Big Brother 18 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

We’ve got another eviction vote coming up tonight on Big Brother 18 with ten votes up for grabs and an easy, easy prediction for who is about to head out the door. But just because they’re voted out doesn’t mean their game is over quite yet.

Frank, Victor, and Bronte on Big Brother 18

Our final noms for the week are Victor, Bronte, and Tiffany with Paulie in control of any tie-breakers, but really it’s not going to come to that. It shouldn’t even be close.

Victor is about to be voted out by a landslide. I’ll only be surprised if it’s not 10-0. Everyone in the house is on board to make this happen and it’s established to the point that everyone is looking far beyond his elimination.

Yes, even Paul, his closest ally, will be voting out Victor. He’s had several chances to warn Victor, but Paul is playing smart that he isn’t risking his status with the rest of the house for someone he just met two weeks ago. It’s actually been a good week for Paul considering how close he’s been to elimination that he’s now nearly off the target radar.

Bronte is still up there and so is Tiffany, but instead of the guys banding together and eliminating someone they want out (Tiffany) they’re going to let her ride and go after Victor. He’s a big threat and Paulie isn’t convinced he’ll play on their side of the game if he stays. And with that, Victor is as good as gone with tonight’s Big Brother eviction show.

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Glad to see that over ninety percent of fans agree that Vic is going. I’m happy with tonight’s most likely result. I CANNOT STAND people that think they know what’s going on and are truly the target. Plus, the less recruits the better. I’d cut a finger off to get on this show and production casts someone that didn’t know who zingbot is and two guys that didn’t know what a backdoor move is. PATHETIC! If I were in that house, I would rather be taken out by a Chilltown, Janelle, Rachel, Dan, or Derrick kind of hg than a moronic impusule such Victoria, Jozea, or Victor.

    • Hope you are joking about the finger, but if someone named Stumpy Digit starts posting next year………..

      • No. I’m not. It’s PATHETIC to cast people that don’t even know the show over superfans that dedicate their LIVES to this. I LIVE FOR THIS IN THE SUMMER. THIS IS MY LIFE IN THE SUMMER. HG’S shouldn’t be found on a dating site. Just ONCE I want to see a season of all superfans. JUST ONCE. People like Victor and Jozea shouldn’t be casted and it fu*king pisses me off.

      • I am with you 100%. I have watched every episode and the live feeds and after dark, when it was on Showtime. This show is my life all summer. I would love to be in that house, but I’m 59 and 40 pounds overweight, so I don’t fit the mold BB has carved out. Coincidence that the only “older” guy who doesn’t have a six pack is the first one out the door?

      • That’s another thing BB needs to get back to doing. Get some older HG’S in there. If this social experiment is supposed to include people from all walks of life in the USA, then why are most of the hgs’ 20 something?! In the earlier seasons, production did a better job if mixing it up in terms of age.

      • I hope Glenn is the one that comes back. He is a BB fan and watches every year. Also, he won’t come in with a agenda or a swollen head.

      • I have been watching since the first season ever. I barely remember any of the HG or how old they were or even what happened in those shows. I never auditioned in my 20s because I was too lazy and preferred the Real World. I do believe that there is one or two Blacks, gay, Asian, and over 40 HG in every season. They had 5 Hispanics this season which was a first.

      • My question is how do they know rules , the different comps,and phrases like backdoor. Do they hold school in the DR. I thought it was funny when Nichole last week said she wasn’t going to answer their questions about the game. She said ”I was like them let them learn on their own”

  2. Glad Victor is most likely out, but honestly, I don’t think I would care if one of the other two went instead. This is a no lose situation
    in regard to annoying people. Though I guess Victor or Bronte are better to go than Tiff since that eliminates one more from that group.

    I just don’t want Tiff to slide by like Vanessa.

    • Me either. I feel like they are going to keep using her for the numbers and she will slide all the way to the end. Victor needs to go so Frank won’t get suspicious and think his game is still working, but he can come back if he beats Glenn, Frank and Tiffany. (hopefully)

  3. What’s with Bronte’s expression in that picture? It’s only been one month, and she looks like she has aged 10 years

    • I think it was Tifanny who said she looks a lot older than 26. I agree. She has an old lady face with a chipmunks voice.

  4. I agree so much. I’ve been watching since season 2 and the cast variation has dwindled big time over the years. Just cuz someone is “sexy” they get cast but don’t know ish about the show. I don’t even think the viewers really care about that. I think we want to see a real game with real people playing. Oh and drama, lots of drama

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