Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 5: Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 18 houseguests started their day late Sunday, but the rest of the day was spent talking game. Frank isn’t ready to give up just yet and since Michelle, who holds the veto, isn’t a Bridgette fan, he knows he’s got something to work with.

Corey takes an important call on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 24, 2016:

1:30 PM BBT – Lights come on, but HGs are still fast asleep.

3:10 PM BBT – Frank, Nicole, and Bridgette are awake. A few more start to join them.

3:55 PM BBT – The ladies are getting themselves all fixed up for the day.

4:40 PM BBT – Zakiyah is tired of waiting for Paulie to wake so she goes and straddles him in bed.

4:50 PM BBT – Frank wakes up again and wanders in to the kitchen. HGs says “good morning.” It’s nearly 5PM.

5:10 PM BBT – James warns Nicole he’s heard her name mentioned a few times as a target. He says Frank called her flip-floppy. Nicole protests that she’s not. (She’s absolutely “flip floppy.”)

5:15 PM BBT – Nicole relays back to James and Michelle that Frank thinks Michelle will use the Veto. Frank walks in and their discussion stops.

5:20 PM BBT – Frank puts them on the spot and wants to know if they’ll flip to evicting Da’Vonne. Michelle says she doesn’t want to upset the whole house. James says he’ll follow the group’s lead, whatever they decide.

5:30 PM BBT – Frank says he’ll get everyone together later to talk, that’s everyone minus Day and Zakiyah. Frank leaves. James says there’s no way the house is going to go along with this.

5:35 PM BBT – Michelle says they should keep Frank over Bridgette and that Bridgette has been doing very well in comps. Michelle points out that if Frank stays he’ll be going after Da’Vonne, but if Bridgette stays she’ll be going after James. (That’s in a case where both remain on the Block at the end of the week rather than Frank’s ideal situation of getting Day on the Block.)

5:45 PM BBT – James isn’t buying Michelle’s suggestions and wants Frank out. Michelle yields. The group (including Nicole) agrees that Frank goes this week.

6:05 PM BBT – Da’Vonne pokes her head in to the HoH room. She was concerned about Frank being up there holding meetings. James promises Da’Vonne she is not going to be put up on the Block. “1000%”

6:15 PM BBT – Paulie is anxious for Michelle to tell Frank she’s not using the Veto and he wonders why she hasn’t told him yet.

6:30 PM BBT – Day, Paul, Zakiyah, and Nicole are wondering what’s going on. Paul thinks Michelle seems a little off.

6:40 PM BBT – Zakiyah says she won’t fake it with Bridgette and that she just doesn’t like her.

7:00 PM BBT – Zakiyah suggests they let Victor win the next HoH so he’ll target Bridgette and they’ll all be free to compete in the next HoH comp.

7:35 PM BBT – Frank is working on Corey that they’d make a great alliance with Nicole and Bridgette. Corey says he’ll go talk with Michelle and see what’s going on.

7:45 PM BBT – James keeps calling using the phones.

8:10 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey that with Frank gone they’ll be in a better position. Corey is worried about Da’Vonne. Paulie says he’d put up Day and Zak so Day would definitely go.

8:15 PM BBT – James wants someone to go ahead and tell Frank that the Veto isn’t going to happen. James wants to know their next target. Paulie says it should be Da’Vonne.

8:25 PM BBT – Corey is frustrated with Victor flirting with Nicole and calling him out on back-home relationships.

8:30 PM BBT – Paulie says it’d be “epic” for the viewers if Michelle used the Veto to save Frank, but Bridgette would still go home and they’d be split up.

8:35 PM BBT – Frank getting all buddy buddy with Michelle and just chatting her up. They sit down at the Memory Wall and discuss photos and past HGs. Frank is trying hard to praise her. He says he bet her DR sessions are as good as Johnny Macs. Don’t overdo it there, Frank.

9:05 PM BBT – Frank tells Bridgette she needs to be more social, but she says that’s hard for her to do. Frank wants to go upstairs and jokingly says he’ll gas Zakiyah out with his farts so they can have a group meeting while Day is also downstairs.

