‘Big Brother 18’: Did Natalie Make The Right Move This Week? [Op-Ed]

There has been a lot of talk among Big Brother 18 fans this week all over social media on whether or not Natalie made the right decision when she chose Corey and Nicole over Paul and Victor, and essentially Michelle.


Fans are literally split down the middle and Natalie’s popularity dipped drastically in some online polls after her decision to nominate Paul and Victor. So did she make the right decision? Let’s talk about it. (Warning: Post Veto spoilers ahead)

Natalie decided to nominate Paul and Victor because she heard that Paul was throwing James under the bus. And when Michelle became co-HOH, Natalie easily convinced her to ignore her target Nicole and go with her on the Paul and Victor plan.

James and Natalie talked about how the best move for their game would be to work with Nicole and Corey and target Paul and Victor. OK, so I understand this move. It makes sense. Paul has been playing a great game and Victor has been winning A LOT of competitions. Together they’re a force. Nicole and Corey have been laying in bed all summer doing things I don’t even want to think about. Together they’re a farce.

So there’s no denying that, at the moment, Paul is the bigger threat and targeting him is probably best for Natalie’s game. That doesn’t mean fans have to like it.

See, there’s often a double standard with Big Brother fans. We like when people play the game but we don’t like when someone runs the game. So we start rooting for an “underdog” to pop up and take the person running the game out. I understand that thinking. It would have been pretty awesome to see someone like Donny take out Derrick in Big Brother 16.

But watching Natalie take out Paul and Victor is a less exciting because of what we’ll be left with. Does anyone really want to see two showmances in the final four? I’m getting bored even thinking about that right now.

And there’s another, quite bigger issue with everything that has gone down this week, as well. I’m talking about whether or not Natalie came to these decisions on her own. She revealed on the Live Feeds that production had been pressuring her to work with Nicole and Corey. Fishy, right? Nicole and Natalie have barely spoken all season and Natalie spent two weeks talking about how great it would be to be the one to take Corey out. But suddenly she wants to work with them?

Again, I’m not saying it’s a bad move to work with them. I just don’t know if it was her idea.

To further murk the waters, we’ve got this whole bribery issue to add to the mix. In case you didn’t know, James and Nicole discussed giving the other people in their incredibly boring final four alliance ten thousand dollars cash if either were to win the $500,000. And production shut that down and made them even publicly claim that they won’t be giving out money or gifts if they win the season.

So that brings me to the whole idea that there may have been a pre-season alliance crafted by Derrick. I don’t don’t know if there was any official alliance made up but I do think Nicole and James may have been advised to stick together and keep it unspoken. So that is yet another reason to doubt Natalie made the best decision this week.

I mean think about it. Will James cut Nicole for Natalie at the end? Nicole has even asked Corey if he’d vote for her if she didn’t take him to the end. Do Nicole and James have that unspoken pre-season final two deal locked down? If so, then Natalie did not make the right decision this week.

Right decision or not, it’s a decision I wish she wouldn’t have made. But that’s because I like Paul for entertainment value and Victor has even grown on me. And I’ve never been a fan of rewarding people who play (or don’t play) the game like Nicole and Corey.

The good news is that Paul won the Power of Veto and Corey is now on the block. There’s still a couple of days to break up Nicole and Corey, but right now it’s looking like Victor is the one heading out the door since James is the deciding vote.

I’ll say it again, because I know some people don’t read every thing we write. Natalie wanting Paul and/or Victor out makes perfect sense. They’re a threat to win the game. But it’s going to make for horrible TV. I like good gameplay, but I also like to enjoy this show. Who wants to watch a final four where Nicole and Corey frolic under the sheets, and James and Natalie bicker over not giving the other enough attention? Not me.

What do you think? Did Natalie make the right decision this week and did she make the decision on her own?


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  1. They are playing for $500,000 so yes I think she did the right thing. When would she have another chance to take out a BIG threat? Whether James influenced her or not does not matter at this point. As far as DR directing her. We all know and have known for many years that DR talks to them and asks questions to them. Do they directly tell them to do things? I don’t think so but I do think they might give questions out that makes the Hg’s think about things. JMHO!

