Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 9 [POLL]

Things feel close to the end of the Big Brother season when a mere three votes are in play to decide who stays and who goes and that’s just what we’ve got this week after the final noms were decided at Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

Paul & Victor prepare for the vote

There was actually an interesting back and forth over who would take the renom position but ultimately it didn’t really matter. Baldwin the Eagle could have been the renom and we’d have the same result on Thursday night as the new F4 take control of Big Brother 18.

Corey has joined Victor on the Block and it’ll only take two of those three available votes to send one of them out the door. Ever since Saturday night it looked like that target would be Victor and nothing has changed.

Leading up to that renom Michelle was struggling with her desire to send Nicole up and out, but I suspect she knew there was no chance of getting James to vote out Nicole. Especially not after Nicole and James had to publicly admit they couldn’t buy each other gifts like they had discussed. That’s gotta stir up a lot of concerns and stark realities for the other HGs of the depth of James and Nicole’s commitment to each other.

So with Nicole off the table for eviction Michelle went with Corey who would at least briefly cover their tracks of targeting Victor. I don’t think that lasted very long though.

Now we’ve got three votes ready for Thursday and everyone seems set on how things will go. At this stage I don’t expect any more flips like we had from the previous few days when it seemed possible that Natalie was convinced again to trust Victor and Paul enough to send Corey out the door. That plan has been discarded.

Nicole is never going to vote against Corey. It won’t happen. She told him yesterday that she’d vote for him in F2 even if he cut her along the way. This girl is in way too deep and she has no reason or cause to turn on Corey. Nicole will vote against Victor.

Paul needs an ally and he knows he’s about to lose one but all the same we can expect Paul to vote against Corey. Paul and Victor have discussed at length the past few days how the game has shifted against them after a brief flirt with control. Of course they did spend 3 out of 4 straight weeks controlling the HoH but the quiet bystanders have now yanked away the reins.

It all comes down to James and he knows it. Originally the plan was to vote out Paul but now with Paul off the Block James is ready to settle for Victor. Natalie feels bad about this and told Michelle she could still control James’s vote on Thursday if they decided to change plans, but I doubt her abilities on this one. James knows it’s best for his game to eliminate a threat like Victor over an ally like Corey.

When the votes are revealed we’ll have 2-1 against Victor with Corey remaining in the house. Of course this doesn’t mean Victor’s game is over thanks to the returning Juror twist that will arrive on Thursday night and send one of the first five Jurors back in to the game.

How do you think the votes will go? Is Victor a lock for eviction or could James be swayed back again?


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  1. Battle back is fine one time…but twice in a season…imagine Vic can come back a second time…showmances beware.

    • Kinda worried about Victor if it’s a physical comp. He admitted to Nicole being on slop this week has made him weak. Advantage Paulie who’s in jury eating, chilling and picking his nose.

      • Not so much of an advantage if Paulie and Z have spent their house time in bed together. That burns calories, too.

  2. We all need to make everyone aware how production is permitting James and Nicole to break the law by bribing each other. They know pretty well that is against the rules.

    • Yes…get them both out and have the battle back for 2 to return and the numbers will jive…i think?

    • Do you even watch feeds?? Both James and Nicole were called to the DR and reprimanded for saying they will give money to the other if they win. Big Brother is not permitting anything. Quit trying to stir up stuff.

      • Just because they were forced to take back what they said doesn’t mean they don’t intend to follow through with it anyway.
        I disagree with the opinion that they should be kicked out over this, but production chastising them doesn’t really make the problem disappear.

      • I agree with what you said completely. I just get irritated when everyone starts blaming production for every little thing that happens in the house. They can’t control what anyone does after the show and they can’t necessarily control what comes out of their mouths while in the house, but they do what they can. Big Brother is not a blame game, if you don’t like what you watch, then just stop watching. Not aimed toward you at all, just at anone who states the show is rigged.

      • Read the Big Brother contract and rules, paragraph 43. Nicole and James absolutely positively broke that rule on live television.

      • Their conversation was never aired, therefore it was never on live television. Kicking out Nicole and James would make no sense when Vanessa did the same thing last season and Paulie and Audrey both broke rules and refused to do things and both were kept on the game. Nicole and James aren’t as likable as some of the other houseguests but that doesn’t mean they should be punished for things that were previously not punished for.

      • By your logic, those houseguests could have satanic rituals in the backyard with animal sacrifices and as long as CBS doesn’t air it during prime time, you’re cool with it?

        Nice try but it don’t fly. ;)

      • You’re taking what I said way out of hand. I didn’t say they didn’t break the rules, I’m saying past houseguests have broken that very same rule so why should they be expelled, It makes no sense whatsoever! They can’t choose to ignore when one person breaks the rule and then expel two others for breaking the same rule. That would be showing favorites, which you are obviously okay with…

      • He only pointed out that they did not say it “on live television” as you said it happened.

        So “nice try”.

      • This is outrageous!!!

        You are right. According to paragraph 43, Nicole and James absolutely positively broke the rules of their BB contract.

        We don’t need these two cheaters on the show.

        Production should take notice and listen to the voice of the American viewing public and get them booted ASAP

      • Yes they can control it. There are rules that are clearly stated in the contract that each houseguest signs. In fact, a link was posted in the thread on this very subject. Go look rather than speculate. This is all documented.

      • The way each one said it to the camera was a joke! James really kept bluffing! BB should make them tell everyone in that house what the bribe was, then kick them out!

      • If they didn’t kick Vanessa out last year for her bribing attempts, the same should hold true for these HGs.

      • Exactly. That is the only way to keep the integrity of the show and viewers.

        BB should make them tell everyone in that house what the bribe was, then kick them out.

      • These two have been on the show before and know better. They came back with botched apology. Nicole simply said I can’t buy you gifts

        She planned to bribe James and Corey.

