‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 9: Monday Highlights

The Big Brother 18 veto ceremony came and went Monday with little fanfare as all parties were feeling safe. Victor’s suspicions did kick in throughout the day, however, as he started picking up on changing attitudes, that is when these HGs were actually awake.


If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 22, 2016:

9:30 AM BBT – Lights are on. Michelle is walking around.

10:00 AM BBT – Paul camtalks saying he knows he and Victor were supposed to be the targets. He thinks Victor will be voted out. Paul pleads for fan support to get the ACP.

10:05 AM BBT – James joins Paul and they discuss ACP. Paul thinks it’ll be major. (We know it’ll be $5K to give away).

10:10 AM BBT – Michelle asks James about getting called out last night by Big Brother over whatever he and Nicole were offering each other for rewards. (James had offered Nicole $10K if he won and she made the same agreement. BB called them in & they had to acknowledge that was wrong & not allowed.) James denies it was anything major and says they don’t have a deal together.

11:30 AM BBT – Feeds are back from Veto Ceremony. Paul came down and Michelle renom’d Corey.

11:35 AM BBT – Paul says he doesn’t trust James. Victor is planning to confront James on Wednesday or Thursday so there are no surprises.

11:40 AM BBT – Michelle and Natalie upstairs agree they want Paul out next. They are suspicious of him and don’t trust him.

1:20 PM BBT – Victor and Paul discuss what James is going to do. Victor plans to talk with James and warn him his Jury vote is gone if he’s flipping on the plan.

2:35 PM BBT – Nicole, Corey, James, and Natalie agree they should tell Victor on Thursday that he’s going to be voted out.

2:40 PM BBT – Paul is getting very nervous about this week as he and Victor discuss what they’re seeing and starting to worry about.

2:45 PM BBT – Paul and Victor agree they need to warn Michelle the showmances have paired up as F4 if Victor is getting voted out. They want to remind Michelle about James and Nicole getting called out by DR for promising each other something. They think that could be a sign they’re working together.

2:55 PM BBT – Victor points out Paul will be on his in the next HoH if Victor goes because Michelle can’t play so it’ll be Paul vs James, Nicole, and Corey.

3:15 PM BBT – James and Natalie are frustrated with Paul and wanted Nicole up instead of Corey so they had an easier reason to vote out Victor.

3:20 PM BBT – James admits this may damage his chances of getting Victor’s vote in a F2 situation. Natalie says she feels good that Michelle is with them.

3:50 PM BBT – Victor tells Natalie that he trusts her and James not to betray him.

4:00 PM BBT – Nicole is worried about a returning Juror and doesn’t think that’d be fair to their chances.

4:06 PM BBT – James asks Natalie if she thinks Victor would return the favor if he saved him. Natalie says the only way Victor is going to stay in the house is if he takes out Paul. James says Victor would never agree to that. Natalie says exactly.

5:10 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey are talking about the possibility of another twist. Corey says Victor better not get to come back again.

5:24 PM BBT – Victor mentions talking to the shrink after getting evicted. James says they all have to do that.

5:57 PM BBT – House is sleeping minus Victor. He lowers the awnings and gets a thank you from BB.

6:02 PM BBT – Victor cam talks. Says he has a feeling he’s going home this week. He says he doesn’t get it because he’s never wronged James.

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  1. James and Nicole need to be expelled for cheating before anything else happens or else this season will more than likely fall into total disrepute.

    … and probably some lawsuits once the other HGs learn the truth about what James and Nicole ARE doing (just not talking about it anymore isn’t going to change a thing, the damage is done, the game is compromised).

    ENOUGH, Production! Fix this mess already!

    Hopefully the delay is due to legal research on how to navigate this mess, as collusion on a game show is a federal crime.

    It is only Tuesday so they do have a day or so to fix this and rewind the week or whatever. But rules have been broken. Pages 14-15 of the rules/contract to be exact. Below I posted a link to the full document. I think you will find that this bribery scandal is very, very serious.

    Update– More information:

    Link to BB contract/rules:


    See Paragraph 43 especially.

