‘Big Brother 18’ Eviction Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?

It’s time to predict who will be voted off Big Brother 18 tonight as James Huling and Natalie Negrotti face off for just three votes as their season long showmance (friendmance? fauxmance?) will be split apart one way or the other.

James and Natalie separated on BB18

Paul, Nicole, and Corey will be calling the shots and as the F4 alliance is in full control they have no doubt over what will happen. Of course you need to disregard the lies and deception from Wednesday’s show that closed with Victor telling you he didn’t know how the votes would go. That was decided back on Saturday night. They’ve just been waiting for their chance to vote since then.

3 votes tonight and they’re all going against Natalie. She’ll be voted out and James will stay behind. Natalie thinks this is because she campaigned so well in favor of the HGs keeping James, but really they weren’t influenced by either her or James campaigning. Nicole and Corey have wanted to keep James for as long as possible for awhile now and this was their perfect chance being in control of 2/3 the vote.

Once Paul was on board with them to vote out Natalie they just had to convince Victor. He didn’t take long to give in to their suggestions after admitting he thought that was a better idea but he just wanted to go after James for revenge.

Funny thing is the move may have been better for Victor and Paul to keep Natalie at this point. She wants to see Nicole and Corey up on the Block together while James wants to work with them and they (Nicole and Corey) want to take him to the F3 instead of Victor or Paul. Oops.

I doubt we’ll see any changes at this point even with the backyard shouting that warned Victor and Paul of Nicole and James having an alliance. The decision has been made and tonight it’ll all come together. You better hurry and jump on your Feeds if you want to see any more time with Natalie or Jatalie hanging out.

What do you think of the house decision this week? Good move for all? Should James be the one to go? How’s this going to influence the rest of the season?


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  1. The shouting may be the most interesting thing of the week for me, but I am not sure it will have great impact. But, should Natalie go she can tell the other jurors about it.

    • Right – she seems to be more interested in being “memorable” than anything else. She sounds a lot like Michelle lately, much to her dismay if she only looked at herself.

      • Bitter….just what you get when you play the game in a showmance…play for yourself and see if you can play the game.

    • My fingers are crossed that Vic and Paul will discuss the fact that someone went to the effort of getting a bullhorn, making their way to CBS Studios and then waiting until 4 were in the back yard area to deliver a message. Too much effort for a practical joke? Maybe they’ll realize it was done for a reason, and if it’s taken seriously, they’ll notice that James and Nicole have played identical games with identical strategies resulting in both being the least nominated for the season and clearly working together. Here’s hoping.

    • Poor Paulie (not)! He will be in Jury now with FIVE women who all hate his guts. Still not too late to self-evict from Jury loser!

  2. Unless I missed something, I thought James told Natalie he would put up Nicole and Corey and replace with Paul if The veto was used. That way Victor is forced to work with him against nicorey.

    • That is his plan but I doubt Victor will work with him. He really needs to have his gut checked out.

      • Not so fast, I think James is just telling that to Gnat to get her off his case and so that she will be nicey, nicey at eviction to him and until then … and his gut would be right about that.

    • I truly believe James was only telling Gnat that so that he would not be on her list of people to “blow up” during her eviction speech and so that he would not have to put up with her hating on him until then.

    • Well now he wants to throw HOH so who knows what he wants. Disappointed in him this season.

      • He took his shots at Victor who was twice evicted and then battled back against an inferior group of evict-tees.

    • No!! He would need to put up Vic in that case. Nicorey would vote out Vic, Paul would vote out Nicorey, and James would need to evict Victor! He’s been winning almost every HoH he is eligible for. If Vic gets to F4 and wins HoH, just hand him the 500k.

    • As a guy she was the only eye candy left since Zak’s eviction. I can’t stand Nicole and that whiney grating voice.

    • Totally boned….they should keep Gnat…cause James will work with Nicorey and they know that Nic and James are vets and will stay together….they should have figured it out….Vic should have stood strong on the revenge theory and see what the reaction from Nicorey would be…if they went along with him or would they continue to persuade him to keep James…that’s a red flag for a possible future flip.

