Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

It’s Day 35 in the Big Brother 18 house and the houseguests were pretty slow-moving today and it seems as if everyone is taking a bit of a break from all the hard game talk and gameplay as most of the day was spent talking about the house showmances.

Paul and Paulie watch the BB18 fish

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 19, 2016:

10:15 AM BBT – HGs are getting up for the day.

10:30 AM BBT – Paulie and Paul discuss who the girls may target when there are fewer left. Paul wonders if Nicole would put up Corey. (Seriously??) Paulie doesn’t think she would. They wonder if Corey would put up Nicole. The want 4 guys and 4 girls left after Tiffany, Frank, Da’Vonne, and Bridgette are evicted.

10:45 AM BBT – An entry on the Departures board decoration fell down.

11:37 AM BBT – Nicole excitedly whispers to Zakiyah how Corey wants to kiss her. Zakiyah is jealous and says she can’t get Paulie to do that for her. Z encourages Nicole to go for it. Who will get the last rose??

11:48 AM BBT – Da’Vonne warns James they need to break up the showmances. James is alarmed and notes that he’s in a showmance. Da’Vonne says she didn’t mean him. She says Paulie/Zakiyah and Nicole/Corey would never keep one of them over their showmance.

11:55 AM BBT – James can’t believe he got himself in to a showmance after staying he’d never do that.

12:05 PM BBT – James wants to get a call from Survivor and hopes to do that on a future season.

12:10 PM BBT – Da’Vonne leaves the room and Nicole asks what’s wrong with Day. James doesn’t reveal Day’s comments about needing to breaking up the showmances. Not yet at least.

1:05 PM BBT – Feeds were cut for about 30 minutes. Could have been to fix the decoration that fell down.

1:10 PM BBT – Paulie has the HoH camera.

1:13 PM BBT – Frank and Tiffany talking in the storage room. Tiffany asks him to bait Da’Vonne into saying she’ll go after Nicole and Corey just to help secure their votes to evict Day. Frank tells her that’s probably not necessary because he thinks he has the votes already (he doesn’t).

2:00 PM BBT – Nicole and Zakiyah again discussing their showmances. Zakiyah is upset because Paulie is taking pictures with Natalie. Nicole thinks Paulie will kiss her soon, but Z doesn’t think it’ll happen.

2:25 PM BBT – Nicole and Zakiyah still talking about boys (someone call The Bachelor).

2:44 PM BBT – It’s all showmances, all day in the BB18 house. Natalie and Day are currently talking about Natalie and James.

3:00 PM BBB – Natalie and Da’Vonne now talking about relationships in general. Then talk turns to relationships with God.

Could today be the calm before the storm? Tensions have been building up over who to send home this week and next, and we’ve still got one full day before Thursday’s eviction, so be sure to keep checking in with us for the latest Live Feeds updates.

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  1. Haha Nic and Z might as well sign up for the bachelor since they’re both in there for Love!

    • If they did I know they would get kissed a lot which seems to be their goal! Seriously, though. Would any decent girl really want to be kissed by 20 different guys? I can’t believe the women in Bacholerette kissing one guy after another guy and making out after just a few minutes of talk. Of course, they are given a private room to share in the latter part of the season!

      • Yea and each female kisses one guy! I don’t know about you but I would hate to share a man with another woman

      • I just can’t get on board with that show! Literally dating multiple women or men at once… Kissing and other things and sharing that same female or male with others… Nooooot for me…

      • But the Bachelor is ok? He’s ok to kiss 20 diff girls?
        Making out after just a few minutes of talk isn’t what I’d be about but I guess there’s the physical attraction that takes over?
        I think it’s a strange way to get a potential proposal but then ppl have flown to the moon before.
        Do I hear a double standard here tho? At this day & age?

    • Still not as bad as Clelli. I knew James would win AFHG just for the fact that he cancelled the Clelli show.

      • That’s not what I mean. People who didn’t have the live feeds last year won’t understand. Clelli was a full blown show. If you watched the live feeds last season, it would be Clelli 24-hours a day. Even when they were sleeping. Feeds would be on Clelli. They would show the Austwins only sometimes. But the feeds would always be on Clelli, no matter what, 24-hours a day. We even told CBS we hated watching them, but they still constantly showed them. And when Shelli was HOH, they would show Clelli alone in the HOH room, all day long. This went on for weeks. And it would’ve gone on all season long if James hadn’t put an end to it.

