‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Saturday Highlights

It was Veto Comp day for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests as their battle for more power lasted nearly eight hours and resulted in a very messy house when it was all over. Now the HGs are preparing for Monday and then on to Thursday.

Paulie gives Michelle a push out the front door

Someone won’t come out of this happy with the Veto winner’s plans, but that’s how Big Brother goes. Read on to find out what happened Saturday in the Big Brother house.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 6, 2016:

7:24 AM BBT – HGs are sleeping with Jeff Loops arrive.

8:04 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Have-Nots food revealed. Hash browns and corned beef. Corey, James, and Bridgette are HNs as the first three out of the HoH comp.

8:45 AM BBT – Natalie and James hanging out and chatting. He promises her he won’t pull any tricks in the game on her.

9:07 AM BBT – Feeds are back from picking Veto players.

9:40 AM BBT – Michelle is camtalking and has confirmed the players to be James, Nicole, and Paulie as the add-ons.

10:00 AM BBT – James and Natalie chatting again. She hopes he makes it to the end and he’ll have her vote.

11:00 AM BBT – James promises Natalie he’ll have her back for as long as he can.

11:24 AM BBT – Feeds cut for Veto comp.

7:08 PM BBT – Feeds return after nearly eight hours. Paulie has won the Veto.

7:10 PM BBT – The house is a disaster and the HGS are cleaning up. It seems James went a little overboard and was a big cause of the destruction which isn’t sitting well with everyone.

7:38 PM BBT – Paul already working on his plan to get Zakiyah out. He tells James that if Paulie doesn’t use the Veto then they’ll need to get Z out to protect Paulie, but really Paul just wants Z out. Paul also warns James that Victor is upset about the mess so James is going to go apologize.

7:45 PM BBT – James checks in with Victor who promises him everything is okay about the mess. (Nah, Victor is very annoyed and will continue to complain about this for quite awhile tonight.) Victor mentions Zakiyah going this week and James counters saying Paulie actually wants Michelle gone so there may be a problem there. Victor doesn’t want to have to renom.

8:05 PM BBT – Paulie mentions to Paul and Nicole that he’ll probably leaves nominations the same.

8:15 PM BBT – Paulie instructs Nicole to get close to Zakiyah to help smooth things out when he doesn’t use the Veto.

8:20 PM BBT – Paulie tells James and Corey he’s not going to use the Veto and when that happens Zakiyah will be upset so they’ll need to help calm the situation. Paul shows up and Paulie suggests they get together later when everyone else is asleep so they can decide what to do.

8:50 PM BBT – Paul and Paulie discuss how upset everyone is with James and that’s got James scared. Paul again pushing for Zakiyah to go and how indebted Michelle will be for it. Paul keeps trying but this isn’t working.

8:55 PM BBT – Paul says if they keep Michelle then she’s there to go after James and James doesn’t like Michelle either then they’ve got the same contention between James and Victor. They’ll all go after each other. Paulie says James, Corey, and Nicole all want Michelle out but Paul says if Paulie tells them to take out Zakiyah then that’s what they’ll do. Well, he’s right, but Paulie won’t.

9:00 PM BBT – Paulie again affirms he is not using the Veto and needs to think of how to let Zakiyah know. Paulie lets Paul know they need to split up Corey and Nicole since he tells her everything and she uses him to collect information from them.

9:45 PM BBT – Michelle talking with Natalie and asks if James is closer to her (M) than Zakiyah, but Natalie doesn’t know. Michelle is worrying about which way James’s power will go.

10:00 PM BBT – Michelle tells Natalie she’ll probably make F3 or F2. Michelle is upset about having to play against returning HGs and how several (James & Paulie) received instructions from Derrick on how to play.

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  1. At around 3:15 a.m. BB time ..James to Paulie: Natalie swears up and down that there’s an all guys alliance in here. *James is throwing Nat under the bus
    Voluntarily, unprovoked to Paulie. James reminds Paulie that Bridge would never go after Natalie, but would go after James.

    This was not said on this site..but thought you guys should know. James throws Nat under the bus a lot. Just like Nat throws others out. Neither of them are such angels!

    • We don’t always catch every event with so much going on, but that’s a bit incomplete still.

      Having watched the conversation James explains it as someone is telling Nat that there’s an all girls alliance so she’s worried about that and they wonder who could be telling Nat that. Paulie suggests it’s Bridgette. James isn’t really throwing Natalie UTB here.

      • I totally get that you can’t catch all things and I understand that. I do like this site and how you run it. I think you meant to say an all *boys* alliance though. Thank you for this site.

      • He does that a lot too India! It just all depends on who he is talking to. James told Paulie that Nat was really pushing him about an all guys alliance. Which she was asking if he was in an alliance several times. He told her he wasn’t in an alliance..they just share information. Also Nat asked James twice if he was in an alliance with Nicole and Paulie. Which I found funny!

      • I think everyone throws everyone overboard, under the bus, in front of a train whenever it benefits them at that particular time. It is BB after all.

      • So James really was throwing Nat under the bus to Paulie; how stupid of him to make Nat a target.
        I’ve noticed that James doesn’t share much info with Nat as well while Corey keeps Nicole very informed.
        So that’s why James dropped in the Jokers poll haha.

