‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 10

Later today in the Big Brother 18 house the remaining seven HGs will gather in the living room for this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony for a possible change in the nominations, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

Corey carries Nicole back to his cave

After listening in on the Veto holder’s conversations since Saturday the plan looks set and so is the target for this week’s Big Brother eviction. Read on for the latest details.

Nicole won the Veto during Saturday’s Stay/Fold competition and that gives her complete control over the nominations as both HoH and PoV holder. She’s already got her target, Michelle, on the Block and now it’s all about making sure she’s the one to go this week.

While Paul might be the one of the Block as a pawn this week there’s someone even more nervous than he is. No, it’s not Michelle, who has been assured by James that she’s the pawn in the situation, it’s Nicole who seems to be the most worried. She really wants Michelle out after having listened for weeks as Michelle has made it clear she wants that “snake” out of the game.

For Nicole’s plan not to go as she hopes it’d take Victor flipping on their new F4 deal and voting out Paul. She’s worried that might actually happen but it won’t. Something really crazy would have to happen in the next few days for Victor to decide to flip on his closest partner in the game to send him out instead of Michelle.

Paul had pitched to Nicole that she could use the Veto on him then renom Natalie to make sure they had three votes against Michelle (Paul, Victor, and Corey). That opened new potential issues of its own. Nicole would have to show her hand early and reveal that she was willing to put James and Natalie’s duo in danger. There would also be the chance of the three votes pressuring her to go along with getting out Natalie, something Corey had voiced interest in doing. Really there are more pitfalls than advantages in going the renom route today so it shouldn’t be expected.

By the end of the Big Brother 18 ceremony we should expect for Michelle and Paul to be the final noms of the week after Nicole declines to use the Power of Veto. The noms will hold as they are and the target will remain on Michelle.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Nicole’s plan? If she wants Michelle out then is there a better scenario she could have hoped for here?

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  1. I don’t get Nicole’s move. Yes, Michelle is gunning for her, but she has a lot of protection from Michelle. Nicole is in a unique position to get out anyone in the house that she wants. With the Veto and the tie breaker vote, she can get anyone out. She also has control over the $5K bribe, but she doesn’t need it. With one HG from the duo (Paul/Victor) and one HG from the trio (James/Natalie/Michelle) and Corey voting however she wants, she can pick the HG leaving.

    Instead of going after the incredibly strong duo of Paul/Victor or the showmance, she’s going after the weakest player in the game. Michelle has no one solid and isn’t very good at comps.

    • There are several reasons to get out Michelle. 1st she is good at mental comps. Won OTEV veto and has came in 2nd in several other comps. She is also part of a 3 alliance. She would continually vote and work with James and Nat. Then the most important in Nic’s eyes is that Michelle is most certainly gunning for her.

      • She may be OK with mental comps, but Paul is better at them. She may be part of the trio, but she’s the weakest link in that trio. Getting out either James or Natalie would break up the trio and be a stronger move. The only thing that makes her a target is her big mouth saying things against Nicole. Nicole is targeting with her emotions, rather than a good game move.

      • I disagree with you, James and Natalie would take Michelle over Cory, they have already voiced it. Even though Nicole has never heard that she knows that Michelle tells everyone everything and that is exactly who adds fuel to Natalie’s fire. Nicole is keeping the blood off of her hands and allowing Paul/Vic to go after James/Natalie. For Nicole’s game this is a good move.

      • James and Natalie would take Michelle to F3 over either Nicole or Corey and they know it. Michelle being in the game is like Victoria being in the game, it’s way too tempting to drag her to the end.

      • I don’t think so, I think James and Nat would make F4 with Nichole and Corey. James would have an advantage in comps. Meech is just a vote I don’t think James or Natalie feel that trusting of Michelle. Dingus/ Doofas don’t stand a chance of winning anything against Vic/Paul.

      • I think Natalie would definitely want to take Meech along since they’re besties and James would too since she’s the easiest to beat at basically anything. Dingus and Doofas know they can’t beat Vic and Paul in a finale but they know they have a guaranteed shot at 4th place and when it comes to that week the HOH doesn’t even have power, it’s all about who isn’t nominated or who wins veto. If they can make it to F4 and one of them wins HOH and that person or their partner wins veto then they definitely move on to F3 and have a huge chance at being in the finale. It doesn’t take sense to knock out people who will give you that kind of opportunity.

