Big Brother 17: Will Vanessa Pull A Judas On Backdoor-Austin Plan?

Just one day after I wrote of Vanessa’s commitment to targeting her ally Austin we’re now seeing a shift in the game fueled by paranoia that could change this week’s plan in a big way.

Vanessa is having a no good, very bad day on Big Brother
Vanessa is having a no good, very bad day on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Thanks to Shelli’s worries and speculations Austin may have just found himself a reprieve from eviction, but when things change this fast it’s hard to tell where they’ll end up before the next Veto ceremony.

Quick background: Vanessa and Jackie, the new HoHs, agreed to target Austin. Vanessa learned that Austin was running side missions and lying to her about his votes. With her confidence in him eroding this felt like a good plan to Vanessa even if there was the obvious issue of losing a number.

Jump ahead to Saturday afternoon following the Power of Veto competition. Clay and Becky were on the Block with an eight-person agreement to save either one of them and renom Austin. Clay won the Veto so he’d be coming down leaving an opening for Austin to go up.

Vanessa had been freaking out since pre-comp that Liz would be mad at her for targeting her showmance. (Vanessa had been pushing this “showmancing hard” idea to everyone and she may have even been believing it.) Now that Veto was over she decided it was time to tell Liz so she asked her to come upstairs for a very important talk.

Liz must not have been too interested because she took 70 minutes to get back upstairs. That gave enough time for Shelli and Vanessa to start freaking out there there was a six-person alliance targeting Clay this week. (No, there wasn’t.) Shelli says HGs weren’t thrilled enough that Clay won Veto. She’s just aghast that no one was doing backflips over his first competition win this season.

Shelli and Vanessa realize they’re about to send home a number while the other house is gunning for them. No, the other side isn’t because they’re too dense to see the obvious danger of this powerful alliance. Doesn’t matter though because that’s the fear.

Liz finally arrives, Flashback to 5:45PM BBT to watch. First up, Liz explains how much she doesn’t like Austin. This takes up a lot of the discussion before they finally get to the issue at hand. Their conversation last 48 minutes and it’s well worth watching if you missed it.

Vanessa and Shelli tell Liz everything that’s been going on with Austin and how he’s sinking their game by running his mouth. An important moment comes when Liz tells Vanessa that Austin had just asked her to lie to her to cover up his lie about how he voted in an earlier talk. This shows where Liz’s true allegiance lies. She’s using Austin while trusting Vanessa more.

Just when it looks like Austin is done and gone we hear the conversation start to shift. Shelli suggests maybe they should keep Austin anyway and send Becky home. Shelli doesn’t like how Becky didn’t trust them and that’s their excuse to send her home this week. Yeah, that’ll show her!

Vanessa suggests if they can get Meg, Jason, and James on board to keep Austin and evict Becky then they can just make him a target later down the road instead. Shelli again pushing for Becky to be the one to go this week. Vanessa isn’t sure Becky is the answer, but she’s now leaning away from Austin and looking for a renom option. Cue Austin’s arrival to talk with Vanessa.


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      • Yes. For a while she thought the way they were coming out in a straight row and hurting that they might ne some sort of bug bites. She’s keeping her hair hanging forward alot on that side recently so they won’t show on camera as much. They were getting big. A row of about 3 I think.

      • I just looked really close at her picture again an I do see 3 rather large knots on the left side of her face near her chin. She must have really oily skin and needs to be washing her face frequently.

    • I saw this part on feeds. She was putting her make up on. She was halfway done but was interrupted by Austin.

      • Thanks Cyril, but that shade of makeup isn’t doing her any favors at all I’m afraid.

    • I thought she was trying see what she looks like with a beard but to each their own.

  1. I think they should still work to get Austin out…they will still have the numbers they need if the other side of the house gains power and he is ruining too many peoples game. Not to mention how tormented Liz will be the rest of the season!

    • She’s not tormented…she’s leading it on. She admitted she’s “whoring it” up to him! Everyone stop with the boo-hooing about poor Liz!

