‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Corey Signals Nicorey May End With Season

It’s been the summer of showmances on Big Brother 18 as we’re about to be down to three pairs with two of them having at least some level of romantic interest between them, at least in one direction. As for Nicole and Corey though, it sounds like their summer showmance could end with the season.

Corey Brooks on Big Brother 18

Last night Corey spent some time with Victor in the hot tub and both shared their thoughts on the upcoming wrap party and what Corey expects to be happening with the relationship between him and Nicole when the season wraps.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 7:58 PM BBT 8/29 as Nicole steps away from the hot tub and Victor asks Corey if he’s fighting with Nicole. Corey says they’ve been having a few back and forth’s today which have mostly been “Are you mad at me? Why are you mad at me? Are you sure nothing is wrong?” Nothing too serious, he explains.

Corey tells Victor that he’s concerned Nicole will get worried that they’re not hanging out 24/7 anymore like they have been, but he’ll encourage her to come visit and he’ll want to come visit her, but as for a relationship between them at the end of the season? Outlook not so good. Flashback to 8:06 PM BBT.

“I’m not going to come out of this place in a relationship,” says Corey. “I’m sorry. We can talk. I’ll tell people, ‘yeah, me and Nicole are cool,’ but it’s not going to be anything like with Hayden. I think that she thinks it has to be better than her and Hayden as soon as we get out of here and I’m like ‘no no no no no’.”

Corey had just been explaining to Victor that he and Nicole “will be friends forever” and how Nicole and Hayden had gone from showmance, to Jury House relationship, to serious relationship outside the house. He adds, “look at how that ended. You don’t want to make that same mistake twice.”

Corey tells Victor he wants Nicole to “go do your thing” and he expects “there are going to be so many cool guys hitting you up.” Not that there’s no chance of them though as Corey notes, “if it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.”

So what do you think of Corey’s comments? Could Nicorey be over when the confetti falls on September 21st or will Corey change his mind before then? And he made a good point that both Nicole and he had just gotten out of long relationships, so maybe Nicole feels the same way. But either way I’m not convinced we’ll be seeing repeats of the Haycole photo streams like we saw after BB16.

Share your thoughts below and tell us what you think of Nicole & Corey’s showmance and post-season chances.


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  1. I think he’s just used her for cover, advancement, and sexual satisfaction throughout the season and she’ll be disappointed and shamed as a result. She’s carried him through this whole game and he’s been pretty much a ‘floater’…… I don’t think either of them can win this season. Heck, they’ve spent most of the time hanging out in bed, sleeping, and fooling around under the covers.

    • Straight up, he gave her plenty of hints that he wasn’t that into her and she’s the one that chose to ignore them.

      • Him chosing to have an intimate relationship with her, was that a hint? Hmm, I may have missed that myself.

      • Agreed she also told him in the beginning that she didn’t want him to make a fool of her on National TV I think when she learns what he said it will devastate her the most, I think she would of been fine just being friends outside of the house. She once told him when he said he liked to text, to not get his hopes up because she was not good at that and didn’t like it.

    • Nicole might not be an underdog to win but I don’t think she’s out of the running just yet.

  2. I’m surprised he admitted it. It wasn’t anything most of us didn’t suspect all along.

  3. I would hope after this season that Nicole would realize that BB is not the place to find a husband. Flashback – Bars are not the place to find a husband, sorry about that….. Since James is so friendly with her father, maybe he can push the two of them together, they could have a BB wedding and live not so happily ever after. As for Corey, he will continue to be surrounded by women and not know what to do. The End!

    • I think after the show he will be truthful with himself and his feelings. Hopefully things will work out on a positive note for him.
      If Nicole wants to get married at 23 she will needs to find herself a much older gentleman since in today’s world boys her age are not ready for that kind of commitment yet.

      • Funny you should say “in todays world”. In 1975 on Saturday Night Live, They put a camera on a woman in the audience with the word commitment and showed an engagement ring, then put a camera on a guy with the word commitment and showed a publishers clearance house record deal; the one where you would buy 12 records for a penny with the commitment to buy 3 more at regular price.

      • She needs to grow up. She’s insane if she thinks she’d make a good wife or mother at her age. She needs to take time to be single as a woman in her mid-20s and get to know herself and the world around her. Unchained by the constant seeking of approval of a partner and finding men who are cultured and have life experience. Take 5 years and really grow into her own.

      • How do you think she’d be on The Bachelorette? Seriously. Would she implode from all that attention? How many of the guys would she sleep with? Inquiring minds want to know!

      • Awful, simply awful!! She isn’t tough enough to be in that kind of environment. She would be whining right out of the gate and what guy wants to listen to her moan and groan endlessly, I doubt she would make it past the first rose ceremony.

  4. I think she will be hurt initially. She fell for this guy hard. I was pumped to see her back, thinking this time she was older, wiser and might be one of the pack ruling the house. Within couple weeks, I became disappointed in her game.

    As a girl who’s soft & pink, I feel for her. Hurts anyway but to add public humiliation and an undercover s*x tape, it’s a lot. She’s an adult and she literally made her bed. I get that. But she’s a human and at the end of the day, I empathize with her in that respect.

    He’ll obv be fine. No worries. In time, she will be fine and will get her family one day. Maybe then – given some time – she will be better and they’ll be able to be on friendly terms.

    She’ll have to remember it isn’t the end of the world. This, too, shall pass. Hopefully her friends back home and family support her and even previous hgs can be supportive.

    Yes, I think she’s in for some hurt after the season ends.

      • Even Paulie deserves better than…NOPE can’t even pretend to finish that sentence! LOL! I feel terrible for Nicole. But as someone said earlier, this was more like a summer camp for her, than a BB game. Still though…I’m a girl too, and it makes me sad for her. *sigh*
        Moral of the story: Never trust a guy who thinks hurting animals is funny!!!!

      • Amen to that. As for promoting marriage, I didn’t want my daughter marrying the guy she chose to marry. And after this latest vacation a week and a half ago, I still won’t give my blessing on it (even though they’ve been married almost 6 years). His true colors came out and they were not pretty. They were colorful, but not pretty and my husband told our daughter he is not allowed on long vacations with us again. Yeh, it was that bad!

      • Isn’t that the truth about animals? I don’t know if Nicole was present when Corey was relating the goat incident but if I’d been there I would not have considered him relationship material at all. In fact, I’d avoid him as much as possible.
        Since Nicole’s from a small town I think she’s a little more innocent than some of the girls this season when it comes to guys so I feel very protective of her.
        I do think Corey’s parents taught him good manners so he should know better than to have any kind of physical relationship with Nicole if he’s only in the ‘friend zone’.
        He’s either lying about wanting to be friends or he’s a cad. I suppose time will tell.