    • Natalie made the right move for her game this week, 100%. Michelle on the other hand made one of the worst possible moves she could have made in the situation she was in. Michelle claims to be a super fan and right now she’s trying to get to the F5 with two showmances, evicting one of the two people who actually want to keep her around. W. T. F. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Completely stupid.

  2. I’ve like Paul since the beginning and would love to see him win this thing – saying that i understand why Nat put Vic/Paul up – she can not beat them….ever. She could however beat Nic/Cory. Boring for us but better for her. As to if James will take her to the end? maybe she wont take him?

    • I really do hope she takes Meech or Nicole to the end to guarantee herself the money. I also wouldn’t mind a last minute backstab like that. Romance is great but you can have that after the show, you can’t win $500k after the show.

      • Oh, I’m all for a final blindside/backstab and if its going to happen, it will definitely happen between James and Natalie. Of course, with a juror coming back… Could there be a double eviction coming up? Oh to see James and Natalie squirm if there is and if Paul wins that HOH.

  3. Is it a good move? Yes. However, Natalie and James (although he’s been pretty much looking out for just himself this whole season) in the process of making this move exposed how fake they are. Loyalty is something in Big Brother that can’t be taken for granted. I understand there’s a point where alliances and trust end, however, Natalie and James made an alliance with Michelle, Paul, and Victor just last week, because they all wanted Paulie gone. They all trusted each other, and now that Paulie is gone, James and Natalie jump ship to Corey and Nicole, who have not connected with them all season? It wasn’t necissarly a bad move, but it was a dirty move on their part

    • That’s BS. Paul & Vic had an alliance with Paulie and turned on him. Meech had an alliance with Zakiyah but chose to work to stay at the expense of Zakiyah leaving. Loyalty works in BB but there is a point (and that point is not F2 where it should end).

      • You are seriously going to call Michelle into question because she campaigned to stay against Z? Also, Paul and Vic were totally willing to stick with Paulie. It was Paulie who would not listen to them when they wanted Z out. Paulie was the one who turned on them!

      • I don’t call anyone in question. Everyone should do what is best for their game. I think loyalty is great but I don’t think it makes you a bad person to be disloyal in a game.

      • Paulie turned on them? Why should he vote out the person who is loyal to him for the sake of their game? They turned on Paulie.

      • Paulie’s interests didn’t align with most members of the alliance.

        Other than that, the guy was severaly lacking in his social game so how would he be able to even recover from that.

      • Paulie was only looking out for his own game. He had alliances with everyone and was exposed. Paul and Victor have been loyal to each other and they were willing to be loyal to the new alliance

      • I imagine P&V would have put up Corey & Nicole, and honored their agreement with J&N…. this week at least.

      • Yeah, for 1 whole week. Which is why it is smart for James/Nat to strike a deal with Corey/Nic and get the power two out first. If Corey goes, Vic/Paul won’t be targeting Nicole next. They’ll be targeting the couple and likely James because they don’t fear the ladies.

    • Oh come . Pretty much of all them have played ‘dirty’. Paul and Vic 9espicially Paul) had no trouble backstabbing Paulie and people a it up. Paul and Victor also planning on taking out James if Corey goes this week. They ain’t gonna waste a HOH on Nicole or Michelle that is for sure. All they have exposed is that james and Nata re willing to play the game

    • And same could be said for Paul and Victor in the 5 guy alliance. They jumped ship to get Paulie out. Thing called karma.

  4. Natalie definitely did the right thing with the information she has. She cannot defeat Vic/Paul, however she has a shot against Nicorey.
    She shouldn’t play to be 3rd with Vic&Paul rather than 1st sitting next to Nicole (who has won 1 comp and done nothing all summer).
    I think the people who think she made a bad move are viewing it in the lens of Paul & Vic’s game. Natalie shouldn’t be playing for them but for herself.

  5. Hard to say for sure if it was a great move until the final three comes and we see who gets left behind. For now, it appears to be a good move for her chances to make it to that final 3 spot. However, even if Victor doesn’t win the jury comp to get back… It leaves Natalie (and the other 4 HGs) with a very dangerous opponent in Paul. He has more comp wins than anyone left in the house (before jury comp), and tends to be at his best when it counts (his two veto wins have come when he was on the block).

