‘Big Brother 18’ Double Eviction Week Has Arrived

Welcome to Double Eviction Week on Big Brother 18! Finally we’re in for what is easily the most exciting live show set up we can get each season and I don’t think we’ll be disappointed this week either as we’re preparing for some strong potential of surprise attacks.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Double Eviction live show

Let’s do a quick run down of how this Thursday’s Big Brother live show will play out and where several of the Houseguests stand on potential Double Eviction plans because there’s been a lot of talk growing with the suspicion and expectation that a DE must be just around the corner.

Houseguests might suspect a DE is coming, but they won’t actually have it confirmed until Thursday possibly during rehearsals as I imagine the Vets will at least pick up on any unavoidable cues, but the DR shouldn’t be hinting at it during the week. Once it arrives things are going to move quickly.

Instead of the usual paced out evening with the vote about 40 minutes in to the show and then a quick start to the HoH comp we’ll get a short intro and then the eviction vote will kick in and that HG will be out the door. Since we’ve got a potential Round Trip ticket out there Julie will need to check the first evictee’s card so they know whether or not this HG will be returned to the game to participated in the next round.

Once we know what’s happening with the potential RT ticket the HGs will immediately head outside to prepare for the first HoH comp. That winner will get a commercial break to decide his or her two nominees and announce the news.

With two noms on the Block the HGs will race back outside to compete in a quick, likely physical Veto comp. That winner will have another break to make up his or her mind and then announce his or her decision and we’ll get the final noms of the week whether or not the new HoH has to get involved. Now it’s time to vote again and another HG will be out the door.

Things should break for the show at that point and the HGs will be left trying to catch their breath while waiting for a late night follow-on HoH competition. Once the backyard is broken down production will set up another competition for them. Now that second comp could be given to the HGs in rough format earlier in the day and when that happens Big Brother typically tells all the HGs to practice. That’s a huge giveaway since the outgoing HoH would have no reason to practice unless he was eligible to participate again. So that would likely be the tip off.

We’ll get those new HoH results likely in the middle of the night so be sure to get our Big Brother App or join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates when it happens.

So what are all of the Houseguests planning to do when they find themselves in the middle of the Double Eviction? Oh there’s been lots of talk in the past two days. Let’s run through the discussions.



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  1. James has to realize that he needs to keep Michelle this week. It will keep Vic and Paul happy for now, it will weaken Paulie just a bit since he would be losing his closest ally and his Victoria who when he says “jump” she does…it will keep Natalie happy..of all people..who would have thought that Bridgette and Nat would be the first ones I heard say that Paulie is running the house and they actually said it out loud! James needs to cancel out Nicole and Corey’s votes..they want Michelle gone..and then Paulie would cast a vote to evict Michelle..which she would figure out..and then he would have a target on his back from her..not that she is an awesome game player..but, at least the target would be there. C’mon James..please don’t give in to King Paulie once again and do what he wants you to do with those votes…make him vote out Michelle!! James has been a big disappointment with his game play so far..time for a big move!

  2. So the round trip ticket is still out there…. How will that play out? Will they reveal the first evictee’s ticket before the second round? Or will they reveal both evictees’ at the same time?

    • They will probably read it after eviction and show it to the house guests in the house. It is quite possible that nobody has it! What a hoot would it would be if Victor is the 2nd evictee and he has the round trip ticket! He will be pissed when he goes back into the house!

    • Great point. I’ll need to add in the RT potential. I imagine they would have to reveal the ticket before the second round so the evictee could go back in and participate.

    • I don’t even think it matters at this point. If Paulie has it, he will come back for revenge, but the whole house will be after him if he gets evicted. Michelle has it and she won’t do anything coming back in the house.

