‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James Continues To Give Michelle Bad Advice

James Huling isn’t doing Michelle Meyer any favors this week on Big Brother 18 as she faces eviction and for some strange reason continues to rely on his guidance for surviving this week. She did watch last season, right?

James Huling waits for BB18 to end

Overnight James, Natalie, and Michelle became aware that Corey and Victor were actively studying together and short of a giant neon sign they started to piece together that they may not only be studying together but also working together in the game. Well that should worry you if you were depending on some votes there, right? Not if you’re listening to James for strategy. Matter of fact, it’d be best to just dig deeper in that sand and wait out this storm.

Starting back at 11:45 PM BBT 8/30 we can watch Natalie reporting back to James that she saw Corey and Victor studying together in the kitchen. James asks if the guys stopped when she walked through, but she says they didn’t and kept studying.

James sounds a little concerned about Victor both studying and apparently knowing the days and events. Natalie thinks it’s a smart move by Corey to gain knowledge from Victor. She doesn’t seem to worry that it’s a sign of them working together which we know they are.

James says he wants to go call Corey out for potentially betraying him and Natalie after they voted to keep Corey last week. Natalie discourages James from doing anything about it saying whatever will happen will happen. Quite the laissez-faire strategy here.

Michelle shows up (11:49 PM BBT 8/30) and she’s upset to have seen Corey and Victor studying together. She’s literally roaring about it. James again says he should go out there and tell them he’s “f–ked” if they’re working together. Natalie again tells James not to do anything but he gets up and heads out to observe.

On his way out the bedroom door James leaves them with this sage wisdom “When people are studying together they’re working together.” Okay, so that’s bad news for them, right? Good thing they caught up on to this with two days of time to campaign, right? Let’s see what happens…

Jump forward to 5:16 AM BBT as James and Michelle are the last two awake and talking about what could happen this week. Michelle asks James if he can guarantee she’ll be staying this week. James offers her “90% sure on that” while telling her “just don’t blow your lid.”

So what’s James basing this assumption on? Anything? Has he asked at all about the plans? Well don’t worry, because he plans on approaching Nicole on Wednesday. Michelle says she’s worried because she has barely spoken to either Corey or Nicole at all on Tuesday. “It’s cool. You don’t need to,” says James. What? Of course she does! Michelle, get up and start campaigning you knucklehead!

No need to campaign, says James. He tells Michelle he’s going to go upstairs for a one on one to make sure she’s staying. James tells Michelle he “has a lot of pull with them” and thinks he can sway the decision with a simple conversation.

Not only will James handle the situation but he doesn’t want Michelle to even get involved. James says he’ll go check the pulse and see if there is anything going on “but what I don’t need is you going up there and saying something wrong.” What? Like calling Nicole a snake and openly making her Michelle’s target? Or maybe he means doing something like broadcasting that Natalie wanted to keep Victor over Corey in front of Corey and within earshot of Nicole? Yikes, James.

We’ll keep watching the Live Feeds today to see if/when this conversation takes place between James and Nicole. Nicole had previously indicated she didn’t want to blindside James but Corey also pointed out that if they never ask then why go volunteering this information.

It’s such a bad strategy and approach. Is James indifferent to Michelle going or is hubris to blame here? When you’re on the Block you need to be talking to everyone and get things figured out. The first time Michelle may end up discussing the vote is with Julie Chen outside the house on Thursday night!

What do you think of James, Natalie, and Michelle’s approach the vote this week? Should Michelle be leaving her game in James’s hands or does she need to start getting her game in to gear and talking to the votes out there? It’s a short list and shouldn’t take too long if she bothers. Think she will?


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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but at this level aren’t things pretty much set in stone???? All nicole ‘ s flip flop pi g drives me crazy. She’s indecisive. How does this make her a worthy player to win????

    • I’m by no means a Nicole fan but isn’t flip flopping an essential part of survival at this point into the game?