      • They? Who is they? Nicorey has 2 out of the 3 votes. It’s their decision, which means it’s Nicole’s decision, which means James is staying.

  3. Victor and Paul are screwed if Paul does not win HOH tonight..and I read on twitter that it may be the slip and slide comp…a little late for it..but, we will see..I would say if it is..that would favor Nicole and James. James will for sure side with Nicole and Corey. The F4 only lasted long enough to get out Michelle and Natalie.

    • Nicole has done it before so it would tend to benefit her. I don’t remember it during James’s season.

    • Usually being a bigger guy doesn’t favor you but wasn’t Corey a track runner in his younger years? If so I could see him doing well in a slip and slide if he can master the balance portion.

      • I don’t know if he ran track..I only know about him playing baseball. You have to be pretty fit to win that comp.

      • Maybe I’m just stuck on the idea that he must be downplaying his physical abilities. He has won a few important comps so maybe. Because otherwise he’s just been so inept that I really hope he’s been faking it lol.

      • I heard Corey say in an interview with Jeff .. before the show .. that he coached baseball for young boys, but I don’t know if that was in his spare time or a hobby or a profession.

    • I love that comp and I remember Nicole falling.
      I hope she falls right on her face this time. This could be Paul’s comp.

    • Last night James said he wouldn’t side with Nicorey and would nominate them bc there’s zero chances of them ever going against each other. He thinks he has a better chance of driving a wedge between Paul and Vic, which is probably true. He said he’d nominate Nicole and Corey and if one got veto he’d nominate Paul and then he and Vic would have the votes to send the remaining member of Nicorey home. I really really really wants Paul to win this HOH but if James is being honest about his nom plans them that would be pretty awesome too.

      • James could say anything for the viewers to hear. If he signed a contract that says he has to do whatever the producers want,then he has to follow it, even if it playing with Nicole until the end. I am hoping they just allow these people to play fairly and give them the chance to win if they are able to.

      • But he said that to Gnat …. just to keep her at bay … afterall, she’s never going to speak to him again and she’s on some kind of nomance rampage JMO

    • I agree, if he stays then both sides are going to want him to side with them. The worst that could happen is that Vic and Paul would want to evict him and Nicole wouldn’t allow that.

      • I mean if he stays so next week he will choose whose side to be on, unless production already decided that him and Nicole need to stick together.

  4. I am still hoping for a James eviction, but the guys are sleeping. I am shocked that Paul is not on top of Nicole and Corey’s plan.

      • Lol. I think that they are cute together if he was into her that is, but both rub me the wrong way.

        The HGs with the exception of Paul saw Corey playing. They do not suspect any cheating. I even read that Nicole was told how to get the key. This should be a law suit waiting to happen if they are smart. Even the jurors could sue.

      • I wonder if all of them got some clue in their earpiece about the floating key. Otherwise that’d be pretty BS if true.

      • That’s what Heath stated on Twitter. All the HG received automated messages in their earpieces at predetermined intervals.

        Still doesn’t explain Corey’s amazing work in that first room.

      • I’m sure they have signed away just about anything and everything to have their “dream come true” and be on BB.

      • I do agree that these people probably signed their life away. Making deals with the devil.
        That’s probably why none of the past HGs has ever mentioned anything about the behind the scenes stuff.

  5. Maybe one of the best things that bbus could do is adopt bbcan rule of no napping and when house lights are on in the morning everyone gets up.

    • Yeah, I agree. This laying around and napping seems to be getting worse every season. They are getting paid to be there and people are paying for live feeds after all.

      • The sad thing is that the stipend is more than some of them get paid at their regular jobs. That would make the inconvenience a lot more tolerable. I’m sure a pizza delivery guy and a grocery store clerk (and many others) enjoyed their stipends.

  6. If I were James I’d trust nobody seeing that my ally is gone and I would win HOH and pull a miracle. I’d put one of the duos up and if one of them win veto replace with one of the others.