      • Oh yes that is why he is falling. He still has some pulling for him..but many are against him now. I really liked James until the past few weeks. He isn’t playing BB. He is there for the fun and the romance with Nat. It is sickening to watch them on the feeds.

      • The poor guy seems to think he’s playing a good BB game though and that’s what so sad about James. Nicole must’ve done something good as her rating has improved.
        So let me get this straight, when James ran to Paulie and told him Nat suspects a guy’s alliance was he accidentally throwing Nat UTB or was it on purpose?
        I’m having a problem believing James is THIS stupid.

      • He did it on purpose. I don’t think he thought it through though. He has been slipping up a lot this year. He cant keep lies straight for the life of him. I think he tries to come off as being helpful to Paulie and the guy alliance.

      • I’ve been catching up over at Jokers and it seems Natalie is now pulling away from James and James is confused about why.
        Natalie’s excuse is he’s too hot to sleep with in the HN room anymore.
        James has asked a couple of the guys if they noticed anything different about natalie and they say no.
        Would this be enough for James to throw Nat UTB?
        Maybe he thinks Nat has found a new alliance or something and he’s hedging his bets or is this a purely emotional action since he’s hurt.
        Maybe they’ve patched things up by now but I haven’t got to that part at Jokers yet.

      • At least once a week ..sometimes twice a week him and Nat have a little spat and he tells the guys he thinks she is using him. Then he turns around in a few hours and everything is good. You can bet the guys remember it each time he says it. Nat was mad at him for making such a mess in the kitchen for sure. Then she knew Vic got mad at James and wanted to take the heat off of him. ..so she help clean the mess in the kitchen. Last night she spent over 2 hours being upset that someone dumped her undies on the floor out of the bag she had them in. Kinda hinting that James might have done it..but then says she doesn’t think he would do that to her stuff. It gets old listening to her and him!

      • Who knew james was so evil? He definitely was taking a lot of heat yesterday after creating that mess so he casually sacrificed Nat to take the heat off him. There might be more game in James than we thought.
        If my undies had been thrown on the floor and walked over several times I would’ve boiled them in bleach before wearing them again lol. I’m gonna have to take Nat’s side on this one.

      • I think I read somewhere on this site that James and Nat may be doing things so that others don’t view them as a couple and target them for that reason. I could be wrong.

    • Really?! I loved James last season, but this season he’s not playing the game, idk it’s frustrating to see him play and do whatever Paulie tells him to do:(

  2. 1:00 AM BBT – Michelle says she should have saved Frank with the Veto.

    Yes, you should have! Your petty jealousy with Bridgette and your blind allegiance to Paulie and his alliance did nothing to advance you in the game! You were content to float so, should be evicted and sent to the jury house!

    • Michelle didn’t use it because of these houseguests and their mob mentality. If you go against them, than your next. I think Michelle should have saved Frank. Frank will be a target in front of her and she can have Frank all to herself with Bridgette gone.

  3. Will someone explain the strategy behind Gottifiore requesting that James cancels his and Paul’s vote? P is voting M and p is voting Z as of now. Basically, there will be no votes cast for Z. But why does Paulie specifically ask for his vote to be cancelled and for James not to tell it was his idea? What’s the significance? I’m missing something.

    • There are three reasons that I can think of . One, so it puts James as Pauls target, and takes his mind off of any tension Brewing between paul and Paulie. Two, if Paulies vote is eliminated then Paul won’t think that he was behind telling James who’s vote to cancel. And last, but most importantly, Paulie would not have to reveal to Paul that he went against him in the vote and voted Michelle rather than z out.

      • Did James not even question as to why Paulie didn’t want him to reveal that it was his idea for James to cancel Paulie’s vote?

      • James has caused me to shake my head in disbelief so much this season that something is rattling that wasn’t rattling at the beginning of the season. :(

      • I think James took Derek’s advice to Lay low to heart. He just forgot about the part that while you are laying low you still have to work .

      • His game has been shameful this year. I voted for him as AFP last year because I liked him even though his game play sucked. This year his game play is worse and I don’t like him as much. No AFP from me this year.

      • He is definitely the smartest for choosing to go home over spending the summer in jury with these numbskulls.

      • I just hope James is telling paulie what he wants to hear and didn’t waste this pwr on what paulie wants. Be smart James.

      • Your comment comes from someone actually using their brain. James isn’t, so far this season.

      • The pwr was supposed to make James do what he ordinarily wouldn’t do…but guess after conferring with “Gottifiore” it will only help Gottifiore and not him or others whatsoever.

      • I knew that was never gonna happen. He doesn’t think on his own. So why people wasted the care package on James I will never understand. We all know the HG’s are aware of who gets it and what it is, so why they actually thought James would put it to good use is beyond me. He has a chance to still use it on who he wants if it’s kept a secret but I still doubt it knowing James.

      • James is one big moronic blockhead and foolish imbecile. Good heavens what a boneheaded, dimwitted birdbrain. Let’s just add air-headed dodo and idiotic ignoramus for good measure. What a dolt!

