‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Tuesday Highlights

A little campaigning continues from Paulie but most HGs are looking forward to the next rounds ahead.

8:00 PM BBT – James says Michelle has made it far enough in the game that she’s no longer a concern to anyone so people will be going for the bigger targets. Natalie tells James if she wins HOH she’d go after Corey and Nicole and not Michelle.

8:06 PM BBT – Natalie says she wants to have the pleasure of being the person who sends Corey home.

9:05 PM BBT – Michelle, Victor and Paul talk about Thursday night. Victor is happy that Paulie has finally chilled out and is leaving him alone. Michelle can’t wait for their speeches.

9:16 PM BBT – Paul says they don’t have to always talk game. He says there’s nothing left to talk about really and now it’s all about who wins stuff.

9:25 PPM BBT – Victor talks about resenting Nicole for backstabbing him and voting him out. He said he didn’t have a problem with her before that. Victor is happy now that he was evicted. He says that’s the best thing that could have happened to him in the game. It got him motivated and showed him who to trust.

9:31 PM BBT – Nicole is a little worried about Paulie campaigning. She says they’d be stupid to vote Corey out because Paulie would take them all out if he stays. Corey is frustrated that Paulie won’t leave him long enough to campaign or even double check that he’s OK this week.

9:35 PM BBT – Nicole says she will freak out if Corey goes home. She says she needs to make sure Michelle knows that if Paulie stays he’ll get a care package (no way he would). Nicole says she’s going to have to start playing dirty because Corey can’t get evicted.

9:50 PM BBT – Michelle says the phrase sitting ducks and Paul and Victor lose it (that’s their alliance name).

9:54 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey continue to discuss why Paulie needs to go over Corey. Nicole thinks Paulie would turn on her if he stayed and Corey went. Nicole says she’s just going to ask James straight up if he’s voting Corey out.

10:01 PM BBT – Paul wonders if Paulie will get booed at his eviction.

10:12 PM BBT – Victor, Michelle and Paul talk about their game strategies and types of BB players there usually are. Paul decides he’s still around because he has just been having a good time and hasn’t been playing a sneaky game.

11:15 PM BBT – Paul and Victor have been talking for awhile in the lounge about life in general.

11:20 PM BBT – Victor suggests Paulie would try to BD him if he ends up having the Round Trip ticket.

11:25 PM BBT – Paul and Victor consider going after James during a Double Eviction if they get another one this season.

11:35 PM BBT – Corey gauging Michelle about the eviction plans, but she doesn’t give him a straight answer.

12:25 AM BBT – Michelle asks Paulie how he survived sequester in a hotel room if he says he can’t deal with the open Jury house because of his claustrophobia claims.

12:30 AM BBT – Nicole and Michelle discussing past season’s evictions and HGs getting boo’d.

1:10 AM BBT – Paulie tries campaigning to Paul but it’s no use.

2:15 AM BBT – Paul, Paulie, and Michelle chatting. Paulie explaining how Hitmen were second most popular Big Brother alliance ever. Michelle questions this.

3:00 AM BBT – The group is still talking. Paulie talking about his brother and things he does. General talk.

4:30 AM BBT – Paul still talking with Paulie. Paulie wants Paul to throw him a sympathy vote. He offers that if he has the Round Trip ticket the five guys should work together again.

4:45 AM BBT – Paulie mentions how Michelle and James encouraged him not to give up this week. Paul and Paulie end their talk and head off to bed.

Paulie hasn’t completely given up, but he’s close and knows his Big Brother game is over save the chance of a Round Trip ticket on Thursday night. One more night for Paulie to go otherwise.

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  1. As sick as I am of Paulie, it would almost be worth it for Corey to be evicted if it would stop some of Nic’s whining.

    • I think Nicole would whineeeeee a lot more. But Whyyyyyy! BB would have to buy a few dozen cases of cheese and crackers. hehe

      • Yes, I’m sure she would find someone to whine to, though almost all of her whining is to Corey. Maybe the camera. Paulie might want to sleep with her. Just thinking about that makes me lol.