      Diplomacy is how you win Big Brother. What’s the alternative? Just winning out on competitions? That’s not what Big Brother is about.

      Isn’t everyone left in the house flip flopping too?

      Would you rather Nicole left her fate in someone else’s hands or would you rather see her actively making deals (and sticking to them, I might add) to ensure she makes it to the end?

      Again, I’m not a Nicole fan, but I feel like you’re singling her out for absolutely no reason.

      • Puleeze, stop the drama. My observation. No, getting to the end has not been comp based but on an ability to maneuver deftly to the end which, in my opinion, Nicole is not this person.

      • So just because I simply disagreed with you in a polite way, I’m causing drama? It’s your way or the highway?

        This is where we discuss things. You opened up the conversation. No one is challenging your right to have an observation.

      • Woooow, I completely read that without the sarcasm! I guess it really does go to show that sarcasm doesn’t always translate over the internet.

        I knew it didn’t sound like your usual self! Phew!

      • I wuv you too. Joethehobo. I love my interactions on here with people. Unlike Ms Franzi!…

        BB is a great place to talk to the outside world and i am and awfully competitive person, which is why i can get worked up..

        Have a great evening.

      • I see her making a deal with James again if he or Nat win HOH. I hope Natalie plays her own game this time.

      • Totally agree. By the definition, Paul is a flip flipper. First Josea, then Paulie, then James and Nat. Next is Corey and Nicole. It may not be a glamorous strategy, but it works.

      • I don’t want Nicole to win so I wouldn’t mind a bit if she left her fate in someone else’s hands. Hope she doesn’t give her fate to Corey because she might find herself on the losing side.

  2. Perfect blog, Matthew!

    Dem 3 driving me bananas!

    I don’t want to hear Meech or Nat “blame” James for them going to Jury though. His advice is just awful, esp being a vet. But they’re not his to raise so they need to take responsibility for their own games. Nothing to keep them from going to Nicole anyway.

    PS: Monday James told them he’d wait until Nicole “locked in” nominations at the POV ceremony and THEN talk with her about Meech staying. #NeverHappened.
    He said then she would lose all her power. Wha? Why? Wha???
    1. She’s the deciding vote so she has some power still.
    2. What good would it be if she had no power at that time???
    I”m not following #JamesLogic.

    • If Michelle is such a super fan, then she should know the game better than James anyway, but all of these pathetic girls just want to hide behind the men in the house and not step up to the competitions.
      She has mentioned things that will happen in the game and James disagrees, so it is obvious she doesn’t need James, but still doesn’t understand it.

      • “all of these pathetic girls just want to hide behind the men in the house and not step up to the competitions.”

        The last three HoH’s were women and the current PoV holder is a woman.

        Corey is clearly hiding behind Nicole, and not the other way around. I’d also argue that Natalie isn’t necessarily hiding behind James. Natalie nominated and evicted Victor and orchestrated the Zakiyah blindside. Those were big moves.

      • Natalie got lucky that she had 1 more than Corey and James who had more than both fell or it would have been a guy winning. Nicole was gifted a second HOH and so was Michelle. Natalie and MIch put up 2 HGs that James wanted and neither didn’t really play their own game.
        There has not been one single female HOH that has won it on their own this season. Brigitte did, but was also luck and Frank played her HOH.
        The only one who has truly fought to win HOH this season is Victor and I think Paulie.

      • You’re certainly free to believe that.

        I think if the girls were actively trying to hide behind the men there’s no way Natalie would have tried so hard in that HoH and there’s no way Nicole would have held onto the wall in the endurance competition for so long.

        Agree to disagree.

      • I will agree to disagree. We all have the right to our opinions, but the point that I was making is that they won HOH and allowed their male partners to choose the nominees for them.

      • As far as the wall comp goes instead of saying James gave it to Nicole one could say Nicole gave James an easy way out. Anyone watching could clearly see that Nicole was not struggling and James was.

