‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Tuesday Highlights

It was another quiet day in the Big Brother 18 house as James, Natalie and Michelle continued to just assume that Michelle is safe this week. Meanwhile, Paul and Victor continued to hang out with Nicole and Corey, barely hiding their alliance.

Natalie Negrotti studies her BB18 surroundings

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 30, 2016:

11:30 AM BBT – Natalie is the first HG awake and goes to get some sun.

12:00 PM BBT – Nicole has the HoH camera.

12:20 PM BBT – Nicole going around taking photos. HGs called inside for a lockdown so BB can fix something in the backyard.

2:00 PM BBT – HGs wondering if the wake up songs have anything to do with the game or upcoming challenges. Some of the songs were about bears. (Maybe BB will let a bear loose in the house and last one standing wins the comp and season…)

2:20 PM BBT – James and Natalie start planning wins for the next comps and how they’ll need to beat Victor. Their plans involve Paul being gone and Michelle still being here. James remains clueless.

2:40 PM BBT – Victor and Nicole hanging out chatting. Victor says he’s ready to go home when the show is over while others are talking about staying in LA longer.

3:00 PM BBT – Victor cam talking strategy. He’ll be sad to see Michelle go because he likes her but she’s with the wrong crowd. Victor hopes he can win HoH to get revenge and put up James with Natalie.

3:10 PM BBT – Victor is doing a BB Nature Watch mockumentary as he goes around the house observing HGs and commenting on them.

3:35 PM BBT – Natalie is stressing to James with worries that he’ll take the BB Bribe to throw the comp. She says he needs to try and win the comp even if he doesn’t believe he can. They discuss how Michelle can help them win the mental comps and worry about Michelle being put up on the Block in the next few rounds. Natalie wonders if Corey would keep Paul and then bribe him to take a fall in the HoH comp. James doesn’t think that’d happen because then Nicole and Corey would also have to be competing against Paul and Victor as another power couple.

3:40 PM BBT – Natalie worries that Victor will put the two of them up but James thinks he can get Victor to go after Corey and Nicole instead after suggesting they have a F4 together.

3:45 PM BBT – James had overheard Victor camtalking earlier and is trying to figure out what he might have been saying. He and Natalie wonder if he was just studying the days and events.

5:06 PM BBT – Natalie complaining about James scaring her earlier. He says it seems that a lot of what he does lately upsets her.

5:30 PM BBT – James and Natalie continue to talk. He’s been trying to put her in a better mood. Eventually she seems to be in better spirits.

6:42 PM BBT – Victor and Paul discuss the showmances and how they made it this far in the game. They wonder what America thinks of that. Talk turns to which if Nicole and Corey they prefer in the final 3 with them. Victor thinks Corey is easier to beat with mental competitions.

6:47 PM BBT – Paul says that James is on his nerves this season and that he just rubs him the wrong way. They discuss who from the season they’ll talk to or hang out with after the season.

6:52 PM BBT – Victor and Paul discuss Jozea and agree they like him but they can’t let that be known because no one in the house cares for him. They talk about how great Glenn was and are upset he was booted.

6:56 PM BBT – Paul tells Victor he hopes they aren’t being stupid to trust Nicole. Victor tells him that’s just paranoia talk.

7:15 PM BBT – Victor says Michelle win probably win America’s Favorite Player. Paul does not agree.

8:28 PM BBT – Paul tells Nicole that Michelle wants to know if she’s getting evicted so she can wear a nice dress. Nicole says she doesn’t even know if she wants to tell James that Michelle is going.

8:35 PM BBT – Nicole and Paul agree that they’re happy they’re working together now after being on opposite sides earlier. They talk about how one of their four need to win HOH. Paul says it will happen.

8:40 PM BBT – Nicole says it’s so weird that James still hasn’t approached her about what she wants to happen this week (James has been saying he’ll talk to her Wednesday night).