  2. Personally, I would love to see the vote flip again and vote out Day. I don’t get why Frank and Bridgette get so much hate, I’m definitely rooting for them to team up with James and Natalie and make some moves.

    • I’m hoping James wakes up sooner this season. Last time he noticed too late and didn’t have votes. I have noticed this time he seems to be listening more to all sides. We will see.

    • Well a lot of people view Frank as a misogynist, and Bridgette doesn’t seem to have a mind of her own. I don’t hate either of them. Though I do wish to see Bridgette act more independent.

    • While it would sound cool you gotta keep in mind:

      – Frank rubbed people the wrong way especially some of the girls
      – Bridgette is just his lackey and has no mind of her own
      – James doesn’t trust Frank

      • What has Michelle done? I hardly ever see her on BBAD or hear anything about her in the recaps so I’d love to know more.

    • Nah…Day is what make this Season have an iota of Sizzle, and she actually is playing the game…All the others are in a Showmance, Cuddling, and Baking?!

      • Day is a hypocrite! What she says about herself & then how she acts are two different things. Perhaps she should pray on that for awhile.

    • I agree ! I liked Day at first but she really has done a complete 180. I do like Frank but Brigitte comes off as not that smart . The others r way too boring and Paulie’s ego is way too big for that house !!!

      • Actually I feel Bridgette isn’t that dumb. I think people get turned off by her bubbly personality. I don’t mind it. I’d take her personality over Michelle’s any day.

      • I bet Bridgett is smarter than she wants people to think. She is playing a spy girl game with Frank and Tiffany. She is getting all of the good Intel by being with Frank so much. This could work to her advantage some day when the chips are down for her.

      • The past couple of shows I have wondered if Bridgette may not be an advanced form of robotics. She just seems so awkward…

  3. This is what you get when you go for more eye candy than people really want to win a game. “Showmance City” BB should rename the show if this garbage continues next year. I love this show but sick of girls (and some guys) wanting a free summer vacation with pay. Everyone wants to make jury so the vacation continues into Sept.

    • When Big Brother saw the ratings go up when they had Jordan, Jeff, Rachel, & Brendan in Showmances, they started focusing on the couples. Before that the 1st thing that other HG would do was to get rid of the Showmance, because they are a Force of 2.

      Remember Amanda, & her Showmance from BB15, they ran the whole house during their season.

    • Its pathetic. Over 50K people audition for BB every year, and 3/4 of the cast is made up of recruits. Really disgusting casting.

  4. I find it funny that Paulie has all three people he believes will be evicted in a row. Hopefully Da’vonne doesn’t go and tries to evict Paulie, Frank and Corey if she can get a few people to side with her. If Paulie plans to evict 3, then why not one of the girls.

    • Day wants Tiffany & Frank out….Day Trust Paulie, that is a lie that Nicole is spreading that Day is going to put up Paulie, & Corey together.

      • Oh No No No!!! Nicole doesn’t lie. She pisses rainbows and farts sunshine. Day is the only liar in the house. .

    • I want Day to go this week THEN turn around and win her way right back into the house… I would love to see them blind side her then scramble when she walks right back in!

  5. How in the world is Paul still there? I would have preferred Bronte over this jerk. I don’t care for the Shellys and Christins and now Pauls. You know the one, goes back and forth with information. Guess production wants him and Day injury. Speaking of Day, someone who didn’t make it even to jury was asked back? I guess to get even with Van through Tiff

    • James told Day that Paul is playing both sides, but he Should have told Paulie! Then Day tells the person she should not tell anything to…Nicole, not to trust Paul, Ugh?!

      I wish James would play the Game more, people trust in what he has to say! But instead he is acting like a Love Sick Puppy! And I like both James & Nat.

      • Truth be told James is playing both sides also. Paulie already know what Paul is doing. He is Paulie’s spy and flunky.

      • James should’ve told Frank. Paulie has to know Paul is playing both sides especially when Paul tells him he’s being a spy for him. That’s too risky to have someone like that because that just means they’re playing both sides with your permission.

