‘Big Brother 18’ Final Six With Three Power Couples

By the end of the week for Big Brother 18 I expect we’ll be down to six Houseguests consisting of three pairs and a struggle for each to make it to the end. Let’s take a look at where the targets lie.

Paul & Victor plot and plan on BB18

Michelle and Paul are on the Block but while Michelle is getting lots of promises of safety from James the outlook isn’t good for her chances and she’ll likely be voted out by Nicole on Thursday night. With Michelle gone the only HGs remaining will all be working as duos as we wait to see who comes out on top in this next round.

Paul and Victor, Nicole and Corey, and James and Natalie. These few HGs are lining up to be the Big Brother 18 F6 HGs, something that’s taken more than two months to achieve but now with just three weeks left they’ll be barreling through the final steps.

Right now we’ve got Paul & Victor working together with Nicole & Corey, but secretly Nicole & Corey are hoping that the other two couples will end up taking shots at each other and forgetting all about them next week. Sure, there’s a good chance that’ll happen since both pairs have expressed the other as their target instead of Nicole and Corey. But don’t forget that if James wins HoH and Paul & Victor go up and one gets the Veto then someone from Nicole & Corey would need to go up. They’d still probably be safe though because in that particular scenario we’d see Paul, Nicole, and Natalie voting and I doubt Natalie would team up with Paul over Nicole.

There’s going to be so much decided by this next HoH comp and Corey will be the only one playing for his pair since Nicole is the outgoing HoH. As for Natalie and James, they’ll both be playing but James had toyed with the idea of taking Corey’s BB Bribe to bail on the comp. Natalie has since made James promise he wouldn’t do that so we’ll see what Corey figures out to do with his Bribe later.

Really Corey should have moved quickly to secure James’s agreement to not participate in the next HoH comp but now he’s waited too long and James is slowly, slowly catching on that something may be rotten in Denmark. Now with that chance shot we’ll see both James & Natalie lining up next to Corey then Paul & Victor for the chance at safety and control over the next eviction.

Should Paul and Victor take control then we can expect James and Natalie to go up on the Block but if those guys want James out then that’s going to be tricky. Nicole & Corey have agreed that they want Natalie, not James, out first from that pair. To ensure James goes then Paul and Victor need to end the week with James and either Nicole or Corey on the Block to make sure the other from the Nicorey pair votes out James to send him off to Jury. Otherwise we can expect Natalie to go.

If James or Natalie wins HoH then we’ll get Paul and Victor on the Block and, as I described above, one of them would go. If both of the guys are still on the Block at the end of the week then I think it could be Victor voted out since he’s seen as the more physical threat of that pair.

Now if Corey snags the win then I think he’ll also put James and Natalie up since he’s talked with Nicole at length that they want to go to F4 with Victor and Paul instead of Natalie and James. In this case we could expect Paul & Victor to join votes and evict James.

Really I don’t think the two opposing couples would target Nicole and Corey first and so there’s not much of a chance the pair will end up on the Block together which means they can expect to head in to F5 as a pair. Now maybe James and Natalie decide they’ve been so betrayed by Nicorey with Michelle’s eviction that they turn their sights on them, but I doubt James would do that and Natalie seems more worried about Victor these days.

We’ve definitely got a good game ahead in these last three weeks of Big Brother! Which of these couples do you most want to see survive the F6 round? Share your thoughts on who is in the best position and vote for who you want to see make it through to the next week.


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  1. I’m sick of James and now he will tell Michelle she’s getting voted out. I hope he stays on the outside of this new F4, and gets evicted

    • I never have a problem admitting when I’m wrong and although you and I have had fun going back and forth about James, I guess our friendly banter is over, because I am a convert. He has definitely lost me as a fan. I just checked the latest popularity poll numbers and he is still climbing. SMH…It’s so baffling, yet I find it entertaining it is so unbelievable.

      • Again, I could not agree with you more. I cannot stand James anymore. I have completely lost all respect for him. I used to think he was great. No longer.

      • You guys are why I’m still watching. You are so much more entertaining than this season.

      • They definitely waited to long to do anything impact full in this game as evidenced by Vic’s return. I’m anxious for it to be over. Nat’s whining is too much. You can tell she is not sleeping well. She looks tired all the time until that makeup goes on.

      • I bet it takes almost as long to take that off as it does to put it on. I think she is very pretty. She really doesn’t need all of that, imo. But if it makes her fell better…….

      • I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes people with insecurities don’t know how pretty they are and feel the need to cover up. I think going natural is a sign of acceptance of one’s self.

    • If anyone deserves to be affected it’s James. He’s like the guy in the movie theater telling you exactly what’s going to happen next because he’s already seen the movie. He’s Mr. Spoiler.

      He’s an idiot he doesn’t deserve to win anything. In fact I’d like to see him go out at F3, right before winning any money, because that would hurt the most.

