Tonight On Big Brother 18: Live Double Eviction Show Week 7

It’s Christmas in August for Big Brother fans as the season’s first (and maybe only) Double Eviction event has arrived with tonight’s live show where either Zakiyah or Michelle will be voted out but they won’t be the only one to leave the game by the end of the show.

Double Eviction night for Big Brother 18

We’ve got a huge show coming up tonight at 9/8c and we’ll be here covering it live which could be really important for those whose local CBS affiliates are going to be preempted by NFL games tonight. Our coverage won’t be so you can rely on us to find out what happens throughout the show. So what is going to happen?

Past two nights have featured a huge blowback against Paulie who appears to still think he’s running the house and in control of who is going to be evicted. He’s not. Instead the house has turned on him leaving Paulie, Nicole, and Corey isolated in the game. They just don’t know it yet.

James will have to reveal his ACP power to nullify two votes and we’re waiting to find out how that will be announced. An entire secret effort hinges on James’s actions and whether or not he sticks to the underdog’s plan. When the other five votes are cast we’re expecting things to not go so well for Paulie and that could be huge for the Double Eviction.

Once the first eviction is over HGs will race back outside for the next HoH competition then nominations will follow, a Veto comp, and finally another eviction vote. Paulie thinks Bridgette and Natalie are top targets but now he’s in more danger with more Houseguests. He’ll need to put on his game face and do it fast. Yeah, it’s going to be a crazy night!

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes?


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  1. Too bad it is not a triple eviction. That would be one of the best twists yet. Expect the unexpected.

    • I had BBAD this morning, and Paulie is working James about Natalie. He said Jersey girls are major leagues when it comes to deception – at any rate he was badmouthing Nat. What an ass

      • It’s really annoying that Paulie keeps painting Jersey Girls in such a bad light. I hope when he goes home no girl from his home state will ever date him again based on the BS he’s spewed on BB.

  2. Victor did good with being HoH this week. Went from top DE target for many to maybe the least likely person to go home in the DE tonight.

      • No not directly but this would have never happened without his support. He wanted Z out the whole time and that was a major factor in getting people to flip ish.

      • No not directly but this would have never happened without his support. He wanted Z out the whole time and that was a major factor in getting people to flip ish.

    • I can’t really decide if Paul is playing Michelle, just to placate her. However, Paul and Victor better see the writing on the wall. I would love if telling everyone to keep Z is Paulie’s downfall

    • Part of it has been the Michelle/Zay debate that has been going on all week and the fact that, though this isn’t as evident as other dynamics, if Paul is closer to anyone than Paulie and Victor, its Michelle. Then, as much as he would be super annoying, he’s the only guy who seems to not particularly count people out because of gender. So, while hearing about all of Paulie’s deals but then I bet its a bit of the offense he is taking at the Natalie attacks (who is earning so many points by laughing at them) and that he just honestly does think getting rid of Zay is better for him. What happens after tonight, that might be different.

    • The divorce is in the works. I also noticed that Poopie has started growing his hair out too. He looked like such a fool with that dumb haircut!

    • The divorce is in the works. I also noticed that Poopie has started growing his hair out too. He looked like such a fool with that dumb haircut!

    • started last week when P&P were discussing the order of upcoming evictions ..Paul noticed that Paulie was not putting Zakiyahs name in any of the orders. .While Paul did not confront Paulie he filed it in his list of “somethings not adding up” papers….Paul has been watching for other signs of Paulies backstabbing

  3. Does anyone understand why James is saying he’s going to null Paul’s vote? Strategically he should null Corey and Nicole, make Paul, Bridgette, and Natalie do the dirty work of evicting Zak, and he can pretend he was with Paulie and vote out Michelle with him. Zak would still go home and James could play stupid like always.

    • They discussed it and want the vote to seem split so they can blame the third vote on Nicole and put a target on her back. I think partially Paul is doing it to protect himself and partially James is doing it because Paulie asked him to earlier in the week so he can say he’s appeasing Paulie. I don’t like the plan, as it leaves it all in James’ power (and he’s not exactly the ballsiest), but they did think it through.

    • It’s because their plan is to blame Nicole for Z’s eviction for 2 reasons: 1. In case she has the RT & comes back in and 2. Jury Management. Now, I’m not saying that’s smart game play on James’ part because it isn’t. I’m just saying that that is the plan laid out by the a**holes yesterday.

  4. I watched the feeds last night and James holds the cards. Vote out Z and hopefully someone wins the HOH outside of the Paulie alliance. Then back door one of the three: Nicole, Paulie or Corey. One of these go and the game will be a race to the end.

  5. Don’t forget to check your local cbs schedule bc of preseason games. I know for me Big Brother won’t air until after midnight. Thanks Saints

  6. OMG, the banner last night read as follows : again, I have to admit I busted a gut. Hope when this is over I’ll have something left:

    1) Hurricane Paulie is brewing in the house
    2) lips are flappin in the breeze
    3) James is tired of getting played
    4) Zakiyah is tired of her armpit hair
    5) King Paulie is tired of being so incredibly amazing at everything and not getting the recognition and respect he so rightly deserves, type thing
    6) Natalie is tired of Paulie’s insults
    7) Bridget is tired of having her name thrown around
    8) Corey’s brain is tired of being confused

    9 ) and the f word is just straight exhausted at this point — things are about to blow

  7. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if they were to have a 90 minute special, with a TRIPLE ‘E?’ Les and Allison, Et al, pay attention: THAT would be unexpected!

    BTW, are we sure Paulie’s name isn’t really ‘Richard?’ Because as I’ve been saying, he sure is a ‘DICK.’ The way he speaks to women is unconscionable. Yeah, yeah, game play. Yeah, yeah, they started it. Yeah, yeah, NO.

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