‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 7 Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

With Zakiyah and Michelle on the Block we’ve seen a lot of back and forth between the guys over who should be the one to go. Now with the chance to change up the noms there’s an opportunity here to pick and choose who could go. Read on to find out what happened today at the PoV meeting.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 7:

  • Paulie decided not to use the Veto
  • Michelle & Zakiyah remain this week’s noms

No surprises here and no one acted surprised when Feeds returned. Paulie feels secure in getting Michelle out, but with James’s latest revelations that may be about to change.

Michelle expressed frustration to Zakiyah over Paulie’s lack of action. Zakiyah said she wasn’t going to talk to Paulie about it, but we know that’s because she already did and knew this was coming. Michelle promises Zakiyah that if she has the Round Trip twist ticket and returns then she’s going to blow things up in this game.

What do you think of Paulie’s decision. Should he have taking the path of certainty and made sure Zakiyah is safe this week? What if James really does decide to flip the vote on Paulie. Paulie could really regret this week’s decision come Thursday night.

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  1. Wow, I literally thought these morons would do whatever Paulie said, and I’m so happy to hear that people won’t just hand him the check. I’m surprised it’s James doing the work. It’s about time somebody does something. Now, will it actually happening, or will they all fall in line again over the course of 3 days?

      • Nooooooooouuuhha!

        James must destroy the vote!! He must destroy!!

        Knock Paulie down to his size!

        Then win HOH for the DE…..get one of those good old boyzz out of that house!!
        Get an even playing field & carry on!
        Play the fricking game the way it was intended.
        For our entertainment!!!

        Muah hah ha hah hahhh!

        Now I’m going for a swim in the lake with my puppy-boy who is still here! Kodi seems to be doing ok! Nights are hardest I think, still panting becuz of the prednisone.
        But days with this lovely sunshine he swims, goes for walks & sleeps in the shade on the grass!
        He almost seems like his old self!!
        Especially since he’s still pooping! And I’m so happy he does!
        (For those that wanted the update that’s for you & for those that don’t – just don’t read it) thanks to my ppl that care! Really, it means a lot coming from you strangers that I talk to more than real ppl sometimes! Thanks so very much! ??
        I still talk to real ppl…. I’m not cray cray!! Lol

      • Real life friendship is overrated anyways!

        But swims in the lake with the dog are what the summers are all about, enjoy!

      • I don’t think you’re cray…I was super excited when my cat took a poop after being sick for awhile, so I understand!!

      • Thank you! Kodi has anal gland cancer & there are 2 tumours growing to block his anus. Once that happens we will have to put him down. It’s in his lymph nodes as well. It was too late for us to do anything to prevent the inevitable. ??

      • I am so sorry…..My cat didn’t have the same diagnosis, but there wasn’t anything we could really do. When she took the poop; we were so happy..we thought we were going to get more time, but it was not to be….I’m sorry to hear about Kodi…

      • I hear you about being elated when they poop. I am very grateful for the time I have with him. ??

  2. Can you imagine the look on Paulie’s face if Z is evicted. I bet he will crap a brick in his boxer’s.

    • JMO, but I think he is ready to get rid of her. Maybe not outside of the game, but inside the house, yeah.

    • I’m so looking forward to it! Hope he learns a bit of humility for a change and quits dismissing others who want something different to happen from what he does. Arrogance becomes him and this is what Derrick warned him about if he got too big for his britches.

      • True but is he only saying that because he don’t care or just a game move to make other’s think he don’t care?

      • It would be very fitting if Paulie putting Zak on the block proved to be his downfall.

      • No in a previous scene he told Paul he never cared. He doesn’t really like Z; he’s just using her for whatever he can get from her. I feel bad for her honestly.

      • Maybe he don’t like her that way but did he st this time as a game play wanting to take her to the end because he knows he can walk away with the big money?

      • I can see him wanting to take her to the end…if he takes anyone else I don’t think he will win…but there is supposed to be an all male alliance, if Paulie takes any of those guys to the end he will lose hands down…..

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Yeah the all male alliance is one thing but at the end of the day he want’s somebody there that he knows won’t get the votes for the win. That person would be Z.

    • Could we see a violent side to him? He seems like a bit of a time bomb. His whole thing about her being “trained” just seems like a sign

      • I could see him going off on the HG’s if Z goes home. That would for sure blow his game up big time. He thinks right now he has it in the bag and that the other’s don’t know what he is doing. He could be in for a rude awaking if the SAVE MICHELLE works.

  3. Really hopes James doesn’t chicken out and goes against Paulie. James is in the position to totally flip the house around and take the game from Paulie but as James is pretty much just focused on flirting this summer… Will he finally start playing Big Brother this week or just continue to focus on his summer camp flirtmance?

    • I think James has been waiting for the right moment to pounce. He waited to long last season, hopefully he will take the opportunity when it comes up this time. Go James!!!

