her? That did it for Nicole and I don’t blame her.

      • They are NOT cousins. Christine just said that as a joke, then told people to retweet it after denying it was true.

      • I didn’t know Christine was Meech’s cousin!!!! What a surprise!!! Could explain a lot about her dislike of Nichole!!

      • Sure would. Some dude on here said Christine said she was joking, but I’m not so sure. It would also explain why Michelle reminds Nicole of Christine so much!

      • She’s not. Christine started that as a rumor because Nic had said Michelle resembles Christine.

      • Wait is that true? She wasn’t joking? They’re both exceptionally nasty people so it would make sense.

      • I’m not sure if she was joking or not – that seems to be up for debate at this point. It’s absolutely believable, though, considering the level of outright nastiness we’ve all seen in both.

      • Did she really? I’ve been wondering that too! I thought they looked alike. However, I doubt Christine influenced her pre-game because Michelle didn’t know Nicole would be in the house…but Meech might have had feelings of resentment for Nicole because of her cousin. Interesting. Man, I knew she reminded me of Christine, minus all the tattoos of course!!

      • She did tweet that they were cousins, yes. I saw it. Whether she was joking or not, I don’t know. Yeah, there’s enough resemblance – in looks AND plain meanness – that I believe it. Nicole has also said that Michelle reminds her of Christine & that sketches her out.

      • I actually don’t blame Nicole for feeling that way, Christine totally betrayed her in their season. Now Michelle has had it out for her ever since the Da’Vonne eviction…or perhaps before, not sure. Meech’s main target always seemed to be Bridgett, but that was because Frank liked Bridge more… Ugh! So petty. And now that I think about it…that reminds me of Christine too!! :)

      • Very insecure & has no self-esteem whatsoever. That’s why I can’t imagine why she even wanted to go on the show in the first place!! You have to be pretty sure of yourself to be in that type of situation or you’ll be eaten alive!!

      • Agreed. You have to be a total Type A personality to want to be exposed so openly on a show like BB. If you aren’t then you’re better off remaining a fan watching from home. Like me! haha! I would never want to go on the show. I’m far happier making game decisions from my couch! LOL! ;)

      • I know. In the live feeds she was just laying in bed crying saying she hates herself and just having a total meltdown! Natalie was trying to comfort her, but really…what do you do when someone is just freaking out like that?! Meech even said she wasn’t ready to be on this show and for once, I agree with her! ;)

      • I loved it last night when Nic said to Corey “can you imagine dating Meech” and he said…”God no”.

      • I don’t think Michelle dislikes NicHole that much, especially since she did not put her up during her HOH. Nic is the one with the problem.

      • I just think Nic is being paranoid when it comes to Michelle. James and Natalie are on her side and she has chosen to go against them. Michelle winning an HOH comp on her own is likely to not happen, and she did not put NicHole up before. James will choose her over Michelle.

      • The only reason Michelle didn’t put up Nicole was because everyone told her not to. Michelle is very weak minded and easily manipulated, otherwise, Nicole would’ve been nominated. There is no paranoia. Michelle has talked and whined and complained about Nicole for weeks and even said this week “I would put up Nicole and Victor”. She has made it extremely clear that she wants her gone.

      • I find it incredible that people are having difficulty understanding why Nicole wants Michelle gone.

      • What I find incredible is people saying she’s stupid for not targeting Vic or Paul. I think her plan is actually smart and she’s placed herself in a very good position without getting “blood on her hands”.

      • So true Danikey, what’s so difficult to understand that Michelle is playing a very irrational game and is only able to focus on Nicole as being the most evil person in the house while ignoring everyone else. This is the 3rd time that Nicole has had to get rid of someone coming after her before they could evict her. First off Nicole has to insure that she will even make it to the F4 and with Vic and Paul’s help she should be able to do that.

      • I understand that, but what are the chances of Michelle winning and just because she nominates her doe snot mean James and the others will evict her. I’m hoping to be wrong about that.

      • Oh after winning this HOH and veto, Michelle would go on and on about how Nicole is a threat (she is, but still). Yet, her main motives would be personal. Considering how Natalie can let her emotions override her logic, she would vote out Nicole. Chances of Michelle winning are slim. However, say she does win and her tunnel vision would be towards Nicole. Getting rid of Michelle leaves all three duos to pick a side and most likely, Paul and Victor go after James and Natalie hard (Victor constantly tells Paul that he trusts Nicole and Corey, especially Nicole).