    • Day last season was a missed opp. She was the most entertaining person last season. I wished they would’ve brought Devin back too. He was the most entertaining HG in years.

  6. Listening to Nicole talking to Z in the hoh room on the live feeds right now is so nauseating !

    • Agree! Nicole..I am so happy that I met you all this, corey, and paulie are the nicest people I have ever met and I am so thankful that I found you all. Zakiyah..same.

      • Yep…All the while Nicole stabbing Day in the back, and throwing her under the Bus to Zakiyah! Plus telling Z not to trust Day & to vote her out.

        Nicole’s Game play is very disappointing, Day would have been a vote for her in Jury, and a person to persuade others to do so. That is why Frank doesn’t want her in Jury!!!

      • Nicole has been backstabbing Day since jump. And Day had know idea, the person she really wanted to work with, was butchering her name to all the others in the house.

    • Exactly…I am hoping sooo freaking much that somebody will drop the dime on Nicole to Day! Its getting to the point that I can’t stand Nicole’s Whiny Nasal Voice. Nicole is so playing the same game that she played during her Season of BB16.

    • I didn’t mind. I knew she’ll bring some drama, and I believe she has fan base. To be honest I wanted to see her win HoH. She’s devious, and and yeah, she could be a b**ch. lol I wanna see that side of her game. running HoH. It could be an explosive episode.

      • I want them to blind side Day this week, then Day win her way back into the house and win HOH… That would be AWESOME tv!

    • I kinda liked her in 17 due to her straightforwardness and her rivalry with Clay. Plus she had a good brother sister bond with Jason, which was sweet.

    • I absolutely did! She is definitely one of my favorites if only for the way she can put pieces together. If only she could hold onto information better, I think she could make it to the final 4.

      • Da’Vonne has potential. She is a very observant player. However like you said, she cannot hold onto information and she cannot stop overplaying the game. We’ve seen this two seasons in a row now. I’m still rooting for her, I hope she is able to turn this around. But we will see.

      • Yes definitely, Her, Donny, and Jack from BB4 were very perceptive. The issue with all of their games was Day can’t keep her mouth shut and can’t stop overplaying. Donny and Jack both have no social pull. But perceptiveness and awareness are great qualities to have on Big Brother.

      • I agree with you, but she also needs to stop talking to the wrong people!!! Like Nicole, Corey & Paul the Spy, which she is on to!

    • When Day walks outta the BB House it will become a very boring Show! Right now the “only” ones that are actually playing the Game is Day, Frank, Meech & Paulie.

      The others HG are in Showmances, Cuddling, Baking are talking rumors, & spreading sh*t about other HG. Plus I think Day deserves to go to Jury this time around.

      • Because Day was 1st out last Season…That’s why! Let Day experience Jury…Also besides Day, the only ones really playing Big Brother are Paulie, Frank, & Michelle. Everybody else is just spreading Rumors, in a Showmance, Cuddling, or Baking.

      • You of course, are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree. Day was the second one out in her first season, because she was a screaming mess.
        Well, she may not be screaming this year, but she is still not a good player. She is the one who started all the rumors about Tiffany coming after Frank & vise-versa. Aliening the other players from Tiffany by telling lies about her to them. She criticizes Tiffany for being overly emotional, but I suppose her little meltdowns are considered acceptable.
        She dragged Tiffany into a discussion of why she was so upset, and when Tiffany started pouring our her loneliness & pain, Day laughed at her. How Christian of her.
        And when some of the shenanigans she had been up to were brought to light, and she went up OTB like she “deserved”, did she take it like a grown woman? No, she hid one of Tiffany’s possessions that she knows brings her a little comfort Again, how very Christian of her
        So, you will excuse me if I disagree … She doesn’t DESERVE to be a member of the jury. She “deserves’ a kick in her lying-deceitful arse & a one-way ticket out the door.
        Besides, she should go home & have someone who knows what their doing work on that mop on her head, it definitely looks worse-for-wear.