  2. 3 Power couples is not a great idea. I think there should always be an extra in a duo alliance. I hope Victor convinces Natalie to side with them and forget about James.

    • I have been thinking the same thing! I do not think it will take much persuasion on Victor’s part. Natalie is so ready to get rid of James.

      • I think by James throwing a very important comp that will cause one of their alliance member Michelle to go was the last thing Natalie could stand.

  3. I will settle for anything but the 2 showmances in the final 4. Can you imagine the live Feeds?
    I feel fat.
    Are you Maaaaad?

      • Gnat is having a hard time this week not being the center of attention. Watched her a couple of times trying to get people talk to her about her ‘big fire’ and she looks very disappointed when they ignore her. Someone said it a few days ago, she is high, high maintenance. Want her out ASAP

      • I’m sure Nat is hating the fact that Nicole is the center of attention this week. She’ll probably get rid of Nicole next if she wins HOH.

  4. This season was full of people that are absolutely clueless about playing the game, the first 10 of them to be exact, they never even knew the most basic rule of Big Brother: showmances are dangerous and must be destroyed.

    • I think the biggest idiot so far in this game in Nicole. Victor just came back into the house for the second time third with the original. You just won HoH and u don’t put Victor and Paul back up to make sure that one of them leaves and know Paul if left to wither on the vine. The two stongest players are now semi-safe and capable of winning HoH every other week from here on out. IDIOT NICOLE

      • I take GREAT DELIGHT in the fact that Nicole personally ensured that she will not win this game! She is, was and always will be a small, petty, vindictive player.

        Nicole needed a big move, instead she got Big Meech. LOL!

        Any one of the mental midgets that sit next to Paul or Vic on finale night will lose.

        So with seven people left in the house and a dwindling number of opportunities left to get out dangerous players, what’s a dingus to do? Eliminate the one SURE win she would have if she was sitting F2.

        She should have been the bigger person and pulled Meech in and said, “LOOK, by all rights I should evict you! But there are two very strong players in the house that will beat any of us in F2, WE WE WE, need to get them out NOW and then, it’s every man for themselves! What do you say? Two week truce?”

        At that point she should sit back and LISTEN to Meech’s reaction.

        After her private meeting with Meech, she should have had a FIVE person meeting, James, Nat, Corey, Meech, laid out the scenario and got agreement to initiate the evict Paul and Vic strategy.

        Once they were gone Digus would be playing in F5 HOH, she would not have burned her allies (that will cost her two jury votes) and she may have even been able to GAIN a jury vote from Meech.

        Dingus would have been on at least equal F2 footing with ANY remaining house guest and quite honestly sitting in a very strong position.

        Instead she played for “safety” for her and her “beloved” for an additional week. She can’t beat Paul or Vic F2. And even if Paul or Vic win HO and nominate James and Nat, there is still a chance that Corey goes home if one of the noms wins veto.

        So at this point let’s say, for sake of argument, she’s sitting F2. Day asks her, “Nicole tell us about your biggest game move.”

        Nicole can look her in the eye and say, “Well I humped Corey’s leg all summer and I evicted big Meech!”

        Hardly a stellar resume. Fruitloop Dingus indeed!

  5. James needs to go. He is an insignificant
    floater who rarely makes a good decision, breaks promises and throws too many comps. Even Nicole shows a little more backbone but not much. Paul is a grubbier and more vocal Derrick. Victor is a more physical version of Cody and is just as easily manipulated by Paul. Victor could easily win it all if he was smart enough to turn on Paul at just the right time.

    • Yes, after next week’s eviction I hope Victor tries to get Paul out. Backdoor him please.
      Paul did not really want to study last night for the next HOH and victor called him out.

  6. Are they really “Power Couples”? Or folks who luckily made it this far because there were so many clueless players (or those who caught on too late players)?

  7. Corey needs to throw this HOH in the hopes that he and Nicole survive the f6 eviction so that they can both compete for the f5 HOH
    As for the other two pairs, I hope the Sitting Ducks win HOH so that Jatalie ends up on the block and then Natalie somehow wins the veto to seal James’s fate. Anyone with me?

    • I hope he does because it will possibly mean the end for him or Nic.
      Throwing the game is the stupidest thing for any of them to do at this point. I feel Paul is planning to throw it to Victor.

  8. *YAWN* What’s for breakfast? Can someone make me some coffee? While you’re at it, could you tell James to just shut the hell up? BTW, I like real cream…no sugar. Thanks.

      • Huh? Whatcha talking about? Now do I have to repeat myself? Coffee: real cream…no sugar. Get to it, woman!
        LOL! Don’t I look be-u-ti-ful when I first wake up?

      • Oh yes, I see you had your hair done. lmbo
        Is that from your acting days? Lucille Ballish looking. :D

      • My version of Grand-mama from “Little Red Riding Hood.” She wasn’t all there. I was wearing a fire helmet; unfortunately you can see it. I’m holding a broom because I was doing a dance to Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass.” The teachers appreciated it…I don’t think the kids got it; but they loved the dance. It was one of my adaptations.