      • Now Michelle and James are talking about Nicole being the next target. Michelle is comparing Nicole’s game to Derrick’s. James appears to be agreeing.

      • Well, actually while she was coHOH on bbad before they renominated she kept debating with nat how nic is a big threat and how she is better at the game than she lets on. she kept trying to push for nic instead of corey going up. I remember laughing about that cuz i was like um no if you put nic up that would be stupid cuz yaw would have corey against you because it would be beyond obvious why nic is up and you dont want that. so she ended up sucking it up and just putting corey up. even though their plan still backfired on them 4 hours before eviction… lol james oh james… why man…

      • I know Michelle wants Nicole out, but my point is that she is not a good comp player and only does what others tell her. The only thing Michelle is good at is calling people out and even if she had put up Nicole, Victor would have still gotten evicted. Michelle is alone and even if by some other miracle she gets HOH and nominates Nicole, I doubt that she will go home unless Natalie was next to her. I doubt that would happen since that’s her only friend in the house. The best people to put up Nicole is Victor or Paul and hopefully James.

      • Why natalie i would like to see Corey gone he is maybe the most boring houseguest in big brother history

    • Yep, I want her gone too. Last night she started to meltdown on the feeds and went into Audrey mode and laid in her bed with the covers over her head while her and Nat talked, it was weird. I also can’t stand to watch this one eat, fix food anything having to do with food, it is so annoying.

    • I don’t have the feeds so I only see the shows and what I read, which you know the saying can’t always believe what you read although I think 99% of it is accurate on this site. Especially the updates comments are the 1% not so sure of anyhow I have wanted Michele gone the second week! She is by far the meanest unstable person this season! Her interview was a preview of her ignorance! My nieghbors has the feeds and the 2xs I watch for a few minutes both times Michele was belittling people. I know a lot of them are catty n not nice but meech and Nicole I think are the worst! I hope Paul or victor win at this point to me they have played the best game Paul especially

      • I also hope her family if they didn’t realize she needed help before the show see that she definitely needs it now!!! She needs a psychiatrist big time!!!!

  1. Rooting for Victor, he is fighting to stay in the house, fighting to get back in and actually playing…

    • Do you think it will hurt him or help him should he get to final 2? In one light he battled back twice which is awesome. In the other light he was eliminated twice, which is obviously very bad. Curious how this jury will see it.

  2. Hoping it’s Michelle this week, although I will say I’m not a Paul fan either. But her using the crying strategy to get her way is getting beyond annoying – and there might be a little unstable, psychotic breakdown mixed in with that as well :)

    • Based on her behaviour at her most recent almost-eviction, she’s bound to put on a real show as she actually goes out the door…

      • Oh, I can imagine after what she did last time. I was so mad they kept her over Bridgette.

  3. I’ve really grown to like and respect Victor, but I’m blown away that Nicole has decided to work with him rather than backdoor him.
    There’s no way in hell that anyone who goes to the end with him has any chance of winning.

    Does he deserve to win? Most definitely! But if I was in the house with him and I had the opportunity I’d backdoor him as fast as I could.

    • Agreed. I’m kind of surprised she’s not taking that route as well. As much as she’s lazy, I think she does have half a brain, but keeping Paul & Vic is not a good idea this late in the game.

      • It’s actually quite brilliant for her game. Her and Corey are on good terms with both pairs, a week ago they were the main targets. Now the pairs will target each other possibly losing numbers, leaving Nicorey with a choice of the leftovers who they want to use.

        Paul isn’t no dummy though, he knows exactly what Nicole did. I can see him and Victor striking first, so Nicole better be very observant.

      • I’m just glad she has woken up and is playing the game. She’s right not to put her trust in James/Gnat. James already stupidly admitted that Gnat wanted Vic to stay last week over Corey. James is also known not to live up to his deals. None of these pairs are going to make it to F2 intact. This week Vic and Paul help her to get Meech out which negates James/Gnat’s advantage in numbers. Next week everyone has to consider who helps to further their game and go with it. That’s the game.

      • Hence why its going to be a bloodbath to see three duos battling out as they reach the end.

        Sure, there will be blood and guts, but it’s their blood and guts for us to all see and be entertained by. :)

    • I think Nic and Corey think that in the final four they will actually win a comp and get rid of Paul and Victor. I’m not sure about NicHole and James though. She may want to get rid of Nat and Michelle, but will love to be left surrounded by men. She is a hole after all. She may even betray Corey to stick with a James alliance, but I think production would have something to do with that one. She still is up Corey’s behind.

