Big Brother 18: Da’Vonne Warns James The Showmances Need To Go

Now I like Da’Vonne. Especially all the pretty colors from the flames surrounding her game. Today was no different when she sat down with James and whispered to him they needed to target the Big Brother 18 showmances. Oh, but not yours James. No, you’re fine.

Da'Vonne Rogers and the facepalm

Earlier today on the Feeds we watched as Nicole, excited like a schoolgirl over her homeroom crush, told Zakiyah how things were progressing nicely with Corey who was wanting more from her. (11:37 AM BBT) Zakiyah replied with open envy that she wasn’t getting as much from her showmance, Paulie. It’s hard to guess which Big Brother showmance will get the last rose, but others are starting to worry.

Even before that we listened to Paul and Paulie discuss whether or not Nicole would put up Corey or even vice versa. (10:30 AM BBT) Paul sounded surprised that Paulie didn’t think Nicole would put up her “dream guy.” Hey Paul, maybe you should consider how your new ally is in a showmance with Zakiyah too. In the words of Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!

Showmances were quite the topic this morning and it came down to Da’Vonne to raise the red flag that something needed to be done about them. But maybe she needs to consider her audience.

Flashback to 11:47 AM BBT 7/19 Cams 3/4 to find Da’Vonne with James in the living room. After Zakiyah leaves the room Day turns to James and whispers, “we have got to cut those showmances off.” James asks, “which ones?” Day: “the four.” James protests, “I’m in a showmance!” Day: “Not you. The four.” [Zakiyah, Paulie, Nicole, and Corey.]

Day says she listened in on showmance talk last night where there was talk of “the love of my life” when she realized “they’re never going to choose one of us” over one of them. James asks, “Paulie and Zakiyah?” Day replies, “all of them.”

James must be a bit concerned and says he might not have room to talk. Day says James’s situation is different because “you said you had no problem cutting her off.” James says yes, but “when the time is right.” Day breezes right past that warning sign.

James continues to worry. He says he knows it’s going to be trouble but he hopes people aren’t going after showmances just yet because he knows he and Natalie are on that list. “You’re on the bottom,” assures Da’Vonne. Ohhh, well in that case… Sheesh.

Da’Vonne is actively on the Block with an effort working against. James is already on edge with the fear of someone not only cutting his last teammate but also his romantic interest that he desperately wants to get to Jury to insure a shot at secluded fun if he’s voted out. Meanwhile you’ve got Day telling James that showmances are a problem and need to be dealt with immediately. What is she thinking?

I’ve already pointed out that James could be Tiffany’s path to avoiding eviction and if Day keeps giving him reasons to fear her then at the worst he votes her out this week but at best he becomes more willing to eliminate her to protect Natalie.

I don’t know if James will run this right back to Nicole or even mention it this week, but if he’s in a pinch you know he’ll use it against Da’Vonne as he should. Day is a very observant player, but just like last year, she doesn’t know when to observe and report and when to simply observe. Let’s see how this time plays out.



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    • I think she has been ruining her game lately. She was doing good in the beginning but has been tanking as of late.

      • Rooting for a James flip over here too! I think James can go further in the game if he uses his head. Let the drama between Paulie and Frank continue and remain neutral. Vote out Davonne now to remove one threat to him and Natalie!

  1. I don’t care for Da, but I’m kind of on board w/her and the showmance. Someone needs to take interest and start shaking the houz and I say Mr. Ego Paulie should be the main target.

    • I agree that showmances should be a huge target. But be picky about who you choose to talk to about that. It is so ignorant that it is funny.

      • OOOOOh Da’Vonne, everytime I think your’re ok to stay, and I sit out, YOU PULL ME BACK IN….LOL, Guuurrlll when will you learn NOT to speak to certain people about Certain things. DAAAAAMMMM DA…..You haven’t learned Sh!t…….Dumb Dumb Dumb, Hey KSJB

      • Reminds me of Nicole in her season where she is on her bed and Derrick is on the other bed and she tells him that he is as good as Dan and how he had everyone fooled! That got her evicted the 2nd time after she got back into the house!

    • Get out Tiffany this week, Da’ next week, then Paulie the week after. I cannot stand any of the three.

    • Couldn’t agree more, but if I’m on the block… I hang on to that opinion until someone who ISN’T in a showmance is HOH.

      • Almost everyone in the houz now is in a showmance. She should of hooked up w/Frank and Bridge and tried to get James to get on board to strike Paulie’s side. If Da don’t go home this week, she need to start thinking strategically and not emotionally

    • We all know James is not exactly the best gamer. Remember last year how much he got played by Vanessa. Altho I like him with Nat, he needs to get his head out of his azz and get it back in the game.

      • Have a feeling if he has to cut Nat, he’ll be ready to go next so they have more time in Jury house.

      • James blew up the games of his former allies after he betrayed them! That did not help him though. I do not think he analyzes things before making a decision.

      • Of all the stuff I read on Joker’s and on here and other sites, 80% of the time it says that James and Natalie are cuddling in the HN room. How can he know what is going on in this game when he is too busy playing footsies with Natalie?

