Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 6: Saturday Highlights

After a long drought the Houseguests get another round of alcohol and it goes to quick work on several of them. Game talk makes a strong comeback later in the night as well.

8:10 PM BBT – HGs finally received some booze.

8:15 PM BBT – Michelle plans to avoid drinking the rest of the season. (She threw up last time.)

8:30 PM BBT – Michelle and Zakiyah agree they don’t want anyone with money getting to the end. They think Corey and Paul are already well off and don’t need the prize money.

9:10 PM BBT – Paulie tells Zakiyah he wants Da’Vonne out this week but worries Paul would break a tie against Bridgette instead. Zakiyah wants Victor gone next. Zakiyah says they’ve got to keep people from sliding to the end like James and Natalie are doing.

10:00 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Michelle discuss the renom situation. Day thinks Paul may put up Natalie.

10:00 PM BBT – Meanwhile elsewhere James and Natalie are talking about what’s going on this week. James tells Natalie not to find out too much and the plan is to Backdoor someone.

10:05 PM BBT – Michelle revisits how she didn’t like Bridgette because she got too close to Frank and she was jealous. Michelle doesn’t understand what Bridgette had that she doesn’t to make Frank want to be closer to Bridgette instead. Michelle admits she doesn’t mind Bridgette as much anymore now that Frank is gone.

10:23 PM BBT – Nicole is struggling from drinking too much. She falls out of the hammock.

10:30 PM BBT – Nicole wants to go throw up but Corey says they’ll get in trouble.

10:45 PM BBT – Zakiyah is cooking up her Have-Not food on the range. Big Brother tells her to stop but she says “absolutely not!” and continues.

11:25 PM BBT – HGs discussing other finalists and get a lot of talk in before Feeds cut to Fish.

11:38 PM BBT – Natalie mentions reading Steve Moses’s advice article on our site and tells the other HGs that life won’t likely change for them after this. Victor had been discussing his hopes of getting acting work out of being on Big Brother.

12:05 AM BBT – Paul tells Zakiyah he’ll put up Da’Vonne so he can say he did what he said he’d do but he still wants Bridgette to go home instead. If HGs end up voting against Da’Vonne instead then that’s on them, not him. Zakiyah tells Paul she wants Bridgette, not Da’Vonne, gone.

12:20 AM BBT – Paulie and Victor talk about using Bridgette against the other women to get them down to F5 of guys. Paulie remembers what Tiffany warned about the all-girls alliance and says he saw Nicole, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne and Michelle talking together.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul lies to Da’Vonne and tells her he doesn’t know for sure if Paulie will use the Veto.

12:50 AM BBT – Paulie and Victor talking with Paul that Bridgette isn’t a threat. Paulie has warned Paul that Zakiyah and Michelle discussed that he (Paul) needs to be sent out soon and Paul was shocked.

1:20 AM BBT – Day lets James know she thinks the Veto might not even be used. James doesn’t say anything to the contrary despite knowing that Da’Vonne is Paulie’s BD target.

2:03 AM BBT – Michelle worrying with Zakiyah over Paul’s renom plans. Zakiyah says she doesn’t know what he’s planning to do. She tells Michelle if Day goes up then they’ll have the votes to keep her and says she wants Bridgette gone instead. Zakiyah knows Paulie wants Day out and knows that Paul wants Bridgette gone.

Drama ahead if we get Da’Vonne up on the Block and an aggressive Paulie who gets the rug pulled out from under him on Thursday night. Do you think Paul would go against Paulie in a tie-breaker to send out Bridgette and keep Day?

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  1. I am still not sure who to vote for week #2 package. Any thoughts? I would like to see Da evicted.

    • I’m going to wait until as late as possible each day so I’ll be up on the latest info when I vote. Things can really change in just a short while. I’m sure I’ll probably regret some of my votes as it is.

      • I was reading that James and Michelle want to keep Da so I don’t want to give either one of them the care pkg. Like you said things change quickly.

      • The care package is for next week’s eviction, so you might want to wait till Thursday to find out who wins HoH.
        If Day is out this week, the target next week is either Z or Natalie, so if James doesn’t win HoH he probably will get the package so he can prevent 2 people from voting to evict Natalie.

    • I really need to go back and read what is in the care package before I vote. Then it will be a uneducated guess as to who I think should get it.

  2. I don’t think Paul will go against Paulie, at least not this early, coz it’s not Friendship and since next week he can’t compete in the HoH comp and Paulie can so his ass is going to be on the block if he tries to save Mama Day in the tiebreaker.
    If anyone needs to choose a side between Paulie and Day right now, it would be silly to side with Day since the lady can’t win anything.