      • I had to look up synonyms for moron and dolt to find all of those appropriate words that are normally not in my everyday language. I don’t call people names in real life, honest. My parents taught me about the 3 fingers pointing back at you adage. But I tell myself that does not apply during BB. ;)

      • Never heard that word but if it has anything to do with ignorance, add it to the list. lol

      • Twitter[ated is from the movie Bambi. Thumper was twitterpatted when he saw another girl bunny and he couldn’t think for himself.

      • If he uses or not would not help his game so if letting Paulie call the shot on whose vote is eliminated keeps the target low on him then it makes sense to just go along. Let Cooler heads prevail.

      • Ask James or Nic what their game is and I bet they won’t be able to tell anyone other than to just “hook up with a mate and ride for as long as they can”!

      • Probably a big mistake for Paulie to tell Corey the same thing, though; if he’d kept his mouth shut it would have been James’s word against Paulie’s, but that’s no longer the case.

      • I think this does involve him because there will be consequences in the immediate future. I’m not sure if he doesn’t realize that or if he just doesn’t care and just lives in the moment on BB.

      • I meant in the sense his and Nat’s names aren’t being considered for eviction or going on the block this particular week! James has yet to go on the block, but he won’t stay immune for long. Yeh, he plays in the moment.

      • I love that when James and Natalie talk, she always tells him her vote is with him when he makes it to the end, yadda, yadda, yadda. I think he’s going to end up at the jury house before she does. Now, wouldn’t that be a kick to his ego….”Mr. AFP, Mr. ACP, and Mr. BB Vet” !!

      • Why didn’t P just call a house meeting and announce it to everyone? That would have been quicker and just as effective.

      • He wants each HG to feel special, make them believe he/she is the only one privy to his plan

      • I like this. Behind the scenes Paulie is working to keep Z and when it all comes out once again it will not be any blood on Paulie’s hands, James will take the fall. Paulie is making others do his work like Derrick did and once they get to jury he will reveal all this time no blood on his hands but every move he made through others was his work.

      • He is not Derrick and is not doing any Jury management. Frank was right about not letting Da go to jury. He may and I stress may go to the end but that will not guarrantee him the win. He will not have the Cody moment of someone’s loaylty to a fault. He is messing up.

      • this way neither P’s have to vote, Michelle or Z whoever is voted out won’t get mad at them, and neither one have any blood whatsoever on their hands.

      • Very fitting, huh? I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks. It is a little long to type, but so was twincompoops from last year. lol

    • I guess Paul will then target James and Paulie can act betrayed for Pauls sake & Z’s sake. Cover his tracks.

      James will think he & Paulie are thisclose in case James becomes HoH next week. Guessing.

      • Stooge James is dumb enough to think he is protecting the Gottifiore Don. I’ve had to start laughing about it like it’s a comedy I’m watching. LMBO

      • All I keep hearing is “yes, Master, whatever you say Master!” in Peter Lorre’s voice!

  4. BB failed in casting this season. Girls more concerned about their hair and having a boyfriend. They need to find women who can play a guy the same way guys play them! Nat’s kinda doing that but she picked the wrong guy to play. And if they cast an older player, find someone who’s still physically fit enough to play comps! (they’re out there!)

    • Whatever happened to the pseudo (?) players they were looking for pre-season? Does anyone know if anything came of that?

    • Big Brother has been casting the same bunch of jocks and cheer leader types from college for the past 3 years now! I lost interest in DWTS when fan votes made a mockery of it! This might be my last season of Big Brother! Unless, they change the producer, nothing will ever change! It has gone downhill now! I will stick to Survivor!

    • Agreed, while Glenn was a nice guy he definitely wasn’t fit enough for BB. Survivor seems to attract plenty of physically fit older players so you’re right they’re out there I just think the BB producers are hung up on casting younger, good looking dunderheads.

    • After big, fit Vic dumped her, Corey didn’t flirt back, and she learned James was AFP, she prolly thought he was a better player.

      If she knew nothing about the game, she probably thought she was aligning with a good gamer.

    • I love this comment. I would like to see Parvati Shallow from Survivor play, she would be using the boys like how these boys have been using the girls.

  5. By nullifying Pee Pee’s votes, Mich will surely be voted out 5-0.
    Should I say bye Big Meech now or later?

  6. James asking a girl that he’s never even kissed if they are lovers just proves how smart this guy is. No James you’re not lovers and never will be especially since you’re throwing her under the bus.

    • Didn’t they kiss (or appear to) after somebody won some competition? Like just a congrats sort of thing? Probably the best it will ever get.

      • I’m not for sure if they did or not. I hear her give the excuse a lot about her families watching.

      • Nat said she would give him a kiss if he won the HOH and he did and she did … in front of all and totally not in a romantic way.

      • Yes she shouted she’d give him a kiss if he won. And she did, right on the lips. That was the HoH comp that Da & Bridge agreed to throw to him.

    • He continues to push Nat and she continues to tell him certain things like trying to kiss her makes her uncomfortable and he still does stupid things. Nat knows James is her cover so she is putting up with him until the show is over. As they say “Clip him.”

  7. Good Lord, James…grow a backbone! What a total disappointment he has been this season. So, is his F2 with Paulie, “Strength and Honor,” still a thing? I don’t know who Paulie’s “ride or die’ really is. He has the whole house in his back pocket.

