‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 9: Thursday Night Highlights

Once Thursday night’s eviction show ended the Houseguests were busily preparing to crown a new Head of Household but that wouldn’t come until much, much later when the over five hour competition wrapped up and we had the results.

James plunges the shower on BB18

Yes, a new HoH has been crowned and we’ve got the potential for some interesting drama this week depending on how the nominations turn out as we’re approaching another fork in the road.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 18, 2016:

7:08 PM BBT – Feeds return from eviction show.

7:10 PM BBT – Paul talks with Michelle and Natalie in the Storage room. They go over all the crazy things Paulie was telling other HGs. Natalie is stressed over comments Paulie made that she (Natalie) revealed a plan but she denies involvement of his claims. Everyone agrees that Paulie made up things.

7:15 PM BBT – Michelle says she heard Nicole advising James to put Paul and Michelle up against each other if it’s a knock-out comp.

7:20 PM BBT – Paul is worried about Nicole and James but Natalie says there’s nothing to worry about. Paul says he’d nominate Nicole and Corey together if he gets HoH.

7:25 PM BBT – Paul, Victor, and Natalie all agree that Corey and Nicole are the targets.

7:35 PM BBT – Natalie still promising Paul that James’s targets would be Nicole and Corey. Paul says that couple makes him nervous.

7:35 PM BBT – James tells Corey that Paulie was making up things and working the HGs against each other.

7:40 PM BBT – Victor and Michelle are studying days and events.

7:50 PM BBT – James and Natalie worry that Paul might not be trustworthy and was tossing their names around.

7:55 PM BBT – Natalie has decided she’s going after Paul and thinks he’s playing Paulie’s game. James says he doesn’t trust Paul either.

8:00 PM BBT – James wonders if they should go to Victor with their concerns about Paul.

8:05 PM BBT – Natalie talks with Nicole about whether Paul can really be trusted. Nicole says she was instructed to go after Victor.

8:10 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey are all too happy to have the target on someone else with it being Paul this time. They agree with Natalie that Paul is risky.

8:15 PM BBT – Nicole talking with Natalie and James that Paul is playing like he’s the new Paulie. James says he thinks Paul will throw the comp since he and Victor were just talking that it’d be better to let one of the girls win this one.

8:17 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the HoH comp.

1:50 AM BBT – Feeds return. HGs covered in goop. Natalie is the next HoH.

1:55 AM BBT – HGs trying their best to wash off the goop, but it’s not budging.

2:00 AM BBT – Shower is so full of goop that it’s backed up. James is plunging it.

2:00 AM BBT – Natalie reveals she won HoH.

2:05 AM BBT – Michelle mentions having the comp advantage and still going out second. (This advantage was one during the carnival game on Monday which airs Friday.)

2:10 AM BBT – Victor told Natalie to prepare for a lot of talk coming her after that win.

2:25 AM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she thinks they’re both safe this week and she trusts Natalie after their talk earlier about keeping each other safe.

2:30 AM BBT – Corey is really hoping he’ll get the Care Package.

2:55 AM BBT – Nicole again telling Corey they should be safe even though the rest of the house thinks they’ll be the two to go up.

3:00 AM BBT – Nicole says Paulie tried to convince they he was just faking being upset about the pie baking but they don’t believe him and think he really was upset.

3:05 AM BBT – Nicole says she and Natalie said they’d keep their distance this week so no one knows they’re working together.

3:15 AM BBT – Natalie is seriously stressing her outfit and wants to get dressed up for her HoH room reveal and her “speech” where she’ll read her letter from home.

3:45 AM BBT – Michelle tells Victor how nice Nicole is being to Natalie. Michelle thinks Natalie will stick to the deal. Victor worries Natalie and James may branch off with Nicole and Corey.

4:00 AM BBT – Victor and Michelle are still awake and hanging out in the kitchen as the rest have gone off to bed.

So no discussions overnight from Natalie as to how she’ll handle her nominations as she was much more focused on the critical matters of how to wear her hair and what outfit she needed. Yikes. Let’s hope she gets back to game talk soon as she’ll need to decide if she’s sticking with the F5 deal or going with her new deal of Nicole and Corey. What do you want to see happen?

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  1. Stick to the plan Natalie. Send Cory to jury to battle with Paulie.