    • HMMMM just slightly agree lol…If Paulie stays he will go after James and Victor… Paulie has no clue yet that Paul has been against him the entire time.. Somebody should rat out Pauls involvement but who is smart enough to do it..?? Corey and Nicole don’t know that Paul turned on Paulie..they blame James 1st and Victor 2nd…

      • That’s why I included the almost, not once, but twice. But it goes to show how tired I am of Nicole this season. I think she might regret returning once it’s all said and done. I’d think her fan base is deleting instead of multiplying based on this season. And I’ll be surprised if Corey gives her the time of day after BB.

      • Lol…he loves Christmas more than he loves Nicole…and someone else, I think, even more than Christmas.

      • Nicole has visions of sugar plums dancing in her head while nestled all snug up in Christmas Corey’s bed. But I see don’t see her name on the stockings hung by the chimney with care.

      • To quote you: “hehehe.” Hey, I’m having the wierdest problem. I can’t access the ‘Zingbot’ thread…I mean, I CAN–but it comes up in regular type, but the comments are numbered and there are no avatars. If you want to comment, you have to fill out a form. It looks like something from AOL, 1998.

      • You can email him at big brother network . com If I do it the correct way it gets flagged. I sent it to you in the middle of the night but must still be flagged.

      • Thank you, Elaine. Something strange happened to me and I need to ask him about it. He did post his email address when someone was having trouble with their connection…but going back through all the history became pretty tiresome. I know it was within the last week and at the beginning at a thread…but I got tired of looking for it!

      • That has been happening to me lately. If you go down toward the bottom where it shows the # of comments icon and click on that , it works sometimes. I don’t know what is up with that, but recently, almost every new thread has done that, until it moves over to Disqus. Once it is on Disqus there isn’t an issue.

      • LOL everytime I see “Christmas Corey” – he does like Christmas though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so enthralled when talking about Christmas.

    • I agree with the “Almost” part … might even go all the way if she doesn’t quit smelling her hair.

  2. I’m just wondering when this special Friday episode was added to the schedule – was it alway on there, or did it just pop recently? If it was a late addition, I would think it might mean Paulie does not have the return trip ticket and possibly that Victor does, and that once they knew the ticket wouldn’t bring anyone back into the game, that they would have to have an extra competition (or competitions) to let a juror back in the game.

    Whatever happens (ticket or juror competition), I just hope Paulie doesn’t get back in the game; given his bad behavior and poor sportsmanship over the course of the past week, I’d hate to see him rewarded with a second chance…

    • This season has been all about people getting second chances, it’s so annoying, none of the 4 jurors have a shot at winning so please CBS just leave them there.

    • It was announced on Thursday’s show — before the POV and a chance to backdoor someone with the RT ticket so production didn’t know who was definitely going home. Unless Victor has the RT.

      • Now I may be wrong but I thought they announced it sometime after the second eviction but before Victor won HOH again. If everyone remember’s, we were told that the show would be on Friday, so I doubt they knew ahead of time who would be the noms.

    • They changed the table to a smaller one. That indicates to me that Paulie does NOT have the RT. I’m still not sure about Jury BattleBack but one out-one in is the most that can happen with the table change.

    • I noticed the Friday episode show up in my tv guide before Double Eviction took place so keep in mind that’s before we saw Zakiyah evicted, Corey win HOH and evict Bridgette, Victor win HOH and later lock noms of Paulie and Corey. I’m hopeful this Friday episode is some kind of promotion for something CBS related. They had a concert and various carnival games that they’ve tried very hard to keep secret anytime house guests start to mention it.

    • It’s more than likely going to be about the backyard concert and the games they played for prizes and game advantages. Since this concert and carnival was obviously scheduled long ago that’s why the special show was scheduled too.

      • Why are Paulie and Corey playing for advantages for the next week when one is supposed to be going home? I’m so frustrated with CBS.

      • When you think about it, it’s kind of creepy! Stalin used to have people removed from pictures so they’d permanently be removed from history. HIS history. Not the same thing, obviously!! But still creepy. Cue the ‘Twilight Zone’ music!

      • Since we all know that Paulie was there, I doubt they would remove him. Maybe this advantage would have something to with controlling power or staying safe for the remainder of the season. Couldn’t you imagine one player being safe till F3.