    Producers, FIX THIS before the game advances any more or you will be unable to and will only have yourselves to blame for the legal sheetstorm you might unleash.

    Toss those two cheaters OUT. Save Big Brother!

    (Note: normally I would NEVER post a link, but wouldn’t this be important enough to merit a pass just this once?)

    • I don’t know the legal aspects of it, but, it’s jmo, there was a deal before they entered the game to protect each other. They were stupid to discuss this in the house and for James to repeat it to Gnat. I think it’s good that fans of Dingus and James should now see these two are not honorable. They are intentionally trying to cheat in this game and by doing so, they are cheating the other HGs and the fans. I was a James fan, but I see the light. I hope Dingus fans will admit her dishonor, too. Funny, not funny, I haven’t seen them on the threads since this all came out.

      • I just posted a link to the BB contract/rules that you can read yourself, including where to look. Enjoy. :)

      • In the first post of this thread and in my most recent (currently) post of the scandal thread.

        Just change the two DOT back to a . and you will have a working, pastable link.

      • I’m like you, have always been a James fan. I want Victor to get back in and win the game now.

      • I voted for him for my fav the first few times this season, too. I don’t know how that is determined at the end of the season, if it is based on the weekly voting of fans or if it is the result of one final vote. If it is weekly, and he wins, I’m going to have some blame in that. That really sucks.

      • Phew! Glad we still have a voting chance.

        Vic is it for me now. He is the one most shafted by all of this blatant cheating and has more than proven his integrity to me.

      • Vic and Paul are the only two you could possibly root for if you’re a fan of the show (or at least a fan of the way the show is supposed to be played). Like I have said in the past, this is Big Brother, not the show “Everyone be nice and don’t hurt each other’s feelings.” So, I’m fine with the game that Paul has played and he deserves to be in Final 2. Vic deserves to be there because of his competition record. Between the two of them, they have won as many comps as James, Natalie and Corey have put together. Actually, now that I do some counting…. They appear to have won the same number of comps as all the other HGs put together (looks like 8 for Paul & Victor counting Battle Back and 8 for all the other guest combined)!

      • I was a fan of James until all this happened. Now I’m just PRAYING that Victor wins the jury comp, gets back in and raises some hell. And if he does get back in I’m voting like hell for him to get the final care package. If not I’ll be voting for Paul. I hope meech wisens up and realizes she’s the fifth wheel and there’s no chance in hell she’s making it to F4 with those showmances around.

      • Perhaps it’s just all the negativity keeping Nicole fans from coming here any more?

      • The whole game could have been differant if Paulie had not entered the bb house by lying on his application. He never would have been chosen to play.

    • Something like this came up before. They get around game show rules by calling it a “reality show”. They can manipulate throughout the game but can’t force the final vote. I think sometimes people buck the system and then get bad clips shown to turn viewers against them. Problem is a lot of people have the feeds and know stuff, Seems like we have had the feeds down a lot this year for no reason.

      • Perhaps they can get around it, friend, but it is still very clearly stipulated in the contract. Surely, that can’t be dodged so easily?

      • Agreed, 100% — and I am happy to split that agreement with you 50/50 if we win! ;)

      • It’s been dodged several times in the past. How do you know that others have not had the same conversation?

      • That’s the way cbs controls the dissemination of the news and unsanctioned behavior of hgs.(goings on in the bbhouse).

      • True but it still isn’t fair to the two noms THIS week (at the very least a full disclosure and a rewind is in order).

    • Ok reading that contract CBS has the RIGHT to terminate them. Doesn’t mean that they will. ;) They got warned I think that’s all that will happen here, BUT who knows. I think it’s too late to remove 2 houseguests and replace them at this point in the game. Especially popular ones.

      • That may be true about being late in the game but they evicted someone before for hitting another HG and Julie explained it was against the rules.

      • Yeah, CBS is free to risk lawsuits alleging collusion from extremely upset HGs who gave an entire summer of their lives unknowingly holding on to what turns out to be false hope that they ever actually had a chance to actually win the game (if nothing else is done about this).