    • My bet would be as long as Paulie continues to reign supreme he couldn’t care less who his F2 would be, regardless of what he says to anyone.

      • I think he has to care … I don’t know who it should be, but if he is really as good as he now seems, he knows that his F2 is crucially important.

      • When Derrick was in charge, he babysat Cody the entire season and openly took him along for the ride. Paulie appears to be doing the same thing with Paul, but this time it seems disingenuous. Like Paulie could stab Paul in the back and never think a thing about it. Right now I think Paulie would rather take a Victoria with him to the end than Paul, who might actually be some competition.

      • Yeah, I think Paulie is not quite as confident as Derrick (loved his focus) but also Paulie has had more minions from which to choose … kind of a negative.

      • You didn’t see Derrick rattled. Paulie gets rattled, although he is able to mask it MOST of the time. I think part of the Z & P Paris room berating was due to Paulie being rattled and Z was convenient to take it out on.

      • I think he was just preparing her for “just in case you’re going to be evicted, it won’t be my fault…it’ll be yours” type thing.

      • I think he’s going to take robot Corey. The thing is Paulie is playing a good game but it’s going to be a bitter jury once they all get together and may out of spite give Corey the win. He is not realizing that he still need to be somewhat decent to the people that is going out.

  8. James is a spineless douche! He throws Nat otb to Paulie and then takes Paulie orders to use his votes on Z. James knows Z wants to clip him so why would he use them? James admitted he did not look at his last season and like the saying goes “Those that does not realize their past mistakes is doomed to repeat them.” Every move James has made is for the house and Paulie and not if it can get him further in his own game. All his moves were stupid imo! I hope James tells Nat what he is going to do w/the votes and Nat tells Bridgette who then tells dumb Vic! It’s like production cast everyone that has something mentally wrong this season. A cast of mental misfits. #nevercared

    • Remember way back on (or close to) Day 1 when they were all telling about themselves and Nat said, “I don’t have a husband …” and James’s immediate response was, “well, if you come to Texas when this is all over, you might just get one …” Seems like six weeks later James is still stuck on that comment.

  9. Paulie has Zakiyah “trained,” I would like to get ahold of this guy and slap him silly! What a douchebag! He is not saying those things just for “the game”..my bet is..he is a control freak and a jerk outside of the game as well.

    • I read something about him going to classes that teach you about manipulation tactics or something like that. Anyone remember?

      • I don’t..but, it would not surprise me. I loved Cody..but this brother of his..I detest!!

      • I thought so too! He got lucky when they did the rewind, which cancelled out Frankie’s having won that.

      • I didn’t enjoy looking at him much because that thing was usually clouding the view.

      • Yes, Paulie said he went to those classes, I forgot who he was telling this too. It was right around the time after he had Z crying and played mind games with her in the tunnel.

      • If so, he chose to work (the magic word here) toward his goal … I like that. Wonder what Z did … pick out clothes/makeup? …. instead of look at her own weaknesses and seek improvement?

      • He has just took everything she has inside of her and Paulie owns and uses her like an old nasty dish towel!

    • I wonder what parents, friends, employers think about what these housemates say and do. Big Brother is a social media posting run amuck.

      • Cody is fairly decent guy in the house. The only criticism I always hear is his decision to take Derrick to F2. Paulie is not liked, not only on this site, but across the board…and YES I know he’s PLAYING THE GAME. (not the only reason I root for a player)

      • Me too! A person’s character will go a lot further with me when playing any competitive game than just his game moves alone!

      • ..but I’ve rooted for a villain of some kind, BB/Survivor..It’s a balancing act..you know.

      • You got that right! I really liked Michelle at first but she’s left a bad imprint lately. I liked Z until she started talking nasty about others without having to ever work for anything like they had and so forth and so forth. After all is said and done I’ve decided to give my AFP vote to Frank instead of James. He earned it.

      • I agree! She irks me with all the baby talk when she wants to talk to Paulie. This girl is lost. If I was her mother I don’t think I could fly out to the final. She is embarrassing.

      • There was a season I have, and a season that I didn’t. Fans go by their emotions. There is a psychology on this. If Paulie gets in a dire situation and gets out of it, fans may start liking him, with a lil change in attitude, his stocks may go up.

      • I rooted for Parvati in HvV, Russell and her made some big moves in that season. I really didnt like Russell’s attitude but yknow

      • No, he did not, but he didn’t defend Victoria when Frankie called her the 3-hole wonder, which kind of ticked me off at that time. Guess he didn’t want to show his cards to the others. Someone else, forget who, was the one that spoke on her behalf and said, “that is just wrong!” Refresh my memory.

      • You are right, but I’ll never forget one time when he went a little too far with Victoria and he was speaking to her like a mean disappointed father almost to the point of berating her and she was in tears. So Derrick was not perfect by far but I honestly don’t think he would treat a woman the way Paulie obviously does..

      • I think he only did it one time something about Victoria and a rape statement. I did not think it was funny at all.

      • Derrick was one example that played a flawless game, pretty decent guy, and yet I wasn’t enthusiastic. I mean..I wasn’t jumping up and down, but he certainly deserves to win. Something about his character that just bored me to death.