      • Now that would be a game changer for sure. Don’t know if I like that idea but we will have to wait and see.

    • The men in the house (Paulie,Cory) need to stop making personal attacks on the women about their bodies and limit comments to the game play. If the men (or Nicole according to Nicole ) do something it is game play or strategy but if women do it it’s scheming or sketchy or emotional???

    • Seriosuly! Crying in the DR because nominated ? Refusing to do punishments? Begging for vetoes to be used on their allies so they have a chance to campaign ? Grow up ladies !

  3. Aside from everyone going overboard about Paulie — especially here — it really is not the wise move for the houseguests to evict him right now. Paulie’s game is essentially shot. He has no real allies if Corey would be evicted, and he stayed. Getting out Corey, who is 100 percent with Nicole is the smart move, and wait to get Paulie later — because he’s alone and hated! Why worry about the alone and hated one when you can break up a power couple?! But, stupidity, as always, reigns on BB.

    • I don’t think that’s a fair assumption to make given some history about BB that may prove otherwise. Dan Gheesling was hated, had no allies, and yet managed to win a season and get to the final 2 in another. History tends to repeat itself and it would be horrible for this to be one of those cases.

      • Dan wasnt THAT hated. He didnt have a two week long blowup where he was the focal point of the house — and america’s! — hatred! He has nobody, while Nicole and Corey are onnected at the hip. Break up an alliance (corey/nicole) not a single loner.

      • Dan was hated by the house! He swore on sacred things to people who made it clear they disliked him for it. But that wasn’t my point, my point is that its too risky. If Paulie were to stay he could easily down play his game while making moves to ensure his safety. Paulie is stronger, and better at comps than Corey and Nicole combined. Theyre not as much of a risk. Also, the Co-HOH advantage this week will most definitely ensure one of those two go next week anyway.

      • You give Paulie way too much credit if you see any resemblance to Dan Gheesling, who some people say (not me, Im a DR Will guy) is the greatest player ever! Personally, I dont see him being great in any way. I do know Corey and Nicole arent hated, and they are a two person alliance till the end, especially now. So, unless you see the signs of BB genius in Paulie, I wouldn’t worry. He’s alone, he will be easy to pick off.

      • In no way shape or form did I say Paulie resembles Dan. Again, I feel like your not getting what i am saying. Anything can happen in the game. Someone can be at rock bottom and manage to end up in the finals. That can very well be Paulie. I don’t think hes smart, I don’t think he is like Dan in any way, but I personally wouldn’t want to keep someone like him in the house any longer. I totally get what your saying with nicole and corey but they will be lost with out Paulie, and will be targets as long as theyre there. Paulie has been the shield protecting them, but they will have that no more.

        PS. I too am a Dr. Will person, he will forever be the greatest player in my book!

      • He was hilarious, and im still amazed he won that season. He even told everyone off in the finale, and they still voted for him. Great TV, one of the best reality seasons ever.

      • I liked Dan too, we got to see it was all game play. But im surprised he didn’t get stabbed in that house lol. Jailhouse style.

    • I wouldn’t risk it…it’s possible for everyone to think…hmm, he got himself through that, he deserves the win not matter how nasty his game play was…definitely not worth the risk.

      • Why isnt it a risk to keep a two person voting block in Corey/Nicole, who will always back each other? Break them up now!

    • I totally disagree. Paulie is unpredictable and annoying. Every HG has said that they have to spend an hour with him talking in circles. He makes things up in his mind like Vanessa. If they don’t get him out this week they are total fools. There is no risk with the next co-HOH. There is no combination that will not eliminate either Corey or Nicole.
      He is too good at comps. Why risk one of the 5 when you can take out Paulie now?

      • Yeah, Paulie’s social game has been in the pits lately and I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing him talk about himself nonstop. That would irritate me to death anyway, especially if he cornered me.

    • That’s why Pauie and his side is in the shape they’re in now! They took out little Bridgette during DE instead of the comp beast Victor and it bit them in the butt. You never know how many more opportunities you will have to take out a strong player so you have to strike when you can.

