‘Big Brother 18’: James Suggests He May Flip The Vote On Paulie With Care Package Twist

Just when I thought James Huling was going to throw away a potential game changer twist this week it looks like there’s a chance he may be ready to flip the plan and vote out Paulie Calafiore’s ally Zakiyah Everette after late night talks resulted in a new course of action, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

James tells Natalie he has an idea

Houseguests were up late enjoying themselves when we found James and the current top target, Michelle Meyer, awake and chatting away in the back bedroom. James was sharing advice to Michelle on how to up her chances of survival while she made some comments that surprised James and gave him pause with a new idea.

Flashback to 4:25 AM BBT 8/8 for James and Michelle’s chat. They’re starting out with light talk about how Michelle needs to work on the HGs this week. A few minutes later she mentions that if she wins HoH then she’ll be ready to make a big move to go after some of the sneakier Houseguests which she promises James wouldn’t include him or Natalie. James likes what he’s hearing and tells Michelle not to count herself out just yet.

Michelle asks whose vote she might this week (FB 4:31 AM BBT). James tells her that Paul would vote to keep her. Not only that but he points out that thanks to his Care Package power she would only need 3 votes if he was aiding her in the process. If she had Paul’s vote locked up then he and Natalie could join in and save Michelle. Now that’s a big thing to say.

Several minutes later Michelle mentions how Victor told her that everyone in the house is working in pairs. We’ve got James/Natalie, Corey/Nicole, Paulie/Zakiyah, and so forth. Michelle asks James not to tell that, but guess what.

Natalie walks in and asks James to make some food with her so he leaves and they go to the storage room. This part is worth listening in on so Flashback to 4:38 AM BBT.

James tells Natalie he thinks they should keep Michelle. Natalie agrees. He says Michelle suggested she would make big moves and go after big players other than either of them. It’s hard to tell who they think that might be but it seems like Victor could be who they’re thinking.

Talk continues and at 4:41 AM BBT James says, “I’m almost kinda like set now. Maybe we should send… [Zakiyah out].” Natalie immediately agrees, “I told you.”

James worries that Paulie may be trying to use Zakiyah to do his dirty work and go after him, Natalie, Corey, etc. but with Zakiyah gone then Paulie won’t be as likely to take those shots himself. So he’s worried about Paulie, but wait for what he says in a moment.

James reminds Natalie that it’d just take their two votes plus Paul’s to make this happen. It’s definitely achievable if he’s willing to go against Paulie. That still seems like a big if to me, but maybe.

So who would James cancel out? “To keep Paulie safe I can cancel out his vote so he gets no blood.” What? You’re concerned that Paulie could use someone to come after you but you want to look out for protecting them? If you’re going to burn someone then really burn someone here and let him vote out Michelle who would stay. Sheesh.

To go along with canceling out Paulie’s James said he could either nullify the vote from Nicole or Corey. That’d put Zakiyah’s votes to stay below the threshold. Natalie says she’s onboard and has been working with Michelle to make this work if she stays.

Okay, wow, so I’m surprised by this. James is considering it and Natalie may continue to push to make it happen because she’s definitely liking the idea as we soon see her working on building support for it.


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  1. I will gain newfound respect for James if he actually follows through and does this. I’m not holding my breath, though…

    • Yes I just read this article now and wow it would be good to blindside Paulie even though I have had enough of M’s bitchiness jealousy etc Only Jatalie and P can save her. But if James chickens out she is done! I never realized until recently how much horrible things come out of M mouth! Did you hear her 8 minute crying/discussion with people in the safari room after Vics speech? She deserved it. The way she treated B never mind Tiff and the things she said about most people in the house! If Z goes it will hurt Paulie but he still is in control. Go Jatalie as Nat seems to have the brains and is convincing James to keep M! They need to team up with others so why not M who is mostly alone besides her friendship with Z!

  2. Bridgette repeatedly told Nat that she doesn’t trust James. She is not going to forget the promise he made and broke.

    • And she shouldn’t, but it’s good she can trust Nat, though. I’m glad Bridgette confirmed to Nat that she feels Paulie is running the house, which Nat already figured out. So there’s hope after all.

    • I wouldn’t expect her to trust James again either. I wouldn’t. But for this flip to work it wouldn’t be necessary and they wouldn’t even need Bridgette’s votes, but she could position herself to pivot between which ever group comes out on top after it.

    • It would be in her best interest to go along with James this week, hopefully she can win HOH again and maybe put up Paulie and maybe even Nicole.

      • It’d be in her best interest to try and kind of stay out of it. If Paulie wins next HOH, which is very possible, she doesn’t need to become a target of his for siding with the flip on him. If they are gonna go through with this flip on him, she should continue to lay back, out of sight, out of mind like she is, and let them start targeting each other before she picks a side. If I had to put my money on somebody to win the next HOH, it would be Paulie. He’s gonna be determined if they pull a flip on him like everybody did Frank, so Bridgette would be wise to try n stay off of anybody’s bad side right now.

      • All that is for naught now. Michelle and Paul couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

    • Not me…the girl’s gotta go so Paulie can breathe easier and the rest of the house won’t be subjected to her lying all over him in front of them.

      • I want Z gone as well so she can clear her mind in jury house. But I just feel sorry for her, since she’s gonna be the pawnest of the pawn. Kept as a nom, assured safety by someone she trusts but evicted anyway because the house flips.

      • Who cares if Paulie can breathe easier? And it’s just as much Paulie’s fault as Z, but let’s blame the girl.

      • I don’t care…I just want Paulie to see he can’t always be boss. And he’ll stop dismissing everyone else when their plans differ from his.

      • Looks like he is already breathing fine. When he is lying and playing her,Z all in one breath.