8:42 PM BBT – Michelle tells Natalie that Victor makes the whole season seem unfair. Natalie says they evicted him twice so they tried to get him out.

8:48 PM BBT – Paul makes fun of James talking about how great the players in Season 17 were.

8:57 PM BBT – The Final Four talk about Paulie and how strange he was. Corey says he felt bad for Paulie because of all the tears and stories, but he knows now that was all fake.

9:06 PM BBT – Paul is still worried about this week, but Victor promises him he’s good.

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  1. There is trouble on the horizon!!! Ahhh, I’m just trying to stir something up this AM. But…..The Gnat and James thing might be starting to crack a little. Maybe she has pretended as long as possible and she simply can’t do it any longer. This was going nowhere to begin with. James is not the type of man Gnat is looking for. To begin with, he isn’t rich enough or handsome enough. On top of that, he has an ex and a daughter, and it’s jmo, I don’t think Gnat could handle that.Then, James just seems to have no drive. Even if he won, I don’t see Gnat giving him the time of day except maybe long enough to share in his 15 mins of spotlight. The end is nigh…to the no romance showmance and more importantly to this disappointing season. Yeah!!!

    • The honeymoon is over for the showmances. James is getting on my nerves so I could only imagine Natalie’s. Right, she has pretended long enough. Natalie doesn’t like his game play, like Miss Cleo (RIP), most of his predictions (if not all) have been wrong. He is an adult lazy kid. Natalie is probably wondering if this is how he is in real life, someone she would not be interested in. I think she could possibly look past his physical appearance but everything else, no bueno.

      • I truly believed Gnat “settled” for James after 1st having an attraction to the hunks(in her opinion), Victor and Doofus. She saw that wasn’t going to work out for her and while James was not as equal in looks and physique, he could be very useful to help her understand how the game works. She needed to pretend there was a possibility of a showmance to reel him in. I fell she used the excuse of cameras for showing him little affection. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that attitude. I just happen to think it was convenient on her part and not genuine.

      • Agreed, I believe she was really attracted to Victor (and probably still is). She was too angry when he told her he wasn’t interested in a showmance and held on to that anger for weeks.

        Like Nicole, James is in for a heartbreak. Natalie gave him several signals that she is not interested in a relationship (after the show) and he is ignoring them.

        Using folks is a part of the game, problem is when others join the game for other reasons, looking for a relationship, a summer break, a publicist, etc….

      • Correct me if I am wrong….I have been calling him a Midget……Maybe he not only is a Midget maybe he is a Midget dick as well??

      • James was 4th place for Nat. First was Victor. Second was Paulie, but Zakiyah shut that down within a couple days. Third was allegedly Corey. I never saw it on the feeds but Corey talked about it for a couple weeks.

      • Corey does not care for Nat (he said).

        In a different convo this week, he told Vic he is a “b*tt guy – not a big b**b guy.” – Do with this info what you will.

        My point was, he was not hypnotized by her “charms”.

      • He doesn’t care for her this week because he knows she wanted Victor to stay over him in the last eviction.

      • She was also crushing on Paulie, too. Her first impression of Corey (DR) was WOW! He’s so TALL, so BUILT, so CUTE with the BLUE EYES!!!

        She prolly would have lined up with James anyway but I’ll bet when she heard (prolly from him) that he was last year’s AFP – that made a huge difference. Him being a “winner” by “America” and her continuously cam talking to “America” with James – “James is so in love with me. Make him stooop!” (her words recently- no joke) just seems so disingenuine. I don’t like it from him OR her.

        I think the girl is very cunning and could do better in this game. But I do think she was rudely awakened when all the guys did not go “ga ga” over her as she expected them to do. My impression is that she was looking forward to doing diary rooms about how jealous the other girls are of her, etc.

        I think right now – she is miserable. I wish she would invest some time and money into herself (not bigger “ones” like she wants) and embrace being a mature woman (she’s aging out of that “princess” crap fast) and I think she could make a great life for herself.