    • Yep, gotta put up Vic and Paul. Unfortunately, it sounds like James just might throw this HOH so he has a chance at the next one. Basically he thinks the two showmances are going to go after one another this week and he’ll slide by. Works well if Nicorey wins HOH, but not if Paul does.

      • Ok ok…lol.

        I’m really happy that Corey won. I don’t much care for him as a person, but I want to see Vic and Paul squirm again. Hope he puts em up!

      • So you’re not a VP fan then? I don’t care for Corey as a person but it was imperative for Nicole that they have control of the house.
        I hope Paul goes first

      • Not a fan really, but I really respect their gameplay. Vic is somewhat likable, but I just remember his behavior prior to his first eviction…not too good. It also drives me nuts that he’s picked up Paul’s speech pattern and no longer has his own.

        Paul has been annoying all season. He’s funny at times, but he exaggerates all his stories and talks a big game that he can’t back up. Probably his worst trait is that he bashes everyone behind their backs, but can’t handle when the tables are turned. I agree with you that he needs to go first, but Vic is the bigger threat and they’d be smart to take him out this week if possible.

      • You’re right, Victor didn’t act so nice at the beginning of the season; now I’m wondering which one is the real Victor?
        I’m ambivalent about Paul as well. Sure, he makes me laugh during his DR’s but he’s such a crude, vulgar guy I find it difficult to like him. I don’t care for the way he acts when he’s on the block, screaming and bullying the women. He’s 2 face and talks a big game but I believe basically he’s just a scared, immature little boy. He needs to grow up and start acting like a man.

      • Yep that’s the question with Vic, but I tend to think he’s more of the person he has shown since coming back the first time. IMO, Vic is more introspective and less social than he’s appeared on the show. I think he came into the house and had a tough time being himself so he kinda took on the behavior (mostly negative) of those in his circle (Paul, Jozea, etc.). When he was evicted and spent time in sequester he might have had time to recenter himself and decided to be less like them and more of himself if he returned. That’s my 2 cents.

      • What I couldn’t believe was when Paul said he had a degree in Philosophy lol.
        If Victor had said this I would believe it but not Paul.
        I think Paul’s putting on a big act sometimes but he is a natural born entertainer..

  7. If James stays and then wins HOH and doesn’t put Nicole OTB then either production has this game rigged or their was a real pre game alliance. James has kept Nicole off the block all season.

    • I believe production thought it was a very good idea to make this year’s bb18 about the showmances / nomanses!

    • The way Corey went directly, did not look right or left, to the pole on the wall without looking at anything else during the POV comp, yes, I believe production has this game rigged. Of course they told him to say he was really good with puzzles before the POV. Yeah right, and I’m the Queen of England. Nobody is that good.

  8. So Natalie seems a bit off her rocker, she like “Jamesey..it all your fault I am on the block I should never had trusted you…” Want to go in the hot tub or play cards…like without even batting an eye…

    • She’s obviously pissed, wouldn’t you be? I can totally understand where she is coming from. And I totally agree with her ultimatum towards James. Little asshat basically gets her evicted, and he’s ready to proceed with the pair that screwed them????????


    • She doesn’t want to look like a jerk in light of America’s Favorite Player, which is such a joke. BB should forego this category this year since production played the game for the houseguests.

      • But you have to admit, there were certainly no threats involved and I didn’t even see any kind of pressure put upon her and she keeps saying what a strong and independent woman she is … if it were me (and I will bet you, too), I would never blame someone else for a choice I made. It was up to Gnat to decide to take his advice or not and to respect his choice if it wasn’t hers – JMO.

      • Nat & James went after the biggest player (and pair) in the house…and got Vic out. They were screwed by the 63rd twist of the season and Vic returned…again.

        It was the best move for their game, and watch Nicorey make the same move next week.

      • I agree Dan, it was plain bad luck that ruined Jatalie’s game not Nicory. Once Vic returned Nicorey had to save themselves any way possible that week.
        So she needs to quit blaming everyone else for being evicted.