    • vengeance does seem to be the prime motivating factor for the guys getting Paulie out first. But over the days perhaps their anger has started to abate about being backstabbed by paulie.
      On the other hand, Corey hasn’t shown himself to be nearly the comp beast that Paulie has been and Paul/Vic/James would probably consider this the primary factor to vote out Paulie instead of Corey.
      If Nicole survives the next eviction she could be an important number to one of them once the 5 have to turn on each other.
      that’s why Nicole needs to get busy talking to someone besides Corey.

  4. 9:25 PPM BBT – Victor talks about resenting Nicole for backstabbing him and voting him out. He said he didn’t have a problem with her before that. Victor is happy now that he was evicted. He says that’s the best thing that could have happened to him in the game. It got him motivated and showed him who to trust.

    Dumb stick! Victor was planning to taking out Nicole before he got evicted. Also, the vote was 9-1 and I believe it was Bronte who voted for him! So, everyone in the Big Brother House voted his ass out! Worked out for him because the others like James just did what the majority wanted! He can still win it but, use your head and not be a dumbass! If Nicole or Corey were to win HOH, they should put up Victor and Paul up with James as the re-nominee because they are the biggest threats in the game!

    • Bronte was on the block with Victor so obviously she didn’t vote in his favor. Paul voted for Bronte like he told Victor.

      • So, it was Paul. Everyone else, voted to evict Victor. If you are considered a threat, you should expect to be voted out!

      • It doesn’t really matter. While, Corey is close to Nicole, if Paulie and Nicole survives this week and either one wins HOH, they would be utterly stupid not to put up Victor and Paul with James as replacement nominee! You have to take the big threats out of competition to have a chance of prevailing on VETO when you get put up by the alliance of 5 and doing so, guarantees, one of the three winds up in the jury house! You cut down the odds from 2 vs 5 to 2 vs 4 instead, and one tough competitor removed for good!

      • Maybe, or maybe not. FOR SURE, Corey will go after Vic and Paul. 100 percent. Paulie — might go after them, but theres also a chance he wont because he will OWE them. There atleast is a probability Paulie wont go after Vic/Paul, while zero chance that Corey won’t. Play the odds.

      • That would be really dumb not to go for the biggest threats because if there was just two of you against five then, you play hard and try and win HOH and VETO each time till they manage to evict you! Danielle Donato in her season played hard each time and managed to get a couple of house guests out before she was finally evicted! Atleast, you go down fighting! You got nothing to lose and each week you last, someone else lost their chance at that $500,000! Maybe, you cannot win but, you can deny others of the win as well! You know, play a spoiler!

      • I agree. But, for Vic’s game, the odds say that Corey is more dangerous. Corey’s a sure thing to go after them (Vic/Paul), where Paulie is clinging for life. Promise Paulie saftey, and you MAY buy something from him. You can’t buy Corey at this point. In any event — I think Paulie is toast, so its a moot point.

  5. Paulie’s only hope of staying is if Paul decides to keep him, which I don’t see happening. Paul knows Corey and Nicole are coming for him and Victor so if he could trust Paulie would actually not come for him then it’d make sense for his game to keep him, but there are a lot of things that would have to happen at this point. First Paulie would have to campaign to Michelle, James, and Natalie that they’d be breaking up Nicole and Corey who would never target each other. That he would target Victor for the house and nom Nicole as a backup. Assuming he gets them somewhat on board Paul of course wouldn’t want Victor to be going so he’d have to make a secret deal of restoring the board alliance. If those 3 chose to work together again for real this time Nicole, Michelle, James, and Natalie would be hard pressed to beat Paulie, Paul, and Victor in anything. So if Paul knew he could count on them he’d have the 2 strongest people protecting him both intending to take him final 2. Paul could probably sway them into doing it because they’d be happy to split that pair and someone target Victor if they thought Paul was okay with it. So all that to say it’s possible and probably would be best for Paul’s game to do it, but I don’t see him trusting Paulie at this point so I doubt it happens.

  6. So, riddle me this .. is Nicole and Cory really having a showmance and/or is it really a bromance between Cory and Victor ??