      • Nicole has two finals four deals. One with Victor and Paul. The other with James and Natalie. Since she will not be able to play for HOH next week she has the option to go to whichever side of the house wins. She is keeping her promise to James by keeping James and Natalie safe. She has a good excuse to get them as to why she wanted Michelle gone. Plus she keeps Paul and Victor happy. I believe that Victor and Paul will go after James and Natalie like they are promising.

      • Just for extra convincing (and prolly for his pleasure), Paul should get Meech to say something about Nicole or, while they’re ALL in the kitchen/whatever, VP could bring up Meech calling Nicole a snake on network tv.

        Then Thursday, Nicole can push her glasses up and tell James she’s sorry but she knows, she just knows that Michelle will probably win the next HoH comp cuz it’s prolly mental and she knows she’ll send her home. She’s sorry but she had to get her out, once and for all. But from this point forward, she’s totally got his back – 100%. ;)

      • Same scenario if Paul and Vic take out James and Nat Nichole doesn’t stand a chance of winnin against Vic and Paul. She should have stuck with James. At this point in the gameyou can’t afford to keep around a competition beast.

      • Except Nicole will be showing all her cards by breaking the tie vote at eviction…Vic and Corey will vote Michelle and Nat and James will vote Paul….that leaves Nicole to break the tie and in doing so will show her cards. I just hope James talks to her before then so she votes out Paul otherwise Paul and Vic have won this thing!

      • Not necessarily. Michelle has been very vocal about how much she wants Nicole out. It isn’t like she is getting rid of Natalie. Why should she leave the threesome intact? This way she positions herself in the middle. Next week she can’t play in the HOH. It will only take 2 votes to evict. Victor and Paul based on their track record have a higher chance to win this HOH. They want to go after James and Natalie. If she votes Paul out Vic may decide to go after Nicole instead. Victor has always kind of had a soft spot for Michelle. if he doesn’t have Paul he is likely to drag Michelle to the final two with him.

      • but Michelle is the only person she knows for sure will put her up, and most likely agaisnt Corey.

      • Right. Plus Nic did say that she anticipates mostly mental comps coming up and Meech can win those.

        Meech fired warning shots but Nic is taking the sure shot.

        Meech’s biggest regret may well be: I should have taken Nicole out when I had the chance. Maybe we’ll find out Thursday night. ;)

      • Agreed, Michelle needs to go, she’s only there to benefit James and Natalie’s games. Nicole and Corey aren’t naive enough to think that Natalie or James would ever take her or Corey to F4, they’re ideal F3 is them and Michelle, there’s no room for Corey or Nicole in there. With Michelle is the game the temptation for James and Natalie to drag her to the end is too strong. She needs to go!

      • I’m sure, it makes sense for them to not want them around, I think Nicole and Corey know this.

      • You could say the same thing about Vic/Paul, there is no room for Nic/Corey in there either. Besides they already have a F4 deal with James/Nat, they just don’t know Nichole went to the dark side.

      • Vic and Paul’s ideal F3 would be with Corey or Nicole, they’re basically the same person physically and mentally so doesn’t really matter either way, I would guess Corey though. They definitely wouldn’t want James since he’s the next best competitor and why would they want to take Natalie? She’s annoying AF and unloyal.

      • Well between Paul and Michelle I have to say Paul is a bigger threat. Not only a comp threat, but a social and strategical threat.

      • If you break down the last 7 players into who is the biggest threat in the game to the least threat it would be a tie for first place.

        Paul and Victor tied for first.
        James Third
        Nicole fourth
        Natalie fifth
        Corey sixth
        Michelle seventh.

        Now take that and play the game the best way by taking out the top players if you can if you expect to win.

      • Thank you … that’s the bottom line. Leaving Paul and Vic in the game ensures they (or anyone else) can’t win.

    • And that will be her downfall. If for some unforeseen reason she is in the F2 against anyone really, how can she explain the reason why she deserves the money over the other person. Nicole speaking here ” Members of the jury, my biggest and boldest move was to have Michelle evicted. Yes she was a weak player but it would hurt my game over everyone else”. If Victor was sitting beside her ” Members of the jury, my biggest and boldest move of the game was to evict Paulie. A comp beast in his own right and a threat to everyone’s game”.