      • It has definitely been something I was hoping for when I voted to give him that care package. Don’t tell anyone I told you that…many didn’t like that kind of power going to James.

      • I admitted to giving half of my votes to James but had already regretted it. I hope my regret was wrong and not my vote.

      • Me too! Me thinks James woke up for a bit! The convo in the BY today just proved to James what he has to go through with on Thursday! Paulie still telling people what needs to be done with Mich and not saying a word now about Z and doesn’t even have her in his line-up until after the next 3 slotted that he wants out after Mich goes. James is not going to go along with him now and he’s being very careful what he says when Paulie, Nic and Corey are around at the same time.

      • Good thing James has Natalie as she’ll probably give him a kick in the behind if he starts to dither.
        She might even turn out to be the power behind the throne.

      • Some do say that behind every man is a great woman…but that’s in reference to what a strong woman is with male leaders…not women who cling to a man more so than not.

      • You’re right Alyce – he waited to long last year. Wasn’t it on a DE night that he figured it out all too late? Or is my memory failing me yet again?

      • Yeah it was during a DE. He won the POV, and Meg was sent packing, but then he lost the 2nd POV comp.

    • He has talked about backdooring Paulie as the only way to get rid of him, but talk is cheap.

    • If Nat wasn’t pushing him, I wonder if he would be content to mostly lay around and flirt the summer away.

    • If James would make a smart move I would like him. I’ve yet to see him do so in the last 2 seasons.

      • So true Jessa and I’m mystified by James’s continued popularity for that very reason.

      • Well I’m a Frank fan, so of course not. lol. idk if it was or not, but James stood by last year and watched all his allies get evicted. I feel like he’s doing the same. I get that he trust Paulie, but everyone in the house can’t be on Paulie’s side of the house. Paulie will do to James what Vanessa did to him last year… and James will take it all with a smile on his face.

  4. James will come thru with a big play, get Zakiah out then win HOH in the DE put up Paulie and Vic and let the HG’s decide. Hopefully they will get rid of King Paulie so everybody else can start playing the game. If not it will be PP to the very end.

    • I wonder if James has finally realized he’s at the bottom of Paulie’s alliance?

    • I am not convinced at this time that both Paul and Paulie on the block at the same time is a good thing. I can see so many things to go wrong in that scenario.

      • If Paul works with James and his allies and is sitting on the block he could be the one to go home (no loss there). Paulie could win the POV and take himself off the block forcing a close ally of James on the block. If Paul was to win the POV and take himself off the block, then again, another close ally of James could go on the block and potentially be voted off. The best way to get Paulie out of the house is to BD him in the DE.

      • James needs to put Paulie and Nicole up. Paulie will still be flustered seeing Z go home and will mess up. Paulie goes home if he doesn’t win Veto.

    • No once one of those 2 guys are gone (preferably Vic – for better TV) then the game can start.

      But all my eggs are in James’ basket! Don’t let me down….down….down ?

  5. If I wanted someone saved and had the power to do so, I certainly would have saved them. Paulie not using the Veto should be telling that he doesn’t really care if Zakiyah stays or is evicted. They all should just give him his “silent” wish and evict Zakiyah.

    How many times should someone give you hints that they are NOT that into you?!!!

    • Another reason I hope Zak leaves, she needs to get away from this toxic relationship she thinks she’s in with Paulie.

      • It’s funny cuz a friend of mine just had a stalker, creepy thing the other day. She came to the campsite & camped right across from him. She called him on his phone & asked why he was limping. He looked around & there she was…… Stalker!
        He had a few dates with her prior to this but nothing serious….. Wowzer!
        I never would have believed it if I didn’t see it!
        Needless to say that’s all done with now! Lol

        But crazy people in this world!

        Z needs help!
        The whole changing her pad in front of whoever &’running up,& down the stairs opening the HOH door & Paulie trying to calm her down for what?
        Imagine just meeting a stranger & wanting his babies…. Wanting to continue this fictitious relationship outside the house.
        I’m happy she’s on the block & will be over that skinny moon once she gets voted out this week!

        Come on James. Show us some balls!!!!!!!

      • I had a stalker once, but it was a female…why she stalked me is beyond me when I was married with one child at home and a critically ill child in the hospital at the time. Once I got a restraining order against her, she stopped.

      • noooo I want them to be evicted back to back during the DE…Pauiles punishment is being in a house with Davonne and Zakiyah..and there will be no more excuses that he and she can’t finally do the nasty…lol Karma is a bitch…wonder if Derrick told him that???

    • I think the only reason he didn’t use it was because of the risk factor one of his closest allies could go up in place. That and if he took Z down, that will give the other HG’s one more reason to take him out. Remember that Z is and always has been a vote in his back pocket he could count on each week. Once that guarantee vote is gone, he will wonder and scramble.