    So, it looks like a good move, but somebody is going to have to put on their big boy/girl pants and be ready for war… Because I can guarantee Paul is going to be ready.

    • Which is why he was the original target. Paul is playing a great game. He has gone from being the target for being annoying to being the target because he’ll win and he’s (so far) managed to evade eviction in both scenarios.

      • I agree, and Paul is my favorite HG based on game play and one of only 2 deserving winners (Victor is my other deserving HG). It seemed like he was be fairly friendly with Nicole and Corey last night on BBAD. I don’t have the feeds, but it could be that Natalie and James might just be in trouble regardless of gift promising.

      • Well I don’t believe Paul will lay down and die once Vic goes. I definitely believe he will continue to fight. Also I think James is going in the DE regardless of what Natalie did this week. James is a target for almost all of the players left except Natalie.

      • Yeah, you can bet on Paul not going quietly. He is the single most dangerous HG left in the game. He has more comp wins and would probably get the most votes if the jury bases it on game play like they should. Of course, it will be interesting to see who comes back from the jury comp. Its going to be either Vic, Paulie or Bridgette. I just don’t see any comp where one of those 3 doesn’t win.

      • He pivoted last time Vic left and survived. Kid’s got game, like him or not. It is harder now though, as there are not enough other people to throw the target/focus on, left in the house.

  6. Natalie made the move she had to make to reach the end, even if her HOH week might end up getting wasted if Victor comes back from jury on Thursday.

    First off all, she didn’t do “what the house wants” and that’s all that matters. Regardless if James wants either of the other 2 duos gone as well, Natalie is aware enough that with three duos remaining, she can’t let such an opportunity come to pass in getting rid with the one duo who have been beating the odds in terms of competition wins.

    Will she have a shot against Nicole and Corey? No doubt about that. Will she cut James loose if they both reach final 3? That’s a strong likelihood. Will Michelle be her final 2? I don’t see why not.

    • I believe Natalie when she said, she will never vote to evict James. Don’t see her voting to keep Meech over James in any scenario.

      • Yes but how hard is it to lose a F2 to Meech in F3 scenario who will evict James over her (if it comes down to it).

      • Agreed. Most of us would take Meech. However, I truly believe Natalie would take James to F2 over Meech. She’s very loyal to James as he is to her. Same loyalty Cody demonstrated in choosing Derrick over Victoria.

  7. I honestly knew Victor was going to become a target right after he won that HOH after the second double eviction. He was winning too many competitions too closely to the end of the game. I think if anyone was making wrong decisions, it was Michelle though. How on earth does she think it will benefit her game to be in the final 4 with 2 showmances? Especially, when you’re already seeing them trying to align with one another.

    • On the one hand, never has there been a time when a showmance reached the end as final 2. Can that be broken this season? We won’t know for sure.

    • Agreed. Michele needs to break up the showmances and if I were her, I would try to take out James before Nicorey or Paul&Victor. If she takes out James, she becomes Natalie’s choice for F2 without a hitch.

    • Paul and Vic are as tight in their bromance as the other pairs. And they ganged up on Michelle sometimes when they were running with the Paulie anti female kingdom. Vic threw beads at her. I don’t get why anyone would think Michelle doesn’t see that she’s alone among three couples..and she’s getting fond of Natalie. I don’t understand why people think the shomances are any less tight than the bromance, I think the bromance is more deadly because they are smarter and win comps. Also, they are both chauvenistic piggies at heart.

  8. Nicole and James for sure have a F2. That is obvious. Their side alliances are Corey and Nat…and they have used them thru the entire game so far..with Nicole really using her guy..undercover sex and all…James has never left Nat’s side..only to sleep..I don’t even think he changes his clothes from day to day..seems to always have on the same thing…IMO..they are two bores to watch..one is sleeping and having sex on her way to the F2 and the other is just being very irritating to me…tells HG’s when they are going home..spoils blindsides…throws comps. At least Paul and Victor are playing this game hard..they are entertaining to me..I would much rather watch Paul and Vic play the game then Nicole and James anyday. I hope Vic comes back in and takes out James.

    • I should clarify..James has never left nat’s side , only to sleep..that is only when he is a HN.