  3. Come on James, you have been saying you was laying low, time to let them know you are there to play the game.

    • He can tell Paulie that he’s going with the house as usual and since Vic is the HoH and both him and Paul is who wants Z gone, that’s what he wants too. Plus he can remind Paulie that he initially said he wanted Z gone if pressed. Hope he tells Paulie and “when you are HoH and get the majority of others to go with your plan, I’ll go with that too!” I doubt he’ll say that, but it’s what I would tell Paulie.

  4. He must have had a moment where he realized he does have something below the waist. Do it James. Do it now. What’s gonna happen? Paulie gets mad? Who cares! Paulie would pick off James at some point anyway (or try), so yeah, let’s rock this boat.

  5. Well James has officially began playing this game…that is IF he does go through with the plan against Paulie’s wishes

  6. Just curious tho, once Z is evicted, will Nat stay faithful to James or she’s going to be touchy feely with Paulie?

    • She has no interest in Paulie whatsoever. She wants an all-girl alliance, so she’ll probably work more closely with the girls that are left. We shall see.

      • Girls work more closely?? Haha, that’s a good joke. They save Michelle this week, she’ll probably get back to her crusade to get rid of the nicest person in the house, Bridgette before anything else. The girls have been too worried about getting each other instead of working together.

      • I found it quite hilarious to tell you the truth since 2 of the girls want 2 other girls and some guys out. In other words it’s a pipe dream at this point for Nat to even suggest an all-girl alliance. She is a bit concerned that James is in an all-guy alliance…and he denies any of it. She’d really have to win most of the comps from here on out in order to stay herself, as the guys want to pluck one girl after the other out first before they have to turn on each other. Paulie does, however, want someone else to take Z out. He doesn’t want to dirty his hands with that. Coward! Plus, Paulie is only concerned about Paulie anyway and would not want to get involved with another girl. :-)

  7. I’m going to need James to run his little mouth about what Natalie told him so that her skanky little ass can GO in the DE on Thursday. She’s every bit as catty and nasty as she claims the others are and she would dump James in a New York minute if Corey or Victor gave her the time of day! Can’t STAND her.

    • Oh, and that’s my opinion, obviously. Don’t need anyone attacking me for it if you like her because you’re not going to change my mind just like I wouldn’t dream of trying to change yours.

      • Good for you Heather! Some people take these houseguests and game too personal. Just to add to your Natalie spiel…I still think she’s using James. She’s not THAT into James. It’s part of her strategy. Natalie knows exactly what she’s doing, which is trying to win AFP.

      • She may not have any intentions for her and James after the show, but she’s still a little sweetheart. People can’t fake it for a month and a half. Dicks and bitches can’t help themselves.

    • Besides, she’s also touchy feely with Paul actually. During the epic 6 hour comp that James won, she’s shown cuddling a sleeping Paul, I was a bit surprised at the time. And a few other times as well.

      • I don’t remember seeing that – I’ll have to go back to the episode & re-watch since we DIDN’T GET TO SEE IT ON THE FEEDS!!! Grrrr But anyway, I’m just not buying into her “America’s Sweetheart” routine like almost everyone else seems to be. I think she’s used to all the boys fawning all over her and since they aren’t in the BB house, she’s really bitter about it. It should tell James A LOT that she STILL talks about Victor after all these weeks!

      • Well I think she does like James, altho she might have settled on him once Corey and Paulie were taken.

      • I don’t think she really like James. If my memory serves me, she said somewhere that she would use the guys in the game.

      • And she turned down James’ suggestion to being his BB girlfriend. She just settled on being friends only!

      • That’s exactly my read on why she hates Corey, too. She was apparently interested in him after Vic dropped her like a hot potato and when Corey politely declined, her bitter betty kicked in. Her scorn of Nicole is based on that, too. Nicole barely says her name, yet Nat is ALWAYS saying something nasty about her. Jealousy is ugly, little girl, and does NOT win you the AFP you’re looking to get.

      • 100 percent true! I used to like M till about 2 weeks ago. She is super catty bitchy jealous and while mostly observant she knows why she is on the block with Z! She knows she had no alliance friendship or hardly any communication with V so why would he not put them up? Plus he is in alliance now with P P J and C! It was an easy choice this time! His next HOH will be interesting. She admitted to playing bad game and the things that M says plus her fake crying and is an emotional wreck she needs to go! Also even her family admitted she is a bully and her brother almost committed suicide because of being bullied! She does not understand what she says and does is mean!

      • Of course Corey told us in the first episode that he was crushing on Victor. Strange household this year for sure. Not a big fan of Natalie either – but that last HOH comp -she has more stamina than I thought.

      • And Corey might well be gay and still closeted because of the conservative nature of where he’s from. I totally understand if that’s what it is for him and don’t fault him one bit. People (i.e. LOTS of fans AND that prick Jozea!) need to leave him alone about it – it’s none of THEIR damn business how Corey handles his own!!

        As for Nat’s stamina….I believe it because as an NFL dancer, she has to be “ON” for at least 60 minutes a week while performing at a game.

        Funny thing – Nat was talking to Michelle last week about them moving to DALLAS together after the show….I recall a discussion on here a few weeks ago about Nat’s post-BB intentions being along the lines of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader & that conversation with Mich perked up my antennae. Those who would say she’d move to Dallas to be closer to James – James lives in Wichita Falls, TX, which is 141 miles (or a good 2 hrs’ drive on a good day), so no.

      • So tired of the mean spirited “Corey’s gay!!!” hullabaloo. I mean, so what? and I’m not fixated on his sexual orientation either.
        I love, love, love your Natalie jealousy remarks too.
        Why so many people think Nicole is the one jealous of Nat I do not understand.
        What exactly does Nicole have to be jealous about Natalie?
        Is Nicole jealous than Nat snared that stud muffin James while Nicole could only snare the guy Natalie was crazy about at the beginning?
        Is Nicole jealous that Nat is NOT getting as much attention from the guys as she has been getting?
        I can only hope Nat doesn’t break James’s heart.

