‘Big Brother 18’: Overnight House Meeting Piles On Paulie’s Troubles

Yikes. Things are looking pretty ugly both for Paulie Calafiore’s chances on Big Brother 18 at the moment and his recent behavior as last night continued to reach new lows as we nearly had a full House Meeting shy of one Houseguest where Paulie took on Natalie and Bridgette.

Paulie calls out Natalie on Big Brother 18

Setting things up for a hectic overnight we had Natalie going to Zakiyah earlier in the evening and revealing things she didn’t like that had been going on behind Z’s back. Paulie knew this was coming and soon it was a battle of words between them.

If you need to catch up on that first conversation between Zakiyah and Natalie then go to 6:25 PM BBT 8/10 but it’s an hour long so get ready. Natalie tells Z that Paulie had been hitting on her and made her uncomfortable. Not only that but Natalie tells her he had been routinely disrespecting Zakiyah both as a person and how he was using her in the game. True or not for any of these comments, that is what Natalie said and what set us up for the later face off.

As the night was starting to wind down for Natalie she said goodnight to HGs including Paulie who responded with “we all know you’re as fake as those things on your chest.” (Flashback to 12:58 AM BBT 8/11 Cams 1/2) Ugh. Paulie tells Natalie that no one is buying what she’s selling. Natalie tells Paulie, “it really doesn’t matter what you think of me” and then leaves.

Bridgette soon finds out about Paulie’s comments and she goes upstairs with James to confront Paulie who is in the HoH room with Victor, Paul, Corey, and Zakiyah. Jump to 1:46 AM BBT to watch this start off. Natalie will later join leaving only Nicole out of this meeting.

James asks what’s going on and Paulie proudly retells his “fake things” on Natalie’s chest comment. He adds that Natalie has been lying about her chest “for 50 some days.” Seriously? Everyone please be sure to submit your health records in a timely fashion so Paulie can review and approve everyone’s personal life choices.

Bridgette jumps right in and says this was a personal attack by Paulie while he says what Natalie did was a personal attack on him. Bridgette counters that Natalie did what she did because she thought Zakiyah should know and not as a personal attack on Paulie. Paulie says he’s helping James by exposing Natalie’s lies and he thinks Natalie should “keep her mouth shut.”

James tells Paulie things need to be kept on a game level and this wasn’t. Paulie tries to excuse his “fake” comment saying it was a metaphor for “her fakeness.” Bridgette is shocked and replies simply with “nice one, Paulie. Nice one.”

Paulie starts to stare down Bridgette who asks why he’s doing that. Paulie continues and says it’s a sign of respect during conversation and if she’s done then he’ll stop staring at her. He’s trying to intimidate her and it’s coming off like a real a-hole.

Paulie wants Natalie to apologize, he tells James and that’s perfect timing because here she comes. Natalie joins the room at 1:54 AM BBT.

Paulie starts in saying that Natalie has been going around the house flirting with all the guys, but why is she calling him out on things she says he’s done to her. Now keep in mind that Paulie seems to think that Natalie only told Zakiyah about his flirting with her. We know that Natalie also told her what he had said about using Z as a pawn, not caring if she stayed or go, and not being interested in dating her after the show, etc.

The circle talk continues and Natalie brings up how Paulie made her uncomfortable with comments like how they could kiss under the bed and Zakiyah or James wouldn’t see them and how he told her to put her “booty” away. Paulie says he talks like that to all the women. But wait, there’s more…


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  1. Corey and Nicole are blindly loyal to Paulie, but if one of those 3 don’t win he will always be the target. Even if he saves himself via Veto he’ll lose an ally. His only hope at this point is between Nicole/Corey and himself winning enough to get close to 6 people left so he can compete in Veto. It’s only a matter of time before he loses a comp and goes home though. Last night he really showed an ugly side to himself that will make it impossible for most of the house to work with him. I’m sure he’s a good person outside of the house but last night has him looking very, very bad.

    • What your really saying is, he HAS to win because we all know both Corey and Nicole can’t win.

      • LOL pretty much. Nicole maybe can win if its a mental comp, but Corey is completely useless. He’s basically just a warm blooded cuddle doll for Nicole in the house that eats and says “what’s up mother frickers” occasionally.

      • Nicole is the “shed” for Corey to put his “tools” in, she is about as useful as a box of rocks this season!! As long as she is the rocks getting raked by Corey, she doesn’t care!

      • I’ve been hearing he has ADD and the show won’t let him take his meds because they think it’ll give him an advantage. I don’t find that fair. By having ADD he’s at a disadvantage and they won’t let him take something he’s used to taking in his daily life to help that, to help get him back to level ground with other players. I hope they told him when he entered the house “By the way, you’ll be behind the 8-ball the entire time in competitions. Just saying.” It doesn’t seem right to me.

      • He could have chosen not to enter the house if he felt he was at a disadvantage, yet he chose to play BB. Can’t feel bad for the guy.

      • Why would you choose not to play Big Brother if given a chance? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you make money in some form or another (competition prizes, jury stipend, etc). I’m sorry, but with all due respect, I don’t think that’s a strong argument. I’m not saying he should be able to take anything performance-enhancing, but ADD meds are supposed to put you back to ground level with others, not boost you ahead of them.

      • I don’t think you have a strong argument either, so we are even, I guess. I’m simply not allowing any excuses for the weak lemming game he is playing.

