‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Corey Has A Plan For His BB Bribe – Update: Corey & Nicole Revisit The Plan

Corey Brooks picked up the last America’s Care Package prize for this week with the “BB Bribe.” This twist gives him $5K in Big Brother 18 gold to share with a fellow HG in exchange for a game move to benefit him, but with his duo having complete control this week he’s having a hard time finding a need for it. Overnight Corey may have finally figured out how to put it to good use.

Corey, Nicole, and a BB Bribe

Nicole is really worried about her plan to get Michelle out this week even though she knows she has Corey’s vote on lock and really there should be no doubt about Victor wanting to keep Paul over Michelle. Seems obvious, but she’s nervous and that has Corey thinking of how he could use that BB Bribe to help secure his plans with Nicole.

Flashback to 7:21 PM BBT 8/28 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

Corey and Nicole are alone in the hammock as she starts to whisper worries about how the vote could go this week. She tells Corey that James and company seem to be oblivious to the plans for Michelle to be evicted this week which leads her to wonder if Victor could perhaps be flipping on them and Paul.

Nicole tells Corey it’d be a smart move by Victor to get things as 4 against 2 and really it’d be 4 against 1 in the upcoming HoH with Nicole watching from the sidelines. Corey starts to disagree as Nicole cuts him off. She’s stressing that Paul could end up going out this week.

Here comes Corey’s big idea. “Should I offer Vic the $5,000 to vote Michelle out? Just to make sure it happens,” he asks Nicole. Nicole likes it but wonders if it’s too crazy. She says it’d make her feel better but doesn’t know if it’s necessary. I’d say it’d be totally unnecessary.

Victor isn’t going to flip on Paul and team up with the people who targeted and voted him out last week, right? Well he did team back up with Paulie the first time he came back, but I’d like to think he’s learned his lesson on that kind of move.

Nicole and Corey’s conversation starts to head in that direction. Corey asks why Victor would flip like that and not expect James, Natalie, and Michelle to go right ahead and put him up again like they did before. They agree it wouldn’t make any sense.

Corey tosses out his idea again about going after Natalie, but Nicole doesn’t like that because it could free up James to go work with Victor and Paul which she obviously doesn’t want. So back to voting out Michelle they go and how to make it happen.

“Bro to bro,” says Corey, he could offer the cash to Victor and it’d shore up Victor’s confidence in them working with him and it’d show Paul Nicole & Corey’s commitment to keeping him safe in the house this week. They agree this could be really good to solidify their new F4 deal and keep things going even stronger in the last few weeks of the game.

Nicole really likes this idea as it will make her relax and ensure Michelle’s eviction while Victor needs the cash and it’ll make their alliance stronger by Corey offering him the $5K BB Bribe to lock down the votes this week. Remember the ACP twist is a binding agreement and once Victor agrees to accept the cash then his vote is set and can’t be changed, according to the rules stated with the BB Bribe.

We’ll keep watching to see if/when Corey makes a move on this plan. They discussed doing it that night then decided to wait and make sure there were no more crazy twists (Diamond PoV, etc.) showing up this week.

Since Corey has to use it then this isn’t a bad idea even though they really don’t have to worry about where Victor’s vote will go this week. The benefits of building trust and loyalty between the two sides is a good result here for an otherwise unnecessary power in Corey’s hands.

What do you think of Corey’s plan? He hasn’t formally extended the offer to Victor and still has a few days left to decide if he even needs to do it. I don’t think it’s necessary but if he doesn’t use it on something it will expire. Is there something else that would better suit their needs this week? Share your thoughts below.

Update: Corey and Nicole chatted more about how the votes could go this week. Flashback to 12:59 PM BBT 8/29. Corey asks Nicole what she thinks. He says there doesn’t seem to be any chance of Victor voting out Paul. Nicole reported to Corey that Victor was so happy about her not putting him up that she’s sure that sealed the deal.

Nicole is still nervous and hopes the guys are on their side. Corey is fully confident though and tells Nicole not to worry about this. They agree James and Victor will be going after each other, not working together.

