Big Brother 18: Fatal Five Becomes Four As Alliance Narrows

On Sunday we watched the Feeds as Frank made his rounds and worked on getting Tiffany pushed to the outskirts of their Eight Pack alliance. She’s on Frank’s radar and he isn’t going to let this idea go anytime soon. The bad news for Tiffany doesn’t stop there though, but she might not be alone.

Fatal Four alliance on Big Brother 18

Last night Da’Vonne and Zakiyah were talking in the Have-Not room about their way forward and the structure of their alliance, not the Eight Pack alliance, but their subgroup, the Fatal Five. Make that the Fatal Four.

Flashback to 3:06 AM BBT 7/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial).

Zakiyah tells Day that she doesn’t even bother calling it the Fatal Five anymore. It’s just the Four. That would be Day, Zakiyah, Michelle, and Nicole.

Rewind a little for more backstory on Tiffany’s status in the group. 8:55 PM BBT 7/3 Cams 1/2, Day is in the HN room with Zakiyah and Michelle. They’re discussing the guys getting stronger and know they need to watch out for that, but Day is worried that Tiffany is coming for her.

Day tells Michelle and Zakiyah that for now they can back off and let others in their group win HoH to keep the target off their backs. That would give Frank and Tiffany the chance to go after each other which would let them not worry about the problem themselves. Day actually gave this idea a little push in a later talk with Tiffany when she suggested Tiffany might want to win HoH and take Frank out.

Jump forward to 9:10 PM BBT as Nicole joins the room. She reiterates what they already know, Frank wants Tiffany out right away. The group is also worried about Paulie getting more entwined in their circle and wonder why Frank thinks Paul deserves a pass next week.

They’re repeating a lot of the same ideas we’ve heard recently, but the takeaway here is the four ladies do seem solid together. Of course these things do change rapidly in Big Brother. Should they decide to explore working with the Spy Girls then they’d be well positioned as a force in the house. But as Day pointed out later in her talks, they’ve got the Eight Pack for now and that’s a good place to be.

Tiffany remains in the overall Eight Pack, but the group’s trust in her from its individual corners has eroded. If they knew Tiffany was pitching all-girls alliances to the Spy Girls side of things the tension would quickly crank up at least from the guys. Like I said before, it’s a risky time for Tiffany especially being on the Block and vulnerable this week, but if she gets through it as I expect she will, then she’ll need to start making moves and not just talking about them.


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  1. I think one of the problems here is that everyone tends to enter these alliances on a whim or too soon without taking the time to figure out who is truly trustworthy or too erratic to work with. Therefore they tend to turn on there own quickly. That was the beauty of alliances like the Brigade. They made a commitment and stuck to it.

  2. If these girls can keep it together and not let any catty infighting implode their alliance they could become a force to be reckoned with. I can already see a little split between Da/Z and Nicole/Mic. that could become an issue.

    • The split is coming faster than they think. Da is getting too paranoid over the guys and is starting to think or rethink the girls alliance from my view. I see Da’s time running out soon but which week will it be. I know she has lasted longer this season than lst year but now I see why she was evicted early last year.

      • Nothing has really happened as of yet to really upset Da’s applecart. I know she isn’t happy about a few things, like Frank’s control and she is seemingly trying to make Paulie and Tiffy’s relationship an issue. But I’m waiting on something to happen that impacts Da’s personal space. That will be the tell all as to whether she will be able to keep her cool.

      • But she is unnecessarily stirring the pot. I’m surprised it hasn’t blown up in her face yet.

      • Same! Nicole is kind of on to her, but I do not see her doing anything about it. If I was on Day’s team I would be worried about her turning on me but that does not seem like a red flag to anyone.

      • Especially the fact that she flat out lied to her alliance when she told them that she knew for a fact that Tiffany is coming after her because production told her so..which, I am happy to say..she got into trouble for..the DR called her in and made her tell the girls that it wasn’t true. I am not a fan of Day’s and I just don’t get all of this distrust between them and Tiffany. Tiffany needs to dump Fatal Four and join in with Spy Girls..and get Frank the heck out of the house..he is running it right now…he is reminding me of Derrick…making sure every single person does exactly as he says.

      • I certainly don’t want to see another Derrick situation this year; that was the most boring season ever.
        Frank and Derrick are so different though and Frank’s not nearly as cunning as Derrick. At least Derrick hid the fact that he was running the house.

      • Oh I believe you there :D It was amazing how he infiltrated the Revolution alliance and lied with the best of them. I just don’t know if it’s in his personality to be the ‘power behind the throne’ a la Derrick.

      • Right, he has the ability but does he have the perseverance to pull it off?
        Day is another HG that I’m questioning if she has what it takes for the long haul. She seems to be very action oriented and can’t wait to get things moving even though she’s aware that isn’t the right way to go.

      • She does seem like the impatient type. I think the steam is building inside her like a pot ready to boil. I’m just waiting to read all about it. :D

      • I think that pot is used to boiling as well and Day is doing her best to keep this from happening. I’m not optimistic that she can contain herself much longer either. She looks very stressed out on BBAD too – I was wondering if she had a cold or something since she just didn’t look well. It might be the lack of sleep though.

      • Not like Derrick – Frank is a thinker, but not a long term thinker. Frank is going week by week

      • I couldn’t stand Derrick either. I’m ashamed to say I was hoping against hope that Cody would beat him. So no, Frank might be deceitful but I’ve never seen anyone as bad as Derrick.

      • I really wanted to give Day a chance this season, but she has not changed at all. It is clear why she got eliminated last season. I’d imagine Tiffany isn’t the easiest person to get along with (she really is like her sister), but she has not given them any real reason not to trust her. Just reasons from Day’s pot stirring. I’m starting to think that Day just cannot get over being evicted in part because of Vanessa and is taking it out on Tiff. They are kind of on to Frank, but on one wants to make the first move. The only way a girl will win this season is that both group of girls get together, but I don’t believe either group has done so.

      • She didn’t learn a thing – still the same and gonna get voted out. I’m okay with it

      • But they need one person to keep them blued together. Regardless of how we all feel about this, the girls need at least one of the strong guys in the house to help their side if they should come down to a four girl team against a four girl team.

      • You’re right, once Day’s personal space is messed around with she’ll have a meltdown since she’s such a strong willed person and seems to be used to getting her way.

  3. I don’t mind the fatal 4 if can actually stick together. Hopefully they get rid of Bronte and another guy before the 8 pack is demolished.

  4. Oi, it’s too early for this level of paranoia! The only good thing about early paranoia is that it’s feeds gold, but this is how these HGs lose it every year.

    • I am most disappointed with Day. She is one of the most insightful people I have ever seen on BB but she let’s too many little things get under her skin. What Made Derrick so great as a player is he let the little things slide most of the time and stuck to a plan. He let others get paranoid so he could use that for his benefit.

      I wish Day would calm down about everyone. Same with Frank. There is no need to go after Tiffany right now. She can be taken out any time but she is very useful as a number. This early paranoia is going to push people away and break up a strong alliance. That hurts the veterans most.

      • Day won’t calm down. She didn’t learn a thing from last time she was on. It irritates me how she always blames everybody else for any perceived slight

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