  2. She is an idiot. And she’s played the game before. Does she not realize she’s on the block. And the people you are trying to target are willing to keep you safe this week. I hope word gets back to Paulie and they vote Day out. She deserves to go for her stupid game play. She just can’t keep her mouth shut and most of it is lies. Bye Day.

    • Day seems to have a one track mind – get rid of showmances and stab her alliance in the back. The house must be getting to her.

    • “And she’s played the game before.”

      Well, kinda sorta. She did get evicted week 2.

    • Lavendargirl, what’s zup? My feelings are Day figured out how to draw a tie, thereby giving Pauli the right to send Tiff packing! Capesh!

      Day out smarting them. Unless of course, if someone flips then its,a different story

  3. “Day is a very observant player, but just like last year, she doesn’t know when to observe and report and when to simply observe.”

    I agree with that comment hardcore. I love Day and I want her to do well, but she knows her mouth got her in trouble last year and she is still repeating the same mistake. It is in Da’Vonne Rogers DNA to constantly keep talking game and burying herself in the process. She needs to stop showing her cards (no pun intended) to other players to use against her. She was in a beautiful position early on but she ruined it by constantly talking game too much and exposing the Showmance alliance.
    Luckily for her, I don’t see James telling anyone about this. Unless Day keeps pushing it way too hard. James seems loyal to Day, so I don’t really see him telling anyone.

  4. Day is right about needing to get the showmances out (N+C and P+Z), but she screwed up her chances by alienating former allies that could’ve helped her (Frank and Tiffany—but Frank now has his own puppet in Bridgette). I just feel like shaking her and telling her to get it together and stop screwing the pooch! Since this is her second time playing, she’s never going to learn gurrlll!

  5. Ha, well this will get interesting… Why does she think James is the person to talk to about that when he’s in a Showmance too? Geez! She might have just sealed her fate with that one.

    • She’s right about needing to get the showmances out. But literally, James is in a showmance with Natalie… what’s up with her? Lol

    • James is also in a showmance and of course she will say not you. She should get both James and Natalie on her side and with Zakiyah if she forgets about Paulie for a second have a 4 some.

  6. Zakiyah, it seems that Paulie is interested in her vote only. If he has not kissed her and done other things, then there is no real attraction. She should focus on playing the game instead of getting something that may not happen and if he is interested they both could wait after the game is over. I think that Zakiyah’s mom is not proud.

  7. How sad would that be if James told Natalie and she went and told Bridget who told Frank who told Paulie who flipped the vote. Would be such a tragedy. JK :)

  8. I told you they would regret voting out Bronte. I was right. This happened sooner than I thought. They should’ve evicted Tiffany last week.

    • Day voted for Tiffany and had nothing to do with Bronte leaving. Nicole orchestrated that move.

      What show are you watching again?????

      • Wow, why did I think she voted tiff. Because I thought they decided not to tell day and james….hmmmm

  9. Alright everybody “calm your little nipples” lol. I can only say this here where I am unknown but I cracked up over that one. Thanks Tiffany. I can’t wait to tell that to my husband who does not watch the show. Lol

    Here is my two cents on this article. I don’t think Day has hurt her chances with James. He has already defended people on the block in both seasons because he knows how nerve wracking it is to be on the block. He said that he will vote Tiffany out and I don’t think Da’Vonne will change his mind this week. Deep down he knows Natalie is ready to go to the jury and will cut her. If he had any doubts about De’Vonne’s comments about the showmances, Z and Nicole brought it home for him when they brought our their claws and hissed about Natalie taking a photo with Paulie and calling Corey sexy. He is smart and can see the writing on the wall. James knows that Paulie and Corey are using the girls and will get rid of him before they finally cut the girls loose just before they get close to the finish line. Z and Nicole are two lovesick teenyboppers that they can control with a snuggle and a kiss. If Paulie watched Vanessa then he knows that James can win competitions too and will do so once the silly teams are done away with. They know that James is not afraid to put up big targets. This makes James a big target to them. Paulie and Corey need the girls’s votes to get James out. James needs Da’Vonne for a little while longer.

    • I believe that if James votes Nat out, this will draw a tie, thereby giving Paulie the right to send Tiff home. Davonne is brilliant to draw the tie.

  10. It’s funny that Day wants all showmances out, but completely disregards the Unicorn showmance. I guess people never took the relationship seriously.

  11. James “will” relay his conversation to another HG …But will it be the HG that uses the info against Davonne? Anybody got best guess?

    • If he relays this to one who wants her out, then yes it will be used against her.

  12. Day has already alienated Frank & Tiff; so her only ally that’s not in a showmance is Michelle. She needs them for now.
    Paulie is on her side this week so I am not sure why this is an issue for her right now. If he finds out then she could get screwed .
    I only saw the last half of her season; What did she do that led her eviction?

    • She couldn’t hold her temper, she blew up at Clay??? I want to say…not sure about that. I didn’t like her last season and was thrilled when she left. I like her this season though.