  9. Someone needs to tell Catty Nat that HOH is only for 1 week! This girl wins one HOH and thinks she is Shera! James, Nicole and Catty Nat cheating a** needs to go!!

  10. It’s a good move this week. She may regret it on Thursday though if Paulie or Victor return to the game. I’m ready for next week. This week is over and done.

  11. I don’t think Natalie would think of her HOH as “wasted” by Victor coming back, at least compared to the alternatives, because it leaves the state of the game more or less the same and keeps her & James from having to scramble to preserve a F4 or even a F5. Imagine if Paulie or Z comes back, then Natalie and James have to flip to Paul & Michelle after basically proving their backstabbing to preserve F4, since either of them would almost certainly ally with Nicole & Corey AND target Nat & James. Bridgette could be a big risk for everyone except Paul, since she’d probably ally with Meech, putting a target on their backs again. And I have no damn clue what’d happen if Da’vonne comes back; I’m guessing the HGs don’t, either, and Mama Day wants to keep it that way.

    • Bridgette coming back is not a risk for Natalie or Meech. It is a risk for James (which I don’t mind). I think Paul would be in a neutral space if Bridge came back. She would almost definitely go for Nicorey and James.

  12. Branden,

    Out of curiosity, where are you getting this info from?: “So that brings me to the whole idea that there may have been a pre-season alliance crafted by Derrick. I don’t don’t know if there was any official alliance made up but I do think Nicole and James may have been advised to stick together and keep it unspoken”

    Forgive me if I missed another story written but that’s a bit of a weird thing to throw on Derrick. What leads you to believe that Nicole and James were advised by Derrick to form an alliance, stick together and keep it unspoken? Have either James or Nicole talked about that on the Feeds?

    • Only Derrick would answer that and I hope he does if he hasn’t yet.

      Which makes me wonder, has Derrick ever spoken up about allegations about him giving pointers to Paulie and the vets in ay BB podcast he has been in?

      I mean it doesn’t hurt if a winner tries to share a bit if wisdom to anyone who either wants to follow his lead in his own way or gain redemption the second time around, as Dan have shared his over the years. But for Paulie trying to mimick, poorly, Derrick’s strategy got me thinking that BB Calafiore went a little too overboard recreating it.

      • Derrick may be lying but since he is the only source of information I have so far I will believe him.
        Derrick has mentioned on a certain podcast show that before the season, he spoke to Paulie for about an hour, spoke to James for about 20 minutes and did not speak with Nicole at all. So any preseason alliance between James and Nicole probably has nothing to do with Derrick. And Derrick specifically said that having only talked with Paulie for an hour, he couldn’t talk about anything in depth either.
        About Paulie’s game, Derrick could see some effort at Paulie trying to mimic his game, but Derrick thinks that overall, Paulie did not follow a lot of the things Derrick advised (ex: showmance, winning way too many comps and well, bashing Jersey girls LOL)

      • That’s why said as a response t another post here that his social game was several lacking. That aspect of the game was key to Derrick’s road to victory and Paulie didn’t follow through that.

      • I think we all have to agree that Derrick’s ability to play this game is on a whole nother level in terms of everything.
        Man if he were to enter the house again in the future I hope someone can make him sweat a little as he works his way towards the money

      • He had it so easy because he played against clueless tweens. But he did it amazingly. I’ll never forget the DR segment where Cody/Beastmode/Victoria and maybe another all stated they trusted Derrick fully, then they jump to Derricks DR and he just shrugs with a smirk. Loved that moment.

      • This is my feeling also. While he may have (PROBABLY DID) give Paulie advise, he most likely did not mastermind any kind of preseason alliance. Now WHAT if anything James and Nicole spoke about before the season is anyone’s guess, they ARE friends.

        oops I quoted the wrong person! I agree with Brys!

      • In a recent interview Derrick said he talked to Paulie for an hour, James for 15-20 minutes and didn’t talk to Nicole at all. He also said that Paulie didn’t listen to anything he said.

    • You can watch RHAP. Look for when Derrick was the guest. They’re all friends with him. He had spoken with Paulie and James just for a short time. He did gave Paulie some advise, and none of them were followed, but how hard it is for him to tell James..”stick with Nicole or stick with each other”

  13. She made the right decision for he game with the facts available to her. My hope is that a wildcard comes back in to the game and NOT Paulie or Victor, now THAT could get interesting! Suppose Day came back, or Bridgette or Zakiyah, who KNOWS who they would work with and that could be interesting. OR they could go RIGHT back out the door, lol!