9:10 PM BBT – James is sharing all his HoH Corona beers. Victor brought up limes to make it complete.

9:35 PM BBT – James goes downstairs to find Day. He wants to let her know that no one is flip-flopping and everyone is sticking to the plan to get Frank out. Day says she wasn’t fussing him and he says he knows why she was worried. He tells her that he wasn’t ever going to put her up and that she doesn’t have to worry. He says even if Michelle used the veto, he wouldn’t put her up.

9:41 PM BBT – Day asks James what he thinks about Victor. He says he thinks he’s just happy to be back. Day says they should let him win HOH next week to get Bridgette out and then he won’t be able to play the following week and then they can get him back out.

9:45 PM BBT – Da’Vonne asks James if he talked with Nicole about what Frank told Day that Nicole said. James says he doesn’t think they need to worry about Nicole and she doesn’t seem to be targeting them.

9:46 PM BBT – James and Day bring up the fact that they have been locked down inside for six days.

10:04 PM BBT – James asks Nicole if she thinks Hayden is watching her. She says she hopes not. James says he’d be so mad at her if it were him. She says he doesn’t know the whole story. She says she never thought she’d be even a little bit distracted by somebody. She says she told herself no, no matter what (about falling for another guy).

10:05 PM BBT – Nicole goes on to say what she wasn’t going to say. She said Hayden told her he wanted to go out this summer and kiss girls in bars so she said she had to move on with her life.

10:07 PM BBT – Paul asks if there’s a Diamond Power of Veto in every season. Frank says no, there hasn’t been one in awhile (Season 12).

10:10 PM BBT – Frank is starting to investigate items around the house. Hmm.

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  1. I don’t like Frank but I hate to watch once someone is told their game is over. It seems like such a waste of their time to come in the house , it has to happen to 14 HGs but it’s not pleasant to watch that reality set in .

    • Well Frank seemed to appreciate the honesty. Now that he knows how the house feels, he’d rather go home and spend the rest of the summer with his girlfriend instead of the jury house. Besides, I heard some talk of a hefty stipend for the vets of the house, so he’s not going home empty-handed :)

    • On he will “find” it I’m sure of that (so much so that I bet my husband laundry duty until the end of the show). Honestly I figured he would all of a sudden start looking around Wednesday to be more suspenseful. I have no doubt in my mind that if he does find it, it will be because production guided,or flat out told him, bc he is good tv.

      • Or Bridgette can find it and what if she can reset the whole week and put up Day and Z. Holy Crap won’t that be great TV!!!

      • Right … lol oh here is hoping Day doesn’t put it together. But if she does maybe, just maybe, she will go after Nicole for being so damn shady.

      • I hope Da’Vonne or James find it. Natalie will just blab everything to James and ask him what she should do.

      • She’s flying so far under the radar it would be nice to see her finally do something other than being pretty.

      • Why would the HGs start randomly looking for clues though? They have to be given some sort of hint to prompt a search.

      • Exactly my point. They think there is a Pandora”s box, not some secret power room, so logically no one would really be looking for clues to get into one.

      • So how is your bet gonna shake out now that it’s technically been found by essentially every HG?

      • We amended it to frank getting the ticket since the fix is probably in. I’m convinced had he found the room first there would have been one to let in there and not 12

      • Awww…laundry duty it is then? To be honest, I thought Frank was gonna end up with the ticket too. :)

  2. I think Frank and Paulie are the only ones playing this game. Too bad they’re on opposite sides. Frank just doesn’t fully realize it.

    • I was hoping for a f2 with Paulie & Frank. They are my favorites. Don’t want Frank to go this early in the game!!