      • Didn’t she say all of her postings on FB or tweets, or whatever social media she referenced, was all motivational? Yet she has spoken all too frequently about how unsatisfied she is with her body. Then turns around and tells Michelle not to obsess with her body, that she is beautiful. I think she is using the body issue as a way to keep James from touching her. Cunning, I think, is a good word for Gnat, and I also agree that she is currently miserable with her situation in the house. She’s a naturally beautiful female, imo, but I think she is one of those type gals that will marry for other reasons besides love, if you get my drift. jmo

    • NIcorey is also starting to crack but no one is accusing Nicole of pretending to he into Corey . Is Nat being accused just because James is not a hunk by traditional standards (I personally think he’s pretty attractive)

      • It’s the other way around, Corey is not that into Nicole. The breakdown of “Nicorey” was discussed yesterday.

      • Do you believe Dingus is pretending to be into Doofus? I haven’t seen anyone with that opinion.

      • The reason I (and it seems others) believe Nat is playing James is because of her actions this whole game. It seemed like James was not her first choice and then she gives mixed signals to James and takes advantage of his feelings for her by making him her personal valet. My opinion is the culmination of her many actions which I have no intention of listing.

      • She flat told James he was her BB boyfriend in the house. In other words, not outside the house. That was early on in the game

      • No but Corey’s been accused of pretending to be into Nicole who is an attractive girl. I don’t think it has anything to do with looks. Just that people are calling it as they see it.

      • Well Nat did tell Meech last night on BBAD that she was finally over Victor. The only reason she’s over him is because he was never in to her so she settled for James.

      • So your saying Natalie is a settler? She Settles for guys like James LOL. A word play on that Commercial on TV.

      • Also because Nicole has gone all the way with Corey and Nat has only kissed James maybe twice. And they were like grandma’s kisses.

      • Yes Nicorey have been busy under the sheets. Nat is not going to do that with James – ever

      • James attractive ? LOL You are so funny. He looks like a Midget that’s been slapped in the face with a piece of wood.

    • Did you see the latest jokers update? James was talking to Michelle about how he feels Natalie isn’t into him.

      • I saw the beginning of the convo. I think Gnat was more upset than she pretended to be when James let Dingus win that HOH and she has been holding it in since. I felt there was going to be problems soon afterward.

      • Natalie wants all the attention on her all conversations all events anything that happens is supposed to be about her…but its not…

      • Now, now, littlefly, we all know how motivational she is. Everyone can be as wonderful as she is. ;)

      • I wish I could say that I have been impressed with Natalie as a person but noooo can’t do that…

      • To quote Natalie:
        I will have an alliance with only three women because women suck at this game and I was an NFL cheerleader for the New York Jets and know how to deal with large groups of women.
        I will also add men to our alliance, since everyone will want to be in an alliance with me……… People won’t expect how much adversity I faced and how tough I am because I’m so pretty.

      • Wow she needs to get over herself. Like yeah she’s pretty but clearly that’s the only thing she has going for her. She reminds me of the stereotypical head cheerleader, queen bee, Regina George types you see in all the movies.

      • She was sure chomping on that seaweed, like somebody was going to take it from her. She’s eating her way to as far as she can get

      • yep….just glad it happened before the show was over and she didn’t string him along to the end…I think he will be nice to her and they could still be teammates but the romance that never was is over…

      • She’s been telling him all season in several ways: she showed no interest in giving him her address when he asked. Very telling.

    • Natalie seems like the jealous type. She’d probably get mad at James for somthing as dumb as communicating with his baby mama about their daughter.

      • No doubt at all, but I am one who certainly believes Nat has no intention of being any part of that.

      • Yeah I’m sure they’re over when the season is if not sooner. It’s a shame too because earlier on I did wanna believe that those two genuinely cared about each other.