  10. Paulie will not use his Veto but will place the focus on James using his Vetos. James will literally place himself in a position to be backdoored. I would not be suprised if Paulie suggests this last minute (although Paul already hinted at the idea). Vic will put up James. And as Paulie has repeatedly done, he will deny anything to do with this. Bridgette and Michelle would be forever grateful, Nicole will do anything the boys tell her, and Natalie and Zakaya are trained meaning disposable.

      • How can James be that dumb to not sit and think to himself or I should say for himself…”why does paulie not want me to say anything about the cancelled votes?” C’mon James..Wake Up!!

      • I think James don’t care because remember before Frank left he told Bridgette how the vets get paid for coming back. Frank got close to 100K, plus any money he racked up while in the game and each week, and if a vet make it to juror that’s automatically and extra 25K. The other vets got less than 100K per Da and Nicole but still got a pretty nice package. Da was livid when Bridgette told her. I would have told the Paul’s and it would have really put a target on James and Nicole. Reason why James playing sloppy because he got a nice pay and I notice he only talks about winning AFP and not the 500K.

      • 100K? I didn’t know it was that much…they sure as heck don’t deserve that much money. If that is the case..that they could really care less if they win…then it was a big mistake to bring them back..because as viewers, we hate to see players not give a darn.

      • I think only Frank got the 100K because of his reputation and he was more popular than the other vets. The others got less per Nicole maybe I would say at least 50K

      • That’s still too much! I have noticed Nicole seems to not care too much as well..she, too, is following the orders from the mob leader! Clip and Tag..Clip and Tag!

      • LOL, yes her and Da was also mad that Frank told Bridgette about their stipend. Nicole is playing the same ole game, in a minute Paulie will come for her it’s just a matter of time.

      • LOL Someone berated and lectured me that Nicole is making banging moves and really blazing trails in her game. I was wondering what show she was watching or how much she was drinking and or smoking crack. Not seeing the stellar move made my Nicole-uh.

      • I cannot imagine they got more than 2nd place. Thats crazy. If I paid them that much I’d rig it for them to last longer, too. Crazy!

        Like you said Lynn – little to no incentive to play for realsies.

        Epic fail.

      • I don’t know where the 100k figure originated. This is the first time that I have heard that.

      • Nicole said she’d be happy with getting 20k, but not 10k. I got so mad hearing that from her when so many other BB fans have wanted to get in to play BB and didn’t make it.

      • She’s getting more, but that’s just what she relayed to the other “newbies” around her.

      • Frank said close to 100K. Some of those reality Housewives get paid over 200K and up per episode.

      • Yep…and I can really see it on the feeds. James and Nicole seem to have the same attitude..Nicole said she wanted to come into the game fiesty…I haven’t seen fiesty from her. She is Corey crazy..she praises Paulie all the time. Extremely disappointing season for me.

      • Frank is well known and has played before with some of the legends which were the some of the best BB back in those days. He also got the name Frank the Tank, so to draw him back in they had to offer him a pretty good package. I know I would have negotiated a good package to come back. If they can give these snooze balls 500K to win a game well they can afford to give the vets what they want.

      • It’s going to be difficult for me to decide about AFP this season, as I dislike most everyone. It definitely will not be James, unless he pulls a miracle out of his arse.

      • That’s sounds like a good, befitting strategy for AFP this season; voting for whomever would po the most of them.

      • I like these 2 votes. Without Frank it’s a snooze fest. Tiff survived through Frank but I still enjoyed her, LOL

      • Feeders will vote one way because you really see the true person and the casual watchers will vote for James because he is tv edited.

      • Or the casual watchers will vote for Paulie because he’s been edited well on t.v. too than what us feeders have seen.

      • Me too! He actually earned it when comparing his game play with Paulie’s and James, etc.

      • I definately NOT will vote for James! My vote will most likely go to Frank! You catch Mich, Bridgette, Da..saying they wish they would have kept Frank. Frank came to play and was playing the game and it was interesting, once he left everything just rolled downhill.

      • I know that Frank was serious about wanting to go home instead of spending the summer in the jury house. Heck, if he made 100k for a few weeks and then only 25k(and no sex) to be miserable for much longer, I can’t say that I blame him. After 100k that’s not enough incentive to put up with people you can’t stand to be around for weeks on end, unless you have no life outside of BB.

      • 100K just to come back, plus the weekly incentive everyone else gets, automatic 25K to make it to jury, plus the weekly incentive being in jury every week, and any vacations or money he won. Then the 500K if he would of won. He did not make it to jury. So yeah he only got 100k plus his weekly incenitive.

      • I would be! He left with at least something. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to a jury either. I would have been happy w/my 100K and a piece of mind.

      • He also brags to Nat about how his fans adore him. I think Nat is starting to hate that coming from him.

      • I now realize James wants to entertain viewers more than winning. Add he found a connection with Natalie, so why try for F1! He’s looking forward to AVP and Amazing Race with NatNat. I love James but he does not want to play the game this season. But he may be a ‘Twist’? Cadting his vote for Da’ and forcing Paul to be the tie breaker was a rookie mistake. And that he was strategically placed in lineup in voting eliminated Da’, makes me wondering this is production driving the game.

      • He’s not getting my vote for AFP..mine is going to Frank. Everything becomes much clearer when you see it on the feeds everyday. I wish TV viewers could see what I see.