      • I don’t think it was a good week to win HOH. Nicole can’t play next week, so you’re thinking its Corey/Victor/Paul vs. James and Natalie. But if Victor or Paul somehow win, it wouldn’t shock me to see a backdoor scenario where Nicole or Corey goes home. They will have the votes.

        James fired up blanks, he could have gotten rid of Cory. Even if Paulie won the juror comp, Paulie was still gung ho on taking the girls out so James would have been safe.

      • It was a good HOH, she just chose to use it the wrong way. She also won Veto and could have backdoor’d a bigger target.

      • I agree but can’t figure out why. He is a dumb, animal abusing jerk who has nothing to talk about except drunk escapades with all his bros.

    • I really like and respect Victor too, but I find it hard to root for him to win. In a game whose objective is to not get voted out, he’s been voted out twice. I can’t help but hold that against him, even if he also fought his way back in. If I were on the jury I don’t think I could pick someone with two evictions over someone who had avoided getting booted for the whole summer. It’s kind of the point of the game! :)

      • I agree. A *truly* good BB player would be smart enough to not win comp. after comp., and would do a better job of picking houseguests to align themselves with to avoid getting booted out once, let alone twice.
        But I think in this case his brute strength and tenacity are going to influence the jury’s decision more than the two glaring red flags of getting double booted.

      • You mean a player who hasn’t seen the block ONCE yet this season?!?!? THAT kind of player??? Ironic that everyone is hating on Nicole so much this year and yet she’s made it to Final 6 and not been Nominated yet. Not saying she’ll avoid the block all summer OR that she’s going to win, but she’s building a REALLY strong case if she makes F2.

      • I feel like people on here don’t give that credit to Nicole simply because they don’t like her. She has been exposed several times and has managed to wiggle herself out of sticky situations. Two weeks ago, her and Corey were main targets and she convinced an enemy, Natalie, to not only not nominate her but I go against her own allies. And now Paul wants to work with her when he wanted her gone last week.

      • Part of the problem was that most of the blogs barely mentioned Nicole and people had no info about her except for cuddling with Corey.
        When Nicole was able to withstand the attacks from Day and Frank and help get them both evicted I started to see that there was a lot more to her than people were giving her credit for.
        Day was able to turn all of the girls against Nicole and that is part of the problem Nicole now has with Michelle and Natalie as well as why they must go if Nicole is the survive. It’s too bad Michelle and Nat have refused to get to know Nic better and perhaps work with her.

      • What angers me so about Natalie when it comes to Nicole is that she constantly bashes Nic for hanging out with the guys and not the girls. Everyone takes this to mean that Nic is only about being WITH a boy when she’s clearly said on feeds more than once (and more than once in her first season) that she is more comfortable hanging out with guys. It does NOT mean that she wants to bone them – it simply means that she is more comfortable being friends with guys.
        Nat compounds my irritation with her when says that, “girls who don’t have lots of female friends ARE the problem.” WRONG, sister. Sometimes, females just feel more comfortable hanging out with guys in a FRIENDSHIP type thing.

      • Considering some of the females cast this season I can see why Nicole doesn’t care to be around them :D
        Natalie certainly can find a lot of thing to dislike about Nicole and I think part of Nat’s problem is jealousy. Plus, Nic is a vet and Nat probably resents that as well.
        I’m just glad people are starting to get a better picture of the type of person Nat really is.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I think Natalie HATES it that the guys prefer hanging out with Nicole over her. Since they didn’t fawn all over her in the beginning of the game and she wound up with James, she’s extremely bitter.

        And yes, Nat’s true colors have been coming out and I’m not looking like such a vicious hater anymore. Hahaha

      • no nicole only wants to be boned by one,and if you watch the live feeds she is getting what she wants.

      • OMG, I never though I’d hear those words from another female!! I feel exactly the same. No bullshit with guys. Too much bullshit with my girlfriends.

      • I’ve always been “one of the guys” because I don’t bullshit around or play games. That’s why I can see where Nicole is coming from AND why I think Nat is full of it when she says that crap! ::fistbump::

      • Would you want to spend time with Gnat and Meech? Not me. They are ridiculous with their whining, crying and their piling on of the makeup. I could see why Nic would want to avoid them.