      • James would never have come off the wall cause he likes to brag to much about this is his comp. he lost to Nicole he did not give it to her

      • Yes, James had been on slop all week and I think this weakened him in the end – no way he was coming down from the wall otherwise.

    • It’s okay, James has a gut feeling Michelle isn’t going to be evicted.

      But I agree with you. The last time Michelle talked to Nicole was before nominations. She could still try to sway Corey, but she hasn’t. I don’t understand. Make deals, do something!

      • She’d rather lay in bed and talk trash than try and save her game! She said she wanted Nicole gone from day 1…well, she had her shot last week and instead of taking that shot, she betrayed someone who had discussed taking her to a F3 deal… Makes no sense, right? Well, that has been her game play all season. The only reason she has lasted this long is because there was always a bigger fish to fry. Well, this week the girl Meech has been targeting (from her own mouth) since day 1 is HOH…so this week Michelle is the fish that’s gonna get fried, and I don’t blame Nicole at all.

      • I don’t blame Nicole either, get out someone you know is targeting you and your closest ally. She just slept through the week when she was nominated. She has hasn’t even played the game, what a waste of a spot in the house.

    • James probably got lost on the vote count after the co-HOH week. Only 3 votes last week, but 4 this week due to Vic coming right back and only 1 HOH. Even so, it shows he doesn’t take the time to count up the votes and know how many it takes. Nicole is the deciding vote, so Michelle is gone if Nicole wants it. James has to talk to Nic now, or his trio is gone by this time tomorrow. The bigger threat for Nic is V/P. They can win more comps down the stretch.

  3. 1. I don’t think Michelle is a SUPERfan. I think she LIKES BB.
    2. I think Paul is a bigger fan than he lets on to be.

    • I have watched all of the seasons and consider myself just a fan that barely remembers the first 10 seasons.
      I also don’t think she is a super fan but remembers past players more than I do. She is just a fan that was watching the show and saying how she would do this and that if she were there and then reality hit her in the face since she can’t see everything the HGs are doing.

    • I think Michelle was more of a stalker of BB, It has been rumored that she trolls and stalks previous BB contestants, which I totally can see based on some of her weird behavior in the house.

      • I know! I heard she is secretly collecting “DNA” of the other houseguests to sell on eBay.

      • She did say that. As a matter of fact, that is what she said in regards to e-bay…which got misconstrued as she had personal belongings of other HG that she was going to sell on e-bay. She isn’t selling personal items, just DNA.

        Umm…Not sure which is worse…selling someone’s underwear or what’s inside it?? YIKES!!

      • Agreed. Her behavior towards Frank was definitely more stalkerish than fangirl. I mean really, her entire reason for hating Bridgett was because Frank liked her more than he did Michelle. Can we all spell jealous boys and girls? I am so ready for Michelle to go…Ugh! Evictions are just hours away now and I am so so ready.

    • Haha! I think you might be right bbadboy. Paul acts like he isn’t that big a fan, but he seems to know a lot more about how BB is played than the superfan Michelle! ;) Just my opinion.

  4. What in the heck is James up to? Could it be that he doesn’t want Michelle anywhere near Nicole and start talking thinking maybe his F2 with Nicole will come up…they do have one, I think. Michelle has been the absolute worst player I can think of in a long time. Plus, evidently, she likes to take things that are not hers!

  5. The last time James had an extended conversation with Nicole and Corey he did a lot of throwing Meech under the bus. He probably feels responsible for her being on the block and doesn’t want her and Nat to find out about it. If Meech knew that James never had her back she would definitely try to blow his game up before she left. James is probably just trying to get rid of this third wheel because he thinks Paul and Vic would target Corey instead of his trio.

  6. James needs to have his gut checked. It’s been wrong more than it’s been right. Oh poor Jamsey.

  7. Big Leech is in James way to spend more time with Natalie, he probably wants Michelle gone, because he cares more about Natalie then his game!

