Big Brother 18: Frank & Tiffany Talk, Reveal Day’s Tricks, & Join Forces

It was a nice run for Da’Vonne Rogers while it lasted, but her Big Brother 18 game has been revealed to its main actors: Frank Eudy & Tiffany Rousso. The two puppet HGs in Day’s strategy sat down last night and revealed what they knew.

Frank & Tiffany promise to work together

If you rewind a few weeks you’ll remember that Da’Vonne decided both Frank & Tiffany were worrisome allies for her so she wanted to take them out, but thought it’d be better to have them handle each other. Day made up several stories and then pitted Frank and Tiffany against each other with whispers of “he/she is coming after you.” It worked very well, but she made a mistake yesterday.

Da’Vonne’s mistake was letting Tiffany stay in the game with the opportunity to put the pieces together with Frank’s help. They did just that late last night.

Flashback to 2:29 AM BBT 7/15 to find Tiffany and Frank sitting down in the HN room.

It was time to figure things out after an earlier discussion between them just after the live eviction had hinted at a bigger game surrounding them. Frank starts off giving a timeline of when Da’Vonne came to him saying Tiffany was after him. Tiffany says that matches up with when she heard from Day the same, but opposite story.

Frank explains how Da’Vonne told him Tiffany was building an All-Girls alliance and Frank was her main target. She says that would explain so much of what’s confused her. Tiffany reminds Frank that Da’Vonne fell in to her own trap last year when she spread a story that Vanessa was creating an All-Girls alliance. It’s the same Day all over again.

Frank warns Tiffany that they have a hard week ahead for her as the whole house is once again gunning to evict her. She didn’t realize that and thought she had more safety after the vote flip saved her.

Tiffany is frustrated and says she and Frank should have been working together since Day 1. She wants to tell him what she knows but is very hesitant and nervous. Frank asks if it was Michelle who lead the flip. Tiffany says it wasn’t Michelle (in the end it was). She won’t name names for Frank, but he says he has to know so he can target the right person if he wins RK again.

At this point Tiffany admits she has nothing to lose and wants to blow the game up. Frank agrees to work with her and they shake on it. Tiffany promises to have his back 1000% and says even if he is lying to her right now she has no one else.

Tiffany wonders if they have the numbers to keep her safe this week even if she remains on the Block come Thursday. Frank says they’ll at least need RK to get a strong alternative up to draw votes away from her. He now understands why Paulie really wants to put Natalie up: no one will vote against her over Tiffany.

Frank is still trying to figure out how the votes broke down. Tiffany explains the vote happened not to save Tiffany but rather as a “f**k you Frank” move.

He continues to rail on the uncertainty of which way the votes went when Tiffany makes the situation very clear for him. It doesn’t matter whether it was Nicole, James, or any of them who voted against Bronte. It was a conspiracy among all of them. They were all working together and they’re all coming after Frank. Boom.

So what can this duo do now? Either Frank, Tiffany, or Bridgette needs to win the Roadkill comp and get someone up on that Block next to Tiffany. That’ll be step one. Next challenge is to get a hold of the Veto and see what they can make happen.

It’s going to be a tense week and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Be sure to download our Big Brother App for the latest spoilers then join us on Facebook & Twitter for even more coverage!


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  1. A Frank and Tiff alliance?! Oh this is gonna be good. But both of them will have to go all out to win either/both the PoV and RK or Tiff’s likely going home…

  2. Frank, Tiffany, Bridgette, Natalie and possibly James ally? Michelle is in DAY’s back pocket so count her out. But what about sitting Nicole down and explaining to her in no certain terms of how her game can end if she doesn’t work with them. This group could change the dynamics of the game this wholeheartedly.

    • Nicole’s loyalty depends on what time it is, and who the last person it was who talked to her. She’s got the backbone of a jellyfish & the integrity of leech.

      • Which saddens me greatly, because Nicole (being one of my favs during her season) should KNOW BETTER!)

      • WELL SAID! Did u see the FEAR in her eyes approaching Frank when everybody was silent immediately after the HOH comp? I kept looking at the floor to make sure she didn’t sh*t herself. Then her DEAD GIVEAWAY reaction when he asked her if she voted bronte out. LOL HILARIOUS

      • Nope she’s playing a smart game. She’s on to Frank and Day and is just playing them until they get each other out. She tells them each exactly what they want to hear. If you remember when Nicole stopped trusting Day was when Day told her she lied to Frank and told him Tiffany was after him. Tiffany is on Nicole’s team and didn’t like that. And she’s smart not to trust her because Day also has been saying for a couple of weeks now we need to break up the couples. So she lies to Nicole’s face saying she wants to work with them and then wants them gone. Day has just as many alliances as Frank. She needs to go.