      You see the problem she faces? You see the problem Corey would face when he says ” Well I got Bridgette out”. Over James who not only sent Frank out the door but Paulies main BB squeeze as well. Not to mention he sent Victor out before he fought his way back in a second time. Paul’s biggest move was to have DAY sent out.

      James either can’t win comps or he trows them in hopes he is safe.

      • Downfall in the final 2, but she has to get there first and keeping Michelle will not help her do that. Paul and Victor could keep her because they could both beat her, she already said she is probably playing for $50,000.00

      • But think about this then, Paul and to some point Victor is really wanting Nicole to put James up today. They want to evict James this week. Paul wants to take Michelle to final 3 over Nicole or Natalie but the latter two are backup plans if Michelle goes this week. They have said numerous times in this season.

      • Palm Victor even told Nicole she was there ride or die girl. They even admitted Michelle used to be the ride or die

      • I think Victor would win against anyone if he makes F2 at this point. The jury would probably respect how he fought his way back into the house TWICE and he’s just a straight up likable guy

      • $50K beats nothing. She can’t win against Jatalie. Only person she might win against is Corey and that’s a steep hill to climb (to get to F2). Lol

      • That is a steep hill but remember that Paul wants Meech to stay and is/was pushing for James to go up this week. Even if Meech goes home, Paul or Victor has done said they want to take either Natalie or Michelle to F3

    • Because she’s made a final four deal with both pairs in the house. Getting Meech out would be the best way for her to keep playing both sides of the house and get no blood on her hands. Since she can’t play in the next hoh comp. It’s best to have neither side gunning for her and keep them going after each other. It’s a pretty smart game move if you think about it. Meech has to go eventually, and right now she’s the odd one out. I’m not a fan of Nicole but I respect her game move. Her and Corey are in a really good spot.

  2. By double crossing James and Nat, Nic has just assured that Paul and Victor will be the final two. She and Cory will lose to P&V and split up by Christmas. Remember you heard it here first!

    • Nic’s promise to James was that she would not put up James or Nat. Which she isn’t! Michelle wasn’t part of the deal. James knows that Nic does not like Michelle ..nor trusts her!

      • James told the girls that he can’t save everyone. Lol. He said, “I can’t say, keep me safe and her safe and her safe!”

    • She isn’t double crossing James and Natalie. They’re both off the block this week and not going home. She’s targeting someone who was very vocal about wanting her (Nicole) out. Where’s the double crossing?

      • She and Cory had an alliance with James and Nat, that will be breached. Hence, double cross and she will actively target then next.

      • I guess I’m missing the part where the alliance will be breached. She kept their alliance off the block and safe this week. That’s the goal of an alliance. So… where’s the breach?

      • It will become clear to you after James and Nat are targeted after the next HOH. Think ahead not in the present

      • Nicole is sending someone home that dislikes her, getting essentially no blood on her hands and keeping the target on her and Corey smaller by keeping other targets in the house. There will essentially be 3 couples left but Nicole and Corey can play either side depending on the HOH outcome.

      • She and Cory will end up being stooges for P&V. You really think Cory has a chance of being the the next HOH? Mark my words James and Nat are next to go and Cory and Nic have no chance against P& V in the final 4.

      • Yes it’s risky leaving P&V but nothing is guaranteed in BB. I would also argue there is value in Corey not winning Mext HOH. Is likely then P&V would break up J&N if they win this week and then you have Nicole, Corey and Natalie(or James) playin HOH vs only one member of J&V because outgoing HOH can’t play. Then you are looking at a possible situation where Corey and Nicole are finally 4 with two singles which I’m guessing goes very well for Nicole as two of them would probably take her to the end. Long shot? Probably, but it’s possible for sure.

      • If NiCorey trusts VP for F4, I suspect Corey would let VP take next HoH unless Jatalie are close to getting it. For what you said – VP get blood on their hands for breaking up Jatalie.

        Could get sticky that VP will want James gone first. NiCorey will want Nat gone first to hedge bets for next HoH. VP may get salty if NiCorey don’t want to vote out James first.

        VP won’t work with James but if Nat is then left alone, they know they have a better chance of working with her than NiCorey (just in case she happens to win the next HoH).