  3. By James finally jumping on board with Paul to evict Zakiyah things will be very interesting for double eviction this week. Paul, James, Natalie, and Bridgette would all vote Zakiyah and James would cancel Paulie and either Nic/Corey so probably will be 5-0 or 4-1 this week. Nic/Corey are very flip floppy this year in general and this week as well, so with Paul and Victor fully supporting Z going and now James with his 2 vote cancel backing that it the writing will be on the wall. James plans to cancel Paulie’s vote so he can tell Paulie he’s covering him from getting blood on his hands. The interesting thing moving forward is multiple people have mentioned Paulie as running the house and Natalie/Bridgette have discussed Corey/Nicole as being shady. If this goes down this way I think someone like Paul could be in the best position moving forward. Glad to see things may finally change.

    • That was my summary as well! James has to make this move right now..if not..he will be out the door in a week or two. He has to stop falling at Paulie’s feet and getting his blessing..enough of that nonsense!

      • Agreed. It makes more sense for James/Natalie to work with the loose collection of Paul/Victor/Bridgette/Michelle than the tight 4 of Paulie/Zakiyah/Nicole/Corey in my opinion. I would love to see Z go this week followed by one of the other 3 from that showmance alliance during Double Eviction.

    • Everyone seems to dislike Paul, I find him quite hilarious and entertaining, if he didn’t know anything about BB before getting casted, I’d say he’s doing exceptionally well considering the position he’s developed in the house. He NEEDS Zakiya out this week though, Paulie also knows this, that’s why Paulie won the veto, he didn’t want to risk being backdoored by Victor.

      Paulie will target Victor in DE because Paul is capable of operating on his own, and Paulie doesn’t want that.

      • Yah I’m one of the few who actually really like Paul. He is by far one of the more entertaining houseguests this year and yes he came in with almost no knowledge of what Big Brother is (Michelle had to tell him what POV and Backdoor is LOL). I agree its very important for his game to send Zakiyah out the door because that’ll make Paulie more loyal to him moving forward because it’ll clip one of his pawns. I think if Paulie win’s DE HOH he will target Bridgette instead though. If Zakiyah goes he’ll switch tactics and be pushing the boys working together moving forward so I don’t see him going after Victor this week.

      • If Paulie knows it’s Paul pushing for Zakiya to leave, not Victor’s idea, Paulie might just eliminate his beard buddy for thinking on his own.

        If I was Paulie, that’s what I would do. Eliminate Paul and pull in Victor.

      • Paulie knows that Paul wants Zakiyah to go..
        They have had a few discussions on the subject..

      • Don’t be too surprised when Paul ends up as the DE target then.

        Especially if Zakiya stays this week.

      • Paulie isn’t going to target Paul for DE. Paulie wanted Z gone at the start of the week himself, but later had a change of heart. Paul is in fact loyal to Paulie and Paulie knows this. If Z goes it’ll be because of James switching sides. Paulie has no loyalty towards Natalie, Bridgette, or Michelle. He is close to James but after this that’ll leave him with only Nicole/Corey and he can still play up his “Board” alliance with Victor and the PP alliance with Paul. I don’t see any scenario where he targets Paul this week. If Z goes Paulie is going to need Paul even more moving forward.

      • I believe Paulie knows Paul just showed his hand. That Paul has been ‘playing’ the loyalty game, and is in fact NOT friendship.

        Paulie knows Victor isn’t bright, and Paul actually IS trying to play his own game. If I’m Paulie, I eliminate Paul and pull in Victor, recycling out a used up pawn.

      • If Zakiyah stayed maybe, but if she goes like it appears she is going now I disagree. Guess we’ll see Thursday! Should be fun.

      • Oh absolutely! My theory is only for if Zakiya stays. If Zakiya is gone, then Paul’s powerplay was successful and Paulie needs Paul that much more.

        But if Zakiya stays, if I’m Paul ~ I’d be getting fairly nervous.

      • lol..the roles could be reversed…Paul is realizing that Paulie has been playing him..

      • I believe this week they both know who stands where now. I just hope Paulie doesn’t strike first.

      • Paul is extremely crude even for this gang, his genital, sexual and bathroom type remarks are really surprisingly obscene and they are constant. It wears on people who are forced to be polite to keep allies in the game. He also has no indoor voice, his top of the lungs chatter is constant. Having said that I do agree that on occasion he does do a funny remark, showing real wit.