  8. I think India Ink may be related to Nicole. She/he is so pathetic and takes things too personally. We all have the right to like and dislike whomever we want. It is just a reality show. How pathetic can some people be. If you don’t like the heat then get out of this kitchen.

      • He/She just blocked me and for the best. It was fine if he/she replied to my comments, but when I replied back it was always taking personally.

      • Somewhat off the subject…How do you know when you are blocked? Does this thing tell ya?

      • He/she just told me in the last comment that I was getting blocked. If you don’t see the name anymore, then that’s how I will know.

      • I blocked a couple people that took board comments on HG too personally or who attacked commenters with unnecessary name calling or aggression.
        The point of comment boards is commenting and analyzing the HG and the game AND having fun. Some people are not suited for social media. IMO.

      • I think it could be someone related to the HG. I could have sworn that Vanessa was on here when Tiffany was still in the show.

      • I believe a couple might be related or friends too. A couple are nurses themselves based on old comments .

        Def take any Nic comments to heart bc they have to reply to any comment vs just moving on.

        Hang in there. I enjoy your commentary :)

      • Pretty sure you don’t have to be related to any of the houseguests to understand some of the comments around here cross the line.

        Don’t get me wrong. A little bit of snark is fine. But some of these comments are just vile.

      • Agreed. Trying to be polite doesn’t always work with everyone…sometimes you just have to ignore what someone says even if it upsets you b/c they are entitled to their opinions…I do not have to respond and that is what keeps me from losing it on some people!! ;) lol!

      • Ummm,- NO, I’m not kin to Nicole so please stop trying to stir up trouble here Samsara.
        I know you’re upset that Nicole got your fave Day evicted and I’m sorry you’re still taking this so hard.
        Please, stop trying to make trouble here and lessen the enjoyment of others at this site.

      • I wouldn’t even worry about me and Samsara, Opinion, it’s really nothing at all so please continue to have a good time here at BBN and I look forward to talking to you.

      • I’ve blocked 1 person so far. I was shocked how it came about, because I didn’t like one of the favs, they told me to get off the board. Uncool if you ask me.

      • Yep, and it is a regular. They have posted on the thread right here. I won’t out them. But it kind of hurt my feelings…I know that sounds stupid, what can I say. *shrugs

      • Hey, Baby Gordon, you should read Danny Darko’s post to me. Check it out on the Aug 30th, 5PMthread ” …Corey Signals Nicorey May End With the Season” he is obviously a Doofus lover. He’s one of those that you give them a little leash and they hang themselves. Sanity in question there. lol

      • Sometimes you simply count your blessings and move on. I think you are very fair and courteous and you entertain me, too. :)

      • Thank you. I try not to use profanity or insult anyone other than the HGs of course.
        I come here to read the posts and reply if I feel like it. We don’t know these people on the show and I don’t get why opinions about a reality show needs to be taking so personally.

      • Samsara, you are projecting yourself onto me here,
        I’m so sorry you’re upset that I didn’t like Day and was glad to see her go but it’s time to get over it and stop trying to stir up trouble.
        Peace and all the best :D

      • It really could be a family member. I read somewhere that, don’t hold me to it, but I think it was Vanessa’s mother got thrown off of a site during V’s season. Family should know better than to even read them, imo. Not smart.

      • Thanks for your continued support Karen and I appreciate the fact that you aren’t egging on the situation one little bit. You’re the best :D

      • K, Do you still see their comment when I’m blocked, or when you block them? So when Mickey blocked me, I was able to respond to his comment, but I guess he cant see my response. I’ve never blocked anyone..can I block myself?