    • Although Z wants Bridgette evicted, I’m not so sure she is brave enough to go against Paulie. She had a good day yesterday because HE was happy. Ahhh, and he kissed her on the forehead. Does she not understand how desperate she looks when she puts that out there!! I wish I could shake some sense into that girl. If Da is not evicted, partly due to Z’s vote, Paulie would not be happy. Gotta make sure Paulie is happy. Z will vote to evict Da.

      • However, if Day knows she’s a target for sure once she’s on the block, she might cause a fight between Z and Paulie to draw Z to her. Mama Day is capable of that, not just flipping her hair hehe.

      • I’m sure Da will try her best, and Da is really good at that. If Paulie gets antsy about the possibility of not getting his way with the vote, he would get a large, pretty lure, put some good scented bait on there to mask his BS, throw that line out and Z would be hooked in no time. He’s not that good; she’s just that hungry. If Z felt pressure to choose between him and Da, she would choose him.

      • I would love to see you in this game – your DRs would be amazing – any chance you would apply?

      • I’m on the outside looking in. That’s easy. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t do well on the inside. I’m a very skeptical person, yet naive, if that makes any sense. I know my faults and they would get me evicted and quickly. I would be checking everyone’s feet before they touched my bed. I’d be killing ants in my sleep, if I slept. I would be pissing people off all the time about the nastiness and the untidiness. It would drive me nuts. I would drive them bonkers. So a big absolute no to that. I would love to see Joni or Cyril play.

      • understand…I would get evicted in the first week due to physically attacking another HG…I have a temper and am not fond of stupid people….I would not do Survivor cause I enjoy food too much…Now the Amazing Race even tho I’m in my 60s would be more my speed so to speak…

      • I just turned 60 and I think there are a lot of us around that age posting. Are you having as hard of a time as I am trying to find someone to consistently cheer for?

      • I would love to see James win HOH in the DE episode, because I would’nt put it past him to put Paulie and Victor up. Everyone might keep carrying on that James is’nt playing the game, blah blah blah, but when he does play the game Look Out!

      • I like James and I voted for him for AFP on his previous season. This season, I can’t seem to get a good read on him. One minute I think he might have figured out Paulie and the next he is talking about going to the final 4 or 5 with him. idk

      • He has Paulie figured out but nobody to trust if he wants to stay in the game.. and James was included in a final 4/5 by Paulie without James knowing till Corey told him..

      • I think he does also, but as you said, who could he trust with that info. Most would repeat it and it would get back to Paulie and the others would be too afraid to do anything about it. I think James might be wise to feel things out a little bit at a time to see what feedback he gets. Plant a few seeds to make others take notice. He’d better get a move on it though before these lemmings turn into zombies.

      • That’s what I said…. lets see what happens on the DE which should be next week if they gonna have 7 on the jury…the eviction this week will be 9 remaining and Julie did not mention anything about next eviction will be for 1st jury member..

      • I read a conversation yesterday about the 7 vs 9 jury. Until then, I hadn’t even thought about the fact that Julie has yet to mention it. The HGs might be in for a huge surprise.

      • James wants an alliance with somebody, it seems obvious they all see him as a treat. They know the endurance comp between F2 would be his win, so they all toss him to the side. He goes around looking for someone to play along with (and Frank wasnt it) so all people say is he isnt playing the game, it makes me wonder what game they are all watching

      • I think Paulie and Paul think they can get James out any time they want to. I’m hoping James puts his scope on Paulie and leaves it there until the right opportunity comes along and he pulls the trigger to clip him…one clean shot…at the right time…patience… that’s what it will take, but James has got to be ready, willing, and able and he has to have support from somewhere. He can’t do it with just GNat GNat to cheer him on.

      • James won’t do anything against Paulie!!! He put Frank up because the house wanted it, he can’t name a decision he’s weak!!!

      • Did’nt look so weak to me winning that HOH, did’nt look so week to me getting Frank out

      • Day & Bridgette gave it to him cause he said he wouldn’t put them on the block, Bridgette could have lasted longer. As for getting Frank out he said he was nominating him cause that’s what the house wanted. So if that isn’t weak I don’t know what weak is. He didn’t make a big move he did what Paulie wanted!!!!

      • yes…most definitely Honestly I am a James fan but hes gonna have to get up and make some moves or he will be out the door on DE…James is getting wise to Paulie and he will watch his back and am sure he will try to help Natalie as long as he can but hes gotta convince a couple more people that Paulie needs an attitude adjustment or complete eviction (I prefer eviction) Would be funny if James got HOH and evicted Paulie…..KARMA!!! guess we will find out.. Frank would love that.. I would love that…and I wonder who is gonna find a “TWIST” on a visit to the Paris Room…That room is still open for a reason..

      • I know, one year someone called me a cat lady, I was hurt (but not really) so what if I have grey hair and sleep with my cat; I have multible personalities and watch this game with a young heart. And like it or not everybody I’m hoping to see James pull it out this year.