    Not that it really matters, just that they sure have been snuggling a lot together recently ??

  7. Gottifiore made a brief appearance this AM around 4:30. He said he would trust anyone unless a friend bones his girlfriend, then that’s how murder happens. He would make a good little flunkie for a lower tier mob boss.
    “Hey Paulie, go bone Guido’s gf.” Paulie goes to bone Guido’s gf.
    Boss, “I meant clip her, you dodo brain.” ….Boom, boom….”Friendship. Nevercared.”
    That’s how murder happens. Nincompoop.

  8. Does anyone else find it strange that Michelle used the term “sitting ducks”? I am not saying that the DR told her about the alliance. I think they may have kept using those words in her DR session though.

    • It was natural use of the word. I listened to it live as it happened. She was saying something to the effect of if Corey/Nicole won HOH they’d be sitting ducks. At that point both Paul and Victor were trying very hard to not bust out laughing. Eventually about 15-30 seconds later Victor did laugh but played it off very well about something else they’d been discussing. Later when alone they had a great laugh about the comment.

      • Which just goes to show the level of Paul and Victor as game players, because they nearly outed their alliance right there. Victor’s quick thinking saved them, but just barely.

        But yes, I agree that it was completely coincidental that Michelle happened to use that phrase.

  9. Might be a bit off topic on today’s discussions but did anyone see that picture of Natalie posted on Joker’s update…..what was that all about….or do I have a dirty mind?

    • What picture are you talking about? Or are you talking about the video her hanging out with Victor?

  10. Nicole thinking that Paulie would get a care package if he stays shows you just how dumb that girl is.

    • She probably assumes people like him because of Derrick and Cody. She doesn’t know everything that we know.
      I really am disappointed in her getting so wrapped up in Corey. I had high hopes for her this time around.

      • Same here Lynne, Corey doesn’t even have any kind of final 2 plan with Nicole either so she needed to start looking elsewhere weeks ago.
        If only Nicole would have a talk with Victor and try to mend fences since she hurt his feelings very bad when she voted him out.
        She should’ve tried weeks ago to work with the women and get to know them better.
        Too bad she’s consumed with making sure Corey stays another week.

    • Yeah and it’s interesting that she and Paul share the same house and he’s wondering if Paulie will actually get booed. Talk about game awareness or lack thereof.

  11. Paulie says Hitmen were the second best alliance ever made in BB history?!? Bahaha who the heck thinks that??! I laugh at his comment! Apparently Paulie hasn’t seen previous seasons of BB, otherwise he wouldn’t have said something so ludacris!

    • I think the Hitmen were one of the best alliances, for sure. Derrick and Cody were loyal to each other right up to the very end and no one ever knew about their alliance.

  12. Is it me or did anyone else the feeling that Paulie is trying to set up James, Natalie and Michelle for next weeks eviction? Has anyone read the complete Highlight’s for Tuesday? Did I miss something or am I not getting enough sleep. Would it help if I baked Apple pies in the nude or should I join the hitman alliance.

  13. I don’t think it matters if Paulie has the RTT or not, he’s still gonna be ostracized for his lying and attitude.

    • Unless one HG realizes that’s an opportunity for a shield between him/her and the rest of the house, guaranteeing said HG a shot at going to the end. Otherwise, yeah, Paulie’s only shot if he has the RT is for him to win HOH or Veto.

      • Yeah, which is a shame they don’t realize the opportunity they have gift wrapped for them, but whatever. I’m not gonna be heartbroken if Paulie leaves and doesn’t have the RT tonight.

  14. Paulie cooking in nothing but an apron and chef’s hat….G-R-O-S-S. He is SO full of himself. Oh, AND I’m sure he thought everyone wanted him to do that.

    • Yeah that’s pretty disgusting. Also, him urinating in a hot tub proved right there how he really doesn’t care much about anything and thinks that he’s a god. So why wouldn’t he do it?

  15. Ugh paulie is so disgusting all he talks about on live feeds in screwing girls and how he has his nuts licked he’s a freaking pig

  16. It would be so boring is Meech/Paul/Victor gets CP, theyll just pick off Nicorey 1 by 1. I’m voting for Corey…

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