      • Well at least you backed up why I don’t have a strong argument (sarcasm). You make it sound like I said that to be rude, I was being politely honest. I backed up why I didn’t think you had one. I started this by saying “I’ve been hearing he has ADD”. If he doesn’t, then absolutely, no excuses for his weak gameplay. Though if somebody is below ground level and you don’t let them take meds their used to taking in their lives just to get back to normal, that to me doesn’t seem fair. You’re suggesting that because of having an affliction you have no control or having or not having, that you should turn down a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play a nationally broadcasted game, make money, and be on TV.

        To each their own. Have a nice day.

      • What are you even talking about? You know what, nevermind. I don’t care to find out. I’m discussing respectfully and with thought, and you can’t be bothered to do the same.

      • I’m not bothered either. I see a lot of good comments from you in general that I agree with. Now isn’t that time, but that’s fine. Take care.

      • I was far from rude and definitely had no intention of being so. Then preceded to tell me what I was suggesting with my comment. Your comment to that effect very much reminds me of an arrogant guy that use to post on here and I allowed him to speak down to me a few times. I just nip it in the bud before it starts any more.

      • I really didn’t think “with all due respect I don’t think that’s a strong argument” was talking down to you. But hey, bygones be bygones. It’s over now.

      • “You make it sound like I said that to be rude.” Imo, that statement is where it started going downhill. You insinuated something that was not true. I was in no way insinuating that you were rude before that. But that statement was rude in itself. Then you did it again in your latest post to me, insinuating that I felt the words you used were talking down to me. How about you just say what YOU think and feel and don’t tell me how I think and feel. Now, it’s over and I look forward to more thoughtful posts between us.

      • “…guy that use to post on here and I allowed him to speak down to me a few times. I just nip it in the bud before it starts any more.”

        That clearly implies you’re referencing your talk with me, because that comment, that you replied to with this quoted statement, was from somebody who was defending me and telling me you like to get the last word, etc. So yes, it fairly seemed to me like you were saying “a guy in the past used to talk down to me” and implied I was doing the same thing. Can you really tell me I was off base to think that’s what you meant?

        Starting to think you really do just like to get the last word. I’ve tried a few times to end this and said it was over. You went right back in to say yourself that it was over. Calm down, I’m not here to attack you. You seem to be taking everything personally. I have no clue whatsoever how “You make it sound like I said that to be rude” was ‘rude in itself’ as you put it. Do I have to walk on eggshells? Because that seemed fairly innocent to me. I simply felt like you were making it sound like you thought I was saying what I said, to be rude. Oh wow, that’s just awful of me isn’t it.

        Enough already. Please and thanks.

      • You are the one who said it was over first. Then when I agreed with you you had to get personal yet again. Unless you want to talk about the game, don’t reply to my posts.

      • You don’t make any sense, nothing I said was personal. You’re taking it that way. I’m sorry you have some kind of issues going on where everything is taken to heart apparently, but I don’t know you and never had any intention of getting personal. I’ve been calm with absolutely everybody on here. That’s not a coincidence. Somehow you bring something else out? Calm down I told you I have no reason to dislike you or go against you.

        From now on, yes, same to you, don’t reply unless it’s game-related. I’ll do the same. Thanks.

      • Your a confrontational troll with absolutely nothing useful or thoughtful to add to this discussion. RQ88 stated a respectful opinion that Pauly should be allowed to take his meds, which by doing so, would put him on an even playing field with the rest of the houseguests. You then proceeded to troll him with stupid comments that obviously came from an empty head. I mean why? Is your life so boring that you have to resort to these childish antics? Get a life.

      • I wouldn’t take it personal. She has to have the last word with anybody that disagrees with her that isn’t a regular on this site. I saw one where she kept calling the guy names until he stopped commenting, and somebody else told the other guy to stop being rude. I was going to say that they both were being rude, but it kept freezing so I didn’t bother with it. I don’t comment much because there’s usually somebody I agree with, so I’ll just up vote the comment. I even like what she has to say sometimes, but she’s very defensive if you disagree with even if you aren’t being rude.

      • OK YOU TWO, off with the thongs and outta the mud! This is a chat site I like people who disagree with me some times because their reasons some times make me agree with them, thats all

      • He chose not to take his meds because he didn’t think it would be fair for him to have an advantage that adderall would give him. I give him credit for that. He’s not making excuses.

      • Corey claimed he was given the opportunity to bring his meds into the house for his ADD but he chose not to do so. He believed that he could function well without it, so if he’s having issues performing then it’s his own fault. Then again, I think he’s just horrible at the game but I guess ADD is convenient excuse.

      • Well at least if that’s true it sheds some light on it. But I still don’t see why he can’t change his mind later. “I thought I would be ok, I’m not, I was wrong, you offered once for me to bring my meds with me, why can’t it be offered again?” Doesn’t seem like something that should be a “one chance only” situation, unless they think he’s lying and just wants a boost since he hasn’t played well. I don’t know.

      • I think he’d be denied his meds at this point for exactly the reason you’ve stated. He’s not won anything but 1 POV and it would seem suspect at this point to allow something that could alter his game performance. In any event, he seems to be fine to me? He acts a little spaced out at times but I thought it had more to do with his personality. I suppose we can only speculate.

      • I could tell he had ADD before he even talked about it to Nicole. Just like I’ll bet Paulie has acid reflux. Him constantly clearing his throat. And if he doesn’t get on meds to take care of the problem it could lead to cancer.