      • Yeah I just don’t think it’s as cut and dry as all the people suggesting that by not targeting P&V Nicole is throwing away her game.

      • The next HOH has nothing to do with Nicole’s HOH this week. Nicole kept her allies safe. That’s that. It’s not Nicole’s problem if Victor wins HOH next and targets James and Natalie.

      • Nicole and Corey have a final four deal with Victor & Paul and then with Natalie & James.. Its simple reasoning to think she will be double crossing either duo..

      • Gah! But it’s not. If she keeps Victor & Paul, and James & Natalie safe this week while she’s the HOH, then SHE IS NOT DOUBLE CROSSING ANYONE.

      • Follow me on this one, I think I get what he is saying. The double cross won’t come till next week when and if Victor or Paul wins HOH. OF course they will put up James and Natalie and both of them kind of know it will happen if one of them wins. The double cross will come when after the VETO ceremony (should the VETO is won by Nicole or Corey and not be used). James and Natalie will both know then that they have been played by Nicole and Corey.

      • I’ve followed you, but I still don’t agree with gramps. He’s suggesting that they’ve already double crossed James and Natalie simply by working with Victor and Paul. Now, in the scenario you just laid out, I don’t believe it would play out that way. Say Victor wins HOH, puts up James and Natalie, and Nicole wins Veto. James and Natalie can’t expect Nicole to use the veto, because Corey would be the replacement nominee. If Victor or Paul wins HOH, then they can assume that one of the four of them is going to be evicted (James, Natalie, Corey, or Nicole). They can’t reasonably fault Nicole for keeping herself and Corey safe over James and Natalie.

      • The one I missed LOL. However, should Corey win HOH (trying not to laugh here) and puts up James and Natalie, then they will know they have been screwed. Lets say he puts up either Paul or Victor against either James or Natalie and even if Paul or Victor comes down, that leaves Natalie going up.

      • But why would NiCorey use the POV to save James (or Nat)? The other one goes up, right? Jatalie can’t stress them over that. They’d do the same thing. Just trying to follow you here. :)

      • OK I see now where I screwed up. Sorry for the confusion. I guess my brain was working one angle while I was thinking of something else.

      • Why on earth would either Nicole or Corey use the veto when the only option if Vic or Paul is HOH would be to put up either Nic or Corey as a replacement nom?? That would go up as one of the dumbest moves in BB history…maybe not as bad as Marcellus, but close, especially if Corey was evicted coz Nicole used the veto and saved James!
        Don’t you think that would be rather foolish of her?

      • After this week there will be 6 players left. Should James or Natalie come down then one of Nicorey is going up. There will be 3 votes to evict that person this week.Nicole votes out Natalie and James votes out Corey and if Paul is HOH then it is up to Victor to decide who goes and even though he would love to see Natalie go he might even change his mind and vote out Corey. It is down to the nuts of the game now and someone will go home (Jury) next week. The question is who?

      • I am just going with the flow. Corey could win it next week and with Nicole in his ear, either Victor, Paul, James or Natalie will go up either as a pair or one from each side. Same with whoever wins HOH next week one form each side would go up and the other would be the renom should one of them come down.

      • As soon as I saw it was the egg comp I knew James stubby little fingers didn’t have a chance.

      • Agreed. No one made a deal to keep Michelle safe. If James had wanted to include Meech in his deal, he should have said so, but he didn’t, therefore, Nicole can (and hopefully does) vote her out without breaking her deal with James.

      • She is playing a strategic game, BTW if we want to talk about double crossing James did a final 4 with Nicory, yet last week Natalie wanted Cory out and James has even said they would keep Michelle and vote Cory out. Nicole just beat them to the punch without taking either one of them out.

      • I really don’t care what kind of game u think Nicole is playin all I did was explain the reason Nicole could be considered to be “double crossing” either pair..

      • That being said wouldn’t that mean that they are all double crossing each other? All three duos have/had deals with the other two duos.

      • Eventually yes, Nicole will have to betray one of the duos, however, she is not doing it this week by voting out Michelle. No one made a deal to keep Meech safe, therefore, no deal breaking. At least that was how I see it…Moreover, Michelle even asked James if his deal included her and he had to admit it did not. So really…Michelle is fair game, no deal breaking involved.