      • Agree. At first everyone liked Liz more than Julia. How to compare the twins? Liz is a club bang and Julia is a relationship.

      • I wouldn’t have put it that way, but I do agree that Liz and Vanessa, in part, have egged it on. The only sympathy that I have for Liz is that Austin is SOOOO enamored with her to the point of being weird about it. But she could have put a stop to it long ago. She has her own agenda.

      • I’m not putting it that way, Liz’s own words to her sister is that she’s “whoring it up” to work Austin. Im just reporting, and this website also reported that. He’s on national TV and has 24/7 cameras on him…she could just say (if she wanted, but she doesn’t) that she would just like to be friends for the summer, maybe something could happen after the show. That way he stops, but can think MAYBE something could happen in the future. End of story. Trust me, girls do this ALL the time! But, she’s leading him on for a game. No pity for her.

      • I agree. She’s leading him on so no reasin to fell sorry for her. She’s all on board with the keep Austin plan now because she knows she needs him to protect her and Julia. If it comes to physical comps and cCkay is the only one of the two left (and can actually win) hes protecting Shelli not her, she needs Austin. And I think shes gunning for Jackie forbthat reason, Jackie might now be doing a while lot eight now but she killed all the girls and most of the guys in the first comp. Puts a target on her.

      • jimbo, I meant if I were Liz I wouldn’t put it that way. Sorry, I wasn’t more clear.

      • I remember Austin telling Liz that he could help her get into “show business” and help her career after BB. Maybe not once Austin has a chance to watch this season of BB.

      • Austin is full of himself, I understand why he would need an alter ego. I guess his cup runneth over. Too much for one ego.

      • Hope his pro-wrestler opponents put him out of commission again…he’s just not RIGHT in the head! Maybe he got one too many slams to it?

      • I wonder if anyone has ever found one of his matches online and if he wears the hair and beard up or down when he is “fighting”?

      • His wrestler name is Judas Devlin. You can find one of his matches on youtube He’s also known as Austin Draven and the other wrestler said he thinks Austin comes off as a big shot! Said he’s has a big mouth on him and a chip on his shoulder.

      • It’s even funnier that Wackstreet Boys BB had the three doing which derrives from Back Street Boys is also an opening signia of Austin Draven when he enters the building of wrestling rings.

      • Judas Devlin… I guess that’s as close as he could get to Devil, as that was probably his goal. Weirdo. Thanks for info, Joni. I’ve been out working all afternoon, just got in and saw where there were over 300 posts on the new thread. WOW! Think it’s time to go to Jokers and get myself up-to-date so I can jump in on the next thread. Maybe I’ll see you later.:)

      • It was crazy here yesterday, crazier than when Audrey was causing mischief and everyone was posting in a frenzy. Was making my head spin keeping up! hahaha

      • By the time I got caught up, I only got to read a few of the posts on that thread and the next one was up. Matthew B was spinning, too, I’d say.

    • If she don’t get him now she crazy! Cause now he knows that she wants him out he will gunn for her.

  2. Austin unknowingly gave Van the best reason to get him out when he said if he goes the other side will go after the twins then Shelli/Clay and down the road Van. So that means that Van can get rid of the couples without having to do it herself, she keeps her Steve alliance secret and and can use that time to build more trust with the rest of the house. Otherwise at some point Van vs Shelli will have to happen and that’s dangerous for Van.

    • All the more reason to get rid of Austin now. Start building a relationship with the rest of the house to send the twins and shay packing later if she want’s to win the big bang.

  3. When you have the chance to get out a problem (Vanessa: He calls himself Judas! Read the damn bible! Or atleast Wikipedia Judas! He’s TELLING you straight to your STUPID face you cant trust him! Ask Jesus!), you do it. Getting Becky out?! Really? Ugh.

  4. Vanessa should keep her promise and renom Austin and let the house decide who they want to evict – Austin or Becky. Besides if Austin goes this week, he wouldn’t be on the jury and Julia is entering the game officially anyway.