  3. I was just trying to catch up on Jokers before leaving for the day. This is so dsgusting, I had to share it. According to Jokers, Z changed her pad in front of everyone and James and Paul commented about it. Next post said she didn’t wash her hands and had them in the chips bag and eating hummus. :(

    • Yeah, I saw her do it this morning. She’s just a dirty person in general. She’s constantly scratching her extensions (I’ve never seen her wash her real hair), and then she bites her nails right after. So I’m really not surprised she ate a group meal after touching her private, and without washing her hands. She has no shame, just imagine what she does in private

      • Omg I feel so sorry that you actually had to watch it! Were you in disbelief as it was happening? Like “what is she doing… what is she doing? WHAT IS SHE DOOOIIIIIING?!?!!!!” Lol!! Omg I would be yelling “my eyes!!! My eyes!!!” Like Phoebe in Friends lol!

      • Valerie, I’m having the same reaction as you! LOL.. I’m in shock to say the least. I think she’s been in that house too long or she’s never been taught proper hygiene. I just don’t get it.

      • I was thinking the same thing, surely her mother taught her better than this???

      • I’m thinking the latter. Because even if you forget you’re on camera 24/7….. YOU DO THAT STUFF IN THE BATHROOM ALONE!!!!!! Lol!!

      • lol! I was just like “what is wrong with this girl??” She even put her panties on in front of everyone before doing it!! I don’t think I’d ever forget that my every move was being recorded during a 24 hr show, but maybe she genuinely did forget about it lol.

      • Omg disgusting!!!!!! So she had NO PANTIES on AND she’s on her period?!?!!!! Ahhhhh! So gross!!!!!!

      • What do you mean she was not wearing anything while people/guys were around? 1st I am hearing of all of Z’s gross habits! I am stunned if she was taking of panties in front of anyone especially if it was not Paulie or Day. She does not wash hair and touches her private before eating group food! So gross Z!!!! Finally learned about M’s hatred for B!

    • BARF!!!!!! Yeah I read that too and just wanted to vomit!!! Who does that?!?!?!!!! Ewwww she should be evicted just for that alone!

    • I wonder if James and Paul were turned on by seeing a girl do this for the first time lol.

      • If they were, they are almost as disgusting as she is. If I had seen that, it would definitely be grounds for a vote to evict. I wonder if Paulie saw it? I’m glad that I only read it; that was sickening enough. I had to read it twice to make sure that I read it correctly.

      • Oh my gosh, if can’t even imagine what Paulie would do if he had seen this happen. Probably no one has tattled to him yet but if he does find out I think he would break up with Zak.

      • If I was his mother and he knew about that and let that nastiness kiss, hug, and sleep beside him, he would be drenched in a solution of vinegar and alcohol before he entered my house. Makes me shudder.

      • His mother probably fainted if she saw that on the feeds.
        Yep, it’s time for Zak to wash her hair too.
        I’m still in shock, I’ve never heard of anything like this.

      • Wouldn’t it smell if it isn’t washed? I have no doubt it would itch. Just the thought of it makes my head itch. idk

      • I remember the girls were talking in the bathroom and they asked Zak how often she had to wash her hair and she said either every 3 weeks or 3 months. So yeah, I’m sure it would itch like crazy.

      • Surely it was 3 weeks, but even at that, I can’t imagine how oily and smelly it would be. Maybe there is something I am missing because I don’t get how a person could go that long without washing their hair/head.

      • The last I heard Paulie wasn’t interested in kissing anybody while he’s in the house.

      • I think I remember reading a comment that Z was not happy that Paulie hasn’t kissed her yet. Maybe her hygiene isn’t like it should be. I think he just latched on to her so he can have someone to keep him warm while he’s in the house. I really don’t think he had any other intentions of taking that relationship any further than this. If he’s missed her, it’s a surprise to me.

      • I think you’re right, especially since at the beginning of their ‘courtship’ Zak was rather shy and quiet. Paulie probably thought he could lead her around by the nose.

      • I can’t imagine the nastiness that would abound if these gals didn’t have the conveniences that people my age didn’t have with such issues.

      • Oh, I agree! In right there with you. That’s why I’m so shocked I guess. ?

      • Realistically they’ve probably seen it before. It’s part of life as a woman as you well know :) But she’s not any of their significant other, and she’s being broadcast to the world for goodness sakes! Like have some class, girl.