      • I think he’s a cad. I hate to say it, but I do. He’s been getting what he wanted from her all summer…and after the one time we actually hear him have a conversation—it’s *POOF* goodbye Nicole.
        I agree that Nic is naive and because of that, I feel badly for her—no matter what I may, or may not think of her game play (kinda hard to play from bed-lol), it saddens me to see any girl used.

      • The only way for Nicole to save her reputation is to win the game I guess :D
        If she does win I can see Corey sticking around to help her spend the money :(

      • *sigh*, I don’t see any situation in which he’ll be sticking around. :(
        I actually saw the convo he had with Vic. I am in no way a proponent of physical violence, but I wanted to punch him. As much as I couldn’t stand Paulie, I never wanted to hit him (well, maybe in my most private of dreams)…but seeing Corey in bed all summer with Nic, knowing how strong her feelings were for him…UGH. I wanted to punch him.

      • Definitely shows a lack of character on Corey’s part.
        Corey doesn’t seem to be mature yet, even at his age, his life has been so easy I suppose; his family is well off and he was a star athlete and sadly, this is how he probably treats all women.

      • Yes, she does. That much I’ll agree on! I know it’s hard to disassociate yourself from someone when you’re cooped up 24/7 than when you’re outside the house, but I’m glad he’s letting her know that any relationship outside the house isn’t in the cards for them. I wonder if he went on BB just to get more recognition and lots more girls in the first place rather than looking for a showmance. But who knows what goes through that head of his. I still don’t see anything going on in that department, do you? :-)

      • I hope Nicole’s parents can help her through this so that she can see he’s not relationship material at all.
        Still, I don’t like to see the guys string along a young female like Paulie did Zak and how Corey is now using Nicole.
        Then again, he might just be telling that to the guys to let them know he’s willing to clip her when the time comes.
        Corey doesn’t understand that the guys will want him gone first !

      • Maybe he’d be brave if he expressed them to Nicole. Saying them to Victor isn’t brave. It’s literally the definition of cowardice.

      • Yeah, but Nicole is part of his game plan here. If he tells her this, he’s losing his ride. She’s playing a major role in keeping him safe. She’s planning to take him to the end if she can.

      • Would you prefer he tell her now and cause unneccessary drama that could get him eliminated? I mean it sucks but just like Natalie, they’re not exactly being upfront about things because it can blow up their game.

    • That’s why I think that Corey and Nicole may have discussed it. Kind of risky putting it out there when he still needs Nicole. Who else would tell him what is going on?

  5. It’s always sad to see someone get hurt. IMO Nicole was sincere in her feelings for Corey while Corey sent some pretty clear signals to her that he wasn’t as into the relationship as she was. Unfortunately its part of learning — to get hurt, too bad she chose to indulge in this relationship in the public eye.

    • She said that she really wanted to get married and have kids Hayden quit the relationship. She is on a diff time-table that Corey bc he is nowhere close to that right now.

      • Yeah. I get where she’s coming from. Many of my friends are married, engaged or in serious relationships while I am the single one. She wants to get married and have babies and just wants it to happen as soon as possible. I get it. But, you can’t force it. I’ve learned that the hard way and thankfully not on TV.

      • Exactly. I have friends who were hitting their 30s and saw being single as doomsday. She’s not even close to 30 and is treating these shows more like the Bachelor than anything else. It’s too bad because the one thing I hoped for her is she would keep her head in the game and stay away from boys. Up until this past week, it’s been her number one distraction and unless she does some major jury control, would be her demise against a bitter jury who would vote for Corey.

      • Neither is she. Let’s be honest. Her marriage and kids seems more like a desperate 30something eager to shack up because her friends are all married than someone who is emotionally mature enough to be in a relationship. Hell, she just broke up with Hayden and she’s already planning marriage with a closet case who she just met. It’s a rebound and she is oblivious to it and we’re all just watching it.

      • As she should be. She has a high schooler mentality still and it’s her fault for making the one mistake that she shouldn’t have. She very well could have played the game without the distraction of a showmance, especially after her break up with Hayden. I have little sympathy for her because she did this to herself.

      • What makes you say that Hayden quit the relationship?? It came down to an incompatibility in life goals and they parted ways. I think it’s equally reasonable to think that Nicole was the one who quit the relationship.

      • It was BBAD conversations. Nicole said Hayden told her he loved her then broke it off a month later and she doesnt have closure. That was what I was going off.

        They have been long distance for a couple years. At some point one person has to change geo or it breaks up, right? Earlier this season she revealed he wanted to go to bars and kiss random girls. That isnt someone who wants to get married. IMO.

  6. Will Victor use this later to turn Nicole against Corey? You know she will ask Corey and what will he say? This could be interesting…. BB could use this for drama towards the end.

    • I doubt it will work. Nicole will shoot the messenger first. It’s the same as what Natalie tried with Zakiyah, and the anger ended up directed at her, not Paulie.

      • I’ve noticed that too bb.
        So good of Corey to let Victor know Nicolle is available since he doesn’t seem to want her.

      • Yes, I’ve been thinking this about Vic for a while and I’m curious to see what may develop. Vic spoke quite highly of Nic in his HOH blog, mentioned the other night how he planned on visiting her in Ubly, soon after the season ends & there’s been a fair amount of playful teasing between them(bordering on some flirting, perhaps?). May also explain why after his first return to the house, he was always barging in on Nic/Cor, even jumping into bed with them-they were really getting annoyed by it at the time! Hmm

      • I see it the same way Brock and I want Victor to warn Nichole about Corey’s remarks as easily as possible. She needs to know the truth in this instance although I usually don’t recommend interfering in a relationship. In this case, since Nichole is so gullible she needs to be told.

      • Yes Vic does have a crush on her! Remember the 1st week of the season when Nicole asked who she should put up when she was HOH and he mentioned Josea coming after her. He put his alliance members in trouble the 1st week because of his crush on her! Vic is really not her type though.

      • Ahhh, fellow Red Sox fan, I don’t think we know enough to say we know Nicole’s type, although both boys we know are blond and thin. But two is a very small sample size. Her type may vary widely with more exposure to different men. She’s been verrrrry sheltered.

      • I am sure she would like other guys but not Vic romantically. I could be wrong but Nicole seems to want a guy with not only looks but good character and Vic is seriously lacking in the character dept! He has been much better since his 1st eviction and had no choice otherwise he would have been the immediate target again. Who knows what will happen with Nicorey and Jatalie but Natalie is willing to move to Texas for James! As for too much personal info like phone number address they will wait till jury or after show where their private info is not given to all us fans as they want privacy! Corey does not seem ready for serious relationship like she wants. I wonder if James is after his convo with Corey about meeting girls after the show. Natalie was hurt by this.

