‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James Learns Natalie Blames Him

James also tells the guys he’s been starting to suspect something had was happening with Natalie because they’ve been arguing more downstairs. Not only that but James is telling the guys about Natalie warning him not to link up with “certain people” or she’d never talk with him again. Natalie told him to stay away from Nicole and Corey, but he doesn’t name Nicorey here in this talk. James says Natalie hurt his feelings with those comments and they slept in separate beds over it.

The talk continues for awhile more as James expresses more concerns about Natalie pushing him away recently and their spats but the worrying didn’t stop there for James.

Earlier on Monday evening James was alone with Victor when he brought up again these issues with Natalie saying he hoped he wasn’t being played by her on TV. Jump to 5:30 PM BBT 9/5 for the brief conversation. Victor agrees with James and says he’s worried for James about that too.

Natalie arrives in the backyard and the talk between Victor and James stops. Neither James or Natalie acknowledge the other but soon they are alone and then it’s just them and silence. Finally James speaks to Natalie and mentions other HGs are starting to sense their tension. Natalie tells him there is no tension on her end, doesn’t want to fight, and tells James to stop overthinking their situation. We get the full run of “do you just want me to leave you alone?” and “maybe after BB you’ll never want to talk to me again” accusations from James.

This goes on for about twenty minutes (starting around 5:40 PM BBT) and is just as awkward as you can imagine. James is standing at the pool table while Natalie sits on the lounger. He’s worried and she doesn’t want to talk about it. When they finally stop she goes inside and James asks an empty backyard, “Why did you get in this showmance, James?”

At this point James is worried that Natalie has played him and now that his usefulness is up for her she’s trying to springboard off his sinking ship. Whether or not that’s the case it does seem to be his perception at this point and it has him questioning his entire summer’s showmance.

We’ve still got three more days for Natalie and James to hang out, make up, break up, rinse, and repeat. At this point it does look like Natalie will go and maybe between her telling James to stay away from Nicorey and the guys semi-welcoming him back James could end up shifting to their side.

We’ll have to wait a few more days to see if he gets a chance to make another go of his season or if he gets run on out next week, following Natalie to the Jury. Either way, at this point we may have reached the end of James trying to save Natalie’s game at the cost of his own.

What do you think of this whole mess? Should Natalie have blamed James for their situation? Does James need to relax about their showmance? Is there really any chance of them being a couple outside of the house? So many questions and we’ll probably get so few answers on this one.

Update: While I was finishing this article James and Natalie had another fight. Go back to 7:30 PM BBT for the half hour drama in the hot tub. Natalie suggested it was unfair that she was going instead of him and she regretted telling Paul and Victor to vote her out since now it seemed like they were going to do it. Natalie also questioned James again about if he had a F3 deal with Nicole and Corey which he denied. Eventually Natalie got up and left while James sat there stunned.

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    • Thank God. He doesn’t deserve it. Probably didn’t deserve it the last time. People seemed to like his wacky pranks. He just is not that good of a player. Truly awful this season.

      • I was one of his fans and will NOT be voting for him. He played a crappy game and his pranks were just irritating this year.

      • I voted for James last time but there were so few choices as I really dis-liked most of the rest of the cast (or didn’t care enough for anyone else to vote for), My vote this time goes to Victor….he just keeps going, and going and going!

  1. Oh James, James, James, I just have to smh. Why do you put up with this crap from her? Are you that desperate? First off, I have to say that I don’t feel that this is a showmance since it is so onesided. Gnat has made him feel bad thru so much of their relationship. By the time I was James’ age I knew that if someone continually made you feel bad, dump them. In James’ case he needs to open his eyes and separate himself from her. Every time I think that he is smartening up, he goes back for more. His only chance to redeem his season is to move on and play for himself.

  2. Not all relationships are ‘typical’. But does it seem to anyone else that Natalie represents more of the male attitude and James the female attitude in this relationship? She doesn’t want to talk about things, and he likes to talk. Most couples I know are the exact opposite.

    • He’s a 32 year old man that needs to grow up. He signed up for a game and should have spent most of his time focusing on that instead of making a mess and pretending to throw comps.

      • Very true. He’s a terrible player to be quite honest. Awful. There has been so many signs that she hasn’t really been into him. Blind not to see them.

      • How can you blame this all on James? She’s done quite a bit of leading him on:.. When they went to sleep last night SHE said “I love you James” So no, I don’t think this is all one sided. Do I think she’s really in to him? NO! I think she is leading him on on purpose but he just doesn’t want to see it. And she’s wrong for it.