    • Not Zakiyah , she was useless throughout the game and would be useless coming back.
      Day is crazy so she would shake up the house and I would love it!
      My pick is Bridge though. That’s the person I want to see return and do well

      • True Day or Bridgette would be my choice too. My feeling is it will be Paulie or the Victor/Corey (yea yea I KNOW it’s probably Vic, but you NEVER know as James says “this is Big Brother”) loser? (that the right word? lol)

  14. Natalie made the 100% next choice. And, I’m glad. The fact that Nice and Corey are having sex don’t bother me because I don’t have to watch it anyways. Paul is the top player left and Vic is a comps beast and those two are 90% loyal to each other – I can see them maybe cutting each other at F3 to take a weak player to the Finals for an easy win as to not be Cody (?). Nat’s choice has made me like her more. Ad, James after being passive and going with the flow has been more cutthroat ever since he turned on Paulie THAT is good.

  15. James and Nicole need to be expelled for cheating. I can’t in good conscience even entertain that there would even BE any more “game play” if known cheats are allowed to continue. Then it won’t be a game anymore.

    • I don’t think there’s reason to worry. I’m sure producers learned from their mistake when they found out how the prize money was spent after BB9 (turned into a scam that sent Adam and Matty behind bars) so surely reminding those two over such a huge federal offense (especially in James’ case) is enough for them to not even attempt it, much so have James or Nicole give a single cent from it to each other when one needs spare change for bus fare.

  16. Every week we see people change from who they would work with last Week Cory and Nicole were gonners. I think getting rid of Victor is the best move not because of anything personal but he can win competitions and go all the way, If he made it to final two he would have a better chance of winning then any of them. Next week everyone may feel sorry for Paul and rope him in, who knows.

  17. At this point, Jame’s game is the most at risk if he votes Victor out. If Victor comes back, he’ll be gunning for James. But if Paulie comes back, he’ll be going after James and Natalie too, with the added benefit of being able to team up with Nicole and Corey again to make them a strong trio. I think he believes he can beat Nicole and Corey at the end, which may be true, but doesn’t matter a bit if he doesn’t make it to the end.

    • Um… so it would be better if he kicks Victor out in the hopes that neither Paulie nor Victor comes back…

    • After watching Paul hanging out with Corey and Nicole last night, I’m not sure there is anyone in the house who wouldn’t go after James given the right situation. Depending on how the jury battle goes, this could be the most interesting week of the season.

    • Victor is coming for James regardless. You think if James keeps Vic and Vic wins HOH, he is not coming for James? Unlikely.

    • Paulie’s first target would be Paul, with Vic gone, I think – not James. So if Paulie returned AND won HOH, he’d target Paul and Meech first. He might only do a one week safety deal with James – who knows? But at least James would have, maybe, a week to figure out their next move and a shot at winning HOH.

      James might, during that time, reinforce his deal with Nicole to align their foursome to take out Paulie next (after he/Paulie) takes out Paul/Nicole).


    • Either way he’s at risk. So for his sake he needs to vote out Victor. Image letting Victor slide this week, then Paulie comes back? James would be doubly f*cked.

      • Good point. As it stands now, I’m kind of hoping Vic goes out, comes back and barrels his way right to the end for the win. While none of the current players have been fantastic strategically, at this point I’d be okay if anyone but Nicole/Corey wins. Nobody should be rewarded for spending the whole summer in bed.

  18. I thought we would have a re-wind week instead of a buyback but it appears we will have re-wind with a buy back. Vic will be evicted and will return. The house will remain the same with a large target on Nat now.

    • I believe if Victor were to come right back, the targets would remain on Paul/Vic. If the sitting ducks win HOH, their target will most likely be James and not Natalie

  19. I don’t care if she made the right move. As you say, the show has to be fun to watch. James, Natalie, Nicole, Corey, Michelle: All worthless as players and boring as hell. If Victor goes and does not get back in, and then/ Paul goes, what is the point in watching the ridiculous people who are left?