      • Seems like a nice guy buy everyone has strengths and weaknesses! Just because he does not want serious relationship with Nicole does not mean he has bad character. Only bad thing I know is that terrible goat story. Everyone has a bad side some way worse than others. Do you know something I don’t?

      • Seriously, how does he seem like a nice guy?? I thought it was gross how Paulie treated Natalie, but he is mentally unhinged and it was his “strategy”, while Corey just thought it was funny. What are his good character traits? From what I’ve seen:

        1. Thinks its funny to abuse women: Check!
        2. Thinks its funny to abuse animals: Check!
        3. Thinks its okay to make homophobic remarks: Check!
        4. Rides coattails of other players instead of putting any effort into his own game: Check!

      • How has he abused women? He loves pets as he has cats and dogs! Just heard about clip about goats. What homophobic remark has he said? He is probably bisexual himself. Lots of players ride coattails if they have alliance which he did. No one really knows his intentions with Nicole but I do feel bad for her. It is not realistic for people to have relationship out house but can happen. Corey is not ready for marriage right now so are plenty of people not ready.

      • First of all, calm down.

        I never said he abused women, I said he thinks its funny when others did it. Look at the footage.

        He thinks its funny to talk about setting animals on fire. Look at the footage.

        He has made homophobic remarks on twitter and elsewhere. Google it.

        It is a common strategy in BB to do nothing and ride coattails. It doesn’t mean it shows character. People with character try to earn things on their own merit.

        Of coarse he doesn’t want to be with Nicole. It is a stupid showmance that will barely last until one is voted out but you have taken it to the next level. What are you, his mother? You have some strange obsession with him. I’m out on this.

      • Laven I was not that upset just asking questions as I have not seen clips you obvious have! I did see him and Nicole laughing about stuff Paulie had said about Nat and it upset James and he told them to stop but you misspoke your words there. Sadly everyone laughs at things that are wrong and we all know we should not. Again lets be clear I heard he laughed about goats but did not see entire clip. Is it just goats? Just curious on what you read and heard but I am not that interested to search for it. Did he make recent post on twitter when he won both comps during DE or before season? Do you have his twitter? I never said floating or riding coattails shows character? I do not know how you made this assumption? Online it is easy to misinterpret words so I try and be as clear as possible. Yes floating is part of EVERYONE’S STRATEGY as you can easily be put on block if you do not try and become atleast casual acquaintances with someone or lots of people in house besides your alliance. I can say more in detail if you like? Also I do agree 100% with you about earning things on your own merit shows some character. Most showmances do not last. That is between him and Nicole! She wants serious relationship and he probably does not at this point. Hey do NOT make rude comments like that to me. What did I say offensive to you? I wanted to know what you knew and why you said certain things. I did not like his goat story but that other stuff happens sadly that you mentioned and I do not like people hurting others. I look forward to your response.

      • If only Victor hadn’t removed his shirt at the same time he was telling Nichole this she might have taken him more seriously.

      • Now that’d be a fun relationship. They’re both easy going and he’d show her a good time outside of being in bed, and he’d surely help build her confidence and even work ethic up while showing her things about life she’s not going to get from dating soda crackers.

      • I think Vic has a HUGE crush on her!! Did you see the screenshots from yesterday’s HoH camera time when he had his arms around her while “helping” her with the camera?!? Yes, Vic is younger than her by a couple years, but he seems to be wise beyond them whereas Corey doesn’t seem to be. Corey is still in that party boy stage.

      • It might just be that Vic is horney. It has been months in the house for a young man. Lol

      • It’s a shame but I don’t see how a Nichole/Victor relationship could work in the real world.
        He’s rather poor and seeking a career in acting.
        Nichole is ready for love, marriage and children.
        It could work out though since Nichole could support Victor with her nursing job at first.

      • I know he said he’s broke, but he’s 21 and just out of college. Probably hasn’t landed that job in Finance/Banking that he could be looking for.

        Or, he could be looking just to become an actor and that’s ok, too.

        It might not work, but I get the feeling that regardless of his age, Vic it wise beyond his years and he really does appear to be smitten. Who knows?

      • Wasn’t it James that spread the lie that Victor asked Nicole out on a date to everyone? I do recall Nicole saying she felt uncomfortable when Victor took off his shirt while talking to her and I thought at the time that it was a cheesy thing to do.

      • I think Nicole actually said that – Vic had apparently said he wanted to hang out with her after the show & she either took it as more or blew it out of proportion. James may have told others because he can’t keep his mouth shut, but I’m pretty sure Nic put the info out there.
        As for that shirt incident – I think Vic was trying to dazzle her with his muscles to either distract & influence her OR to test her – see if she was shallow enough to take that bait. She saw right through him, though, and it may have made her uncomfortable because she really was trying to have a conversation.

      • Yes, when everyone was gathered around her in the HOH and wanted to know what Victor had said to her she mentioned being uncomfortable with the shirt thing and that victor wanted to hang out after the season. By the time it got to james he repeated it as Victor asking her out on a date which was untrue.
        It’s too bad that this repeated comment ended up with Victor thinking Nicole lied about him and was trying to hurt his game – and that a shame.

      • It’s definitely a shame, but it seems like he’s let it go – at least for now. Haha

      • After the game is over victor will be able to watch and see that Nicole never meant to say that about him.

    • Great point but Nicole is clearly blind when it comes to Corey. She was focused on husband & children already and the BB angels sent her Corey. Give Z credit for figuring this out with Paulie (eventually).

      • Plus Paulie was soooo much worse than Corey. Way more disrespectful and abusive to Zakiyah. Corey’s just a cad.

  7. As much as Dingus has disappointed me with her behavior this season, I truly feel for any young woman or man who gets their heart broken because most of us have been there at one time or another in our life. It’s too bad that she has brought a lot of this on herself by giving herself to a guy who used her to further his time on TV and advance his game, then of course the bonus of sexual pleasure. He’s a dog for doing so with no intention of it going nowhere while being aware that she felt otherwise. She has mentioned moving to Texas for him. He seemed disinterested. She hears and sees what she wants to and is blinded by his good looks and physique.

    • Then she should have been focusing on winning the $500k instead of looking for a soulmate. She allowed herself to be used. Nicole and James are vets, and they both got emotionally outplayed by recruits. Neither of them have anyone to blame but themselves.

    • Though I feel for her a bit, she brought this on herself. Her intentions for this season wasn’t the $500,000 but for a summer break and in hopes of finding a mate. Well, she accomplished part of her goal, summer break. Corey said in so many words (and body language) that he is not that into her. Her response is to move to Texas ( in hopes).