    • She had very little “Secret Game.” She wasn’t afraid to share her opinions when she was unpleased in a very loud, emotional manner. She was a boat rocker who seemed to be easy to upset and no one wanted to deal with it. She’s doing a much better job this year of keeping things down but she’s still a loose cannon I think. For those with the feeds, am I only reacting to how I see the eps or is she much more calm most of the time?

  13. Day has got to be drinking in da hawse! Has she lost her poker hand, Iran mind. What kind of dealer is she. She must not be,able to keep a “poker face”. No pun intended

    • UNLESS she purposely told James that hoping he can/will relay it to others so that she can label him a liar and make people not trust him…It would be a “Davonne” move…

  14. Welp! There you have it, the 5th vote to evict Da’. Man she sucks at this game! Why would she tell James that!?

  15. “Loose lips sink ships.” Big Brother house guests would be best adviced to heed that warning! I never understood the need to blab your mouth with every bit of information you get! The same applies to Survivor. Why not save the info for later when you can use it to greater effect? In addition, you place ideas in people’s head why they should evict you!

  16. OOOOOh Da’Vonne, everytime I think your’re ok to stay, and I sit out, YOU PULL ME BACK IN….LOL, Guuurrlll when will you learn NOT to speak to certain people about Certain things. DAAAAAMMMM DA…..You haven’t learned Sh!t…….Dumb Dumb Dumb

    • If Da would join up w/Frank right now, she could do some damage! She so busy running her mouth to any and everybody she can’t see the forest bcz of the trees.

  17. I just don’t get it. It’s 2016. I know things haven’t changed as much as we’d like to think but these young women enter this house and act like they’re 13 when it comes to guys.

    Newbies, okay, maybe. But Nicole? She’s a vet of this game. Her last season was all about tacking on to a showmance early and riding that as long as she could and now she’s doing it again which makes her look kind of pathetic.

    She’s 26, right? Not 16.

    This Season’s been a big yawner for me personally. And adding in the showmances just makes it feel even more like teenage Summer camp.

    Ladies, if you’re reading this and might one day be a contestant in that house remember this: Just like girls, guys want what they can’t have. An independent woman with some strength about her is a VERY attractive thing to some guys. Especially alpha males who like the challenge.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Hi Cheryl here. Rant on boo, rant on. To bad Nicole and company can’t see this post, I wish they could. And James is just as silly with Natalie.

      • You know what? You’re 100% right re: James. But the way she (Natalie) defers to him made her stand out in my mind. You’re right though. James is pretty bad too. (I think his mind is BLOWN that a hottie cheerleader is seemingly falling for him after hitting on every/anything with a pulse last season and finding no love.) This must be like winning the lottery for him. But you’re right! Sorry. My bad!

      • She will probably drop him too soon as show is over, Nat likes to flirt! I’m not rooting for James bcz he is just too dumb to notice anything!

  18. I know Day talks a little too much, but in this instance, it was all good. James wont say a darn thing as long as he knows Day isn’t after him or his showmance. As a matter of fact, Nicole asked him what was that all about….she saw them talking. James told her it was just Day being paranoid. She mentioned it to Michelle yesterday too, as of tonight, Michelle is still mum about it. So in one sense, she told the right people. I wish she would just shut up when it comes to the others, especially NICOLE!!

    • Hi Cheryl. Thanks for that peace of info, I did not know Da mentioned this to Michelle as well..WOW. I hope this wont sink Da, because I am still pulling for her. But DAM, Nicole is such a little snake and lair this season, and Corey with his smarmey ass he doesn’t even know how much Nicole has already lied to him already . Dumb jock….lol

    • Day’s ship isn’t sunk yet. And she’s right about James and Nat’s showmance being at the bottom, and I think James is smart enough to see that.

      • I’m so over James, I want them now to send Nat home. He is like a lil —–running his mouth to Paulie even when he has to go take a dump!

  19. Matt, you said it! Day doesn’t know when to observe and Report or simply just observe! She’s on the Block! What is she thinking? Honestly I thought she was smarter than that to say something like that to James but desperate times calls for desperate measures which means stupid things are said! What a dumbass! Unfortunately James from my perspective anyways is pretty quiet and not gossiping so I don’t think he’ll tell Nicole or the others but I could already be wrong and maybe he has :-) here’s hoping

    • He has now told Paulie! I swear James is a….at times! He report everything to Paulie instead of keeping info for his own weapon! James is not smart at all, he is worse than Paul w/all the butt kissing and reporting to Paulie. I’m not liking lazy James right now!!

  20. I think most everyone in this house is handing the game money to Paulie. Him and his ego is in total control, and they keep telling him everything for his benefit and not their own. I don’t think no one in that would try to put Paulie on the block, but Frank and he’s outnumbered w/ditwits! BB may need to end this season early, and don’t waste the viewers time anymore! #uuuugh!

  21. Day reminds me of Kaysar. They think they are good players, but are actually terrible at this game.

  22. Day reminds me of Kaysar. They think they are good players, but are actually terrible at this game.

  23. Personally, I think she just forgot James was in a showmance with Natalie. Heck I can’t even tell myself sometime if they’re for real or playing. Day is probably out the door, but their biggest mistake is going to be keeping Tiff. Has it not occurred to them that she’s still around.

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