      • I couldn’t agree more about the mean-spirited “Corey’s gay” garbage! And that’s exactly what it is – garbage. It’s 2016…if you’re that fixated on whether someone is gay or not, you need a damn hobby! And to learn how to mind your own business. It’s nacho – business OR place! – to out someone, especially in public!! Jozea & a lot of others need to learn some respect.

        Agreed, agreed, agreed on the jealousy issue. Natalie needs to look in the mirror when she calls Nicole jealous.

        I’m hoping that James is more aware than all that. Then again, he held out hope last year when Meg REPEATEDLY told him clearly & kindly that there was nothing there. Then he got mad when she started dating someone & outed their relationship on Twitter in a fit of jealousy. Bad form, Jamesy. :(

      • I didn’t even know Jozea had outted Corey – how bratty of him.
        You’re right about Meg and James, at no time did Meg lead him on that I knew about and was more or less firmly in the friend zone with him.
        Here’s the problem imo; james needs to lower his expectations as far as women go. There’s probably a nice woman out there for him but she’s not going to look like Meg or Natalie. He has to realize that a beautiful woman will want more from a husband that he can offer.

      • Jozea has been running his obnoxious mouth on Twitter. Things like, “See – I told y’all there were 3 of us in the house!”(meaning himself, Corey, & Tiff) and other such trash. He’s ridiculous.

        I’m glad someone else remembers Meg being very clear about where James stood with her. I saw him talking vaguely about Meg on feeds about 2 weeks ago & I thought, “Don’t you lie to these people about how that went down!” I also heard on Rob Has a Podcast that James got a really big head after BB17 & was basically obnoxious after winning AFP. I was disappointed.

        I don’t want to say that a beautiful woman wouldn’t want him because who knows? And his confidence that he could attract what most people consider to be a beautiful woman is also attractive to some. He just needs to choose better, learn to pick up on cues, and listen to them for Pete’s sake!

      • Nothing wrong with James hoping he can win a beautiful woman at all. But then again, isn’t it a little superficial to only go after beautiful women?
        There are a lot of nice, if rather plain women out there so that’s why I started to think his expectations were way too high.
        James does seem more confident in himself this season; sad to hear he let fame go to his head though.
        Like you, I’m extremely confused how James thought he had a relationship with Meg after BB.
        She was always nice to him so maybe this confused him and made him think she was interested?
        Natalie just might have problems after this season.
        Ugh Jozea, what did Corey ever do to him except vote him out?
        I’m hoping Jozea will disappear into the ethers and we’ll never hear of him again.

      • It’s very superficial & that’s a shame. Attraction is important, but it can’t and shouldn’t be the only reason you choose someone.
        I’m confused about that, too. He was saying that they texted every day after BB17 was over, but I don’t see how you could ever read more into that than just that there aren’t many others in the world that understand what you’ve just been through. Debriefing after coming back into reality has to be necessary for all of them. I think he simply chose to think that there was more to it or that Meg would change her mind and that’s on him. Honestly, if Natalie has problems, that’s HER fault. She’s never been as clear about whether they’re just friends or not, so if there’s an issue, she bears responsibility, too.
        Yeah, old Jossie can take a long walk off a very short pier!!

      • James doesn’t seem to be able to pick up on social cues when it comes to women. If a woman is nice to him he seems to think they’re interested in him ‘that way’ when they aren’t.
        He has fallen for Natalie now and doesn’t seem to understand that all she wants with him is friendship in and out of the house. Do I think Natalie has used this to her advantage? Absolutely.
        I think Meg is a much better person than Natalie though.
        Someone needs to help him learn to take a hint. Most women aren’t going to shout out “Get the hell away from me, I don’t like you” but perhaps that’s the only kind of rejection James understands.

      • Agreed 100% on all points!! Aaaaand Natalie just told Bridgette on feeds that she likes Paulie “so much, future husband right there.” Then said she was just kidding. But we all know she wasn’t kissing at all. What a freaking skank!! Paulie knows how she is, too, and wants nothing to do with her!

      • Umm Hmm, as Day would say :D
        So Natalie’s true colors are finally beginning to show and she’s been hot for Paulie all along.
        You know what? Those 2 probably deserve each other.
        Now someone needs to tell Zak that Nat is after her man. I kind of think Paulie is interested in Nat what makes you think he isn’t?
        This is so high school isn’t it? Nat tells Bridge that she likes Paulie and hopes the word will get back to Paulie and they’ll live happily ever after.
        Natalie has already started pulling away from James I’ve noticed.

      • Yeah, they are. Finally. Thank God!!

        Noooooo….Paulie wants nothing to do with her. He dated one of her friends before & has clearly said that he knows exactly how she is & what she’s about.

        It’s very high school, but they’re all young and silly. Basically on a summer vacation. So, high school is bound to happen.

      • I do try to keep in my mind how young these young women are this BB and don’t get too upset about all the love connections going on in the house.
        I knew Paulie said Nat was fake but I didn’t know whether to believe him or not.
        Poor Nat, 3 guys have turned her down already even though she’s ready to trade james in for a new partner.
        I just read where Nat said to James that as long as Nicole left before her she’d be ok. Her Nicole jealousy is getting ridiculous.

      • Nicole talked to the feeders & her family the other morning. Said she is well aware of how she’s gone and done what she said she wouldn’t – get into a showmance. But she’s definitely playing the game, too.
        Oh, I believed Paulie when he said he knew what she was about. His disdain was all too real. I saw on Twitter, I think, where he knew her from & it’s believable since they’re both from NYC.
        I see it as karma for being skanky enough to latch onto James when none of the others would have her.
        Her Nicole jealousy is just so typical of a chick who thinks she deserves all the male attention just because she’s pretty. Too bad, sister. The guys like Nicole because she’s real.