    • “She hears and sees what she wants to and is blinded by his good looks and physique”
      So he’s a dog even though she dug her claws into him purely based on looks? He’s a goofy robot and they’re both consenting adults. AFAIK, he hasn’t daydreamed along with her about their dream home and fictional family. Yes, he could have been more straightforward with her but she just went full girlfriend mode without actually realizing the signals. Your hindsight backseat QB’ing is showing. Was he supposed to tell her mid-summer or right before the finale? Maybe in fact he’s not a dog but doesn’t want to hurt her feelings on national TV. They’re young and horny, they’ll figure it out but at the end of the day, she is just as responsible for having fallen too fast. It’s just that we’re seeing in real time on a TV show where they are forced to live with each other that this is so magnified.

      • Yes, he definitely is a dog and that is not taking away from how disgusting her behavior has been, bedding all summer with a man she doesn’t know. He has told her just enough so in his dog mind, he can pretend he tried, but he purposefully definitely didn’t go far enough that she a future relationship was hopeless. After all, he had to made sure to leave enough hope so he could get what he wanted, and you know exactly what I mean. He is a DOG.

      • He IS a dog! He talked a lot with the guys about being on Tinder almost every night. Other sites too that I hadn’t heard of before. No, not Grind’r.

      • How often do they let you out of your cell? You’re not Doofus’s friend that tried to light the goat on fire, are you?

      • I’d ask how often you get out of your living room watching soaps and putting far too much attention into the romantic on-goings of this stupid show, but it’s obvious that you’re a fat cat lady loser who doesn’t get out much. Seriously, it’s just a fucking TV show, a game show at that, but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. Alone, and cuddled with your cats who will never leave you, until they die and you get 5 more to compensate. You’re confusing Big Brother with the Bachelor and it’s showing, loser.

  8. lol. Corey hasn’t been into Nicole for the entire season. He has enjoyed his cuddles with Paulie and occasional hugs and tugs with Victor more than he has with her. This man is not interested in her, but she is a leach just like Zakhya and always asking him annoying questions. Men don’t like clingy women even if or when they are in love with them. She is very straightforward on what she wants, so he is going to break her heart. I do like and she should appreciate that he treated her decently even though she was the one that chose to make her self look bad on TV.

    • Exactly. The notion that he should break up with her mid game or something is far more disrespectful as you’re doing it in front of a national audience. I’m sure BB would exploit it as it’d lead to big plot lines of her melting down and causing a lot of drama. He hasn’t trashed her behind her back like Paulie did Z and his reasoning of both jumping into a relationship so soon after their last one is reasonable. He also isn’t telling he loves her and talking about how he wants her to move in with him. She’s the one coming across as a high schooler who is shocked the hottest guy in class is into her. Using a showmance as a game tool isn’t pretty and we hope they would stay together in theory but realistically it just represents a power block to further yourself in the game. This isn’t Bachelor in Paradise.

  9. Ha! I remember the first episode Corey was amazed by all the good looking guys in the house. Since Nicole was a veteran of the game and liked him, he decided to go with it. He probably didn’t think she was going to be so into him. Nicole will carry him to the end but Corey will not do the same for her. He still believes in The Executives.

    • Ya in the first episode I got the impression Corey was gay but then he started dating Nicole so I thought I was wrong. If Corey is using Nicole to win then he’s smarter than he acts.

      • Yup, walked in and said I’m not gay mom and dad, then showed them he could do a woman. But at the end of the day, its over.

      • I don’t think he’s gay. He mentioned at the beginning of the game he’s got ADD and he’s off his medication during the game. He stares all the time at everything and its a “nobody’s home” kind of stare, not an ogling stare.

    • Remember, when Paulie had to ask him to stop ogling him when he was in the showet? It felt really weird to me. What an sits and watches as someone is showering.

  10. Why would I subscribe to an entire lifetime of listening to her whine? Answer is, I wouldn’t.

      • Oh grow up. It’s a game and she’s an adult, she wasn’t forced into anything and he’s trying to play this as gently as he can. This isn’t the Bold and the Beautiful. He hasn’t told her he loves her and they’re just having fun in his eyes. Are you 40+ and unaware of hook up culture? It’s not his fault she took to him far more than he did.

  11. I mean, I’m honestly not surprised. From the very beginning it seemed like Nicole was more into Corey than he was into her. I personally think he may be more interested in guys which would explain why he doesn’t want to continue a relationship with her when the show is over.

    • I agree. He certainly seems to be more into the guys. Won’t that be embarrassing for Nicole if that’s the case? Well, I’m sure we’ve all been there – interested in the wrong one – it’s part of life and learning to value ourselves. No harm done long term, I’m sure.

  12. I kinda didn’t think this would work. Especially since they’re trying to be another Jeff and Jordan clone. Atleast Jeff is smarter than Corey and Jordan was nicer than Nicole. Honestly the Sitting Ducks will probably use that to their advantage. Sucks for Nicorey (stupid name btw).

  13. LOL I’ve been saying this all season long. Nicole thinks she has found her future husband, while Corey is there to havd some fun eyeing the ladies and men. *wink

  14. He is a user. He needs to be talking to someone else about their relationship – not the boys.

    • It’s a game. Natalie is doing it with James, do you have an issue with that or is it because he’s a guy?

  15. It didn’t take Nicole long to hop into bed with him. Good grief and on national tv. I don’t think much of either of them. He, for using her and her for letting him. At least play a little hard to get, Nicole. You ought to have more self-respect.

  16. I think Nicole is going to be crushed. It hurts to have feelings that aren’t returned. I hope she uses this as a life lesson.

  17. Why wasn’t Corey having this conversation with Nicole rather than Victor.
    I hope Victor will rat out Corey to Nicole :D

    • Because he is too immature to realize that he should have been talking to the girl he has been bedding down with all season instead of Victor. His communication skills are lacking.

      • Do you think at the end of the game it’s a wise decision?

        It’d be an instant breaking of the bond, she’d be taken in by Nat/James/Michelle and the other 3 guys would be toast.

        I’m not saying he’s a great communicator but you can’t deny he’s in a tough spot of how and when to tell her. The fact that he told anyone at all shows at least he has a conscious about it. He wasn’t laughing about what a stupid broad she is or something. Maybe, just maybe, he respects her enough to try and handle it more delicately than in front of a national audience.

      • I’m not saying he should go and bare his soul at this moment and time. But Corey doesn’t strike me as the type that will say it at all, regardless of the timing of the conversation. He will come out of the BB house and not make it clear to Nicole where they stand.

      • He told her he doesn’t plan to get married until he’s 32 or so. Isn’t that telling her in a weak way? Men are from Mars…

      • That is a clue, but I doubt Nicole was taking the hint, she was daydreaming of wedding chapels.