      • Right and two nights ago she said ‘you’re my soulmate, Jamsey’. I feel sad for him. :(

      • I voted for him last year for AFP, but I’m having a difficult time even having much sympathy for him.

      • I have no sympathy for him. If we the viewers can see it and he is around her 24/7 he is either a dumb azz or just turning a blind eye cause he wants to hang on to her cause she probably is the cutest gal to ever pay this much attention to him.

      • James probably thinks he would be “the man” if he is seen with arm candy like Gnat. What he is yet to realize is, that is far from what people would be thinking.

      • Agreed. He is nothing but a child. Throwing food at people, dumping salt in peoples drinks, having puppy love, destroying the house, etc.
        I don’t think he has the mental capacity to grow up.
        People say he is so nice, no, I say he is just a man with the brain capacity of a 12 year old.

      • Some of his pranks were cute during his first season. They were all exceedingly tiresome this season. And it was actually painful watching him take pains NOT to play the game – wasting opportunities to advance his game. Very disappointing.

      • every where she goes, he follows her, even when she tells him to go hang with the other hg’s. Where the heck does he think she is going to go if he leaves her side for 10 min? Nicole is just as bad. They remind me of my 16 year old grand daughter with her first crush.

  3. Matt asked if Gnat can blame James for their situation. Well she can’t have it both ways. How many times has she said that James does not make her decisions and vice versa? She is an adult and is responsible for her actions and decisions. James did not force her to do anything. Sure, he has not played a good game, made some bad choices but he’s not playing the blame game and he should not accept the blame from her.

  4. Nat, please just stop!! It is awful to watch her torturing James. He caught on much too late. I think it is going to shift to James because Paul came up with a plan to Vic that he is going to tell Nicorey about the conversation with James and that should send Nicole over the edge. .Paul’s plan is pretty elaborate and it is definitely going to reek havoc on the house and be very painful for Nicole, Corey and especially Natalie and James. It’ s almost a little mean. He said he is determined to poop on Natalie all week, and is also concerned James may reveal their talk in the future. So far James has kept his word and not told anyone. The talk with Vic and Paul exposing Nat and the way she is treating him has finally sunk in to James’s head that there is no James and Natalie. The problem is James is so hurt, confused and annoyed like this was a real relation/showmance that is breaking up. It was never either, but Nat did just enough to make him think it was more. Her blaming everything on him for the last 3 days straight is tiresome. She is going a bit nuts. I remember early on when James honestly told her there will come a time in the game where he could no longer protect her. I bet he’s feeling guilty that he said those things to Vic and Paul about her, but Paul goaded him and he took the bait. Hopefully, he is finally ready to put himself first and not feel like saving himself is a betrayal to her. They have tried the whole vote me out thing and none of the HG want to hear it. I hope she just stops this behavior.

  5. Just know that we can look forward to Thursday and the eviction. Who ever walks out the door (James or Natalie) and is evicted means the nomance is over…James is beginning to realize that Natalies been using him to further herself in the game.. Too little too late (again) When James finally “gets a clue” the game is almost over..

  6. Oh, dear mother of God, it’s like I’m watching an episode of Days of Our Lives here!

    James, I know I’ve said this before, but GET OUT! Get out now! Natalie’s no good for you!

  7. Yes, I think Natalie should blame James for his stupid game play since he was supposedly teaching her. I also think she should share some of the blame for doing what he wants and not following her intuition. The only reason they both regret it is because Victor came back and now he’s after them. Accept it and move on. Blame Nicole and Corey for everything before leaving.

  8. PRODUCTION : Please tell Paul to SHUT THE F-C-K UP! Cut the F word. It’s just disgusting and too over the top.

  9. James needs to focus on HIS game now and have some talks with Nicole and Corey about next week and forget about what Natalie thinks. Since Vic is not playing HOH, J/N/C have a golden opportunity to win HOH and finally break up Paul or Vic next week. I assume Paul will be up the ass of whoever wins HOH like he has all season, verbally trashing either James or Nicole depending on who wins HOH, and he will plant himself in the HOH room and there won’t be much opportunity for James to solidify anything with Nicorey before noms.

  10. Well, In the live feeds Nicole just told Corey she wants it to be her, Corey and James in the F3…so she is definitely thinking of backstabbing Victor and Paul. Paul, I don’t mind so much b/c he is kind of shady, but Vic is loyal and could have taken a shot at her & Corey, but didn’t. Watching her plotting to stab him in the back is making me sick. I had to stop watching. UGH! I hope Vic gets wind of this, but really what can he do? Corey & Nicole have the majority vote…he’s kind of F’d at this point!!

