The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 6

After last week’s Big Brother 18 drama and secret room twist, week 6 was already following a tough act, and let me just say, it did not live up to. Week 6 was kind of a dud of a week, but the show must go on, as they say.

Da'Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 18

So let’s get to the best and worst moments of the weeks, or as I like to call them the EWWs and AHHs.

The Best and Wort Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 6

Eww. No Live HOH competition. Again. I understand that they’re trying to fill Sunday episodes with some sort of competition, but is it going to be this way every week? My favorite competition moments are the True or False ones or Majority Rules. I love finding out who the HOH is before the end of Thursday night’s episodes.

Eww. No Live Feeds for the HOH either! OK, if you’re going to give us an endurance, or even kind of an endurance (last week’s HOH was so not endurance), then at least turn the feeds on!


Ahh. Paul wins HOH. I liked Paul at the start of the week. He seemed like a good and loyal guy, so I was happy he won HOH. That soon changed.

Eww. Paul wins HOH. Yeah, I’m done with Paul. The moment he started letting Paulie take over like Paulie does I was out. I’ve had enough of Paulie running the house. Frank has nothing on Paulie when it comes to dictatorship.

Natalie Negrotti and her Never-Not Pass

Ahh. Natalie Gets The Care Package. Even though I think America jumped the gun by giving Natalie the first care package prize, I’m glad to see she go it. She’s one of the few people in the house who kind of know what’s going on (even though she isn’t even a fan of the show) and she’s a pretty sweet girl. And anyone who has to put up with the meatheads of the house like she has deserves a reward. Just wish you would’ve waited for a better one, America!


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    • Biased, not wrong.

      It is a boring game right now. And while Paulie deserves some credit, he would not be running the game if these players didn’t stink.

      BB may have to get twisty or the game will be boring until final 6 or so.

      • I agree, the players this year are weak, but props to Paulie and being this years Vanessa without the dramatic tears

      • I feel like smacking Paulie in the head to be honest for the way he acts, he really needs to listen to Tiff and calms his lil nipples a bit haha but yeah he’s the best player right now so kudos to him. However making to F2 is only half the battle, he needs to smooth up his social game if he wants to take the whole enchilada.

      • I think he’s pretty solid on getting to the F3, but like Vanessa, unless he wins the final HOH he won’t be in the finale bc no one would dare take him, not even Paul.

      • Even if he doesn’t win final HOH, I strongly believe Paulie will be in the finale if he’s in F3 with Vic and Paul. More so if Paul win HOH. Out of all the alliances in the house, IMO PP’s is the real thing.

      • On Paul’s side maybe. Paulies ideal f2 is with Corey. It’ll be a slam dunk if people don’t vote bitter.

      • If Paul takes Paulie to the finale over Vic he’s insane. Not that I think he could beat Victor either, he has a much better shot.

      • I think Paul would beat V in F2, but not Paulie; that is if the vote was today. Tomorrow is a different day.

      • Maybe, but he hasn’t really done anything but win one comp and he was swayed to vote out one of his biggest allies. I think Vic has the upper hand by being the come back player.

      • Hahahaha riiiiiiiight, Paul would be a silly man to take Paulie to a finale over Vic or Corey

      • I think Paul is intelligent enough to realize that he can’t take Paulie to the end.
        Zak probably would though.

    • When it’s an EWW when the guy on the block wins PoV and saves himself of course it’s biased haha.

      • I totally agree! Is this app/blog, whatever it is, part of CBS? If so, it’s sick how they try to make people not like some houseguest and like others. Makes me mad every time I read the articles. I need to just stop reading them. Extremely biased!

      • The writer has his faves obviously like everyone else. He must be very down right now that Day is gone and Z is soon on the block.
        Anyway I think this is an independent blog.

      • We just need to accept that it is someone’s opinion, even if it differs from our own! I like some of the points Branden makes and some, well, it’s Branden that we all have come to love and maybe even despise at times..LOL

      • I almost feel like I’m not allowed to like Nicole since her voice aggravates the author of this article.