      • You really think men are used to watching women change their pad in public?? She could’ve at least turned away from them when changing. Better yet, the bathroom would be an ideal place for this to happen :D

      • Oh no, not in public! I meant they’ve probably happened to see that at some point or another with their girlfriends, probably by mistake. But I agree, something like that should be done in the bathroom, and it definitely warrants a good hand wash.

      • I wouldn’t even let my husband see me doing such intimate things and he never had any interest in watching either.
        Maybe young girls today are less modest.

      • Yep we are! I still wouldn’t change my tampon in public though! I don’t exactly welcome an audience but I can say that living with my boyfriend, modesty isn’t really expected. Doors get opened accidentally sometimes, and it’s silly to be bothered by pads or periods. If I were ever in a relationship with someone who expressed disgust at me changing a tampon then we surely wouldn’t be together. But in the case of Z, changing her pad in public in an audience of strangers is wrong, and eating without washing her hands afterwards is even worse. Just my two cents.

      • My husband has always respected my modesty and never barged into the bathroom ‘accidentally’. Do you think women would lose their ‘allure’ if they were all out in the open about their period in front of boyfriend or husband? It’s not exactly sexy either but to each his own.

      • No, I don’t think we would lose our allure. I don’t get bothered by anything relating to my body, nor does my boyfriend. I merely stated that sometimes doors are opened in households where people live together, people get walked in on, etc etc. I don’t think it’s a big deal! We have two different perspectives on the matter and that’s totally fine :)

      • Well you brought the subject up first about changing pads in front of people being normal/no big deal.
        So you’re perfectly comfortable having a bowel movement in the bathroom with the door wide open? Does your boyfriend find the sight and smell sexy? j/k :D
        Wanting privacy at times doesn’t mean women are ‘bothered’ by normal bodily functions at all as you have implied.
        It’s only normal to be modest about certain things…have you ever had a dream where you were out in public with no clothes on? Were you not appalled until you woke up and realized it was all a dream?

      • I’d be lying if I said I haven’t taken a crap with the door open LOL. And no, we don’t get bothered by these things! TMI, yes i know but it’s a rare and refreshing occurrence. And pooping in front of your S/O is one thing, but changing a pad, bloody or not, is tame in comparison imo. So to clear it up once and for all, no I don’t think changing tampons in the comfort of my home/in the bathroom, or in front of my partner is a big deal, but I do object to doing so in public, in the presence of friends, or a live camera. There’s just levels to this ok? lol

      • OK I see what you mean, some women aren’t modest and most are but that’s fine with me :D

      • Hmm yes, I suppose I’m in the minority or maybe I’m just more honest and open about these things. Anyway, glad we understand each other now!

      • It’s really ok to be modest you know, I thought maybe you were looking down on modest women as abnormal as compared to your superior stance of letting it all hang out. It’s very normal to be modest and nothing to be ashamed of.

      • Of course I’m not looking down on modest women! In retrospect, it seemed like you were the one looking down on those of us who don’t get embarrassed about such things in front of our partners. As if our period is an embarrassment, and no one else should ever see such things because it’s “immodest”. I dunno, I live in a household where we brush our teeth together, do hair together, and potty activities really aren’t a huge thing. And when i told you so, you implied my s/o “barges in” because he doesn’t respect me. That totally twisted my words and changed the tone of this whole convo imo.

        So I’m sorry if it came off that I think I’m superior in any way. Everyone is equal in my eyes, we just go about life differently and that’s ok. I wanted to convey that I don’t think changing tampons was the issue, it was the audience that Z chose to do it in front of that was the problem. Apparently, it didn’t come that way so mybad.

        Ok, this was gone way past the point of talking about Z’s bad habits!