      • Day & Frank have a million alliances and Nicole has 999,999 deals with different people so I guess ur right, there is a difference.

      • No she actually has a true alliance for a F4. She is just telling Frank and Day what they want to hear for now so hopefully they will take each other out. She doesn’t trust either of them which she’s right about that. She had an alliance with Day until Day told her that she told Frank Tiffany was after him (which Day lied about). After that Nicole said her gut is telling her not to trust Day. Day also was telling James and Frank we need to target the couples. So Nicole is right not to trust her or Frank. Cracks me up James says yeah but wtf he’s a couple with Natalie. He follows her around like a lost puppy. And really what has James or Batalie done? Zip.

    • I Think Tiff told Frank that Nicole was the worst and fakest one in the house which he then told Bridgette.

    • Michelle would scare me if I was a HG. I don’t think her loyalty is that deep. Shes a sneaky one and I like it

  3. I fear that it may be a little too late for this to work..I hope not…Tiffany said last night that Vanessa told her to team up with Frank…way to go, blew up someone else’s game based on a lie…Tiffany also said that Day tried to do the same thing to Vanessa last season by going around the house telling others that she was trying to start an all girls alliance. Day needs to go..when she was stroking Tiffany’s head last night..I thought how ridiculous are you, Day…really….just about every word that comes out of Day’s mouth is a lie..then she gives, as Tiffany said, her academy award performances. C’mon Frank and Tiffany…make this work!!

    • Days earlier when Tiff & Da was talking, she told Da that Vanessa said to link up with her. It’s going to be good w/ Frank and Tiff, but Tiff need to start winning something!

      • I’ll make an offering to my T and V god. I’ll sacrifice my VHS tape of BB Season 5 (LOL). Hopefully, that will help Tiffany win some comps. Frank doesn’t need any help.

  4. Confucius said “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” This is what happens when you pit two people against each other based on a mound of lies and deception ~ hopefully, Da is gonna get what she deserves…

    • So succinct and so true!
      Day is about to find out she’s not nearly as smart as she thought she was using such juvenile tactics to win BB. Nobody can get away with constantly telling lies forever – even dumb people tend to catch on in the end.

      • That’s what I taught my children. You can only lie for so long before the truth reveals itself. Those who lie are unable to remember their stories! Looks like the jig is up for Da.

      • Well, Judge Judy always says, that if you tell the truth—you don’t have to worry about keeping your stories straight.
        Don’t know what that has to do with y’all’s comments, but…
        Did you find your pup, Joni?

      • No, we’re holding a memorial soon! It’s just been too long especially when you factor in her age and impairments she had. Our vet is ordering us a memorial placque for her.

      • Will you be getting a new puppy soon? I’ve found that that always helps after losing a pet.

      • No..we already got a new rescue cat a week ago! He’s very loving and is keeping our other cat, Nate entertained! :-)

      • Oh Hon, I’m so sorry and sorry I brought it up. I’ve been praying…I’ll call the prayer chain and let them know. I’m so sorry, my dear friend. Love and hugs are being sent your way. Kisses, too. But you can wipe those off if you want to. :D

      • Kind of like Chap-Stick? Lol…I take back sticking my tongue out at you (see above). Seriously though, I know how hard it is..especially when , well, you know. I’m so sorry. I won’t bring it up again. XOXO

      • This is going to be so fun to watch too as Day lies, pouts and throw fits trying to stay in the game – same as last year.
        The thing is Day is too smart NOT to know you can’t get away with all the lies forever.

      • Shelli and Vanessa were so right to evict Day so early last year.
        Corey asked Tiff last night if she had any gratitude for being saved by them and this made Tiff mad.

  5. Looks like Davonne got caught again… her lies will take her out of the house. She got caught. Even Nicole and James are been played by Davonee and Zaka…

  6. LMAO! da’vonne needs to change her name to da’GONE because that’s what she’s about to be…gone from the BB house. I was waiting for these two to FINALLY compare stories. In her own words that she spoke to nicole the other night…”stupid stupid stupid.” I always said she ran her mouth WAY too much. She’s a poker dealer yet she’s revealed everything in her hand and is about to pay for it. WAY TOO FUNNY! Let the tears begin to flow!