      • I only watch the show, but I read updates and I don’t think James should have won AFP, and now I’m laughing that everybody that voted for him to get the care package can clearly see it was a waste. I’m voting for frank

  11. I think we are about to see the end reign of the Paul’s. The thing is Paul need to start pulling his minions on his side closer.

    • I’m with you Tee. I don’t think Paul is quiet the obedient follower Paulie thinks he is.
      Paul could be the biggest comeback story in BB history if he wins.

      • I didn’t care for Paul at first, but I’m on board w/him now against Paulie. He has to be smart and get ready to go in attack mode for that 500K.

      • Paul isn’t as mean as paulie at least. I’ve seen his softer side once or twice and he seems like a good guy if a little immature. He might want to clean up his language a little bit though.

  12. OMG at this point I just wished DAY and/or Frank was still in the game. Hell, I would love to see Josea back in at this point as well.

    • Joze told them day 1 to get Paulie out and watch out for Nicole that she was a rat. Jozea would seen through all of Paulie’s bs and would have rounded up the troops like he did in the beginning. Well he did call hisself the messiah, LOL

  13. To the Paulie fans, is it okay for him to call Zakiyah & Michelle “trained” and “untrained”? Is that good game play?
    Listening to him say he was literally a last minute pick makes me also wonder what went wrong with casting.
    Everyone in this house seems to be a last minute pick, even the vets

    • NO, it isn’t good game play. All it says to me is that Paulie treats women as 2nd class citizens, nothing more.

  14. Can someone please tell me why they leave milk for the cat ( Michelle) every morning? Lol

  15. I swear, if James uses his power to nullify his and Natalie’s votes, I’m done with him altogether. That would probably be the most cowardly move in BB history. So disappointing.

    • In this play, what would it really matter. If there was a bigger fish otb then I might agree with you

      • It’s the principle of it, if someone TELLS you how to use your power, it should be pretty obvious that person is extremely comfortable in the game. In which case you should use your power to nullify his and one of his friend’s vote in order to get the person they want to keep in the game evicted, make them a bit less comfortable.

        Instead he throws the most recent HOH, effectively allowed Paulie to control his own while hiding behind “the house” and is now evidently going to render the power that he was given useless by eliminating his own vote? This is Big Brother now.

        James is going to do exactly what Zakiyah and Michelle did, believe that he’s a part of Paulie’s crew, do what he says and wait for his number to be called for eviction.

      • Paulie was unhappy when James threw the HOH so he might’ve messed up there. How dare James not let Paulie use him???
        Victor is unhappy that james trashed the house during the Veto.
        Here and there James is getting on people’s nerves and this does not bode well for his longevity this season.

      • I wonder how many of them were throwing this comp?
        No wonder paulie wound up with the win.
        Now he gets to break Nat’s heart all week long for the viewer’s enjoyment :(((

      • They said he hid his veto really really good, so if he didn’t want to win he could have put his veto more out in the open. Bridgette even told him this.

      • It’s about time that these people caught up …. James has been getting on my nerves since week 2. Some people find his little pranks amusing, I find them annoying.

      • Last night Paulie was throwing James’s name around to Paul for a possible DE candidate.
        I hope Paul rats this out to everyone.

      • James don’t realize once he use the votes, he will then have to worry about Vic and Paul coming after him. Paulie will be in the wind w/no blood on his hands while James will have the blood on his hands and will try to scatter for safety.

  16. Everyone knows what James can do on an endurance comp and he falls off quickly on a not very convincing fashion – you set yourself up. He’s somebody that knows a lot of information, big possibility he may go out AGAIN on a double eviction.

    • Guess that’s what he gets for always “going with the house” instead of playing his own game, huh? Nothing new there. This season, it doesn’t matter who the HoH is, James always tells Nat, “let’s see what Paulie says!” This season has not been what I’d hoped it would and can only hope that Season 19 all on-line will show how BB should be played without the interference of production (for t.v. ratings) and hopefully they don’t bring back vets either. They’ll have 12 players instead of 16 and the season will not last 100 days.

      • I was excited for the Vets in the beginning, but the big salary Vets were offered, if it’s true, was a bad thing. They lost the incentive to play hard..My vote will probably go to Tiff for AFP, just to send a message.

      • Frank is the only one that actually played the game than the other vets have proven to do.

      • No disprespect, but I knew the vets would be awful. Either make it all newbies or vets. The 2 don’t mix in my opinion. :)

  17. Fingers crossed Paul wins HOH Thursday. I don’t want to see Victor leave, I think Paul would nominate James and Natalie.

  18. When does James decide whose votes to cancel? Is it on Thursday and does he tell the other HGs or will he do it in the DR?
    If Paulie wants to ensure Michelle goes home then they should cancel Paul and Bridgette’s vote. Paul will vote for Z and no one knows who Bridgette would vote for
    Did Natalie really say that about the guys or James just full of BS

    • Bridgette is voting to evict Michelle because Michelle helped send Frank home over jealousy.

      • Bridgette is really doing anything in comps anymore, I think she should also be on the block.

      • The thing about Bridgette is that Paulie promised Frank he’d take care of Bridgette until he no longer could, so as long as Paulie is calling the shots, Bridgette is safe. Bridgette can’t really win any physical comps again until she gets over her knee injury that was acquired during OTEV.