        You’re correct. CBS is well within its rights to drop a steamer all over BB’s integrity and reputation.

        And risk the possible legal consequences and reputation damage of doing so.

      • Exactly. It could also call into question the integrity of other shows that CBS produces.

        Why risk THAT?

        Why not just fix this now? State that they broke the game rules and have been expelled. Replay the last two weeks at a DE pace.

        Problem solved. And those two ridiculous showmances are dissolved, forcing everyone that’s left to finally play the GAME.

        Guaranteed ratings bump, too.

      • Julie is married to the boss of all of CBS.She,therefore is in effect “Caesar’s Wife”_ beyond reproach_ unless proven in a court of law to be otherwise. ;-)

      • What “reputation” ? BB is just another dumb ‘reality show” (ie; Survivor, etc).Anyone w/ a brain sees it 4 what it is_ mindless entertainment for the unwashed masses_. Period. cbs holds all of the cards and would benefit just as much from a game scandal as any other outcome. Integrity is not part of the game or is at least limited to the definition by which the cbs legal department prefers.

    • So they made a deal or pact before the show, has any money passed from hand to hand? Has either one of them won the big prize yet? Can either one of them two ever win that prize?

      This so called deal is just words that were said and at this point in the game, if they get evicted then the deal is off. You see what your missing here is that the deal i=was only IF they won the money. It is up to them to get to F2 which I doubt that they ever will get there. All of these rants is waste of time and space BUT WILL be more to the point IF they win.

    • Just read paragraphs 43 and 46 – wow! Wonder if CBS has been subpoenaed yet?! My real question: is that contract current (ie, unchanged)? This being true, yes, those 2 should’ve been removed immediately! — P1$$ed!!!

  2. So Dingus and James are not only allowed to stay in the game, but they didn’t have to give the HGs any specific information about their deal and are allowed to blatantly lie about what happened. James denied to Michelle that it was anything major and that he and Dingus don’t have a deal. James told Gnat about the deal before he and Dingus were called to DR. It’s not something that should be swept under the rug. I’m not on any social media but I do hope this is a topic of discussion and becomes a huge thorn in the side of CBS. This deal between Dingus and James most probably has altered the entire course of this game. On top of that the little DR manipulation of Gnat to work with Dingus & Doofus is definitely leaving a bad taste in my mouth for this season.

      • I don’t they TOLD her, I think they LED her. But they obviously wanted to advance Dingus and/or Doofus’s game.

      • Yes, quite shocking!

        It is starting to smell a lot worse than just Frank’s residual “memory” in that house these days.

      • It is. I thought they had simply fed her some leading questions to manipulate her decision. Just wow!

      • While production was “just pointing out that 2 showmances never made it to final 4″… Shouldn’t an annoying voice have come on and said, “You are not allowed to tell a house guest who to nominate?”

      • They have in past seasons because Derrick mentioned it in his season that it had happened before so he could not tell somebody who to nominate but could lead them by suggesting different scenario’s.

    • And we all know, it doesn’t matter what they say after they got called out about it, bet they winked at each other as they said how sorry they were to have “done the wrong thing”.

      • Pull them out send them straight home and take all money and prizes earned. They broke the rules. This is their second time in BB and should know the rules by heart….

      • I wish that would happen. But with them allowing James to lie about it afterwards like it was really nothing, when he had already told Gnat about it, that, wasn’t right. They are letting him sugar-coat this.

      • Please don’t attack her. And you might want to read the feeds and the previous few threads here and get up to speed with what is going on.

        Thank you.

      • Maybe if you don’t like her opinion you are the one that needs to just get over it.

  3. 7:52 PM BBT – Paul and Victor talk about being paranoid about this week and that there’s no reason for James to turn on them.

    Ha ha ha! How about a $500,000 reason? Seriously, Victor, you should know the reason they are trying to evict you. You are too good at HOH and VETO and if James, Natalie, Corey, Michelle or Corey was to have a serious chance at winning that $500,000, they have to evict you and Paul! Nothing personal, it is just part of the game play!