      • Why can’t people stand up for themselves? If someone makes rude remarks, why must they remain silent to keep allies? It just doesn’t make sense. They sent Frank out for less.

        Are people here to play, or hide in the closets and not have conflicts with people?

      • The slightest conflict makes you a target, it’s just how this house goes this year. The boys are running a real Lord of The Flies operation and becoming filthier and nastier every week. Everyone’s afraid to say anything except “sure, whatever you say”. You tell Paul to shut his filthy mouth and you’re next on the block.

      • I’ve told plenty of people to shut up without ever using those words, I’m also a mature person who can tell another to show some respect or don’t be a douchebag. Maybe that came with age, but I’ve never had a problem going against the grain or voicing something that I believe is important.

        I personally think they need to stop casting good looking twenty somethings college kids, and start casting good looking thirty somethings professionals or trades people or minimum wage workers etc. People with life experience.

  4. James and Victor are the targets for double eviction. Both of them on the block will be wonderful. This is the only way that they may wake up if not evicted. I still believe that these guys don’t think Paulie has done anything wrong and will continue to trust him and probably blame Paul.

  5. At this stage of the game it’s all about winning comps. It’s nice to avoid making enemies but you have to take out the strongest players sooner rather than later, whenever you get the opportunity. Picking off the weakest players may be easy but not the best game move.

  6. Wonder if the Super Saver Suit will protect that person from going OTB in the last HOH?

  7. It should be a quick mental HoH comp for the DE, right? So hopefully Bridge could win it. Her biggest competitors should be of course Paulie (d’oh) and probably Nicole. Victor can’t play, too bad. I don’t think Paul and Corey can win it. James and Natalie will be too hopeless for this type of comp. Either Z or Mich will be too rattled to play.
    Paul could win the veto tho. That should be interesting.
    I really want Bridge to win this HoH and get the safety care package this Friday.

  8. The DE nights are always hectic, for both us and the HGs, lol! Fan favorites tend to be evicted, clown shoes have been known to go missing during Veto comps, and we’re all left a little worse for wear and looking forward to a nice, quiet week.

    The only thing that could make this year even more chaotic is… should the first or second HG evicted hold the Round Trip Ticket, especially the second evictee of the night. Then the entire DE would have been wasted and several HGs could be on the chopping block next week.

  9. I think it would be hilarious if King Calla-furry decided to do Zakiyah dirty and get her evicted after all — and after dropping out of the HOH comp so suspiciously — and she turned out to have the round trip ticket. We could finally see her blow up his game… that is, if her Stockholm Syndrome isn’t too advanced already. Otherwise, he’ll just convince her he knew she had the RT. Paulie needs to go. And if not Zakiyah, I’d love for a little fly like Natalie to be the one to do it.

    • How could Zakiyah blow up Paulie’s game? She only knows what he wants her to know, and very little else. She’s figured out he’s running the house…well, almost everyone has figured that out by now. What could she do?

      • Yeah, you’re right. After I posted that, I was wondering the same thing. The only thing I could think of would be for her to come back gunning for him, and pulling out al the stops in doing so. Unfortunately, she hasn’t shown the ability to make much of a difference in the game, whether by comps or social means. She’s pretty impotent, so I guess it wouldn’t be that fun after all. :(

  10. For James’s care package – what does it specifically say?

    I mean, if it says he can eliminate 2 folks from voting this week, does that mean that they can’t vote in EITHER eviction on Thursday night? Or is the vote nullification just for the first eviction of the night.

    Could be a huge thing to consider if a liberal reading of the rule is applied, if planning for the DE. If it is worded that you get to eliminate 2 votes THIS week – well 2 evictions happen this week on Thursday. Would be quite interesting.

  11. I can’t wait until Victor’s eviction during the double. He deserves it. Paulie backdoored him week 2, he got evicted, came back and continued to work with him , hand his HOH to Paulie, only to get snipped out by the same person who backdoored him week 2. I can’t wait. Victor’s dumbass really deserves it. Idiot.

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