      • Totally agree, Heather. Way too much catty bullshit with “all the girls.” I don’t have time in my life for that crap. My husband is ok with it, he knows what women can be like. All my guy friends know I’m married & it’s hands off, so to them I’m just another guy. Works out great.

      • I don’t have time for it, either. Life is too short to waste on catty, petty BS. Good for you guys!

      • And that’s not all that uncommon. It’s supremely hard to give credit to someone you dislike passionately – that’s human and we’re all guilty. I had a hard time giving Natalie credit weeks ago because I can’t stand her fakeness & the way she’s been using James all summer.

        Your points about Nicole are all valid, though. And all the more reason that she has a shot at winning IF she makes it to F2.

      • Never thought I would ever say this, but I like Nicole this week. Next week, maybe a completely different story. This week, Natalie and Meech are on my sh&t list.

      • People like to say Nicole hasn’t changed her gameplay, which is not true. Her last season she was this innocent, sweet and much more “loyal” player who was trying to make the biggest move against the majority alliance. That got her nominated 6 times and screwed over and put in a position that would be damn near impossible to get out of without winning a comp.

        This season, she was able to align with the majority and get people to like her. This time, she’s been playing all sides of the house, lying much more, being more deceitful. She’s been exposed several times that she can’t be trusted and yet she hasn’t been nominated once and was able to get herself out of a pickle every time all the while pitting her former enemies against their own allies to save herself and Corey.

      • I think a big part of the reason she got this far is because she had Paulie then James protecting her and also bbecause she’s seen as a useless player who only cuddles with Corey. I can’t respect a game like that just like I can’t respect James’s game. The only way she makes that a strong case in final 2 is if she’s there with anyone except Paul or Victor.

      • You’re entitled to your opinion & I’ll choose to disagree. I think it’s smart game play to align with and/or use bigger targets as a shield. It’s a matter of perspective, especially in a game where “lies & deception” are what it takes to win. : )

    • Indeed. I think she’s stuck between a tempting F3 pawn such as Michelle and a possible ally in Victor and/or Paul once James/Natalie try to get them but either way, those two aren’t no dumb players and are much of a threatening two-some in the game as well.

    • Vic is playing a very subtle game with Nicole and Corey. He knows they are on entirely different planets when it comes to incentives. Corey could care less about her and would rather bromance with any male, preferably the alpha. Vic knows she this and is playing his part so well that he’s getting $5000, which was Corey’s one idea all Summer. Nicole would like to beat the other women, but that’s as far as it goes. The only male she could stand to win against is James, and he’ll be nowhere close to F2. She thrives on male approval and attention, even when it’s being almost literally forced from Corey. Again, in comes Vic with hugs and pretend interest in Nicole’s real life. It may all seem a bit sad, but these 3 (and Paul) are all getting what they want right now.

    • Well said! Got to respect the guy for how he has played the game but who in their right mind would choose to keep him to the end?

  4. Paul’s tattoo looks like somebody splashed a gallon of black paint on his chest, it is very poorly done with terrible detail.

  5. This is FABULOUS! So so so so happy James is an idiot and threw the HOH to Nicole and so so so so happy Nicole and Corey woke up and decided working with Paul and Victor was in their best interest. With only 5 people playing for HOH and 3 of them looking out for Victor this should be smooth sailing :) There’s no comp Natalie could win without it being handed to her, and James will have have a hard time beating all three guys. Fingers crossed its the slip and slide bowl comp, it’s my favorite!

  6. This is a little off topic and I’m not sure if someone else already brought this up, but did anyone else see the Inquisitr article saying the Califiore’s are mad at CBS for giving Paulie an unfair edit? They also called Bridgette’s comments about him at the jury house slander. I find the whole thing completely unbelievable. He got a way better edit than he deserved. He’s the one who said those things.

    • “Unfair”? Hmmm…..

      Uhm, CBS actually did the best that they could not to put Paulie in an extremely bad light on his last few days in the house by only showing bits and pieces of his temper tantrums. The only drama just got too intense that affected gameplay that the show kinda has too.

      • Thanks for linking it. I wasn’t sure how to. I just happened to come across it in my “of interest” on Google. It got me pretty heated. ?

      • It sure was. It says a lot about them as parents, that’s for sure. I’ve said this many times before- I love my child more than anything, but wrong is wrong and I can’t defend bad behavior. I’m not bashing them, but the family dynamic is laid out for us to see.