      • Paulie tells everyone bold faced lies and we know he was telling Frank a couple of them. Frank just found out about Paulie lies since he has been home. Paulie just announced Bridgette can go in the DE, so Bridgette is alone and better try to team up w/someone quick.

      • We all know about Paulie and his lies and flip flop decisions. I’m going to start following Frank on twitter now that he’s got the go ahead to give voice to what’s going on in BB house.

    • Well first, he has to ask Paulie’s blessing..then he’ll tell DR what’s Paulie’s decision…no idea what he wants. lol

      • Then Gottifiore will unload the bullet that was loaded into his clip with James name on it, hand it to James, making sure to mention that it is on temporary loan to James. James will promise to guard it with his life and return it to Gottifiore at his request.

      • Can’t beat a good mafia movie. If you haven’t seen it and can look over the language, Watch, “The Departed”.

      • I know, I ordered a copy of the DVD with extra scenes or some kind of extra footage. It’s a great movie.

      • Oops! I meant DVD, I edited it. But I kept it on my DVR until Christmas movie time a couple of years ago and needed space.

      • The Departed is one of my all time faves too Karen.
        Did y’all know it was adapted from the subtitled Hong Kong movie “infernal Affairs” which was just as good or even better?

      • Uh, I ran across a few interesting things, Cy, but I couldn’t find a mafia movie by that title?????

      • K, The names you’ve given the HG’s this season were all fantastic!..I’m a fan of K K K..Ha!..i’m cheering ok?

      • Hehe, thanks, my Cy, but you really should not broadcast such affiliations on a public forum.

  19. Favorite Gnat question of the season, “Can you backdoor someone twice?” Have fun with that one!

  20. Michellle… PLEASE blow up his game on your way out. I’m sick of Paulie, he said he “trained” Zakiyah? …. Attractive. I’m sure a lot of girls would love to date him after this.

    • Maybe Michelle and Paul can join up to kill Paulie’s game. .
      Paul seems pretty adamant about Michelle staying instead of Zak and he just might revolt if Michelle goes.

  21. “Paulie says he has Nakiyah trained”.
    One thing about it, Paulie certainly has a killer instinct when it comes to BB.
    It seems that Paul is the only one left who might even contemplate getting rid of Paulie so Go Paul!

  22. I just don’t understand these people!!! Can’t they make decisions for themselves. This season is the worst and so boring and predictable, we all know Paulie is winning the money:/

    • There’s still hope Eli, surely greed will motivate somebody to take out paulie soon.

      • Don’t depend on James or Nic for that to happen. So that will leave Z, Corey, Natalie, Paul, Vic and Bridgette. I say good luck with that. If Paul can pull it off, by all means, it will be the most unpredictable fete ever this season. I’m not placing bets on Paul accomplishing it, especially when it comes to DE coming up and Paulie still in the house and winning the power to remain so!

      • I’m not very optimistic at this point either and Paul seems to be the only one left with a bit of fight in him yet.
        Nicole probably knows that once the numbers whittle down paulie has to go but does she have the nerve to do it? Not likely, but you never know.
        Bridgette seems to have latched on to paulie for now but she seems a little on the sneaky side from what little bit I’ve seen of her. How she tops the Jokers poll lately is a mystery to me.
        Corey will probably do it if Nicole tells him too.
        It could still turn out to be a thrilling end game to watch fingers crossed.
        If Zakiyah makes it to the F2 with Paulie I can just see her proposing to paulie on live TV with a lap dance thrown in for the viewers pleasure :(
        Zakiyah could be the next Bachelorette XXX spin off from the Bachelor on cable TV.

      • Why they even cast Z is still beyond me other than the fact her mother is a BB superfan. She must have made up so much stuff in her “mind” and voiced it than whatever achievement other than being a pre-school teacher she’d been able to apply. Did she seriously believe she was signing up for Big Brother? I think her mother was wanting to play vicariously through her and must be so proud of her game play this season. NOT

      • I believe I heard Zak say she was a model so maybe BB came across her photos that way is what I think. Zak is a gorgeous woman so that’s probably the only reason she was cast – a little eye candy for the male viewers or whatever.
        Not to be too harsh but Zak’s aptitude to play BB is pathetic so far.

      • Well, if she was hoping to acquiring more modeling jobs, her starring on BB will nix that one.

      • I wonder if production might want Zak to leave next just to protect her from her own self? Surely the psych person is concerned by her a little bit?

      • We shall see, won’t we? Her mother is probably screaming at her t.v. and live feeds in addition to everything on the blogs that are being said about her.

      • I almost suspect Zak’s mom is on the telephone to AG daily wanting her daughter extracted from the game.
        I know there aren’t too many Michelle fans here but still, she might just wake up from her Frank induced coma and start playing BB if she survives.

      • Won’t it be a hoot if Paulie’s “done deal” was reversed and the others decided to keep Michelle instead of Z? One can dream, can’t they? Or I hope that Michelle has the round-trip ticket, comes back in, wins HoH and puts Z and Paulie on the block, they vote Paulie out and Paul wins the second HoH, puts Z and Bridgette up and Z goes home! Again, one can dream! :-)

      • (I hope nobody can hear this) but I’m halfway hoping production will consider interfering to help get rid of Zak. She might be bringing in the ratings for all I know so maybe not…

      • Maybe the porn industry might snatch her up then! They don’t require the actors to speak either!