      • Some women believe love conquers all, too bad she doesn’t understand Corey is not an emotional or passionate guy when it comes to love.

      • I’m not saying he’s Mr. Smooth or anything, I agree that he’s not the most open guy. I think he needs to focus on coming out rather than stringing girls along for sure. I just think this notion that Nicole is without blame is why people hate feminism. She is equally to blame for being so blind and desperate.

      • I don’t think falling in love has anything to do with feminism. That’s overlooking physical truths that women are more delicate and emotional due to their lack of testosterone; which makes guys mean and heartless at times.
        It’s shameful for any man to take advantage of a woman’s weakness.

      • I’d argue it’s not a man’s responsibility to delicately play with women. If you want equality, then it’s an equal playing field and you should take as much responsibly for your own actions as they do. Again, I’m not suggesting he’s smart or even a suave guy worth defending, but this whole notion that she’s such a victim is ridiculous and is perpetuated by losers like KSJB who are into it more for the shomances and day time soaps of it rather than the actual gameplay. I’m not suggesting he has major gameplay and he’s been the dud of the season, but to suggest this narrative that Nicole is a victim of him is irresponsible and completely degrading to strong minded women who don’t need the validation of men to get them through life.

      • But what I’m saying is that equality is not possible because men and women are physically different. That does not translate into women are the same as men physically and emotionally.
        It would be shameful for a man to beat up a woman since she’s weaker than him. It would be shameful for a man to use a woman emotionally since women are more emotionally vulnerable.
        Anyway, glad to see you here as you’re a welcome change from the daytime soap opera fans at so many BB sites :D

      • Hehe thanks and I agree with you. I just think she set herself up for heartbreak. As I said, it’s a tough situation because I don’t want to see her get hurt or heartbroken but she’s fallen so far deep into things without any handholding into the plunge, ya know? And yeah, some people are taking this showmance stuff way too seriously and it is a daytime soap thing where they treat it like a real-life romance when it’s really not. I hope she learns from this and comes out stronger than ever before. I really wish her well and that she can become hardened in how fast she falls for people and as it’s not a good look. I’ve tried to make it clear that I’m not defending Corey’s actions, but rather spreading out the blame as she wasn’t forced into anything. In an ideal world, she wouldn’t be ‘played’ at all but that’s what happens when you’re living with someone for the whole summer and every move you make can affect whether or not you get to the end or not. Which is the whole purpose of why they’re in the house, not to find a life mate. Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brandon, even Boogie and Will are all rare breeds. This isn’t Days of our Lives, it’s a game to win 500k and you do what you can to win.

      • That’s why I’ll be so glad when Corey is finally evicted, I think Nicole will play a lot better once he’s gone. if Corey makes it to the end it’ll be a complete travesty.
        Women are weak sometimes Danny, but I do understand how you feel about Nicole being at fault. It does make her look bad when she’s making out with Corey at night. It makes me wonder how being cooped up in the BB house for so long can make people slowly forget they’re on camera for some reason.
        Looking forward to seeing victor and Nicole on finale night.

      • Wow, you give him a lot more credit as a grown up human being than I think he’s earned. He’s a frat boy type. I’m not so sure he has much of a conscience where Nicole is concerned. To me, it seems like he’s feeling claustrophobic around her (like Natalie is with James) and he will be happy to put some distance between them.

      • I’m definitely not saying he’s citizen of the year or anything, but as much as he’s a frat boy, she’s a high school nerd who’s let herself get used by him. She’s using him as much as a meat shield as he is her as a vet who knows the game. I think everyone’s putting a bit too much thought into this for 2 consenting adults and it’s not his fault she fell harder than he did. Wasn’t the marriage discussions at like the beginning of the game?

      • Very insightful comments Danny and I would agree except for one thing.
        While Corey might be afraid to tell Nichole the bad news he had no trouble telling Victor and millions of people watching BBAD. That’s not classy at all and I want this guy outta there before he can hurt Nichole any further.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a huge loser and he’s going to go down as one of the most useless cast members this show has had. I agree that it’s going nowhere and the thing is… I really thought as soon as she was revealed as a returnee that the one thing she had to do absolutely 100% was stay away from boys. But she couldn’t. It’s depressing and upsetting as I would loved to have seen her on the other side, playing a guy or at least staying away from them and being strong enough to make it through the game without the support of a guy. If anything, my bitterness towards her comes from the fact that she couldn’t do this and it’s not beneficial to her game. I wish she wasn’t embarrassed in front of a national audience or had anything to do with him. I truly do.

      • In what way has Nicole’s showmance with Corey not helped her game? It seems to me on BB it’s almost necessary to have a close friend looking out for you to be able to advance far into the game.
        Day thought so at least and that’s why she wasn’t having it.
        At least Corey is giving Nicole some sort of emotional support and she’s able to talk to him when things go wrong so this makes her a stronger player.
        I hope she forgets all about him after BB though.

      • I agree the showmance thing has helped them. I guess it was an older notion that it could hinder her, but at this point numbers are the only thing that matter. I do like your idea of Corey leaving only because I want to see her playing for herself, not for her and the anchorweight that is him, I meant.

      • As in he’s not overly strategic or that good at comps, so it’s not as though he’s offering her much in those regards. This is when those matter most so I think it’d be best for her to drop him and just get on with her own game. She’s capable of doing it without him. Anyhow, cheers. :)

  18. I have a theory…any chance Doofus is trying to get himself evicted? With Vic’s help, that could happen. I don’t think he cares about the money, and looks more and more like he wants to crawl out of his skin, especially now that they’ll be down to ‘couples.’ Meanwhile, poor Polly is in that jury house all alone with all those terrible mean girls. LOL

      • Hehehe :D
        I don’t know why Nicole can’t see that Corey is more into the guys than her.

      • I would feel sorry for her but don’t, because she brought this on herself, and because she IS a snake when it comes to other women.

      • I’ve been reading so many comments about Corey being more interested in the boys than the girls. I don’t see it. But I don’t get live feeds I usually view pre-recored live videos on youtube. I still don’t see it. I have not found one video of Corey either ooogling or making comments about Victor or Paulie in a romantic type of way.

      • I haven’t seen anything showing Corey coming on to one of the guys either.
        But watching BBAD and reading the updates at Jokers he has been Paulie’s soul mate and best friend this season and probably still is. He even agreed to Paulie and the guys to take out Nichole when the time came.
        He’s never even told Nichole about the guys alliance so he was choosing to go with them rather than her.
        Can you see Jeff acting this way with Jordan on their seasons?
        Or even Brendan and Rachel?
        Those 2 guys were passionately protective of their girlfriend while Corey isn’t really passionate about anything but hanging out with the guys.
        After paulie left Corey only had Nichole to hang out with but now that he’s in with victor and Paul he’s selling Nichole out to them.
        If this was Victor or Paul in a relationship with Nichole I can’t see either one being so blasé towards her.
        In other words I’m not seeing any emotion from Corey toward Nichole other than a female buddy.