        This is so outrageous.

      • Yes, they are. BB Rule #43 is very very clear. They broke it in dynamite fashion. They need to be truly penalized.

    • Then BB itself will be breaking their own laws with the next care package which has money in it to use as a bribe.

  3. I don’t see either Natalie or Michelle as having thought for themselves about their nominations. Natalie is doing what James and, by extension, Nicole, wants. Michelle didn’t follow her instincts at all, which were to nominate Nicole. However, going after Victor and creating an atmosphere wherein Paul is the next target is easy to justify, because both men have been playing strong games. The two couples visualize themselves as the new, invincible voting block now. They probably view Michelle as the expendable fifth wheel. It is interesting how this situational strategy represents the extremities of neediness which are so observable in the personalities of both James and Nicole.

      • I think Diary Room sessions are where options are discussed, as opposed to where contestants are blatantly led to production-driven decisions. But players who don’t take responsibility for their own decisions can claim one choice was suggested, rather than acknowledging that several options were discussed. It’s a fine line.

      • ITA. That’s why I said “suggested”. It’s a very fine line indeed, but when Natalie called out the dr on several occasions and complained relentlessly that “now I’m soooo confused” the line is not so blurry.

        What in essence is a huge game move for Nat’s, whether she realizes it or not, is also the perfect set up to further Nicole in the game.

        Never cared for Nicole even in 16. To see her win after spending 20 out of 24 hrs a day every day in bed all season and low and behold now she’s getting a cutesy edit on cbs.. Something’s fishy and it’s not the dead fish in hoh.

      • They could very well have, and she went along with it. She could have gone the other way right?. She’s not under duress. Nevertheless, it’s a good choice for her game…

  4. An unlikely trio, but what if there was an alliance between Paul, Corey and Nicole vs James, Natalie and Michelle ?? I guess the whole Jury Buy-Back this week would ruin this, eh !!
    As for “No Bribery” but isn’t this week’s Care Package quoted as “A Bribe” scenario ??? Hmmm !!!

    • At this point it wouldn’t mater how they joined forces, the buyback could change it all. Plus I doubt that Paul would join forces with Nicole and Corey. It would make as much sense as Paul joining forces with Michelle and Natalie to voter James out.

    • There is a big difference between a house sponsored one time game move involving money that everyone knows about equally and the shady collusion that James and Nicole are pulling that is being kept a secret from some of the houseguests.

  5. If Meech had half a brain cell and quit thinking about what she was going to eat next she should instead take that energy and get together with Paul and Victor and start plotting and make an F3. The thought of the 2 showmances making it to the end makes me sick, I hope they get at least a couple of those people out, at the very least Nicole. She thinks she is getting married at this point and has no idea that she is on BB. Ugh!

    • That would have been a very wise choice for her. She should have put up Nicole or Corey in the beginning. Problem is, that with Victor and Paul in the house would be a power duo would could win comps more than the rest of the HG’s.

    • I agree! Vic and Paul would have kept Meen Meech safe! She didn’t realize if Paul goes up she goes next to him! They will get rid of Meech soon!!

    • Meech is so dense and seems comfortable with being the 3rd wheel so to speak in a F5 alliance with N/J/N/C. She missed what could have been her golden moment in the game, which is aligning with Paul and Victor for F3. Now she’s right back where she started in the beginning of the season, F5. But this time her allies are Nat & James and Nicole & Cory rather than Paulie & Z and Nicole & Cory.

  6. I hate this season for it’s wacked out twists & turns and chances for ousted HG’s to return numerous times. Like Momma Braid who might be entertaining for many of her fans, but she is a lousy BB player, and now she might get back in the house for more of her so called good “DR”. I think the BB producers have to much sway over HG’s in the “DR” which Natalie exposed this season. I think it is breaking the Federal Law the draws the line in unfair game play for game shows with prizes$$$. I hope Natalie or James wins the money this year.

  7. So much as I hope Vic comes back I am trying to imagine the scenario if Paulie comes back into the house. Then I think Nicorey, Paulie and probably Paul may join together to get James and Natalie out. That would be the one time I would wish for Paulie to succeed. Couldn’t care less what happens with Michelle at this point.

  8. Please remove James and Nicole from
    the show for cheating. They tried to undermine everyone by their attempts to bribe their HG who will be future jury members.

  9. I really believe battle back this late in the game is terrible. The people in the jury house have been able to relax and recharge. A one way ticket should mean just that. I believe it gives them an unfair advantage.

  10. I don’t know if the right moves are being made but I really just want to get passed this vote and see who comes back. Someone to shake things up would be nice. Everyone thinks it will be Victor and it would be cool to see someone leave and return twice in 1 season, but he had his chances. I would rather someone like Day come back who will speak her mind.

  11. My new prediction;

    Natalie wins! ???
    If Nic wins that would be ewwwie since she’s really not made any moves & has won no comps!!
    Plus she had her chance already & blew it!

    But girl power all the way…. ??

    Ok now…….. Supporting bets & comments welcome! Heh heh!

    I think Corey, michelle & Natalie will make a good final 3…..

    Ohhhhhh, but hang on, maybe Michelle will win the whole thing & REALLY piss off MOST of the viewers! You know….. the ones that are all ready pissed off about the stupid twists. And the ones pissed off about who is left cuz of the many stupid moves made to date!

    I’ve got to go back to sleep now cuz I have to take my kitty to vet at 10AM PST.
    She has similar problems that my dog, Kodi has. (He’s still with us, yeah!)
    Poor baby, Dixie, is 16 & I came back from lake on Monday to see she weighs about 3-4 lbs. and yes there was someone here to watch & feed her the whole time.

    Ok I think I’m done now….. ???????☁️☁️

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