  6. Oh Snaaaap!
    James is my heroooo!
    please make this season watchable again.
    I think I’ll swap Nicole in my team name for Nathalie and Bridgette for the win !

  7. On the poll “Who will be evicted?”, they should change “vote” to “hope”.
    Nothing in this wishy washy house is for certain. :D/D:
    I chose Zakiyah.

  8. Z just asked Bridgette straight out if she would vote for her to stay. Bridgette, Paul, and Z laughed the way she presented it to her. Then Bridgette said she knows what it is like to be on the block. That she will have to see the house temperature first.

    • Good answer on her part. however, both Paul and Bridgette knows what it is like to be on the block.

  9. Paulie and Paul talking about DE.
    Paulie..If Nic is next to Nat, she goes home.
    Paulie..Yeah, we always vote the stronger player out.
    I hope this comment comes back to haunt Paulie.

    • Did you notice that Paul was being silent about it? He is taking it all in and I think he will go to Nic. Not one time did Paulie mention the time line for Z to go out!

      • I don’t have feeds and didn’t see it. I haven’t been home long and read a little on Jokers and found that very interesting. It would be a beautiful thing to see Paulie OTB and Paul the one using Paulie’s own words to seal his fate.

      • I think there is a very good chance of that happening. Michelle told Paul outside earlier that she has a target in mind. Then talks about all of Paulie’s wins. then she says she has 2 people already that will vote him out. Paul did not tell Paulie about this.

      • I’m just catching up too and still can’t believe what I’m reading. Paul snitching on Paulie is my present hope until I learn more.

      • And you know Paul – He would! Lol.
        At this point, I think no hg would begrudge Paul the half mil if he did the deed.

      • I can see him zipping to the top of the Jokers poll where he’s been languishing at the bottom for awhile now.

      • He would definitely have to throw the word clip in there a couple of times just for good measure.

      • I’m not sure how receptive Nic would be if he did go to her. I’ve about all but given up on Nic. She has disappointed me big time. I keep hoping she is BSing Corey because she is not sure if Corey would be more loyal to her or Paulie, but she keeps dashing my hopes.

      • I can see where it benefitted Nicole to align with Paulie when he wielded all the power but if he’s throwing her name out left and right to be the next to go it’s time to backstab Paulie
        I think we both know this will be very difficult for her to do as she has trouble making up her mind but I’m hoping she will hear of paulie’s perfidy and make the right move soon.

      • You know the old saying, “It’s never too late.”
        In the game of BB, that doesn’t always ring true. She’d better put some high octane in that engine.

      • If Paulie does go Corey would lose his meat shield so Nicole might get lost in her head while trying to decide what move is the best for her game.
        I wonder if Corey knows paulie has been throwing Nicole’s name out for eviction? Paulie told Paul that they need to get the strongest female out next and he thinks that is Nicole.

      • I thought the strongest female would have been Bridgette. One HOH and One POV to her credit this season to only one HOH to Nicole’s.

      • Bridgette has turned out to be really sneaky while playing dumb so I can see why Paulie might not be threatened by her yet.
        Paule did mention that he wants Bridgette gone soon before she catches on to what he’s doing.
        He might have waited too late in Bridgette’s case since she’s already onto him.

      • But Paulie’s target changes according to whom he is talking to at any given moment. So I’m not sure when he is serious and when he is playing someone.

      • I feel the same way Karen. As long as paulie was throwing out this name and that I was more or less ok as long as it didn’t hurt Nicole’s game; but once he started naming Nicole I perked up a bit.
        I’m unsure if he is serious about Nic or not right now but if he is I want him GONE.

      • I usually have at least 5 different things going on while posting and miss a lot of great posts, but you are right, very inconsistent, probably purposefully; he has to cover all the bases.

      • Nicole was the first on her team to finish the coconut challenge. She should have been HOH.

      • At that point it was only Nicole’s team that was playing that comp. Others teams were done.

      • Also, Nicole is getting a lot of info from Corey while Bridgette is no longer in the loop so that might be another reason paulie wants Nic gone.

      • Paulie has been trying to set Nicole up for a while now over her repeating what is being said.

      • As a Nicole fan this has been difficult to watch as Paulie coldly plots her demise. The only way I even halfway tolerated Paulie was because he was helping Nicole’s game.
        I want somebody to tell Nicole what Paulie is saying about her because it’s beginning to look as if she will be going during the DE.
        Oh well, maybe she has the winning ticket :D

      • At this point, I don’t care who has the return ticket as long as it isn’t Z or Paulie.

      • Corey has been a part of conversations about having to get Nicole out. But to my knowledge it hasn’t been a serious convo yet between them. Paulie has thrown almost every HGs name out there this week.