      • Paul is a pawn, she has no intentions of getting rid of Paul, she made it clear If Paul won veto she would put up Nat or James. That would be the breech, but her is the kicker if she leaves noms the same and Nichole votes out Michelle in a tie breaker then James knows Nichole went back on their previous deal.

      • I have to disagree with you here. Voting out Michelle does not break her F4 deal with James & Natalie. Plus, James did not ask her to keep Meech safe in his deal during the wall comp. He was only concerned for him & Nat, therefore, he left Meech open as fair game! Nicole is simply taking advantage of the opportunity to get out the one person in the house that has continuously wanted to target her.

        How is that breaking the deal when James never mentioned Michelle in the deal?

  3. The double cross I’m referring to is their actively working with P&V not the no nom promise.

    • Actively working with Paul and Victor is not double crossing James and Natalie. They have a final four deal. That means the plan is to get out the other houseguests first. Nicole’s HOH is being used to do just that.

    • While James, Natalie and Michelle sit in the London room discussing who to take out first Nicole or Cory.

    • Nicole and Corey are just keeping their options open, and as of right now their safety, since their each other’s real alliance, is what matters most to them.

    • James and Nat had a F4 deal with Paul and Victor which they broke to work with Nicorey. It’s just how the game works, especially this season with the biggest bunch of flip floppers I can remember.

      • So Paul and Victor have a final 4 deal with both couples….. interesting. Your boys are pretty clever

      • *Had. James and Natalie flipped last week and betrayed Victor and Paul. Victor and Paul are now targeting them. So Nicole and Corey are the only ones with two different final four deals.

      • Well, after being nominated by Natalie last week, I don’t think that F4 deal still exists. I’m just saying that everyone is double crossing everyone else. It’s what they have to do to survive in this game.

      • Well the pairs are loyal to one another as it stands. Aside from that, you’re right, this is the biggest group of flip floppers as far as I can remember.

  4. as much as i can’t stand nicole, she is finally playing the game and not pretending to be at summer camp i think her move was pretty solid she positioned herself and corey to the center made the other 2 duos happy and just has to wait and see how the next hoh goes then ride the wave…

    • True, but there will be a chance Paul will cut her. It’s pretty much a double edge sword for her. So I say while she’s finally making a game move, it’s not really a good game move since she knows what Paul’s capable of.

  5. Anyone saying Nicole is making a bad move is either a James/Natalie/Michelle fan, Paul/Victor hater, or simply oblivious to good strategy IMO. Nicole is honoring her deal made on the wall by keeping Natalie and James off the block, Building trust with Victor and Paul moving into next week, and getting rid of the ONE person in the house who is actively wanting her out in Michelle. This makes her and Corey a lock for F5 because if James/Natalie win HOH they go after Paul/Vic and if Paul/Vic win HOH they go after James/Natalie. This is the absolute best possible thing she could of did this week for her and Corey’s game. Period.

    • I am not a James/Natalie/Michelle fan, nor am I a Paul/Victor hater. I don’t have anyone that I’m rooting for, so I’m looking at the overall game. Yet, I disagree with you. Once the weakest player (no solid alliance and not that good at comps) is gone, there will be 3 duos left. None of the 3 duos are solidly with any of the others. Break up the Paul/Victor duo and you’ll have 3 against 3. Break up the James/Natalie duo and you’ll have 2 duos and 2 free agents. Either is preferable to 3 duos, with the strongest being Paul/Victor.

      • I don’t believe you or you fall into the can’t see strategy. James/Natalie/Michelle already plan to take a shot at Nicole/Corey next week after Paul is gone and Victor would be betrayed. They’d go from nobody after them next week to everyone after them next week.

      • Just because I see it differently than you, doesn’t mean that I can’t see strategy. I happen to think that James and Natalie have the right idea going after the duos. If they break up Victor/Paul this week and take a shot at breaking up Nicole/Corey next week that’s a good strategy for them. I also happen to think that the best strategy for Nicole would be to break up a duo this week … either one.

      • LOL Nicole is HOH not James so obviously she doesn’t do what’s best for his game. You seem to think its 3 duos and Michelle when its not. It’s 2 duos and a trio. That trio already betrayed Paul and evicted Victor so they are 100% with Nicole and Corey. In Big brother you evict the people coming after you (Michelle), not your allies.