      • Oh my.. the house. That would be the hardest first me. They sleep on top of sheets that haven’t been washed and others have been sleeping on. I would scratch my skin off. How can you take your clothes off and leave it on the bathroom floor. I would be evicted the first time that happened

      • You know what, them brats do need an old lady in the house, I could hear me now “make those beds, pick up your dirty underwear, Z conduct your personal business in the toilet, your mother is watching!”

      • I’m early 40’s so I am considered old to BB standards. At least Victor does keep the kitchen clean

      • I was wondering the kitchen and tables always looked clean. Dont pay for feeds barely watch BBAD, but did notice that area always looked clean, I thought they must have cleaners come in while the house was sleeping

      • Nope..Victor is the cleaning fairy. Bridgette used to clean but I think she is on strike.
        Victor doesn’t sleep much. He’s usually up early but not as early as Bridgette

      • Hey KSJB, your girl Cheryl here. Now let me just tell you something missy…he..he..he, Linda is right, I would love to see you in the game along with myself. You know I told you I tried out for the show last year, I didn’t try this year because I was home sick the day they had it here. But you best believe I will be trying again in 2017 at the age of 58. And like you I would be checking for dirty feet and killing ants too left and right. If they come to your town or a near by town where you live, girl….go on and give it a shot, Hell I am. Wouldn’t it be a HOOT if you and I made BB19 together..OMG, (You see this BB, give us a shot, 2 middle aged women in the house together, you guys always only put 1 middle age person in the house with all those young folks, well try something different with 2 of us in the house). Not that we would get picked KSJB, but you never know. “Expect the Unexpected…..holla back

      • Holla! I’m LMBO, cheryl!! It sounds like you and I might be too much alike. There might not be enough ants for the both of us. I knew you were suppose to try this year and were unable to, but I’ll be looking for you in that house next year. I’ll send you some little footies to give to everyone before they climb into your bed and also some Terro for those ants. That is a problem that they could easily rid themselves of. It’s ridiculous.

      • Every word of this is me too!! Lol! Plus I’m constantly singing or quoting movies. BB would be so irritated with me lol

      • I’m a little stubborn, too, and although the mess would drive me crazy, I would refuse to pick up after people. Unless there were a few other people that felt as you and I do, I’d never last. :)

      • Yeah I know, you dip in gravy instead of groovy.
        And those dishes ain’t wash themselves you know.

      • You double dip your dirty dishes in water, that’s it? And think they are clean already? Oh K … #smh.

      • Sigh. No. We are still enjoying playing with water and soap, you know. So much excitement can come outta it, you should give it a try.

      • Day may not win comps but she is definitely a talker. She talked about Frank being a salesman. I think she can do her magic and save herself. But look out PP if she pulls off a surprise HOH win or has the round trip ticket. Revenge could be very sweet.

      • Agreed but I still want Day to be evicted, so at least it’s kinda a payback for Tiff hehe.

      • its time for a comp made for one of the females to win…so Paulie for all his smarts better be preparing for that event…and as u said Davonne might be the round trip ticket holder…Paulie needs to cover all his bases which I’m not sure hes done…

      • It’s going to have to be one of those “luck” comps. That is the only way any of the girls would win.
        Or maybe who could sleep the longest- Michelle wins
        Who never stops talking- Natalie wins
        Who whines the most- Nicole wins

      • And if Day finds out, she will call Paulie out and his ego will explode the same way it did for Tiffany ( I was bred for this).
        He will say something just cocky enough to expose himself

      • I saw really was pathetic to watch! This girl is so delusional when it comes to Paulie…he does not like her as a girlfriend..he is using her for his game.

      • Yes, he is. Meanwhile, Z is talking about hoping their families get along. I bet her mother is crying in her cereal this AM.

      • And she wants James and Natalie out cause they are sliding by??? That is such a stupid thing for her to say with her no track record.. The girls elevator does not go all the way to the top and worse shes not just a French fry short of a Happy Meal she missing a whole order of fries….And they talk about Bridgett being slow awkward and dumb…If there is a “joke” in the house its Zakiyha….Please let her be the next to be evicted…She is totally ignorant…

      • I read where she said that about James and Natalie and I thought the exact same thing. How she could think that she deserves any more recognition for her game play, which is zilch, imo, is beyond me.

      • I can’t believe Z is a teacher, she’s very mean, imagine what she could do to children!!!

      • I don’t understand why NIcole, Zakhya and Michelle keep talking about Natalie being a floater and even Da’vonne being one. Those 3 are the more pathetic ones on the show. Michelle and Z with their jealousy over people they hardly know and Nicole thinking she has a final 2 with Corey. Hilarious.