      • Yep, I wonder what James & Nat will say when they find out that Paul & Vic played them the week of Nat’s HOH. It all started with Paul’s guilt trip of Nat and Meech in the HOH room following noms and ended with Vic & Paul separating then getting close to each showmance. That’s really what help setup the Final Four after Nic’s HOH win. It was really easy for the four of them to work together b/c Paul had already laid the groundwork with Nicorey during the previous week. I think it’s interesting that Nat & James never caught on to all this, especially after seeing Vic & Paul openly feud in the kitchen, then instantly team up again after Vic returned to the game. James & Nat simply got outplayed, they really did little wrong like so many fans believe (other than James outing that Nat wanted Corey evicted, that was stupid as can be).

      • You should be writing the articles here instead of Branden. Your comment was unbiased, concise and thorough.
        I had almost forgotten about Paul’s strategy when he was on the block and he did play Natalie like a fiddle.
        I suppose that’s all James’s fault though :D.
        I have heard James say several times this season that the DR would let him know if they were really in trouble, or if Michelle was really going home.
        That’s the only reason I can see for him not playing the game this season and hanging out with Nat instead.

      • Thanks for the kind words India…always appreciate your comments as well;)

        I think James sees BB as a summer getaway with the chance to win some money. There’s also the (low level) fame associated with being on the show, I think he really enjoys that aspect too. Wish he was a better player, but even he would admit he’s not the sharpest tool.

      • Thank you Dan :D
        James certainly isn’t a Type A alpha male that’s for sure and that’s probably why he’s lasted so long. Probably a little too much on the lazy side to run with the big dogs this season.
        James looked so pitiful last night, I’m surprised the edit showed Nat is such a bad light, but I think she deserved it.

      • Yeah India, James has really had a tough week. I’m happy production finally showed Nat’s darker side. Her edit to this point was all pink & glitter, it just didn’t reflect the changes in her personality during the past 6-8 weeks. Even with all this, I’m sad to see her go & for James to be left alone in the house. They really made a cute couple and I still feel that she has true feelings for him. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’ve watched a many hours of their interactions this summer via the feeds. She has some pretty significant issues, but she’s also been treated pretty unfairly by most of the HG from the start (thank Paulie for tarnishing her image to everyone from day one). James and Nat’s relationship will likely go nowhere after the show for a number of reasons. But I really enjoyed watching them this season, they had a number of really good moments together.

      • Since you have the feeds and I don’t I glad to hear your perspective on the situation. I haven’t seen Jatalie together as much as you have but they did seem to be friends at least. How can you be around someone all day long if you don’t like them at all?
        I do recall paulie talking trash about Nat from back home but he never said anything specific that Nat had done wrong.
        Natalie has told James she wants to be with her family and friends when she goes home so she doesn’t want him to visit so I doubt if she really loves him but just wants him as a friend.
        I could also see Nat’s side of the story when they were squabbling all week long about the status of their relationship.
        My nerves could not have held up to that and Natalie’s didn’t seem to either. She keeps trying to friend zone him but he wasn’t hearing it.
        She should never have said she loved James in front of the whole house during her Paulie fight in the HOH for pinching her butt or something.
        She should never have involved James in her petty problems.
        She shouldn’t have been calling him her soul mate either if they were just friends.
        .It’s a shame things ended this way between them I agree. A different side of Nat came out once she realized she would be evicted and it was not pretty to see at all.
        But yes, they were a cute couple at the beginning :D
        On the feeds does it show victor as having a crush on Nicole?

      • Victor is definitely crushing on Nicole, and has for a long time too. It’s funny b/c Corey doesn’t really seem to mind. Maybe he doesn’t notice the reciprocation from Nicole or he doesn’t care?