  19. They are not going to be together after the show. Corey has told all the boys he does not want a serious relationship with her. He is using her. She is blinded by his good looks. She is going to be crushed. She has NO self esteem….she is looking for him to give it to her.

    • And he’s not even that good looking….
      But yes, she’s one of those girls who doesn’t know how to live unless she’s latched onto a guy. And it’s women like her who cannot be independent that give females a helpless and weak reputation.

      • I know he is not that good looking, however Nicole thinks he is the best looking man God ever created. That is her down fall. They will use each other till the end!

    • For anyone. The fact that she had just broken up from a 3 year relationship and fell so hard for him is one of the biggest red flags a guy can see. Especially since he’s so empty headed and there’s nothing of substance there. Go back and watch the Jeff and Jordan chit chats in the backyard. You can see them falling in love. This just feels like an awkward one-sided relationship.

  20. Maybe Corey and Victor should date, after all you told victor your feelings.. Be a man Corey and tell her now don’t wait until after the show ends…tell her your feelings now, what’s wrong Corey are you afraid she won’t carry you in the game if she does. You are pathetic, you may have the looks and body but that is nothing, your personality sucks Corey and Nicole maybe a bit childish at times but I rather put up with that then your sorry A**

  21. I’m just so tired of seeing Corey in this game – he adds absolutely nothing of value to it. I kinda hope VIc rats him out and he winds being evicted soon. Of all the HGs this season Corey has played the laziest floater game. Even James has been more engaged – despite throwing comps.

    • I kinda think Corey wants the same thing. Question though-if it came down to Nicole and Victor, who do you think he’d vote for? I’m thinking Vic. Even though I can’t stand Nicole, I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

      • how can an otherwise bright woman be so clueless when it comes to this guy?! I once had a measure of sympathy for him because of his ADD until he started bragging about his friend trying to burn a goat alive and the way he made those big googly moon eyes at Paulie while taking advantage of Ncole’s school girl crush.
        I can’t wait for him to be gone. He does not deserve to be anywhere near F2. He really has to be the DULLEST bb player I can recall from any season I’ve watched.

      • I have ADD. I do take meds for it. I’m no doctor but I don’t think his problem is ADD. I think he’s just an empty-minded idiot.

      • Haha thank you for that – it confirms my suspicions.
        I once went thru a horrible period with multiple deaths in my family, a schizo-psychotic bunny boiler of a boss, and the messy divorce of a close family member all within a 3 month period. It was horrible. The stress was so overwhelming I virtually lost my short term memory and had to start writing everything down. While this in no way the same as having ADD I learned to have a great deal of empathy for those who struggle with these conditions on an ongoing basis.

      • When I was in middle school, a family member of mine was murdered. I barely knew her but I was so shaken I couldn’t focus in school and my mom had to tell all my teachers why I was scared and foggy. Lots of stress can do really bizarre things to your mind and your thought process.
        PS hope things are better for ya now :)

      • That’s awful – sorry for your loss:(

        Thank you things did get better – eventually.

        But you know even though it was many years ago – I was relatively young at the time – it left an indelible mark – it made me tougher and wiser for sure but also much more cautious about Life in general.

        Oh well – we all have our obstacles and challenges – the important thing is to never give up.

      • Thank You Oh so much, I’m sick of being attacked by assholes everytime I say he acts like a weirdo.I dont care what you have you are either normal or your not. And you all know what I mean. And F#ck You sup you hide under that. And to india ink Davonnes voice bothers me weather you like it or not

      • I totally agree with you. He does act like a weirdo. But we really don’t have to get all freaked out about it do we? We’re all friends here.

      • I think he’d lie to the last minute and then vote to evict Nicole.
        And I kind of hope it does come to that. Yeah, it’ll break her heart, but that way she sees how things are and maybe she can even get over him faster….and I would love to see her face. Ugh yeah I’m terrible, don’t mind me…

      • No I get it, I just dislike him so much that I would hate for him to have the satisfaction. He’s kind of even more repulsive in the way he had used her, even if she did fully participate. I don’t know.

      • He’s probably the type to say he thought she knew it wasn’t serious. She hears wedding bells and all he sees is a willing female….Maybe that’s an exaggeration but it will still certainly end poorly.

    • Thank you for saying that. He irritates me more and more the way he just uses everyone to carry him.

  22. I wanted to like Nicole but she’s been so boy crazy that I really don’t like her and have pretty much no respect for her. I think it’s hilarious that she’s so much more into him than he is her and I hope to see the fallout. She’s one of those girls who cannot exist without a boy at her side and that’s just sad.

    • It seems that most of the girls this season were like that. Even Michelle has been whining all season that she had nobody.

  23. I feel badly for Nicole. I wish Corey would tell her how he feels.It is not like it has been all her. He led her on all summer. Of course she thinks they could have a relationship.

  24. I really feel sorry for Nicole. This is going to break her heart. That’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Even though I’ve come to be very annoyed by her this season and lost respect for her, I can’t help but feel for the poor girl. This is going to be one of the hardest lessons she’s ever had to learn. ?

    • I don’t feel that bad because this is what you get when you try to find love on a game show. Yeah, some people do make it work after but they aren’t the majority.

      I guess I don’t want her to be utterly miserable or anything. But there’s still a part of me that thinks she deserves it. She came in this season saying she wouldn’t do this again but she’s done exactly the same thing and expects it to be a happy ending this time.

      • Some people do make it work when both have an attraction to each other, but seems like in this case Nicole is the only one who sees it.

      • I guess I’m just saying that they are not living in the real world. If she expects anything real to come from that fake little world, she’s not thinking clearly. You can’t assume that anything in that house will carry on into reality.

    • What’s the saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…shame on me! Nicole I like you but you are playing with your heart and being made a fool of.

  25. Nicole is so serious she will forfeit a win, embarrassing herself on live feed with the under Corey sheet action, and backstabbing James. For Corey this is a summer romance. Foolish girl.

  26. I like nicole on bb16 and was excited when she cAme back this season except when she started crushing on Corey, she starts to get annoying. The difference between the Nicole from bb16 to bb18 is that she might have a showmance with Hayden but she was playing hard to get which is kinda cute and they’re both young. I like them together, Hayden is young and may say he don’t want to get married or have children right now but everybody chews what they say in the end. With this showmance with Corey it just doesn’t click, it only shows one person liking the other, plus they don’t have the chemistry.