      • Nicole doesn’t put on airs and is a very down to earth person; which is so obvious to me and you but most people thinks she’s evil or something.
        Compared to Nicole , Natalie is very fake. I don’t think Nat is evil and she’s probably a good person over all but it’s stupid to only focus on getting rid of Nicole when there are much larger targets out there she needs to be worrying about.
        All Nat can see is that once Nicole is gone she’ll be the center of attention.
        Since Day did tell lies about Nicole to all the other girls I can kind of see why Nat might’ve believed some of those lies, but Nat needs to start playing smarter and try to work with Nicole instead of against her. Of all the people in the house she says she doesn’t trust NIcole. WHAT?
        I still say the best bet for Nicorey is to team up with J/N.

      • Bitch please. These fucking queerists sure don’t want nobody telling them who they can marry or what they can do up in their bedroom, but they have ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING PROBLEM shoving their homosexualism up in everyone’s living room and kindergarten classrooms. You’re suppose to accept it and say nothing when a grown ass man wants to go into the bathroom with little girls, because that is where he feels most comfortable despite terrified children. You want people to respect your preference to engage in deviant behavior privately, then quit flaunting it in our living rooms and shoving it down the throats of children

      • First of all, what gives you the right to call ME a bitch? I don’t know you, so kindly show some respect to another human being. Second of all, NOBODY here said one blessed thing about deviants in bathrooms. And third of all – take your HaterAde somewhere else! The rest of us engage in respectful conversation with one another despite not agreeing, so you can either be civil with us or go away.

      • Nicole should be happy that Corey likes her! She has just said so many things on the after dark feeds about being jealous of Nat! Do you not watch after dark feeds? Nicole has won that battle and is insecure about it as so what if Nat was interested in Corey at the beginning of the show. Maybe she still is? But has moved on with James. Also just her comments with M about how Nat should not have gotten the 1st ACP with her gift of not being a have not anymore and lame socks and toothpaste really? That is pathetic by them. Also wanting and asking Nat to go on the block for her during Pauls HOH was rude. They have no relationship at all! Nicole was like how come America loves her and not me? Whiny and jealous! She has really disappointed me the past few weeks as I was a huge Nic fan! I still like Nic but she needs to grow up like everyone in that house. James Natalie Corey and then Nicole would be the nicest people in the house probably in that order. Yes I agree I hope she does not hurt James too!

      • I agree that Nicole should be thrilled that Corey likes her, but her insecurities that a guy that cute *could* like her are getting the better of her (as a female, I completely understand those insecurities, too – we ALL get that way when a guy that we think is really attractive is attracted back. Our default thought process is that it’s a joke – sad but true). I agree that she needs to get over it, though, and grow up. Easier said than done, though, eh? :o)

        I watch feeds, but not BBAD that often. Maybe that’s what I’m missing because what you’ve noted that she’s said *is* catty and mean. Not necessary and completely unlike the Nicole we all fell for during BB16.

        To be honest, I see nothing wrong with Nic preferring to see Nat on the block instead of herself BECAUSE they have no relationship. Game-wise, I’d advocate for someone outside my alliance to go up 1000% of the time. So, on that one, I don’t see it as a jealousy thing. I see it as trying to save oneself by trying to get someone else nominated – preferably someone NOT in your own alliance.

      • It is obvious they both like each other! I understand people can get insecure men women everyone but if Corey wanted Nat she would be his and they would be together! Corey is a very likable guy despite his goat and bathroom stories. One was funny the other disturbing but still! I know I can be friends with Jatalie and and Nicorey and maybe Zaulie in real life. M went down the drain he past 2 weeks. Zaulie took a nose dive also. I was cheering on any of these 7 to win the game. Now just Jatalie and Nicorey as a backup. also Heather one of my dislikes with fans is the sexist thing as I am a man but wanted either 4 women or 3 men at the beginning of the game to win! Now just 2 of each sex to win. I want the best player or one with best character to win or both. Yes so much can be missed if you do not watch the feeds as that tells MOST of the story besides lots of guesswork. That is why it is good to have these posts to fill in each other about what us fans have missed? None of us know probably even half of what is truly going on in the house and not just game wise. I just like keeping things real and if I play that will be one of my strategy plans. Ofcourse at some point you have to lie game wise. Yes I will agree about Nic getting someone out not in her alliance is a smart move but if I was Nat I would say listen we are not in an alliance so go ask someone else! But that would not be the best thing to say but it would be honest. I would even be thinking we are not friends but keeping your mouth quiet in that CRAZY house is tough. My mind and mouth would have to battle it out. I know what I can handle though.

      • I think it’s obvious that Corey likes Nicole back, too, despite what all the internet haters say. Lots of little things he says and does to and with Nicole tell the tale, NOT what he tells James, Paulie, or anyone else! :D

        I try not to be sexist at all when it comes to rooting for or cheering on players. I like who I like and it’s often a gut thing – I have no real concrete reason for it sometimes. Same goes with who I don’t like – I can’t always cite a reason chapter and verse, I just have a negative reaction to them and that’s how it works for me. Never intended to say that you root based on gender, so if I did say so or even inferred that, I apologize. : ))

        I agree about the refusal – you’d have to do it as politely as possible knowing full well that whatever you said would likely be twisted. I could NOT handle the BB house – I’d either be mouthy & piss everyone off or I’d be more of a crybaby than Michelle. Hahahaha

      • Yes exactly Heather you need to watch and observe people by their actions not just their words. Naturally Paulie wants people thinking he wants Z gone so the target is smaller to him then. As for Corey why would they be in bed cuddling kissing every night? If I was in that house I would know certain obvious things for sure and Nicorey is so obvious. Vic is jealous of that as V likes Nic. What someone says does not tell you much maybe 10 percent? Watching with your own eyes tells you maybe 50%? Also you need to have good judgement as so many people do not.