        As far as Nat’s intentions with James. She was hot & cold from one day to the next. I’ve dated women similar to Natalie in the past. The thing they’ve had in common is an unfortunate history of physical and/or emotional trauma (by a male) in their early years. As the season unfolded Nat revealed to James more and more of her life circumstances which included this unfortunate history. She eventually admitted that she doesn’t “know how to be in a relationship” and that she often pushes away people in her life. This sounds familiar, a form of relationship self sabotage (likely in an effort to avoid reliving the same pain again). We saw this with James & Nat…James gets emotionally close to her…she gets emotionally uncomfortable b/c of her past and pushes him away, they bicker about what’s going on, make up and then soon the cycle continues. It’s constant mixed signals (hot & cold) and James experienced it fully. When you take all of this and bring in the BB game, the money a stake, the stress of being trapped in that house with a lot of strong personalities, and this person you’re essentially dating/living with (and playing the game with)…you get what we saw with them. Who knows, I could be wrong, maybe Nat was just using James the whole time. But IMO, the above history tells a story that is much more likely…she did care for James but all of her issues (and the game) really got in the way of anything serious developing between them.

      • That’s so sweet – I hate that Victor will probably leave before their love has time to blossom lol.
        Corey doesn’t care I’m sure since he treats Nicole like a kid sister.
        I never read about Natalie’s childhood abuse over at Jokers so I had no idea she had that in her past. I feel terrible that this happened to her and that she’s afraid of a relationship with men.
        In that case she couldn’t do better than James since he clearly adores her and wouldn’t hurt her.
        I would like for them to get together in the end.

      • I agree, would love to see it work for them in the down the road. Nat told James many times that she had never met a guy as attentive and supportive as him. It was really like she didn’t know how to react to it all (is this real?). She admitted that all of her boyfriends have treated her pretty crappy and she was never able to be herself around them. But with James she was able to easily show her real personality. Unfortunately, for Nat and James it seems common for women with histories like hers to be attracted to guys that are the opposite of James (aka d-bags). Human behavior can be very strange I guess.

        Oh and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Vic pursued Nicole after the game.

      • Nat could do far worse than James. Besides that, she would be semi-famous if they married and had children. I saw jeff and Jordan fall in love in the BB house and it was very obvious to me that they were in love. I didn’t get the same vibe from Jataly.
        If guys in New Jersey are all like Paulie then I’m positive Nat’s had bad experiences with a lot of them. Paulie was not a romantic guy at all I noticed.
        After Corey breaks Nicole’s heart post-game and avoids her like a leper at the after show party I hope Victor will be there for her; I think she’s gonna need him.

      • I enjoyed watching Jeff & Jordan too that season India. That wasn’t the best season of BB, but they made it much better IMO. James & Nat definitely weren’t on the same level, but they had a lot of cute moments that didn’t ever make the show (search Jatalie on YouTube). I’m afraid Vic may end up disappointing Nic at the wrap party, all the guys have been discussing all the “available” women fans that are accessible immediately after the show. It’s been a hot topic among them for the last few weeks. Corey swears Nicole isn’t getting in his way, so to speak after the show…I can’t help but wonder if he’ll really do this to her.

      • That was my favorite season and it had such a happy ending with Jordan vanquishing the forces of evil to win it all and buy her family a new house. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
        Jeff was the hero who gave his all to keep Jordan in the game. I’m so happy they’re finally married and expecting a baby.
        Corey isn’t even in the same league as Jeff to put it mildly. I think he feels towards Nic like she’s his kid sister and is the most unromantic guy I’ve ever seen in my life. If that’s the case he needs to stop making out with her since he’s sending her mixed signals.
        I don’t like Corey at all and after his HOH I hope Victor will survive and then go on to win HOH and get rid of Corey.
        The final 3 will be Victor, Nicole and James. Victor better go on a challenge run then because no one will choose him to be their F2.

      • Yeah Corey is really playing Nicole out. Corey seems like the type of guy that is never not involved with a girl. He gets the validation he needs from this. From his feed comments he definitely plays the field. What he doesn’t seem to realize (or doesn’t care) is that Nicole is more of a relationship gal and won’t be able to detach easily following the show.

        You’re right about Vic needing to beast out the remaining comps. He’s now the big target!

  9. Looking like Victor and Paul have screwed themselves over on this one if Paul doesnt win HOH! I am kinda shocked they let Nicole take charge of this one and didnt think anything about it

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