      • I don’t know what to think about Corey not telling Nicole; but maybe he’s waiting until she’s really in big trouble before alerting her to the crisis. No need to upset her until it’s really necessary.

      • I’m a little befuddled about Corey and Nic. Is C hesitant to go against Paulie because he thinks Nic wouldn’t follow suit or is it the other way around? idk

      • That’s what I want to find out…will Corey betray Nicole and go with the guys as planned or will he turn on the guys and stick with Nicole. I don’t know who Corey is lying to here and with his blank stare he’s not an easy one to read.
        Since he seems to still have a frat boy mentality I’m afraid he’ll dump Nicole. Surely Corey will realize at some point that he wouldn’t be able to win against PP in the end and Nicole might help Corey make a move against them when needed.
        I do know one thing though, I’m not going to like Corey if he betrays Nicole :D

      • I’m not real crazy about him now.:(
        You know, Corey did go to James and try to warn him that Paulie’s intentions in getting James to cancel Paulie’s vote was so Paulie would come out squeaky clean. That has to mean something. I’m just not sure what yet.

      • I don’t think James relayed that conversation back to Paulie….if he did I missed it on the feeds..

      • I haven’t read where James or Paulie have spoken about it, but there is no way every conversation can be relayed. I haven’t heard anyone mention it on other threads, either.

      • I wonder if Corey came up with this or Nicole told him about it.
        Glad to see somebody is aware of what’s happening at least.

      • OH yes, I have 8 Sister’s and trust me, I have had more than my fair share of scorned women LOL.

      • Bless your heart, and I usually say that sarcastically, but I mean it this time! Well, it is obvious that you have learned how to treat women because you are always very respectful. :)

      • No I still cuss them out if and only if they keep coming at me like a banshee.

      • Being a woman, a very learned one, I might add, ahem, let me hear a sampling and I’ll give you a few suggestions. :D

      • Lets say I have been known to be rude crude and loud. It takes a lot for me to talk to any woman that way to begin with.

      • Indeed. She can move her mouth, emitting whines and bleats. Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  10. I feel bad for poor Michelle, These house guest are the dumbest in all history. Paulie will when this year because people are either to chicken or stupid to put him up. Should have worked with and trusted Frank.

    • Remember how ugly Frank treated Michelle? It’s all Frank’s fault that Michelle couldn’t work with him because that’s what Michelle wanted – but he chose Bridgette over her.

      • Yeah but I think she wanted Bridgette out mostly she still liked Frank said he just kinda blew her off.. The others who are being picked off one by one should have split the house so far this has been the worst BB in the history of the show.

    • Oh Pul-eease! Michelle pretty much deserves everything she is getting. She has been rude & hateful. Remember how she shunned & criticized Tiffany for being so emotional?
      Well, she makes Tiff look stable.
      Quite frankly I would rather see PP on the block, but I will be happy to see either one of these beaches hit the jury house.

      • Yeah she has been rude just feel bad for her seems to have her feelings hurt. Vic is too dumb to realize how he got sent out in the first place by Paulie. No one is going to win against him if he makes final two. Sadly all of them are just too dumb to see it.

    • People said that about Derrick’s year too. That is pretty much the scapegoat blanket excuse.

  11. I would really love to see Z get evicted, and then have Natalie or James win the DE HoH; hopefully they’d put up Paulie and Victor, or possibly backdoor one of them. It’d be perfect.

  12. Dangit, Mich is going to ruin it if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut. She told Z about her plans if she stays. She didn’t tell Z who she would put up, but that it was going to be a big move. Why of all people would she tell Z this? Z went and told Paulie and Paul and Paulie assumes she’ll be coming after him (well duh) if that’s the big move that was implied. James could easily change his mind now if he gets wind that Paulie knows of those plans, now that the noms remained the same (instead of taking Z down) so he could apply the CP power to those he’s decided to eliminate.

  13. Paul is talking to Paulie about the order of evictions and Paulie keeps saying Michelle then Bridgette. Then Paul points out that it will be him and Vic plus all the couples. Plus Paulie keeps pushing back Z’s eviction. If that doesn’t tell Paul that he is going to be in trouble soon then nothing will. Paul even said himself that in 2 weeks he’ll be on the bottom because Paulie also talked about voting Victor out. So it will be Paul and the couples. Paul really needs to form a deal with James and send Z home.

    • hmmmm agree hopefully Paul caught the one name that Paulie was leaving out…Zakiyah..

    • So basically Paulie revealed his cards a bit too soon. Derrick told him to take it week by week, not to give too much away. Now Paul is worried that it may not be P & P all the way. Glad Paulie is talking too much. Let’s see what Paul will do with that info.

  14. James needs to use that power and control the vote and quit doing the pied pipers work for him ,grow a pair of balls and be a man for a change ,and let that punk paulie know that he is not the boss anymore ,then win HOH and get pied piper out.

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