      • AGREED!!! Never liked Day! Don’t forget she apparently wacks Tiffany with those braids during the veto meeting too. That’s obviously gonna be on tv. That’s it Day show America your true colors. And all her smack talking and insults her and her 2 followers were saying after the meeting about Tiffany IN FRONT of Tiffany. Yeah she DEFINITELY doesn’t “deserve” to be there.

      • That’s right! Day was 2nd out…I forgot because since they only had “one” person of color last Season, when Day left, I stopped watching the Show…

        So Right back at ya Kim…You’re entitled to your opinion also…We just don’t agree with each other, so lets just leave it at that. :-}

    • I wanted her back. Wish she would win HOH because I strongly believe she’s the only one in the house with enough balls to make a big move. All the others are wimps and lackeys.

  7. I see Frank trying so hard to save Tiffany, and it’s so refreshing to see somebody try that hard. He’s trying harder than Tiffany was last week and this week combined. The last couple seasons if somebody goes on the block, consider it a death sentence. Nobody really tried until maybe the last 2 days, and even then, they did it alone. Totally alone.

  8. I should have known that Zakiyah would just worry about boys instead of the game. She is such a disappointment.

      • Pre-season she talked about finding a boo. I thought okay, maybe she wants a showmance and wants to play the game. So far, she just wants a showmance. It’s so disappointing. Zakiyah isn’t really focused on the game.

      • Zakiyah is more interested in making sure her make up looks good for the cameras..I was watching her today and I know it took at least two hours to put her make up on. She would look at that camera like she was some kind of model…she could care less about this game. There are some very disappointing players..if that is what you want to call them…this season.

      • Well in Z’s defense, she is on national TV. You gotta look good on TV. If I was on Big Brother I don’t want to look like a bum and have people clown me for the way I look. But yeah I think it’s been a slightly disappointing season because of the team twist. I think they need to get rid of that ASAP. Once they remove that twist and maybe the season can get a little more exciting.

      • It should not take anyone 2 hours to put make up on. Then she takes it off..then she puts it back on again. She is in the game and hiding behind Paulie the entire time.

      • She takes half of the day putting on makeup, but have nowhere to go but in the bed w/Paulie.

      • I was in Sephora one day and asked one of the girls that worked there how long it took to put on her makeup every day; her answer, 2 hours. I try to sleep as long as possible in the morning before going to work, so there is no way in hell I’m spending 2 hours every day putting on makeup. LOL.

      • Agreed, for the Televised Shows of BB…But when they have down time in the House is another story! For such a young Woman, Zakiyah’s make-up is far too heavy! She is a very pretty girl, a lighter touch of make-up would serve her well.

        Dudes watch their Woman’s routine,& Zakiyah could come off as too high maintenance.Lastly, I’m really surprised that Nicole hasn’t started talk crap about Z’s make-up yet.

      • Someone made a great comment awhile back. Something like … “She should be eating that make-up as well as applying it .. then maybe she would also be pretty on the inside.”

      • Lol. She is always posing for the cameras. Has anyone on the live feeds seen her wash her hair. I have yet to see that and she is always scratching it or playing with her fake lashes.

      • I was thinking about this also! I bet it stinks w/all the sweating and she has not washed it but continue to scratch and tug at that weave.

      • I thought it was a weave, but it may be her real hair. She works out everyday and doesn’t wash it. I can’t be more than two days without washing my own hair, and I imagine it would be worse if I had a weave.

      • I think he said she washes it every three months if its dirty so you probably won’t see that happening unless it got dirty in a comp.

      • I recently discovered that there are perfumes for hair. So she can choose not to wash and still smell “fresh”. I think I’d go crazy.

      • No way! It would take years to grow her hair out that long.
        Back in HS it took me 5 years to grow my hair that long.

      • I think that is Zakyah’s real hair. I don’t think she has a weave, but she doesn’t seem to wash it.

      • It looks like her real hair to me so I’d be surprised to find out it isn’t.

      • She could of stayed home and find that Boo! If I was BB I would just tell her to exit the houz, this is not the brothel houz.

    • She’s a floater. I said that since day 1, when she was more concerned over looks than anything else. I knew it. I said it. But people on the live feeds blasted me for saying she’s a floater. But I was right.

    • Everything she said she wouldn’t do when committing to the fatal 5. Something like she’ll flirt with a guy but that won’t come before her game. Total fail!