      • Wait…I take it back…I don’t feel bad. Corey’s loaded and came up with an app to link celebrities with their fan. He’s not at a disadvantage in any way, form or fashion.

      • I think it was his choice not to take his meds if this is the case. I know of some friends that had their kids on the meds and in the summer they didn’t take the meds. It could totally be a personal choice.

      • I think he is making it all up, one he is horrible at comps!! Two it’s his excuse when he is caught looking at the boys instead of Nicole he just says he was daydreaming because he has no ADD meds. Good Excuse Corey! He can design an app but can’t figure out BB. Dude is playing blonde well!!

  2. What a douche that Guido is. Boy you just do not disrespect women like that. I hope you bring shame to your entire family back in Jersey. The way it is going, if I was his boss or employer, guess what, you won’t have a job when you get back home.

    • He’s a DJ, isn’t he? In New Jersey?

      Good luck getting gigs now, you smug moron. You’ll be running LiveStreams out of your parent’s basement when the show’s done, just like your loser brother.

      • Hi Cheryl here. Thank you for that comment, it is so true. a lot of people on here thinks that paulie’s brother was so classy saying paulie is nothing like his brother Cody, Cody was a good guy and not disrespectful to women. Well maybe so in a small way…But in a Big way wasn’t Cody hugging and rubbing all up on a married woman during his season….HELLO, some people seem to have forgotten about that. Paulie loves to throw Derrick’s name around a lot too, of how Derrick told him this and Derrick told him that, and I’m sure Derrick at this point is just shaking his head saying, ‘This dumb ass didn’t listen to a word I said. I wish he would just keep my name out of his mouth now’.

    • What right does Natalie have to insert herself into his relationship, however dysfunctional it is. Especially when no one has done that to her and blown up how she was playing James. Anyone with a brain knows Natalie expected to land the hottest guy in the house with her FT. She wants attention 24/7. She flirts with anything that can pay attention to her. She has floated through entire game by playing James who is a fool (bro, she does not touch you..only gives affection when the game goes her way..)…and to make Z feel bad like that strictly for personal gain is disgusting. Just so if she has round trip ticket she will side with them? Natalie wants to be a big time BB player? She deserved everything she got. Now, if she won hoh and BD Paulie, and he did this, that would be entirely different. But all he was doing was defending his position in his relationship…Most everything he said about Natalie is spot on…what he means by Jersey girl is she is street smart always looking for the BBD…and she found a mark in good ‘Ol Jamesy!! Trust me it burns her that Nicole got Corey and not her. And, she would be all over Paulie if he showed interest

      • Gee I thought I was the only one that could see straight through her fake act. And she can’t BD Paulie because she doesn’t even know what it means. What a joke.

      • I couldn’t of said it better myself. You are totally right.
        Gnat is as fake as they come & so jealous of Nicole!

      • My comments wasn’t just about Natalie but ALL the female’s in the BB house this Summer. He has disrespected several of them and that is the gist of what I said.

      • I’m guessing your comment won’t be popular (and now neither will mine) but honestly, it’s true what you’ve said. Good to see a couple people replying to your comment with agreement.

  3. Yeesh what a complete and utter D-BAG. His poor family. They must be just wincing and cringing through this whole debacle.

  4. What a piece of sh*t. I can’t think of anything about Big Brother that would make someone a misogynistic caveman only “as part of the game”, so what we’re seeing here is the real deal as far as I’m concerned. His family should be embarrassed.

  5. I’m from Philly, and have tons of friends from Jersey so let just start off by saying Paulie is the epitome of a douche bag guy. All of my friends from Jersey are the most caring, honest, non-judgemental, fun, adventurous kind of people and for him to use the whole “its a jersey girl thing’ term so lightly makes me dislike this man even more. No, its not just a Jersey girl thing you idiot, girls all over the world are capable of what you claim Nat to be doing. This guy must be from the suburban part of Jersey because if he were in the areas I am most familiar with he would hands down get his ass whooped on a daily with this kind of attitude. But hes not that dumb and he knows it which is why I am sure he never steps out his comfort zone in Jersey. I love that his goodbye message to victor was brought up, it just goes to show you the kind of a (word that rhymes with ussie) he is. All bark, no bite. Thats Paulie. I liked Cory so much better.

    • Why would he admit to a bad goodbye message right in front of Victor, in front of everybody minus Nicole, when for the moment he’s working with Victor? There’s being a “word that rhymes with ussie” and then there’s just unnecessary dumbness.

    • He’s clearly still bitter over his ex. And, he kept dragging his brother into his diatribe, so both Paulie and Cody feel that way about jersey girls. What’s really funny is that he wants us to believe that jersey girls aren’t good, oh EXCEPT for his family. Yeah, ok buddy. Can’t wait till his butt is gone from the house.

  6. I don’t agree with Paulie said, but Natalie is being fake when she says that she told Z those things because she felt bad for Z. She told Z this stuff to try and get Z to turn on Paulie so he would be ok with her being evicted.

      • Sure she can. Just tell her because you already have the numbers. Don’t be fake with her.

      • Why tell Z and give Paulie the heads up. String the Muther Effer all the way till the live vote!! Remember it all about #Friendship

      • Paulie is delusional and wouldn’t believe it anyways. No need to string Z along like Paulie is.