  7. Oh sh…! This is what Big Brother is all about! Can’t wait to see what happens next, hoping the Frank faction gets some power soon just to make things interesting!

  8. Please work. I find it stupid that Paulie has no target on his back for being Cody’s brother but Tiffany has a huge target on her back for being Vanessa’s sister.

    I really am hoping for Tiffany to finally get off the block.

    • Exactly! I have been thinking the same thing over and over…Cody finished ahead of Vanessa and finished in the money…I am starting to really not like Paulie at all…I think he is mean to Tiffany…he is being such a hypocrite!

      • Shamefully I will say that Paulie was my winners pick this season.
        But now I want Frank and Tiffany to blow shxt up

    • If Paulie sticks to Tiffany & Natalie this week as his noms, a huge factor is going to be who wins RK this week, and who they put up.
      If it’s Day, I think she is a goner.

      • I will respond later as to what I think his NOMs should be after he has already made his Noms.

      • R.I.P to day’s game. Its a wrap. frank, his cabbage patch kid (per tiffany), nicole, corey are for sure votes for her to go so far.

      • I wasn’t able to see the show last night, so I’ll watch it “ON DEMAND” in a few…but apparently Tiff’s speech was g-g-g-reat? Is that where the ‘Cabbage Patch Kid’ reference comes from?

      • LOL she stood up & called frank a dictator (without saying his name but she didn’t need to… he knew she was talking directly to him) & she stated that if they kept her in the house that she would be going after ” said dictator” and his “cabbage patch kid”

      • Yes, can you believe it … she insulted an innocent Cabbage Patch doll by likening Gigglette to one oops.

      • “Gigglette”… I LOVE IT LOL!!! she is soooooooooo irritating and its amazing how stupid she is. I hate to be so harsh but damn. The obvious comparison that has likely already been made is she’s this years victoria and frank while not as slick is the derrick

      • Yes, but without Victoria’s integrity or loyalty – reference Gigglette’s total disregard for her “wifey-to-be” status versus her crawling all over Frank in bed.

      • Probably broke up with her by now once he saw her with cuddle buddy Frank. She just doesn’t know it yet! :-)

      • All I’ve seen of Bridgette is constant giggling – she never talks or has a conversation that I’ve seen or heard about. An intelligent Dr. would soon grow bored with her imo.

      • Umm… I honestly was contemplating typing the same thing but then I thought you could possibly have some doctors who like being around complete imbeciles to talk down to them… DISCLAIMER: in no way am I calling gigglette an imbecile…. ok I’m lying, yes I am :-/

      • LOL! Bridgette might even be skilled in Tantric sex for all we know in which case a whole lotta Dr.’s at work might want to ‘date’ her.

      • BBAD was cut short by an hour too, if you were wondering. Fight between Tiff and Nic wasn’t shown on that.

      • COME ON NOW!!! u CANT really just tell us a fight occurred and not give the deets… **your queue to do so now**

      • You goin to put me to work locating it on the feeds now? Because it wasn’t on Jokers or BBN here!

      • It was around 3:00 a.m. right after Frank talked with her and Nic enters the bumper car room and asks why Tiff is so upset. Tif got curt with her and said she should know. When Nic said she didn’t know and asked Tiff to tell her, Tiff couldn’t say specifically. Nic got mad and left the room and told others she did not want to sleep in that room with her. That she was scared of her. I think Nic was afraid she’d spill the beans. Tiff is just an overly emotional person feeling like she’s being used and she’s guaranteed each one that their own lies would come back to bite them in the butt and it wouldn’t be her fault. Really, she doesn’t know how to be appreciative of being saved from eviction…plain and simple.

      • wait wasn’t this the SAME nicole character that said the other night sitting down in the backyard with paulie, james, zachariah (yes I just randomly gave zakiyah a new name & I don’t know why), corey and michelle that she WASN’T afraid of tiffany?

      • Exactly! Except when she’s alone with Tiffany, then it’s a different story! Nic is starting to crack from the pressure of he lies! And she can’t seem to remember them now! haha

      • I wish I could see what went down – this is so confusing right now.
        What did Tiff do to make Nic afraid of her is the burning question right now. Of course Nic could be exaggerating the whole thing.