      • James cares, Nat strikes me as the type who always needs reassurance and James gave her that. Mind you, she did say James is the type of person she would date, but I don’t think she meant James himself.

      • I think she wants a guy with James’ personality and Victor’s body. I feel like James would care about any pretty girl who gave him attention. Remember how much he was into Meg last season?

      • Basically Nat wants Caleb from Season 16 or someone similar to Caleb since he recently got married!!

      • I didn’t like Caleb either. He acted like he was entitled to Amber’s affection then blew up her game when she was having none of it but who knows, maybe that’s just Natalie’s type, a white knight.

      • Uh she told him he’s her BB boyfriend – not outside the house. She would never be with James

    • To clarify, James got his daughter from a one night stand. He’s not divorced, nor is the mother of his daughter his ex.

      But yeah honestly I’m starting to resign my Jatalie membership. I’m sticking to Jecky Mac and Jeda as my favorite showmances

      • Jon and Neda from the Canadian version. Neda was the mastermind and Jon was the body and heart. They later dated after the show ended, though I think they’re no longer together.

    • I disagree with KSJB about why Nat isn’t into James except for the part about James has no drive. I think that’s what has turned her off off him. A life with him would be so boring and plain Jane. Even if he won. She’s been asking for WEEKS to stop throwing comps. And she’s aware that he’s completely clueless no matter how many times she tells him what’s really going on in the game. He won’t listen to her at all. No way she wants that kind of relationship outside the house. She’s trapped inside the house.

      • Plus, he’s smothering! She can’t get away from him. One night recently she was going to lay down and he said he’d go with her so she didn’t have to be alone. She said “I like to be alone.” Of course, he didn’t get the hint, nor any of the others she’s been giving him.

    • Bye Bye James the Midget! Thank God. He is such a dumbass i can’t stand to listen to him. Vic will come after him with a vengeance!!! If Midget man doesn’t luck out and win Veto then bye bye!

  2. If anyone is interested, the popularity poll this AM @ 8:30:

  3. Paul or Vic wins the next HOH look for James and Nat to go up. I feel that Nat will go home and James hooks up with Paul and Vic. Next winner puts up the Nicorey showmance. Then it is game on to an exciting finish. C’mon now! I can dream can’t I.

    • I hope not, I’d like to see Paul and Vic hold true to their deal with Nicole and Corey. I’d also like to see James out the door next week. They’d be stupid to send Nat out before him. He’s a much bigger threat, and Natalie is easier to sway, especially by Vic. I think with a little flirting he can have her wrapped around his finger.

    • I don’t think that will be the case. I think that Vic would like nothing better than to get rid of James and wouldn’t have a hard time convincing Paul as well.

  4. Has anyone else noticed how Nicole and Paul are suddenly CLEANING?? We’ve been talking about it on the boards for a couple of weeks how they never wash a dish or pick up.

      • Lol. I guess with Victor as a HN this week he isnt doing dishes or cooking so someone else has to.

    • well ofc they are corey isn’t making her swoon anymore so now without 20 hrs being spent in the bed she can go do something productive, as for paul he prob felt bad about victor doing it all and he has a mom he doesn’t want to embarass

    • If Paul wants to bake pastries to the house then sooner or later he is bound to wash those utensils to use them again.

    • I think is to be on Victor’s good side since he has a good chance of winning the next HOH. I also don’t think Paul wants to win it so he can continue to play both sides of the house.

    • Vic mentioned to Paul about his not cleaning (in a nice, bro way). Paul offered to do his dishes. Now Nicole is offering to do hers.

      VP’s alliance with NiCorey is suiting NiCorey well.

      • Oooh. I missed that Vic said something . That wouldve been fun to see.

        I do feel bad for Vic n Corey on slop with all the cooking. Since they are young and work out even on slop they must be starving !!

  5. 11:45 PM BBT – Natalie reports back to James that she saw Victor and Corey studying together. James says that could mean they’re working together.