    • And the way she is with Paulie is a little much… Saying if he doesn’t kiss her tonight she’s done with him, MAD that he took a photo with Nat (and mad that Nat asked her if it was ok – she was just trying to show respect to Z since she knows Z got upset thinking she’s flirting with Paulie all the time) they haven’t even kissed and Z acts like she owns Paulie!

      • Getting mad when they playing hide and go seek and can not find Paulie or Nat but they are in different hide spaces, or Nat says something about Corey! This girl is the worst, let’s you know she was a big mistake for BB! I hope it’s a twist and she get to be sent home! The bonus should be to take Nicole w/her since she want to only make out thinking it’s not being filmed.

  9. I am getting tired of these three showmances in the house right now. Why do some girls always have to latch themselves onto a guy..can’t they think for themselves? Especially this season..Nicole whines if Corey looks at her the wrong way..Zakiyah is upset because Paulie won’t “try anything” with her..not even a kiss…James and Natalie..Is it real..I don’t know…

    • Argee…I think when the 2 couples of Z, Paulie, Corey, & Nicole walk out of the House they will go their separate ways. Very telling that “both” Guys don’t want to kiss their Showmances.

      Plus Natalie knows Paulies ex GF, she is a friend of Natalie’s!

      • Since she promised her mom she wouldn’t get distracted by boys this season… I don’t think her mom is crazy about the showmance at all and I seriously doubt she’s happy about the make out session!! Nicole made a comment earlier today that Hayden wouldn’t even sleep in the same bed as her during their season… Umm… Maybe it’s because he respected her too much to have her come off in a bad light on tv.

      • That’s interesting, because I definitely remember them doing some SERIOUS under the cover cuddling.

      • It was so obvious what they were doing it grossed me out!! I kept looking at Corey’s big hands today! Gack!!!

      • She’s probably real proud to heat her planning her wedding while Corey is telling Paulie that he may have to take one for the team and kiss Z !!! Lol he took one for the team and had a nasty session with Nicole for the entire world to see!!

      • Paulie and Corey are doing nothing more than using Nicole and Z for their game. They were in the SR last night and Corey said to Paulie that Z was upset with him because he hadn’t tried to kiss her…Good Grief..anyway..Paulie then said “do you think I need to?” Corey said that they need to keep those girls if you gotta go in for a it. These stupid girls….

      • That’d sickening! I just think if you gotta play with someone’s heart to win the game then don’t play! I can’t stand Z, but BB players always talk about integrity. I alway laugh, because it’s a game of playing one another to an exteny. However, and this is a HUGE however, that is losing your integrity in the most vile way!! Makes me wanna vomit!! Nicole is gonna be broken when she sees that scene alone. She’s a dumbass and I didn’t like her much on her season, hit didn’t dislike her, now I can’t stand her. That nose and her voice bugged me on her season now they just piss me off!!! Having said that, I don’t want her to leave this house and have her heart broken and need years of therapy, but it’s too late. The latest nasty video alone will do that!!! Smh!!

  10. My thoughts on showmances:

    I have nothing against showmances in general. Heck I’m a fan of Neda who was in a showmance with Jon (who I’m also a fan of). I think it’s how they work in the game. If they work together and can put the game before romance, then it can work. Why do you think Jon won? He put game before romance, and ended up getting the girl (Neda). If you like somebody in the house, that’s fine. Feel free to get to know them. But at the same time, don’t let your feelings for that person distract you from the game. And if you are gonna work with said partner, atleast make it a final 2 deal.

    This is why showmance get targeted, they put relationships above game thus making them obvious targets. Nothing wrong with getting to know or heck even flirting with someone. Just don’t let your feelings for said person get in the way of game.

    And I hate to say this, but it’s said when Canada has better showmances than the American version. Oh and this is coming from a fan of Brenchel (when they’re not annoying lol)

    • I thought that Jeff and Jordan were great, but they also played the game. At least he did. Breeendan and Rachel also were playing the game while having their showmance and it worked out for them. Unfortunately for the two pathetic girls this season those guys are not really into them.

      • Without Brendon. He was gone, and she was the next on the list, but luckily she had Jeff and Jordan.