      • That’s my thought obviously. nicole is going to play the victim and be scared and say **enter my Minnie mouse voice** “Hey everybody, I’m afraid of tiffany…she’s erratic and talking about blowing up all our games” This does what for nicole? 1st it puts a potential thought in everybody’s mind that hey we should’ve gotten her out so lets do it this week & also PERHAPS give nicole sympathy for others to feel the need to protect her

      • You’re never going to get me to admit anything! LOL IJS what she’s doing on THAT front isn’t dumb but at the same time if anyone has an ounce of intelligence they would recall Nicole’s previous behavior and recognize her con she’s displaying

      • You think Nic is the con artist and not Tiffany?
        Nothing Nic has done to Tiff has been nearly as conniving/cruel as what Day did to Tiff. I just don’t see it S. but if that’s your take I’ll keep an eagle eye on Nic to see if this is possible.

      • No. Didn’t say that. At the moment just speaking on the “I’m afraid of tiffany” con & how that’s laughable. With regard to tiffany, IMO that crying bs is a con & irritating as hell (whether it be her or anyone else doing it)

      • We agree on the emotional outburst and crying con Tiffany has going on at least.
        Since I didn’t see what went down with Nic and Tiff and only have second hand info I just don’t have enough info to make a judgment right now.
        BUT from watching Nicole play a few times and watching Tiff this season my judgement is Nicole has a conscience at least when she lies and Tiff does not.
        I heard after the Nic/Tiff fight Tiff goes to Frank and throws Nic under the bus – that’s also tells me a lot about her character and that she’s playing this game with her emotions right now.

      • Question. What did you think about nicoles’s character when she went to frank & told what she knew about da’vonne (neglecting to say what her involvement was)? At that point would you say that da’vonne was not a threat to her or corey’s game if da’vonne’s clear target was frank?

      • Nicole seemed to be the only one to have the sense to distrust Day and she’s right to want her gone. Good game play imo.

      • Actually think back a second. corey is the one who told nicole he thought everything da’vonne was saying was a lie which finally switched on her lightbulb. I think many have the thought process that there is no honor amoung thieves. nicole IS doing a better job off manipulating people than da’vonne BUT just like in da’vonne’s current situation of being found out…nicole is about to be in the same boat.

      • I’d like to add that you seem to not be able to see the forest for the trees when you read my comments.
        You pick one word to take exception to and dismiss the rest of my comments while pretending not to be able to understand what I’m saying.
        Please stop, and thanks :D

      • LMAOOOOOOOOO ok “vanessa” it’s called sarcasm and having a sense of humor maybe?

      • Stop what? LOL we’re all adults here for the most part right? Which means that we all have a right to express our own opinions, no? Don’t see too far into things. What you’ve stated that I’ve commented on is not as complex for anyone to comprehend as you may think. I see the big picture. The game isn’t difficult to understand. However you yourself stated the particular player we we’re speaking of was “fake and wishy washy”. My sarcasm merely pointed out that her attempts to deflect her involvement aren’t as effective as she thinks they are and her game play not as strong as you may believe.

      • I have no clue. Tiff is just going off the rails and all of it started after Frank had talked to her one on one, which was the first mistake she allowed. Frank talking to her one on one about others who aren’t there to defend themselves is just the gunpowder Tiffany’s keg of paranoia needs to spark the explosion!

      • I’m trying to catch up now at Jokers so thanks for the help.
        If they hadn’t isolated/ignored Tiff last week she probably wouldn’t be so volatile right now.
        She might even self evict – she’s threatening to at least.
        Blowing up everyone’s game was such a bad move for her.

      • Tiff seems to be self-destructing- I’ll be caught up soon at Jokers so I can figure out what happening.

      • I was sleeping. There was a fight SO BAD that BBAD shut it down? Did they go to fish, or just show someone else?

      • just stopped airing with sweet Julie saying goodnight before the time was supposed to be up and went right to some two 1/2 hour infomercials! If you find out why that took place, I’d be much obliged! haha

      • Don’t tell anyone this…remember what happened last week when someone predicted Tiff would be leaving the house! Ooops..too late! hahaha

      • LOL I promise not to tell… but I think da’vonne may be in more of a precarious situation than tiffany ever was. tiffany’s blunder was being paranoid and of course her being vanessa’s sister. But remember HG’s were already comparing stories even before “frankany” was formed. I just don’t see her maneuvering her way out of this one.