      • In all sincerity, I hope she’s not watching. As a mother, it would break my heart to see this and know that the outcome is not going to be happy one for my daughter.

      • If I was her mother I would call and have her pulled from the show. She can’t say this is her strategy, she really is in love. Ugly face crying on national TV over a man you don’t know & he does not like you in return.

      • lol…Shelli and Clay.. when Clay got evicted and Shelli broke down ..They knew each other some 3 weeks…and Clay told Jeff in his after eviction interview that he was not sure of a relationship with Shelli after the show.. dam these women need to join a dating club…

    • I’m still trying to figure out why Michelle, Zakiyah and James think they have the votes to keep Day. They’re the only ones that would vote to keep her. Nicorey want her out, Paulie wants her out, Victor would rather have Bridgette over Day and Natalie already promised Bridgette she’d vote to keep her. I guess they think they can actually persuade people.

  3. Just say Nicorey, Vic and Paulie vote to evict Day.
    Mich, Z and James vote to evict Bridge.
    So it means Nat’s vote is very important. She has promised Bridge she won’t vote against her but on the other hand, will she go against James?

    • After James backstabbed Bridgette and put her up last week, I think Natalie would stick with Bridgette and vote to evict Day instead.

      • You would think Nicole would stick with Bridgette since she found out Da is coming after her.

  4. Is there something up (cut, bruise) with Victor’s eye in the pic above or is it just a shadow/trick of the lighting?

  5. I really hope Davonne is sent home this week, but the HG’s need to realize that Paulie is a huge threat, like where is the planning against him? I think things would go south, very fast for Paulie if the HG’s finally realized how much control he has. Wake up and smell the coffee folks!

  6. These idiots are playing way too personal. It doesn’t even make sense for them to vote out Bridgette, she has absolutely no one to work with and she has no power to brain wash and sway votes. VOTE OUT DAYVONNE!!!! There might not be a third chance, sheesh.

    • I’m sure the BB producers would rather Bridgette be eliminated instead of fire cracker Day.

      • Based on superstition alone I’m going to say that either James #7 or Day #8 has the winning ticket since those are the 2 luckiest numbers to have. :D

  7. While they can be annoying I think most people agree Paulie and Paul are playing the best game so far. As for this week Paulie, Nicole, Corey, and Victor are locked votes to send Da’Vonne home. I know Zakiyah, Michelle, and James have all mentioned sending Bridgette home instead, but if Natalie sticks to her word then it’s a lost cause and will most likely end up 8-0. Moving forward Victor and Bridgette are completely loyal to PP, Nicole and Corey would target Victor, Bridgette, or Natalie. James and Natalie would probably target Victor as well. Michelle and Zakiyah discussed Paul should be sent home soon and Zakiyah stupidly said this to Paulie who spread that word to Paul and Vic. Guess who the next targets are after Day now? You guessed it, Michelle and Zakiyah. Maybe the special care packages can change things up but so far PP is running this thing.

    • Da might actually have the roundtrip ticket and that could make things a bit interesting.

      • I’m actually starting to hope so, I’d like to see her with James, Vic and Nicole and that means Nat and Cory, too get Paulie and Paul out

      • She doesn’t have a “choice”as to when she plays it. If she gets evicted, she gives her card to Julie and Julie opens it.

      • Thanks Deb, I didn’t make my point very clear apparently. I meant to say that it would be better if Day left earlier in the game than later – if that makes sense? It would be easier to get her out again if she returns early while returning later in the game she would be a useful number to someone by then and it would be difficulty to evict her again.

  8. Paulie is definitely playing a strong game but once again, it’s only working because the cast is weak gameplay wise. Still I don’t see him making it to the end. Eventually, someone will wise up and realize that he will WIN the game if he makes it to Final 3. Same situation as Amanda in BB15. You can be the head schemer and send all your enemies home, but eventually you become the biggest target. Paulie is not playing like Derrick. He has no subtlety.

    • Derrick’s strategy was coercion. He played a part in every eviction and no one realized it.
      Paulie’ strategy is threats, intimidation and fear of retaliation
      Not the same game

      • And he’s also won every single comp he actually had a stake in. The other players can’t just suddenly realize that they’re handing him $500K and then miraculously get him out. It isn’t going to be easy.

  9. Paulie, Nicole, Corey & Natalie will keep Bridgette, Victor probably will too based on their talk last night and if he does that’s 5 votes right there and no need for a tie breaker. If Z knows Day is targeting her man she may change her vote.

  10. Da’vonne getting this week’s package won’t help her at all. Even if she eliminates two votes, the rest of the house will vote for her anyway. I hope she stays and gets next week’s package.

  11. So not only to the Vet’s get a second chance @ 500k, they also get paid more to return, for a second chance… Double Win!

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