      • Paul and Victor are with whoever is going to get them farther. They are not solidly with Nicole and Corey. Nicole and Corey do not have solid allies, other than each other.

        If Nicole breaks up the trio and the duo of James/Natalie at the same time, then she’s better off than having 3 duos in the house.

        If Nicole breaks up Paul/Victor, then she still has the trio, but she has a better shot at making it 3 against 3, because both Paul and Victor will believe that the trio is coming after him next.

      • That’s just it though, Paul and Victor ARE solidly with Nicole and Corey. Especially after Nicole proves they can trust her this week by keeping both of them here, whereas James and Natalie have screwed Paul and Victor over. Paul was the main target last week and only Veto saved him. Victor was evicted. Paul and Victor are 100% with Nicole and Corey, we have seen this from live feed chats they’ve had with one another. Also Nicole sending James or Natalie this week would be the one thing that COULD actually make Paul/Victor swap sides because then Michelle could flip back to them. By taking out Michelle Nicole is making it impossible for them to be targeted next week. Paul and Victor have unfished business with James/Nat for their betrayal and like you said Paul/Vic are the strongest duo so if James/Nat win they will go after them, not Nicole/Corey who just honored their deal to keep them off the block.

      • I had not thought about the fact that Michelle could flip back, but yeah, that could happen. Meech was Paul & Vic’s ride or die girl, that is why it was so stupid for her to listen to Natalie and nominate Paul!

      • I have to respectfully disagree with you here RR. Paul & Victor do not flip flop that easily. For example, the reason Paul lost faith with Paulie is because on Paul’s HOH, he went with Paulie’s wishes and put Da’Vonne up as the replacement nom even though his original target was Bridgett and he really wanted her gone. And then, when Paul wanted Paulie to return the favor and get out Z, Paulie said no and campaigned for Z to stay; that is why Paul flipped on his alliance with Paulie…and Victor…well, I think he wanted Paulie out because Paulie evicted him.
        Furthermore, Paul and Vic had every intention of staying loyal to james and Natalie, but how could they after Natalie nominated Victor?? So really, do you blame either Paul or Vic for looking for a new alliance?

      • Paul and Victor would’ve probably remained loyal to Paulie if Paulie had stayed loyal to them.

      • I agree, but Paulie made it obvious he was only concerned for his game. If Paulie had been smart he would have never won that veto!

      • Paulie deserved eviction after his clumsy handling of that whole situation .
        All he had to do was evict Zak and he could’ve sailed to the end. He refused to even consider how upset Paul was; all he had to do was throw Paul a few crumbs.

      • Yep. Cody even mentioned that as one of the biggest mistakes Paulie made this season. You have to give to get and Paulie was unwilling to give an inch. That is why his alliance turned on him.

      • So if they vote Paul out, then next week when Victor is pissed and puts them on the block who do they blame? Or if they go after Nat and James and then Michelle calls them out and blabs they soon become the underdog? I think this is the best possible move.

      • There is no guarantee that Victor and/or Paul are going to stick with them anyway. If they want to break up the trio, getting either James or Natalie out is better than Michelle. If they want to break up the strongest duo, then getting Paul or Victor out is better than Michelle. Either way, Michelle is the weakest in the house. Nicole and Corey do not have anything solid with anyone other than each other. Unless, Nicole and James made a solid deal before BB started.

      • If they break up either duo, then Nicole and Corey become the biggest target next week when the other remaining duo comes to power. They’re playing it smart by getting out Michelle and will let the two other duos go after each other next week.

      • Exactly, because Nicole can’t compete and Corey…well, he’s already said he doesn’t really want HOH next week!! WHY?? Not sure, but whatever… Either way, Nicole keeping her word to James and making an alliance with Paul & Vic is the best move she has made in this game. And that is said from someone who personally does not care for Nicole as a player this season.

      • Well, if Michelle is evicted, I think Corey not winning HOH is the right choice. It seems that Paul/Victor and James/Natalie will go after each other. If Corey wins, he’d have to show his cards.

      • I had not thought of it like that. Yeah, you’re right actually. Let the duos of J/N & P/V go after each other while N/C just lay low until the dust settles… Thanks for giving another point of view on that.