  27. I honestly find it hilarious that Nicole got played by a recruit from a modeling agency. She 100% deserves any heartbreak that come from the revile of his true feeling for her.

    I hope the same thing happens to James because he as well was just in this house for a relationship.

    Hey maybe James and Nicole can console each other at the finale.

  28. I notice this article doesn’t include the fact it started with him getting salty after victor said he was going to kiss her. I think she knows deep down it won’t work

    • I don’t have the feeds, I read about what goes on and watch the show. Would you please elaborate on what happened with Vic/Nicory that lead up to this conversation? TIA. ?

      • When James and victor were taking down the umbrella James was joking because she was sitting under it and victor jokingly said you know if we made out under here nobody would know (mocking the Natalie Pauline thing) and Cory got salty and said go ahead i don’t care then acted all pissy. Nor does this mention after his talk with victor he went directly to Nicole and asked to talk it out.

      • Thank you for bringing this up! I was going to if after reading thru all the comments I didn’t see anything. Corey did bring absolutely all of this up to Victor and to James after that incident. He acted weird to Nic for hours afterwards. Kept asking her if he had a reason to be mad. Finally upstairs in HOH it came out. He was mad about the kissing comment Vic made. Corey totally was trying to cover all this up with Vic by saying he didn’t want a relationship with her after BB. He was upset about it. He didn’t want to let Vic see it and look weak or like a fool. People only see what they want to see on these sites. If they seen the live feeds and followed it all the way thru..their eyes would be opened!

  29. During this season I’ve seen and heard Nicole gush and goo good over this guy. I kept noticing something doesn’t fit. I can see a strong friendship, but relationship no. I kinda think Corey maybe in guys. Not that it is horrific or I’m judging him. I think he is deciding which team to pitch for. He’s young. I just kept see how uncomfortable he appears at times. I think the poor guy hears why are you mad at me or are you mad at me. The guy has is a saint putting up with that on a daily basis.

  30. Directly from Corey’s online bio:

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    I plan to use my great people skills and stay off the block by making as many alliances as possible, even individually. I don’t want to have too much power to where I’m forced to get blood on my hands. I’m also not going to be a floater. I’m going to be a key player in competitions and have one of the strongest social games.

  31. it won’t be over with corey at the end of season because it was never on…nicole threw her self respect out the window and corey played her…they both have alot to hang their heads over but the biggest thing was to not be in the game 100%, she was into him and he got “into” her under the covers but they both come across looking like 2 people with no self respect what so ever

  32. James is cool also….anyone say what the deal is with Natalie and how she applies deodorant? Is it an OCD thing?

  33. Haaha! Just now Corey said he wished he could use the care package for anything he wants. Like a massage because that would refresh him and make him feel great.
    Nicole said I will give you a massage for free. Corey shot her down real quick and said it was just an example.
    I am thinking he would want Victor to give him his massage.

  34. Reading thru the comment section here really makes my blood boil.
    Not about Corey and Nicole relationship or whatever … but the accusation and mocking of Corey being gay.
    As a gay man myself, that’s really hurtful. I had been ridiculed like this before in my workplace and it’s really stressing me out. This kind of cyber bullying that leads many gay teens to suicide!
    It’s not anybody’s business whether he’s gay, straight, curious, bi or whatever. Even if he’s gay, he doesn’t have to ‘come out’ for your sake, but on his own term. He might also be bi, into chicks and dudes. Could be also bi curious, believe me when I say many married men are curious about male to male sex while they are happily married.
    And he could be 100% straight!
    You all say he’s a bad person, bigot, animal hater, blah blah blah whatever whatever but most of you are not any better anyway. A bunch of high school bullies!

    • You’re right. It isn’t any of our business. But you know I guess on his Twitter before being in the house, I was told by a good source that he did his own gay bashing. I think that those who protest too much might be trying to hide something. If that’s the case I feel bad for him, because he’s living a life that he’s not comfortable in. That can’t be easy. I don’t care whether he is gay or straight but he really shouldn’t be leading Nicole on if he’s not into her. I’ve had that done to me in the past and it was a total mind fu**.

      • FYI I don’t defend Corey or whatever he did or said in the past.
        But I hate it when people ridicule a person about his/her sexual orientation.
        That’s bullying!

      • Yeah this teasing about his orientation is ridiculous. We need to stay on topic and just say we don’t like him because he’s pretty much just relied on Paulie and Nicole to protect him to this point. I’m pretty sick of seeing him just sitting at the table staring into space or lying in bed staring at the camera.

      • Why shouldn’t he be leading her on? This is Big Brother. It’s all part of the game and it’s gotten him this far.

        Nicole is a returning player who should have learned her lesson the first time. She said she wasn’t going to waste her second opportunity on a showmance. We’ll see if falling right back into one the second she entered the house works out for her or not.

      • I guess you have a point about it being a game, however after reading what you just said, it makes me dislike Corey’s “strategy” that much more. It also leads me to believe he’s even more horrible of a person than I was originally thinking. Yes, Nicole is being VERY DUMB, by making the same mistake again. BUT Corey has to know that her feelings for him are more than just game strategy. The fact that he’s talking advantage of that with no remorse at all, is just sickening. ?

      • I don’t agree. Nicole set her sights on him immediately. I’m not sure he had a strategy at all; he fell into one because Nicole attached herself to him. In the game he came to play, why not? If she can’t tell he’s just not that into her, it’s because she doesn’t want to. She’s young, and I think very inexperienced, but I don’t blame Corey in the game. What should he do, turn her against him? I don’t like Corey much, but not because he’s playing Nicole.

    • I could care less if he is gay or straight or in between. Most of the comments have been making fun of him leading her on, which oddly you seem to miss.
      These people come onto a reality show that is basically a social experiment. They know they are going to be and are critiqued.
      Complaining about him trying to burn a goat alive is not bullying.
      My brother is gay, married for about six years. I am sorry that you are having a hard time at work yet what I have read here I do not see as gay bashing.

      • People here say Corey leading Nicole on is bad because they say Corey is frikking gay! They accuse him being a gay bigot or whatever you people call it. That’s the point that you clearly miss it.
        Is he really gay? That’s the point, again.
        You miss the point? People make fun of others being gay, that’s the point.
        Do I need to say the point, again?
        I don’t defend Corey or whatever he said or did in the past, this is about making fun of people being gay.
        Ask your happily married gay brother about the point, if you don’t understand my point. Thank you.

      • We people?
        I believe I have only ever made one comment about his sexuality and it was on this thread. It was also a joke.
        And again, I could care less if he is gay, straight or bi or likes to crossdress.
        I am one of the most liberal people around and just because I made a joke about his sexuality, once,does not mean I am making fun of gay people. I have even heard my brother say that people need to come out of the closet in a joking way.
        You calling, we people, homophobic does not make it so, no matter how many times you say it.