    • If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and quacks like a duck, in Nicole’a case it’s still a snake! LOL

      • Yep, it appears so. People on this board kept saying she would do this and I was really hoping they were wrong, but it looks like she is going to stab Vic in the back after all. I mean I know it might be a good game move, but if you’re going to be a conniver, just own it. Don’t try and act like you’re not. I’d respect that a lot more. Just my opinion.

      • It is a game of betrayal, true enough, but sometimes one can just do it totally without class and that’s just not necessary.

        There is standard gameplay betrayal and then there’s just being a mean-spirited person. I’m starting to believe that Nicole is the latter.

      • Exactly. If you’re going to betray someo0ne just own it. Like Will & Boogie…they owned their actions. They never tried to pretend to be innocent. I can respect that. I can’t respect acting the Pollyanna while you plant a knife in someone’s back! UGH! I’m frustrated. This was exactly what I was afraid might happen after people started bringing up this scenario. I just wanted to believe Nicole & Corey would honor their agreement… Guess not. Sheesh guess I’m as naïve as Victor! LOL!

      • I do too. I really do, but I’m feeling sick to my stomach b/c I don’t think that is going to happen. Paul was telling Vic last night that is would be best to let Nicole win HOH… I was like what?? NO! So, I have a sinking feeling we will be seeing Paul & Vic OTB next week. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that THIS time it’s Vic who wins POV and pulls himself off the block…I’d honestly rather see Paul leave the house than Vic. Plus think how cool it would be if Vic came back after that won HOH and nominated Nicole & Corey… :)

      • Agreed! That would be amazing! Those 2 (especially Vic) are WAY too trusting in this game. Especially at this point. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this goes the way we want it to :)

      • I’ve said this before about NicHole – and all while acting like she’s pure as the driven snow – JMO.

      • Yep, I think you were one of the people who told me I’d be disappointed in this alliance, Linda… Well, you were right and now I am. #Bummed. :(

      • LOL! Thank you my friend. Feeling better now. :)
        Oh well, hopefully if V&P ARE nominated, Vic wins POV, pulls himself down…wins HOH in the FF week and nominates her & Corey… karma it can be a real *bleep*!! ;) Yes?

      • So when she was targeting Michelle everyone was screaming stupid move she should target the 2 strongest guys. Now that she wants a F3 with James and Corey people think she’s backstabbing Vic. She can’t win. I guess the haters are just going to keep on hating.

    • No offense but five people can’t make it to final two. She’s playing the game for her to win and it’s crazy for her to have Victor and Paul still there at final four. Paul and Victor are already trying to sway James to their side too. She’s just playing HER game to win.

    • Everyone knows if Vic is in F2 they have no chance to win. So kind of a good game move IMO.

      • Hahaha! I know. Ugh. It’s worse than high school. At least such behavior can be excused on adolescence and an undeveloped brain. What’s James’ excuse?? LOL!

      • Um, I’ve seen many an adult couple bicker just like they are. When it comes to bickering couples, I don’t think there is an age limit.

  11. James is getting what he deserves. I do not feel sorry for him in the least. He is over thirty years old. If he cannot figure out life and relationships at this point in his life I doubt he ever will.
    I can actually understand Natalie’s frustration as James talks a big game yet can never produce. I think his mind is stuck at a prepubescent stage.
    On another note, Vic and Paul are stupid to keep him. He will just return to Nicole and Corey. They have a better shot with Natalie. Though now Vic seems to have his own infatuation with Nicole.

    • Nat could have distances herself from James at any time in the game. She is smart and stopped agreeing with James’s decisions a while ago. She is totally having a breakdown now that she may go to jury. Originally she just wanted to make it to jury, so she is also guilty of just waking up. Most of these people this season totally wasted their HOH and yielded their will to another HG. It’seems almost as if we had to wait all season for it to get to F5 for people to wake up. All the backstabbing comments about different players is strange to me. You have to start putting yourself first, no matter what when you get down to 4-5 people. That is exactly why we love BB. Hopefully it stays classy, but you have to keep eliminating people if you want to get to F2.

      • I agree. Natalie blaming James for her bad decisions is so annoying. And I am in no way standing up for James here. Natalie made all of her own decisions, and one of those decisions was to put her faith in James. She has no one is to blame for that but herself.

    • Hi Dreamer….
      Respectfully commenting on your post;

      Perhaps James is just a good’ol boy from the south & with Nat showing affection he had no reason not to trust her. Maybe she’s just that good!