    Finally, the light bulb moment! You think James? Wait till Thursday when the eviction comes! Will you figure it out then? Sorry, this is too obvious to miss.
    Smart players on Survivor see the switches in allegiance and act accordingly. Those who ignore it or have no clue, get blindsided and evicted!

  6. I think James has been starting to catch on all week, he just doesn’t want to accept it, with his back handed comments about maybe they could do something to make Victor their friend. He is already decided to turn on his final four deal, which shows that Nicole is making the right choice with her nominations.

  7. I don’t see how they will not have a tie vote.
    Nicole is going to have to stand in front of everyone and vote to evict.

    • I’m guessing she will warn Natalie and James RIGHT before voting that if it’s a tie she will evict Michelle because it’s better for her game to get out someone who publicly is gunning for her and will never work with her. Then Nat & James will vote with the house.

  8. Oh Meech, keep talking continuous smack about the current HOH, because that’s such an intelligent move. How is this girl still here? She’s horrible at this game!

    And what’s her deal with Nicole anyway? I’m no fan but she’s not nearly the she-devil big meech is making her out to be.

    • immaturity, catty, jealousy….pick any word or any combination and there’s your answer lol

      • Fair enough. She did admit to being jealous of Bridgette and that was the sole reason she disliked her. Guess she has too much pride to admit she’s jealous of Nicole.

      • I give Michelle credit for admitting to be jealous of Bridgette’s relationship with Frank. That right there shows she has self awareness. Nicole is a douche. She refuses to play with any of the girls on BB — she goes straight to the guys every time.

      • Nicole is too intelligent to play with any of the remaining girls. Would you want to play with them?

      • NO NO NO, Besides I don’t wear enough makeup, I don’t cry enough, I don’t whine enough and don’t sleep enough.

      • Nicole clung onto Corey so she never took an opportunity to play with any of the girls. Was she the same way in her last season?

      • How smart of Nicole to have a meat shield protecting her and avoiding playing with the girls this season.

      • Okay so I give her that! She “smart” to use a guy to play a strategic game. Her social games is not on point – not so smart. Her physical game is not on point – not so smart. Her mental comp are nothing to brag about – maybe semi smart. That’s it. She smart because she uses a meat head to shield her. OK. You win.

      • Umm, really India Ink? I actually thought you were being facetious. Oh you poor thing, you don’t know what else to do but make it personal :-(

      • In Nicole’s defense (never thought I’d say those words), some women get along better with guys than girls. I’m one of them. She could just be one of those girls. I wouldn’t wanna hang out with meech and Natalie either tbh. They’re catty and insecure (not to sounds like Paulie because I disagree with him on that assessment of the jury girls).

        I dislike Nicole because she whines a lot and only plays the game when it’s necessary

      • I completely understand that some women get along better with men — I’m a teacher! I also get not wanting to hang out with Nat & Meech. But what about the other girls? Bridgette? Bronte? Maybe even Dayvon?

      • Good point there. I started to dislike her when she turned on davonne actually. She would go repeat everything Da said to Frank, Paulie, Corey, and Paul ,and lord knows poor Bridgette needed a friend in that house

      • Because Nicole is pretty and Michelle is insecure. That appears to be what it’s boiling down to.

      • Jealousy has to have something to do with it because Michelle is behaving in such an irrational manner toward Nicole.

    • I think Michelle has been on to Nicole’s sweet innocent sneaky game from the beginning. She also watched her season and knows how she plays the game.
      I do think that she may be jealous of all the girls that have showmances and she doesn’t. She should have gotten with Victor.

      • My nightmare BB house — Paul, Zach, Amanda and Michelle. Would anyone even survive 1 week? Probably Amanda

      • Oooooh, now a houseful like that would be fun to watch. For sure, Michelle would self-evict or drown.

      • I found her entertaining. She is a floater who has a lot of nasty habits, but every HG has their reasons why they like one over the other.