Sounds like Corey probably won’t use the BB Bribe to get Victor to promise his vote against Michelle. Corey’s search will have to continue to find a use for it or else that power will disappear later this week.


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  1. I’m sure Vic wouldn’t mind getting $5,000 to do what he was always planning to do… It’s pretty crazy that these people believe Vic would side with the group of people who just put him on the block and voted him out again over the only player in the game who has legitimately had his back since week 1..

      • All the Girls are dumb; they believe everything that comes out of these guys mouth. James keeps Natalie grounded or she would believe what Vic and Paul say too. Paul is one of the biggest Liar’s and Vic even falls for it. It is amazing how everyone just believes him. If he makes it to the end he will win it all. But they would be smart to vote him out, but I think Michelle needs to go too. She is just too Stupid and annoying. If Paul stays in the game. And if Vic or Paul wins the next HOH. Who knows who they will a line with?

      • Not just Nicole but Corey isn’t too damned bright either. He should have used it on either James or Natalie to vote out Michelle since the vote couldn’t be changed once he or she agreed to it.

      • There’s still time :) Nic and Corey haven’t tried out all the combos yet and Nic does feel connected to James. James is always on board for a few extra bucks but…he would have to live with the wrath of Gnat for a couple weeks. Unless he could convince her it wasn’t him.

      • I think Corey should go to James about an hour before eviction and offer him the bribe to vote out Meech, then if James declines (which I doubt he would) Corey can then offer it to Vic with the motivation of at least then it does not expire…

      • Right? At least then we might have a chance at a serious blindside. Plus, can you imagine James having to explain to Gnat-Nat why he voted out Meech!!

      • Nicole is already telling Corey to make the deal with Natalie instead. In the end, I think he will make a deal with Victor and force Nicole to break a tie.

      • I agree about nicole be dumb and Corey is too by bribe victor to vote out Michelle instead of paul when victor was never going to vote out paul at all what a waste of a bribe the only smart ones are natalie and James knowing that paul needs to go for anyone to have a chance to win big brother

      • No, if James was smart he’d never throw the comp. He has been a sheep this whole season in my opinion and it sucks because I like James but this season he isn’t even playing the game.

    • Remember last week though, Paul and Victor had that plan to keep both of them in the house by having Victor go upstairs and tell James and Natalie that he wanted Paul gone? They definitely told Nicole and Corey about that so at this point Nicorey could still believe that Vic was serious in saying he wanted Paul gone. I’d be just as paranoid right now, and also why not use it? BB Bribe has always been a near useless prize so why not just give Victor 5k for voting him out twice and solidify your vote? I don’t think Victor would mind either so it’s not as bad a plan as people keep saying it is

    • I have to agree with you and this would be a waste of a care package once again.

  2. I can tell that Victor is already getting upset as long as Nicole keeps asking him about the vote….they need to back off for now.

    • I agree. It would be irritating to be asked. Paul is his buddy. He’s not voting him out. James and Nat will vote Paul

      • Paul is just using Victor to get to the F4. If he gets to F4 believe me he will take his shot at his Louisiana “Buddy”, Paul wants the cash so he can move out of “Parent’s” house.

      • It amazes me that his parents can’t just buy him a place…they are freakin loaded and are buying him a Bentley for crying out loud. I do NOT want him to win the money.

      • I know, right? According to Paul though,he loves living at home & all of the perks that go along with it.

      • On the show, his mom said if Paul wins then he said he’d buy her a Bentley. Which makes no sense because that would use up a big chunk of the prize money after taxes, but I think you’re confused about what she said.

      • Sounds like Paul doesn’t know the true cost of a Bentley and what Federal & California Taxes does to whittle down $500,000. If he is lucky he might get $230,000 after all of the taxes. Paul has some talent, but accounting doesn’t seem to be one.

  3. Corey finally displaying signs of having a brain in his head. lol. I always knew he had it in him!

    • If you call that hair brained scheme as him having a brain then I don’t know.