      • Haha. “can i block myself”. Funny funny

        If you block them you will see a “This user is blocked” in the comment string. Unless they block YOU, you will still see all their comments back to you

      • I blocked Devin has a Daughter because their avatar was Devin and it drove me crazy to look at him. I never saw him again. Then I started seeing these “This comment is blocked” or something to that effect everytime Baby Gordon made a comment and I never blocked Baby Gordon. I love Baby Gordon. lol.. I think maybe Devin has a Daughter changed their avatar and name. So nice poster, Carvin from my great state of TN, told me how to unblock. When I went to unblock, sure enough, Devin wasn’t even listed and Baby Gordon was. How about them apples!!! Good golly, Cy, I’m not testing your blocking myself theory, I might never see myself again. :(

      • Probably just a glich with Discus since Devin and BG don’t in the least sound like each other. I wouldn’t worry about it :D

      • I don’t blame you for blocking Devin has a daughter if you had to look at Devin Shepherd’s face. hahaha! Ugh! Seriously, one of THE worst BB players of ALL time if you ask me. I was so so so happy to see him and his ridiculous ideas for a half the house alliance gone!! ;)

      • lol. Mickey blocked you.
        I think I blocked him since I didn’t understand most of his comments.

      • I had him blocked until I saw Cyril’s “gibberish” posts and I just had to know both sides of the conversation.

      • The only person I blocked was TA DA “Mr. Jew”… I also use the expand feature to hide comments..

    • Samasara, please stop making trouble for me. I have asked you numerous times to leave me alone but you continue to follow me around making negative comments about Nicole. I have told you politely many times I no longer cared to discuss this with you.
      OK! I get it ! You don’t like Nicole and I really don’t care if you do or not – just leave me alone please.

  9. James thinks Nicole won’t ditch him (he thinks they have an alliance) because he has been working for and protecting Nicole the whole game. Remember, he said he knew Nicole’s Mother and so he feels an obligation to Nicole. It’s going to be interesting when he finally realizes Nicole has ditched him by have lied to him and vote Michelle out that she does not feel the same loyalty toward him.

    • Nicole says that she has no interest in seeing any of the HGs, with the exception of Corey and Paulie because she is friends with Cody outside of the house.

      • That’s what James said, so I don’t know. He really has protected Nicole. They supposedly have an alliance (he thinks) and he won’t tell Natalie or Michelle about it.

      • James doesn’t know that Nicole said that. She told Corey. I think James still thinks him and Nicole are bffs.

  10. Michelle not looking out for herself is amazing. Can’t wait to see her go on Thursday. Will be happy with seeing James leave right after too, though I think Natalie should be seen as a bigger target

  11. Why Michelle is depending on James, of all people, is beyond me! Lol! She should be trying to save herself and talk to Nicorey… she’s really messing up.

  12. Yet there is still actually a collective of people who genuinely believe that this clown is good at the game. Look, I’m sure James is a nice guy outside of the house, but two seasons in a row he’s proven that he is completely incompetent from a strategic perspective and offers no value as a gamer.

  13. Meech has issues no doubt, but she is not stupid. She has made some very astute observations during the game, and continues to do so. With that said, I think she is fully aware she is leaving with no hope of staying. Most people in that position would not kiss butter with their worst enemy just to ‘play the game.’ I don’t even like her, but don’t blame her for not groveling.

  14. I should have added that production better search her bags before she leaves. Sadly, not kidding!

  15. All I know is this right now, The top three funniest things I have seen in this season so far is, 1) Paul doing the Blindside dance in the diary room. 2) Nicole falling off the hammock head first and flipping over, and now 3) Is Big Meech under the cover crying and whinning. LOL..LOL..LOL. Ok maybe 3 1/2, Corey lost in Christmas land in August, he snapped out of it long enough to throw the comp to Nicole, but after that, all he wanted to do was play with the Reindeer and go to work for Santa……LOL..LOL..LOL

  16. Michelle is dumber than a rock and is NOT playing like a super fan. I think her claim to be one is BS. Super fans know you **never** leave your game in anyone else’s hands for even one minute. Dumb, Michelle. Very, very dumb.

  17. Michelle is a vile entity. Not worthy to be called a “Person”. There is absolutely nothing good that can be said about her. I look forward to being blocked by her several times on twitter.

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