    **Edited to use the correct name — Natalie instead of Nicole

      • Agree totally, unless Corey gets the Co-HOH, he and Nicole will be on the block for pragmatic reasons. The plan needs to be to back door Vic. I also think Corey has been sandbagging a little bit.

      • Yes the care package will be HUGE this week. I voted all week for Victor but now I wonder if I made the right decision.

      • Yes now I’m wishing I’d voted Paul all week. If he were safe I think that’d be the end of the debate this week.

    • I think you meant stick to the plan Nat. Send Corey (or Nicole) to the jury. I can’t believe that Nat was upset about the lies Paulie told everyone but is believing what Paulie told her?? I hope she comes to her senses and Victor gets the co-hoh.
      I cant even think about Paulie possibly coming back into the house. #CryBaby #SoreLoser

  2. Natalie should nominate Paul or Victor over Nicole and Corey because everyone in the jury house (with the exception of Paulie) hates the two of them. Corey’s game this season has been as forgettable as his personality, and all Nicole’s been doing is chasing dick. Paul and Victor have a legitimate chance of winning this game, whereas Nicole and Corey don’t. If I were Natalie, the choice would be simple: I would nominate Paul and/or Victor or backdoor one of them. Natalie finally holds the most important power in the game, so she needs to utilize it wisely because it could be a $500,000 decision.

    • The only peopke looking out for Natalie and James are themselves. If they were smart they’d find a final 4 with people who actually win things and can protect them and stick to it. They’re idiots if they keep people like Nicole and Corey who look out for no one and lose everything.

      • James and Natalie can “win things,” and if you have to be protected to make it to the end, you most likely won’t win the game. Many houseguests in the house and in jury don’t see Natalie as a threat, and she finally won a competition (HOH), so she might as well make a big move and get Paul or Victor out of the house. An eviction of Nicole or Corey would be a complete waste since neither of them has any shot of winning at the end, they’re in the minority, and neither of them are good at competitions, like you stated, which gives James and Natalie a higher chance of winning competitions and gaining more power in the house. Paul and Victor both have legitimate chances of winning the game and winning competitions, and that’s a risk Natalie and James shouldn’t take.

      • My point was Nicole and Corey never win so they can’t ever be of protection for James and Natalie when they’re vulnerable. It makes no sense to align with only 2 people who can’t help you. There are still 7 people there now and will be again Friday, now isn’t the time to rely on 2 floaters. Thank goodness she only gets one nomination or she could totally screw up her game.

      • But leaving them in the house puts them as targets which does protect James and Natalie, because you know they will get blamed for everything and whomever is left between paul, victor and michelle will go after them not Natalie.

      • Sorta but leaving them there after they all agreed yesterday to send them home makes them look untrustworthy. The other house guests aren’t dumb and would know they’re keeping Nicole and Corey to work with them so it paints an even bigger target on their back and then Nicole and Corey float for another two weeks.

      • It is Big Brother everyone looks untrustworthy. Nicole and Cory without Paulie are not a threat they are a vote, to help keep Nat and James safe. Wasnt it just two weeks ago when Paul wanted to keep Michelle to get James out?

      • I agree they’re not a threat but no one knows what’d they’d do given a chance at power. Keeping them there only takes the target off them and on the HOH who decided they were worth keeping. The only safety they can provide is voting as they don’t win things, so anyone who wants to keep them around obviously trusts them not to vote against them. It’s ridiculous for Natalie and James to think Nicole and Corey wouldn’t go after them if given the chance. There’s only 3 voters this week so the noms just need two to go home, James or Natalie would not fair well if they were up for nomination. They could take it easy and nom who they said, keep over half the house happy, and float to top 4 but no, they just want to screw it up.

      • Lol that’s true and speaks of how bad they are at this. Granted James has thrown basically every single one but I’ve never been fond of him.

      • I’ve never been a fan of James. He’s a waste of space in BB. Maybe CBS will put him on Survivor next

      • Victor has won 8 comps. Corey 3, James 1, Nicole 1, Natalie 1. He has more wins than all of them combined. Either he or Paul is going to get that co-HOH I think. If she still goes after Paul despite Vic having co-HOH she’s stupid. The odds of Vic, Michelle, and Paul winning Veto is super high. She could betray them and still have both guys left in the house to come after her or she could be SMART and take out Corey leaving only Nicole mad which would probably have been nominated by Victor anyway.