  23. Is it me or is this one of the most boring season ever. I say we just end it and give Paulie the money. He deserves it becauu he is a true puppet master.

    • Not happening this coming eviction and maybe not the following one on the heels of it. Paulie is hoping to throw the next HoH if it is DE and is counting on playing in the second one and winning it. Z won’t be leaving any time soon as long as Paulie is in the house. Paulie will get his cake and eat it too.

      • Give me a few seconds here. I was talking to JoeJoe, my new best friend on another thread.

      • Uh huh, I tried to apologize for having a little fun with him last night, but he wasn’t having it. Oh well. I’ll just stay away.

      • I’ve had to resort to the block option once or twice already.
        What article was this on anyway? I saw part of it I think last night but I’m not sure where I saw it.

      • I just read those comments and your tormentor seems to be the same person that I had to block but had a different name “$shitsandgiggles. There were 2 sentences that were almost word for word in his comment to you that he said to me. He pretends like he doesn’t understand what you’re saying and takes exception to one little word and tends to split hairs about it to infinity.
        He then says we’re all adults here and infers I’m not behaving as an adult while he is.
        Sorry you had an encounter with this creep.

      • Nah, it’s no big deal, seriously. I just mentioned it because when you and Joni were posting I had just noticed that notification. I honestly don’t think they are the same person but I could be wrong. I remember seeing the name you are talking about, but it’s odd that I haven’t seen him in a while, now that you mention it.

      • He was acting like a horses butt so maybe he was thrown off this site and now has a new name.
        Hobo wasn’t as obnoxious as S&G was though.

      • Does that even work?..What would happen?..You don’t see his/her comment?..and vice versa? I’ve never blocked anyone…….yet

      • I blocked Devin Has a Daughter because I couldn’t stand to look at Devin’s picture. Lol I don’t remember what the little icon said, but all his/her posts were removed from the thread I was on. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of that poster since. I don’t know if he/she just hasn’t been on BBN or what. I hope he doesn’t come back as Skanky Frankie. :(

      • IDK, but he hasn’t been around lately. When people tried to help him, he either didn’t listen or it went over his head. Not sure. He really didn’t bother me. He just posted a bunch of stuff that shouldn’t have been on the site and it wouldn’t surprise me if they had no choice but to kick him off.

      • I found it frustrating that Mickey refused all efforts to help him improve.
        At first I thought English was his second language but he refused to discuss that.
        I then suggested he try to make complete sentences so people could understand what he was saying but he got mad and threatened to block me so I just washed my hands of him.
        He must’ve been blocked thank goodness.

      • Lucky you Cyril for not having to block anyone yet.
        After you block someone you can no longer see their comments but a brief message comes up instead saying their comments are blocked.
        If they make a comment to me I can no longer see their comments as well, so if they continue to badger me I have no awareness of this – which is great I think.

      • I think the females commenting here are more liable to encounter a bully than the guys are so you probably won’t ever have to block anyone. :D

      • I have had whipped cream, but never tried KY on my cake, but hey, if Joni says it’s good, Joni is never wrong.
        I got 2 phone calls just now. Sorry to let you down there, II.

      • Probably not…but I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring in a team of hazmats to fumigate it afterwards.

      • You just like to see me get myself in trouble. I’ve seen you come in there with some good ones, gal. lol

  24. Neat freak Victor is outraged by the mess James made during the VETO comp.
    Didn’t James do this the last time he played BB – just for spite as I recall?
    James might’ve just made an unnecessary enemy of Victor.

    • Everyone was outraged by it. This season James was first up than third, but this time he got caught with the destruction by Vic that he basically replayed from last season.

      • Ruh roh! Thanks for the info Joni as I had no idea what happened.
        I realize James is trying to entertain the audience but that wasn’t a good idea at all.

      • He (or someone) threw Natalie’s undies all over the dirty floor. She was pissed. She didn’t speak to James afterwards.

      • Hmm, James is starting to sound clueless when it comes to women and their under garments :D

      • He didn’t take ownership of doing it but he is the only one that trashed everyone’s clothing except his own (Vic took care of that lol). So he’s guilty as charged.

      • That he didn’t, but one shouldn’t be the first to go in the house either and do that. Vic was glad James didn’t trash his stuff either.

      • I’m starting to wonder If Nat is growing tired of being around james all day and all of the night? She might be looking for any excuse to avoid sleeping with him.

      • Probably confused after coming out of the cave and chatting with other hgs longer than usual.

      • I think she is also not happy at how he is giving the game to Paulie. She sees right thru Paulie, Nicole and Cory but apparently James does not. Natalie went on a rant the other night about them and James tuned her out. Only to run to Paulie and tell him the entire convo later that night.

  25. Corey called someone a fa**ot? Pretty ironic coming from the Secret GayGent man himself…

  26. Frank was so right about James having no backbone. His new name should be Jellyfish.

  27. Wow! He “trained” Zakiyah. I so hope they vote her out….. for her own sake.

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