  20. That’s where this whole Production Conspiracy Theory comes into play .. the HG’s should technically be playing to win the $$$ and / or necessarily there for the ratings? That is the job of production with all their twists and shenanigans ??

    Not sure if it was hear that I read and/or was it on Sunday’s episode where I was positive that I heard Nicole saying to Natalie (not sure if James was there or not ??) that she would never vote to evict James ?? Think that was during the discussion where Nicole was trying to convince Natalie that Paul was the one saying all those lies, etc?

  21. Yes, Nat initially made a good move, but did not consider a POV backup plan, BB Twists, or control the House. Michelle as co-HOH has only complicated the issue more. And Jatalie can’t keep their mouths shut! They need to keep their game quiet. And 5-minutes before eviction James needs to disclose to Victor and Paul he will respect Natalie’s plan and guarantee a deal to save Jatalie next round. Then vote Corey out. Or guarantee James is out next week. Nicole is beyond a floater and BB highlighting her gee-gosh antics are trying.

    • Paul and Vic have already talked about getting James out. He is all that stands between them and F2 if Corey goes. They think they will literally barrel through the women.
      If James saves Vic, it doesn’t mean he is safe.
      James isn’t safe in any scenario. He better win the HOH or POV in that double eviction or he is going to jury.

      • Agreed. It’s all a lose-lose for James. I would have like to see Nichol and Michelle go before him though.

      • Exactly! Completely agree. When Natalie put Paul and Victor up I knew right then that she just screwed James game, which I’m totally fine with, never liked him. But for someone worrying about James going OTB she sure didn’t think that plan all the way through.
        I just can’t wait to see their faces when they find out there’s a jury battle back. Lol oh that’ll be glorious!!

  22. I guess we’ll wait a few days to find out whether or not Natalie’s move was for the best – and a lot of that will depend on who comes back via the battle back competition. But the thought of a Derrick-crafted alliance between James and Nicole before the fact does cause you to look at the entire season in a whole different light.

    • If that is the case, then I have greatly underestimated the intelligence level of James (who I like) and Nicole (who I do NOT like).
      I really think a secret alliance between the two of them gives them way too much credit. They are not smart enough to pull it off.

      • Maybe. But we know Nicole and James are friends outside the house, and we also know Derrick did give James some “pointers” before the season started. From knowing all that, it’s not too far a reach to consider maybe the idea of an alliance of sorts was at least tossed around. (And IMO, James is a lot smarter than people give him credit for.)

      • If that’s the case, and they are some masterminds who have a preseason F2 and side alliances to protect themselves (Corey & Nat) then they deserve the money and have earned it.

      • I agree, Nicole isn’t that smart and at some point those 2 would have spoken about it on the feeds and something would have leaked out way before this point, it always does. But you never know with BB, I’ve been convinced for a long time that this is pretty much a rigged game and the producers decides who is put on the block, evicted, HOH, they have a hand in shaping everything.

    • Derrick said he only talk to James 15-20 minutes and didn’t talk to Nicole at all prior to this season.

  23. Nope! So glad her HOH was a sham, can’t wait for Vic to come back and send James home.

  24. “So that brings me to the whole idea that there may have been a pre-season alliance crafted by Derrick.”

    Interesting. If this is true, I’ll be very impressed.

    • Derrick has publicly said multiple times that he did not encourage any preseason alliances. He didn’t even talk to Nicole about her being on the show before it started.

  25. In terms of production influencing Natalie’s decision, if the way she and James read into the care packages is anything to go by, production could have literally said Nicole’s name once and she would probably take that as a hint that she needs to work with Nicole and Corey.

    I think this is less the result of production meddling and more the result of Nicole pulling off the easiest flip in Big Brother history. Seriously, it took all of five minutes to get Natalie to flip on Paul and Victor. That can actually be construed as a point for Natalie’s gameplay: good situational awareness and lack of any seriously loyalty except to her final two is a decent mindset to have in BB. But yeah, always a bummer when one of your favorites is the victim of a good game move. If the showmance F4 is successful I’ll be done with this season.