  9. Definitely excited to see them working together. I felt really bad for Tiffany after the drama last night when she found out the people who she was loyal to never had her back. If the BB Gods keep Tiffany safe this week I swear I will start to root for Frank.

    • Maybe I missed something but why would Tiffany work with Frank after her speech last night that was directed towards him?

      • She found out a ton of information after the HOH last night…that Day basically blew up her game a couple of weeks ago when Day went to Frank and told him that Tiffany was trying to start an all girls alliance and that Tiffany was going after him…she wasn’t…that is when all of the back and forth arguing and insults started with Tiffany and Frank..thanks to Day lying…so..Tiffany blew everyone out of the water last night and told Frank the whole house, except for wanting him out. So now. Frank and Tiff hope to work together..but, I think it may be too little too late..but, it would have been fun to watch..maybe we still can!

  10. Matthew Boyer – thank you so much for your all you do – wish you could be in the house – you are so perceptive.

      • Yeah I think he should apply. He would do great.

        My strategy would be to team up with one person in the house and then split the house into 2 teams of 8 with one of us on each team. After that I would just make sure us 2 throw every comp until final 5 and let the 2 sides take out the stronger players. Basically a Danielle and Jason remake

  11. If Day continues to tank her own game I see the Frank and Tiffany alliance having a chance to succeed if they can pull in Corey and Nicole.
    Is Michelle still working with Day or does she now have doubts about her?

    • Hold your horses India! Frank has caught wind of what little Miss Fake Sunshine Nicole has been up too while he’s being singing her praises, she and Corey have been pulling his strings all along.

      • Tiffany told Frank what I was telling you on yesterday. Nicole is the worst and fakest of them all!!! Frank told Bridgette, if they win RK to put up Corey.

      • So Nicole saves Tiiffany and Tiff throws N. under the bus to Frank…gotcha and I’m not the least surprised either.
        Surely there are more dangerous people in the house than Nicole???

      • Things will change in a minute. Now James is asking Nicole something about the all-girls alliance. This is going to be a wacky day in the BB house.

      • Why isn’t Tiff going after Day? She’s way more dangerous than Nicole.
        Tiffany is in revenge mode now and can’t wait to start bullying the others it seems.
        Paulie was right after all.

      • She needs a witness I guess when she does…Frank seems to be the perfect choice seeing as how much Day doesn’t like Frank and vice versa!

      • Something more happened last night that was not reported on Jokers. Tiffany and Nicole got into an argument about something. Now she’s telling Frank that Nicole is the worst and fakest. Which I completely agree.

      • You’ve got the feeds then? Tell me more about this Nicole/Tiffany fight.
        Tiffany had been following Nicole around the past week and N. finally snapped I bet.

      • Welll Tiff, Nic and Corey were have-nots this last week, couldn’t be helped to some extent.

      • I believe Frank finally figured out Nicole and Corey flipped and voted out Bronte. Tiffany told him everyone wanted him out, including Nicole and Corey. Now Frank want to put up Corey if he or Bridgett wins RK.

      • Frank wanted Corey out anyway and now he has an excuse to get rid of a potential comp threat.
        You know how it is though, by next Wednesday they will all be friends again probably and be targeting someone else.

      • Nicole is fake and wishy washy but at least she’s not a habitual liar. She could be a lot worse is all I’m saying.

      • Would you care to revise your statement and say that nicole kinda sorta is a habitual liar in that she lied to da’vonne claiming she had nothing to do with their plan, then lied to frank that she had no knowledge about sending bronte home or that she voted her out.
        Wait a minute….I think you mighta been on to something earlier when you said people in that house DO lie. So you mean to tell me this game isn’t won on integrity and friendship? lol

      • You seem like an intelligent guy, I’m sure you can figure out what I’m saying in my comments :D

      • Well I hope she’s successful with Day.
        I think it’s a big mistake for Tiff to cut ties with Nicole and Corey – she needs to have someone in the house besides Frank and she can’t singlehandedly get rid of everyone by herself either.

      • Why should they have loyalty to Tiff – she’s about as shady as they come.
        Nobody in the house has loyalty to Tiff and that’s Tiff’s fault not theirs.

      • I guess we are just going to have to agree to disagree about this. She only targeted Frank because of the lies she was told & vice-versa.