      • Exactly. “I’ll defend my son no matter what he does …” is why so many kids are brats (and worse) these days. You’re so right – wrong is wrong regardless of who does it.

      • Here we can see where Polly learned the basic values, like fairness, decency and above all, accountability. Yeah, not so much.

      • Guess his claustrophobic condition was going to get him out of the hiuse, when that didn’t work, now they are so unhappy. Seems like they think they can snap their fingers and people are supposed to hump.

    • I don’t know why they’re complaining, Paulie’s edit could’ve been a whole lot worse imo.

    • I read the whole article. The family want selective editing, but that’s not how BB works. They are forced in a closed confinement and we get to see how they react from the outside through constant recording of their actions. That’s all Paulie we saw. As I recall, people here are complaining that we didn’t get to see the full sleaze bag edit of Paulie.

    • Let’s see…they did not show him using the hot tub as a toilet..they did not show the full convo with Bridgette when he called her a racist for her saying she was a feminist…they did not show the full convo when he berated Z in the Paris Room…which was a verbal beatdown…they didn’t show the full convo in the HOH room when he gave Nat a verbal beatdown…did I miss anything? The Califiore’s need to accept the fact that one of their sons obviously has a problem with women and is a douchebag!

  7. Players coming nearer to the end zone have to picture what can happen if any one of them wins the next HoH, including James or Natalie, who are also the only two players left in the game who have won no PoVs, but both of them could still do that. Every player has to be ready to swiftly shift alliances now, according to who is temporarily in the driver’s seat. Some of the players look more willing to adapt themselves than certain others. Just as an example, would Natalie be willing to evict James if it would keep her in the game? What about Corey vs. Nicole or vice versa?

    • Yes, Gnat would evict James but he probably would not evict her. Corey would evict Nic, she has said that she would never vote him out. Both scenarios where their ‘partners’ bvoted to evict them would be fun to watch.

  8. I had a nightmare last night that I woke up, and Big Leech was laying on the foot of my bed stuffing peanuts in her pie hole, and talk $#!+ about everybody.

  9. James might be a “little” bit better at the game if he wasn’t always playing for two.

  10. I think this was Nicole’s safest move. You could make a deal with James/Nat to backdoor Vic/Paul in return for safety next week (if Corey does not win HOH), but I don’t think Nicole wants to risk her game on James keeping his word (if he or Nat wins HOH – that doesn’t take into account Meech or angry Paul winning HOH and likely targeting NiCorey).

    My biggest question: Does Paul/Vic target NiCorey if they win HOH next week, and keep a weaker duo (James/Natalie) for F4? I don’t think James/Nat go after NiCorey – Vic/Paul are too threatening even though they likely will know that their F4 deal is below the other F4 deal.

    • I’d say he would nominate James/Natalie, and Nicole in a renom situation. James is a bigger threat to Paul and Victor than Nicole and Corey are. I personally don’t think any of the pairs is somehow weaker than another. They have all won competitions, just because Victor has won the most doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll continue on that way

    • James/Natalie already talking about taking out Nicole next.
      Natalie asked Meech who should go first – Nic or Vic (obv Meech said Nic).

  11. Just wondering about the next twist…Have u ever noticed that when HGs like Nicole /Corey/Paul/Victor get a little power happy and start making plans way ahead of time how BB always throws a wrench in their plans???…Hope it happens soon…or these next 2 weeks are gonna be boring ….

      • Yes it shows it will happen on Monday the 12th or at least that’s listed as a eviction night.

      • And we will hopefully be spared of the recap episode since the show alrady did that more than a week ago.

        Doesn’t make sense to do it again.

        Fingers crossed though.

      • Every show has a “recap show” … the intro to every show consists of showing half of the last show … guess they can’t even put a whole new broadcast together – lazy bums. Must be related to the Dr. Phil producers .. they do recaps at intro AND after every commercial! So annoying. Mostly I just quit watching.

    • By boring you mean awesome? Who wants James and Natalie in the finale or even F4? No one.

      • And u think there is gonna be excitement watching Nicole and Corey lay in the bed and Victor and Paul talking to the cameras for 10 15 plus days… So much for awesome…

      • The awesome part lies with there being pretty good odds of Paul and Vic going to the finale together. The feeds wouldn’t be any more entertaining with James and Natalie there, all they do is sleep too.

