‘Big Brother 18’: Nomination Anticipation In Week 11

We have a new Head of Household for Week 11 of Big Brother 18 and that means it’s time to start planning for the next round of nominations. Ready to find out who is going on the Block this week?

Nicole Franzel stressing on Big Brother 18

There aren’t going to be a lot of surprises for most of us and with so few HGs left there’s really no mystery for them either as the new HoH isn’t hiding the week’s plans.

Victor took control of the game on Thursday night after narrowly winning HoH in a four-way race with Corey, Natalie, and Paul. James was in no way in the running to win the latest HoH comp. Things were close and everything hinged on rolling a wobbly egg down a ramp. Hopefully this week’s evictee doesn’t focus too much on the absurdity of that aspect.

An impromptu, post-comp celebration between Nicole, Corey, Victor, and Paul drew a promise from the new HoH that none of them would be evicted this week and I believe he’s sincere with that suggestion.

Victor has a target and the perfect number of HGs to put on the Block without having to use a pawn, unless things go south for him in the Veto comp. James and Natalie are in the hot seat and while Victor might want James out there’s a chance he won’t get his way.

Soon after the competition ended Victor confirmed the plans with Paul telling him that James needed to go this week. When Paul suggested Natalie was upsetting him enough to want her to go first instead Victor said that can’t happen. He really wants James out this week but really that might not be up to them.

There are going to be three votes and with Victor as HoH then if there’s no Veto change the votes would be controlled by Nicole and Corey’s majority. They both want Natalie out this week instead of James. The question is whether or not they’d go against Victor to get their own target out instead. We’ve got lots of time to see how that goes.

Nicole started to worry overnight that she could end up a pawn on the Block, but Victor won’t do that unless the Veto forces his hand and I haven’t heard any talk yet on who would be the renom anyway. Though after Corey gave Victor the $5K Bribe I think that’d keep him down this week unless he volunteered for the role.

Both James and Natalie have begun promising the other they would save their partner with the Veto. Natalie told James there’s no point in her staying since she’d just be the next round’s target. James has countered that she has a better chance of recovering and moving on to the end. They were having these conversations when I went to bed and still again five hours later when I was back up.

If either comes down from the Block then the other will go home when Nicole or Corey goes up as the renom and his/her partner votes to save them and Paul joins them with his vote. That’s getting a week ahead of ourselves though.

Right now we can fully expect Victor to put James and Natalie on the Block. Victor’s target is James. Nicole and Corey’s target is Natalie. Nominations will be set later today and then it’ll be on to the Veto comp on Saturday.

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  1. not alot of anticipation needed to figure out what will happen this week…well unless jame’s gut tells him something new

  2. Dingus lied to Vic about the F4 she and Doofus had with James and Gnat. Although Vic said it doesn’t matter, that should send a red flag that he can not trust her. At least Doofus thought she should have told Vic the truth, as she should have. There was no reason to lie and the truth would have helped Vic trust her even more. Vic will learn the truth and I hope that little lie comes back to haunt her.

    • Nah, Victor is right. It’s late enough in the game that “trust” doesn’t really matter anymore. If Nicole wins the next HOH, obviously Victor or Paul will hit the block. It’s all just a matter of winning competitions when you need to at this point.

      • He could use that to vote Nicole out over, let’s say, Doofus, if he really felt he needed a reason and was in that position. It seems they sometimes look for justification for a vote. It could help with jury management.

      • No, he doesn’t deserve ‘better’. People keep whining about horrible Nic is but exactly what ‘horrible’ stuff has she done that makes her so much worse than Vic or others? Vic has said some nasty things in the house and he himself has flat out lied to people. This perception that he is a truthteller ispure gobblygook.

      • I don’t think Vic has a crush at all, it’s jury management. He’s smart enough to know that all she wants in life is male attention. A little extra attention now locks in her jury vote against anyone but Corey. He doesn’t need Boring’s leftovers and will have much nicer options in a few weeks.

      • Your right pretty much. After this week it’s all about winning competitions. If Vic and Paul want to make it to final 2, Paul has to win the next HOH, and then either of them needs to win the veto to secure the final four. Than in the final 4 it comes down to the Veto.

  3. Just wondering why they never let us feeders hear the wake-up music or watch them struggle to get out of bed. They’re still in bed now but it’s not yet 9am there. Anyone know what kind of music they wake up to?

  4. I hope James knows he tanked Natalie’s game with voting out Victor rather than Corey because his gut told him there would be no buybacks.