      • My computer acting up on me! I hear ya on your reasons for who you like etc Hey like I said I just like it when people talk with facts or good reasons etc Too many haters talk out of their butts and they do not have a clue what the truth is in this game! I watch lots of the after dark feeds and I only know maybe 50% truth? No apology necessary but so many people do imply sexism and it bothers me. Some things I would have to speak my mind but timing and tone is very key too. M has none of this! Also best to pull person alone if you have issues with that person about something NON game related. Unless you want that person gone. Day and F is a good example of this. Atleast he did apologize over and over about his wrongful touching with the girls butts! M and Z are really mean! Sad as Z is very beautiful on the outside. Maybe when she goes she can be nice girl again but her EXTREME jealousy about anyone talking with Paulie even the guys and her bad hygiene as she hardly showers plus that tampon incident being catty petty I do not blame Paulie for not wanting to deal with that while trying to win the actual game!

      • Heather time will tell about their post show relationship. Did not know anything of this and maybe James moves to Dallas you do not know. Remember people say plenty of things and have good intentions of doing it and do not for various reasons. She likes what she is doing now working with kids even though she does not get paid well and is broke. She is poor and lives with her mom and sis atleast that is what I read. I would love to have watched this clip after dark.

      • I think the Michelle/Natalie conversation about moving to Dallas happened sometime Saturday or Sunday afternoon, so it wouldn’t have been on BBAD. Sure, it’s possible that James would move to Dallas, too. Anything is possible post-show, so they’ll all have to see how things shake out.

      • Ok thanks for the update! I cannot find it on the feeds! I think she does really like James but she definitely wanted Corey and Vic 1st! I saw on the feeds about Natalie asking James if she would Marry her. She also said I want to Marry you James and he put a pillow in her face twice when she did that. This was after he gave her some really good massages a few weeks ago? She said she would date him in real life but wants to see if he will make effort after the show. She also wants to see if he will go after other girls and if he really wants just her? It is a 2 way street and if 2 people want to make it work they will. That is my thoughts on it. I think they will remain friends no matter what. Only Jeff and Jordan I liked for a BB showmance! I watched so many clips of their 1st season together! I would have married Jordan! She is an angel so sweet and cute and genuine etc! We all make mistakes and so do us fans!!!!

      • Nat is in better shape than most of the players! Only Corey Vic and Paulie are in better shape physically than her! She also did really well in the HOH James won! She came in 4th and beat all the guys except her man James. Only B and Day beat her. She can beat most of the fans. It was evident then and definitely after coming in 2nd on that really tough endurance comp! I either would have puked or gotten off when I knew I was about to! Plus your arms and legs burn really bad during that comp. The other endurance comp I would have done really good at.

      • When did Nat say this? Yes it does sound like a rejected lover or just plain dissed as she was by him romantically that is. Nicole is his type for sure! Even before he got together with Nicole it was obvious he liked Nicole! She read Corey for Filth? That si not a typo?

      • He does happen to be living in the same house, that might have something to do with it…

      • She was yapping on and on about Victor the WHOLE time he was out of the house, too. That’s not it – Vic dumped her before the feeds came on and Miss Priss is NOT used to being the one who gets dumped. Period.

      • I am a big fan of Jatalie however I do agree with some of your points and time will tell about them after the show. Yes she has her bad moments like anyone else. She probably is bitter about Vic! How about you Heather if he dissed you? As for Corey he never was interested! Paulie and her are more like brother sister or just friends. Vic was annoying to the girls before he got evicted so that is reasonable on her part. She wants Vic and Paulie out bad and once she wins HOH they will go on block if they are still in the house when she wins! She is still the best girl in the house as Nicole has her cattiness jealousy pettiness about Nat also. Only Nat or James deserves AFP except Paul. She is just flirty and James knows this. She is interested in James and deep down Corey but C is into Nicole big time! What did she run back and tell James? Her convo with B? I can appreciate someone else’s opinion if they use their brain. I hope she is not using James but one would have to move since they live far away from each other NY and Texas is how far? They will be good friends after the show and if something more happens it will be surprising. She does care respect and like James but did say she wants to see what he does when he has the freedom to go after other girls when they are out of the house will he still be only interested in her? Who are you rooting for Heather to win?

      • As for being dissed – by anyone – it’s never fun, but you have to look it as their loss and move on. Yes, it’s hard not to be bitter, but being bitter only hurts YOU, not the person who disrespected you. Besides, why would you *want* to be with someone who is disrespectful of you? Personally, I try to embrace my inner Elsa and “Let it go.” :o)

        Not sure what you’re referring to when you asked me, “What did she run back and tell James?” And I really hope you weren’t insulting me with the comment that follows that.

        I am and always have been on Team Nicole. I’ve been a big fan of hers since early on in BB16. I hate that she’s heading for Britney & Christine territory by having aligned herself with the boys, but it’s always a whole lot easier for us fans to make those judgements with all the info we have out here.

      • Yes I agree she needs to move on but I would hope it is only because of his picking on the girls before he got evicted! Being in that house can drive people crazy! Yes if she really likes James it should not matter. Hopefully she does let it go as you say as that is the mature thing. I agree with you. I thought you had mentioned something about Nat telling James something but I do not see it now? No I was not insulting you as I said you had some good points and I actually agreed with some of them. Also we shall wait and see as I have doubts too as real life and being in that house are two different things especially long distance since they live so far away one would eventually have to move! Yes I have always been team Nicole since BB 16 but the past few weeks she has disappointed me as I guess you did not see feeds or my comments specifically why about why? Unless you are in that house most of us fans know only some things that are going on as they are not going to ruin their game. The whole Zaulie thing for example only they know the truth! We fans will just have to wait and see? Nicole was so jealous and petty about the dumb care package she won and said how come America loves her. Also she wanted Nat to be a pawn during Pauls HOH when they have no relationship is rude.Nic and M were going to have house meeting to make Nat go on the block. The nerve of them! Also she has been jealous as she knows Nat is beautiful and knows she did like Corey and she is showing insecurity as she wants Nat gone because of this. So typical. I think being around Z and M she has become petty whiny very jealous or maybe it was there before and did not know it? Anyway I still like NIcorey but it is disappointing as I was a huge fan of her and Donny and Cody during her season. If Jatalie cannot win then I hope they do as I do not like the cast this year.