      • Yes and I was upset that Day lied about Tiff and was hoping she would figure out what happened. Nicole did nothing as bad as that to Tiff.
        But ok, you’re allowed to like anyone you want here :d

      • Oh yes, I said the same yesterday – Day deliberately lead Tiff into making self incriminating statements about Frank and then she ran to Frank and told him Tiff was coming after him.
        That’s one reason I’m so unhappy with Day right now.

      • She just cracked finally from everything and couldn’t remember the stuff she’s said, but she wants everyone else to remember what they said. Paul was able to dissect it for her perfectly. The best group convo last night!!! Paul was quite hilarious in his delivery!

      • Nothing even close to that! She was just wanting to have a pity party but they didn’t have the dress to wear to it is all. They were there to comfort her.

      • Tiff wanted to have a pity party???
        I can’t believe Tiff would want to make everything about herself so soon.

      • She really doesn’t need to. da’vonne is a sitting duck with like 5 hunters rifles already pointed at her. Why not try to find out more about other people in the house since you already know the truth about the one person who was up in your face lying to you?

      • Last I heard Paulie didn’t have the votes to evict Day.
        I think Tiff perceives Nicole as the weakest person in the house and the easiest to bully.
        Tiffany lies and people lie to Tiffany – she needs to get over it.

      • No. Nah uhn I don’t believe you. So let me get this straight… You want me to believe that people LIE on each other in the big brother house? **side eye**

      • I really liked the convo between Paul and her last night. He said it perfectly. “This place is like being in high school on steroids!”

      • It was during the group pity party with Day, Nic and Z attending. He was able to dissect and break everything down for her that none of the girls were able to. I think he succeeded where others failed and his delivery to her made much more sense than the others did because he has nothing to hide like they do! LOL

      • And all through her tears. Now I don’t blame her for crying and feeling like she’s been a puppet for everyone to use, because they have. She’s only going to blow up other people’s games because they have left her in the dark too long about certain moves they’re discussing and not sharing them with her. It’s aggravating, but she knew it would get that way because of her sister revealing a lot of information to her before she even entered the game! The others will have no one to blame but themselves for having allowed her to stay and be prone to doing that.

      • Nicole should have just explained to Frank and Bridgette about the voting. That’s hire Nicole could have fixed this mess. Nicole and her boy shouldn’t have sides with Days idea about flipping it was reckless.

      • True, but how was Nicole to know that Tiff was such a snake and would turn on her?
        Tiffany is dead to me now since she’s reaching Vanessa levels of perfidy.

      • I hope Paulie is still gung ho on getting rid of Tiff this week. Surely nobody wants to align with Tiff after this.

      • Nicole didn’t save T because it was the “nice” thing to do, she did it thinking it was the best for her game.
        People complain because Frank is talking to, and making deals with everyone, BUT what is Nicky Numb-Nuts doing …. the same farking thing.
        Hello, this is BB … if you can’t swim with the mean fish you get eaten, and I for one hope this blonde jellyfish (or her Meathead boyfriend) get eaten!

      • No matter what prompted Nicole to save Tiffany, Tiffany is still in the game to play another week.
        So Tiff’s first action is to throw the ones that saved her under the bus.
        It’s not Nicole’s fault that Tiff can’t stop her constant scheming and gameplay.
        I am well aware of how the game of BB is played btw so no reason to tell me again :D

      • Let me first say, I am not a big Tiff fan, and I don’t believe she will get far in the game.. I just don’t like how she has been treated just because she V’s sister (Let me also say, I hated V’s game)
        Let’s think about this statement for a minute … “It’s not Nicole’s fault that Tiff can’t stop her constant scheming and gameplay. ”
        Is not Nicole & everyone else in the house doing the same thing? Why does it make T a bad person to be doing the same?

      • NO! Nicole is nowhere near as scheming as Tiffany which should be obvious to all.
        I don’t really care to discuss whether Tiff is good or bad in real life either, but I am allowed to form an opinion of her character by watching her all summer and I believe my opinion is correct. you don’t and that’s fine.
        Backstabbing Nicole and throwing her under the bus to Frank shows me a lot about her character though; or lack of character rather.
        Day lying to Frank about Tiffany coming after him shows me a lot about her character too.
        It’s also shows me a lack of judgement on Tiff’s part since Nicole is probably the safest of them all to play with. That’s my opinion of Nicole and you don’t have to agree.
        No need to tell me that this is the way they play big brother; I watch them play BB and I form opinions that others might not agree with but that’s fine.