      • Do you think the “girls” all want to be another Rachel?, however, it’s more sickening than entertaining?

      • I wouldn’t be surprised. Only difference is, Rachel actually worked hard and never gave up after her allies left.

      • Now that is the truth! Definitely do not understand Nicole ‘ s or Z’s game, I mean tramp playing. Do they not realize how this plays out on tv in front of their family and friends. And who could possibly take them serious after this????

    • It’s the damned women who do that too, not the men. Corey came in the game for himself and that’s how he’s playing. He didn’t know Nicole from Adam and he doesn’t care when she goes unless it hurts or helps his game. I think Paulie even cares less about Z. I’m not even sure he likes her!! I’ve never seen them together except when she comes to his HOH room, however, I’ve not watched much feeds. They’re too boring and too much craziness for me…I have little tolerance for idiots and this seems like the most idiotic cast other than the Valentine cast! At least they were entertaining!! Natalie shooting milk out of her nipples beats listening to Michelle bash Tiff anyday!

  11. Here goes Frank again…..beating a dead horse. Paulie should wonder why he’s so determine to keep Tiff and get Day out, that he has to go to him everyday and bring it up in every conversation. This would make me more determine to keep Day. If Day, that’s a BIG if, wins HOH use it against him.

      • At least Frank knows that Da can and will screw over Paulie and his little buddy Corey and he’s right, if she makes it to Jury she will probably determine the winner! They are all lemmings! She’s got a strong personality!

  12. I kinda liked Nicole the other season she was on. But I can’t stand her now. Literally all she does is nasaly whine every second about corey. And same goes for Z. I was kinda rooting for them like a week or 2 ago but it’s now at the point where Nicole is annoying as hell. This is big brother not the Batchelor. Same goes for Z being obsessed with Paulie. So over it. It’s all that they talk about on bbad. Ughhhhh. Also one question is natalie real?? She’s made a comment that she would like James in real life but have they even kissed? They lay in that little car for hours and if she truly liked him I feel she would atleast kiss him. Maybe I missed it. Has it happened?

    • It took 3 days before Z became territorial with Paulie. She was acting like he was he man instantly! I thought there has to be another twist and she was doing a lousy job hiding it!! I’m not kidding!! She’s probably the most boring and vanilla houseguest yet and to be so mean…she’s even a boring mean girl!!! Haha vanilla!! I didn’t catch that until now :)

  13. So, they vote to keep Tiff, then treat her like a dog. What a bunch of idiots!! Had they treated her like one of them and not like a screw you to Frank and a we’ll just get her out another time she wouldn’t have been going to their enemy!!! What was she to do? Just roll over and die because it would mess up Michelle’s game? Or Da’s game or….come on! They’re just a bunch of mean a-holes who don’t think she’s entitled to play too!! It’s a damned game!! That’s what you’re supposed to do!! Try to stay in the house and not get voted it out as if you’re so called alliance turns on you rhe way they have?? I’d blow their ass up too!! I mean Da’Vonne sat in that DR crying about how she was raising a a daughter and she didn’t want her to see Frank treating her like that, but it’s ok if she tells pie after lie about Tiffany to get everyone to turn in her because she so butt hurt that he sister got her out early last season? She, Z, Nicole and Michelle are all coming off looking like a bunch of mean mean girls and Nicole and Z and looking like horney mean girls!!! Nicole a girl, I thought got sucked into a stupid situation in her first season…she knows how to say the right things, she has no clue how to do them! Corey is using her worst than Cody did! That’s why I hope either Bronte or Tiffany comes back. I used to hope it was Glenn, but he doesn’t have a clue what’s going in and he’d fall right into the Nicole and Corey spell since he was their teammate. I felt so bad because he didn’t get a change to be on the show, but hopefully they’ll bring him back another year!

    • You nailed it!
      I don’t think T is a particularly good game player, but she has been treated so badly, I can’t help but root for her.

    • I like everything you wrote but had to skip over when you said Bronte! Nope, no game w/that one! LOL

      • It’s just she isn’t gonna let a penis influence her.. that’s just what I was thinking. I mean, I even am starting to like the cabbage patch, for lack of anyone to like!!

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