      • Z is a backstabbing, nice to your face, talk about killing you in the streets cause you painted my mans nails kinda a girl. Please, she deserves no heads up, she deserves nothing, they told her everything about Paulie, and BOOM, girl goes and gets her freak on with him!! Bye Bye Z … Don’t let the door hit ya where Paulie just split ya!!

    • Being fake is part of the game, being misogynistic is not. That’s really all that needs to be said here.

    • Have you even been watching this show? Natalie is the sweetest, nicest girl in that whole damn house of catty bitches. If anything, she’s TOO nice for this game, but she’s not a doormat either. I believe she does feel bad for Z, and legitimately wanted to let her know what was really going on, so Z doesn’t look like an idiot (Z does anyway, but whatever).

      What would be the benefit for N of telling Z these things and pissing Paulie off, thus siccing a strong competitor on herself? Z is going regardless. I think Nat was literally just tired of Paulie’s bullshit, is not allied with him, and could care less how he reacts to Z leaving (she stated as much, several times, last night).

      • Yes I watch the show and just because a person is nice doesn’t mean they can’t be fake at times also. The fact that Bridgette and Nat talked about a way to cause Z to be an issue for Paulie, so that he would vote her out over Michelle, shows that there was a level of fakeness in her talk with Z.

      • I have no problem with fakeness since the whole house is doing it. It is part of the game. Lying, cheating, backstabbing which all requires them to be fake since it is not their real life. Paulie, I’m not to sure about.

      • Cody, is that you?

        If Nat was being fake, then she has faked her whole personality right from day one. All to fake this one moment with Z that has zero positive impact on her game, and has actually hurt her by incurring the misogynistic wrath of Douche Jersey Boy.

      • Because she was trying to get Z to be a problem with Paulie so he would be cool with her being voted out. She was hoping that was the scenario that would happen, not the one where she was verbally attacked.

      • These comments that suggest that just because you side with Paulie that you must be Cody are getting tired. Sorry somebody doesn’t share your opinion. Doesn’t mean they can only think that way if related to Paulie.

        I completely agree with SomeGuy on every post of his that I’ve seen on this thread.

      • And also Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle plotting about how they can lie about Nicole and blame votes on her. Fake, dirty and catty.

      • Never said she wasn’t lying. But she doesn’t make up lies about people that’s the difference.

      • There’s a difference between lying and making up lies about someone. Nicole has never made up lies about someone. She’s lied about didn’t know they were going on the block and who she was voting out. But they are making crap up and going to blame Nicole. Like I said catty school girls. Not my type of game play. But that’s just me.

      • You need to watch the feeds because Natalie is the nastiest fake whiner of them all. She plays all the guys and then acts innocent. She’s a hypocrite and I wish CBS would give her the edit she deserves. Sweet? Hahaha. Catty school girl is more like it. Believe me the first couple weeks I thought she was so sweet well now the real Natalie has come out and she’s the complete opposite of sweet.

      • I couldn’t agree more when it comes to Gnat!! Her true colors have been shown-she’s the worst!

    • Does it matter? NICOLE who knows how much Z loves Paulie should have clued Z in a long time ago but all Nicole does is join in the Z bashing. I’m disgusted with her!

      • Nicole wouldn’t dare say a word because that would interfere with her time under the sheets with Corey. Team Nicole for booty time FTW!!!

    • Nat probably really did feel bad for Z, and Nat also wanted to nip any chance Paulie had of a jury vote–that’s IF he makes it to F2, which seems unlikely at this point.

    • So now we’re going to end up with the two black ladies to be first in Jury? Duck, here comes the racist trolls.

  7. Thank you Paulie for possibly digging your own grave and getting this bromance season back on track. While I’ve somewhat enjoyed him running the house, it’s quite the yawnfest. Ideally one of the Pauls goes home in the DE to really shake up the vegas odds. But if not, let the war begin.

  8. Can we all agree to start calling Paulie “Jersey Boy”? Just feel like that would piss him off.

    • Nice, Jared :). I have been thinking that since this started last night. Just never thought of starting a movement for it. Kudos to you!

  9. Here is my wish….when Jackass Paulie returns to the real world..and he’s back in Jersey…I hope that every Jersey girl comes and gives him a swift kick in his rear! This guy has serious issues with women. What a jerk! I pray he does not win anything tonight.

    • I hope they aim for the balls or lack there of!! But just goes to show the Calafiore brothers don’t respect women. One was handsy with a married woman (her fault too) and the other is just a degrading, loathsome human being.

  10. Paulie is a pathetic little boy who needs to go home but we all know he has the boomerang card bc production loves him and the drama he brings

  11. Sure Natalie may have been fake, but no need to bring her body into it. I think Paulie got overconfident and then showed an ugly side. Now he will need to survive tonight to even have a chance at winning. He hasn’t been as great at the social game as said. Not many can play the straight up house dictator well. If he survives tonight, he will need good social game to recover, because comps would have to save him for a while otherwise.

    • Showed an ugly side? Showed his entire self to be UGLY! Yes he is a DJ so he sees Jersey Girls being drunk and mischievous, but not every girl in the place is like that, and not every girl in the state is there. I remember my party days and the way some of my friends were. It wasent always easy to watch as they smeared their own reputations but that didnt make every woman every where what they were. just sayin

      • Why can men do and not get call out and shamed for but women can? I call that a double standard. I am sure Paulie is right there trying to smear their reputations. bullcrap

  12. “if your point was to make me feel bad, I feel nothing.” I’m pretty sure this is 100% the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder. What a psycho.

