Big Brother 18: Frank Sinks Jozea Blindside With Clear Warning – Update: Who Knows Now

Frank sat down with Natalie and Bridgette last night and ended up telegraphing his alliance’s punches loud and clear with a pitch to join the majority vote and help clear a path to the next target.

Frank Eudy talks game on Big Brother

Not only did Frank confirm what Natalie had suspected with his vote and the upcoming eviction but he went as far to all but name their next target as a member of her team.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (Free Trial) to 10:10 PM BBT 6/29 Cams 3/4.

Frank is in the bathroom sitting with Bridgette and talking to Natalie. He wants to know how she’s voting, but she says she doesn’t know yet. Natalie turns the question on him and Frank makes it clear that he will not be voting against his own team. Remember that both Paulie and Bridgette are on Team Frank while Jozea is not. Natalie says she wouldn’t expect him to vote against his team and it never made sense to her to believe that he would.

Frank encourages Natalie to come over to their side of the house and join the vote. Natalie says that he’s going against promises he made to Jozea and his allies, but Frank counters saying they lied to him about plans to target him if Glenn had stayed. Frank says he knows she didn’t lie to him and that’s why he’s coming to her with this idea.

Natalie says she’s not the kind of person to make a promise and then not keep it. Frank says that’s fine by he just asks that she not throw him under the bus by revealing what he’s been telling her here. He also promises her that no matter which way she votes on Thursday she’ll be safe and is no one’s target right now.

Natalie tells them it’s “common sense” who is going home tomorrow but she’s sticking to her promise (to vote to keep Jozea). That’s fine, says Frank. Now for his second point.

Frank warns Natalie she’d do well to throw the HoH comp. “You need to let things play out the way they’re going to play out.” He tells Natalie to “toss it” but she worries she could end up on the Block. “Why would you go up on the Block??” whispers Bridgette. Maybe Bridgette is not the best person to make that argument right now…

Bridgette suggests they promise Natalie safety if Paulie stays and Frank agrees completely even saying he won’t say “if” because, he suggests, Paulie is definitely staying. Can’t get more clear than that without counting out the votes for her.

Immediately after (10:20 PM BBT) Frank tells Natalie again that if he has the shot at winning HoH for her team then she needs to “drop it” because “there’s someone on your team” that they want to go up and out. That’d be Victor and Natalie knows it. “You don’t need to protect him,” says Frank because it’d just put a target on her back when there currently isn’t one and HGs would think they need to get both Victor and Natalie “because she’s trying to protect him.”

Word got back to the Eight Pack last night that Natalie knew what was up. Needless to say, they weren’t happy. Frank’s allies fear he was making moves to solely benefit his game over the alliance’s safety.

Those fears rolled over in to today as Corey and Nicole were just now talking on the Feeds (1:45 PM BBT 6/30) that they’re worried about Frank. Corey thinks Frank could flip his vote and ponders threatening Frank to keep the plan for Jozea’s eviction. Nicole warned Corey that Frank is a comp beast and it’d be best not to threaten him. Both agree that if Frank does flip his vote then he can’t be trusted. Strategy!

So not only did Frank clearly tell Natalie that Jozea is going but he also revealed that to Bridgette. Neither of these ladies are in his alliance and both are expected to be part of The Revolution alliance. Frank may be able to turn Natalie to their side later, but he should have thought more about the team on this one. Either way, the numbers continue to dwindle on who will still be surprised by tonight’s votes.

Just as crazy as we thought it was for Victor to reveal to Nicole that Jozea was coming after her, Frank has now informed Natalie that his alliance is coming after Victor and we don’t even know how the HoH comp will go. Risky.

We’re just a few hours away from tonight’s live eviction vote at 9/8c so be sure to be back here then for our live coverage of tonight’s Big Brother 18 where we’ll watch Jozea walk out the door, a new HoH take power, and the reveal of a “shocking surprise” by Julie Chen.

Update: During a talk between Frank & Bridgette this afternoon it sounds like the Powerpuff girls (Spy Girls) know how the vote will go, but the guys (Jozea, Victor, & Paul) are still in the dark.


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  1. vic’s side would have to win HOH and RK to get a loss to the other side. possible, yes. probable, i dont think so. it has been entertaining and hope it conts

  2. FRANK?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Cmon man. I thought you were better than that! Now the other side won’t be mentally shaken for the upcoming HOH and you’ve reduced your chances to keep the numbers on your side! Does anyone else ever feel like production just needs to put YOU in there so you can show e everyone how it’s done?! Smh that’s how I feel right now… -_-

  3. I think he is getting a bit too comfortable. Little does he know Bridgette doesn’t trust him.

  4. Too soon, Frank – too soon. You don’t “need” them so why? Get thru this blindside and enjoy it and maybe later look for someone to turn but you didn’t need them for this vote.

  5. Oh Frank you really have a big mouth. Come on you’ve played this game before. If one of the others in his alliance did what he did he would throw a fit. He’s getting too comfortable. Would deserve him right if he goes up on the block. Most of his alliance is starting to not trust him. Except for Day.

    • Exactly !!!! You would think this being his second time around that he would know better than to betray his alliance and your totally right about him throwing a fit if this was someone else. This is going to backfire for him at some point for sure and he will be kicking himself for it !!

    • I’m beginning to think that everyone being cooped up together for a couple of days is behind a lot of this nonsense. On BBAD Natalie was following Frank around demanding to know what was going on as she knew Paulie wasn’t leaving.
      So instead of Frank telling her to shut up and ruin his game he did what was best for his game and not what was best for the alliance.
      Tiffany’s mostly upset because Frank beat her to the punch.

  6. Of course Frank thinks this is somehow going to benefit his game over the alliance. If Jozea finds out, I will not be nearly as fond of Frank as I was. Actually, I am currently not as fond of him as I was.

  7. So Frank is a beast in comps, and he just betrayed his alliance. Therefore, he should not be threatened. Do these people actually remember that they are playing s game?

  8. It looks like I gave Frank the benefit of the doubt too early. I think this is going to blow up in his face. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets kicked out of the 8 pack. Several of them are very unhappy campers at this point. He should have known better than to pull something this stupid this early in the game. WTG Frank. You just signed your eviction papers.

  9. What an idiot! Seriously! I was really looking forward to a shocked look on 5 people’s face! I honestly think this was an awful game move on his part!

  10. Frank has honestly lost my support for such an idiotic move like this… can’t stand him anymore… *sigh*

  11. Frank, I wanna like you but don’t pull an Austin when he told Jason about the twins

    • Hi Tinalee fellow BB fan Cheryl here. I saw when your comment came up and then your picture popped up seconds later, but there was a little house there first. How did you get your picture in there, I am having the darnest time putting my pic up. Can you please tell me what you did to make your pic show up.

      • If you create an account at then you can update your profile with a picture. Then back here just log in to the comments section with your disqus account info.

      • honestly I have no idea LOL I wasn’t even sure if people could see my picture or not. I put that picture in last year or the year before but honestly I have no idea how. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night LOL sorry but if I do figure it out I will definitely let you know :-)

      • I actually tried to change it to something more current because that is from last year or the year before but I couldn’t even do it so maybe that’s not an option anymore. I don’t know but again if I figure it out I will let you know :-)

  12. For the record, here we go again!! I make one simple comment asking if Cory is gay and also say of course it doesn’t matter but I wonder if it’s just editing! And someone jumps down my throat. I didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way in any way she perform! Give me a break! Anyways that’s all :-). Carry on :-)

  13. They should evict Frank and get Paulie to take his place. Its too early yet but I can see it happening in week 3 or 4; after Victor and Bronte go home

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