    • The number’s to keep Austin is not there. at least 5 to evict Austin and 4 to keep him. Depends on how Clay votes, he could be the 6th to evict or the 4th to keep.

      • Then Austin gets evicted, see the logic. But honestly, for Vanessa’s game, putting Austin up on the block as a renom is a good move. It keeps her promise to the other houseguests and if Austin gets evicted, its even better for her game. And personally, Austin gone would be good for the twins too.

  5. I think Van, Shelli, Clay and Liz would be fools to keep Austin. He’s not trust worthy at all. hes telling Van exactly what she wants to hear right now. They seem to be forgetting that physical comps will be coming and he will most likely steamroll all of them. The only person he may keep safe is Liz. He says he’s only worried about getting to jury but I have doibts in that. Forst opportunity he has he’s going after them because thwy are a threat to him. He sees the other side as week so no threat. They all seem to think that and it may be true or they are just not letting on exactly how much they know while they all take each other out. Regardless Van and the gang still has the numbers if Austin goes cause they have Steve. They seem to forget he is pretty loyal to them. Austin isn’t and keeping him could being them all down.

  6. Vanessa is disappointing me big time. She is getting to be a flake more than anything else. If she is so worried about number. Why doesn’t she use her recent connection with Jackie to bring her in their alliance so she would replace Austin’s number. She promised Jackie to NOT backdoor her. If she go back on her word, suddenly you have Jackie gunning for her and if she stay over Becky, that’s a whole bowl of “Not Good”.

    • Vanessa will not be able to think logically in big brother. That is the problem with bringing a poker pro into the house. Her whole life every day is poker so this game will be played the same way. Poker is all math, so she plays this game all math. That means numbers are the only thing that matter.

      • Even just in term of numbers, she is missing the boat. She is getting an extra player next Thursday, Julia, who is already on her side. And she could go and grab Jackie, who doesn’t really have a real alliance with anybody. The day they spend together in the HoH room could be the perfect rapprochement to get her as an ally.

      • I think Vanessa should concentrate on getting rid of someone that could be detrimental to her game. Since Jackie has said she’s coming after the twins she is a bigger threat to Vanessa and the SS alliance.

      • I didn’t know Jackie said that. One more reason to try to get her on their side.

      • At this point in the game the HG’s have found the group they are most comfortable being around and can relate to so I don’t see any sort of rapport suddenly happening between Jackie and Vanessa. Vanessa is extremely intelligent while Jackie is umm…well a dancer in Vegas so I can see why they might not click.
        Vanessa has correct observed that Jackie will never forgive her for getting rid of Jeff and Jackie will forever be jealous of Liz and her relationship with Jeff. Why go to all the trouble to reel Jackie in and make a friend of her when that probably isn’t possible at this point? Wouldn’t it be easier just to evict Jackie?

      • But is Jackie really settled on the other side of the house ? I don’t think so. She is pretty much free agaent. So if not Austin, I think Becky would be a better choice to evict than Jackie. Becky is a more intelligent player and much more of threat.

      • Just from reading the recaps it seems Jackie and Becky are good friends so I think she’s probably more settled on the OSOTH.
        Jackie has also proven to be great in the physical comps too – at least she was during the BOB when she was motivated to win. The other females need to be very worried about that.
        Maybe if Vanessa does put Jackie up at the VETO ceremony she can later talk to Becky and tell her that she’s not the target and try to bring Becky closer to the SS alliance. I think Becky would be a more successful choice to work with since she is intelligent.

      • Yep and that’s exactly what Vanessa, Liz, Shelli and Clay were talking about last night.

      • Becky will go whichever way the House wants her to when she isn’t able to win comps to secure her safety herself.

      • Not after watching her and Vanessa talk last night on the feeds. It was a good talk and I finally kind of see where Becky stands. She really likes Shelli Clay and Vanessa. She wants to work with them. But she doesn’t know Vanessa is thinking of backdooring Jackie. I think Vanessa is feeling people out to see who people think are expendable before she decides who to backdoor.