      • I think Vic would’ve rejected her. She’s high maintenance like Natalie. I don’t like Nicole but I like Michelle even less. I think jealousy plays a big role. She talked a lot if smack about Natalie too before Z was evicted

  9. Corey has no clue what is going on in that house..he has hidden behind Nicole the entire time. The only thing he does know is when it’s time for bed frolicking with Nicole.

    • the bribe could help him buy a clue, i suggested it for james but maybe corey needs it just as much lol

      • I am getting so tired of hearing those two talk about that bribe money!! Just give it to Vic and shut-up about it!! Although, Vic may get offended if he thinks they need to bribe him to vote their way.

      • Not if he tells Vic that he doesn’t want to waste the 5K by not doing anything with it….so he can give it Vic for the Michele vote telling him that he deserves the money for his battle back wins…stroke his ego.

      • Or, Corey could even give it to James for voting out Michelle – that might help repair the damage done in James’s mind anyway. This guy can sure hold a grudge I’ve noticed.

      • I was thinking he was going to ask someone to switch with him to get slop fro the week if he gave them the money.

  10. James is great in his own mind and won’t let anyone forget it. Dude if you were so great you’d already have a woman outside the house and you wouldn’t be making yourself look like the idiot you are. Can someone please send this guy packing.

    • I hope BB is done with Mr. James Huling..because I am so over this guy. He is a “star” in his own mind! I guess if you can make your living off of playing a game..then kudos to him..but, I hope they don’t ask him back again.

      • Me too!!!!!!!!!!! When I’m sad I YouTube bb17 Johnny Mac and laugh hysterically

      • Hadn’t thought of that, that’s a great idea. In future I’ll alternate between JMac’s DR sessions and Paul doing his secret agent patrol.

      • Plus John actually had a good game compared to James. If we were to rank Houseguests in Season 17 I’d say John played the second best game, especially for a guy who’s been nominated 9 times.

      • I think Nicole may win it this season. If Natalie wins, James won’t stop telling her that it was because of his fans.

      • Do we know how many former houseguests were extended an invite to come back? Like, were the four that did the only ones that would accept the offer?

      • I really don’t know..but, the only one I was interested in seeing play the game again was Frank..but, Day made sure that didn’t happen. I really hope BB is done with having past players come back…and siblings!

      • I know Zach wanted to come back badly after his season ended. I think they brought back some of America’s favorites.

      • Not that it means anything but James asked Nat the other day if she would extend her BB stay for another 50 days (something like that) for $8K.
        She said no.

    • When Nat was whining that she is prolly getting the villain edit (guilty conscience I guess), James told her not to worry – that she is with him and Production wouldn’t do that, knowing she was with him. Smh

    • The sooner the better…..Maybe he can start a new TV series of something like “it’s a small world” and he could be the lead actor,after all he’s only 2 inches tall from being a MIDGET. His brain is definetly midget sized!

  11. Did anyone catch Nat telling Meech that she was over Victor? lol Sure you are but it’s not by choice.

      • He does. I believe he may have asked her out. He has been really nice to her.
        I don’t think Victor is Nicole’s type since she likes blonds, but he may be better for her than Corey if she woke up.

      • I’d like to see them date for awhile after the show. I think he would be good for her.

      • Do you mean Victor, because I think he is mature enough to give her what she wants if it works out. If Vic does have a crush on her, I do hope he is not planning to take her to the end.

    • I did. I thought she meant game wise. She was planning on putting him on the block.

      • She didn’t vote last week and James did say loudly that Natalie wanted to keep Victor and that’s why Nicole is after them now.