    • Actually, they made a 4-way cash deal and got caught. VERY against the rules and possibly illegal.

      • It was a proposal which was illegal. That said, reality shows are manipulated by the producers to get maximum bang for their bucks! Seriously, house guests are coached by Big Brother staff on things to say and what to do! Why do I say so, if you watch Storage Wars, Dave Hester who was one of the cast buyers sued A & E over planting gold coins, expensive watches, etc. in lockers. The judge in the case sided with A & E effectively saying that producers has the right to do anything because it is a show! I would say Big Brother is scripted and who is to say that the producers could have told James and Nicole to talk about connivance to stir the pot. Your reactions pretty much is what the show producers would have wanted which is to create controversy! That drives up ratings! So, before raking the house guests over the coals over their illegal proposal, maybe, think that the producers could have purposely made them talk about it to create controversy knowing that they will shut it down immediately! Mission accomplished!

      • Let me clarify when I say scripted, as to the actions of the house guests and no way do I suggest the outcome as to the winner is fixed. However, the outrageous behavior like Frank slapping the women’s buttocks or Bridgette saying she will shave off Michelle’s eyebrows seems to me way too scripted to be believable! The same goes to that Chad character in the Bachelorette who did some outrageous things including punching a door and ripping off the shirt of Evan! Sorry, it is amusing as entertainment but, some of the stuff is way too unbelievable!

    • victor hasn’t proved himself to be too bright. He is held up by thinking others haven’t got anything against him so he should be safe. That is not the game. Hope victor is booted this week and corey next.

      • I was thinking the same thing when Victor couldn’t figure out why James wanted him out and thought maybe it was something he had said or done to James that caused this to happen. Same as Paulie couldn’t understand why everyone wouldn’t do what was best for his game instead of
        their own game.

  4. Nicole thinks a returning player would be unfair to their chances. Didn’t she come back, in her season? Zach had it right, Fruit Loop Dingus.

    • Yeah, but in her mind its not fair because this returning house guest will be a threat. She went right back out the door in her season, lol.

    • I would hate to end up in the hospital and see her coming through the door to look after me. Yikes !

    • Yeah but this is different because their was already 4 returning vets, Pre-jury buy back, roadtrip ticket, and now a post jury buy back? They are giving so many second chances that it does seem unfair

      • The problem is the lack of serious game play for this season. I count the eviction of Paulie as the big move and this week, the nomination of Paul and Victor. Most of the house guests will not play and content to be on vacation getting paid to do nothing! That is why they have all these twists trying to inject some uncertainty because the house guests are not doing enough! Only now that James and Natalie starting to play seriously, trying to win that $500,000.

  5. It would seem that production is out to attempt to secure a female winner this time around. If production can plant the seed of getting rid of Victor and Paul… Well, I just don’t see James beating Natalie or Corey beating Nicole in final two (Natalie seems to be well liked, and Corey is just a big floater). I have no problems with a woman winning BB again, but lets try to make it a woman who really deserves to win. Natalie let James play her game, and Nicole’s only strategy is to try and lie about everyone.

    • And the women made a pack that if a female made it to the end they would vote for them.

      • You’re right… I’d actually forgotten about that. Though I seem to recall Natalie (and maybe Michelle) saying more recently that Victor or Paul deserve to win if one of them were in the final two. That was before they both decided to go after them of course.

  6. What I don’t get is why would you believe another HG that they are going to give you money? After it’s over it’s your word against theirs. No proof they offered you anything.

      • I don’t see why that matters. Obviously any returning houseguest has had the opportunity to meet former house guest at all the functions that they attend. So chances are good that if there was more than one returning houseguest the possibility of a prior friendship is there. Besides as the vets of the show the four we’re going to stick together anyway. At least that was the original plan.

    • That is a good idea– IF the edited show told the complete truth about what has happened.

      • LOL, that will NEVER happen. When you watch the feeds you are watching a completely different show. I prefer the feeds too. I don’t like the TV show and the music they put with it. I honestly have a hard time watching them and trying to pay attention. At some point I start doing something else because they are so contrived and nothing that resembles the truth.