      • Im really trying here not to spit my coffee out at my screen haha. Im also trying to believe Corey has a purpose. :)

  4. I think it will be a good plan- no wasted money- Vic gets a bonus and James does not get the money. Do it Corey.

  5. Ha..Yeah, why not! Give the 5k to Vic. He could use the money, and while you’re at it. (Christmas Corey) Offer yourself as a re-nom.

  6. Of course it’s not necessary to secure Victor’s vote (although Corey & Nicole don’t know that as well as we do), but I still like the idea if only because I like Vic and think he deserves an extra $5K for battling his way back into the house after being evicted not once but twice, plus I agree it would definitely help calm paranoia and build trust between Corey, Victor, Nicole and Paul.

    • Corey should offer it to Nat or Jamesie secure a Meech vote. Again, like the last HOH/co-HOH, this aco is a total waste. BB waited to long in the game for its usefulness.

    • Doesn’t matter, the paranoia and distrust will always be there once it is planted in their heads.

  7. As long as they can convey that they 100% trust his vote this week even without the bribe and that Corey is just throwing it to him because they are bros and he needs the money. If they can than I don’t think it would do more harm than good.

    • Yes…that’s how he should approach it…not questioning his loyalty but telling him he deserves it for battling back twice and that he doesn’t want to waste it by not using it.

      • But is has to further the game along or it has to be used to further Corey’s game. I would give to Victor and tell him this is yours as long as you can convince Paul to take me to at least F3.

  8. corey and nicole have done crap in this game. the one time they each have power, they waste it on no bodies. really…michelle…paul stays in the game he is winning it all. he has proven he is able to do anything and get anyone to doubt and change sides more than anything.

    Unless Paul is just that good and smart, or the last 4 not counting vic, are just that stupid. its like watching the show Big Waffle House. my life.

    James needs to go also. He dumba$$ throwing it to nicole was stupid. He turned into a big pussy cuz he thinks nat is his girl. he fell for the sho-mance and is getting burned by it.

      • He jumped. NicHole would have stayed longer, but James would have won it. Even though he was trembling from the cold, Nicole was whining. Which means she was ready to jump any second.

  9. 2 Things:

    1. The title of the article should be: Corey (strikethru) Nicole has a plan for his (strikethru) her BB Bribe.

    2. Nicole could have easily made 5G for herself by having corey “convince her” to not use the Veto!

  10. why not just save it for the HOH comp it doesn’t expire until the HOH is completed. use it to get someone to drop.

  11. It is a dumb move Victor is already voting for Paul., a waste of a care pkg. You know Victor isn’t gonna hook up with James and Natalie, he would be crazy because Nicole has finalized the deal!! If I had been Cory I would have give it to Nicole were she wouldn’t ust veto and put me up. That away the girl he is involved with would have 5K.

    • Maybe the girl he’s involved with doesn’t need the 5k. Corey doesn’t have many options (or opportunities, for that matter), so he might as well give it to Victor – and I’d do it exactly that way: “We know you’ll be voting to save Paul, and we also know you can use this cash, so just to solidify our foursome, will you accept this cash to ensure your vote and solidify our alliance? Heck, you’ve battled back twice; I think you deserve it.”

  12. If I were Nicole, I’d want Corey to use his bribe to get another vote against Meech, so that she wouldn’t have to break a tie. (Vic would obviously never vote out Paul over Meech. ) So offering it to Nat or James last minute on Thursday to prevent the most drama and crying would be the best way to use it. IMO However, I love Vic, and think he deserves a kickback for battling back twice. It just isn’t helping anyone else that way.

    • If NicHole would tell James and Natalie that she wants Michelle out, I’m sure James would do it. Natalie may not. James will try to convince NicHole that Paul is the bigger threat. I don’t want Victor gone and I think James will go after him again.

      • I’d vote whatever way she wanted me to for 5k, as long as it wasn’t my ride or die other half. Lol but yeah, James would probably do what she asked. He’d for sure do it for 5k, though.