      • 3 against 3? Don’t you mean 2 (Corey and Nic) against 3 (Meech, Nat, and James) with an angry Victor as a pissed free agent who may go back to the other side after being betrayed by Nicorey with them sending his closest ally home? This is the best move for Nicole and Corey’s game being that they kept both ends of their deals and Nicole gets out the one person who would without a doubt put her up.

      • I really don’t see that happening. Vic really wants revenge on James and Natalie for sending him home. I cannot see any scenario where Paul could talk him into not targeting them.

      • That is what don’t make sense….Nicole and Corey helped send Victor home…DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody in the house sent Victor out except for Paul…Victor needs to get over it or put the blame on Nicole & Corey as well…

      • Corey was OTB with Victor so he had nothing to do with sending him home. Second, James, Natalie & Meech had made a deal with Paul and Vic, so when they were nominated it was surprising to them. Nicole & Corey had never made any kind of deal with either Paul or Vic, and Nicole voting for Corey was a given, so Vic does not blame her at all. He blames James because they were working together & James flipped on them.

      • While Paul and Victor seem to get along with Corey just fine I don’t see a similar rapport happening between them and James.

      • Exactly. They did have a good rapport with him before Natalie & Meech nominated them, but all bets and deals were off after that. Nat put him up and then James had the swing vote and used it to evict Vic, so it makes total sense that Victor would want revenge on both of them

      • Also, I don’t see Vic, Paul and James just sitting around shooting the bull and enjoying each others company; I think they’re much brighter than James and probably find him boring after awhile. Corey’s social game is much better than James I hate to say.
        In fact Corey had rather be around the guys than have alone time with Nicole – I want him gone soon.

      • I agree that Corey seems happiest when it is him and the guys… I’m not sure how Nicole can’t see that, but that is her problem. However, to be honest I think one of the reasons Paul & Vic don’t spend as much non-game time chatting it up with James is because James spends most of his time with Natalie and I don’t think Paul and Victor really care for her high-maintenance drama, and do their best to avoid it at all costs! ;)

      • That’s another thing – Nicole is not a high maintenance Diva and all the guys like her that are left in the house.
        I expect part of the dislike of Nicole by the girls is jealousy and ‘what’s she got that I don’t have’ bitterness.
        So once Nic is gone they won’t have to share the guys attention with her. Natalie thinks she such a manipulative flirt that she will be able to twist the men around her little finger but that hasn’t happened yet, except for james. I wonder if James will even be able to let her go when the time comes for him to make a $500.000 decision.

      • Agreed. Out of all the girls left, Nicole is the least annoying imo. I have not liked her game this season though because she spent so much of it cuddling with Corey, but I think she’s making a good move now and Vic has already told her she is definitely his new ride or die girl, so she has a good chance of going to F3 with Paul & Vic.

    • Something I wanna bring up. It’s not that I want Paul to go home I want the guy to win. Nicole is playing more with her heart rather than her head. She pretty much did the same thing Jeff did to Russell in Season 11- cut lesser threat (Russell and Michelle) to save a bigger threat (Kevin and Paul).

      But hey if Paul stays I’m alright with that.

      • I hear what you’re saying, but I truly believe Paul and Victor plan to honor the F4. Keep in mind if that comes to fruition Nicole is the one person in that 4 that would be for sure moving to F3. Corey would take her and Both Paul/Vic probably cut Corey and take her to F3.

      • Esp since Nicole is also playing the “no one in JH likes me” card. Makes her more attractive to take to F3.

        VP might also not want to take Jatalie to end bc of this – that JH might vote for them to win. They may think that JH will hold against Vic for being evicted 3x and Meech being upset at Paul (though he tried Jury Mgmt 101) and poisoning the JH against him in favor of Jatalie.

        If VP evicts NiCorey – that’s 2 bitter votes potentially.

        The boys are playing it right. NiCorey are, too, I think. Nothing’s a sure thing.

      • I can see your point here…however, if she sends Paul home then she and Corey still have a good shot at being a target next week, whereas, with this move, chances are the duos of James/Nat and Paul/Vic will go after each other rather than Nic or Corey.