  13. Zakhya was there taking it all in one ear and out the other. That’s why she needs to go.
    Paulie having the golden ticket will be a nightmare, but it also will be if Z has it. Natalie doesn’t need to respond to his fake uppers accusations, but she could say it is her body and she does what she pleases with it and it has nothing to do with the game. I love that Paulie is put on the spot and he can’t stand losing control. Even if he doesn’t leave this week, the HG are on to him which is a good thing.

  14. Heavenly sister, good Saint Natalie through our worship we grant you the power to smite all non believers and blasphemous souls, because your purpose is right and just.

    -Praise be-

  15. Paulie was in the right on this one. She flirts with everyone yet she claims its uncomfortable when someone does it back to her. Don’t do to others what you can’t handle being done back to you.

    • Paulie had a point but he ruined it completely with his attitude. Maybe if he had stayed calm and not starting in on with the insults, he could have convinced people to be on his side. But he blew that out the water.

    • She said he crosses the line though- that’s the difference. It’s ok to say certain things to one another, but out of respect for significant others, comments about people’s bodies are not ok, and Paulie comments on Nat’s body all the time.

  16. All I can say is, FINALLY! These people finally understand how much they were being played by Paulie all this time. Especially Paul and James. Last night’s blogs were SUCH fun to read.

    Vote for Bridgette for ACP this week!!

    • It was fun, finally. Reading where the light came on for Paul and James regarding everything they had done, had been for the good of Paulie’s game and not their own. That was a great moment. I swear the lights flickered in my house. Lol

      • Seeing is believing. I read through updates but I had to actually see it for myself. Reading it made me interested. Seeing it, made me cringe.
        If there was ever a time that production altered the game, this should be one with Paulie. When he is blindsided tonight I would not want to be in that house

  17. Zakiyah is scary. She bounced from Paulie to Natalie all night. And then ended up under the covers with P at the end of the night. WTF?

    • I can’t help but cringe when she does this. So glad she’s leaving tonight since her obsession with Paulie makes her unable to play or strategize while in the BB house.

      • lol reading ur 1st sentence I thought u were referring to “Temple of the Nats” post above urs…lmao…

    • When the demons criticized Saint Natalie for accepting this act of love from the “immoral” woman, She admonished them and accepted Zakiya’s worship. Because of her faith, Saint Natalie forgiven all her sins, and she was received into Her kingdom.

      Praise be

      PS Zakiya is still getting voted out.

      • I know you were trying to be funny with all of this, but it got old fast. It isn’t funny anymore. It’s actually a little creepy.

      • The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken. . . . They will see Saint Natalie coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory. . . . I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.

      • It’s beyond creepy. It’s blasphemous to use scripture about God in praise of a person. I wonder how funny people would think it is if he used the Koran to do that.

    • I think it went further than touching last night/early morning with them 2. It was definitely next level. She says she was going to get in the bed with him just to keep it normal but it was more than normal.
      She will really feel used when she walked out the house tonight

    • I literally can’t stand her. She had a heart to heart with Natalie, ended up crying, and 5 mins later she’s trashing Nat in the Safari room to Nicole and Paulie. Then during the big blowout, she had this heartbroken look on her face the whole time, and she found Natalie and Bridge after the argument and said she believed everything they said…and then she went to bed with Paulie and did who knows what under the covers. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she’s evicted.

  18. Concerning the supposed flirty comments Paulie made to Natalie; do any of the live feeders here remember him behaving in this manner or is Nat making it up.
    The reason I’m confused is that a couple of days ago Nat and Bridgette got together and decided to lie and start false rumors about Paulie flirting with Natalie.
    I still can’t stand the guy but I’m curious to know what he really said to nat or is she making it all up. Good move by Natalie either way.

  19. Well, there it is. I’ve been saying for a while that despite wanting Paulie to win, and him being my favourite game player (keywords, game player) that he won’t win this game, and I resigned to just wanting to see him in the game as long as possible. It’s hard to see there being any coming back from this now, and I want to say that I’m not a fan of his actions here.

    I get why he was upset with Natalie, because she had absolutely been flirting back, and then she tries to call Paulie out on it. She was the first to take things outside of a game level, as she could have just mentioned him being a threat due to social game and competition prowess, but she starts by mentioning flirting. Earlier in the season her and Bronte were gushing about how “he’s gorgeous” and she’s made comments about having something further with him along the way, and yet now she wants to call him out on flirting and making it sound one-sided. I have little respect for Natalie.

    That being said, this is still a game, with implications for actions and words, and Paulie didn’t handle it well. He’ll have to win everything he plays in now, get help from ACP and have the round-trip ticket.

    It was good while it lasted.

    • I don’t think flirting is the reason the house is flipping. I’m receptive to listen if someone can explain how it is. A lot of guests flirt and use showmances to what? – Advance their games. I HATE showmances – I do. But they happen more & more it seems like.

      Yes, Paulie flirted with Natalie and she flirted back.
      I think he got heated though, when she blew him up to Zakiyah.
      Z had noticed Natalie flirting with Paulie before and he had said it was just for game. For a lot of people, it is just game. I don’t like it but there it is.