      • Jackie can play for hoh so Vanessa should back door her. Then they have the numbers until it’s time to cut the ties!! IMHO

      • Jackie is with Becky, Jason, Meg and James. They are always together. Jackie wants the twins gone so why would Vanessa want to work with Jackie?

      • Vanessa wants a girl to win this season, so she hopes she can get at least a few smart women in her little “future” alliance! :-)

      • I think either Jackie or Jason are getting backdoored. But I only watched the feeds until Midnight. Things could have changed by now. As far as women she has Liz, Julia, Shelli and now Becky.

      • What about Austin saying he is OK with Julia being evicted as long as his Liz isn’t and he can be in jury with his Liz. Liz, I believe still hasn’t heard this part yet and if she did, she would agree that Austin has to go.

      • Austin won’t have any say in that at all unless he wins HoH! Shelli and Clay won’t allow him to manipulate the twins either…they’ll get him to eventually go before that happens.

    • Vanessa cracked the last time she was HOH. I see a pattern for her. I wonder just how good a poker player she really is. Number’s, she can always make the number’s work in her favor with these people this year. All she has to do is talk it over with Jackie and BOOM she has her number’s again.

      • Exactly. But let faces it, poker is a numbers game also, but a big part of it is pure luck.

      • The other thing is poker is with cards. An ace is always an ace. BB is with people who change all the time.

      • Too many wild cards with people to get an exact assurance with these people.

    • She can’t trust Jackie and I don’t blame her. If Vanessa hadn’t won HOH Jackie was going to put her up. Jackie is with The group of five. And Jackie has told Vanessa she wants to go after the twins next. Jackie doesn’t know Vanessa is in an alliance with them.

      • True, but I still wouldn’t try to backdoor her, because it could make everything much harder and worse.

      • I agree! I have a feeling Vanessa will put Meg up beside Becky instead of Jackie!

      • I wouldn’t be too sure about her not knowing…Jeff told her stuff that we viewers weren’t made aware of. He knew who Vanessa was aligned with.

      • That’s true Jeff could of told her. But didn’t they make that alliance after Jeff? I don’t think Jeff knew about sixth sense. Jeff was part of that alliance in the beginning that included Jason, Da and James.

  7. Is it just me or does the Vanessa-Austin-Shelli-Clay-Liz alliance remind anyone of the friendship. They are the 5 most hated people in the game based on america’s votes. They also seem to think america loves them, are too worried about how they appear to america, and are all about trust and for the group even though they are the opposite of trustworthy.

    • Totally right I’m tired of them running the game. I wish the other people would “get a clue” and start THIER own alliance, then maybe we could all call it a game.

      • Jason, Meg, James, Jackie, Becky, and JMac seem to be an alliance at times and then not. Hopefully they are able to solidify it as all working together. Then it will be Jason, Meg, James, Jackie, Becky, and JMac vs Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Austin, Liz, and Julia. A real split house. Missing steve who would likely go to vanessa and one would be evicted. This would also be nice because it is more or less Americas loved houseguests the JMac, Jason, Meg group vs the hated houseguests Austin, Shelli, Clay.

    • They are also the most intelligent group in the BB house and it’s too bad America hates them since they are playing the BB game to win, while the other side hang out together and TALK a lot.

      • That is also similar to BB6. The friendship was hated like this group, but they were more intelligent and sadly ended up winning which is likely what will happen here.

      • Yes, The Friendship were a tad boring weren’t they and it was difficult to see the fun side of the house lose to them – but I’m not finding the current “other side of the house” all that entertaining except for JMac. I’m finding the SS alliance entertaining and intelligent.

      • I find them entertaining because they are doing something, but completely unlikeable. I think the other side will start to play after this week. They are waiting for jury to guarantee their full stipend.

      • Exactly!! So hate the game players & like the lazy ones?? Come on!!
        Sure it’d make more for entertainment but let’s not forget…… This IS a game!! IMHO

      • I’m starting to wonder if the “other side” wants or even needs the money.
        It’s also frustrating when the only side playingin the house is called “stupid”.