      • I agree that giving up the hoh was the stupidest move for James. In addition to his loose lips about nat wanting Corey out. That comment alone was well presented by cbs & definitely sketched out Nicole to turn on jatalie

      • I 100% agree in both ways! The comment openly to Paul about wanting Vic to stay when he should have kept his mouth shut or told him privately would have been better! James still did what Nicole and Corey wanted and vote Vic out and again showed his loyalty to NICOREY by giving NICOLE James HOH comp win to her by dropping out to give her a letter. He lost M and now losing the HOH comp to Vic JATALIE is on the block and finished at this point! Only the Veto can save 1 of them and then the other is automatically going home! James should have known M would be the target this past week and hurt JATALIES chances by giving HOH to Nicole! 500K MISTAKE! 2 huge mistakes by James in a span of 6-12 hours?

      • Nah he couldn’t have hung on for 5 more minutes. That’s the only reason he made a deal. He was shaking so bad and Nicole could of lasted hours longer. He made a deal for him and Nat to stay safe which Nicole kept that deal. James had gone back on every deal he made and deserves to be on the block. Karma! And if they would of voted Corey out Paulie would of came back and Nicole would of still been HOH and maybe James would of been a target one week sooner.

    • Yeah because evicting Corey would have accomplished what? Paul/’Vic would still be targeting him.

  5. So NiCorey want James to stay so they can pull him to their side & VP want nat to stay to pull her their way. This week is likely to be a snoozer, but perhaps some rift can form in the final 4 & we get a big shift.

    One can hope….

    • That’s why if Vic used his noggin, he would put up Nicole as a pawn with James. All he has to do is use the same logic she used last week for putting Paul up. I don’t think it would bother Doofus at all, but it would upset Dingus. Make Dingus work for her keep for once. Vic has had to work his a$$ off to stay in this game while Dingus has had LOTS of help which has enabled her to enjoy summer camp. Yes, jc12345, one can hope.

    • And, yes, I am aware that there is a chance Gnat could win veto and take James off the block. That’s what I meant by Dingus working for her keep. She needs to feel the stress of being otb. If she was unable to secure her safety and went home, that wouldn’t bother me in the least.

      • This is why he shouldn’t put up Nicole as a pawn. His best move would be nominating James and Natalie, and then hoping he or Paul win veto. Then they can A) use it on Natalie and put up Nicole so they can get out James, or B) Cut a deal with Nicole and Corey that he’ll keep the nominations the same if they agree to vote out James. There’s no sense in giving them an opportunity to both be safe from the block come Thursday.

      • We can agree to disagree. I think its time for Dingus to feel the heat and be put in the position of not feeling safe. Vic and Paul would be better off if Dingus went home. Doofus would probably be so happy that he would pledge his loyalty to death. haha

      • i agree dingus should be otb, she would use the “never” card if by chance she floated through to f2, i’m so torn by wanting to see james go so i don’t have to hear him share anymore of his “gut” and knowing if dingus went she would have to face meech and da’vonne in the jury house…

      • Actually, we’re not really disagreeing, just offering different perspectives. I was outlining what I believe to be the best way for Victor to get out his target; you’re suggesting that perhaps he should have a different target. So agree to agree but sort of disagree?!

      • I hope we can agree that we’re happy to see Vic have the opportunity and hope for the outcome that benefits his game the most. :)

      • I heard that! Great strategy. Why should someone who has been horizontal all summer not feel the hot seat at this juncture? Nicole will lose her mind at the thought of BD move.

      • She’s a pretty smart player. Getting two of her targets out when she was HOH, in a strong F4 alliance and never nominated. Yep she’s a very smart strategic player.

      • What??? Why would they take one of them down? That would be stupid when they already have a F4 with Corey and Nicole. And they both want James or Nat gone. Corey and Nicole will vote Janes out if tests what Vic wants.

  6. I can see most people are happy with Vic been safe this week, I don’t disagree with that, Vic has earn everything he gets. But we are in for a very predictable week and not much drama.

  7. I hope James and Nicole are on the block at the end of the week, unfortantely I don’t see Natelie winning POV.

  8. If were looking into the future, and comp wins mattering the most near the end, the smarter move is to get Natalie out. The last few comps always end up being Mental/puzzle comps, which James would do terrible in

  9. I like how Victor has gained confidence over the season. First HoH he did what Paulie wanted, second HoH he did what Paul wanted (which was a good thing) but now he’s telling Paul what he wants to doe. Good for you Vic.

  10. James should be the one targeted being better in competitions. That makes more sense than Natalie. And if you leave James in and he wins HOH next, he will be out for blood to avenge Natalie’s eviction!

    • It depends on the competition most of the time, but I think they are pretty even in being competition threats. Fairly good at physical, not that great at mental comps. Although I can’t say that for sure, because there have been more physical comps than mental.

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