      • I agree with you 100 percent Heather as if I got dissed by someone it is their loss! There is someone out there for everyone. You mentioned in another comment about being upset Nat ran back and told James something? What was it? The convo between Nat and B? I am a big fan of Nicole from BB 16 also! Here are some facts you may or may not know? Christine who I cant stand and who betrayed Nic in BB16 is M’s cousin from this season! Also Corey is friends with Clay from BB 17 in real life! Did you know about these 2 facts? Caleb from BB 16 played on survivor this year and almost died of heat stroke and had to be taken away on helicopter emergency! Next year I want all new players and no one related like Tiff Paulie M or friends with someone on the show like Corey as he was the last contestant as I watched him on the feeds saying he made it like days or a week before show started. No returning HG’s either. That is 8 spots gone already for people like me that will try out next year leaving 8 spots. Hopefully 16 new people!

      • I looked & looked for what I was talking about and couldn’t find it, of course. :/ I think I wanted James to run back & tell Paulie something that Natalie had said because I was disliking her particularly in that moment and wanted the target to shift from Nicole back to Natalie.

        I did see that Christine admitted on Twitter that Michelle is her cousin. Being a Nicole fan from BB16, I really disliked Christine & how she treated NIc. That’s enough for me to dislike Michelle, too. I also saw that Corey said he knows Clay, who I was not a particular fan of. Corey also knows Joelle Fletcher, the most recent Bachelorette and his parents apparently know the parents of Jake Pavelka, a previous Bachelor. I have a feeling that Corey’s parents are wealthy and a part of Dallas society. I have no proof, just a gut feeling. To be honest, I was LOVING Caleb on Survivor & hated to see his medevac happen!! He’s actually back out there competing on one of the 2 seasons they film at a time.

        I agree that it’s time to leave out the siblings, friends, and connections to previous HGs. I also want to see ZERO actor/model recruits – just FANS of the game who want to play! Maybe one of these days Robyn Kass will listen to those of us who drive the ratings……we can hope, right?!?!?

      • Honestly I would love for Jatalie and Nicorey to team up but because of the girls jealousy it will not happen! It kills alliances so much. See I knew nothing of Bachelor and Bachelorette as I do not watch those shows only see cover pics on mags at grocery store! Yes you are probably right about his parents being rich as Paul’s parents look rich with that feed the showed us of his friends and family. Honestly Caleb was the strongest competitor for Survivor and should have won. I was rooting for him too. He was the only guy I was rooting for. There were 4-5 girls I liked but Michelle one of the 5 won. Aubry should have won I thought as she had controlled most of the game and lost 2 critical allies 1 with the hidden idol Neal. I like LIZ from the brains also Anna Julia Michele and Alicia. Once Caleb lost I was 100% wanting any of those 5 girls to win! Thanks for the update as see this is what I would like more fans to do update each other without the hate! So sick of the WAR and violence every day! So depressing. People hating for no reason. Yes no dumb recruits either I agree. Lots of recruits last season like the obnoxious twins! Saw a video they moved to LA to be actresses. Liztin broke up in Feb no surprise there. He was so gross almost never washing his hands and the things they did under the covers. It was the GROSSMANCE of all time! Only BRACHEL may have been worse? It would be close! Yes we can only hope as I truly want to play and would be decent player but I suck at mental comps and I am terrible guesser like the DE is T/F most likely!

        Steve’s comp is coming up next week I bet! The puzzle/harness memory comp. Even Meg did really good in that comp coming in 2nd or near the top? Did she win that fashion comp in BOTB? That would be her only comp win! A lame fashion one which James threw anyway.

      • I agree she definitely is used to guys fawning after her as she is very beautiful and I would definitely be interested as I was in Nicole 2 years ago. Most of the girls suck this year and that is why the possible womens alliance got ruined. Also it was set up for a girl to win and it looked really good early with 8-5 girls early. Now only Nic or Nat can win and the odds are against them. Yes Nat has her bad side too Heather but we all do.

      • Given the fact that you have all these different women crammed together in one confined space, expecting the majority of them to band together in an alliance that lasts longer than a week or two is sheer folly on us fans’ part, I think. Women, in general, just don’t do well in larger groups because cattiness tends to take over and they start blowing each other up. Add in the fact that their feminine cycles end up getting in synch (it’s a biological fact that women who live/work together usually wind up with their cycles getting into synchronicity based on proximity) and you’ve got the hormones raging all at the same time. At that point, you might as well forget that it was ever even a thought.
        And you make a very fair point about us all having a bad side. None of us is immune – we’re all human, after all. :o)

      • I think you can have a women’s alliance but it is rare and really 3 women like the Spy Girls is the most they can do. Maybe 4 but you see how hard 3 was or even 2 girls getting along! As for the women cycle stuff I will believe you as I only hear things and am clueless about that! I wondered if living together would make that happen? As for the last part thanks as my thing is whether a fan or player of the show talk with some intelligence as lots of fans are so hateful and obviously do not know much and do not watch the after dark feeds! If you do not watch after dark feeds and keep up with BB Network how will you know even half of what is going on as things change by the hour in that CRAZY house! I want to see not just read about M’s veto ceremony speech going after Paulie! Not only is she super mean and jealous but way dumber than I ever imagined! I thought she was going to win lots of comps the 2nd half like Steve and V last season but she stuck her foot in mouth yet again in front of the whole house no less! So many idiots this year! I want to be playing now and hopefully next year you will see me on BB19?