      • But it will get interesting when the major alliance has to start cutting their own out! Then we’ll have a game!!
        I say put Jackie up as replacement. Don’t want her in jury anyway…. She’s ALWAYS looking in the mirror! Drives me crazy how vain she is!!! Grrrr!

      • I didn’t know who the Victoria was this year.. There is usually one every season who loves their reflection. I thought it might be Austin.

      • I wonder just what Austin “sees” in the mirror. IMO, He ain’t nothin’ that special, but I figured he would think so.

      • In his defense I can see why he might be a little insecure about his looks. Jackie definitely is conceited.

      • I agree, I’m looking forward to seeing who will prevail when the SS alliance has to start turning on each other. In such a case Johnny Mac could end up winning it all.
        Vanessa does need to put up Jackie as she is a threat to both V. and the SS alliance. It will also look good on her resume when she reaches the finale.

      • Generally americas veiws houseguests based on their personalities not how they play the game. That is why america dislikes the gameplayers this season.

    • They aren’t the most hated. In fact I’m pretty sure Clay was up there in popularity although I’m not a huge fan of this alliance I wouldn’t say they are the most hated. I do know that some of the people in the alliance like Austin are disliked for being a major creep.

      • They are in other BB polls. The problem with this sites poll is it only takes into account who peoples favorites are. Other polls let you vote on all the houseguests. Clay is second lowest generally (Austin is easily lowest).

  8. I was hoping they would replace Austin with JMAC, he HAS been loyal to them. He is also a good player so he would be good for their team. (Just want to see him get a real shot at the win.) I think he would really be into finally getting something solid too.

    • JMac made it clear earlier in the game (although he may have changed his mind) that he was going after shelli, clay, and vanessa for constantly having him throw comps and telling him not to use the veto.

      • That’d be a good move if in fact she targets Austin. He’s creepy but they need him for the next week or 2. Then get him gone, baby…..GONE!!

      • What’s the reasoning? James and Meg aren’t threats. Guess he doesn’t want to get ‘blood on his hands’?

      • Yeah, but didn’t he say that in the DR? Some say if the other side of the house would shut up and put up, they would have the numbers for a great head to head war. Only we all know Jason would destroy every move they would intend to make by his constant blabbing. That’s got to be why the SS is keeping him around. I can’t imagine any other reason why that “in one ear and out the mouth @$$hole” is still in the house.

    • JohnnyMac all the way!! He’s certainly Americas favorite player. Mine too! He’s hilarious!

  9. Losing Austin is huge because of numbers. Having five play for HOH is bigger than only four. This week they might need to get one more out on the other side before turning on their own.

      • Jackie is in with Jason and Meg which makes her not loyal to the sixth sense alliance. She even said she wants to target Julia or Liz next week so losing Austin does nothing for Vanessa’s game in terms of numbers. In fact she would be smart to get Steve on her side telling him he was the secondary target and get Jackie or Becky or even Jason out this week. It is not the time to throw out someone in your alliance and will do what you want.

      • I had that same convo with somebody else. I’m really not convince she is that loyal to the other side. I think exactly for the reason that she want to target Juliz, it would be much smarter to bring her on their side. And I think she would be easier to convince than Steve who is a lot more savvy in term of the game.
        If it was me, I would try that instead of keeping Austin.

      • I keep telling you that you need to get the feeds. Lol. You could flashback on your 2hrs of free time, lol

      • Sorry for butting in ~~ I’d rather listen to your blow by blow descriptions than get the feeds or even watch BBAD. So, keep me posted LavG! Thanx.

      • I watch the BBAD & find its much more interesting than the show. It kinda neat to know what’s going on but purchasing the live feeds……ummmmm……again I’m Canadian & our our live feeds are free! USA you pay! Too bad for them.

      • I watch BBAD as often as I can. My pet peeves is there is too many commercial (at least on POP). I assume you’re watching on Slice. Do you have lots of commercial ?
        I’m Canadian too (born and raise in Montreal). But I’m lucky, I still have a foot on both side of the border. I could buy the feeds if I wanted to. I did last year but I didn’t have the time to watch that often, and the same this year. It’s not expensive, but I don’t feel I would watch that often.
        If you’re on facebook also, and want to join us, there’s 8 of the people here with me. Look for Captaine Cinq.