    • I could not agree more! Nicole is not a fave of mine, but she is putting her and Corey in the best place possible because she can’t play in next week’s HOH and (let’s face it) the chances of Corey winning are remote. As a matter of fact, in the live feeds he already pretty much said he wasn’t really interested in winning it!! I am still unsure of his reasoning there, but anyhow, that means one of the other duos in the house will win it. Since they are targeting each other…that leaves Nicole & Corey in relatively good spot imo.

  6. With Michele voted out this week and the DE coming up, any one of the remaining couples will be broken up and/or out all in one episode thats what I’m looking forward to.

      • A DE is all during a live show with little to no time to confer with others, regroup and catch your breath. A fast forward is done over a couple of days with some down time.

      • DE is a full week of events all in one night, as opposed to fast forward week which would only be a full week all in a couple days.

      • No problem. So it’s basically what goes on on the feeds with HOH happening that Thursday, nominations that Friday, Veto on Saturday and the veto ceremony the following Monday with the eviction expected to be on Tuesday or Wednesday instead of waiting for a Thursday eviction. Only thing is with fast forward week feeds are usually down.

      • They only have 2 Thursday shows left because football is starting soon. This week and next week will be normal. After they get to F5 they’ll have next eviction on the following Monday I think for F4. Then another eviction 2 days later on the 14th for F3. Then a week later on Wed is finale.

      • Fast forward week usually happens when there are 4 remaining houseguests since the following week would be finale night. So after Sept. 8 there will be no more Thursday night live shows due to football season occurring right around final four and during the week of finale night. We’ll probably see the events of fast forward week on a Monday or a Tuesday when there are 5 houseguests left which will be brought to 4 houseguests left in the game. That same week on Wednesday we may see another eviction so that we’d be left with 3 houseguests to go into finale night the following week, which will also be on a Wednesday. Hope I made it a bit clearer for you? :)

  7. Paul and Vic are probably laughing on the inside. They pretty much have this game in the bag it seems. Nicole and Corey are playing into their hands, and nobody seems to gun for them.

    It’s funny to see the two boys go from Jozea’s dumb lackeys to smart and strong players. I’m impressed with those boys.

    • LOL! I know, although Vic paid the price for that association, Paul really has not! Vic has fought long and hard to come back again and again, but Paul has never left…I definitely think those 2 deserve F2, but I hope Vic wins it! Even Jeff on the BB after show is kind of rooting for Vic! :)

  8. I’ll bet if Vic wins the next HOH that it will be James and Nat going up. Not because he is working with Nic & Cory but because he sees them as more of a threat to his end game.

    • Agreed. Plus, Nat nominated him and James voted him out. He evicted Paulie for the exact same reason. I can totally see him giving James or Nat the “I can forgive, but I don’t forget” speech. ;)

  9. VP are gaming so good for them – that’s interesting.
    Nicole should not pull a Meech and be swayed from the target that is best for her game. She has a solid plan to eliminate her nemesis so for her sake, that is what she should do. Esp’ly given that she can’t be the next HOH and if Jatalie think she’s against them, they may play emotional (what VP is hoping for, I’m sure) and throw her & Corey OTB. Never know.

    She’s the tie breaker but it’s better than straight up renom’ing Natalie (for Nic’s game) rn. She doesn’t need the 3rd vote esp in this case. Corey might try to buy some goodwill with V by bribing him to VTE Michelle which he would anyway. I don’t see him gaming and floating a potential $5K grab to James (who loves the easy money) to VTE Michelle. That would require finesse and misting. He’s not up for that, I don’t think. Lol.

  10. I’ve always liked James. But he is really looking like an idiot now. He’s oblivious to the final four teaming up against him and Nat. How can he not see this is happening?? Especially after he made that comment about Nat wanting to keep Victor.

    V and P are scheming with super dunce and fruit loop dingus 24 hours a day, while James is laying around talking big in front of Nat and Mech. Come on James … wake up brother.
    As bad as James is looking … what is super dunce and fruit loop dingus thinking?? Teaming up with Vic and Paul is the only way to ensure they will not win. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be sick if Nicole or Corey won. But dang … how stupid can they be.
    Like I’ve said, I’ve always kinda liked James. But now … I just barely like the idea of James and Nat winning better than if Dunce and Dingus were to win.

    I didn’t like Vic and Paul initially but they are the only ones left that have actually played BB.

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