      • I definitely think an all-girls’ alliance is possible – it just has to be kept small, VERY quiet, and it has to partner up outside of itself very carefully for protection to the end. In other words, ALL members need to know how to keep their mouth SHUT and play with their brains not their hearts or other parts. ;o)

        Yes, living with one another will eventually put all women on the same cycle. It’s happened for me with my mom & sister growing up, college dorm-mates, and even female coworkers. It’s just a weird thing of nature that women’s cycles do that without our even knowing it. And we certainly have no control over it.

        Yeah, I try to always speak with some knowledge of my subject and facts to back up assertions as well as RESPECT for the person I’m talking to on here. Yes, it’s just the internet, but there are still human people on the other side of the screen and anonymity does not give any of us the right to be hateful to others.

        I’ve always thought that those who only watch the tv episodes only get a TENTH of what’s really going on. Hell, us feeders only get about HALF since production controls all the cameras and there are almost always conversations that they don’t let us watch.

        Hey, good luck getting cast!!!

      • There is zero hope for girls alliance this year as most of them hate each other! Thanks for filling the cluelessness of the women thing for me. Lots of us guys are so dumb in those ways. I just get sick and tired of people saying stuff on stuff they no little or nothing about the particular subject and being hateful on top of it! Some of these players deserve it or criticism but the internet gets super ugly about things people know or even if they are wrong they still make dumb ignorant comments. I am for being honest and keeping the peace. I do not like being mean and hate seeing others do it. Frustration is different like M and Z have brought mostly on themselves. Watching the 42-44 min shows 3x a week tells you almost nothing! Production cuts the feeds to show you what they want. Also how many hours in a week? Not 3 43 minute shows that are edited! Even watching the after dark feeds you only know maybe half of what the truth is so getting really upset is pointless. You are exactly right Heather about production and how much we really know as opposed to what we THINK we know. Zaulie is a good example of this! Also while mean but funny Vic’s HOH speech was entertaining as heck. If people do NOT understand his situation and why he put up those 2 are not watching the after dark feeds and do not understand the game of BB 18! For those who want Vic’s explanation I will tell you just ask! Thanks I just hope I get fair shot at being cast! This year only 8 of the 16 are new as far as I know? Meaning no returning house member or related sibling cousin or friend! M and Corey know people too for those not knowing and have cousin on past shows!

      • James doesn’t act like a jealous idiot, and I think Natalie really likes that about him.

        Flirting is fine, as long as the heart is where it belongs ~ in bed beside the person it belongs to.

      • You should learn to read what people actually write instead of what you think they write. I never say anything about James being a jealous idiot coz I never think he is.
        All my posts are about Nat, and what she does in my opinion, not about James.

      • I didn’t mean to be mean or insulting, but everyone is trashing Natalie for flirting with guys, meanwhile the only person who has a sliver of a right to be jealous or upset with Natalie for this is James. And he’s never shown any kind of displeasure at all.

      • Natalie’s flirting doesn’t bother me at all. But, I will say I don’t think she likes James in the same way that he likes her. Also, think she’s playing to the viewers to win AFP. Compared to everyone in the house, Natalie is one of my favorite remaining houseguests.

      • I get what you are saying. Why people get so snippy is beyond me, it is BB, not the Mid-East peace talks. Let’s just have some fun with it. It is just a show FFS. :) Have a wonderful day!

      • She was cuddling with Paul was it recent clip? Or was it old as there was one but James was there and one where he came in minutes later. Where they really cuddling or just laying on the bed where James was tickling her? Do you have time and date as this would help since things change so much in the house daily.

      • During HoH comp that James won. Paul was lying down and Nat were “spooning” him.

      • Ok thanks! I think I saw a split second of that on live show but it was so quick. Not sure exactly what happened? I will see if I can find it?

    • I absolutely agree with you. It confirmed it for me when I saw her canoodling with Paul on AD when he won HOH. Wasn’t sure if she was into him, or if she was just doing it so he didn’t put her up. Either way, it didn’t make me like her.

    • What did Nat say that makes you want to evict her? What did she run back to James and share? She definitely was interested in Corey and Vic 1st those really are facts. Nat has her issues like we all do but I still think she is the best girl in the house. Nicole 2nd. I think in real life they are both really nice but Nicole has really disappointed me the past few weeks especially. How much of the after dark feeds you watch?

  8. Since, there is a double eviction this week, James better watch out! Paulie could very well win the next HOH and if James went against Paulie in the votes, he cannot deny using his 2 vote nullifications in favor of Michelle. You have to be super dumb not to see that! My guess is James will talk big like now but, cater to Paulie’s demand when it comes down to vote. In that case, Michelle could be the first one going home this week. The 2nd eviction would depend on who wins HOH!

    • Paulie says he’s going to, not planning to, win the 2nd HoH. I will be laughing if he doesn’t! :-)

      • Rooting for Bridgette to win the next HOH but, I doubt she will be able to make much of it. She probably will be scared to make a move against Paulie. Maybe, James and Michelle gets put on the block assuming Zakiyah is the first evictee! There is a limited pool to target which is James, Natalie, Michelle once, Zakiyeh leaves. Of course, Bridgette is friends with Natalie so, she probably will be safe if that is the case!

      • I think she did say she would put up James and Nicole (stuck with what Frank said to her). With Mich/Z as the renom, possibly.

      • Yes, Bridgette is friends with Natalie, but Natalie is still wary of her at the same time since she teamed up with Vic and Paulie. Bridgette may very well begrudgingly team up with Nat and James. You just never know. All depends on who’s left that will benefit her game more than petty resentment.

      • Bridge should know that Nat almost tried to flip James to save Day over her. Somebody somehow please tell Bridge that hahaha.