    • This was exactly what I was thinking! Corey needs to offer the 5K to James(and we all know how James is all about getting as much extra $$ as possible)just before the live show, to secure a third vote to evict Meech! Corey can even pretend like it’s a last minute flip(and we all know that James is into last minute flips)and that way Nicole won’t have to be the tie breaker! This will also prevent James from
      being so upset with Nic, going forward. Besides, I don’t think that James would really care about Meech leaving, he’s only aligned with her because of Nat’s new BFF status with her. Just my opinion! HA!

  13. To anyone who believes a word that comes out of Paul’s mouth inside, or outside the big brother house, i have got some swamp land in Florida to sell you!

  14. I am pretty sure, the care package is good till after the HOH comp, so i would use it right before, or during the HOH comp.

  15. The two dimwits discussing stupid ideas. Not shocking. Why would Victor vote out Paul, who has been his one and only trustworthy partner. Paul never voted Vic out and has worked with him since the beginning of the season.
    Yes Corey, give it to Vic maybe that will make him want to get closer to you and become bffs after the show. What did Natalie do to Corey? Nothing.

  16. Shows how dumb they are, but really, the 5k is pretty useless this week with Nicole winning both comps. So no biggie.

      • So after they blindside Jatalie by voting out Michelle, who is going to take the 5k to throw the HoH to him, that would not already have been on his side?

      • I was just raising it as a possibility, because he did. But I agree with you, because we see the big picture. I’m not sure Corey see the big picture.

      • Give James $5K to throw it. If James thinks it’s going to be mental, he may take it. He likes easy money.

      • They already talk about James getting AFP again. They might feel he is the one that need it the least.

  17. Wish James was up, but it makes sense for Nicole to target Michelle since that is the only person who has voiced getting her out. But Corey surprisingly made since, I mean put up a smaller target if you want Michelle out. Nicole’s game is going to blow up pretty soon I feel like because she is doing the same thing Paul was doing.

  18. Okay Corey, time for a brain fart. Use the bribe to get Victor to vote out Paul instead of Meech. Victor and James then go after each other. No competition, Victor would win. Nicole and Meech can go after each other. Nicole would likely win. Then who would that leave for the final 4? Victor, Corey, Nicole and Natalie. Out of that 4, Victor is the obvious winner. If Paul was in the final 2 he might be able to sway the jury to his side. With Paul in the jury, he might be bitter for a while but would soon see the strategy of the move. The big question would be whether Corey would do it and would Victor accept, or would he blab to Paul about the attempt?

    • Victor could just as easily lose all the remaining competitions. James beat him on the wall, and almost won the Zingbot veto competition. Without Paul, a Victor vs James scenario almost always spells defeat for Victor. He’d never vote Paul out this week

      • True, Victor could lose everything form now on. I might be underestimating James but I don’t think so. Paul is using Victor as a meat shield much like Derrick used Cody. Friendship is a good thing but when it gets to this point in the game, strategy must rule. As shown by a previous veto, Paul would sacrifice Victor to save himself.

      • Agree..Paul and Derrick are very different personalities, but they are playing a very similar game in this respect. What makes Paul’s game even more interesting is that he successfully adapted to different circumstances when Vic was evicted.

      • Yeah I suppose that’s true, but I’m sure everyone in that game would do the same thing, save for maybe James. I could see him using a veto on Natalie if both were on the block. I’d love to see something that silly

  19. For everyone thinking Nicole is dumb for voting out Michelle think of this; At this point playing for F4 makes sense, Vic and Paul swear to an F4 with them bc it benefits their game too. F4 is where anything can happen bc the HOH doesn’t really have much power, it’s the person not on the block who decides who goes home. So say Vic wins HOH and noms Nicole and Corey but then one of them wins Veto then Paul is dead man floating and Corey or Nicole have a guaranteed $50K and possibly the other $500k.

  20. Whether he gives it to Nicole as a gift, or to Victor to ensure his vote, it’s a complete waste. The care packages didn’t add much to the season on the whole, I hope they scrap this and never revisit the idea.

  21. Nicole and Corey are really stupid since they have no chance in hell of winning against Victor and Paul!! They should have stuck with James and Natalie. It would be a much more even playing field. Unless something really surprising happens, Victor and Paul are the final two.

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