  12. So. what is this I am reading about Michelle stealing from other HG’s to put items on e-Bay when she gets home? I read this on the Big Brother Access site. I believe it..Michelle has a problem if this is really true. Paul’s $300 sunglasses are missing, James found his hoodie wadded up in her bag..she hid one of Tiff’s shirts before she left and then wore it on a live show saying that it would be hilarious if Tiff was watching and saw her wearing the shirt..Day had things missing before she left…WTH??? Production needs to look into this. Evidently..Michelle did some shoplifting at JC Penney in the past..how in the heck did this girl make it on the show?

    • YIKES!!! They obviously relaxed the rules on the psych evaluation in the casting process this season. I’d read earlier that casting was a nightmare this year, so they apparently took what they could get i.e. Meech and Paulie.
      If she’s been stealing stuff from other HGs Production needs to intervene. ASAP.

      • Evidently, she has been talking about this openly on the feeds. I remember Paul walking around the house the other day looking for his sunglasses, and James finding his hoodie in her bag. This needs to be addressed before she leaves tomorrow. All I can say is jury members better hide their stuff!

      • Michelle laughed to one of the HG’s when they confronted her about having some of their stuff in her bags, it was weird. She acted as if it was completely normal behavior to take other peoples belongings.

      • That explains why Paul got so mad at her the other day when she got mad at him for going through her laundry..he was probably looking for some of his clothes or his sunglasses that she had tucked away!

      • This is so disturbing.


        Production needs to confront her which begs the question of why they haven’t already.

        A $300 pair of sunglasses and they are letting it slip by?

      • Aha! Now it does all make sense with Michelle freaking out about paul touching her laundry.
        It’s beginning to look as if Michelle might be a kleptomaniac :D

      • Well now I certainly don’t blame Paul for calling her the c word. Not that I did before but now I blame him even less

      • They found something else in her bag, too, that belonged to a hg – besides James’ hoodie.

    • I do believe hat she stole James hoodie. She was joking about it, but I don’t think she planned on given it back.

    • I think Michelle is disturbed and we might be hearing more about her when she gets out of the BB house. Apparently she does a lot of stalking and trolling on twitter, never a good sign.

    • Maybe she’ll end up in jail afterwards and realize that she’s finally found a place where she can find the romance she’s looking for.

    • I remember reading somewhere that she was going to sell things on e-bay that contained the HGs DNA or body scent or something like that. It was a few days ago.

      • That girl has some issues! She is always very gloom and doom on the feeds. Always looking to pick a fight with someone…I am glad she is leaving..she was a terrible player. I don’t know how she made it in the house in the first place. She must have lied on her psychiatric evaluation!

      • That’s just wrong; if that’s true! She might need some help after the show.
        Wrong… Gone…. Long….. Shlong!
        So long michelle!

  13. First impressions after reading this article:
    Michelle is upset that Nicole didn’t grovel and beg to her last week when she was co-HOH.
    Michele is so upset that she refuses to talk game with Nicole.
    Michelle is an idiot.

    • I’ll lay you dollars to donuts that Julie asks Michelle why in the world did she sleep & eat the whole week she was nominated.


    • It drives me crazy about her! You’re ON THE BLOCK! Girl, get up and feel Nicole out. She’s nervous anyway so you could rattle her cage – and even if you are the target, you MIGHT could flip the script this week. Doubtful but as a self-professed “superfan”, why would you not try???


      • Sad to say but it looks like Day brainwashed Michelle about Nicole to the point where Michelle only wants to avenge Day.

  14. Nat & James:

    Nat: “I’m thinking of getting a tattoo…”
    James: “We can get matching ones.”
    Nat: “I’m not going to get one. I didn’t want one anyway.”

    True story.
    Someone’s getting a fake number after the sho-owww.

    • A few nights ago, he told her he wanted her address so he can send her cards, etc. She was pretty clear that she wouldn’t give it to him.

    • I would hate to see james turn into a stalker after the season.
      He just isn’t able to take a hint.
      I predict they were break up in a few days as the strain starts to get to nat.

    • Lol, James and Nicole should know that Corey + Natalie won’t want anything to do with them

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