      • I just cannot see how Tiff is scheming…she’s been really quiet the past 2 weeks more than the first week. I think she had trouble navigating in revealing who she is related to. I’ve seen more action from Day and Nicole scheming than Tiff. Maybe I need to pay more attention to Tiff now!

      • Just going from what I’ve seen and I don’t have the feeds, Tiff started scheming from the first with the spy girls to form an all girl alliance when she was supposed to be in the 8 pack alliance.
        They ratted her out and she’s been in a lot of trouble ever since.
        That’s just my take Joni from what I’ve seen.
        I don’t think she’s evil by any means but her social game has been awful from what I’ve observed.
        I also think Tiff’s a bully by choosing Nicole to vent her spleen on last night. Why not Day? Because she knows Day wouldn’t tolerate that for a NY minute.
        That’s my read Joni – what’s yours?

      • You made some interesting points here too. I just haven’t watched her as closely as I have Day, Michelle, Nicole and Frank. Maybe because she’s been isolated from everyone too long. No one else’s fault but hers, and many were still skeptical about telling her stuff from then on. She just needs to own her own actions and quit crying every time things don’t sit right with her. I think the reason she won’t choose Day to vent to is because Day intimidates her just like she intimidates Nic. Nic doesn’t do well with confrontation like Day does either. She needs to take on the attitude Paul has succumbed to. Just roll with it or suck it up cupcake! Paul did not say that, that was my suggestion! LOL It’s Big Brother!

      • Tiff is behaving in a very emotionally immature manner right now.
        I was watching BBAD a lot at first and Tiff was scheming from the start; must not have been able to help herself I suppose.
        She got caught and had an emotional meltdown.
        After that Paulie said not to tell her anything since her meltdowns were too much to deal with.
        In a way I can’t blame them and I don’t think they meant to isolate her but that’s what ended up happening.
        After being saved yesterday her first order of business (from what I’ve read) was to start scheming again.
        I agree, Tiff needs to own her actions instead of blaming everyone else for her problems.

      • I think Paul set her straight now! haha She asked him if he would swear on his mother he wasn’t lying to her. He then pointed out a conversation he witnessed she’d had with someone else and when she went to deny it, he rephrased it again. She then said she couldn’t remember what she’d said. And he said, “exactly. So why are you expecting others to remember what they said? I’m just telling you what I observed. I could care less what others said in that moment. I can only relay what you said that you’re trying to deny now!” She shut up after that. After everyone peeled out to leave her alone, Paul was even funnier! :-) Others can correct me if I’m not on the mark with that convo, even if it’s not verbatim!

      • I love Paul! Tiff can be so infuriating at times – just calm down and take a deep breath for once.
        If must be frustrating for her that she’s not able to manipulate everyone in the house as she seems to be used to doing in real life.
        Once again Tiff is isolated but she can’t understand that a lot of this is her fault.
        I just got to the part at jokers where Nicole had her fight with Tiff. Be glad when we can find out what was said. Nicole seemed to be trying to rehabilitate Tiff in the game along with Corey up until this fight happened. I’m a slow reader as you can see :D

      • Actually Joni, in that instance, Paul heard the wrong thing or he lied. A few others deduced later that Paul lied. Anywho, everyone lies, so why can’t Paul.
        The funny thing I heard today is Tiff being called a bully, hahahaha.

      • Who is Tiffany ‘scheming” with?
        People hardly talk to her!
        She is constantly on the block, of course she is paranoid, and looking for reassurance.

      • I agree with your assessment about da’vonne’s character with her lying and making up stories to put (or is it pit) people against each other…and its blowing back up in her face…and I don’t feel bad for her and waiting on them to show her cry. Dang that sounds kinda mean, huh? :-)

      • :D I don’t mean to be mean either but sometimes these HG aggravate me so much I can’t control myself :D

      • Ohhhhh yeh! It’s about to get hot in that house now more than it is outside…and not the kind of hot in the bedroom either!

  12. Welp looks like Da officially blew her game… AGAIN! Man you would think she’d learn from her mistakes last season but I guess people are getting sick and tired of hearing the ‘she’s starting an all girl’s alliance’ lie.

    • Good…I don’t like the way Day plays this game. I think she plays it dirty…no need for constant lie after lie after lie all the time. get can she not know that? All she has done other than lie is braid her hair the entire time.