      I don’t think Paul #nevercared or ever will, who Paulie is flirting with now or in the past. I think Michelle explaining to Paul/them how Paulie is really running the show and they are but merely his minions is what brought the train to the station for Paul (and for Paul to translate it to Victor). Paul would not flip the house over some flirting. I don’t believe that.

      But winding him up by telling Z – Paulie gave them the power at that point. Had he been Mr Cool or had he come off as “defending his boo” like Sir Galahad – he would have fared better. His personally demeaning comments coupled with Michelle laying it out for them, is what did the trick. That was the recipe, I think.

      • I agree with you here, but… I don’t recall mentioning flirting at all lol, let alone citing it as a reason for the house flipping.

  20. I was hoping for a little glimpse of what was going on in the house today before I leave for a football game, but it looks like that might not happen. Nothing on Jokers. I’m going to be playing catch up tonight. I know good and bad always happens in the DE, but I don’t want to come home and find the flip flopped. Two things…No flopping and if Paulie gets clipped in DE, no RT ticket, please!

  21. This is how this guy really is, I feel bad for him, he needs help:
    Jokers ~

    Wed 8:54 PM BBTPaulie
    says it isn’t a trait he’s proud of but he only uses it if someone is
    really asking for it and pushes him to that point. NT – HumblePie

    Wed 8:54 PM BBTPaulie says he can cut someone to the core w/ his words. He can say something that will haunt you for years. Corey agrees. NT – HumblePie

    Wed 8:52 PM BBTPaulie says in his experience with Latin/Jersey women, they give a lot of attention and try to get someone just bc they can. NT – HumblePie
    Wed 8:50 PM BBTPaulie trying to tell Corey/Zakiyah about the guy that Natalie lost her virginity to that he went to Rutgers with. FISH. NT – HumblePie
    Wed 8:42 PM BBTNat
    hears Paulie calls Nat a “typical Jersey girl”. She flips off “Paulie”
    & says she’s “a Venezuelan girl!” & he doesnt know her NT – Tigrress

    • “Paulie says in his experience with Latin/Jersey women, they give a lot of attention and try to get someone just because they can”

      Earlier this season, Natalie : “I can get any guy I want. I’m just saying. I can.”

      I’m not trying to tell you Paulie is in the right with everything he does, but I am saying that it’s getting tiring that everybody portrays Natalie as just a sweet, innocent princess.

      • About as swift as how long the humour lasted on your little experiment, Dave Slater.

      • No, I just find certain things funny, and certain other things not funny. The first post or two under this personna were funny. That has since stopped. Sorry.

      • Beep bop beep boob beep bop.

        I am a robot, this is an automated message from boringbot3000.

        ^ ^ ^
        You right now..

      • “Today I watched Big Brother, it was fun. Tonight Big Brother is on again, someone is getting evicted, it should be fun. My mom is making me hotdogs for lunch, I will put on ketchup and mustard, it will be fun.”

        – Teddy Wayside aka BoringBot3000

      • “Today I didn’t agree with someone on the internet, he said mean things, this was not fun.”

        – Teddy Bayside

        PS – Friendship?

      • BoringBot3000 malfunctioning, in need of repair. Contact manufacturer.

        Downgraded to BoringBot2000

        (Loved your response btw)

      • He probably is the one that tries to get all of the attention and they give it to him because he’s cute. Once the girls get to know his personality they leave him for another and he gets hurt.

    • Paulie and his ridiculous Jersey girl comments. Not all girls are the same and yes, the girls from there do have a bad rep. Many are like that In NJ and any other state or the world.

  22. If it were possible to slap someone through a camera, last night I would have slapped some sense into Paulie. He showed he is NOT his brother that’s for dang sure. And don’t even get me started on how disappointed I am in Nicole – laughing and carrying on with Paulie and Corey… Has she lost her freaking mind? And Paulie says he doesn’t play emotional… Umm sure you don’t bud!

    • Great post! The other thing that ired me was when he kept saying that if Michelle has the round trip ticket, HE would send her right back out of the house. He kept saying “I…”, “I…” about all the moves that have been made and that will be made. His arrogance is unbridled! I cannot wait to see his face tonight when Zak gets eliminated. And the feeds will be golden! Finally, we have a game.

      • I can’t wait to see how he acts this evening after noms when Corey and Him are on the block and not Meech and Nat!!

  23. When this season started I thought Paulie could get AFP and would have had he kept playing the way he did during the first few weeks. Remember he sat Frank down and told him he wouldn’t b ok with anyone slapping his sisters butt? I guess he’s ok with someone verbally abusing his sister tho since he thinks it’s ok for him to do it to the females in the house.

    • I know! I’m so disappointed in him. I liked him at first too, but more times than not people start to show their true colors and I do believe this is how Paulie acts outside the BB house.

      • He was my fav… And you’re right, his true colors have come out and boy, they aren’t pretty!

  24. Wow, Paulie did say some scummy things. And Nicole and Corey, especially Corey need to wake up. James was trying to convince Corey that Paulie needs to go, but doing it without coming right out and say it. Corey doesn’t seem to pick up on it(surprise surprise). But Nicole needs to wake up. She’s asleep at the wheel. She should know James isn’t gonna let Paulie talk about Natalie and get away with it. James is too in love with Nat, and he’s gotta keep up with his persona that he’s built on the show of being a “good guy”. Too bad Natalie doesn’t like James the same way he likes her.