      • Please stop implying that I’m a prude and you’re so superior because you’re not. I don’t think I’d be bragging about feeling comfortable taking a bm, or changing pads in front of friends/family.
        We are not animals after all, and the vast majority of people don’t want to be seen naked in public or using the bathroom in front of folks.
        If this doesn’t bother you that’s fine
        I have told you that I have no problems with any bodily functions as you keep implying nor do I consider them an embarrassment. . I’m just saying humans are a step above animals that have no shame whatsoever in their innocence, while humans can experience shame.
        I’m sure the porn film stars and strippers have no shame either but I don’t find them superior because of that. We are humans not animals is all I’m saying.
        Anyway, thanks for the discussion :D

      • You think they have seen the women in the house just whip their pads out in front of all the house guests and live feeds? I pray not!!

      • No lol! I must not have been clear before. I think the guys in the house have most likely seen a woman use a sanitary product before– that’s what I meant. Menstruation is a normal part of life for many women, so it was my assumption that they’d observed something like that in all the years they’ve lived. That’s all! I don’t think it’s appropriate for her to do that in front of the people in that house, nor the live feeders.

      • Nobody is saying that menstruation is not a normal part of life for women.
        We’re saying women shouldn’t be changing their pad in public.
        I believe 99% or men have no desire to see this happen in their presence either.

      • I think you overlooked this, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for her to do that in front of the people in that house, nor the live feeders.”

        I also don’t think that men WANT to see women changing their pads, I suggested that the men in the house HAVE seen it before. Big difference.

      • Honestly, I don’t think men are interested at all in watching a woman change pad/tampon.

    • What is jokers? Is it really legit? Bcuz if it is, I can’t imagine a woman doing that.

      • It is a site that posts minute by minute updates of the goings on in the house, 24 hrs. a day. I find it to be very reliable. Type in Jokers dot com and go to Quick View. Sorry I’m just answering your question, Brenda, but I just got home.

      • It’s absolutely legit. It’s run by people who have less of a life than us posters in here. They sit there watching the feeds and posting updates.

        (of course i’m just giving them a hard time… none of us have lives in the summer)

  4. WOW is Zac a pig. She just changed her pad in front of everyone never washed her hands and now eating out the bag of chip. sick sick sick

      • I have to agree with you! It’s sad that some women have never been taught proper hygiene. I wouldn’t survive in that house that long. Nasty!!

    • That is disgusting? I think she believes that being a model means everything she does is cute. She is one of the worst this season.

      • If it was me there I would have CALLED her out on it.
        And made sure EVERYONE knew what she did. I would not eat anything she touched PERIOD. and yes that was a pun

      • Agreed. I’m genuinely surprised no one called her out for that, and they continued to eat with her lol! Rude or not, she needed to be told to wash her hands in that moment.

      • Shouldn’t production say something to her. That’s potentially a disease that can be passed on to the others!!!

      • Maybe this is one of the reasons the producers don’t cast more mature players on the show.

      • I just saw it. It’s like she was having a conversation with them while doing it and no one had a problem! She didn’t even do it in the bathroom then she just sat down with everyone dipping her hand in food.

    • You and I must have been posting about this utterly repulsive behavior about the same time this AM. I was ready to leave and had about 5 mins to catch up on Jokers when I got to that post. I had to leave as soon as I got through. I wish I hadn’t have read it before I left. I was with my 16 yr old granddaughter today and ruined her lunch when I told her about it while we were eating. Nice Mamaw, huh?

  5. I said earlier what James did is not going to be good for his game going forward. Could come back to bite!!

    • Paulie will trust him now, and so will Corey. The only one who will even care about him breaking his word is Brigitte and she may only convince Natalie about that.

      • James as well as other HGs forget one important factor: They are all expendable…no HG is ever 100% safe..

      • Shelley, Clay, Vanessa and Austin thought that they were expendable since they held the strings for most of the season, but soon were gone. If Da’vonne or James could get rid of Paulie, Frank and Nicole. The game will be theirs to lose. Brigitte should not be underestimated either.

      • James being a straggler without any strong alliances and on the outs looking in was stupid to target Frank. He should have worked with him! Then, there would be someone to protect his back. Now, he has just Natalie. They will pick off the stragglers one by one, James, Natalie, Bridgette, Victor, Paul, Michelle soon enough! Paulie and Davonne just using James who they know is too stupid to think for himself!