  26. Attention BB, please let us have an organic season of real players, not recruits and they need to be over the age of 30. I guarantee you it will work and people will watch it. It will be much better than this mess you put out that looks like some weird knock off The Price Is Right/The Bachelor merged together.

  27. I don’t see anything wrong with targeting stronger players that you can’t beat. That’s a feat in itself if you can get one out. Wooever is left in the house for the F3 is meant to be there. I know tv might be boring, but it is what it is. We thrive off of big plays. Where does loyalty, truth telling and no backstabbing come in the game of BB? I thought that was what it’s about, and who can do it the best. We wouldn’t love it if it was all warm and fuzzy. Things change so quickly, you’re an idiot if you sit around and try to stay loyal and end up on the jury. They didn’t know each other for a few days and started making alliances. It’s all BS. From that point, they would have no idea how the game would progress. I get it that we like or love certain players, but I enjoy the emotional ups and downs of watching these competitions play out. Of course Natalie got the producer “push” in about Corey before they could put the fish up. And Nicole and James didn’t commit a firing squad offense talking to each other about the monetary gifts. They both knew better. They didn’t talk to other HG. For me the most serious offense of the game was Paulie sharing his body fluids into the hot tub. It’s just a game for $500,000 and everyone wants to win. Some cut throat shouldn’t surprise anyone. Sit back, have fun and watch it play out.

  28. lol Derrick didn’t give s%*t advised to these people. He gave them simple, basic advise, like what to do and what not to do.(It worked for Paulie? lol) As he explained from RHAP What he did in his season can NOT be duplicated. It’s a different cast.

  29. If Natalie wants to hand Paul and Victor the game then by all means put up Corey and Nicole. If she didn’t put them up they would easily kick her butt in the finally. Paul (as much as I cannot stand him) has played a really good game. I am glad he won veto because if he did get the boot this week he would have a chance to come back with the other four jury members. If he goes next week he is out forever! That’s why I am happy he won veto. I am bias of James As I want him to win. I would love to see James and Nicole in the final 2, james would win hands down. I hate when production gets involved and I really thought production would do something to save Paulie, I am surprised they didn’t.

  30. they play to win the money, they dont play for your entertainment. i disagree with a lot of their decisions however i still watch it till the end. it is what it is. i

  31. I think Natalie made the right decision for her game but definitely not Michelle’s. She should have gotten a backbone before nominations and not allowed Victor and Paul to be nominated. If let’s say Paul and Nicole had been put up, Victor could possibly have won Veto, taken off Paul and then they would be forced to renominate Corey. Now she has to rely on which way James votes and well that is pretty much set in stone. Her game may come down to which jury comes back in the battle back comp.

  32. In an interview Derrick said that he talked to Paulie for an hour, James for about 15-20 minutes and didn’t talk to Nicole at all prior to this season. He also said that Paulie didn’t listen to anything he told him.

    • I can definitely believe that as Paulie is such a narcissistic nut job who couldn’t take the advice that was biting him in the butt..

  33. This is what I’ve been saying all week, thank you for capturing my opinion. Who wants to see those four at this end? It will ruin the season. Some people do though, and I don’t get it. That’s why I so hope Victor wins his way back in, again, and they (Paul or Vic) with HOH next week. Then we will see how close those four really are. What really bugs me too is that they act like they are the “Good guys” (oh no, season 8 flashbacks) and that America roots for them. Please do no reward that behavior with handing Corey the care package. He will probably use it to give to nicole for a kiss or something equally unimpressive. We are getting to that wire. I want the best to win.
    By the way Nat, Paul didn’t throw your …whatever, James, under the bus (at that point). I’ve never seen anyone flop as much as those two. I hate it when people sit pretty and make one bold move, and bam it’s the end. It was the right decision for her game, but how she came to that decision didn’t seem right.

  34. OK, Natalie needs to go! First it was the FT boobs w/Paulie and he made her feel uncomfortable now she has moved on from the boobs and I will be dog gone it’s now Paul! Next it will be James, Santa Claus, Peter Rabbit, Mailman, Milkman, Tweety Bird, and Donald Duck all will make her feel uncomfortable! Paulie was right about one thing when actually watching Nat on the live Feeds, “She is as fake as those things on her chest!” People come to watch BB, she needs to go on w/the emotional mess when others don’t like her or give her attention!