      • Agreed had she just stuck with her fatal five alliance and them wanting to target Frank without singleing out Tiff, none of this would have happened, Frank would’ve still been the #1 target on everyone’s list without any knowledge and Natalie would’ve been the one likely to leave this week! But no she had to go and bring up her all girl’s alliance’ lie again and look where that brought her! SMH the girl never learns.

    • Paulie playing both sides isn’t gonna last long. He is acting like he is a professional BB player. Unfortunately he is getting a good edit on TV

      • I actually think he is trying to be Derrick and wants Cory to play his brothers role. Paulie is way too into himself to come in second he wants to never Derrick. Trying to control everything and doesn’t even have a vote this week

      • Zingbot: Nice to see some smart people in the house. Oh didn’t see you there….. Paulie!


  13. Nicole is a big disappointment this week. There was no need to ruffle feathers and play emotional instead of rational. It’s going to come out eventually that Nicole and her sidekick voted against Frank…. And really for no reason other than being spiteful. Nicole was in a good position in the house that’s going down with Day. I would’ve never played with Day….big red flag.

    • Siding with either Day or Frank has turned out to be a lose/lose situation it would seem. I wouldn’t trust either one of them.
      Tiffany won’t be happy until she’s running the house and neither will Day. Tiff will probably stab Frank in the house next week if she stays.

      • So true. Maybe James would have been the better choice. James is really been talking some good game this season which was his downfall

      • Agree about James and now that he’s desperate to save Natalie he should try to start his own alliance minus Frank/Day.
        I forgot, he’s strongly with Day and trusts her.
        He’s too nice of a guy but I’m hoping he can stay awhile in the BB house.

      • Maybe James doesn’t know about all of Day’s lies either, he’s been pretty occupied lately :D

  14. Day really screwed up. She should’ve been more involved with Tiffany if she wanted Frank out. She should’ve walked before she ran

    • Day, Tiff, Frank and Paulie want to run the house and are playing hard to achieve their goal. paulie seems to have the best chance to succeed so far.

    • she should have been NICE to her last night. All Tiff needed was everyone to be happy she stayed. Instead they ignored her and she ended up in Frank’s arms. I didn’t like her in the beginning but now im rooting for her

      • Isolating Tiff is just wrong I believe – I don’t quite understand why they run from a room when Tiff enters either.

    • she should’ve hung herself with those long ass braids because that’s just what she did in the game anyway…commit suicide running around lying on multiple people

  15. I love how the other houseguest’s paranoia about Tiffany blowing up their game eventually drove Tiffany to blow up their game.

  16. So frustrating that they waited so long to do this simple fact checking. I figured a person as confident and bold as frank would have confronted Tiffany as soon as he heard she was throwing his name around. Guess he just trusted Day enough that he didn’t think to question it. Which is odd because she pulled the same tricks her season.

    • Confident and bold yes, I agree he is that however he & tiffany already fell out more than once so I understand his previous reluctance to do so

  17. Although Day’s game did take a hit, things aren’t looking too bad for her at this time. Looks like Nicole and Corey are the ones in trouble. I would love to see Day let go of her emotions and her and James team up with Tiff and Frank. No one would see that one coming. Nicole or any of the other house guests will stand up to Day like Frank did. They are all cowards in my opinion.

    • Only way that can happen is for da’vonne to come clean & tell the truth. A target is still going to be on her back but if she thinks up another lie (a good one this time lol) as to WHY she did what she did & apologize… then maybe…just maybe she has a chance. Aww who am I kidding, she’s dead meat

  18. I have read several comments that were negative about Tiffany blowing up days game after they saved her. Seriously!? They didn’t save her to align with her and keep her safe. She doesn’t owe them anything! aligning with Frank is not a bad idea! Obviously nominations have happened and she’s on the block again but it wasn’t a bad move on her part in my opinion.
    it could be Natalie Frank Bridgette James Tiffany Paul and nicole is easily persuade so that means Cory also. so it wasn’t a bad idea for her to try and make peace with Frank. We shall see what happens this week! although Natalie and Tiffany are on the block there still is the roadkill and Veto!
    so again with all the comments I am reading about Tiffany blowing up Days game when she should be thankful Day (etc) saved her is crap. At this Point she owes nobody anything!

  19. I like the idea of. Tiff and Frank teaming up this will at least keep frank from going after Tiff It is going to be weird if tiff picks frank for pov. I hope this new alliance doesn’t include Bridgette UGH!!!

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