  10. Has anyone noticed how stupid Shelli and Clay are or is it just me?
    Right now they are successfully playing both sides of the house and nobody has even noticed yet.
    If they continue such stupid gameplay they’ll never make it to jury much less the finale.

  11. Get the creepy beast out while you can otherwise he will get you. Have never been so addicted to the site prior to this seaso and it’s juicy. Vanessa is being such a punk and her face shows it. Can’t wait for the veto nom on Monday. Watching BBAD and notice the distance between Austin and Liz lol no more touching.

  12. Joker’s poll on houseguests popularity (probably the best BB poll although there are others because it lets you rate all houseguests) Houseguests rated on scale 0 (hate) – 5 (love):

    JMac 3.63
    Jason 3.28
    Julia 2.79
    Meg 2.68
    Becky 2.53
    Jackie 2.51
    Da’Vonne 2.49
    Steve 2.47
    James 2.30
    Vanessa 1.98
    Liz+Julia 1.90
    Audrey 1.65
    Liz 1.64
    Shelli 1.59
    Clay 1.43
    Jeff 1.29
    Jace 1.10
    Austin 0.88

  13. Wonder if the twins are going to switch out anymore? If Julia came back in maybe she could sway the decision back to evict Austin. She doesn’t seem to like nor trust him at all and I also got the vibe she doesn’t like the game play Liz decided with him. She seems to have connected to other hg a little more because she’s not with Austin 24/7 and might be able to be the voice of reason.

    • The switch happened every 3 days, right? So how long has Liz been in the house? We know she was there for the BOB Friday, but what about before then?

  14. Vanessa needs to just stick to what she’s told the entire house and nominate Austin, if she tries to evict Becky of back door Jackie she’s going to lose all trust with the other side of the house. And that would make her an easy target for the upcoming double eviction.

  15. I say keep Austin they have the numbers for now by good amount t if they vote anyone out this week from that side. Even though it is somewhat paranoia it is the right move. IF they do end up facing one them as HOH odds are they do something stupid like Steve or Austin anyway. Even if Vanessa does get targeted she has skills to get herself off or keep herself off block and has allies to same for her. Steve pointing out Derricks play with Zack last season over jacasta should been enough. I mean after all he was the winner. That was one the better strategy shifts in a while and may have saved Derricks game. This is a numbers thing still at this point and right now and Austin is loyal to her she just letting something small get in way. The ONE flaw in her game is needing reasons to point people up. There is only reason. They all have to go! Yeah she has other bad moments but that is the worst flaw she just don’t show that killer instinct we know she has in real life at poker table. She just needs think of everyone as Phil hellmuth or Huck Seed.

  16. A really HUGE move would be to put Shelli up….but that would never happen. Still hoping Austin goes.

  17. Vanessa needs to put her head on straight and get stupid Austin up. If she puts up Jackie…I’m done.

    • Vanessa putting up Austin would be a very bad move. They need to target Becky and Jason. They can always get rid of Austin later. Getting rid of Austin now would be the end of Vanessa’s game.

  18. Ugh Austin can you please knock or ring the bell before entering the HOH room? Why is a non HOH always in the HOH room this season? I don’t know why but it annoys me.

  19. Austin betrayed his girlfriend, who is home watching him make a fool of himself chasing Liz around, 5 minutes after entering the BB house. Why do these people think Austin will not betray them the first time he thinks he has the chance?

    btw, I would not listen to Steve’s advice. He may be a BB historian but I think his ideas and strategies are as odd as you would expect from Steve.

  20. I’d like to see Jackie back doored!! That’d be her best move. She’s really got no one but a new alliance with Becks!
    Now she can go find Jeff & ask him if his feelings for Liz were real! And blah blah blah!!