  35. For everybody but Paul, Victor is the best person to evict. However, to me there is something odd about this James Nicole secret alliance. I can watch everything and do and I keep notes and write for a small website (which I won’t reveal) about Big Brother. What’s odd about it is that James and Nicole don’t seem to talk a ton of game at all, and yet at all times seemingly trust each other implicitly. Now, I don’t care if they do have a f2, but how can it escape my attention at all times? Besides the vets coming together, I see James making no attempt to check if him and Nicole were cool after the first 2 weeks of game. You would have assumed James was actually super close to Da, with how often he talked game to her. (Yet, he cut)

    So him targeting Paulie, forming and f5 with Nat, Michelle, Paul, and Victor and then immediately dissolving it to target Paul (and miss) and then end up evicting Victor is surprising to a live feeder that pretty much watches everything I can. His trust for Nicole right now is so high that it’s surprising and yet I can’t watch any mid-game camera and prove they still had an alliance and concern for each other.

    Does that mean anything? Maybe. Does it make it illegal, I don’t think so, but the bribe stuff was odd. All I can say is that, it is a good move for James in the long run, and even more amazing move if he does actually have an f2 with Nicole.

    You know, unless Paulie or Victor come right back in.

  36. It was a good move for her on paper but there’s other variables to take into account. There’s still a returning juror. There is a high probability that Nicole and Corey will flip depending who wins HOH and which juror returns. Taking out Vic this week will be pointless if she doesn’t cut James soon. He is more than willing to take the blame for her moves but that means that he will also get the credit for taking out Vic and blowing up Paulie’s game.

  37. Things were pretty exciting for Nicole at the beginning of the game, especially when both Frank and Day decided she was some kind of BB mastermind that had to be evicted pronto.
    With Nicole being able to join a strong alliance, and with a good social game going for her she managed to survived the 2 loud mouths trying to take her down.
    Nicole tried to work with Frank and Day at the beginning of the game but Nicole quickly realized that Day told LOTS of lies and was not trustworthy to work with.
    She tried to work with Frank but he repeated everything she told him in confidence. Once again she realized Frank was not a reliable person to work with.
    Being in a strong alliance Nicole tried to repair the damage done to her game by a spiteful Day and Frank and decided to keep a lower profile.
    It seems to be working for her and keeping her out of trouble.

  38. She’s basing what she’s doing on a lie. I think her smarter move might be to break up a couple but that would leave Victor and Paul who are sort of a bro couple.

  39. I’m late joining this discussion, so no one will likely read this comment. I’m going to throw in my 2 cents anyway.

    I’m delighted that Victor is going this week, since we know that there is a battle back. I dread Paulie coming back in the house. The one person that has beat Paulie the most is Victor. So, instead of looking at who is going. I’m looking at who is going to battle against Paulie. Victor is the best choice.

  40. “And there’s another, quite bigger issue with everything that has gone down this week, as well. I’m talking about whether or not Natalie came to these decisions on her own. She revealed on the Live Feeds that production had been pressuring her to work with Nicole and Corey. Fishy, right? Nicole and Natalie have barely spoken all season and Natalie spent two weeks talking about how great it would be to be the one to take Corey out. But suddenly she wants to work with them?”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. If this is true (and I haven’t seen anyone else on the internet mention this), then how can you just casually drop this bomb? This is a topic that deserves its own article. This is more than just “fishy”, this is a major scandal right here. It means production is blatantly manipulating the outcome of the game. That’s a huge deal and something that should be causing a ton of controversy and probably even legal action.

    Anyway, I think going after Paul was the right move for the wrong reason, Paul is definitely the biggest threat in this game left and before this week when the house started turning on him, I had him as most likely to win, he’s been playing a great social game and doesn’t do too badly in comps either. But Paul is absolutely right that the excuse that he was targeting James is complete bullshit, Paulie was the one who wanted that and that was simply a last ditch effort to shift the house towards other targets. Without Paul the game most certainly does become less interesting and I’m unsure I even want to watch if it was just down to the two showmances and Michelle, they’re all boring and terrible players and I don’t think I’d want to watch it. Doubly so if production really has been pushing for this scenario to happen. Why are we not raising the pitchforks against them again?

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