    • I think James is the type to go toe to toe with any man that tears down his woman. People have to remember James is a farmer. He is very fit and probably never lifted a weight in his life till he went on BB

    • In the DR Natalie said she likes James, but she doesn’t seem to be into him. Paulie doesn’t kiss Z because he is not really attracted to her and Natalie doesn’t kiss James because she may be using him and doesn’t really like him.
      Paulie, Natalie and Corey are using their playthings to get ahead in the game. I don’t see much happening between them after the show is over.

      • lol. I was typing using. It was not my fault. I clicked u before the s and they switched places.

      • lol.
        I thought wow that’s really something if bb players are thinking about suing other bb players who double-crossed them or p*ssed them off once they’re all out of the house!
        Come to think of it, THAT would really up the stakes in the game! haha

      • Natalie has been up front with James that she is not looking for a showmance. She has said to him on camera that she really likes him, but not romantically.
        Who knows what Corey thinking … Does he think?
        Paulie is a total scum-bag.

      • Corey told Paulie last night that none of the showmances in the house will be carried out of the house. He seems very remote about Nicole.

  25. I don’t think that Paulie should of said or call Natalie out, and then saying that she is Fake she is just a happy person and I don’t find anything wrong with that

    • It’s BB so lying & backstabbing is acceptable for the game.
      I agree with James that it should stay on a game level and not get personal. Talking about her anatomy is personal and I do not think he should have gone there.

      But yeah sure – call her out for flirting like she is calling you out for flirting. They both flirted to advance their game so why not? That would be on a game level, woeful as it is.

      • Califore logic: Apparently Paulie can flirt with any girl but Natalie can’t.


  26. How hilarious would it be if both Zakiah and Paulie ended up in the jury house tonight with Da’Vonne? I would love to be a fly on the wall watching those two women go after Paulie’s misogynistic self.

      • Maybe so but not the way I think you’re thinking. You get a wronged woman and her friend in the house alone with the man who did one of them wrong. Bye, bye Paulie balls ;).

      • Nah, Z is completely infatuated and will probably be happy to get it in with Paulie without all the cameras.

      • Zakhya knows what Paulie is doing and she is still up his… Do you really think she won’t try even harder to get further in his pants. I do. Z is Pathetic.
        Da’vonne will not care much for him though.

      • Not exactly true. She slept with him last night in a tank top and shorts, and he told her he needed her to relax him (I believe he was asking for a BJ). She told him to go to sleep.

      • I think he’d take a different tone in jury. There is no more ‘game’ excuse so I think he would (try to) make nice in the jury house.

        They all end up buds after the season is over anyway.

    • I love the sentiments, but Z would revert right back to her boot licker self. I can’t believe with everything she has learned from multiple sources that she is still all over him. Pathetic!

      • You may be right. Maybe I’m just trying to will her to be stronger than she’s been. It makes me kind of sad the way Paulie has treated her and maybe kind of sad that in the face of evidence she still continues to let him. Love your pic BTW. I have a Boston Terrier too. Never loved a pet as much as I love my BT!

    • It would be beyond hilarious!!! Day would be screaming in victory without the $500k.

  27. So I am reading the comments on jokers.
    Z thinks Nat took the skirt she loaned her because she is mad at her for sleeping with Paulie last night.
    Nicole can’t believe Natalie took HER skirt back.
    I think that Natalie knows Zakhya is leaving so she needs her skirt before that happens.

    • That skirt was one Z borrowed for another ceremony and never returned, according to what Nat stated last night. But Nat didn’t say anything to her about giving it back when Z showed her the outfit she wanted to wear for the show. Maybe she wasn’t 100% sure Z would be going home until later and then decided she didn’t want Z to leave with it. I don’t know what happened there.

    • I would be pissed with Z for borrowing my skirt and not returning it when she wore it the first time. Then to have the audacity to wear it AGAIN like she own it is CRAZY.

    • I read that Natalie mentioned Z wanted to borrow her skirt to wear (this was before they TOLD her, I think). James told Nat to let her borrow it, that she (Nat) could get it back in the jury house. Lol.

      James’ point was, yes, WE know she’s leaving but SHE doesn’t know she’s leaving so let her borrow the skirt – you’ll get it back.

  28. I don’t have the feeds so I appreciate the recap of what was going on last night. Good stuff Matthew!

  29. Man if I was a HG I would totally want to drag paulie to the end with me. It would be a sure win. Love how James always trys to act big and tough and then backs down when there is a conflict.

    • Great point that I wish others would take note of (fans as well as players). Paulie is now a pariah. Who’s voting for him in F2? He’d have to win everything and force them to vote for him just because of how many competitions he won. Unless they’re scared of Dick voting where “Yeah we hate you but you still played the best”.

      • Um…for weeks everybody here was agreeing, even if disliking him, that he was probably the only one playing the game. That translates into not even deserving $50 grand? Interesting logic. He deserves $550,000 on competition prowess alone.

  30. From Jokers this morning, Paulie: “I’m all about the empowerment of women and equal rights with all that stuff but for me to say that I would support a man because he’s a man or support a white person because they’re white or support a black person because they’re black like I’ll never In a million years do that.”
    Ummm… pretty sure he’d NEVER support a woman winning this game.

  31. Natalie says to James she want’s a girl to win, and she is a girls girl, and the dummy dosen’t put 2 and 2 together?

    • She’s also told James directly that she would vote for him over anyone else in the house should he make it to final two.