    • Honestly, Vanessa’s best move (and Clay and Shelli’s) is to get rid of Austin. They already made a promise to Jackie, Becky, Jason, Meg, and James to evict Austin. If Vanessa keep Austin than she will lose trust with them and they will go after her. Also it will basically confirm the “Six Person Alliance” that Audrey tried to tell the outsiders but they refuse to believe it.

      • I agree but for some reason I think the dolts on the other side won’t put two and two together even though not getting rid of Austin will be like putting up a neon sign that there is an alliance coming after them.

  21. This is the best picture of V possible. She looks completely paranoid, while still trying to take care of the pimples she was crying about earlier. It is just her in a nutshell!
    Well done!

  22. I know that we all hate the fact that the Sixth Sense has been controlling the game for the past month, but this season has been good. Better than the past few seasons. If anybody but Austin goes up, can we FINALLY get a split house that I want so desperately?

    • A split house is irrelevant if one side doesn’t realize it is split from the other. As long as Jason, Meg, John, James, Jackie and Becky think they can work with the other side there will be no split house.

      Some of these people like Meg, Jason and Becky have to start playing the game. They are like sheep eating out of the hand of the farmer who is sharpening his knives to next week’s slaughter.

  23. You saying the other side of the house won’t come after them then who will they target? They certainly aren’t going to target their little group of five. So two from their alliance will go up. They’ve already said they are targeting the twins.

    • If Vanessa puts up Austin than “The Outsiders” would target Steve and Liz next.
      If Vanessa targets Jackie or Becky than “The Outsiders” would go after the Sixth Sense.

  24. I don’t watch BBAD a lot- too late for me – but every time I check in, it’s nothing but Vanessa acting paranoid. That girl is over-thinking herself and will self-destruct if something big happens that she thinks will ruin her plans. You can see the gears turning in her head, and those eyes staring blankly but looking crazy. She listens to everything that everyone says, and lets it influence her, while at the same time constantly running the numbers in her head to see how it will affect her. No one can keep up this constant backwards and forwards thinking forever. Get rid of Austin now – he’ll turn on you in a heartbeat if he realizes you were going to backdoor him at one point. The way the HG’s run their mouth and go flying to Vanessa or Shelli every time someone says something to them is stupid. Do they think they’re in kindergarten and those two are the room mothers? You’re there to try and win half a million dollars, you nitwits, so start playing for yourselves and quit playing into the hands of Vanessa and Shelli. I really miss the good old days of Rachel and people like her when you could tune in to BBAD and actually see something interesting, and when people were actually playing the game.

    • Vanessa is of French and Italian ancestry and therefore isn’t as straight laced as English women tend to be, but this doesn’t mean she’s crazy.

    • It really makes no sense why is there to begin with. She is a multi-millionaire. She doesn’t need the money. She lives in a gigantic mansion, and has already stated that she will keep all the money, and give nothing to charity. Give the spot to someone who deserves it.

      • $2 million is hardly enough to retire on when you’re that young. And I sincerely doubt she’s living in a mansion given her earnings. Vegas’ cost of living is fairly low, but not that low.

      • No. Sorry. $2 million is not nearly enough to retire on when you’re 30 years old. You will burn through that in no time. If you dont believe me, ask a financial planner.
        That house is nice, but I’d hardly call that a mansion. McMansion maybe, but not a mansion. She didn’t have to spend that much money to get a house like that in Vegas where property values are quite low.

      • Way to disprove me using empirical data. You are clearly a scholar and a gentleman.

      • I agree! Hate that she lives in that big of a house, even with housemates…the mansion is clearly in her own name, though! She just doesn’t want to pay the hefty mortgage on it alone.

    • Love your analysis ~ it’s all so true. You hit the nail on the head EnglishRose!

  25. I despise Vanessa and if she does not put Ausitn up, I will dislike her even more.

      • You must be her girlfriend.
        No, I will continue watching and hope that she gets voted out each week. She is extremely obnoxious and does not stop talking.

  26. Vanessa is a complete idiot. She is playing an emotional game. She is all in to can Austin, then she turns on the very agreement she made to do just that. She is a truly terrible player.

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