      As far as him playing the game, yes to some degree, I’m assuming he tried to protect the both of their stay in the house. He used her to some degree as well IMO.

      I think that’s no different than Nic trying to protect Cory. I think Cory will be done with Nic after the game as well.

      As far as James siding with either pair…… I don’t give a flying fluck as to which couple he attaches himself to. I just care that he’s still in the game. And will become the swing vote if not the new HOH….


    • Vic is infatuated with Nicole because Corey told him he has no intention of being in a relationship with Nicole.

      • I don’t believe that Nicole would return fix affection because I believe this is not her type

  12. Really surprised by all the Natalie hate. James has been so frustrating this season! They have a good friendship and I don’t think her currently being frustrated by him means she doesn’t care about him. People argue!

    • I am surprised by it too. For a while people were on her side starting to like her. Now she says a couple of disparaging things against James and she is public enemy number one.
      It takes two to tango. James did everything he did willingly. No one twisted his leg to do something against his will.
      He has been using Nat all season as well. He has hid behind her the whole time.

      • Not to be mean or insulting but u have the perfect alias if u think James has been using Natalie…u are a “DREAMER”

      • Haaha!
        I think they used each other. The same as Corey and Nicole use each other. The same as Paul and Vic use each other.

      • IMO the big difference is in blame. Natalie is the only one who is willing to in your face blame her “partner” for her own part in the duo. Even if/when James were to become aware that the whole showmance was a fake, I think James would blame himself, as he should.

      • True. I am not trying to defend Nat’s behavior. They have all acted bad at one point or another.
        James has been complicit in everything that has gone on between the two all season. Nat is upset and probably feels betrayed as she knows she is going home. And yes, still a bad show on her part.
        My point is I get tired of the poor James meme. Acting as he is the poor innocent nice guy that is getting hurt. I am not falling for it.

      • Exactly! I’d be livid if my teammate was throwing competitions. I think she suspects he has an alliance with Nicole.

      • The turning point for Nat seems to be when James threw the wall comp to Nicole. Although I think she needs to put her big girl panties on & stop whining about how he ruined everything, I get her frustration with his lame game. How many times did he say “whatever the group wants to do, I’m in” this season? Then to throw the HOH to Nicole of all people, a pivotal decision that re-shuffled the power in the house. He’s a nice guy, just too naïve for this game.

      • He told her he has been with Dingus since day 1. I’m of the opinion that day 1 was when they found out they would be on the show(pre taping).

  13. Bet that if James suddenly wakes up, starts to play and, by some chance, wins the $500k, Gnat will be all over him He will suddenly become the love of her life.

  14. James should have not given the HOH to Nicole.
    Natalie will move on to someone else without batting an eye.
    James is too good for her anyway.

  15. As if there was going to be any real showmance, between James and Natalie after life in Big Brother .. She made it clear on several occasions that she did not want to go beyond flirting, if I recall? Or, was that between Cory and Nicole ?
    Paulie, may have hit a nerve but, if I recall, he did accuse Nat of flirting / teasing with the boys, then finally settled down with James, early on in the game ??
    They both used each other to get further into the game this season .. and, each made their own decisions, in the end, as been indicated …
    For James, trying to use his same antics as his previous season, assumed that he would once again get the AFP award ?? Hmmm !!!

  16. Well well well James, you finally get to see Natalie’s true colors, and they’re NOT pretty!

  17. James better hope Natalie doesn’t wise up and go to Victor again. Natalie and Michelle were influenced by James and Nicole….just as Victor is being played by Paul and Nicole. I dont think there is much hope for a romantic relationship between James and Natalie, and there is little hope that they will be friends after the show once she learns the depth of his deception regarding his deals with Nicole. Totally different perception from watching live feed’s then if you watch edited televised episodes. I think there’s a lot of influence / scripting by production.

  18. The whole showmance is ridiculous and Natalie told him they were best friends. he should know where he stands. I liked James and Nicole their previous seasons but I don’t like their games this season. Natalie is right James had/has a deal with Nicole and wanted Nicole to stay plus he threw the HOH to her. He advised Natalie wrong as well as Michelle who wanted to target Nicole because of his pre-season deal with Nicole or bribe money whatever the rumors are. He has and is protecting Nicole more so than Natalie imo. James did seem to guide them the wrong way and I would be mad to if I was Natalie. He stuck with Nicole and Nicole threw him and Natalie under the bus. If I was Natalie I would tell Paul & Victor that if I am saved I’d be with yall if james is saved he is going with Nicole/Corey. I feel for Natalie even though she is talking herself into a whole. She was right all along on who was running the house. James he plays dumb and he is throwing her under the bus by acting like he didn’t know Natalie blamed him. Natalie has voiced that to him numerous times. No one – has to stay in their showmance after the season is over – isn’t everyone using everyone showmance wise to further their game? Why Natalie is getting more blame than Corey? He is using Nicole as well. we all know what happened with Z and Paulie….