      • Paul won hoh once and veto once, hardly a competition beast. Corey has more wins than that. James has one win, hoh. Natalie only just won her first comp, current hoh. The only strong comp player left is Victor.

    • My main issue with natalie nominating vic/paul is theres no strategy involved in it. She will nominate them bc she fell for nicole and coreys lies.

    • They told her they wouldn’t put her or James up. She’s going to put up Victor and Paul – unless one of them get the ACP

  3. Time to get the next best competition hound sent to the pound. Victor and Paul on the block with Victor going to jury. Natalie needs to listen to James. Don’t let emotions cause you to lose $500K.

    • I think so, too. I completely understand the concern over Paul and Vic, but Nic and Corey aligned with the douchebag Paulie. Leave them to fight their own battle. In my opinion, Corey is about as bad as Paulie after that little clapping, smiling episode when Nat left that HOH room. If Nat had seen that, she would never vote to keep this lower class douche and his little… little vamp. lol

    • I thought so too but say Natalie puts up Paul and Victor wins the package and puts up Corey that just leaves James, Nicole, and Michelle to vote. James won’t go against a Natalie and Nicole obviously won’t vote out Corey so Michelle’s vote doesn’t even matter and Paul is sent packing.

      • Best case scenario in that situation is Michelle winning Veto and saving Paul forcing her to renom Nicole or James.

      • Victor is more likely to win veto and pull down Paul leaving Michelle to go up. Renom Corey or Nicole with one of the 2 going home. That’s how I see things panning out.

  4. I’m glad the care package is likely going to mess this too early move up. Give Natalie credit for thinking big, but she and James could take them on in a final 4. It’s too big a risk because Nicole and Corey can’t help much if this backfires. And can N & C really be trusted?

    • Exactly! They can’t be trusted at all and they have a for sure easy slide to F4, she’s an idiot to go against Vic and Paul

      • If they went to F4 all they’d have to do is win Veto, and win Part 3 of HOH to be F2 together. I’d rather do that and have the protection of the best players rather than piss them off for people you said were not trustworthy 24 hours ago…

      • I know right?!?! How are they not thinking of that? It’s such an easy peasy coast to F4 if they stay loyal to Paul and Vic. Natalie is the dumbest of the dumb.

      • We are on the same page for sure. Now just need Paul/Vic to get that care package to hopefully get her back on track. I imagine they’d have to discuss nominations to be on the same page and I could see Victor say if you betray me and put up Paul I’m putting James up. So we either put up Nicorey or we put each other’s closest ally up. Your call.

      • That would be great but are they allowed to change their minds last minute? Like could Natalie say she’s nominating Corey but really put in Paul’s key without Victor knowing?

  5. Why are they doing ANOTHER Battle bACK? Like why??? One is too much in my opinion. And now you are essentially giving Paulie a free pass back into the House and he got to skip a week. Its so stupid.

  6. So far Natalie has settled on targeting Paul and Victor after listening to Nicole and Corey’s pitch. She still hasn’t talked it out with Victor, Michelle, or Paul and of course the care package is still a major decider so nothing is settled yet. The one thing I can see is Natalie is becoming unbearable to watch at times tonight. Victor, Paul, and Michelle made a final 5 and have been adamant about sticking to it. Over the last 4 weeks Paul/Victor took out Day, Z, and Paulie when in power, Corey took our your best girl Bridgette. But oh Paulie said Paul said something to him about targeting you and working with Nicole and Corey so lets forget all the trust built over the last month. Natalie heard Paul was involved with the FT comment and now she doesn’t trust him etc. I feel like this is the real reason for the change of heart. They are stupid if they think Victor would allow them to take out Paul and not gun for them in revenge.

    • Not that I’m defending name calling of any kind, but if you decide to get FT’s, I don’t think you can really be mad at people commenting on it.

  7. With Natalie thinking about jumping ships with Nicole I realllllly reallllllllly hope Michelle or Paul get the Care package even more now!!! I want to see Victor, Paul, and Michelle final 3. If Natalie decides to go after Paul and Michelle gets the ACP this will make for some good game play.

  8. Also Natalie is going to feel really, really stupid if she gets her wish and evicts Paul this week. She will have alienated Victor and Michelle and when Paulie comes back to link up with Corey and Nicole she will quickly find her and James on everyone’s **** list.