      • Right?! I get what they’re saying about her voice but I tune the annoyance factor off especially when you have to hear delusional loudmouthed bitter Day talking/yelling in her DR’s. How they find her enjoyable to watch I will never know. And I’m still trying to understand why people STILL like James AND Day! James needs to go soon.

      • Day absolutely had the most annoying voice in the house and I’m so glad we’re finished with the yelling DR’s.
        I might’ve found Nicole voice annoying during her first season but I’ve gotten used to it now and besides, there’s more to her than just her voice. I’m down on James right now too because of something I read at Jokers last night.

      • I’m still not caught up but I saw where Corey suggested to the guys whilst they were having an HOH pow-wow that Natalie should go up on the block if one of the nominees came down.
        His reasoning was that nat was gung ho on wanting a female winner and had sad to many people that she would vote for a girl in the finale no matter what.
        What I saw on BBAD was after this above comment that I missed – James and Nat were in bed talking game. James told her what Corey said about Nat and they conspired together to twist around things Nicole had said about the girl power stuff so they would put Nicole up after the POV if need be. I don’t think Paulie will believe this though.

      • Oh ok, yeah I saw that part too and was so like whaaaaat?! So they’re gonna talk about how dirty Nicole is supposedly playing but they think they’re not?? Ugh they’re so dumb I can’t stand it. But yeah Paulie would hesitate to believe that and since it’s up to Victor I really believe he’d rather Natalie go up than Nicole. I don’t think he’d change his mind on that.

      • I agree about Victor and Natalie – they do have a past history and too bad Nat wasn’t aware of the buy back when she gave V. a scathing good bye message.
        Also, I think Victor likes Nicole…a lot. He said to Paulie a few days ago that Nicole didn’t realize how beautiful she was after Nicole said Corey was too good looking for someone like her.
        At another point in the game Paul told the guys that Nicole was his favorite female.
        I hate that Natalie is set on getting rid of Nicole too so now I would like to see Nat leave unless she changes her mind about Nicole. I would like to see those 2 set aside their differences and start working together.

      • Yeah exactly to all of that. That’s why I’m almost positive he wouldn’t put Nicole up especially over Natalie.
        I really hope if there has to be a renom that Paul gives Victor some reassurance about putting Natalie up over Nicole. And that they can’t listen to Paulie anymore. They also have to know that this could be the test they need to see if James and Paulie will go against each other. Remember, Paul doesn’t trust James.
        Tbh I don’t care for Natalie. I’ve been indifferent towards her but now I don’t care for her at all. She seemed smart enough to absorb all the info and understand what was going on but she does nothing with it. She tells James after the fact if at all. Which is fine with me but it makes her look as dumb as I originally thought she was.

      • Can’t wait for the Veto results. I would feel better about the DE if Nat was evicted this week so she can’t get rid of Nicole if she wins HOH.
        I hope she doesn’t have the return trip ticket.

      • You must like her because in your mind beauty is smart or something.? You obviously don’t see a snake when you see one and would try to pick it up and be biten, much like the house guests, lol.

  1. Loved it, Branden, always entertaining.
    As for Paul’s goodbye message to Da, not a good move to lie after the fact. She will find out because she has a few weeks and a few HGs to interrogate before the finale. I think she will lose ALL respect for him once she finds out he tried to keep the lie alive. This is why I was really hoping for a tie so Paul would have to play his hand, but that didn’t happen.

    • I really wanted to see what Bridgette had to say in her goodbye message to DAY. Oh why didn’t you show us that BB, WHY?

      • Probably because the gal has no personality. I know I’m hard on her, but she doesn’t add much to the mix, imo. Not that many of them do, though. :(

      • I keep waiting for Bridgette to finally relax and stop being so self conscience but it never happens.
        Did you hear Bridgette telling about her 4 year relationship with a musical star of some type?
        I’m not sure I can believe mousy Bridgette would be his type for some reason.

      • No I didn’t hear about that. She did say once that she gets drunk a lot. I don’t remember what they were talking about, though.

  2. Your articles are getting meaner and meaner. We get it, you hate Paulie. It made sense at the beginning, now it’s coming across as overly sensitive on your part.

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