    • I’m getting angry at James. He will not take no for an answer! She clearly does not want a relationship dude. You let your heart go where it shouldn’t have. No the reason you are alone.

    • Yep, you are right, Willie. I think you tried to tell me this would happen…Please don’t say I told ya so. ;) Lol!

      • I’m hoping all of this coming to James attention will help Nicole explain to James why Nicorey couldn’t trust Natalie and that’s the reason they had to flip.
        I’m hoping James will see reason and continue his never ending quest to break up Paul and Victor.

      • Ah India my friend you break my heart… I thought you were a Vic fan too. Do you really want to see him betrayed AGAIN. Poor guy, I swear this BB experience may scar him for life!! ;)

      • Sorry TGJ, but I’m rooting for Nicole to win and I want Victor to win if she doesn’t. Once Nicole is evicted I’ll join you on the Victor train :D
        It’s going to be so difficult for Victor to get to the end so I think Nicole has a better chance of getting there. Corey is the least deserving person to win imo.

  19. I will still vote for James for AFP, he is a decent guy he just lost sight of the ultimate goal for a while. Victor may win the prize because he is a comp beast but neither Vic or Paul deserve it. I can respect Vic because of comp wins but Paul gets no respect from me because he has no respect for others. Natalie and Nichole are both annoying, although Nichole has played a better game and Corey is only along for the ride, I hope James wins next HOH and puts up Nichole and Paul and let the chips fall where they may.

  20. I have noticed that when Natalie is talking to Julie or in the Diary Room she uses this extremely high pitched whiney voice . . . but other times she has a normal voice . . .she has clearly played James and very unfortunate for him that he wasn’t smart enough to see it . . . like the guy was talking about throwing his game to save her !!!! what a fool . . . . .whatever happened already or does happen in the future – I do not think she had any right to blame James for her own decisions. But she will have plenty of time to think about that in the Jury House ! Highly doubt James will get Favourite Player this year since all he did was sleep and sniff around a girl that used him the entire time ! I think either Paul or Victor will get it !!!!!

  21. James you seem like a good country boy and don’t believe the jersey girl(Natalie) will settle for the country. You can tell she is spoiled and wants her way. I am sorry you were so guilable to think she would go for you! I really believe she like Paulie deep down, he was a pretty boy and lived in jersey!

    • Let’s face it, Natalie really wanted a showmance with either Corey, Victor or Paulie but wound up with gullible country boy James.

  22. While I have often wondered if Nat was playing James this season I’ve tried to understand Natalie none the less in case she really did like James (ahem).
    Didn’t Nat say she loved James during her spat with Paulie flirting?
    So how is James suppose to take that? He wanted to believe it and did believe it apparently.
    Natalie insisted james get involved in the whole Nat/Paulie fracas over flirting and he dutifully endangered his game for Nat since she insisted he do so.
    Now she wants him to get rid of Nicorey next because she doesn’t like them.
    With that said I can also see Nat’s side of the story. She’s on the block and going home and naturally she’s unhappy, even though she thinks everything is James’s fault.
    She’s irritated that her enemy Nicole will outlast her. She has a lot of emotions going on and I think James is getting on her nerves with his constant following her around and wondering about their chances after BB is over.
    This isn’t helping Nat’s nerves at all and she’s become snappish at james thinking of romance when their BB lives are on the line.
    I think it’s good for nat to leave next so that James will finally get his head into the game but it’s probably best for James to forget all about her after this season.
    If James does happen to win I’m sure Natalie will enjoy helping him spend his money.

    • And she told him he was the first Asian she ever DATED. She frequently implies there is more to their relationship than simple friendship although she then pulls back. To me it looks like she is consciously trying to mislead him but throws in just enough “maybes” to be able to protect herself against accusations that she has been leading him on. Which she has been completely doing.

      • Exactly. Nat’s forked tongue has James confused. I hope he can understand that natalie has no need of him now and was mostly using him.

  23. Natalie is the biggest liar. She repeatedly states she knows nothing about this game, but in her bio they ask who she admires most. Here is her answet:

    Donny [Thompson from Season 16] because he was the sweetest and most genuine human.

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