      • Don’t put words in my gay mouth, my dreamer friend. I don’t suck! (See … That’s funny gay joke!)
        I never say y’all are homophobic. Never! I just hate it that most of you ridicule him being gay. Understand my point, please.

      • I do understand your point. I just do not think it is to the extreme that you do. Maybe I am just desensitized from being on chat sites where I hear off color jokes all the time.
        If you were offended or if I offended you I apologize. I just come here to have a good time and to, yes, make fun of these people, not for their looks or sexuality, for their actions.

      • Thank you. No apology necessary coz I am just frustrated, not offended. I mean if the comments are light-hearted jabs then cool, but many are downright catty, demeaning and hateful. Anyway thx again.

      • You’re making this very personal and saying so many things that are cliche. Rule number one of when you’re trying to find your way out of a hole: stop digging.

    • Agreed. There’s plenty to make fun of Corey for without attacking his sexual orientation.

      I’ve noticed that usually it is fellow members of the LGBT community that lead the charge. It boggles my mind how they could do something like that.

    • Personally, I have been speculating about his orientation from the beginning. I do believe that he may not yet have come to terms with it if he is. I do not like him, but in no way attacking him. I think it is horrible for him to keep using Nicole knowing that she is falling hard for him. He seems to be more interested in the guys in the house, whether is an overly friendly interest or more, while allowing her to keep making plans about their future.
      I have no problem with his orientation, but understand how difficult it is to come out. I just don’t care for the way he keeps leading her on.

      • I don’t know if it’s he more interested in the guys…I think it is he just got out of a long relationship and doesn’t want another right now…however, if this is in fact true, in no way should he be doing what he is doing with her and stringing her along. It is obvious to all of us her feelings for him (granted we do see a lot more of what she is saying away from him) but, don’t tell me he doesn’t know the extent of her feelings, the other house guest’s know. In that, he is wrong…stop using her and stringing her along.

    • Oh FFS lighten up!
      The majority of the criticisms levelled at Corey here have to do with his lacklustre gameplay – the guy is a DULLSVILLE floater in this game – AND the way he has led Nicole on all season when he knows she’s into a big, life long commitment complete with kids when he clearly isn’t.
      Plus the fact that he laughed about an animal almost getting burned alive do not speak well to his character whether he’s gay, straight or whatever other variation there is.
      And I’m sorry but there is something innately funny about a hulking athletic type guy who swears he’s straight but then spends time watching the guys shower and then sharing a bed with the biggest chauvinist pig in the house who also seems to dig the sleeping arrangement. I mean this is the stuff of ‘Ambiguously Gay Duo’ for crying out loud.
      I’m sorry that you feel bullied at work. When under stress ot duress it always helps to try to see the humor in everything.

      • Wow! Talk about blowing up your own game!

        I don’t agree with anybody showing any regard for anyone’s sexuality because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. On that I have to agree with you.

        You were winning, but winning seems to be just too much for you. You had to stick your own foot in it.

        Arrogant remarks like the one I am responding to does not help your case any. Please stop being a hypocrite. You look like someone who can dish it out but can’t take it when you talk like that. Seriously, I’m just trying to help.

      • I didn’t play any game and didn’t expect to win anything. Just don’t care about people commenting about what I said without actually understanding what I said.
        Btw I don’t like to ‘blow’ … If you get what I mean … wink wink.

      • Corey made some comments weeks 1-3 on that many considered homophobic. That launched some backlash. I am in no way saying all comments about him are correct, but that and other comments from his own mouth (ie goat burning storey) made some people not like him for that.

      • Luki3n was only talking about the criticism on Corey’s sexuality, not the guy’s personality/gameplay. Everything else is fair game. He never said the other criticisms weren’t fair.

        Look, we have the same thing every season. The big, athletic guy is always bullied on these forums with people calling him gay, as if it’s supposed to demean him to make him seem less of a man. It’s very clear what the intent is. It’s definitely meant as a jab. We have it with Corey this season, Clay last season, Caleb/Cody in 16, Nick in 15, Shane in 14, and the list goes on… It’s just old and isn’t funny. Even if it isn’t intended as being homophobic, it is. It’s kind of like how someone can be totally nonracist but let something racist slip out at times, even if they didn’t intend it to be. The fact that you yourself highlighted the fact that it was “innately funny” being “a hulking athletic type guy” reflects this. I’m not calling you out at all, I’m just trying to illustrate what Luki3n was trying to say.

        P.S. I understand that you meant no offense in your comment, but someone who says, “When under stress or duress it always helps to try to see the humor in everything.” in reference to being bullied solely for the sake of being a minority, I’d be willing to bet that you’re not a minority. No snark intended, honest! But shrugging things like this off and being told to “lighten up” is really problematic. Again, I know you didn’t intend to offend.

    • is no wonder she is having stomach cramps. Putting everything she sees in her mouth.

      • Then licking her fingers and putting them in the peanut butter jar. I would lose weight from not being able to eat after any of these people.

      • Nicole was complaining that there were 4 peanut butter jars opened. Michelle just opened the 5th one and she does stick her fingers in it. The only ones who see her doing this is Nat and James. I would have said something since it is for the whole house.

      • I had one of those involuntary body shudders when I read about sticking her fingers in the jar. Morals, work ethic, and obviously manners, too, are not being taught or adhered to these days. The behavior of these people is worrisome.

      • Don’t the producers provide utensils? Maybe someone should have explained to Michelle how they are used.

      • The amount of vile things I’ve read from you over the weeks, pretty much exclusively about young women, is kind of weird and creepy.

        What makes you feel that comments like this are necessary/okay?

        She’s a 23 year old girl. What are you?

  35. Natalie talking about the big moves they have made, they ?
    In what world has she done anything?

    • Natalie orchestrated the Zakiyah blindside that spared Michelle right before eviction and she nominated and ultimately evicted Victor, despite the fact that he’s such a serious threat and competition powerhouse.

  36. My gut feeling is that Cory is playing both sides … knowing that he his protected behind Nicole in their (fake)showmance while also attempting to keep his 3 Dudes Alliance with Paul/Victor ??

    He acts so dunce sometimes and totally oblivious at times in BB House, but suspect that he knows actually what he is doing ??
    And, after her last BB show/romance, can Nicole be that serious about expecting to come out of this season with Cory ??

    And, who that that P was an A$$hole for how he treated Z, now? Ha !!!

  37. So is Corey going to give the 5k to Paul to keep his mouth closed the rest of the season? Or Victor, his new love interest?

  38. When she gets outside the house and sees how vacant he really is, I think she will get over it. I think she and Victor would be a cute couple.

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