  32. Once again, Paulie (just in case your parents or siblings read this), I’m a Jersey girl, and I’m having a problem with your statement, “Jersey girls know what they are.” Yep, we sure do. And we also know why you and your brother are still single … Jersey girls don’t like to get down in the gutter as deep as you are. And I have to say … nice to see you think so highly of your sister.

    • Yes…that has been going on for the past few days. I will send an e-mail for them to troubleshoot.

      • Yes…it’s driving me nuts! I’m on Chrome for Mac…I think Safari has been ok though, but I hate using it.

  33. Now Paulie, MaxZ and Nicole are trying to intimidate Nat by congregating across from her in the bathroom while she is doing her hair.

  34. If Paul, James, Bridgette, Natalie, or Michelle win HOH then Nicole and Corey will go up with Paulie as a BD option with Nicole going home if veto isn’t used. If Nicole, Corey, or Paulie win HOH then Natalie and Michelle will go up, Bridgette will be the replacement if needed, no idea who the target would be though.

  35. Paulie is such a POS. Seriously. He sucks. There is nothing likeable or redeemable about him.
    The way he was berating Natalie was disgusting. He absolutely does not respect women. He think less of then. And boy does it bother him that a woman like Natalie has the guts to talk to him/about him.

    • Nothing likeable or redeemable…

      Then why have there been any comments of support at all from people on these boards? They may be in the minority, but they still exist.

      I like Paulie. As a game player.

      • People support terrible people all the time, domestic abusers, rapists, killers. Having support doesn’t mean he isn’t a crappy person.

  36. I never seen a bunch guys dumber than this. Don’t even know the mean of Feminism.
    Thu 2:33 PM BBT 2:08 Paulie to Corey/Victor: Bridge said she was a feminist last night… Why do you (Bridge) hang around us so much, if you hate – Harper_Lee
    us (men) *[Clearly Paulie is unaware of the correct definition of ‘Feminism’] …I kinda want to go to her and say, You (Bridge) support certain view points because you’re a girl? That would be like me saying I support certain things cause I’m white, but that would make me a racist.

    Corey: Pissed. I mean, I lost all respect for her (Bridge) when she got in bed with Frank, so…

    Paulie (re: James): For real though, homie needs to stop being a puppy dog.

    Corey: Yeah.

    Victor: For sure.

      • It’s ridiculous that Paulie and Corey feel it’s ok to build an alliance of all guys to pick off all the women. But if a female does as much as question them on their behavior, they’re instantly anti-male.

        These two have spent a little too much time in the locker room.

      • So let’s all just say nothing about all the all-girls alliances that get floated around. Year after year.

        After year.

  37. So if neither of tonight’s evictees have the boomerang card is that twist over or do will still have 1 more elimination?

  38. Teary-eyed Nicole just asked Victor who he was voting for. She’s getting a little confused, bless her heart. I think she can see the writing on the wall.

  39. He really made himself look bad..
    I don’t think women are immune to criticism and confrontation just because of their gender, but Paulie really had no reason to go after Nat like that.
    He showed his true colors last night, and they’re ugly.

  40. Michelle wasn’t up there in the meeting either. And Paulie did know that Natalie told Z more than just the flirting because Z told Paulie everything Natalie told her.

    • Michelle started to go but I think JAMES and BRIDGETTE told her not tooo It was best that she didn’t ..lol..

  41. Wth Paulie really!!? You talk like that to all women?! What a douche. I see why his fiance left this S.O.B. I bet if some random guy said those things to his sister he would tear them to pieces, and yet he does this! SMH sad excuse for a guy who recently got dumped.

    • I did not know that he was recently dumped, but smart woman to get away from his abusive nature. That also explains why he’s so hostile about women…he fears rejection. Cody got the good genes in that family.

  42. Nice going Paulie. You not only exposed yourself as a liar and a backstabber but also a misogynistic fratboy douchebag in front of your crew. You attacked Natalie (who is James’s showmance partner) and threw Paul (your boy) under the bus. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the house came after him with pitchforks and torches.

  43. After reading this I have to say that Paulie sounds like a Class A douche bag. I personally don’t like to call anyone that but if the shoe fits, and in this case it most definitely does, then he needs to wear it.

  44. Paulie is not really playing the best game. He’s been on the best position (not anymore) but not due to his stellar game play. He made tons of mistakes. He’s arrogant, he was playing with blind people, he volunteered himself on the block and he shaved his head like an idiot…..He’s not even a good villain.

  45. Anyone else notice meech cozied up to james and Natalie after they keep winning the care packages? She has said many times she wants America to like her, I don’t think that’s a coincidence

    • It’s been apparent from the beginning that M is very insecure. She’s always saying things like … “I’m ugly” – “I’m not important”.
      Tiffany gave her several pep talks early on trying to make her feel better, that is one of the reasons I was so surprised when M totally turned on T.

  46. Can u please just admit that Natalie is fake? I mean we all know she flirts with corey and paulie when there alone. And it’s clear her hatred for nicole is jealousy I mean every guy she wanted wants nicole incl james( she was his first choice) i just don’t like how she puts all the flirting on paulie when james has been pissed at her before because of her flirting! Makes no sense and I still don’t see y she needs to lie about her chest I mean it’s sooo obvious and stupid to lie about

  47. All nat did was tell z what nat would have wanted to know if she was her and it blew up Pauline’s game and he lost it lol

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