    • And in your own words, it will depend on who wins the next HOH. Then the one after that this week. Could Paulie win one, well yes but it doesn’t mean he will win one. For the hell of it, let’s say Z goes home first. Then Michelle wins HOH (it has to be a simple one and not strength related). She puts up Paulie and Nicole, Someone else wins and keeps the nom’s the same. Chance’s are Paulie will go home too. But I am reaching here just as you are about James. The best laid plans are always subject to who is the HOH,.

      • I don’t know Willie. I’m with Richie…the chances are greater that Paulie wins HOH than anyone else. James better be ready to back up using the CP after Z is evicted. Because trust and believe Paulie is coming after James if this goes down.

      • He coming for James regardless of whether or not he use’s the CP to evict Z or not.

      • He is, but not until after the girls are out. Now he’s thinking of putting up Nicole and James for DE with Natalie and Bridgette as RN. Of course this is all dependent on who gets HOH.

      • Regardless, James is in line next to be targeted. The question is, what is the best move for James game? Of course weaken Paulie’s army. That means sending Z out the door, NOT Mich.

      • He can tell Da he took a swing. lol
        Actually not so much a swing as raising his arm to wipe the sleep out of his eye. Lol.

  9. James hopefully sticks to his plans. Z needs to go. The DE will really take a huge twist if James follow through with this. James needs to earn the respect back after he lied to Bridgett.

    • Z SOOO needs to go. I can’t take her anymore, please for the sake of the viewing public, get rid of her! Of course that is my opinion and you don’t have to co-sign or agree. :)

  10. LOL look at everyone getting all excited thinking that James is actually going to do something… Don’t kid yourselves. Come Thursday, Michelle will be getting evicted.

    • Either or would work for me – neither adds much to the overall game at this point – but it looks like Michelle may have just put her size 7 foot into her size 10 mouth with Paul.

  11. During this Paul /Paulie rule the house session I wonder if Paul has noticed that Paulie has not mentioned when Zakiyah would be going…Paulie has mention all the females but her…Pay attention Paul…close attention..

  12. I am not holding my breath at all with James getting Z out. The second he said that he wanted to run the plan by Paulie..that was a pretty good clue that he won’t do it. I really hope it does happen..this house needs a good shake-up!

    • The current plan is between James and Natalie as of now. James has not said anything about going to Paulie concerning
      this particular plan..

  13. Am I correct to think that whomever gets the next CP will be safe in the DE? That’s huge. I don’t know why that just hit me. Duh!

      • I know that James rec’d the CP Fri. before noms. I was thinking production might try to put it in play before the first DE nom, but I just looked it up and the voting doesn’t end until Fri. at 1:00 so that’s not going to happen.

    • Tough to decide who to vote for, given that it is possible the DE won’t go according to PPs plans. Hard to tell who will (Vincent Price voice), “Survive the night”.. Bwaahahahahaaa

      • I don’t like these players, but as a viewer I wanna see CP used and succeed. All the BS in the house will come out…wanna see chaos..it’s been boring.

      • You know every time I mock Paulie on this site, I have to acknowledge “Paulie is Playing the Game”..I think it’s important. lol

      • And I get a good chuckle out of it every time. I forget you are not the only one reading my post and other posters don’t realize I’m being sarcastic. I’ll try to watch that.

  14. Meech is shooting herself in the foot as I type. Why would you tell Paul, who’s one of Paulie and Vic’s closest allies, that if you win HOH during DE you’re going to make a big move. Oh, and he doesn’t have to worry about being OTB. Sure you can guess what Paul did with this tidbit of information…ran back and told Paulie everything Michelle said to him. SMDH

    • That’s because since James told her that Paul was voting Z instead of her she thinks Paul is on her side and that there is trouble in paradise between PP. She could be correct… About the trouble. All james would have to do is tell Paul about Paulies request to cancell both of PP’s vote and we could see a house divided finally.

  15. I would love to see Z voted out this week, and then Paulie gone in Double eviction. Can you imagine the hell he would have to face in the jury house with Z and Da?

  16. All of them are sitting ducks, regardless of who goes. especially James, and maybe even Nic/Corey. The cornball Vic could be in for a rude realization. Most of them know who’s controlling the game. Nat put it all together quicker than Miyagi. Don’t know about Vic (he’s so smart). All of them are not safe from the Don. He’s PLAYING THE GAME, remember? There’s really no guaranty in this game, but getting out Z who’s under Paulie’s spell is a better move…………plus, this is more exciting, and better TV..that’s a guaranty. lol

    ..and as far as DE, everybody fight HoH/Veto to survive…may the best player win.

  17. yeah he just might be saying he don’t care and even if he don’t he needs to see he doesn’t have all the power he thinks

  18. If James was smart, he would give a lot of thought as to WHY the viewers chose him to receive the CP to cancel 2 votes. I would be thinking to myself, “whose votes do the viewers want me to cancel or what are the viewers trying to tell me”. I haven’t read or heard James speculate on why he received the CARE package.

    • He did have a conversation with Natalie talking about the care package; he was wondering if there was something going on behind his back that made America feel like giving him that power. I do agree that he should’ve given it more thought though.

    • That’s because he thinks it’s a popularity contest and not about the actual power that comes with it. He’s still trying to win Americas favorite again.

      • Those undies were a hint—- put on your big boy pants. I don’ t like him or the way he played the game

  19. James and Natalie will become the ones I root for if they actually do this! I want them to end Paulie’s reign so badly!

  20. If James follow through with this plan, he can put AFP in his back pocket once again*Fingers Crossed*

  21. I really hope James uses his head and not make the same mistake that happened last time and could cost him an ally. Paulie is getting way too power hungry and James is the only one who can take a shot at Not Cody.

    I really don’t think Paulie is Derrick. Derrick atleast had redeeming qualities despite being a villian. He was a devoted father and husband. What’s Paulie’s redeeming quality? Just being an annoying fratboy (hey atleast Zach was funny)

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