      • Frank should have done one main thing- promise James safety. Not to say James made a smart move either (I thought it was smart, not anymore) but Frank should’ve tried to make more of an effort to convince James that he can keep him safe.

      • I think you as a viewer underestimate James. He may not win this game, but I think he will make it far if Paulie goes home soon that is.

  6. Frank sure has a big mouth .. Ha !!! Why did he throw Nicole under the bus with DA ?? A Frank, Bridgette, Nicole, Corey and Victor could/would have made a formidable alliance ….

    I am just surprised as to how Paul is so, so under the radar these days, as well ??

    • Why? Because he’s a complete ass that will say or do anything to win.

      Buh bye Frankie. Don’t forget to smile and wave as you’re walking over to talk to Julie.

    • That’s the problem with Frank. He never knows when to keep his mouth shut. Not to mention, he rubs people the wrong way with his ego. I wanted to like him this season, but he went back to his old ways of BB14.

      And I’m kinda surprised that Paul is playing a low key game. I guess he finally learned that being openly vocal doesn’t work. Especially since his best friend is back in the game

      • You’re so right that Frank can not keep his mouth shut and for this reason alone I think he needs to leave next.
        Surely nobody but Bridgette would want to work with him now.
        I know he has to fight for his life but I’m so tired of watching him.

  7. Please please please Frank or Bridgette find the secret room.. I wasn’t a fan of either of them, but I’m actually rooting for them now that the house is treating them so badly. Shake this house up!!!

  8. And, yeah, if I recall, didn’t Frank have like 9 Production Lives during his season ?? So, wouldn’t be surprised, if he happens to find the secret room ???
    :) :P

    • Frank kept hearing this annoying sound and soon thereafter he was called to the DR. I was hoping they didn’t tell him that the sound had anything to do with the secret room just so he could open it. Don’t know what happened, but he came back silent about his session.

  9. This stuff about Z changing her sanitary napkin out in front of everyone and NOT washing her hands is WHACK! I don’t know what’s more disturbing, her not washing her hands or doing THAT while everyone’e watching… And then go eat out of a bag of chips and touch everything… I have no words. Production should nip that in the bud! If i was in that house, I’d complain.

    • Please tell me she didn’t really do that!! ?If that’s true this woman had bad hygiene. SMH

      • She sure did. It was in the SR..James even walked in while she was changing it. She’s nasty.

      • Doesn’t she know what a bathroom is for! ??Umm I hate to ask but did she at least wrap it up?

      • Yes, it was in jokers, I read it and was horrified to say the least. I don’t understand the immodesty and vulgarity of most of these HGs and then to even act like it’s an everyday practice and then not wash your hands … they all make me pretty sad actually. What won’t they do or say?

      • Since Zak is so uninhibited she might want to consider a career in porn instead of modeling.
        She didn’t even seem to realize that people with feeds saw the whole thing too.

      • I think it’s just who she is, it didn’t matter to her who was watching … or eating those chips!! Soooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly gross and ignorant. It’s totally up to her to expose any part of herself she wants, but to expose others to your bodily fluids is beyond despicable.

      • I hope they tried not to look as she did this lol.
        Exposing body fluids is beyond gross – I said earlier that I’d never heard of anything like this in my life.

      • Apparently, you can view related videos of jokersupdate if you go to the link they give you , but they removed this video version of Miss Don’t Care ‘Bout No Couth or Consideration pretty quickly! Thank you for that.

      • I didn’t know about the link at Jokers. I hope it isn’t too difficult to find.
        I wonder why they took it down?

      • It must be true. Lynn said it was in the SR. and James walked in on her when she did it. SMH

      • India, once you get on Twitter, “Search” for bb18 and it will show you all tweets with bb18 hashtagged like this: #bb18

        You will see a ton of tweets with that hashtag (#bb18) but scroll thru and you will see them talking about it, some with pics.

        You could Search for bb18 sr (the sr stands for Storage Room) – or whatever word you want to insert like bb18 sr pad or whatever. It displays all tweets with those words in it.

