Tonight On Big Brother 18: Special Episode & Carnival Comp

Tonight on Big Brother 18 the Houseguests are back for a special bonus episode but don’t freak out when you see Paulie back in the house. These events were taped on Monday but we’re just now getting to the footage as part of an extra show this week.

James and Natalie on BB18

CBS must have enjoyed the last Friday episode so much they had Big Brother throw another one together, but four back to back comps to decide a returning chance at the game might do a good bit better than one featuring a music concert and a carnival game.

Aside from Ziggy Marley dropping by the Big Brother house on Monday evening we’ll get to see which Houseguests won cash (one as little as 27 cents), prizes like a TV, and an advantage in this week’s HoH competition which means we already know even on that front for the mini spoilers. Oh, and Jessie dropped by to host the competition.

It’s a full one hour episode and will at least end with the start of the overnight HOH competition that lasted over five hours or at least that’s how long the Feeds were down as we waited to find out who was our new Head of Household. If you can’t wait that long then check out the HoH comp results now. They’ll do a cliffhanger for those results with the balance of the comp on Sunday’s show.

While we’re waiting around today for tonight’s Big Brother there will be plenty of spoilers from the Live Feeds with America’s Care Package and nominations, both of which should make for some pretty interesting situations this week if either delivers a surprise. Check back for those results.

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  1. It used to be Nicole and Corey we’re screwed regardless bc of the care package but now it’s Paul. If Natalie puts up Paul and Victor wins the package and puts up Corey that just leaves James, Nicole, and Michelle to vote. James won’t go against a Natalie and Nicole obviously won’t vote out Corey so Michelle’s vote doesn’t even matter and Paul is sent packing.

      • I’d probably say this ACP could easily turn into a Battle of the Block type scenario where it pressures the HoH and cHoH to work together which in that case I’d bet Corey and Nicole end up being nominated with Victor or Paul winning ACP (very likely over Michelle/Corey).

      • I can’t believe Meech is letting Nat make her decision for her when Meech said herself all of the past ones told her Nicole is a snake and she also know Nicole do not like her. I king of should’ve suspected it bcz Meech did the same thing win she won veto, then they all messed over her. If Victor comes down w/veto Michelle will go up and I’m here for it!!

      • James wouldn’t go home though. No matter who the final noms are, if Nat sides with Corey and Nic, between them and James, they will have two votes in the final nom. That is all that is needed. Nat’s nom would go home.

      • Not necessarily. Let’s say Nat noms Paul and Victor (ACP winner) noms James. Then there’s veto and let’s say Michelle wins and takes Paul off – forcing Natalie to nom Corey or Nicole. Then Victor, Michelle, and Paul vote out James.

      • I also think that if/when Natalie finds out Victor or Paul wins cHoH she’s not going to put up one of them because she will be too scared of them nom-ing James as rebuttal.

      • Oh I didn’t think of that. But then our voters are Nicole, Corey, and Michelle so the two people who are supposed to be going home are now in control. Vomit.

    • Jury buy back is next week so James and Nat will be the week links because Paulie will come back and Nicorey will go to him. It’s best if Nat take out Nicorey. Nat said DR told her they wanted Nicorey safe so this is why she is pushing to keep them safe. Production always have to mess up something, they need to stop it!

  2. I hope Victor goes before Paul, not because I enjoy watching Paul be a rat, scurrying from one person to the next and acting like a child, because I don’t, but Victor is going to win this if he isn’t evicted very soon. I don’t like the whole “evictees getting to come back into the game” concept. When you’re evicted, YOU’RE DONE, like back in the good old days, when the hamsters didn’t sleep all damn day and alliances made, usually lasted to the end or at least way farther into the game than in recent seasons ( Cody and Derrick excluded). And no more damn vets returning to play.CBS, if you want us to see them get a repeat chance to win big brother then have an all-star season. JMHO

  3. I think this season was at it’s best when Frank, Tiffany, and Da’Vonne were going after each other.

  4. Ha!. Z:..”Paulie ls like the ideal…………….douche” …I don’t wanna watch this..Taking coffee break. ..later lol

    • I think he might have liked her initially, but she started annoying him with her clingy and jealous behavior, so he decided to cut it off while at the same time figuring he could string her along as a guaranteed vote.

  5. BB, why do you insist on torturing us with Jesse? Is this punishment for all the conspiracy theories?

    • lol.. I have no idea why that meathead keeps being brought back.. Bring back Evel Dick or Howie or Jeff or anyone other than Jesse..

  6. The girls did this to themselves. Why would you talk about something like that in front of a bunch of guys???

      • I figured they edited him out but they did a good job since I didn’t notice his calves or feet. But I probably missed it cause I wasn’t watching closely since it was a boring episode.

      • Would have liked to know what Paulie won at the carnival since someone (think nicorey) mentioned that they were glad he got some good prizes. Anyone hear what he won?

  7. The Friday night special was a big ass flop. They could have shown 50% (literally) of the HOH competition and at least I would have been entertained.

  8. Well…that was an hour wasted! I kept waiting for them to get to the HOH comp…sounded so scripted..which I am sure it was. Aggravated this season that we haven’t been able to watch some of the HOH comps play out on the feeds. C’mon production!

  9. Other than the cutsey James and Natalie moments, the show was so stupid. Zak and Paulie’s moments were awkward and Nicole can’t even finish her sentences. Jesse looked much older and hotter than ever.

    • Very disappointed that they missed showing clips from the Paulie/Corey showmance. They could have shown them sleeping a** to a** in that small bed.

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