      • I don’t know about Natalie, but many want James and Nicole to get to the end, and I suspect production wants it as well.

      • I would vomit, that wouldn’t even be a finale worth watching. How can anyone actually be rooting for them?!

      • Because we know what they’re like outside the house, so it’s easier to relate to them? That’s my reason, anyway.

      • I would prefer Victor and I think if it’s Victor vs Paul in a finale then Victor would win unanimously. But say Paul is sitting next to Corey somehow in the finale then Paul would probably win.

      • Had they gone the other way, there would surely be fire in the feeds, but a destructive move for them both. hehe

      • It also doesn’t help that all the competitions and ceremonies are in the beginning of the week. I’ve always thought they should spread it out more.

    • I’m realllllly sick of watching Nicole and Corey lying in bed all season doing NOTHING!

      • To think that Nicole and Corey think they deserve to win is mind boggling. Corey can’t even figure out how to use the $5000 bribe he won. He could have used it with Nicole to ask her to keep the noms the same and be done with it.

  12. It’s a much better idea, in my humble opinion, to take out Paul now. He has the comp beast Victor on his side. Michelle is useless and will be an easy target later. Corey is horrible at comps, and Nicole isn’t much better. They will not beat out Paul or Victor in F4. They are taking each other to F2, and Victor will win.

    • At this point playing for F4 makes sense though. F4 is where anything can happen bc the HOH doesn’t really have much power, it’s the person not on the block who decides who goes home. So say Vic wins HOH and noms Nicole and Corey but then one of them wins Veto then Paul is dead man floating and Corey or Nicole have a guaranteed $50K and possibly the other $500k.

  13. I can’t stand Paul, and after burning their bridges with him, and he with them, I have no idea how Nicorey wants to keep him. He is a dangerous player, and annoying as all hell. Then you have James who kept Corey in the game and gave Nicole the HoH. It’s a no brainer. EVICT PAUL!!! Of all the nasty players this show has had, he’s one of THEE WORST!

    • Why would she evict Paul, he’s her ally now. THAT is a no brainer. You should start watching the show.

      • She should evict Paul because she can’t win against him or Vic but unfortunately, her ego is in the way and she somehow thinks she can beat them. Go figure!

      • She can actually. She is building a case for jury at the moment and that involves her having not been nominated all season.

    • I don’t know about that… I don’t think he is anywhere near as bad as Aaryn, Amanda or Paulie, who has risen spectacularly in the most hated polls and has eclipsed Jen of season 8 as one of the top ten most hated of all time!

      • Why would JEN of Season 8 be most hated? She was the one who got blasted by Evil Dick and then burned with a cigarette, ETC! As for this season, oh I KNOW there are many out there who like Paul, but I can’t stand him. He’s worse than Frankie, Derrick, Andy, and Austin.. couldn’t stand any of them. I, for one, liked Aaryn and Amanda. I’d love to see someone like Amanda come back to the house for one day, like Rachel did after she was evicted, just to toy with all the houseguests now. She could even compete for an HoH, and nominate before she leaves – now THAT would be a twist!!! Could you imagine her teasing Nicole and Michelle, and arguing with Paul?? :)

      • I think Jen is hated because of the way she treated Danielle. She was extremely jealous of Danielle because of Nick and treated Danielle pretty badly, which was one of the main reasons she was targeted by ED. I know Aaryn is hated because of her racial and homophobic slurs…and Amanda is actually number 1, but I personally do not think her comments were as offensive as Aaryn’s…
        Amanda would make Michelle totally meltdown into a puddle of ugly tears… Ugh! She does that enough already. She’s as bad as Amber on season 8!

  14. Via the feeds it sounds like Paul and Vic are sitting okay next week. Obviously if they or Corey win the noms will be James and Natalie, and it sounds like James and Natalie (and oblivious Michelle) are ready to strike at Nicole ASAP so will nom Nicole and Corey if they are in power. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

  15. So, did anyone else catch Nicole coming out of the DR, saying that she had to go fast take a shower and change into her elf costume from the Veto comp on request from production? Ha ha, love it when that stuff happens.

  16. I think it is good for both Paul and Victor that Nicole thinks Victor wouldn’t keep Paul or has doubts he would keep him. They can/c.ould use that to their advantage and make them think Paul is on their side to take out Victor only to take out one of them.

  17. Once they get rid of Michelle they essentially have 3 couples left. I am hoping the game will get more intense as we wait to see what happens then.

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