      • I know someone with the Twitter handle ‘TRUTH AND SARCASM’ posted several photos of Z in the act of doing that and eating chips/crackers and hummus afterward with the girls right there. Also, the Twitter handle “The Big Brother Duck” also posted a pic of her doing it.

      • I couldn’t find anything on Truth and Sarcasm except for political posts. I did see the photo on BBduck – is Zak in front of a mirror whilst she’s coyly slipping in a new pad??? It looks like James is right beside her from the mirror, I bet he lost his appetite.

      • Talk about being uninhibited! This takes the cake.
        Whatever happened to modesty?

      • I know!! I’m sure that’s not something James wanted to see or remember.?

      • I’m surprised she didn’t exhibit the used pad to the whole house.
        James will probably have nightmares now.

      • Another”oh no” moment for James to put in his book of memoirs from being on BB! LOL..

    • The weird part is she did it and no one said anything and she just sits down with them to eat.

      • I guess that’s why I’m not on BB! LOL. I couldn’t take all of the things they do in that house. I’d be trying to scale the walls after a week in that house. ?

      • Apparently, if you criticize someone you are a bully and/or biased. I was pleasantly surprised that in this BBnetwork forum, no one rushed in to defend this particular abhorrant behavior.

    • How many people were in there with Zak; was is both male and female?
      I don’t understand why she wouldn’t go to the toilet to change out – so gross.

  10. hmmm just realized that in all of Franks talks he has not made the one promise that makes HGs ears perk: SAFETY from the block…unless I missed the conversation he has yet to offer safety to anybody..

  11. I dislike how James is handing his HOH. He nominated Bridge and Frank because it’s “what the house wants”, but really he did what the Mean Girls Crew wanted by nominating Bridgette. And then James calls a house meeting and when Day and Z unexpectedly showed up, he didn’t say a peep! And then he had the nerve to be upset that Paulie voiced his frustration with how everyone was being quiet at the meeting. James needs to get some courage, speak up, and control his own HOH instead of following the house.

    • I thought it was a good move at first, but now I can see the issues. Also it was Frank who called the house meeting, not James.

      I get that Frank is a threat, but you should nominate them for your own reasons. Now James has an enemy in either Frank or Bridgette if one of them stays. His only hope is that Natalie can reassure Bridgette if Frank goes. And if Bridgette goes, James is screwed.

      • James is the one who mentioned the house meeting. But it was only because he wanted to know everyone was on the same page and Frank was like yeah let’s do this.
        James regretted saying that after Frank left the room which is why everyone decided to avoid Frank yesterday, because they didn’t want to do the meeting.

      • Both Frank and James suggested a meeting, but James was the one who leaned over the railing upstairs and called out that he was ready for the meeting to take place. And yes, James has def. made an enemy out of Bridge- for nominating her after he said he wouldn’t, and for sealing Frank’s fate. And I also don’t understand why Natalie didn’t protest enough for Bridgette. They are in an alliance together, but Nat doesn’t really seem to have her back.

      • One thing about it, James better hope Frank goes home or he will be facing a formidable enemy.

    • It was annoying because James says yeah let’s get everybody together to see if we’re on the same page and then after Frank leaves he regrets saying that. And instead of telling Frank nevermind Michelle isn’t going to use it, they just let him keep trying to get everyone together, while avoiding him. They are so dumb!

      • I know! Day was frustrated for that very same reason. Why even entertain the idea of using the veto on Frank if they know it’s not gonna happen? That’s just how it goes in the BB house I suppose.

  12. If these Houseguests were smart,they would realize Nicole and Corey are playing them and that this is her second time getting called out by Frank so they should get them out.

      • Frank need to blow up there game to everyone and make them next weeks target.

      • Once they get Nicole out of the house I think things will be much better for the HG’s. They need to act soon before Nicole ruins their game – one of the most dangerous in BB history!

      • Nicole plays like she’s so innocent like Bridgette.I can’t wait to see her out

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