      • Well if it was anything like your youtube videos, it was sensational!!!! But I won’t tell anyone. :)

      • Yeah, don’t think I need that. My whole life is hallucinogenic. Happy Hump day, Cyril! I have a joke for you in honor of the day, and it’s from the Reader’s Digest (Really):
        Some people just have a way with words, and other people…oh..not have way.

      • I think he’s just waking up. Plus, he’s ALWAYS talking to you!!! I’m the jealous one in this threesome!

      • Talking to me when? The only time he shows up for me is when I’m getting into trouble and he comes in with his blame humor to reel me in. lol….and I love it!!!

      • I DO, however (especially after ‘reading’ that laughter) believe you can be deliciously sarcastic!
        OK…mischievous, too. ;)

      • I can’t do debates here. I can’t do back and forth argument. You’re good. I’ll put my 2 cents in, and when I say “ok” that means I give up.. It’s frustrating. Sometimes, I just wanna say..”You guys are bunch of rapists and criminals. haha

      • I swear, every time I see you say “ok”, I crack up laughing. I imagine what you are really saying and it is akin to what you wrote; not hardly as nice. Sorry???

      • Because I wrote, “Why, are they from Mexico?” But you didn’t see it and I didn’t want anyone to think I was racist. I was just repeating what a certain Yuge personality said.

      • lol..hey some people are getting annoyed with your nicknames Dufus, Dingus, Gnat haha ..That means it’s a hit K.

      • I’ve noticed. I get a kick out of that ’cause I know the ones that are annoyed are the very ones that I would want to be. I’m so bad. hehe

      • love it. I myself sometimes gets confused reading your comments, trying to figure out who are the players you’re mentioning. lol

  9. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for Corey to throw the next HOH comp as he’s hinted at doing because if James or Natalie win he could be in danger of going home. As long as either Paul or Victor win this should work out well for Nicorey.
    It would be a disaster for the other 2 couples if James wins HOH this week and Natalie wins the next, but it would be entertaining to watch all the scrambling going on.

    • I really want James or Nicole to go home next week. I think Nicole should go first because Natalie may be in danger if James goes home. I don’t think that James will ever nominate Nicole if he wins HOH.

      • I know. We both understand that you are a Nicole fan and I’m not, but you commented and I chose to reply to give my opinion about it. That’s what we do here.

      • *Sigh* I think it’s time to block you now Samsara since you just won’t stop with your constant negative comments to me about Nicole when I’ve told you time and again I had to wish to talk about it any further with you. That’s what we do here :D

  10. Hey all you single girls out there;
    James will be available after the end of the season so don’t miss this great opportunity!! j/k of course :D

      • That is funny. I do think that there will be a tremendous amount of ditzy girls going after Paulie once he leaves the game. Corey is a good looking doof so I don’t doubt he will have many men and women after him as well. Zakhya hopefully won’t make it a pattern and again try to go after abusive men.
        James on the other hand didn’t find a girl after last season and he had more fans, so I doubt it will happen this time. He should go back to his daughter’s mother if she is available.

  11. Next week I believe is a double eviction night. So strategy wise, try and get rid of James. James gets voted out, that rattles Natalie b/c she’s by herself now. And then just pick her off. The houseguests know there’s another one coming but there’s 3.5 weeks left in the game, the final juror leaves on finale night so DE is either happening on the 8th or the 15th.

    • Instead of DE, it’s going to be a FF, isn’t it?
      I’m looking for dates to change/be announced.
      Wondered if anyone knows yet?

      • Not sure, IIRC it’s the same thing. Double Eviction means we the viewers get to see both evictions whereas a fast forward, we won’t see the second eviction until maybe Sunday’s episode.

      • Matt posted the schedule earlier. No DE, but a fast forward next week I believe. And yes the feeds will be down. I hate that, so wrong. I prefer a DE, but I guess it’s too late in the season for one. People left really need an opportunity to save themselves and a DE is just to harried.

    • I get the weird feeling that Natalie will drop James considering he gave up HOH and put them in risk. Stupid reason yes, but then again Ashleigh evicted Zach in BBCan 3

  12. Michelle really missed her opportunity to align with Vic and Paul a couple of weeks ago. A lot of bad players this late in the game. Doesn’t make for a good season. I hope the online season will bring some of the old school BB.

  13. Obviously I’m rooting for Paul and Victor. I wonder if by James leaving Natalie will start to have a fire to play again like she did before?

  14. Everyone better check her luggage for their clothing. Meech has sticky fingers. She has plans to auction them off on eBay. Hoping James and Nat gets on the block. Then James can join Paulie.

  15. I’m sick of all these people especially Paul. Does he ever shut up. Arghhhhhh!!!!! He spews more BS out of his mouth I don’t believe half what he says. Never cared!! I’m so over these people.

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