  7. Bear with me all… I have to rant for a moment.

    Its so funny how opinions of HGs can change over the course of a season. Out of the remaining players, I liked James and Nicole heading into this season. I also thought Paul and Victor seemed like they might be pretty cool. I didn’t care one way or the other about Michelle or Corey, and Natalie seemed a tad fake to me. The whole Jozea thing made me change my mind about Paul and Victor though. I just didn’t like them at all as a group.

    Fast Forward a couple of weeks and my opinions had changed quite a bit (and they remain the same now). James seems like kind of a coward. He’s trying to pretend to be a nice guy and ruins all the blindsides because he thinks people should know before hand. No, he’s really just scared something might flip last minute and if they stay, he wants to be on their good side. He has some kind of mental control over Natalie and can influence her (hence the reason I don’t like Natalie still. I like her as a person now though!) so he can stay safe behind her.

    I’ve never been so disappointed in a HG as I have been with Nicole. I can’t put it into words, but she is far removed from the player who gave her all in her first season.

    Paul and Victor have stepped up their game and are fighting for their BB lives every week which I definitely appreciate. They are both deserving winners in their own right, but possibly will never even make it to Final 2.

    I still don’t care about Corey or Michelle. Its hard to get behind a guy that basically doesn’t do anything but mumble. Its also hard to get behind a gal that does nothing but cry at the drop of a hat. I mean, at least Vanessa cried as part of her strategy (and on cue). Michelle just seems like an emotional wreck.

    Okay, I’ve been saving this up for a while, but finally had to let it all out, lol.

    • My opinion of HGs flip flops all the time! I initially didn’t like Vic and Paul when they were aligned with Jozea but now they’re currently my favorite players. I used to like Z and Meech until I read about how badly they had been bullying Bridgette which in turn made me love Bridgette even more. I hated Frank until he left and I started pulling for Bridgette. Now I kinda wish he was still there.

      I loved James on his season but this year he’s about as entertaining as watching paint dry. I’ve always liked Nat but she’s smarter than I initially thought she was. That’s a strategic move i can respect.

      In the beginning I was rooting for Paulie but his true colors came out and I hate him because he’s unbelievably entitled and disrespectful to women

      My opinion of Nicole hasn’t changed at all. She’s a ditz and a snake, always has been. I can’t believe she made it this far considering she sucks at comps and has zero social game. Can’t stand her, want her gone.

  8. It is the fans of Big Brother who can save the show. We need to speak out about our displeasure of the actions of James and Nicole. Both of these HG are veterans and know the rules but have made a choice to violate the rules of the game.

    Production should expel James and Nicole from the game. I believe that civil action may be forth coming after the season. The best action to take to rectify this is expulsion of those culprits. Please save the integrity of Big Brother. It is a fantastic show and enjoyed by a huge following.

    • You are so full of BS it’s coming out of your ears. Do u think for one second the cbs legal department would allow any actionable words to be disseminated through the feeds or through the edited TV show? Seriously? You are delusional at best at worst a complete fool. Go ahead, proceed with a civil action and see what happens to you financially.In the business it’s called a_ financial colonoscopy_.
      Your lack of knowledge about this whole thing is ridiculous. Hire a lawyer to do the prep work, go ahead, this will be very entertaining.

      Admit it, you are bsing and have your head so far up your own butt
      you can see daylight through your eyeballs. It’s a dumb tv show
      relax and enjoy or turn it off ;-)
      Look for integrity where it is most easily found : in the dictionary .

      • Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine! You do know that attacking people and name calling is not tolerated here and will result in you being removed from this board.

      • You are delusional. No where did I say I was hiring an attorney. You must be one smart MFer. Do you even watch the feeds? James and Nicole was caught making deals if one of them won. $10,000 for each of those in the showmance. Production called each to the DR. Both had to make statements to the cameras but only said ‘gifts’. Not money! Natalie chimed in to James that this means you cannot buy me gifts. Total collusion of the rules.But, you are the smart one.