    • If there wasn’t a returning houseguest, I actually think her best move would be to get out Michelle this week (if she doesn’t win the CP). She could nominate Michelle, and then hope that the CoHOH (either Victor or Paul) nominates Nicole or Corey. Then the 3 votes would be James, Nicole or Corey, and Victor or Paul. James & the other half of the NiCorey showmance would vote out Michelle. If this happened, Nicole/Corey and Victor/Paul would be against each other with Nat & James sitting pretty in the middle. On the other hand, if she gets out Paul (or Victor), then who is NiCorey going to go after next week? I have a feeling it’ll be the only other remaining showmance, Nat and James. If, say, Nicole were to leave this week, then who are Vic/Paul going to nominate? Likely the only showmance left, Nat & James. However, since we know there is a houseguest returning, this will never matter.

  9. I really hope Victor wins this game. It seems that he is the only one on top of things. Natlaie should listen to him and nominate Nicole.

    • I agree with that, but I think it would be difficult to win after already being evicted. Personally, I would vote for any houseguest who hasn’t been evicted to win over any houseguest who has. Even if it was Victoria at the end with Victor, I’d vote for her because she would have been the only one not to get evicted from the game. That’s enough for me.

      • Victoria from BB16. Universally considered a waste of space in the house, as she didn’t seem to know she was even playing the game.

      • Really??!!?? For me, my vote would go to Victor BECAUSE he was evicted and fought his way back into the game. Especially since one of the main reason he was evicted was because he very good at comps.

      • I can see it from that point of view. But my opinion hasn’t changed. Victor has spent two fewer weeks in the house than every other guest. He just got to “coast” through those weeks without having to worry about the game at all. The other HG’s all had to fight to stay in over those weeks. But to each his own!

      • He got evicted and fought his way back. He won HOH got in a convenient alliance and was able to get rid of the best player in the game. I think Victor deserves to win.

  10. Natalie still being in this game is a disgrace. It shows what a dolt James is, again – just like last year.

  11. I think Nat’s win is going to be James’s downfall this week. I think he may be the next to go if Victor or Paul gets the care package.

    • I can’t see that happening. If Victor gets the care package and Paul and James are the final nominees, then the votes this week would be Nicole, Corey, and Michelle. I don’t see Nicole and Corey keeping Paul over James.

  12. Whatever plan they (Nat/James) have on who to nominate, once the ACP arrives, will change their perspective. Specially James who’s always playing for America.

    • James is really backing Nat on this and they would have the numbers in almost any scenario to get whomever Nat noms evicted. But, if she is intent on no female being evicted while she is HOH, she needs to mind her moves. Because if either Paul or Vic are nom’d and one wins the veto, I think they would take the other off the block and all Nat would have left to nom would be a girl,Corey, or James(according to who the co-hoh nom’d) . Most likely, whichever one she renom’d would be evicted. Lots of possibilities. But is she going to take the chance of a female going home over Corey? I don’t know. The two contingencies in this scenario are whether Vic or Paul won the veto. Then if Michelle won it, well that would set up a whole different scenario. Lots of ifs and buts.

      • You’re right. Lots of possibilities. I want Nat/James to go further in the game. I want Corey out first, and I also don’t trust Nic. Although all my votes went to Paul/Vic, I don’t blame them for eyeing on those two, They’re tight, and two of the strongest player in the house. …tough!

      • Most of my votes went to Vic. I strayed one day and gave half to Paul. I enjoy their bromance, but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I agree, Corey first, to weaken Nic just in case the return juror is that thing that just went out. I do not want to do anything that would enable him to feel empowered if he re-entered the game.

  13. Now what would be really interesting is if they try to reel in Vic to get out Paul pre Care Package and Vic runs it back to Paul (I think he’ll stay loyal to Paul) and then Vic gets Co HoH. Then we’ll have the Sitting Ducks and Jatalie both picking a nominee and now knowing that Natalie was coming after Paul. So maybe they bury the hatchet and put up Nicole and Corey as per the original plan, but now whichever side wins veto can take down their nominee and backdoor the other’s partner. How great would that be!

  14. Apparently I’m WAY behind but when did Nicole and Natalie decide to work together? This is the smartest decision they could reach imo.

  15. Corey and Nicole will have few friends in the jury to vote for them if either one should make it to the finale, so It’s very smart to bring one of them along to the end imo.
    Would Nat have a chance against Paul or Victor or even James in the finale?
    Since the jury seems to be full of females Nat, Nicole or Michelle could win this year.

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