      • It is not unusual for contestants on reality shows to sue the network. Two survivor contestants sued CBS claiming that the actions of production led to them being voted out and CBS settled, giving each $100,000. So yes contestants can sue.

    • I agree with your premise, but BB is sending in their own version of a bribe in the next care package for whoever is voted to get it. So that argument doesn’t hold any water right now.

  9. James has always been slime and know I know y…him and miss piggy had a deal since the beginning..no wonder at first when more hgs were there..he kept switching it around and taking heat from Nicole..saying “not good for his game” of course it’s not u and that annoying back layer had a deal from the beginning..the integrity of the show is ruined of these two stay..why does James chase so muc tail..and he always talks about doing things for his daughter..well homie..its summer vacation for school kids and instead of hanging with it “daughter” u decide to go chase tail on bb for two seasons..annoying af!!!

  10. You know, in the beginning I disliked Vic a lot. But now. Oh my goodness I am going to be so depressed when he is evicted. I have never had such a turn around in opinions of house guests before haha
    Here is to hoping he wins the battle back!!

    • They keep trying to convince her that Corey is the target because they don’t need her vote. That being said, she spent a lot of time talking to Victor on BBAD last night, so I’m sure she’s probably starting to figure it out.

      I say they don’t need her vote… They have two for Vic and Natalie is the tie breaker as the nominating HOH.

      • Alright, thanks for the answer. I was just trying to figure out if she was stupid enough to distance herself from Paul even while knowing that it would be them vs. the couples after this week (ignoring the battleback).

      • Meech isn’t voting because she’s co hoh. Paul will vote to keep Vic, Nicole will vote to keep Corey. James is the swing vote but he’s wrapped around Nicole’s finger. Not looking good for Vic unfortunately. He’ll be back though. He’s a comp beast!

  11. The only two HG’s who deserve to be sitting in those F2 chairs are Paul and Victor…that’s it. Hopefully, Vic makes it back in and takes out James…then Paul can take out Nicole…that is my hopeful scenario. James and Nicole have ruined this season for me…especially with what happened with the bribe. BTW..Derrick has had way too much influence in this game!

  12. I’m certainly not happy that Victor is being evicted, but I really hope he makes it back in.

  13. Nicole and James need to be kicked off the show what’s the point of signing a contract if you are not going to in force it? If you let them stay 95% of BB watcher’s will believe the show is rigged and full of lies kick them off the show! CANCEL THIS WEEK’S LIVE EVICTION kick them out and let 2 jury members fight to come back let people who deserve to be on the show fight to win and not let 2 vets who not only broke the rules, but signed a contract twice stating it’s illegal and will be kicked off show.

    • you’re just angry because you want Victor or Paul to stay/win… get over it. It’s not that big of a deal. You want to make people think it’s NOT fixed… quite adding all these terrible “twists” and letting evicted house guests back in…. If they couldn’t cut it the first time, then they shouldn’t get another try, bottom line.

  14. Its unfortunate but it seems like the people who play the game part time will be in the final 4. Four more weeks of Nicole whining and her idiotic infatuation with Corey. Ugh!

    In the meantime, another “Super Fan” proves watching the show, feeds and forums does not make one a good player. Michele has no idea what moves to make and aligning with the two showmances is about as dumb as it gets. Does she really think they will keep her over each other?

    If Corey or Nicole wins HoH Michele is going up on the block against Paul and if Paul wins veto again, Michelle is going home. How can she not see that?

  15. If I could whisper in their ear, I’d say:
    Victor, stay strong. Keep working out, keep cleanlinesss and order around you and maintain your dignity. Remember the meaning of your name. You are the phoenix gladiator! If anyone can rise again from the ashes, it’s you.
    Paul, keep the faith. You correctly predicted what ACP5 would be. Now believe in your freakish genius, because that task and power has your name written all over it.
    Da’Vonne, a little more self control and focus could take you back into the house for a third shot at $500K. Girl please. You can rock some of these lame duos & trios to their very foundation, if you could only get back in the game and get your game back together. Sistah!
    Raspberries for the rest. I ain’t got the time.

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